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First, welcome to this website!

You may wonder what is the story behind this website. So here is the story behind and its purpose:

This website, is a result of several years of research I performed in the oncology field. The drive for doing this research was fuelled by two major unfortunate events in my life:

  • In October 2013, my sweet and dear wife (age 33) was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer called adrenocortical cancer, advanced stage with inoperable metastatis to both lungs
  • In January 2014, my dear mother (age 54) was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, fortunately and initial stage

You can imagine, this was the strongest motivation I could have to start searching and find a solution to cancer.

Like most of the people, at the point of diagnosis we knew nothing about cancer and related treatments. And we felt such a strong need for information given that the hospital (in a Western European country) gave to my wife moths to live with or without chemo. So there was nothing that they could do.

But we had to find a way to fight cancer and have hope for success.

Fortunately, as a scientist (not medical related but with a PhD in Physics), I had a long research experience and that helped a lot in going fast through the large amount of information available on the web. Also like most of the people, I started reading the anecdotal stories and being a scientist, I finally ended up researching the medical sciences.

One conclusion after looking back at the research I did and still doing is that the internet represents the door to the human knowledge. It contains a lot of misleading information and a great amount of valuable information. In this years, I succeeded to collect a large amount of valuable information, that when applied had added years of life to my dear wife who unfortunately passed away during October 2016. She could have live longer but her health quickly deteriorated (a matter of a few weeks) following a treatment at the hospital aimed at treating constipation (which we should have never accepted), and just in a few weeks after that she passed away. Before that, we were maintaining her health with own treatments, at a level good enough that we could live a relatively normal life (even go on holidays). My mother is alive and cancer free.

What I have also learned is that applying fast the knowledge we acquire is essential. Time is essential and there is no time to loose. It is important to understand the theory behind new treatments or treatment combinations, but on the other hand we need to realized that we will not know everything. So we needed to take treatment decisions without knowing everything. In order to decide, we combined what we knew, what we felt and whenever we tried something new with potential risks, we involved a doctor. Fortunately, in this world we can also find good doctors who are willing to help patients even when the mainstream system sends the patient home to die.

It is important to keep fighting but we need to balance that with also living our life, and not spent entire day thinking at the future. We need to realize that our life happens today and not tomorrow.

The patient has to fully believe in the treatments he is going for and expect nothing else than success.

In order to do that we need to build a positive believe system by looking at the positive cases, and using those as reference points on our way forward. Most of the articles on this website present case reports with positive outcome, most of which are scientifically understood and demonstrated.

Going back to treatments, academic world, is full of valuable information and a lot of it its actionable. However, due to various reasons, this information is not yet converted into treatments in the mainstream medicine. Usually the reasons the treatments are not yet available are related to either financial aspects (e.g. the substances are widely available and cannot be patented) or the academic findings are too recent and will still require many years to become mainstream treatments.

On this website, I am discussing a lot of such information. But I am not discussing only why a treatment may work. In addition, I also share the results of our search on where to access the treatment and how to apply them. The information and potential treatments I am discussing are selected based on the following criteria:

  • there is enough published scientific literature to support a potential anti cancer effect for the specific treatment
  • there are already published case reports indicating positive results in humans using the specific treatment approach
  • the treatments can be accessible and have no or manageable side effects
  • and next to the above, it is nice if there are also anecdotal reports on successes in humans when using that specific treatment approach

So, I was focused on collecting FACTS and NOT OPINIONS. That is what I share here. That is important since the world is full of biased opinions.

Most of my statements are connected to scientific literature via references.

The facts consolidated so far show that there are treatment options available, with good potential for effectiveness, even when the conventional medicine doesn’t have anything anymore to offer. For us, at the beginning this meant HOPE! But beyond hope, some of these options could improve and extend life of my dear wife beyond any expectation, at a good quality of life. Off course, we were not alone, as I do know more people who have had similar experience.

And as indicated by various case reports referenced here and published in scientific journals, in some cases, some of these new approaches can even lead to complete remissions.

Regarding the type of treatments discussed, my focus is on effective treatments or treatment strategies. So I am not biased for or against any treatment option such as the conventional treatments (e.g. surgery, radiation, chemo) or the natural approaches. The goal is to expose effective options and not my believes.

The fact is that after decades of fighting cancer, the humanity is at this point where cancer still represents one the major human challenge. Not only that, but the impact on humanity constantly grows. This to me means that we need to zoom out and start looking at cancer from perspectives other than those we usually took and that lead us to the situation we are in today regarding the oncology solutions. And looking through these new perspectives, we need to identify weak spots of cancer cells that can be targeted by drugs or natural substances that are available to all of us.

One such perspective, that I often address is the metabolic perspective. In simple words, all cancer cells regardless of their type need to fuel their growth. Cutting off the fuel supplies of cancer cells can strongly reduce their growth and potentially kill them. And if it will not kill them, at least it may make them more susceptible to other treatments including chemo and radiation.

On this line, some but not all of these soft points of cancer I already addressed are related to the fact that in order to grow fast, tumors almost always require for example:

  • high amounts of glucose –> we discussed glucose absorption inhibitors and glycolisis inhibitors such as Phlorizin, 3BPCanagliflozin, 2DG, DCA, Methylglyoxal, Vitamin C, etc.
  • high amounts of cholesterol (not only from blood but also produced or stored inside the cells) used to build up new cell membranes –> we discussed an entire strategy on how to address that at various steps (Ref.)
  • blood vessels to receive nutrition –> we discussed various angio genesis inhibitors including TM and Thalidomide, etc.
  • fast cell division –> we discussed Griseofulvin, Mebendazole and Electromagnetic devices
  • various ions to be managed faster then normal cells –> we discussed ion channel inhibitors (Ref.)
  • to export high amount of protons produced during fermentation, to maintain a balanced intracelular pH, that in turn leads to acidity around tumors–> we discussed proton pump inhibitors and cell acidifies (Ref.)
  • and more …

So the point is that many types of cancer cells develop a unique dependence on specific processes upon which normal cells are not reliant. When targeting these processes we can take advantage of cancer-specific dependencies to block cancer growth.

It is important to say that the information I presented so far (May 2017) is just a small part of the information and articles I intend to further present. Collecting this amount of valuable information and advancing so fast through it would not have been possible without the support of many scientists, medical doctors, naturophats, patients and care givers across the world with whom I was or I am in contact. Many scientists, medical doctors and naturophats kindly responded my e-mails, and would like to thank them for their amazing support. Next to that, active contributors on this website are constantly adding essential value to our understanding and awareness.

Finally, I would like to mention that even if most of the information presented here is strongly routed into the science of medicine, I am not a medical doctor. So please carefully read the Disclaimer disclosed here Please note that I do not suggest you should take this route and treat yourself at home. It is not ethical for me to suggest that. Instead, I suggest you go through the content of this website, you take the information you find useful and discuss with a doctor willing to listen and support you.

The reality is that we are all learning. In order to learn together, I left space for comments at the end of each article I wrote where you can contribute with questions and comments. In case you have ideas for new topics, as a registered user you can start new topics on the forum I just created

Because I realize how extremely important is for anyone dealing with cancer to have fast access to information selected out of the huge amount of info available out there, and with that gain valuable time, I intend to continue sharing information on this website.

However, doing this requires a large amount of work that includes a large amount of my time and even money as I have to maintain this website (storage, security, backups, etc.). Not to speak about the fact, that a large amount of information I share here has been acquired during years of treatments we have done and for which we had to pay (some doctors charging even 500 euros for one discussion). I am making this point so that visitors realize the effort that was and it is still invested in this website, leading to content that is presented to you for free and unbiased. There is no sponsor behind the information I present. And if at any point I will accept a sponsorship, I will make that clearly visible to the reader.

If you value the information presented here, please consider making a donation via the “Donation” button at the right side of the page. Don’t assume that others will donate because the reality is that out of about 200.000 visitors so far only about 20 did that. Many people are contacting me in private as well, asking what clinics to go to, and addressing many other questions. They would pay even 100.000$ for a treatment at a good clinic but they would not think to donate even 1$ while asking me so many urgent questions in private, by e-mail or calls, which I typically respond. That is a pity …

Please note that the donations will be used for the creation of the Foundation I referred to in this post A Foundation that will act in various fields, addressing advanced cancer, with the goal to improve and extend life of cancer patients. The plan of the Foundation will be shared and open to debate on this website as soon as that will be available, once there are enough donations to make sense to start the Foundation. Also note, that part of the donations already received have been redirected towards some patients that could not even afford to have a healthy diet due to their financial status. (update 2018, the Foundation has been started and the results are already starting to be promising).

I intend to dedicate my life to the goal of improving and extending life of advanced cancer patients, and I hope you will support that.

I hope you will find this website valuable and helpful.

Kind regards,


This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through this site and linkages to other sites, I provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. I am not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site. This is just my own personal opinion regarding what we have learn on this road.

Please read an extend declaimer here:

21 thoughts on “This Website

  1. Please could you give a list of clinics that perform this 3BP treatment for cancer in Germany or Europe as only clinics in the Bahamas, US and Canada are listed above. I live in Scandinavia whose health authority attitudes are negative to anything except the standard surgery, chemo and radiation, so finding complementary clinics in Germany or elsewhere before the need arises would be an option for me.
    (One way to avoid being timed-out by Captcha if you have written a long comment is to write it on a Word document, then cut and paste it into the comment space and send directly. If there is an error, you still have the written Word document to try again.)

  2. It´s prostate cancer with mets in the skeleton, Gleason score 9. Undergoing hormone therapy and complementary herbal and vitamin therapies, supported by Chris Woollams, cancer €œbuddy€ of the UK based CancerActive charity which is the best English-language cancer website there is.

    1. Dear Nina, there are a few clinics in EU treating with 3BP. However I do not think that there is a very good clinic in EU on 3BP … we had one good clinic in Germany but is not active anymore due to financial reasons. So what I would do is to consider oral administration at home of 3BP and would go to a clinic in Germany for e.g. Salinomycin and anti PD1 & Dendritic Cells. In this way cancer can be addressed from multiple directions with serious potential solutions.

  3. Daniel, thanks for the response. I´ve been reading the 3BP thread all day and brushing up on my now rusty biochemical knowledge of cell metabolism, glycolysis and respiration, as well as MCT transporters importing lactate into the cell. With regard to the above, I´ll start reading about the Salinomycin and dendritic cell therapy instead.

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply to me from my inquiry on the other website. I agree re getting product from the west is safer bet than China.
    You are doing a great job & have a fantastic website.

  5. Thanks for your work and efforts. Also I am not a friend of anything based on a chemical basis and prefer the “phyto-therapy”. I remember finding with the help of a gentleman in Cologne on your page and its references several items in December that at least did my wife (SCLC) very well the last 4 months.

  6. What are your thoughts or research on Bravo Yogurt and Rerum? Dr. Marco Ruggerio is the researcher behind them. Do you have an opinion?
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. Good question, Cathy. One day I intend to write a review on GcMAF and Rerum in general but others had priority so far. I did checked Rerum when it came first in the market and here is my oppinion:

    1. It contains chondroitin sulfate
    2. chondroitin sulfate is a substance with debated activity in cancer: it may kill cancer or it may lead to growth specifically in prostate cancer but possibly others (please see reference below)
    3. as long as there is a debate/risk I prefer to skip that and focus on other potential solutions – I keep the debated ones only if nothing else works

    That is my opinion on short. I hope this answers your question.


    1. The biological role of chondroitin sulfate in cancer and chondroitin-based anticancer agents.`
    Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans (CSPGs) such as versican accumulate in tumor stroma and play a key role in tumor growth and invasion. The high expression of CSPGs in fast growing tissues and cells is correlated with chondroitin sulfate (CS) chains and the sulfation pattern. The negatively charged CS chains interact with a large number of ligands and receptors and activate signalling pathways which stimulate tumor growth. However, the role of chondroitin sulfate in cancer promotion seems to be controversial, as recent studies support the use of modified CS as a potent anticancer agent.

    2. Preliminary research suggests that chondroitin may cause the spread or recurrence of prostate cancer. This effect has not been shown with chondroitin sulfate supplements. Still, until more is known, don’t take chondroitin sulfate if you have prostate cancer, or are at high risk for developing it (you have a brother or father with prostate cancer)

    1. Thank you! Our naturopath is going straight to the source on this question as it applies to prostate cancers. I’ll let you know what the Rerum folks say. 🙂

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