Journals and other news sites:

Cancer Research, ScienceDaily, Nature, Medicalnewstoday, NHS UK, Oncology Central, Medicalxpress
German Cancer Center

Lymphoma News Today, Lung Cancer News Today, Prostate Cancer News Today

Cancer Immune Clinic – good updates on immunotheraphy related subjects – very good overview on immunotherapies

Drug Repurposing News

New Drugs:

Compassionate Use of Drugs – In certain circumstances, patients can have access to drugs not yet approved by FDA. This is called Expanded Access or Compassionate Use. Here you can read more about this process.

Clinical trials – a database for clinical trials


Association Cancer & Metabolism– and Dr. Laurent Schwartz
Association for Proton Cancer Research and Treatment
Collaborative Medicine and Research Foundation – lead by Dr. Dana Flavin (Facebook page)
Global Cures
Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research
Yu Foundation
Nagourney Cancer Institute
Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy –
Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information
My Tomorrows
Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer


Compounding Pharmacies: Burg Apotheke, Uniqsana (former CuraFaktur), Dr. Miller, MierloHoud, Viktoria Apotheke
German Pharmacies: All, Schlossapo, Bodfeld-apotheke, Medipolis, Eurapon

Diagnostic procedures:

Edema diagnosis: – a good diagnostic tool to identify the possible origin of edema in patients
Blood Work Values:

Conventional Treatment Methods

Medscape Oncology:



Treatment of Cancer Pain – recent paper (Oct 2016) by authors from University of Massachusetts Medical School, discussing most of the conventional options available and used to treat cancer pain. – a blog where people try cocktail of drugs on their own
Cryosurgery (Italy) –  Other Cryoablation locations may be found by contacting the equipment distributor RADistribution.
Integrative Medical Oncology – Pathophisiology and Treatment, José de Felippe Junior MD PhD

Drug related:

Drug Bank – great resource for info related to most drugs (including half life, targets, etc.)
Drug Interaction Checker – a tool to have a first check for the interaction between two or more drugs that a patient may intend to use at the same time
Equivalent Surface Area Dosage Conversion Factors – a document indicating how to convert e.g. mg/kg to mg/m2
Drugs That May Cause or Exacerbate Heart Failure
A simple practice guide for dose conversion between animals and human
Virtual calculator for dosage conversion between the animal species

Blood Tests:

Analyse your vitamin D level:
Ordering blood tests online (US):
Ordering blood tests online (US):

Science related links:

Catalogue of somatic mutations in cancer (COSMIC) –
Endocrinology Review from Boston Medical School –
“All” about cellular transporters
High level composition of blood
The human Protein Atlas
Human Oral Microbiome Database (HOMD) – comprehensive information o­n the approximately 700 prokaryote species that are present in the human oral cavity
Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas
Atlas of Cancer Signalling Network
Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
Metabolic Pathways Map at Roche
Cellular and Molecular Pathways at Roche:
Free medical images
Clue Repurposing
An article discussing various available sources of data (Ref.)
Cancer Pathways

Other relevant links: – Making Liposomal Vitamin C
An attempt to wake up the medical community to accept research done in the last 100 years proving that electromagnetic energy can replace brutal chemotherapy –
The Cancer Atlas –

Cancer Patients Blogs, from whom we all can learn:

Claire (UK) – Clair and her husband, a great couple from UK living and sharing their life and treatments while fighting triple negative breast cancer. Treatment approach is mainly around TACE at Prof. Vogl and DC vaccines at Dr. Nesselhut in Germany.

Aasmund (Norway) – Aasmund, a nice and wise man from Norway, fighting successfully and aggressive type of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He is mainly using metabolic treatments, including DCA and Ketogenic Diet.

BisforBananasCisforCancer – Rona Magnay, a very kind lady dealing with breast cancer, build a very nice website offering helpful information on subjects such as treatments at German clinics. Her posts go back to 2012.

Tom Marsilje (USA, San Diego) – A cancer researcher at Novartis diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age ~40. Now (2017), he is 44 years old and is fighting stage IV that has spread to the lungs and liver. He offers great amount of information, purely from a conventional medicine point of view, and fast answering questions on his blog from other patients or care givers. A great source of knowledge on conventional treatment methods.

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