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The message below was written during September 2019:

Short intro:

I am a nearly 40 years old man, PhD in physics and I live in the Netherlands. Due to reasons discussed here, my research focus is on understanding cancer related mechanism, drugs and supplements to modulate that, and how those can be applied alone or in combination with conventional treatments to increase the chance of a successful outcome. Nearly every day I work on improving my knowledge by researching the conventional and alternative space and communicating with scientists, medical doctors and patients from around the world. So far I spent thousands of hours in this space and I intend to continue that. My focus is on advanced cancers.

My goal is to help cancer patients improve and extend their life, to the best of my knowledge. If your goal is the same and would like to contact me regarding that please let me know. I am always glad to consider potential collaborations on this line.

With this Blog, I intend to bring actionable knowledge to the visitors of this website. What is unique about this website is that nearly every treatment discussed

  • is strongly backed up by scientific references, nearly every statement (not just beliefs)
  • includes references to successful applications in humans published in scientific journals (not only anecdotes)
  • includes information on how to access the treatment and how to apply it (not just a story but actionable information)

Next to this, there is a great community of cancer patients and caregivers sharing their knowledge and views. Sometimes scientists are joining the discussion and sometimes even medical doctors (with the enclosed Disclaimer).

And all it’s free!

As you will see from this website, I believe that there are multiple ways to fight cancer. Some may include conventional treatments and others may include alternative treatments. I do not have any bias towards any of these treatments whether they are synthetic or natural, alternative or conventional, oral or intravenous, anti-oxidants or pro-oxidants, and so on … What is important is that there is enough evidence and that the various substances are applied in a coherent manner, so that they work together and not against each other, so that we can achieve the goal to improve and extend life.

Communicating with me by e-mail and Skype:

I often respond online. However, if you like to contact me by e-mail regarding questions related to cancer treatments, for you or for a loved one, please consider the following:
For the past 5 years, I helped everyone who asked my help, and I always did that for free. I even stopped my normal job in order to help others. I spent most of my days researching and answering e-mails and calls, while I could chose to spend it like most of the people do, with friends, family and a normal job. I do that with pleasure and passion as I know that helps people. However, working for free is not sustainable.

I hoped donations would help, but the reality is that even if this website has more than 300.000 visitors/year, and I answer hundreds of questions/year, the donations I receive every year are just enough to cover the costs related to the maintenance of this website and addressing the technical challenges that often come with it. This made me realised that while I help people in need, I can not rely on receiving help back. This is probably normal in this world when most content over the internet is free. Therefore, next to helping you by creating and sharing free and actionable content, and answering your questions, I need to find a way to do this in a financially sustainable way. Otherwise, my savings will be gone in less than a year (I am writing this during September 2019) and will have to move back to a normal job and slow down or even stop my actions in trying to help others.

With the hope and goal to insure my financial freedom and be able to help much more cancer patients, I intend to have a supplement company started in a few months (I discussed that earlier here). In order to have time for this, but also be able to continue adding content on this website, I will reduce my communication with cancer patients during the next months.

Therefore, if you intend to contact me:

  • please first use the search function on this website to see if that point was already addressed (also check the Forum)
  • please consider asking your question on the website (at the bottom of any post that I wrote) or you can create your own topic on the Forum – in this way other contributors on this website will also be able to respond, and the online discussion will help reduce the chance receiving this question again

If your question is short but you can not ask it on the website due to personal reasons, you can send me an e-mail and I will do my best to reply as soon as I can.

If your question is more extensive and if requires hours of my time it would be fair that you would consider making a donation in advance. That will show me that you value my time and my response, and that you care about the sustainability of my activities in oncology. Naturally, that will also motivate me to put a higher priority on a specific request.

Of course, even if you don’t make a donation I will try to respond.

Actually, as I was struggling with answering all the questions on e-mail and not being able to make steps forward towards the sustainability of my activities in oncology, a few days ago I decided to propose on this page a Coaching structure and related fees as it is done by all coaches and experts in the oncology field. But I just removed all that now, as I don’t feel asking for coaching fees resonates with me. I know your pain going through these challenges and so it will be up to you to decide if you like to donate or not.

Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards,
My primary e-mail address is: cancertreatmentsresearch (at)

Please read the following Disclaimer before contacting me as it applies to any further discussion. If you contact me, it implies that you read, understood and agree with the Discalimer.

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Hope all is well. Do you by any chance have details of any patients who have used or have been using 3-BP in India. My father has been diagnosed with Oral Cancer SCC on tongue last year and it has spread to the lymph nodes in the neck now. The doctors have suggested Radiation therapy along with Chemo. I’ve read about 3-BP on couple of forums and some research papers documenting the usage of 3-BP in humans and I am excited about exploring it as alternate treatment.
    It would be great if you can share any details that you might have about 3-BP patients, so I can contact them about the treatment options.


  2. Just wondering if you have any recommendations or protocols for Neuroblastoma a family friend has been given under a year to live and the doctors say nothing more they can do to help.

    1. Dear Darren, I am sorry to hear that. You can use the serch option on this page to serach for Neuroblastoma related subjects and you will find a few specific points. However, many of the potential treatments discussed here are not specific so they may be relevant even if not specifically discuses in the context of Neuroblasoma. Next to that you may want to have a look at these posts:
      – POH:
      – Dendritic cells and NDV:
      – ECCT:
      – Scorpion Venom
      – Salinomycin
      – Glutamine deprivation with e.g. PhenylButyrate
      – Ketogenic Diet
      – Taurolidine, an IV treatment available at German clinics
      – DCA (to be discussed here asap)
      All of the above may be relevant.

  3. Hello, I recently asked a question about GcMAF and Rerum. You mentioned something about the chondroitin that was a concern in advanced prostate cancer (or all prostate cancer). I can’t find that comment. Can you please respond what your concern is? I am interested in using the Rerum for my husband who has advanced prostate cancer (bone mets). Dollar for dollar, where is money best spent in the possibility of Rerum or the Methyglyoxal? Have you been able to connect with Dr. Ruggiero to discuss the issue of the chondroitin?
    Thank you very much for your time.

  4. Hi Cathy. You posted your question here and on the same page you had my answer with the related concern. Next to that, you may want to read this recent post on Hyaluronic Acid In this post I did touched a bit Rerum as well. Based on the knowledge I have so far, I would use Rerum only in very early stage or to avoid recurrence. In advanced stages, I would stay away from products that may lead to increase of hyaluronyc acid production, which is the case for Chondroitin Sulfate (which is an ingredient in Rerum). Since you are asking me to compare the two, here is what I know today:

    – clear since to support its anti cancer activity, even a Nobel Prize winner intensively publishing on that
    – long history as anti cancer solution
    – available to everyone as raw material, not a product developed and sold by a specific company, so no marketing behind
    – anecdotal reports and more importantly clinical trials results are available indicating (high) anti cancer effectiveness in late stage patients

    – debatable anti cancer activity of Chondroitin (from Rerum), from a scientific point of view there are pros and cons why to use and why not (see
    – short history as anti cancer solution (is it actually promoted as an anti cancer solution or just immune stimulator?)
    – one company product with serious marketing behind, very expensive – if we really want to use it we can also buy and administer the ingredients (chondroitin, oleic acid, vitamin D3 and vitamin D2) separately and with this get a lower total cost
    – no clinical trials and not yet anecdotal reports

    Based on the above assessment, if I would look at prevention of recurrence I may consider Rerum, but if I would deal with late stage for of cancer I would avoid that while seriously considering Methylglyoxal option.
    I did not contact Dr. Ruggiero as I do not have the time. I heard only good things about him and I do not want to associate the above with him. I am just connecting the evidence available. I hope this helps Cathy.

  5. Hi, my father 66 years old is having a second relapse of Hodgkins Lymphoma. He previously suffered from Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1997 and 2004 and after chemotheraphy and radiation the disease was in remission between 1997 and 2004, and 2004 and 2016.

    He has several metabolically active lymphnodes in his body. Since the latest diagnosis in June 2016, he has received two rounds of chemotherapy and the doctors now believe that his body is not responding to chemotherapy. Is this something that could be potentially treated by high dose Vitamin C?

    I would really appreciate if we could get some advice on this and get him started on the treatment asap.

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      I am sorry to hear about your father. I hope he will get well soon.
      I cannot advice what treatments you should do but I can give you some examples: There are multiple options like chemo + see my post on how to make that effective, Salinomycin, 3BP, Diflunisal, Immunotheraphy, etc.
      The point is that due to lower response rate, Vit C to me is a supportive treatment. Next to that you need a treatment with higher chance of success such as those mentioned above.
      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hi Daniel

    My father in law, aged 74, has been diagnosed with StageIV Gastric cancer (adenocarcinoma with peritoneal metastasis).

    The oncologists responsible have suggested to start chemotherapy under FOLFOX protocol which we did yesterday as they pointed out that we shouldn’t lose time without chemo.

    The last few weeks we have been searching over the internet for alternative treatments that may be beneficial to our situation. We came across therapies via Gcmaf, 2nd Generation Gcmaf, Rerum, Cannabis oil etc. To say the least we are confused to what we should follow.

    We do not object to any method of treatment (alternative and / or conventional) if it is going to be beneficial to our case. I would greatly appreciate it if you could please advise us based on your experience and knowledge which could be the best option to consider (provided we already started chemo) and what other treatments we should look into.

    Thanking you in advance


    1. hi Marios,

      some thoughts…

      Antimetabolic therapy (ketogenic diet, metformin, DCA, glucose inhibitors etc) + chemo is effective for many people – i would do both at the same time. Above you can find good summaries from Daniel under “treatments”. As its stage 4 i would consider full body hyperthermia if its accessible for you. Be aware that most alternative or out-of-paradigm pages – unlike this one- are selling products and therefore are not interested in giving you the full picture.

      as to colon cancer specifically, wheat extract Avermar works against colon cancer cells according to some studies. It is inexpensive and can be taken with chemo. Even hardcore oncologists accept that it helps well-being during chemo and radiation as it reduces some side effects.

      1. Hi Wondering,

        Thank you for your thoughts and comments! I appreciate the time you put down to give me any of your views!

        These suggestions are part of your own experience or research? I apologies for these questions but i just try to get a grib of all these information given and evaluate them as best that i can.

        Thank you


        1. hey Marios,

          I have cancer, hence my interest – I understand your confusion because of the overload of information. It can be difficult to find out what is mainly business and what works indeed.

          each cancer is different and there are so many options… pages like this can help your father in law a lot. I also recommend searching on ncbi. You can search for colon cancer studies, this one considers DCA as a potentially useful therapy:

          My mother had stage 2 gastric cancer, recovered fully with chemo + radiation + Avemar. I dont know how much the latter helped but she thought Avemar reduced the side effects during the treatment.

            1. I greatly hope your overcome cancer as soon as possible. All my best wishes to you.

              I thank you of your input

      1. Dear Daniel,

        Hope you are well.

        Just a small note to kindly request again for your feedback/advise on my father’s in law case (see post at May 16, 2017 at 8:29 am)

        Thank you


  7. Hi Daniel &community,

    First thank you for all of the information contained by these amazing pages.
    I would like to ask you for guidance for the following disease:
    04/2015 age 45 After breast ultrasound and mammography exams, due to a suspect solid tumor, drs proceeded to right breast excision of a 0,4/05 cm complex tumor consists of tubular adenosis with a very small area of tubular adenocarcinoma with necrosis in central part of the tumor , with microglandular adenosis and elastosis .
    stage 1 grade 1
    er 90%
    her2 neg
    ki65 3-5%
    p63 negative in mioepitelial ‘ carcinom tumour cells but positive in normal duct cells
    negative limph nodes (I+II)
    Partial breast radiotherapy 06-08/2017
    Doctors prescribed SERM tamoxifen
    After searching the medical studies and also NCCN’s protocol for tubular breast cancer histology i decided to not started with tamoxifen. Also a secondary reason was the uterine fibrosis diagnostic ( i had regular pelvic ultrasounds exams)
    Strated with betaDglucans+ acid betulinic supplement: Chaga + vitc +liver supplement
    q10 alternative with
    nigella sativa oil
    diet (reduce animal protein intake+ synthetic carbohydrate )
    i noticed about drug re purposing, but not started yet: i have in mind :mebendazole, omeprazole, cimetidine, doxiciclyne

    My questions are: do you know if are some supplements that can reduce the body produced estrogen and xeno-estrogen intake?
    regarding the early stage & favorable histology your recommendation in terms of frequency of supplements usage? continuously or having some intervals without (by ex metformin i am taking it 2 months and 2 months pause).
    other suggestion in terms of how can i plan an overall and long term strategy for minimizing the relapse possibility.

    Many thanks,

  8. Hi Daniel,

    My crew (focusing on my dad Terry Millar, diagnosed w stage IV pancreatic cancer Oct of this year) has just found your site. We are blown away by what you have done here. I am sure I’ll be getting in touch with questions and also with some suggestions, but the first thing I wanted to do was send you our gratitude.

    When I read about your wife I cried. I am sorry.

    1. Dear jmillar,

      Thank you so much for your msg of appreciation. I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Unfortunately, cancer became such a common disease … Just let me know if there are questions, and if it is something personal you can also send me an e-mail.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hello Daniel,

    Came across your website accidentally this week as I was studying about cancer treatments. Congrats on what you´ve done here. I totally relate to your story since my mother and father have been fighting stage iv breast and prostate cancer. Since 2014 I ve been studying a lot to help them as you did with your family. Would it be possible to send me that material on breast cancer you mentioned above?
    I would like to know your opinion also on this subject .My mother had her blood tested in the Greek liquid biopsy and among others her case showed sensibility to Vit C and Artesunate. So we began a Vit C protocol along with phospoethanolamine( chierice´s formula). At start ,10g and each session growing up to 50 g. 2x/week. Started in august and by the end of september her pleural edema that was very small got bigger, as did her lung metas. I felt insecure about vit C and changed the protocol for chemo with Capecitabine , IV ozonetherapy and a combination of chierice´s phospho and Dr Nieper´s supplements protocol (Ca , Mg AEPs, Ca orotate, Squalene,Membrane complex, Digestive enzymes , among others). I´m seriously thinking about starting dissulfiram +zync or DCA. Could you give your view on this options ? Another strategy you can advise? Do you think is worthy trying VIt C again with Capecitabine?
    I´m still getting acquainted with the site and trying to read as much as possible .
    Thanks so much

    1. Dear Marcio,

      Thank you for your comment. First, I will now send the report to your e-mail and when I will have the time I will respond to the other questions. If I forget please remind me.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Marcio!

      Vitamin C has been a large revelation to me in 2017.

      lullabyman pointed me to the original research from the 1970s.
      From what I understand now, prolonged iv dosing (i.e. perhaps 10 hours per day of roughly 1 gram per hour) should have
      a large therapeutic effect. Did you dose at roughly 1 gram per minute? I would be very very interested to see what would happen with slow dosing.

  10. Dear Daniel,
    I was looking for alternative treatment and found your webside. Very informative, I really appriciate what are you doing.
    I have my spouse with non small cancer stage 4 metastatic to brain. Chemo, radiation and Opdivo done. Right now he is getting immunotherapy drug TECENTRIQ® (atezolizumab), but seems it is not working as well. He is in pain and I really want to start 3BP, DCA ASAP. I read books about metabolic approach to cancer (Christofferson, Seyfried) and my spouse has started ketodiet. I have limited financial ability, and I couldn’t afford to go to clinics. Could you please guide me from where I have to start? Do you have data about safety when administrating 3BP and DCA to patients with brain mets? Time is critial for us and I would really appriciate if you could help me. God bless you, Nika ([email protected])

    1. Dear Nika,

      I am sorry. Please take care with these immuno therapies in terms of side effects. At German clinics anti PDL1/PD1 are used at a monthly dose 6x lower compared to the recommended one in order to lower the side effects – and they claim the effectiveness remains the same, when that is effective. I can do my best to help you by sharing what I know but please note that everything comes with the Disclaimer from this website. I have no data in terms of safety other than that shared on the post’s pages and the anecdotal info I have from own experience and other’s experience. You have to realize that when taking such route, you are walking on a path that is still new, not fully known and as a results it has it’s own potential but also own dangers. If you understand these points and agree, and still want to explore them, I will do my best to share what I know as I understand the pain of not having other options. If you like you can send me an e-mail with your Skype or FB account ID and availability + location (to know the time difference). I could find time tomorrow or maybe in the weekend. Also, please read in advance the posts I wrote on the substances you are interested in. Thank you.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Nika. I received your e-mail but could not find anyone on Skype with the ID you gave me. Please check your e-mail – you have my ID and will be available to speak today. Kind regards, Daniel

  11. HI Daniel

    In Sep 2018 had a undifferentiated pleomorphic liposarcoma removed from my bicep (had previously removed 6 xs from a GP who had incorrectly diagnose as Lipoma Cyst for 2 1/2 years beforehand).
    I had clear margins after wide resection.
    I declined chemo and radiation.
    My diet has changed drastically but I have recently learnt the UPS uses nucleotide metabolism.
    How does my diet now need to be addressed – do I still starve any potential cancer cells of sugar. I am mostly vegan (sometimes do a slice of cheese and have health bread that may have an egg in it)
    I juice 2lts of vege juice a day
    I add the following to my diet:
    Super greens including spirulina/ wheatgrass/ barley/ broccoli
    Artemisian (parasite mix with cloves)
    Milk thistle
    Immune System booster tablets
    THC edibles – upto 50mg a day
    RSO oil
    Blackseed cumin oil

    Please advise what else I can be doing to ensure a return of homeostasis to the body – I also lost a lot of weight and am trying to rebuild – please guide what is best here
    I do crossfit
    I would like to prevent possible distant metastasis or even a recurrence.
    If there is no present tumour in a persons body are there still drugs that would be recommended as precaution

    Thank you for been so gracious in giving me the opportunity to ask my questions

    1. Dear Lee,

      Thank you for your comment. Your question relates to diet, supplements and drugs that could help to inhibit recurrence of tumors. Here I answered a similar type of question

      I am not an expert in diet but 2lts of juice/day could be a little too much?

      UPS seems to be an aggressive sarcoma – to be aggressive tumours require high amounts of glucose. So limiting that in the diet would be good. Metformin may also help as prevention in this case as it also limits the liver capability to generate glucose as discussed here

      Based on this study it may be that microtubule dynamics inhibitors can help. Two such inhibitors have been addressed on this website Mebendazole and Fenbendazole. For each, I wrote a specific post:
      Cycles of Griseofulvin may also help but it has some toxicity to the liver

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hi Daniel – I have been diagnosed for prostate cancer in the year January 2018 and it was Stage 4 involvement of lymph nodes – I have been on quarterly hormonal injections ( Lupron ) and daily 50 mg (Casodex ) since then and i have been following up my PSA regularly . recently my PSA has jumped up to 3.64 in the beginning of October this year . I want to opt for Fenben treatment protocol and if you can help me in guiding rightly that would be great – Basically on the protocol on how to take it etc etc and days off and days on . Anything to go along with it ? quantity to be taken daily etc etc – Best regards

    1. Dear habibisamarika,

      For Fenbendazole, administration please read this post it includes all the info you requested. As you will see, it is usually taken at a dose of 222mg/day (that is 1g granules/day of Panacur) 3 days ON and 4 days OFF.
      However, I would not rely on Fenbendazole alone. Instead, I would use Fenbendazole next to other treatment approach that can increase the chance of success. For more ideas on what else could be done please read the following:

      Kind regards,

    1. Dear AMorley,

      I see no reason why the two cannot be combined, and I think it may actually be a good idea.
      This is because the two drugs have different targets Griseofulvin has affinity for gamma-tubulin (Ref.) while Fenbendazole has affinity for beta-tubulin (Ref.).
      More about the role of different tubulin types can be found here while a good picture related to this can also be found here.

      Therefore, combining these two may be a good idea to increase the chance of reaching the goal, i.e. interfering with the microtubule dynamics and as a result tumor growth inhibition and possibly death.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  13. Hi there
    I’ve got the BRCA2 gene mutation. Long story short. Fighting breast cancer since 2010. Breast cancer metastasis to the bone (rib) and now to the liver. Estrogen and progesterone positive. Starting chemo next week. Also seeing a Dr about Vit C and oxygen infusions. Also very interested in the deworming product

    I’m desperate and would appreciate your help and input.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Julienne,

      What is the chemo you are going to start?
      What are other supplements and repurposed drugs you are using or planning to use other than Fenbendazole, Vit C and oxygen?

      Kind regards,

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