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Calculator for dose conversion from animal models to humans

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DoseCal: a virtual calculator for dosage conversion between human and different animal species

Context: The scientists as well as pharmacologists frequently convert the dose of drugs or extracts between human and different animal species. According to the literature, the extrapolation of the dose by simple conversion based only on body weight is not an accurate method. The miscalculation of dosage conversion may result in adverse effects due to overdose or reduced potency due to underdose.

Aim: To develop a conversion calculator with factual factor like Km factor.

Method: The virtual calculator was developed as a web-based application using hypertext pre-processor programming language. My SQL software was used to store the data related to DoseCal.

Results: Based on the Km factor, dose conversion calculator called DoseCal was developed. The DoseCal would provide the dosage for both per kg and actual weight of the animal taken for the experiment.

Conclusion: The DoseCal would assist scientists in the dosage conversion easily and accurately between species.

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that's a very useful tool!

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Hmm. I have liquid suspension. According to that calculator, I'd have to take 41.6 ml !!! That sounds wrong. Looking for dosing for 10% liquid suspension panacur for livestock conv for human. This suspension is 100 mg fenben per 1 ml liquid. Livestock dose is 2.5 ml per 50 kg except for certain horse ascarids where its double that dose.  I'm looking for dose for general deworming and also cancer treatment dosing (in case they are different).