When fighting cancer I believe we need to decide what is going to be the core treatment and our anti cancer strategy around that. As discussed on this website recently here, ther eare various strategies that we can consider depending on our core treatment. Examples of such strategies can be e.g. Anti-oxidant or Pro-oxidant. We do not have to be that strict about that but we always have to realise that some components may cancel each other before getting to the point in our body where they need to kill cancer. We will never know all of them how they really act at the cellular level but we would like to have some consideration regarding those that we know. For example using NAC supplement at the same time with Artemisinin may not be that clever since NAC is one of the most powerful antioxidants while Artemisinin will target cancer via a pro-oxidant mechanism. So we do not want to use these two at the same time. Or another example that some cancer clinics are actually combining while I would not think is a good idea is Glutathione with high dose Vitamin C. That is because Glutathione is an antioxidant while high dose Vitamin C is a pro oxidant. We can perform a short search on every of the items we want to add to the anti cancer cocktail of supplements and drugs just to make sure we do not add opposite extremes such as those mentioned above.

I believe in the need to use a cocktail of supplements and (repurposed) drugs to be administrated two to three times every day. And I do believe that the diet has to be adapted as well. I may discuss my view on the diet in a separated post but now lets focus on what I would consider to add in the daily cocktail of supplements. So here it is:

  • Inhibiting metastasis:
    Cimetidine 400mg x 2/day with/after food (Source: eBay or Pharmacy) – Although it was never an issue in our case, note that Cimetidine may increase the plasma level of various drugs and supplements
    Natekinaze 2000 fu x2/day
    Aspirin 100mg/day
  • Inhibiting fast cell division:
    Mebendazole €“ depending on the condition between 200mg and 1.5g/day administrated together with Cimetidine and with food (Source: eBay)
    Lovastatin 80mg/day (Source: pharmacy) Note: should not be administrated with 3BP
    Others that may be used here are Griseofulvin or Noscapine
  • Support the organs and immune system
    Vitamin D3 5000ui to 10.000 ui
    Pancreatic Enzymes 3x500mg 3x/day
    Bromelain Enzyme 1500mg/day
    Selenium  2x 200ui/day (not combined with Vit C)
    Super Omega 3 inc eha/dha 1000mg 3 x day
    Astragalus 500mg 2 x day
    Milk Thistle ( Silymarin ) 1000mg/day
    If possible since may be expensive: Propolis Bio30 3-4g/day
    R-Lipoic acid 900mg/day
    Melatonin, 20mg/day
    Coriolus versicolor extract PSK/PSP, 3g/day
    Agaricus Blazei 3x400mg/day
    Reishi mushroom extract, 2.5g per day
    Black Cumin Oil 3g/day
  • Killing cancer:
    This section has to be considered carefully since it should be the heavy weapon against cancer.
    What I would (almost) always use is: Honokiol 3-4g/day, Metformin 1g/day, Curcumin 8g/day. Next to that I would consider series or parallel use of  some of the following Salinomycin, 3BP, Diflunisal, induced hypothyroidism, DCA, 2DG and so on. For that, we may want to have a look at the treatment strategies section on this site.
    Natural extracts with serious anticancer action to consider (supplements or IV): Garcina HCA 3x500mg/day,  Graviola (600mg), Quercetin 5g/day (dont use with 3BP), Artemisinin 800mg/day, B17, Resveratrol, Sulforaphane , Lycopene, Genistein, Baicalein, Apigenin, Green tea Extract EGCG*, Germanium*
    Note that, according to RGCC tests from multiple patients, the chance of the above elements in being effective against cancer cells is the following: Curcumin 94%, Quercetin 88%, Genistein 88%, B17 81%, Chloroquine 71% (an antimalaria drug), Vitamin C 69%, DCA 69%, Lycopene 63%, Honokiol 57%, Ouabain 57% (a cardiac glycoside), Artemisinin 56%, Baicalein 46%, Apigenin 43% More statistics can be found on the RGCC page.
    And if is to consider both their chance to be effective and the average effectiveness here is the outcome: Quercetin 30%, Curcumin 22%, Genistein 19%, Ouabain 19%, Artemisinin 19%, B17 18%, Chloroquine 18%, Baicalein 16%, Vitamin C 15%, Apigenin 15%, DCA 13%, Honokiol 13%, Lycopene 11%. This statistics is made based on a number of 16 patients and while I think that every patient may want to perform such test (including the chemo list and the genetic profile), if that can not be done due to various reasons, the above numbers can always be used as a guide.
    So what you can see from above is that all those components listed can kill cancer cells (in the lab) from many patients (there are others not listed that score much lower) and that Curcumin, Quercetin, Genistein are some of the most effective with a good chance to be relevant for many patients. The challenge with the natural elements from above is that most of them are not water soluble and as a result have a very poor bioavailability, usually <5%. This is why when administrated orally, the dose has to be high enough. A much better alternative is IV administration. Curcumin can indeed be found in IV form in Germany but so far that is not the case for Quercetin and Genistein.
    What we should not conclude from the above statistics is that e.g. DCA is less effective compared to e.g. Quercetin only. Each has its own mechanism and using them in parallel may lead to synergies. Also what is not considered here is the pharmacokinetics which may be in favor of e.g. DCA when compared to a natural extract.

Many of the cancer killing elements above (and much more ) will be discussed in details in the section “By Mechanism” of this blog. But this list should help to get a bit of feeling on what I think is relevant.


This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through this site and linkages to other sites, I provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. I am not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site. This is just my own personal opinion regarding what we have learned on this road.

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  3. sorry Daniel for writing a replay with Arabic language

    her mother is stage 2 breast cancer , she done mastectomy and she is okay

    she asked about what the next step for her mother ?

    I replayed on her comment and asked her if she can read English

    then I wright :

    the website is full of artciels about excellent treatments , I wish you read it carefully

    the owner of this site cannot provide medical advice (your disclaimer)

    but he is always sharing all these information that helps us a lot

    hope your mother will get better soon


    and again I’m sorry for putting a comment that you may not understand

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Emad, no problem, I can understand everything – with the help of Google -:)
    And anyone who wants to understand can go to the right side at the top of this page and select English (or its own language) and everything on this website will be translated automatically in that specific language. The translation is not perfect but we can get the idea.

  5. What are your thoughts regarding the risk of gastrointestinal bleedings when taking Aspirin and what could be done to mitigate these risks? Should Aspirin be taken together with Cimetidine or a Proton pump inhibitor? Or could Aspirin be replaced all together by taking a COX-2 inhibitor like Celebrex in combination with an antiplatelet drug like Dipyridamole? Maybe that would be an even better combination?

    1. HI Carl. That is a good question indeed. We use low dose Aspirin and that should be safe. But when using the high dose NSAID such as Aspirin and/or Diflunisal, I know clinics in Germany are using Proton Pump Inhibitors prior to high dose NSAID.

    2. I know a lot of people taking up to 3grams of aspirin a day. No bleeding issues as long as they take high quality vit K. aspirin is much safer than what modern medicine pictures it to be.

      1. Very interesting.

        Would the vitamin have any effect on what the aspirin is doing to the cancer cells ?

        Love your comment.
        Thank you very very much.

        Best of luck

    1. I am not sure if I understand the question Alex. Would you intend to replace Resveratrol with Diclofenac to address the same mechanism? What would be the purpose?
      If I would just think at high level, not at the mechanisms but just the anti cancer effectiveness, based on everything I read I would expect higher potential behind Diclofenac but much more potential side effects similar to Aspirin, since both are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). That is the problem of Diclofenac and Aspirin. It has to be used in higher doses for effectiveness against cancer, but that may be seriously dangerous for the patient.
      Specifically, for you, I think you should take care with that since you already mentioned your mom took high dose of Aspirin and she saw the side effects of it.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Daniel,
        I kindly request your opinion on this protocol i devised based on you articles and suggestions but also other things.

        Cabbage brine 200ml+ X3
        Omeprazol 20mg X3
        Alfa Lipoic Acid 600mg X3
        Metformin 500mg X3
        Aspirin 500mg X3
        HCA 1000mg X3
        30 min pause X 3
        Citric Acid 5g X3
        DCA 500mg X3

        Would love to know your thoughts on this and suggestions (anything to fix, change, remove, add) I removed resveratrol.
        I also wonder if we would do the 2 weeks ON and 1 Week OFF, would it make sense to also stop the others with DCA.

        Many many thanks.
        Alex & Mother.

        1. Hi Alex,

          There are off course many options that could be done next to the above, many of which are discussed in various posts on this website, but it always a matter of what we want and what we can do given our situation. As I understand, your mom prefers to go fully for alternative options and at the same time your financial situation is very limited (which I tried to address within my own limitations, with donation). In this context, I think the above looks good and I am happy to hear from other posts that your mom is feeling well. If I look at what you are using there are 3 combinations that each on their own may have very good anti cancer effects: HCA+ALA, DCA+Metformin+Omeprazole, CA

          Regarding what you are doing right now, my feedback is the following:
          – I would be very careful with Aspirin and probably remove partially or totally due to the potential side effects – one day you will be upset on yourself you can not give your mom anything just because you continued with Aspirin and that affected her stomach – I mentioned thsi several times
          – I would not stop the others when not on DCA
          – In case Cimetidine is added at a latter point I would reduce Metformin to 1g/day as Cimetidine will increase the plasma level of Metformin
          – I would change Omeprazole with Lanzoprazole
          – I would reduce ALA to 2x/day

          Please discuss all with your doctor. I think is a good step forward from your previous strategy using PawPaw only.
          I hope this helps and have a very nice weekend.

          Kind regards,

          1. Dear Daniel,
            As usual thank you very much for everything you do.
            We seem to have decided by default that since the time for the 1 week off came in the case of DCA we should continue with the rest.
            Omeprazole 20mg X3-> Soon Lanzoprazole as suggested.
            Alfa Lipoic Acid 600mg X3 -> still i ask, should we go with just 2X?
            Silimarin – Milk Thissle 1000mg X 3
            Metformin 500mg X3
            Aspirin 500mg X3 Alternating days with Diclofenac 50mg X3
            HCA 3 capsules, 1000 or 1500mg? Uncertain…. the label says 1500 but 1050 HCA.
            30 minute break X3
            Citric Acid 5g X3
            (no longer DCA) 500mg X3
            Vermox – Mebendazole 100mg X3

            Suggestions welcomed, dosage, timing, order, etc.

            Thank you very very much.

          2. I would also like to add Resveratrol back since we aren’t going with DCA due to possible incompatibilities as updated.
            I also forgot to ask if Omeprazole should be continued since we aren’t doing DCA, i know Metformin has it’s advantages so i think we should keep that, but i am not very well educated about Omeprazole
            Thank you very much.

          3. Dear Daniel,
            I’ve changed Omeprazole to Lanzoprazole (fingers crossed)
            I’ve stopped aspirin/diclofenac
            i ask if Cimetidine is still a must have in cancer treatment as you may have some new info since then till now.
            I am pondering on ordering it from ebay if no other source is suggested.
            Many thanks.

  6. I am thinking of the following:
    Drops under the tongue of resveratrol tincture in the morning Anti-Angiogenesis
    Aspirin+Metformin both 500mg about every 5 hours https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4673260/ reduce ATP (corect dosage needed) + imput on compatibility of Aspirin+Resveratrol.
    CBD oild right after each dose, because…. well past experiments i believe it helped.
    Cimetidine 400mg x 2/day with/after to reduce cell migration

    Comments, suggestions, oppinions welcomed please.
    Blood tests tomorrow. Going to begin with the above after mother arrives home.

    Warm huggs to everyone fighting and looking for hope.

  7. A crazy idea here, so… cancer cells want to grow and such.
    Could anti-conceptionals present anti-cancer properties? Something like, abortion pills, day after pills, daily pills. Anything else…
    There may be a link………. might be silly, but i felt the question should be asked.

    Best wishes,

    1. hi Alex,
      found this:
      “Previous studies have suggested that birth control pills reduce risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer, but increase risk for breast, cervical, and liver cancer”
      this is about risk of development and not treatment though.

  8. I wonder if anyone knows if success in treating cancer can be seen in urine.
    We monitor urine and lately i see urine being quite foamy for very very long.
    I understand this is due to the presence of proteins in the fluid, and i notice that my mother is feeling better when the urine is foamy.
    Any opinion or experience shared will be very welcomed

    Thank you,,

  9. Dear Alex,

    I was searching the Internet as you probably did, too. The only mildly relevant thing I found is this: https://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2007/12/24/pain-reliever-c/ It is about “Pain Reliever Caused Kidney Damage” As your mom takes aspirin, she could try decreasing the dose and see if there is a change in the urine. You are saying she feels better when the foam is there so I am not sure. Could it be the natural healing of the body and detoxification that causes this symptom? She could try to add greens to her diet and see if there is a change. What does she eat? Vegetarian, or meat as well?

    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Helga,
      Thank you very much, so… the foam in the urine could be because of the aspirin, but i also wonder if that’s a sign of remission or just a side effect.
      Her diet is for the most part vegan, rarely getting some fish.

      Thank you,

      1. Thank you dear Helga for your 2 cents, they are of high value to me,
        So my mother has this nodule on her hand that became palpable in january, since then it’s been more or less stable, since we began treatment about 2 weeks ago, it deflated for the first time, these last 2 days it got bigger and harder to the touch, like 100% increase….
        My mother is feeling good, almost no pain anywhere related to cancer, i wonder if this is due to the 50mg X3 diclofenac she takes.
        I noticed today she got a bit more collor in her facial skin.
        Having said that, i don’t know what to believe for sure, if that is a tumor on her arm, would it be able to inflate to double the size in 2 days? Do tumors increase their volume and density that fast? Or is this a immune system response? Similar to a tooth infection.
        Still many questions remain.

        I hope you’re feeling good,

        1. Dear Alex,

          I doubt a tumor would double in a few days. I had similar experience with the bones in my hand I injured 2 months ago. They seemingly started to grow. Also painful. I was terrified. I put a hot vinegar bandage on it and wore it all day yesterday. It got much better by today. You could try the same I am sure it would not do any harm. I actually did the vinegar treatment a few days even before but applying it hot (not boiling hot!) made it more effective it seems. I simply warmed up the vinegar and soaked a tissue in it. Placed it on my hand, put on some dry tissues and fastened it with a scarf. Put another thick scarf on top.

          I wish you and your mom the best,

          1. Thank you very much Helga,
            I don’t wish to get rid of the swelled nodule on her arm, i feel it may be an indicator of successful overall treatment.
            So if it goes away, it should go with the rest of the problem inside, i feel and hope.

            Please take care,

            1. Hi Alex,

              I wonder if you could get your mom Naltrexone? I wrote here somewhere that LDN (low-dose naltrexone) helps 60% of cancer patients. It is because naltrexone binds to the cancer cells’ opiate receptors as an antagonist and causes them apoptosis (cell death).

              I also found an interesting article again on phenolics’ antiproliferative effect: http://breast-cancer-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/bcr752

              It found that caffeic acid had the strongest effect. Caffeic acid is not related to caffeine but is present in coffee in tiny amount. Better sources are in spearmint, sage, etc: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caffeic_acid.

              There is tons of evidence that opioids cause apoptosis. I am surprised there are no specific cancer drugs that take advantage of this pathway.

            2. I do find Caffeic acid very relevant as well and that is one of my targets and the subject of a nice article I intend to write 🙂

            3. That would be great. I did read about CAPE, Caffeic acid phenethyl ester, as well. It has a strong anticancer effect, found in propolis: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22562408 and here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21570765

              It has a long history also it seems, already discovered in at least 1996: http://www.pnas.org/content/93/17/9090.full.pdf
              Caffeic acid phenethyl ester is a potent and specific inhibitor of activation of nuclear transcription factor NF-KB

              “we examined the effect of CAPE on this transcription factor. Our results show that the activation of NF-KcB by tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is completely blocked by CAPE in a dose- and time-dependent manner.”

            4. Thank you Helga,
              I was reading about it the day before you wrote to me,
              I would be interested in Naltrexone if only i knew where to get it from….
              Also my mother does take some…. propolis… just some.
              So many posibilities…… i don’t know what to do exactly…………
              Doing efforts to get my mother tested for as many things possible, so that we can maybe better target our treatments. Must conserve resources and spend where it matters the most.
              Till now it’s been crazy… i was under the impression things were more easy than they are. Nutrition…. and some supliments, all done. But no……
              The deception…. the horror…. the financial collapse…. its out there…. they all want your money and will say anything to you just to get them, 2$-200$-2000$-infinite. Whatever it takes.
              This cancer has multiple heads http://img00.deviantart.net/44f3/i/2009/121/1/6/hydra_by_ruth_tay.jpg
              some are created by man, others by nature, then there is society and capitalism to fight but also birocracy and etc, etc, etc, etc.
              Sad story, but we hope to pull trough and once we do, i assure everyone here, this foundation and website will see our full contribution.
              Seemed to me that tests have a priority then research afterwards would be treatment. (holistic)
              Suggestions for tests are most welcomed as well.

              Thank you very much for your support,
              Alex & Mother

            5. hi alex,
              40 usd inc shipping for 10* 50 mg tablets, coming from thailand. i guess there getting it is easier.
              its enough for 3-4 months, depending. i ordered, it arrived.in 14 days. you need to dissolve in water and drink the appropiate amount only (count it for your mother), these are full dose tablet.
              hope it helps. btw, daniel flagged its tlr4 antagonist so you might want to check the expression of it in your mothers cancer. I agree its so hard to secure all the stuff…

            6. i spent some time on it and its around 3 times cheaper than low dose naltrexone you see on net

            7. Dear Wondering,
              Thank you so much for everything.
              How would i check expression for my mother’s cancer? what about TLR4 Antagonist?
              Thank you again,
              Best wishes,

            8. Dear Helga, i worry about you, haven’t seen you around for a while.
              My best wishes go with you and i hope you get to see this so that you show a sign.
              I am considering LDN for my mother and Caffeic Acid GcMAF, Pro Biotics etc.
              I am wondering if LDN would work well with CBD oil or if they would somehow interfere with each other, same for diclofenac.

              Please take care,

            9. Dear Alex,

              thanks for your concerns. I am ok, more or less but am a worrywort so constantly worry about cancer. Either my left ovary or my right lung worries me. I seem to have a constant bronchitis affecting my right lung only. I actually wonder if expectorants have an anticancer effect? My lung produces a lot of mucus and I’d think a lot of tumors do that, too. Does anyone know if it has ever been tried?

              How are you and your mom? LDN produces endorphin and that causes apoptosis I think. Isn’t CBD oil the same? They could be synergistic but it’s pure speculation. Where do you get the caffeic acid?

              I also wonder about artemisia. Does anyone pick them as plants? There are quite a few around, I ate a few leaves. They have this aromatic flavour, which makes me think that they are the right plants. Is there anything similar that one can mistake it for? As if it would increase bleeding a little bit (little scars heal slower).

              Best wishes,

            10. Dear Helga,
              My mother’s lung tumor was outside the upper right lung and invading her spine.
              She had no obvious symptoms to the untrained eye and most doctors she consulted had no clue.
              No mucus in her case, no expectorations no coughing, nothing except pain at the site on the back, and not sweating on her right side of the face. This was very strange even to doctors let alone to her or me.
              My mom is not well, her pain is strong and the Aspirin we successfully used to eliminate that down to nothing is not having that effect anymore. Making us very sad and confused, not knowing what is actually going on i am doing my best to keep spirits up and hoping for the best still.
              The expectorants such as the drug ACC may be relevant https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10426796
              It does sound like someone with a P53 mutation would wanna use it, such as…. Ergin’s mother.
              Interestingly i remember looking online a while back for a P53 regulator, this seems to be it. (not sure).
              So far all the reading and talking has lead me to the relative unfixed conclusion that treating the symptoms with holistic science based drugs and treatments, natural or synthetic actually work against cancer in so many ways, it’s not just management of symptoms as many of us understand, it’s actual anti-disease treatment
              However i must mention that my ability to interpret these things is very limited.
              As for Artemisia, we got plenty here. We aren’t that excited about it since my mom has tried it and didn’t feel anything positive. She drank it as tea.
              Sadly i am no expert when it comes to medicinal plants, however i do know that if it looks the same, it’s likely to be faced with the same exact plant. I would look at the plant and compare with the photos online.
              Have you done no tests, scans yet?
              I am very glad you’re still with us, your replies are always full of sincere and important content. And i know you’re a great person.

              Many thanks,
              take care

            11. Dear Alex,

              Thanks for your kind response. I am sorry to hear about your mom’s situation. Does she have the pain in the back? What did they do about the spine, did they operate/try to remove the tumor? How successful were they?

              Regarding artemisia, it was NOT the correct procedure to boil the plant. The original discoverer tried to boil it, too and this way it didn’t work. “After reading the ancient Chinese medical description, “take one bunch of Qinghao, soak in two sheng (∼0.4 liters) of water, wring it out to obtain the juice and ingest it in its entirety” in The Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergency Treatments by Ge Hong (283–343 CE) during the Jin Dynasty, she realized that traditional methods of boiling and high-temperature extraction could damage the active ingredient. Indeed, a much better extract was obtained after switching from ethanol to ether extraction at lower temperature.”

              So either soak it in ether or try to cut it up with a blender or simply eat the leaves fresh. Actually, Daniel has a post about artemisia and the link in his post would point to the article I just quoted from: https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/artemisia-annua-its-extract-artemisinin/ Regarding pain killers, is ibuprofen/paracetamol also not working? What about proton pump inhibitors? Can you get cimetidine? I also read about a case where an old gentleman dug up all the dandelion roots in his garden, dried the roots and cured this way his prostate cancer.

              All my best,

            12. I’m unable to reply to your last message due to the fact that the Reply button doesn’t appear.
              It would seem that my mom’s pain is caused by the treatment working. *we hope* (DCA+others)
              She has pain all over her chest, mostly on the back where the tumor was.
              They removed the tumor with the right upper lung, however there were remains left behind that were stuck to her spine, 1 month after surgery the scan revealed remains of about 3cm in size.
              No conventional treatment afterwards.
              Successful? I would say they tried their best with what they had. Considering no other hospital wanted to do a surgery on her in our country.
              We went to the military hospital where we found a couple of teams, neuro-toracic that would team up together to do the surgery, at that time it was a blessing.
              I was expecting them to only remove visible tumor tissue and leave the organ alone since the tumor was sitting outside the lung, not in it.
              I think they did their best in removing as much tumor tissue as possible since the first blood test for markers we did quite a few months after….. revealed values of 28.5 in CEA and normal CA19-9 values.
              28.5 is indeed not good, but…. pretty low.
              The original tumor size was aprox 6X5 cm…. suspect renal glands, not sweating on the right side, anemic.
              Interestingly the cancer did not travel to far away organs such as colon, brain, liver. It may be due to the fact that my mom was trying to relief pain with diclofenac, some dieting, small things she did that wasn’t aware they were helpful against cancer.
              The initial belief for 1 year was that she had a herniated disc. 🙁 had she been diagnosed then, she would be 2 years in now.
              The tumor was/is adenocarcinom of the lung with poor differentiation.
              After surgery they recommended chemo+radiation
              The money making machine was just starting with us, it was hard, shocking, i am still waiting to wake up from this nightmare.
              I remember visiting the major institute of oncology in bucuresti with my mother and sick people were looking at me with great envy for being healthy, i know it was envy and anything else related to that because i could feel it, i felt very strange being healthy in that place. They were looking at me and i felt it, you could see it. I know it sounds weird. It’s the truth.
              The place was packed, inside and out! As if a major supermarket was having a Christmas promotional sale. A bargain.
              I don’t want to go there ever again in my life if i can help it, not even visiting. Many go in, few come out.
              As for artemisia, it was the thing that brought me here 🙂 i was looking for information about it’s anti-cancer properties after watching The Quest For The Cures by TY Bollinger.
              We have artemisia here, may be good i cant say for sure. Indeed extraction process needs more thought
              I will get cimetidine asap, we don’t use pain killers because we have this concept of using pain to understand changes, good or bad.
              We are using many drugs and we will add more. Thankfully we are not so restricted financially as we were thanks to Daniel and this incredible community we form here. (things were extremely bad)
              As for dandelion, we got it too. as for it to be a cure for cancer, possibly, i won’t say anything against it. Could be, but it all depends as with many other plants and drugs.
              Honestly i am thinking about growing a full garden next to my house, grow our own food, even if the land available is little. At least we will grow our own onions, garlic, tomatoes etc, even if just a little.
              Are you getting any scan done? Blood tests?
              I’m concerned for you.
              Thank you very very much.

          1. Thank you very much Wondering,
            indeed in the past before she was diagnosed she used diclofenac, much more than she uses today and her pain didn’t go away. Perhaps it contributed to holding the cancer at bay. That and a few days on the beach maybe. (the power of the sun)
            After surgery they found that the tumor had large areas of necrotic tissue.
            She still has some pain, but its something she can manage with relative ease.


        2. Alex, what part of the arm are we talking when you bring up the tumour?

          If you’re talking specifically hand, and your mom has NSCLC if I remember correctly, it’s extremely uncommon that a tumour would deposit there. Bony lesions tend to accumulate on larger bones (ribs, pelvis, femur, skull, etc) and the hand is made up of many small bones. And soft tissue non-bone metastasis (muscle, ligament, tendon) is extremely rare.

          Obviously it’s possible for a metastatic tumour to occur somewhere in the hand, but it would be extremely rare unless her tumour was a soft tissue one to begin with (sarcoma).

          If we’re talking arm then there are several lymph node deposits along the arm, with the likeliest being axillary (armpit), and a couple nodes at the juncture where your forearm meets your humerus and bends. So those would be two spots to watch for in terms of metastasis.

          Of course the way you talk about it, it could be metastasis but it would seem like an incredibly rare site for it if it is indeed the hand.

          1. The primary tumor site was on her right upper pulmonary lobe, it invaded the spine, something the size of 6X6 cm.
            She doesn’t sweat on her right side of the face and no sweat at her right armpit.
            After surgery they concluded it was adenocarcinoma of the lung, with some renal glands involvement (possibly).
            A month after surgery we did another scan and they found new spots forming in her left lung and a big one almost the same size as the former primary one on her right ribbs somewhere next to her right armpit, towards the breast.
            At the begining of january we saw a limph node enlargement, becoming palpable at the junction of her left arm.
            A possible metastasys…..?! All this time it had been relatively stable, since this treatment we saw a reduction in volume, but now that she is feeling better we noticed an increase with almost the same treatment, except DCA and Aspirin and Resveratrol.
            I feel that Aspirin+Metformin together were playing a major role…
            Now that we removed aspirin it is possible the fermentation process is not inhibitet by citric acid as theorized.
            I don’t know what to believe anymore….
            Is it a inflamatory response, was the aspirin holding down the immune system? Is that a tumor?

            Many questions…

            Thank you,

    1. I remember researching Gerson Therapy back then and during that research I came across a number of blogs of people who were trying it, one of them actually tried it before starting chemo in order to have her Immune system intact while doing Gerson. as far as I remember none of the ones I found had any miraculous result. the girl I mentioned had slight progression actually before starting chemo. she said she felt great on it but it didn’t help her cancer. now when you look into Gerson Foundation you will realize that there is marketing behind that too. they claim that if you didn’t get cured, there is something you are doing wrong, come to Gerson foundation so that we teach you how to do it properly,etc. point being one must be very brave to take Gerson as their solo therapy. same thing applies to that Hoxsey tonic of Mexico and other similar natural approaches that require avoiding all sort of “pharmaceuticals”.

      1. better combine the Gerson with other available options. I’ve read the book by Beata Bishop in which she claimed her cancer was cured by it. But it is true Gerson is very good at detoxifying the body but needs a lot of labor. Plus, I doubt you need a manual juicer to get the best of the vegetables/fruits. These days there are plenty of good and effective juicers. However, I believe there might be something to their freshness: a lot of the enzymes lose their activity quickly after being processed by the juicer. They place importance on coffee enemas, I remember.

        1. Like pouya said.
          When the “cure” doesn’t do it’s job the person to blame or something else.
          I’m a firm believer in diet and detox, i know they both play a huge big major role, however when it comes to healing from cancer…….
          May work for young people who are not in an advanced situation, then you see them selling coaching programs and products.
          “all you need is to eat organic, fresh, etc. turn off your wifi, quit your job, live in the mountains, a cave will be nice, hunt your food and don’t use a frying pan because… oh well it’s machine made. Oh and btw, also get these products i love and use every day even tho i don’t have cancer anymore, so they are safe and good for you even if you are not watching for curing cancer”.
          People selling false hope, offering miss directions and even guarantees, all for personal profit.
          No wonder the aliens’t aren’t coming to visit, we are savages.

          Glad i am here talking with you and everyone, imagine the old days when people used actual mail by horse.
          I hope we are together doing the right things at the right time in the right age with the right weather etc.

          Many Thanks,

  10. Mad Max anyone?

    Crazy stupid idea here….
    I was thinking, if my mothers system can’t deal with the cancer, what if i can do it for her?
    I’m talking about blood transfusions. – In the movie, Mad Max * Fury Road the white skinned war boy needed blood from Max because he had leukemia.

    I may be watching too many movies tho,
    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

    1. Actually reading about it now, it seems that they are still being done in certain places, just in lower numbers than were done in the 1990s. I’d assume you’d have to have a case of remission prior to attempting them though.

  11. Yet another stupid crazy idea.
    Organic nano-terminator-bots to terminate cancer.
    Sci-Fi? I think not!

    Male reproductive cells to the rescue.
    Use some sort of trick to bait the male reproductive cells when introduced into the blood stream.
    Once the fight is set, they go and find the victim, they swarm the tumor cells, seeking to reproduce, so they penetrate their victims to death.

    This would give whole new meaning to what some people have written on their tshirts. F…

  12. I found a Facebook group dedicated to repurposing medications for the treatment of cancer (kind of like we do here). Unfortunately it is a closed group so I have to be approved before I am allowed to see the content. At any rate the creator of the group had stage IV cervical cancer 16 years ago and is all clear now. She states:

    “16 years ago when diagnosed with stage 4 (terminal) cervical cancer I used a combination of Berberine, Lovastatin, Lodine (etodolac), Diprydamole and later cimetidine and metformin instead of berberine”.

    Some of those might be worth looking into.

    1. Thank Meech. Yes, it is a nice group indeed. Investigated (and used) all with the exception of Etodolac. Will check it but it seems it is related to the typical COX-2 action of NSAIDs. I think some of our visitors here are part of that group. The world is small 🙂

      1. Thank you very much for everything you say and do dear Daniel.

        Do you know of a less side effects but same effect aspirin of sorts? Some equivalent i could add to my mother’s treatment.
        With my mothers case, i believe in aspirin very much to help her but yes, i also understand the side effects and risks, there for i have removed it for quite a while now.
        I understand curcumin would be it, but not just any curcumin…
        Also i understand there may be a possible countering of DCA with curcumin.

        Best wishes to you,
        Alex & Mother

  13. Would beta glucan be good in all cases?
    I am scared to order anything…. What if it’s not right?!

    Anyone reading this, do your best to avoid bread and similar products. Please!


  14. Dear Daniel,
    As you may remember, i got mebendazole 100mg yesterday.
    I wonder what would you suggest, how much of it should be used and when.
    I see you wrote 200-1500mg, that’s quite a big interval, anything more precise for our situation, ~75kg.
    Thank you very much, i hope you’ll have a nice weekend.

  15. In regards to body temperature and cancer cells, this article claims that mild hypothermia (as opposed to the hyperthermia that’s known to us) also has anticancer effects: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4312095/

    “Of interest, mild hypothermia had a universal suppressing effect on cancer cell proliferation, further supporting the radio-sensitization hypothesis through reduction of oxygen and metabolic demands.”

    I’m not 100% on how to apply this therapeutically but it would be much cheaper to lower your core temperature (eg. Ice bath, cold shower) than it would be to raise it, I would think.

    At any rate, I’ve been experimenting with daily cold showers as of late (probably 10-15 degrees C at their coldest for about 1-2 min, and a bit warmer for 5-7 min). So hopefully there’s some effect.

    1. Very interesting Meech,
      First time i heard about hypothermia.Look how different they are.
      Like an alien,abnormal,and also weaker than normal cells.
      Did you check your body temperature.My mothers is always 35,5 celcius.Very low ,isnt it?

      1. Hi Ergin,

        I haven’t measured my body temperature before or after the showers since I mainly started it as a meditative type practice and a challenge to myself and not really for any therapeutic benefit. I’ll check my axillary temperature today before and after my shower and can report back. This won’t be the most scientific as my skin temperature will affect the reading but it should lend at least a hint as to how body temperature reacts to the showers.

        That is a bit low! But I think there’s some natural variance from person to person in terms of body temperature. I believe the tested temperature in the study I posted was 34 degrees C.

  16. Hi Meech & Ergin,

    Very interesting information. It seems that cancer cells are more fragile in many ways than normal cells. They can’t stand acidic OR basic conditions, too much heat or too much cold.

    Funny what you say about the energy requirements (cold being cheaper than hot). That is how it is to you in Canada (if I remember correctly) but to Ergin maybe the other way around 🙂

    Ergin, if your mom’s body temperature is too low then shouldn’t you indeed work on heating it up than further cooling it off? How long has she had this low temperature, even before her disease? Didn’t you say something about her thyroid, being it hypo rather than hyper? Thyroid is such a central regulator of a lot of hormones. I had hyperthyroidism in my 20s and my personality totally changed for a while. I became temporarily a lot more verbally aggressive than I had been before.

  17. Hi Helga,
    She had always 35,5 degrees c.Also i have 35,5 degrees.
    I check it with mercury thermometer because doctors dont believe it.It is forbidden here i found the thermometer from Georgia.
    We are cold blooded family:)
    Yes she had lots of problems because of small thyroid.Also sometimes agressive in chemo days.
    Any way,in Georgia they use silver for their children not antibiotic.
    Kind Regards

    1. Haha Ergin,

      You are funny. I read you are an electrical engineer, very impressive. You are apparently very smart and a quick learner. I agree with what you are saying about treatments and discussions being forgotten. We have to reread once in a while Daniel’s excellent articles.

      Regarding cooling, somehow it is difficult to believe that it would work against cancers. You put a cancer tissue in the fridge for some time, and later take it out and it will work as well as before. Just my 2 cents.


      1. Hi Helga and Ergin,

        You are right, sometimes we are constantly running for new treatments while leaving behind some very good ones.
        In general, all the articles I wrote are on substances that have not only good science behind but also case reports, and maybe not all but most of those case reports well documented.
        That should give us confidence that we have good chances of success.
        We do have many pieces of the puzzle. It depends on us now how we use that information, based on both logic and feelings (both are very important).
        Due to time available, so far I shared maybe 20% of the information I collected during the past years and intend to share. However, I tried to focus on sharing first some of the very effective options in my view. This brings me to the question of Ergin. Dear Ergin, answering your question, here are treatment options for which I specifically expect high effectiveness: 3BP, Salinomyicn, Diflunisal, pH strategy, Anti-cholesterol strategy, Phlorezin, TM, Thalidomide, TACE, Cryoablation, T4. Alone or in combo with chemo.
        I am actually thinking to make a summary page where I will add an evaluation criteria, based on my opinion, addressing aspects such as: Case Reports in peer reviewed journals, Scientific basis, Anecdotal reports, Side effects, Risks when not used correctly, Ease of use, Accessibility, Price, My enthusiasm, and maybe other aspects.

        Kind regards,

        1. Hi Dear Daniel,
          Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and valuable experiences.
          I catched stg that you dont write all treatments as best.You are really honest my friend.
          And you put some good angiogenesis inhibitors like TM and Thalidomide.
          I wonder if you forget or not write as in best of list about parasite and warm killers which helps chemo.

          1. Hi Ergin,

            I am always very honest, sometimes too much. There is no other way for me. And also try to be unbiased as much as I can, and judge things based on what I know in terms of science, experience and fact from others. But I am just a guy who is trying to understand and help, with my own limitations in terms of time, understanding, access to info.
            What I write can still be biased by my own experience which could turn different for others.

            Above I mentioned those that in my view give the highest chance as stand alone therapies. That doesn’t mean that I do not believe Artemisia for example doesn’t give good chance. If I would have cancer I would use e.g. Artemisia or DCA but I would always look for the tip of the arrow. And those above are to me some of those with the highest chance of success. However, as it becomes clear from our discussions, we always have to think for each case differently depending on the type of cancer, if we use chemo and what type, how our hormones are going, etc, in order to put in place the best treatment strategy.

            Yes, is not simple but it is possible, that is what became clear to me after all this time.
            Yes, I do like the anti parasite drugs 🙂 Everything I write on this website, I believe can add value.

            Kind regards,

            1. Daniel,

              which anti-parasite drug is good for colon cancer with mets to the liver? Patient also has ascites right now. I heard the niclosamide is good for the liver

              Also was reading that itracazole is good for fungal infections which many cancer cells have from what I read. thanks

            2. HI barnettann,

              Mebendazole and Ivermectin are some of my favorites. However, due to ascites, Albendazole may be more relevant in this case https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/treating-ascites-with-angiogenesis-inhibitors/
              Niclosamide is a good one also, but the absorption is too low. Pyrvinium Pamoate is another good one https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/pyrvinium-pamoate/

              What I would consider in this case, is to select two of them and cycle them, every month: one month using two at the same time, the other month using the other two.

              Kind regards,

  18. Helga & Ergin,

    I tested it out with a cold shower.

    Duration: 12 minutes
    Initial body temp: 35.7 C
    1 min after shower: 34.7 C
    5 min after shower: 35.7 C.

    Appears that the effect isn’t very durable, despite the experience being pretty unpleasant haha.

    Im sure a much more durable effect would be had with an ice bath, like athletes do. But it’s likely a somewhat costly and time consuming process to cool water down to 4-10 Celsius.

    1. May be palpable tumors.You can cold the tumor may be up to10-15 degrees with ice.
      How many hours is needed,how many degrees?
      May be tumors become superman after cold treatment.
      We dont know

      1. Yeah it’s definitely a very unknown process. Also, how would cold affect delivery of drugs to the tumour? Cold would have a vasoconstrictive effect on the blood vessels so there would probably be some impact there.

  19. Dear Daniel,
    Every month i saw new powerful treatments in this website,the ones which i miss.
    The treatments which you know and write before lots of months ago.

    One time you said that ,i dont understand you,why dont you work on how to enhance chemo efficiency.Without using salinomycin or phlorizin,why?You are loosing opportunity.Or lansoprazole before chemo.
    Do you have any other powerful treatments that we dont talk?
    For example difflu? or others?I dont want to miss anything,missed enough:)
    I know very hard to answer,may be too long answer.But just a little bit hints so we can search it by ourselves.And later we ask questions to you:)
    And also there are lots of communications we did here and later forget.For example tinzaparin(a derivative of heparin,on lab it helps chemo too much on very resistant cells and the reason is not known)
    I want to create a flow chart, or a list of treatments which we talked or didnt talked before.
    Which helped us,which not.
    Kind Regards

  20. In reply to the hypothermia conversation, i feel the best one could hope for in a realistic situation is this:
    Tumor is not inside.
    Ice is applied and the cold would slow down fermentation.
    Nearby tissue damage and side effects
    Ice is removed, temperature restored, fermentation back in full swing.
    May help for breast for example but combined with other treatments.

    I wouldn’t go with the full body one….. as it’s almost pointless. i feel. And also potentially fatal.

    That’s it…. seriously not a long one now 🙂

    Best wishes,

      1. I wonder if those stories are true, would enzymes and pro-pre-biotics help all that much?
        What if this is something that so many could benefit from if those stories are true in fact.
        Also it sounds to me that if they are something to be included, pro-pre-biotics, enzymes, that they should be ok with almost all treatments.
        My mothers body odor back almost in full swing today, and some mute pain but not constant
        Today i found blood work done before surgery, limphocites are a little bellow reference values 1.40 compared to 1.5 – 4.0
        Makes me think about beta glucan+enzymes+pro-biotics+pre-biotics
        What would be your sugestion for mebendazole, dosage, timing.
        Please advise
        Thank you very much

        PS. Love the avatars 🙂

        1. Hi Alex, I think the stories are exaggerated by pre/pro biotics are clearly helping the immune system (already discussed). Enzymes I also think are very helpful but usually they have to be taken a lot so not sure if there will be space left for anything else. However, to me this is a background treatment, not “the tip of the arrow”. But this is just my personal opinion.
          I do not suggest and advice anything Alex, just share what I know and what I would do. Everyone has to think for himself what to do with that info. I know MBZ is best taken with fatty food and even better to add Cimetidine for improved absorption and it can be used from 100mg 2x/day up to 1500mg/day with no specific toxicity. Case reports shown that even at 100mg 2x/day MBZ can show anti cancer effects in humans.
          Nice that you like the avatars 🙂 Otherwise you could always change that with your own picture.
          Kind regards,

          1. Yes yes the avatars 🙂 i kinda like mine…not that i wouldn’t show myself or mother, but the avatar i find kinda reflects my own internal image for when i feel good 🙂 LOL
            Looking back in our conversations i am finding DMSO may help a lot with the absorbtion of just about everything that needs be delievered to the tumor site with speed and certainty.
            I also felt they were exagerating, i don’t know why people like to do this…. i just don’t understand it. Still i felt i needed your opinion obviously.
            I feel we are extremely lucky. I am very proud of my mother.
            Word went out… relatives and friends…. people calling for my help for their cancer issue.
            I’m overwhelmed with their pain and i wish i had the ability to at least cure my mother then be able to say something to other people. I find they are desperate but unwilling strangely, not open to possible solutions looking for that magic pill that we all wish we had. No diet, no quitting of bad habits, no effort, nada… they want none of it, they all look for the easy way out and i understand them but….. we’re not going against a flue here ppl….
            I’m pondering Simvastatin
            It’s all i could research, too many outside life problems…
            Now that i’m not as severly restricted by the financial situation, i’m finding i’m still restricted by insufficient education in the field and no experience
            What good is money if you’re unaware of the best solutions?!
            What to do?
            Doctors here as you well know are unwilling, uneducated, not-interested, lacking instruments, dogmatic, etc.
            What should i best get for my mother? I don’t want to be more efficient now, best bang for the buck. $$$

            THANK YOU!!!

          2. Hello dear Daniel!
            I am reading this site for some time and i find it very helpfull !
            I have a question about MBZ! I got it for my mom…but i am kind of worried to use it . At the moment she is taking opioids for her leg pain and i cant find any info what could be the side effect if i add MBZ. Do you have any info about it ? Please share with us !
            Many thanks


            1. Hello Daniel !
              Thank you very much for the fast reply! Now i know that i can start the MBZ without problems. I will update the info once i have any results !
              Regards and health to everyone


  21. A very interesting article.

    The Warburg and Crabtree effects: On the origin of cancer cell energy metabolism and of yeast glucose repression

    ”The emergence of metabolic enzymes as important regulator of cancer cell growth suggests that metabolic control is a key element of tumor progression. Understanding the pathways that regulate cancer cell metabolism may lead to greater understanding of cancer cell development and progression, and has the potential to open a new vista of metabolic therapy for cancer treatment. As shown in the last paragraph of this review, there are strong similarities between mammalian and yeast cell metabolism regulation by oncogenes/oncogenes homologues. An interesting approach would be to use “tumorized yeasts” as a model for anti-cancer drug screening and for metabolism studies in order to determine how each one of these mutations would contribute to the profound metabolic alterations in cancer”

    1. Yes yes,
      I was talking about yeast for bread to test with CA, Remember?
      I am not Warburg but i use logic 🙂 AND i smoke 🙂

      But inside the body, different story i think…. test good maybe…. real situation, small-no effect.

      Take care,

    2. Dear Ergin brother,
      See if cancer emits voltage, curent.
      IF it emits electric signals, maybe you can capture signal and then modify to use against cancer.
      This man is saying cancer tumors use electric signals for metastasis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUQmRr68PRM
      Maybe he is telling us something important 🙂 and with your skills and mine maybe we can do something.

      Something important about weight loss and maybe even cancer.
      I would like someone’s opinion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei6jdyZmohw

      Thank you

      1. Dear Alex,
        I also understand nothing about cancer.I also wish that i was a doctor.But there are thousands of doctors past and found not the exact cure.
        I only learn 2 things.
        1-heat kills cancer
        2-immunity kills cancer
        They use both and real cure.=InCVAX
        When immunity occures,it is imposible to make the patient same type of cancer.

        Chitosan+heat+low dose chemo(Treg depletion)=necrosis. Necrosis=immunity. (But this tech is only for palpable tumors,because they are heating tumor with laser,with using chitosan immunity occures in all tumors)

        Phlorizin+heat+low dose chemo(Treg depletion)=necrosis Necrosis=immunity (There is no protocol for this,just my idea,
        but you can heat the tumors deeper parts of the body).Sounds too fantastic,isnt it?
        After looking this patent(InCVAX) what we think?Immunity really kills cancer if it recognize.

        I have no idea about current and voltage and cancer.But i will search.
        And you have to search for immunity more because you never used chemo.
        Kind Regards

        1. thanks bro,
          i know i read all this about cancer… too much science, very little conclusions, you know?!
          Why laser? Why not ultrasound or Microwave>!>!>>>>??? Magnetron. Deep controlled temperature. 40-50-60 you control voltage, frequency, modulation etc.
          Please see if there is any connection for cancer and electricity, maybe we make something DIY home project something.
          I have my soldering tools ready.

          It’s very expensive but check it out.

          1. Hi Alex,
            Very good question and there is a good explanation for this.
            They(IncVAX team)first begin this treatment by injecting laser activated particles to generate heat in tumor.
            Then they find that laser alone can generate heat by mm thickness cable without particles.
            It is easy to focus with thin special fiber optic laser cables(should withstand to high heat) by ultrasound monitoring.
            It is not so easy to create a protocol.They killed lots of mice:)They calculate chitosan,laser duration time,chemo dosage,howmany treatments per week,which cancer type,heat degree needed etc.
            This treatment has a great past,they didnt find it in 1 month or 1 year.
            They first did it with HIFU(high intensity focused ultrasound).But laser is feasible.
            For me the question is why glycated chitosan???In theory GC transports enzyemes to other tumors.
            But still not known the true effect on immunity.
            Kind Regards

            1. Ergin brother
              Use intuition, feelings, love and technologic information for your advantage.
              Electronics and other experience in life…. it helps you
              gycated chitosan is an immunostimulator, ph regulator, sugar lowering, anti-oxidant etc…
              Great for immunity anti-cancer. Nice. very good Glycated Chitosan, very good.
              Not cure but good.

  22. Interesting…… i see connection between good metabolism and no cancer in my mind.
    I wonder if body builders get cancer often, i think not.
    They seem to have better understanding of the body. Maybe we need a fitness trainer not a doctor eh? LOL

  23. So we got the sugar problem, the acetate problem, the cholesterol problem.
    Something i’m missing?
    What else could we target if known.
    Thank you,
    Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

  24. LOL 😀 never noticed that one LOL….
    With all these angles…. i doubt and hope, it will have no choice but to die completely.
    I want to distroy the thing with a vengence…
    I want to kill it so bad, and then laugh at it forever.
    It will be my life’s greatest accomplishment. Saving my mother’s life with the help offered by you, and this great community.
    Then i can focus more on the theory and learn more, perhaps together we can help more and more people.
    As we are being helped, so we want to help in return, and maybe one day soon we too can give hope to the hopeless.
    We wish that others in the same situation experience tears of joy like we have and maybe healing from this too so that they in return would help others and so on.
    Sometimes it’s not all just about money, spending the little you have on what counts i feel is more important.
    I know we made mistakes on that, spending on the wrong things or very ineffective ones.
    Thankfully i listened to my logic based on science and personal emotions, did not give my mother honey+ginger to trick the cancer with the honey to eat the ginger like cancertutor says.
    All sorts of possible mistakes all over the place at every step of the way……. we feel we are extremely lucky for having this wonderful collection of information where we can choose what to apply if we want to apply.
    Thank you, not just for that, thank you for giving us hope. You are an extremely special person.

    Tonight’s film. Transcendence (2014)
    Have a good one, cheers.

    1. hi Alex
      pretty offtopic;
      i also like sci-fis – i watched the LIFE some days ago in the cinema – it was awful, but im really looking forward to watching Arrival…today.

  25. I talked with Dr Holland and he gave permission for me to show it here.
    He is a very kind person and wants to help people.

    See all our scientific papers and documents at this link:
    ps. If you haven’t already seen it, please watch this TED talk on shattering cancer with nontoxic pulsed electric fields (and pass along the link to family, friends and colleagues)


    This may be a bit lengthy, but I hope it you will find it informative.

    First, I must give you this general disclaimer:

    Please understand that I am not a medical doctor and therefore cannot give
    any medical advice. My comments are simply for educational & informational
    purposes only and based upon my personal experience in laboratory experiments
    with microorganisms and cells in vitro. What follows is just my personal opinion
    and should not be taken in any way as medical advice please.

    Our research has been exclusively with the device invented by the American
    physician Dr. James Bare. You can reach him at this email:
    [email protected]
    and this website:
    I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of any other ‘frequency’ type
    device in killing cancer cells or pathogenic organisms in vitro as this is the only device
    our laboratory has worked with to date.

    If you contact Dr. Bare, be sure to ask about his PGM-1 device,
    which is nearly identical to the electronics we use in our laboratory experiments.

    April 15, 2017

    I visited your website and found it to be very interesting.
    You have my permission to post this entire email to your
    website, if you find that is appropriate.

    Please include our disclaimer at the top, which is similar
    to the disclaimer on your website. It’s important for people
    to understand that our laboratory experiments are still
    being performed and studied and that we report all results
    to our company website. However, I am not a medical doctor
    and cannot suggest any medical treatments whatsoever.

    yes, we work with cancer cells every day in our laboratory,
    as we try to find the most effective frequencies to destroy them
    and slow their growth, but our experiments to date are only
    ‘in vitro’, and our electronics have not been tested in any
    animals yet.

    We have been doing this work for over a 11 years now and are
    convinced that it will lead to a future cancer treatment that
    will be nontoxic, noninvasive and inexpensive.

    Kind regards,

    Anthony Holland
    President, Novobiotronics Inc.
    Regarding our current research in the use of frequency-specific
    Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to kill cancer cells,
    we are only in the early stages of this work and this work is
    currently restricted to working only with cells ‘in vitro’, meaning
    cells grown in special plastic dishes. We cannot work with
    human patients at this point and while this of course is our
    goal, I suspect it will be some years before we can engage
    in clinical trials (and of course it requires many millions of
    dollars to go through the FDA medical approval process,
    a daunting task to be sure).

    There may be some physicians working with the same
    device we use to destroy cancer cells in vitro, but I do
    not know them personally. You might contact the device’s
    inventor, Dr. James Bare, at the email listed above, to inquire
    about this. He may know more.

    I can tell you this, I have sat next to Dr. Bare’s device
    for nearly 10 years now while running experiments
    against microorganisms (some quite pathogenic) and
    cancer cells. I have seen the machine destroy up to
    60% of cancer cells under the microscope (as measured
    by top cancer research experts). It is very impressive
    in our laboratory experiments.

    It is worth noting that the use of frequency-specific electric fields
    is now approved, in some forms, by the American FDA (a government
    organization which controls what type of treatments patients may
    receive) for use against specific types of cancer (Glioma, brain cancer)
    and is now in stage 2 trials for lung and breast cancer. The company
    which has managed to go so far through the US FDA trial program
    (costing many millions of dollars) is called “Novocure”. While their
    technology has proven affective against cancer cells and pathogenic
    organisms, our laboratory testing seems to suggest that our device
    which uses a plasma antenna is even more effective, but since our small
    research company does not have the many millions of dollars that
    Novocure has, we are unable to work through the FDA trial process
    at this time. Nonetheless, we will continue our research to find the most
    effective frequencies against human cancer cells (in vitro only for now).
    We hope that the data we provide the public will one day result in a
    greater general acceptance of this technology for medical uses.

    And while nothing I write here should be
    construed in any way as medical advice
    (just my opinion as a non medical person), I can tell you
    that should I contract cancer, I would take several actions….

    1. I would probably sleep very close to the plasma tube
    of Dr. Bare’s device every night, bathing myself in the
    OPEF for hours a night. This of course could have some
    potential dangers and I would have to be vigilant about
    how I am feeling, starting first with a relatively brief
    exposure (maybe an hour at first), then gradually expanding
    the duration if I’m feeling ok the next day.) The potential danger,
    as explained to me by a cancer surgeon at Thomas Jefferson
    University Medical College in 2010, is that if you can actually
    ‘shatter’ (‘lyse’) cancer cells with OPEF, then you’d have to
    be alert for ‘tumor lysis syndrome’, which would mean you are
    ‘shattering’ so many cancer cells at once that the kidneys could
    become overwhelmed with the debris and be in danger.
    I think I would have to have a doctor friend who could help
    monitor my kidney function while I was running Dr. Bare’s
    OPEF device nightly while I slept. In fact, if my body could
    withstand it, I would probably spend all day next to Dr. Bare’s
    device, but again, I would be very cautious to monitor how I was
    feeling and have a doctor friend keep a close eye on my situation.
    I would want to be sure to have the latest electronics from Dr. Bare,
    as there have been many developments and improvements over
    the past 10 years. I would want the exact same setup I have in
    the Novobiotronics lab right now (what I call a ‘classic OM2’ setup).
    It has withstood many hours of operation under laboratory experimentation.

    note: two companies (including ours) have found that cancer is vulnerable
    between 100khz-225khz. 100khz has been listed as being ‘generally’ effective
    on numerous types of cancer cells, but most cells have a more specific frequency
    to which they will be most vulnerable. We often use a slow ‘sweep’, ranging from
    100khz-200khz spending at least 30 min on each frequency (moving in 5,000hz
    increments. For example: 100khz (30 min), then 105,000khz (30 min) etc.).
    Our research work involves finding the more specific frequencies for different
    types of cancer cells in vitro. This work is on going and time consuming, but
    we are doing are best to collect data and to find the most effective frequencies
    in vitro.

    2. This new video series: “The Truth About Cancer” by Ty Bollinger is filled with amazing
    information about important alternative cancer treatments.
    here’s a link to “The Truth About Cancer” episode 1:

    Here’s a link to “The Truth About Cancer” episode 2:

    Here’s a link to Ty Bollinger’s facebook: The Truth About Cancer:

    3. This may be of interest to you:

    I just read about a cancer researcher who cured a
    terminal case of liver cancer using her patented
    drug called 3BP. You can read about the history of
    it and her work in the book titled:

    “Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer”
    by Travis Christofferson


    Her name is Dr. Young Hee Ko, PhD

    check out her website and give her a call
    to see if your mother might be able to benefit
    from her discovery. The story in the book is
    absolutely a miracle cure for a young man’s
    liver cancer (usually considered incurable) and
    the book says that 3BP works for many types
    of cancers. This is really an exciting possibility!
    Dr. Ko is really on to something!!

    Here’s her website:


    4. I would seriously consider immediately adapting to
    a ketogenic diet. This may well starve the cancer of
    the sugar and carbs it needs to stay alive.

    Here’s an important video to watch:

    see this book:



    Cancer lives on sugar or on the carbs the body converts to sugar.
    substantial evidence now exists which suggests we can starve the cancer
    into submission by eating this restricted diet. We can survive just fine on
    the diet apparently, but cancer cannot.

    5. If the cancer were affecting my brain, I would give very serious
    consideration to going to Houston, Texas right away and meeting with
    Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski at the Burzynski Clinic. Dr. Burzynski has had
    numerous ‘terminal’ brain cancer patients, all of whom had exhausted
    conventional medical treatments without success, and has managed to
    completely cure many of them (some now 20 and 30 years later still
    alive and in good health!). Burzynski is a controversial figure in the
    medical world, but his science holds up very well under serious scrutiny
    and I believe him to be a man of courage, determination and dedication to
    his patients. You can learn a great deal about his work in this online
    documentary (updated in 2016):


    here’s the clinic:

    6. the company “Novocure” has an FDA approved
    frequency specific electric field treatment for brain cancer.
    Here is their latest news:


    Their full website is here and well worth studying:


    7. For cancer related to the pancreas, you might take a serious look at
    the work of Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, who has some patients alive today
    after 20 or more years other doctors said they wold be dead from their
    pancreatic cancer. Dr. Gonzales uses a nutritional approach for treatment
    along with the use of lots of pancreatic enzymes (Trypsin etc.)
    For details go to:

    Note: Dr. Gonzales passed away quite recently (summer of 2015)
    but his work is being carried forward by his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs.

    also watch this video with a great interview with Dr. Gonzales:

    8. I would seriously consider high dose
    intravenous vitamin C.

    Again, this is not my advice to you,
    just my personal opinion on what I would for myself.

    This might seem odd coming from somebody
    who has spent 10 years working with Dr. Bare’s invention
    in laboratory experiments, but an email I received recently
    from a friend who was researching alternative cancer
    therapies…..revealed to me that high dose IV C has been
    re-evaluated by modern researchers and has been found
    to be highly toxic to cancer cells, but harmless to human cells.

    Below is part of an email my friend recently sent me on
    high does IV vitamin C. I’m also attaching a published
    scientific paper, for your personal reference only please,
    where you can read the amazing research about high does
    intravenous vitamin C.

    This scientific paper clearly points out that high dose
    intravenous vitamin C is highly toxic to cancer cells
    but apparently harmless to healthy cells. But, I am not
    a doctor and cannot recommend any treatments whatsoever,
    I am only telling you what I might do should I contract cancer
    myself some day.

    9. Only recently, I have seen an interview with a serious
    researcher in Spain who talks about killing brain cancer
    cells with a simple substance used medically in Europe
    and only in some states in the USA:

    Video of Dr. Christina Sanchez:


    10. Lastly, below is the information on vitamin C my friend sent.
    I think you will find it interesting!

    I wish you all the best in your effort to stop the cancer!
    Please remember, this is just the course of action I would take
    were I facing a serious condition with cancer. I cannot recommend
    any of these steps to you as I am not a medical doctor and nothing
    I have written should be taken as medical advice. It is offered
    for educational and informational purposes only.
    I’m sure you understand why I have to write this.

    High dose Intravenous Vitamin C

    After researching your question on the internet,
    I am more convinced than ever that high does vitamin C
    is the way to go for any person with cancer. Recent published
    scientific studies (very good one attached to this email as
    a pdf file) clearly show that high dose IV C is very effective
    in killing some types of cancer cells. I’m really amazed at
    how much they have learned….and have totally revealed
    the truth that Linus Pauling was right! (well, he had two Nobel
    prizes of course, the first was in 1953 in chemistry).

    Here’s a link that talks about the use of high dose
    vitamin C and how it is toxic to cancer:


    Here’s an excellent link that also has information about
    RECENT scientific studies that showed that high dose
    intravenous vitamin C had a very good impact against cancer
    cells……I suggest reading all the information at this link->


    Apparently, there was a very good study done by the US FDA (surprising!) indicating that high dose Vitamin C is harmless to healthy cells but kills cancer cells. (When Linus Pauling had published his research on Vitamin C, it was improperly ‘debunked’ by the Mayo Clinic, which did NOT give the high dose Vitamin C intravenously, but rather orally. You cannot take enough vitamin C orally to destroy the cancer cells, according to Pauling’s work, so it was obviously done wrong (perhaps on purpose). (also, oral ingestion of C and intravenous C are treated differently in the body apparently, according to the last link I include below).

    I’m attaching a PDF file which is a recent scientific study that once again confirms Pauling’s assertion that high dose Intravenous Vitamin C can be very effective against cancer cells (see attached PDF file please).

    A key summary of that research is:
    “These findings give plausibility to i.v. ascorbic acid in cancer treatment, and have unexpected implications for treatment of infections where H2O2 may be beneficial.”

    another key summary point in this attached article:
    The findings indicate that ascorbate at pharmacologic concentrations in blood may be a pro-drug for H2O2 delivery to tissues, with major therapeutic implications.

    Note that this study treated cancer cells with Vitamin C for only 1 hour!
    They apparently had very good results with that. Imagine if you could
    have an IV drip (“infusion”) of high dose vitamin C for several hours! (this would be one of my choices if I had cancer and needed treatment).

    As I read this attached article (what a gold mine of REAL information on Vitamin C and cancer)…. 90% of the tested cancer cells were killed 14 hours after exposure to IV levels of vitamin C. What’s more, they used relatively conservative concentration levels of vitamin C in solution (5mM) (micro-molar) (at one point in the paper, they show you can go up to 20mM…but they didn’t need to go that high of a concentration level in order to kill up to 90% of the cancer cells some 14 hours after only a 1 hour exposure! It’s amazing really!

    The paper data indicates that you must achieve a concentration level of at least 2mM in the serum to kill the cancer cells.

    The paper indicates that the mechanism of action of vitamin C killing cancer cells is that it causes H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to be formed between the cancer cells, the H2O2 passes through the cancer cell membranes and is toxic to them, and kills them.

    They state that IV use of C:

    Like glucose, when ascorbate is infused i.v., the resulting pharmacologic concentrations should distribute rapidly in the extracellular water space (42).

    Meaning, it should be safe to use high dose vitamin C via an IV….as it will move out of the blood stream quickly and into the intercellular water around the cancer cells (does not harm normal cells apparently, this is a weakness of cancer cells only apparently).

    This paper says:

    Ascorbate administered i.v. is likely to be safe in most patients, with virtually no toxicity compared to most currently available cancer chemotherapeutic agents. The occurrence of one predicted complication, oxalate kidney stones, is controversial (13).

    so the only worry might be the possible formation of kidney stones, but kidney stones are easily dealt with with standard procedures today.

    Here’s the key answer to your question on does level of vitamin C for cancer treatment (from this paper):

    More than 100 patients have been described, presumably without glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase defi- ciency, who received 10 g or more of i.v. ascorbate with no reported adverse effects other than tumor lysis (3, 4, 15, 59). However, these descriptions lack formal safety documentation. Complementary and alternative medicine practitioners worldwide currently use ascorbate i.v. in doses as high as 70 g over several hours (14, 15, 59). Because i.v. ascorbate is easily available to people who seek it, a phase I safety trial in patients with advanced cancer is justified and underway.

    So it would seem you might want to start with 10 grams, see if there are no bad reactions, and gradually ratchet up as high as 70 grams (I had remembered reading a figure of 50 grams somewhere). However, you have to be very careful to find an appropriate supplier for the high dose vitamin C. You need to find a physician who is willing to give the patient the high dose vitamin C and who is familiar with this treatment method. [ During my research for this email to you, I learned that there are some “Infusion” clinics that do high dose IV C. See below].

    This link says that patients have been able to tolerate doses as high as 100 grams/day:


    You might try phoning that clinic and asking where they get supplies for their high does vitamin C therapy.

    Search the internet for doctors in the area where the patient currently is and search for doctors who can treat using high does vitamin C.

    Here’s a facility at the university of Kansas that has a high dose Vitamin C infusion clinic. You could contact them to ask about how to obtain the appropriate supplies :


    I suggest reading the material in that link above….very informative!

    here’s a precaution before starting vitamin C therapy:

    What is a G6PD blood test and why should I get the results from that test before I start the vitamin C infusions? ( – )

    Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is an inherited condition in which a person’s body doesn’t have enough of the G6PD enzyme. G6PD helps red blood cells function normally. Patients with this deficiency should not receive vitamin C infusions because it can cause hemolytic anemia.

    Much very good information to be learned in that last link:

    What’s the frequency and duration of the vitamin C infusions? ( – )

    Patients are started out at a low dosage and work their way up to the therapeutic level. Once at therapeutic level, the infusions will take between 2-3 hours. Recommendations for frequency and duration of infusions are made by one of our physicians and based on the presenting diagnosis and severity of the condition.

    Will my insurance cover the costs of the vitamin C infusions? ( – )

    They will not cover them in most cases. Alternative medicine doctors must use billing codes that are not usually accepted by insurance companies. And because vitamin C infusions are not FDA approved, insurance companies are not inclined to cover costs. Vitamin C infusions range in price from $125.00 to $160.00.

    (note: when you look at that cost for a high does IV C treatment/infusion, you quickly understand why the ‘cancer industry’ is suppressing this information…. chemotherapy treatment costs about $250,000 (big income for the hospital and drug companies) but high does IV C is much much cheaper. One chemo treatment can cost many thousands of dollars but the IV C infusion is less than $200 per treatment. This is information that the drug companies and cancer doctors do not want the public to know about, it would destroy the ‘cancer industrial complex’

    How do I become a patient of the Integrative Medicine Clinic? ( – )

    Please visit the consultations section of our website by clicking on the following link for more information:http://integrativemed.kumc.edu/consult_services.htm ( + )

    Contact KUMC
    University of Kansas
    Medical Center
    3901 Rainbow Boulevard
    Kansas City, KS 66160

    Contact those folks for help in finding a Vitamin C infusion clinic near your patient!

    Anthony Holland
    Novobiotronics Inc.
    [email protected]
    Novobiotronics • Shattering Cancer ~ One Cell At A Time!

    1. I personally wouldn’t. From this https://phys.org/news/2017-02-peroxide-ingestion-alternative-medicine-deadly.html ”Dr. Hatten examined 10 years of poison control records for high-concentration peroxide ingestion (concentration strength of 10 percent or greater). Almost 14 percent (13.9 percent) of reported cases had embolic events and 6.8 percent of cases either died or exhibited continued disability. Life-threatening ailments associated with high-concentration peroxide ingestion include seizure, altered mental status, respiratory distress, stroke, pulmonary embolism and heart attack. Patients treated early with hyperbaric oxygen had improved outcomes. Caustic injuries were rare and routine endoscopy was not beneficial.”

    1. While CD47 is overexpressed on cancer cells, it’s expression on platelets creates an antigen sink that minimises the therapeutic efficacy of anti-CD47 monoclonal antibodies to reach tumour cells. Early data from a Phase I trial (NCT02663518) of TTI-621 suggest that repeat dosing in patients with hematological malignancies overcomes the antigen sink and achieves circulating drug concentrations that are associated with biological activity. Other drugs targeting this haven’t been able to achieve this yet.

      A Phase I in those with relapsed and refractory percutaneously accessible solid tumours or mycosis fungoides is ongoing as well (NCT02890368). Intratumoral injections will reduce platelets that help give tumours their ‘invisibility cloak’ from the immune system in the tumour microenvironment https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170505182128.htm

  26. We stopped DCA on 26–5-2017 due to neuropathy that is still persisting.
    Just before stopping it, the lymph node on her left arm was BIG and hard.
    Pain remained on her spine, where the tumor residue was left after surgery, indeed the first scan before surgery shows tumor invasion in the spine channel on the 9-9-2016.
    Pain radiates from the spine towards the chest with burning sensations on the right beneath her arm, still unable to sweat on her right side of the face, neck and a portion of her torso.
    After stopping DCA the neuropathy decreased, the lymph node on her left arm went back to being smaller and softer. However the legs are more or less uncontrollable, especially her right leg. Very similar to paralysis. My mother called her neuro-surgeon and the dear doctor proceeded to recommend 2 shots of Dexamethasone – cortisone hormone. for 5 days.
    This i read is a immuno-suppressive, exactly the thing one “should”? avoid when dealing with an invader?!
    I’d love to kill the cancer with the immune system and supliments but i fear that suppressing the immune system for 5 days with possibly longer lasting effects may compromise our possible success at beating the disease.
    I wonder if there’s risk of permanent paralysis due to “possible” inflammation in the spine channel caused by the immune system response IF that is the case.
    IF not and IF this is temporary then going with the hormone shots would be a bad idea.
    But if permanent paralysis is a likely posibility than the hormone shots may represent a short term solution.
    We are very very confused, frustrated…. i can’t even get my mother to do basic things let alone have her traveling for blood tests and a scan.
    Her right leg is rogue. Left one still responsive to some degree.
    Depression has come our way and problems are enhanced, still i hope all this will be solved by nature and that everything will come to pass on it’s own.

    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Alex…hard to give you recommendations.. I would take doctor’s advice for now for sure.
      Your mom has neuro symptoms in different areas (face, chest leg), it might be leptomeningeal disease which is not rare with lung cancer. Maybe i am wrong… and some symptoms are caused by the spine tumor, some by DCA. I hope the second scneario is the one happening.
      I am sorry, unable to help you more..
      i cheer for you

      1. Thank you!
        I need all the help i can get i guess. Thank you for your cheer.
        I wish i had the power to help her more, i wish i could help everyone.
        Instead here i am crying helpless in front of an organism that won’t die till the host is gone, and then some.
        It simply won’t go away. 🙁
        Why can we not solve this invader problem? I may be ignorant but what about the rest of the world? And why so expensive?
        If my questions are dumb i am sorry. No need for answers. Just feel they should be asked.
        Many many thanks!

      2. i fear our story will end before i get a chance to finish writing it, if DCA is not the cause of this.
        She has neuropathy but one leg is unresponsive for walking while the other still is.
        She has trouble focusing, thinking, speaking and things like that.
        She had vomiting sensation and lost appetite, cachexia.
        leptomeningeal disease could be it, and what comes with it.
        The thing i was most worried since the beginning……..
        Sometimes i hate myself

        1. Alex,
          you should not blame yourself. i know it does not sound well but if the disease spread to the channel ( cord?) in september then its an achievement that she is still here with you. Lept disease kills most people in a 3-4 months even with chemo.

          i have found articles about EGFR inhibitor Erlonitib working for lung adenoma and lept disease:


          i dont know if she has this mutation, can you try with doctors??? or check indian sources?

          1. i checked and lept disease is more common with adenoma than with SCLC. And adenoma of the lung is associated with overexpressed and / or mutated EGFR. If there are mutations too the EGFR inhibitors are more likely to work.

            I would try to get Erlonitib / Tarceva urgently … can you buy this in Romania ?

        2. Dear Alex,

          Please, don’t hate yourself, you are a very good person and do a lot for your mom. You asked above about hydrogen peroxide and a “James Peters” advised you against it. Well, IV vit C (an undeniably effective anti-cancer treatment) actually exerts its effect by producing just that: i.e. hydrogen peroxide. Here is the article that became an “instant classic” I believe: http://www.pnas.org/content/102/38/13604.short “Pharmacologic ascorbic acid concentrations selectively kill cancer cells: Action as a pro-drug to deliver hydrogen peroxide to tissues”

          So I am not so sure about the motives of this James. Maybe he is an agent of the pharma industry? Unless proven otherwise. Can you get either IV hydrogen peroxide or IV vit C for your mom?

          What about the T4 depletion strategy?

          Kindest regards and lots of cheers for you and your mom!

          1. ps. It was also recommended to me that I buy a cream called “Lioton” for my hand for the bluish-yellowish spot I got on it (from exertion possibly). I did and it contains: HEPARIN! The anticancer stuff that is administered before operation as an injection (look it up here on Daniel’s site). I applied it once and it nicely cleared up the blue-yellow spot. It apparently get absorbed through the skin, so you could apply it on your mom’s spine. The other cream I use is Voltaren, which has Diclofenac in it, another anticancer substance as discussed here in many instances.

          2. IV Vit C breaks down to generate hydrogen peroxide, which damages tissue and DNA. As cancer cells usually have low levels of catalase enzyme activity they are much less capable of removing it than normal cells, and are more susceptible to damage and death https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5106370/ So it’s more selective. But the same can’t be said about oral or IV hydrogen peroxide which is why I quoted that article to warn about the dangers involved in using it.

    2. “As an anti-inflammatory medication. Dexamethasone relieves inflammation in various parts of the body. It is used specifically to decrease swelling ..”

      i think it would no harm for now….

      1. Thanks for the link, I talked to Daniel some time ago and told me about ebay, but it takes a long time to transport to Romania, sometime until 18 July. We hope someone knows a source, in Europe, to come up sooner.

        1. hi Sive,
          i am from “Ungaria” 🙂 to me it took like 7-10 days. If i were you i would buy on ebay and in the meantime keep looking for local.

  27. Hi Daniel,

    i was thinking it would be great to have an article dedicated of “repurposed drugs” on your page.

    for instance a list that includes the ones with in vivo studies etc…

    shall i help you with collecting those? i know you are busy


  28. Hi again, In order to get cimetidine as soon as possible, for the first order I preferred to order as close as possible to the house in Europe. We have found pharmacies online in the Netherlands or the UK. We finally chose a UK pharmacy where we sent the recipe scan from the family doctor by mail asking if it was good enough. The quick answer was affirmative and I immediately paid online. The next minute came the confirmation of payment and … the request to send the original of the recipe to them, and then they will send the medicine. Cost for 120 x400 mg tablets, 67 pounds, including shipping. It’s Mistrys.
    In conclusion we will start tomorrow with what we bought:
    Ultra omega 3
    Modified citruș pectina
    Black cumin oil
    R lipoic acid
    Curcumin 95 și bioperin
    Vitamin d3
    Enzime pancreatice
    and we introduce CIMETIDY when we get into her possession.

    Today I was at a new clinic and I did a total hyperthermia. We are broken, and the wife who did the procedure and I that I turned around.

    1. its annoying when we see such promising approaches like this

      then without any comment it all fades !!!

      I hope to hear a real progress about delivering this thing to humans

  29. They’ve been giving my mother Vitamin B1 and other B’s in IV.
    I’ve been tempted to ask the oncologist “where’s DCA? Bring out the good stuff, gimme that 3BP!”.

      1. We’ve started erlotinib 150mg/day today.
        Other than that, things seem relatively stable so far.
        Still paralised
        I wonder if adding DCA would be a good idea since the tumor does involve the nervous system so much.
        I fear for permanent damage.
        Live is very hard sadly.
        I hope things are going better and better for you and everyone.
        My best wishes,

          1. Dear Ovidiu,
            Do you have knowledge about oxaliplatin?
            For example mechanism of action,synergism with others etc.
            I wonder why they dont use it as a first line therapy for ovarian cancer?
            Does it work on only resistive cells?
            Kind Regards

            1. Sorry, don’t know much about oxaliplatin. Just that it’s better tolerated than other platinum drugs, probably because at the same dose, it’s better absorbed by cancer cells. This is due to cellular transporters, and care must be taken not to use other drugs (for instance celecoxib) that inhibit such transporters while taking oxaliplatin. It is also used in the treatment of ovarian cancer, but I don’t know why not as first line.

          2. Thank you very much Ovidiu.
            I hope you are doing well these days.
            I’m not sure if my mother has such a mutation, however the oncologist did ask for some tests to be performed on the extracted tissue, afterwards we had paperwork done for the drug.
            I sadly didn’t get to see the test results if any test was actually performed.
            We did however notice a massive drop in pain since starting the drug 3 days ago.
            I’ve made sure she gets some pro-biotics and enzimes, basic vitamins.
            My best wishes,

            1. You better find out if your mother has the EGFR mutation or not. While I hope that erlotinib does work for your mother, my experience with it was bleak, during the 2 months that my father was on it (he didn’t have the EGFR mutation, but the drug was “free”) his CEA marker almost tripled. Only one week his CEA was stable, when he took 250 mg of disulfiram twice (but he complained about liver problems, so I didn’t dare to give it to him again).
              As I wrote some time ago, if the patient doesn’t have the EGFR mutation, it’s unlikely to work, and after about a month of erlotinib exposure there is an activation of STAT3 (which could be already activated for cells that did EMT). So it’s probable that after a month or two of erlotinib the cancer to become more metastatic. The possible solution is to add niclosamide, which is affordable.

        1. hello Alex,

          just copy pasting an interesting case of leptomengeal carcinoma after adenocarcinoma of the lung. Maybe could help?? why not show to the doctors. All the best.

          Case 1

          A 45-year-old female presented a headache which became more severe gradually in September 2006. In January 2007, the patient was diagnosed with NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) with brain and bone metastasis in our hospital. The patient showed frequent and severe headache, and even the omens of cerebral hernia raised. The CSF pressure reached 400 mmH2O. The level of tumor marker (carcinoembryonic antigen [CEA]) in CSF was abnormal with positive CSF cytology. We treated the patient with gefitinib (250 mg/day) therapy, but the symptom of headache did not improve. Two days later, the patient received intrathecal therapy (h-R3, 25 mg). After one intrathecal therapy, the clinical symptoms improved obviously. The frequency of the paroxysmal headaches was decreased from every 2 h to every 4 h after the treatment. Hence, continued intrathecal therapy (h-R3, 25 mg) was given at the 3rd day. One week later, the patient had slight headache occasionally. Then, the patient received intrathecal therapy (h-R3 50 mg) weekly. Two weeks later, the CSF pressure dropped to 120 mmH2O [Figure 1]. Then, the patient received the whole-brain radiotherapy. As showed by the result of brain magnetic resonance imaging [Figure 2], the LMC was improved after 1 month treatment. Then, the patient received intrathecal therapy (h-R3, 50 mg) combined with MTX weekly for three times. Three months later, the patient received intrathecal therapy for two times. The patient lived for 35 months after diagnosis with LMC and never had a headache during the lifetime after the intrathecal therapy.

  30. On 01.07, treatment with mebendazole, lovastatin, metformin and almost all the supplements discussed here began. On 15 .07 began to take CIMETIDY. About a few days later, they started abdominal pain, now they can not stand or go for more than 3 minutes. Has anyone ever seen such an effect? How can I solve the situation?

    1. Hello there.

      Mebendazole’s absoprtion is slower with Cimetidin. it means that the level of MBZ becomes VERY high if you take Cimetidine. it is causing the problems in my view. lower the dose of one of both asap.

    2. Hi !
      What was the dosage for Cimetidine?
      When I took 200mg Cimetidine, there were no side effects or other visible changes.
      Then 2 weeks later I switched to 800mg Cimetidine, I experienced abdominal pain and few episodes of subcutaneous bleeding (in visible places like my arms). As I could not see what is going on in other not visible parts of my body, I stopped Cimetidine.
      I was/am on other medications, so I think, Cimetidine just elevated the levels of some other medications in my body.

        1. Hi Daniel,
          I am on hormonal therapy for years. I used Cimetidine for short period of 2 or 3 weeks – around last radiotherapy and together with Letrozole (anti estrogen medication) and also other medications.
          Stopped cimetidine few weeks ago.
          They must be antagonists (antiestrogens and cimetidine)?

          1. Hi Ieva,

            Yes, exactly. That is why I asked. Cimetidine may interfere with some hormonal therapies and chemo due to inhibition of specific enzymes responsible for metabolization of those treatments. Same for grapefruit juice and other medications.
            In this case, using Cimetidine we gain on one hand (agains mets) and lose on the other as it may affect the effectivness of some therapies (e.g. tamoxifen). Cim is extremely valuable but the point is that before using it we need to check interactions with current treatments. Here I listed a link to an interaction checker https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/links/

            Kind regards,

            1. Hi, Daniel !

              Thank You for Your response!

              I still do not see any relevant contraindications for Letrozole(anti hormonal – aromatase inhibitor) and Cimetidine. Could You, please, comment that? Should I be suspicious also about PPI Omeprazole and Letrozole?

              From this site
              “…Letrozole was a potent competitive inhibitor of CYP2A6 (Ki 4.6 ± 0.05 μM and 5.0 ± 2.4 μM in HLMs and CYP2A6, respectively) and a weak inhibitor of CYP2C19 (Ki 42.2 μM in HLMs and 33.3 μM in CYP2C19), while its metabolite showed moderate inhibition of CYP2C19 and CYP2B6. Letrozole or its metabolite had negligible effect on other CYPs…”

              From this site
              “…PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) including omeprazole (Prilosec), lansoprazole (Prevacid), pantoprazole (Protonix), and esomeprazole (Nexium), and most H2RAs (histamine-2 receptor antagonists) including cimetidine (Tagamet), famotidine (Pepcid), and nizatidine (Axid) have CYP2C19-mediated hepatic metabolism and so represent potential adverse interaction with letrozole (Femara) which is also CYP2C19-dependent in part for its activity…”

              From this site
              Showing BioInteractions for DB00501 (Cimetidine)
              they have common interactions with CYP3A4 , where Cimetidine works as “Substrate”. What does it mean “substrate” – does it induces or inhibit?

              Also this Cimetidine interaction page does not show anything about Letrozole

              Kind regards,

  31. Just want to update that I’ve agreed to be treated by Dr. Williams, in two or so weeks hopefully. He seems like a very knowledgeable, nice and experienced doctor, from our consultation. I’ll keep you guys updated as to how it goes and hopefully will be able to inform you on how the treatment feels/side effects/etc.

    I hope I can get back here with great results and have another quality resource for our members to explore.

  32. My favorite place to post a comment 🙂

    I hope everyone reading, will have a nice weekend, and good health, joy and happiness.
    I wish it to everyone!

    Brothers, sisters, heroes, care givers, patients.
    Thank you! – Best wishes,

  33. Wishing everyone a nice a Christmas, may health return to those who need it. Last year this same day, i was browsing these pages looking for a cure for my mother. Desperate and sad. Still don’t think i found one, but we all have to stay strong so that another year may pass, one more day is another battle won, and maybe we can win the war.
    I’ve not forgotten anyone here. In my opinion, it’s good that the number of visits has decreased, this brings hope to me in thinking that maybe people are taking some time to be with their loved ones, the family, the friends.
    Let’s not forget to say how we feel to those who wait for it, while we still can.
    Thank you for everything.

    Merry Christmas – https://youtu.be/L2UCRNldC3s
    Don’t forget to smile

      1. Brother, i tried to call you on mobile but no answer.
        I am on skype like always.
        I hope you will find happiness again brother. I can only imagine it’s hard. Maybe harder than finding a cure for cancer.
        As for finding the cure this year, the more i looked into it the more i realize it’s next to impossible, especially for 2018. Maybe some day in the very distant future. Even then it’s going to be only for the extremely rich $$$

  34. Tomorrow, CT scan…. my mom is not hopeful at all. I still hope for the absurd, at least for stable disease.
    Time to see what, Tarceva and Zometa did all this time, time to see if diet did something, time to see if metformin and aspirin and diclofenac helped with more than just pain. To be honest, i agree with my mom, looking at her…. she’s not feeling better. Maybe stable

    Good luck everyone, we all need it, if there’s such a thing.
    As usual i wrote here.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Alex,

      I know how exciting and difficult are these moments … I wish your mother the best possible result and an as easy as possible day tomorrow. Take care Alex and please send my best wishes to your dear mom.

      Kind regards,

  35. I wish to Donate Gefitinib and Erlotinib to someone who may benefit from them, EGFR mutation.
    It is my hope i can offer help as it was given to me.

    Always grateful,

  36. Hi Daniel,
    Not sure if this has been brought up before, but in the treatment methodology described above it is suggested to use both Lovastatin and Cimetidine, yet it seems the combination may cause Liver issues as well as possibly Rhabdomyolysis and kidney damage.
    Your thoughts please,

    1. Hi Rani,

      Everyone should be careful with any drug that is started regarding it’s interaction with other drugs. In order to have a feeling where to expect interactions we can use this drug checker https://reference.medscape.com/drug-interactionchecker?src=google

      Next we evaluate the risks vs potential benefits from adding drugs that may interact with each other and/or have potential side effects. If we decide to go forward, we should always start the new drug with a lower dose (e.g. 25% of target) and increase step by step towards the target dose. For example, if I would start Cimetidine, I would start with 200mg/day and move during two weeks step by step to the 800mg/day. Note that Grapefruit juice may have similar type of interactions with many drugs in the same way as Cimetidin as they both inhibit a specific liver enzyme.

      The reality is that many drugs are expected to interact with each other, specifically when trying to build a treatment protocol based on large cocktails of re purposed drugs. My wife and others that I know used such cocktails including Cimetidine for long time without major interactions. A few more words on Cimetidine can be found here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/tips-on-treatments-a-list-to-be-constantly-updated/

      When using drugs that may affect the liver and/or kidney, I would also include supplements known to support these such as Silymarin (milk thistle) and Astragalus.

      Kind regards,

  37. @Dear Daniel,

    I am considering fever treatment with IL2 etc. at Dr. Ralf Kleef http://www.dr-kleef.at/en/our_institute, to essentially control my brain mets (from NSCLC). The theory with 39.5 deg C or so fever treatment will provide systemic treatment including the brain.
    The estimated cost is roughly EUR$15K for Monday to Thursday fever treatment and leave on Friday. I am looking at either 1 or 2 weeks fever treatment. An effective maintenance therapy (I still haven’t found one yet) after the fever treatment is key in maintaining the lowest possible circulating tumor cells so the chances of further mets to brain and below neck is minimized (hopefully).

    From a cost benefit perspective, would Dr. Kleef be the most suitable choice?. In other words, for me to spend EUR$15 to 30K, is there a more durable systemic treatment available internationally with evidence based results?.

    Thank you sincerely for your help.

    1. Dear Westie,

      I don’t know Dr. Ralf Kleef. I checked his website at http://www.dr-kleef.at/en/our_institute and I find interesting to see that:
      – he works together with Ralph W Moss based on the list of authors in the article they published here: Complete Clinical Remission of Stage IV Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Lung Metastasis Administering Low-Dose Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Combination With Hyperthermia and Interleukin-2 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6247552/
      – he used a method similar to that discussed in the patent here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/patent-on-a-method-of-treating-triple-negative-breast-cancer/
      – it’s also interesting to see that he is partner with relevant organisations http://dr-kleef.at/en/our_partners including one that I like, i.e. Anticancer Funds
      Based on these references he seems above average.

      15k to 30k for a week to two weeks of whole body yperthermia and IL2, in my view, it’s too expensive and too short time. More specifically:
      – Whole body hyperthermia session costs about 300 euro in Germany. Let’s say 400 euro. This can be done in many clinics in Germany and possibly other countries at a lower cost. So the questions is what is including in that price next to the whole body hyperthermia. Can you clarify with him what are the other treatments he is planning to do for you?
      Also, whole body hyperthermia is a relatively heavy treatment – so max 3x/week would be realistic in my view
      – one week or two, is too short I think – for example, the cancer patient they put in remission using a similar treatment strategy was doing it for about 2-3 months https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6247552/ Maybe you can clarify with the clinic about what they would expect from a 1-2 weeks treatment since they used 3 months to obtain the desired results?

      Finally, you can also contact Anticancer Funds and ask them if the doctor is their parter as he stated on the website and if yes what they think about him. You can contact them here https://www.anticancerfund.org/ You can also ask them what is in their opinion the best treatment approach. They will help you for free, as I do.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  38. Dear Daniel,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I am most grateful that you have provided this most valuable service for free.
    I will follow your suggestions and see how I go.
    Meanwhile, do you know of any better than “above average” treatment in Germany or other countries?.

    With gratitude,

  39. Hi Daniel
    I’m kind of starting at ground zero again as I cannot identify what was working back in july/August helping my blood.
    Since then I’ve done lots of reading here and pubmed. I like the idea of multiple pathways to attack the problem but I’m having a hard time deciding which to combine with Med risk MDS as no tumors. Also which pathways best can effect damaged hematopoietic stems cells. I had to open my diet up and add back some carbs to get my weight to stabilize and come up. Now I’d like to add one by one synergistically to try and beat this or get stable to spend a couple weeks at Xmas with my son who’ll be 8 very soon. Weight was 188 last nov dropped to a low of 158 in August now it’s 168.

    I’ve been doing hyperbaric oxygen 2-3 x a week at 2.2 atm for 60-75min.
    I’ve been doing ozone and uvbi 2x a week for 6 months
    Done a few Vit C bags months ago.
    But also now am up to 1gm/day of RSO FECO oil
    3x Fenbendazole week with E, A and Curcumin and CBD
    3x week propranolol 20mg and Cimetidine 400mg x 2 day
    Marrow plus Chinese herbs for blood 3 x 2 daily
    Graviola 1000mg x3 daily
    Wormwood 430mg x3 daily
    Curcumin 500mg x3 daily
    10,000-50,000 Vit D3 daily
    Vit E 400mg x2 daily
    NAC 600mg x1 daily
    DHEA 25mg x1 daily
    1,3 D beta glucan 2000 mg daily
    Methyl protect b complex 2 x day
    Essiac tea 1oz 3 x day
    Enzymes with and between meals
    Mitaki mush room extract 10:1 500mg 3 x day
    Cordychi mushroom blend cordyceps and reishi 2 day
    Coffee enemas 2 week
    Did 12 weeks b17 with 9 weeks at 9gms x 2 weekly
    Then 1000mg tablets of b-17 to present but thinking to go back to 9gms x 2 weekly.

    I try to avoid the antioxidants on days I do ozone or hyperbaric until later in afternoon hours after the pro oxygen treatments. Perhaps you could suggest adds or deletes that might make this more effective? I also exercise about 30 min daily a rebounder, step ups, lunges and squats, push ups, planks and some yoga stretching.

    1. Dear Richard,

      I will response asap, probably in a few days when I am back home.
      Before that, in order for me and others to be able to give you a feedback and come up with other ideas, it would help if you can explain what is the strategy that you are intending to go for, and connect the supplements and drugs you are using with that strategy. (I can imagine that some of them will be in line with the strategy, and others will just be added not necessarily because of the strategy you chose but because you expect they may contribute in a different way.)
      It doesn’t have to be a long explanation but a summary would help. Thank you.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel
        Thanks for the reply. Ok well after going in circles and doing everything I could only to see done encouraging results we reverted to going down fast again.

        I get MDS is bad hematopoietic stem cells. I get sone things attack stem cells (high dose vit C and ALA) or curcumin as examples. But mostly it’s seems things that kill cancer don’t always kill stem cells. I’m not sure if MDS presents mini tumors in the marrow or not?
        I don’t know if my damaged stem cells have modified energy requirements or sources like conventional cancer cells that form tumors.
        I get that THC and /or CBD kills cancer and stem cells but no idea the mechanism. I added it also using RSO at now 1gm or about 400mg thc abd 400mg CBD just bow switching to 1gm of 750mg thc and 150mg CBD.

        If I keep on hyperbaric and ozone uvbi to try to stay infecting and virus free I thought I could keep stacking items that worked together like adding Mitaki 10:1 to help with mitochondria,green tea, maybe HD vit C and ALA or DCA, maybe pqq or Quercetin. Also been using d beta glucan for 5 months at high dose 2x normal.

        The concept is focus on things that work on damaged stem cells or expose them and motivate my T and NK cells to help?

        Can be mixing oxidative ozone, vit C, hyperbaric oxy
        With things that attack metabolic pathways. Hence panacur and Cimetidine. Or others like gluconate. I’ve also added essiac tea but no idea about how herbs work or risk with supplements or drugs.

        I’m also ready to try another protocol using Atorvastatin and dipyridamole but have been trying to get my cholesterol up from 120 total as they suggest 40mg Atorvastatin 2x a day with 75mg dipyridamole

        And anti oxidants on other days but currently only using vitamins, NAC, 50,000 Vit D, Vit E, A and B-15, K2.

        1. Hi Richard,
          I can appreciate how MDS differs from other cancers in that most of the cells it creates go through early apoptosis, so you are left trying to kill the stem cells or restore their normal function.
          I noticed you are taking vitamin K, so you must have seen some of the research on it. Are you taking 45mg of the MK-4 form of the vitamin? I ask because that was the dose and form I saw used in studies. Here is a summary with some of the specific studies following:
          I had some additional thoughts, but it is getting late here, so I will post again tomorrow.

        2. Hi Richard,
          I hope this message finds you well. Would you mind sharing what your WBC and RBC metrics look like? Are you taking any chemo or other meds prescribed by an oncologist?
          You had asked about metabolic targets in MDS, I found a couple of articles indicating that oxidative phosphorylation and protein synthesis may be particularly important, but I didn’t do a deep dive, so there may be others.
          Something else to be aware of is that MDS is associated with epigenetic changes driven by methylation. I noticed that one of your supplements is called “Methyl protect B complex”; you may have researched more than me, is this something there is evidence for as helpful? If not please consider the following articles:
          https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2848959/, https://ashpublications.org/blood/article/126/23/1646/134701/Myelodysplastic-Syndrome-Patients-Show-Mutation, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23507481.
          You may also find this article interesting, it is a review of the use of vitamin D analogs in MDS and AML (see table 1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4575580/, in many of the studies vitamin A compounds were also used. Anyhow, it may help establish the best dosing if you haven’t done that already.
          I think one of the challenges I have when looking at your supplements is how and when you are using each. I see a lot of tactics that are oxidative and some that are strong antioxidants, such as NAC, how exactly are you spacing them out from each other?
          I found this indicating that antioxidants may play a role in restoring functional cells in MDS: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10654448. This leaves me questioning if the focus shouldn’t be more primarily on high dose A, D, and K (or their analogs) and some of the antioxidants (NAC, Curcumin, vitamin e), especially since the pathogenesis of MDS seems very much driven by reactive oxygen species (ROS): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22117997. I am not sure how vulnerable the MDS hematopoietic stem cells are to excessive oxidation as a kill strategy, but this would be important to investigate. Unlike other tumor types in which the daughter cancer cells are forced into apoptosis by excess ROS, the daughter cells in MDS readily apoptose. Since MDS involves high production of cells that are short-lived and prone to damage and apoptosis, I wonder if the ozone/IVC and other oxidative therapies tend to lower your counts? Clearly, I’m not an expert in MDS, but these are some of the questions I would be asking in coming up with a plan.
          I think the immune-modulating supplements/meds make sense: mushrooms, beta-glucan, DHEA, cimetidine, as do the Graviola and CBD/THC. My opinion of essiac and B17 is that they probably don’t do much but won’t hurt either.
          I work with some doctors who are very knowledgeable with regards to cancer and supplements/medications and will ask them if there is anything, in particular, they have seen good results with for MDS.
          Warmly, Shanti

          1. Hi Shanti
            The last CBC was 10/9 and showed
            Wbc at 1.1 normal range 4-10.4
            RBC 2.89 normal 3.9-5.7
            Hemoglobin 9.7
            MCV 97.4
            RDW% 21.8
            Platelets 53
            Manual differential test
            Neutrophils % 23 (range 37-80)
            Lymphocytes 57 (range 10-50)
            Monocytes % 19 (range 0-12)
            Bands 1%
            Absolute counts
            Neutrophil .26
            Segmented neutrophils .25
            Lymphocytes .63
            Monocytes abs .21
            Morphology wbc normal
            Met panel was pretty normal with these exceptions:
            Potassium high 5.6
            Bilirubin 1.5 mg/dL

            I’ve been doing ozone and UVBI to try to stay infection free. Also hyperbaric to keep Oxy levels up. I had tried 25 gms Vit C but had both lightheaded and dizzy so think I need to eat just before it. I’ve been aware that anti oxidant and oxyigen based treatments are counter productive at same time so I do ozone UVBI mon and Thur and hyperbaric Tuesday and Friday. Coffee enemas 2 weeks. Friday to Sunday is Femb. Tibbens protocol. And mon-Wednesday is Cimetidine and propranolol. Which sometimes will give me diarrhea.

            Rest of the time is RSO daily. Low dose A,k2, C, D3, daily vitamin.
            Frankly I can’t decide which approach is better oxidative or antioxidant. So next up was thinking doxy to help the mitaki with mitochondria interference. Dosing is difficult to determine especially with herbs.

            FYI the link to Vit D was another about NAC.
            Thanks for your help and advise.
            I want to try other things beside ozone and UVBI but they seem to insist that I need that to fight pathogens and not get sick. At $560 a weeek for ozone and UVBI I’m running out of money too.
            The methyl protect was clinic idea to protect my good HSC. But maybe it’s making it worse?

            We were just trying to figure out what was working last August when my WBC cane up to 1.9. And platelets to 130 and RBC to 9.9.
            We were doing so many things was unclear which helped.

            Thanks for your help and time.

            1. Hi Richard,
              Sorry for taking a while to respond, I have been traveling for work. I can see why you are concerned about your CBC numbers an infections.
              The use of papaya leaf to assist with platelets has been discussed elsewhere on this site, here are some links to its use for this purpose:
              My colleagues have experience with this one and often suggest it: https://www.amazon.com/Papaya-Leaf-Blood-Support-Formula/dp/B00MSSXXYC
              They also report a benefit of Shark Liver Oil in thrombocytopenia and leukopenia, but this is mostly in the context of radiation.
              Here is the study I intended to link to with the Vitamin A and Vitamin D analogues used at varying doses (Table 1): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3504264/. Based on this data and the data on high dose K (45mg MK-4/day) in an earlier post, finding the right combo of these nutrients with potential higher dosing seems worth investigating.
              Here is some interesting information on Black Raspberry and MDS: https://www.froedtert.com/stories/exploring-black-raspberries-natural-alternative-medicine
              Product: https://www.amazon.com/BerriHealths-Authentic-Black-Raspberry-Powder/dp/B007G1KAD8/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=black+raspberry&qid=1571951187&sr=8-4
              Note that the mechanism of action is thought to be as a HYPOmethylating agent, another indication that a methylation formula may not be advisable.
              Finally, I am not sure if you have received transfusions or will be doing so, but here is a study showing that those who received iron chelation while undergoing transfusion for MDS had an average survival of 10.2 years compared to 3.1 years for those who did not receive iron chelation. A HUGE difference, and one that i
              Adequate iron chelation therapy for at least six months improves survival in transfusion-dependent patients with lower risk myelodysplastic syndromes. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24661630
              Here is another study that also shows AML free survival with chelation: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25516455. If you haven’t checked ferritin, TIBC, UIBC and %sat, I think it would be worth monitoring to stay in the lower end of the range. To me, this point to ROS and genetic damage as part of the progression since iron is so highly reactive and oxidizing. Here is an article I found indicating just this: https://ashpublications.org/blood/article/128/22/5532/99923/Oxidative-Stress-Levels-Are-Correlated-with
              My plane is landing, so I will sign off here,

  40. Hi Richard,

    Fasting is always a good option, while you work on a supplement plan. When Thomas Seyfried was asked “what would be the first thing you’d do if you were told you had cancer” he responded: “I’d stop eating”!

    CURCUMIN: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30747066
    I like curcumin as an anticancer compound, the only problem is can you get the CU to reach the cancer cells. CU is poorly absorbed, unstable, short half-life, etc. So in order for CU to do its magic, I think your best bet is to get the best supplement on the market and take an adequate dose(500mgx3 is probably too low a dose). From what I’ve read TetraCumin seems a good option. There are other formulas, like the C3 Complex.

    From the above-mentioned study, you could try to enhance the effect of CU: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28323035
    Maybe with sulforaphane, ursolic acid, and/or berberine.

    You’re taking Maitake, adding ascorbic acid may enhance it: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1534735416644674

    Personally I don’t like Essiac, in breast cancer, it was found to stimulate cancer growth:
    I realize this is a study on a different type of cancer, but still there doesn’t seem to be much in the scientific literature to support the claims.

    Vitamin E: not sure why you’d want to use it.

    Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)
    could be a useful strategy for your type of cancer in combination with PARP inhibition ( but please check though!!)

    Here are some Natural PARP inhibitors:

    Puerarin Sources: Kudzu Root Extract
    Chlorogenic acid Sources: Green coffee bean extract
    Biochanin Sources: Red clover
    Phloretin Sources: Manchurian apricot (Prunus mandshurica)
    Hesperetin http://nutrition.merschat.com/foods-by-nutrient.cgi?Nutr_No=759
    Quercetin capers, onions, unsweetened dark chocolate(85% cocoa), more
    Niacinamide Available as a supplement
    Naringin: citrus fruit, bergamot, sour orange, tart cherries, tomatoes, cocoa, oregano, oil of oregano, water mint, Drynaria and beans

    Hope this helps
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Johan,
      I think vitamin E keeps coming up because it was used as part of Tippins protocol, and people are trying replicate his success by doing exactly what he did. Joe Tippins used mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols. I also have mixed feelings and reservations about vitamin E, but it may have benefits in the protocol as discussed by Daniel here: https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/fenbendazole/. Would be curious to hear your thoughts on its use after considering its inclusion in Tippins.

      1. Hi Shanti,
        I think regardless of the synergistic effect with Fenbendazole, it could do what many studies have shown i.e. vit E can accelerate cancer growth. There must be other less risky compounds that could enhance the anticancer effect of Fenbendazole.

      2. Hi Shanti,

        I looked into Joe Tippens protocol, and if people are trying to copy his success they also should know he was on a clinical trial (pembrolizumab) when doing the protocol. Makes the case of using Vit E in his protocol that much weaker.

        What strikes me is that in one interview he acknowledged he was on a clinical trial but didn’t want to inform what treatment it was. Why would you want to hide that information?


        1. Hi Johan,
          Good detective work! Joe doesn’t disclose on his condensed blog what the trial drug was, but if it was pembrolizumab, it can’t be assumed that his response wasn’t to the trial drug, or perhaps a combo of the drug plus his protocol.
          SCLC and Pembrolizumab: “The ORR was 19% (95% CI: 11, 29); the complete response rate was 2%. Responses were durable for 6 months or longer in 94%, 12 months or longer in 63%, and 18 months or longer in 56% of the 16 responding patients.”

        2. Hi Johan, Do we know for sure the drug he was on was Keytruda? It seems to be generally posted in forums, but did you find a reliable source for that info? I tend to think it is true but it would be great to verify it 100%.

  41. Dear daniel and all,
    How are you? Hope all is well!

    Regarding the use of honokiol (magnolia extract),
    I saw it is recommended in many threads in this blog (~3 gr/ day, spread through the day).

    Also, found this article, reporting a clear synergetic effect of honokiol+temozolomide (TMZ) on glioma cells and even on TMZ resistant glioma cells:
    “Improved effects of honokiol on temozolomide-induced autophagy and apoptosis of drug-sensitive and -tolerant glioma cells”

    My question is:
    Of course we prefer to try and get such a synergetic effect of honokiol+TMZ, but we worry about possible conflicting with the chemotherapy (TMZ), since as much as I understand honokiol is an antioxidant?
    remark – generally my brother stop all supplements ~3 days before starting each chemotherapy cycle (TMZ + CCNU) and gradually start again ~3 days after last day of cycle.

    I would appreciate your opinion about such possible conflict of honokiol with either TMZ or CCNU?

    Many thanks and best wishes to all!

    1. Dear Nissim,

      First, I apologise for not finding yet the time to reply to your very kind and helpful last e-mail. I will look carefully in the report you send to me and will come back asap on that. I am acting on multiple directions at the same time (including working on starting up the supplement company) and time goes so fast … Thanks for understanding.
      Regarding your question, I will also need to look deeper into the science of Honokiol (actually to look back at my notes on that), and will let you know what I would do based on that.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Daniel,
        Thank you so much as always!
        All is well, I understand the time limitations and wait…
        I always ask myself how do you manage to give attantion to all of us… 🙂

        Best wishes and good luck to you,
        your success is ours as well!

        Regards, Nissim

        1. Dear Nissim,

          I am fine, thank you! I hope you and your brother are well!

          Some years ago, it has been argued by dr. Eliaz that Honokiol has anti-oxidant properties in normal cells and pro-oxidant properties in cancer cells. Indeed, there are recent studies indicating that Honokiol is a mitochondria inhibitor that can trigger the generation of ROS in cancer cells https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6137433/?report=classic

          Therefore, based on previous statements and literature, I would put Honokiol in the same category as many other plant extract including Curcumin and I would not be worried about their combination with conventional treatments.

          Furthermore, in general, when it comes to anti-oxidants, I see two major categories: strong antioxidants (such as ALA, NAC, Gluthathiole and possibly some Vitamins) and weak antioxidants (various plant extracts). The first category I would never combine with chemo, and would wait about 7 days after chemo until adding them. With the second category I would be more flexible: if a specific compound is known to work well with chemo, I would consider it’s addition even the same day, otherwise I would wait a few days (2-3) days after chemo until it’s introduction.

          When chemo is used continuously, often the questions is how to introduce the second category (in this case, the first antioxidant category I would not introduce).
          Based on the literature and my feeling, if I would take TMZ continuously and would like to add Honokiol, the best in my view would be to use Honokiol one week ON in combo with TMZ and one week OFF.

          Kind regards,

          1. Dear Daniel,

            Thank you so much for the detailed answer (as always!). I will also look further into the link of this Honokiol study.

            My brother is having cycles of TMZ+CCNU chemo 6days every 42 days (1d CCNU + 5d TMZ + 36d off chemo).

            This raise another important question –
            1. What I am not sure is if after the chemo, the chemo is still active in the body in its basic mean of operation, for how long and in what degree? is it calculated based on half life time of each chemo?
            Does it affect our considerations related to antioxidants or other possible drug interactions? (do we have to wait for the chemo end of activation, or half life, or just the actual last day of chemo is the one that matters?)

            1a. As an opposite example, the Honokiol – if we do seek for simultaneous synergy with the TMZ chemo, might there still be some synergy also on the few next days/ hours after taking TMZ, since the TMZ still exist and active in the body?

            2. How does the above settle with blood counts – I know from practice and from package insert, that after taking CCNU, the blood counts reach its lowest value after ~5 weeks and only in the last week it (hopefully) raise back to some reasonable value.
            Does it mean that the CCNU is active for ~5 weeks or blood count change is only a byproduct of the basic operation of CCNU?

            Again, many thanks!

            Regards, Nissim

            1. Dear Nissim,

              I am travelling these days with very little time on computer and I have so many e-mail to address … so I will be as short as possible while trying to answer:

              1. When an anti cancer substances enters the cell and starts doing it’s job, the effect is there longer than the half life of that substances. Without more details due to time constrains, I’ve seen it in the case of my dear wife. For how long more than the half-life, I cannot estimate but at least several days.

              2. Beyond the direct anti cancer effects that may persist, there is also physical accumulation of various drugs in specific tissue that takes time for the body to remove. So if you need to understand more about the specific drug you have to look at tissue accumulation too. This is why it make make sense that a few weeks after chemo is stopped, a detox treatment may help.

              Kind regards,

    1. Dear Maxine,

      First, please read the summary of this website here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/summary-of-this-website/

      Next you may want to have a look here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/community/liver-cancer/ and read this comment specifically https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/community/liver-cancer/liver-cancer-♋️-last-stage-told-by-doctors/#post-1133

      You can also use the search function located at the top right of the page (as seen on desktop/laptop) and use as keywords “liver cancer” or “HCC”.

      If there are questions, please let me know.

      Kind regards,

  42. Hello, Daniel,
    For five years, I have noticed that oxidant therapies (chemo, artemisinin etc.) works for me. But it seems to be not so good, specially chemo. I would like to change and have antioxidant therapy. But move from one system to an other seems very perilous ; I hope that I can change when CA 125 will be very low or, of course, if it doesn’t work anymore with oxidation. An another idea ? I don’t understand how it is possible that the both ways can be successful against cancer. Do you think it depends on the stage of cancer ? Thank you.

  43. Hello,

    I would like to help out someone who is in desperate need of some money for basics like, food or meds.
    I don’t have much, but the little i do have i wish to share, this pandemic affected my small earnings too, still i wish to help someone who has NO earnings at all.
    As i have been helped, i must help out too.

    I wish you all the best of health, happy easter!

    Always thankful,

  44. Hi Daniel ,

    We are giving my mother liposomal vitamin C . Is it okay if we also give R lipoic acid on the same days but just change the time of giving the supplements.


    1. Hi Patricia,

      If the liposomal Vit C is given orally, I don’t think it can reach the levels to trigger pro-oxidant reactions. Therefore, using RLA with Vitamin C orally would be suitable. If on the other hand, Vit C is given intravenously in high dose (about 50g or more) I would give RAL some days latter but not during or immediately after high dose Vit C.

      Kind regards,

  45. What do you think about the cancer parasite cure Kerosene from back in the 1800s that has been suppressed. It was im the medical literature.
    I have used it for parasites after nothing else would work. I did a
    table spoon 2 times a day. I also mixed it with castor oil to put on the skin and it was effective.

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