Update from Don on the healing from Prostate Cancer

Below, is the latest graph from Don, I just received yesterday.

As a reminder, Don is only using diet to reduce his prostate cancer marker (PSA). No drug is being used. The result are great, indicating that diet is at least important, if not essential, when fighting cancer. Just have a look at this:

The complete story from Don was posted earlier at https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/a-visitor-story-healing-from-stage-4-prostate-cancer-with-fasting-and-juicing/


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5 thoughts on “Update from Don on the healing from Prostate Cancer

    1. Yes Carl, I remember Don and I were discussing exactly this point when he decided to stop Ketogenic Diet. While I strongly believe that fats are really bad for hormonal cancers, there may something more (and important) to the benefits of the plant based diet, relevant to all cancers. I intend to write a post on that asap.

  1. Hi Daniel and Don,
    Thank you for providing an update, Don it is wonderful to hear you are doing so well. Naturally, I am following this thread with great interest. We are using a similar diet, lots of juicing, supplements and other measures. My husband discontinued Zytiga (and the accompanying prednisone and Xgiva) 3 months ago and has received his oncologist consent to discontinue Lupron as well. The oncologist views it as taking a break. We view it as seeing if we can hold the cancer at bay with other methods including many discussed on Daniels site and using ADT as a fallback. PSA is currently <0.006.

  2. Don, I think I understand now why you did not have consistent responses to 3-BP.

    Figure 4 shows that only of 24 prostate cancer patient with a C11 acetate positive scan only 1 had a PSA level below 3 ng/mL.
    C11 acetate PETscans are now being widely investigated in prostate cancer. What is of particular interest is that acetate –> acetic acid which is a monocarboxylate. It is thought to enter cancer cells through MCT-1. This type of PETscan might be helpful in determining which cancer patients would respond to 3-BP. A plausible explanation of why there is a lower bound to which C11 and 3-BP are effective is that a tumor might need to be of a certain minimum threshold size to generate enough acid to their encourage uptake. This would seem to be in line with your experience as you did have some knockdowns with 3-BP though as it feel below about 3 ng/mL it no longer seemed to be effective.


    A I am sure that all on the forum would welecome an update on how you are now doing,
    Best Wishes, Jcancom

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