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If you are searching for a clinic offering Local Hyperthermia in Germany, here is a list with all the clinics owning an Oncotherm unit: link
And here you can check clinics owning Oncotherm unit in other countries as well

Next to that, here are some clinics that are offering “alternative” cancer treatments:

United statesDayspring Cancer Clinic
Comments: I very much appreciate the doctor. Comprehensive treatment around 3BP. Adding various other treatments to increase effectiveness in case sensitivity of specific cancer is not there or is limited. I recommend this clinic.

US & Mexico: Dr. Jason Willaims 
CommentsJason R. Williams, MD is a board certified Radiologist who specializes in the diagnosis of conditions using imaging technology. With such technology, he can deliver treatments locally via methods such as TACE and intra-tumoral injection via CT and Ultrasound guidance. Next to that, Jason’s main work seems to be focused on cryoablation combined with immune check point inhibitors (e.g. Yervoy, Opdivo and Keytruda). Part of the team who at the end of last year made the news around the world with a great success. Using Salinomycin and 3BP, administrated during one month, the team succeeded to cure a stage IV lung cancer patient who was not responding to conventional methods.
Note: this option seems to be very expensive.

Germany: Dr. med. Nils H. Thoennissen, Klinik Kloster Paradiese, Stiftsfeld 1, 59494 Soest Telefon: 02921 36 100-65
Comments: I do not know the clinic personally but I heard good things about them in terms of care towards the patient and positive results.

Germany: Kilarski, Schumannstr 48, D-48431 Rheine, Germany
Tel +495971 984 606, Fax.+495971 984607,, Mail : [email protected]
Comments: A mid-size alternative cancer treatment clinic located near the border with the Netherlands offering various treatments IV next to local and whole body hypherthermia. The doctor has been working in a conventional hospital for decades and has good connections to the hospital nearby, if needed.
For chemosensitivity tests, they are working with Metavectum.

Germany: Prof. Joachim Drevs, Unifontis, Clinic for Integrative Oncology, Hoppe-Seyler-Str. 6, €¨72076 T¼bingen, Germany
Comments: A large cancer treatment clinic lead by a very good doctor. Very interesting combination of unique theraphies including Diflunisal. The stay is like a holiday but the costs are high.
For chemosensitivity tests, they are working with RGCC.

Germany: Prof Nesselhut, Hinterstr. 53 37115 Duderstadt
Comments: A well known private clinic on immunotherapies.

Germany: IOZK
Comments: A large Immunotheraphy treatment center located in Koln, Germany
Administrating immunotheraphies including Dendritic Cells, New Castle, etc.

Germany: Dr. med. Gerhard Siebenhuner,
Comments: A mid to large size alternative cancer treatment clinic located in Frankfurt. The strong point of this clinic is the extensive knowledge and network of the doctor combined with innovative treatment methods not necessarily advertised on their home page, combined with local and whole body hypherthermia, and all the typical IV traetments including Insulin Potentiating Therapy. Good but expensive.

Germany: Dr. med. Huseyin Sahinbas
Comments: expert in combining hyperthermia (local and whole body) with chemotherapy and radiation for increased effectiveness of conventional treatments. Next to that, they are offering various IV treatments including Curcumin, Vitamin C, etc.
For chemosensitivity tests, they are working with RGCC.

Mexico: San Diego Clinic
Comments: Interesting list of treatments including Dendritic Cells