MechanismIn this section you will find a collection of elements with high potential against cancer.I believe that in order to win this fight, we need to use multiple elements at the same time while making sure, as much as we can, that they are working together and not against each other, and if possible even in synergy with each other.

Metabolic targets
: One way to identify elements relevant for your own case is to simply look at the metabolism of the specifictumor. Is thetumorvisible on PET CT? The chance is very high, since most of the tumors are indeed visible. That means that one of the main mechanisms to produce energy for this tumor is via glycolisis, a process that converts glucose in energy (ATP) required for the main functions of the tumor cell, including the resistance totreatments and the fast division of the cells. Because glycolisis does not require oxygen, this is a process that ispreferred by those tumorswith notenough access to oxygen. The lactic acid produced by these tumors can than be used directly by other cancer cells as fuel as well. Otheroptions for tumors is to use gluthamine of fatty acids as a source of energy. Because cancer cells are more dependent on aerobic glycolysis, fatty acid synthesis and glutaminolysis for proliferation, targeting these processes may stop the growth of cancer cells and possibly lead to their death while not seriously affecting the normal cells. Therefore, looking through the metabolic lens we have to understand that most of the cancers may be very similar and so the treatments that can be used may be the same for many. 3BP and 2DG are examples of treatments targeting the cancer metabolism and consequently theymay be relevant to most type of cancers.

Hormonal targets: Another way to identify elements relevant to your case is to understand the hormonal relevance. While only a part of tumors are typically recognized as hormone dependent, it has been recently demonstrated that simply inducing hypothyroidism in cancer patients (i.e. reducing T4 level to below normal range) can extend the patient life or even lead to complete remission to all kind of cancer types regardless of weather the cancer was or not hormonal (Reference). Hormones are like aspider web with impact on all major functions in the body. For example, thyroid hormones have impact on the expression of NaH exchange channel that is over expressed in many tumors. Identifying relevant hormonal treatments to positively interfere with these treatments is of value for every patient.

Genetic targets: The genetic story of cancer is complex and it depends from person to person. And as long as something is complex, we do not understand that yet. However, there isa way we may make use of genetics, targeted to the patient. That is with the help of a genetic profile of the circulating tumor cells (CTC). Not many cancer patients know that we have the option to perform such a test. This test can be performed via various private cancer clinics around the world. Typically, they work with a laboratory such as RGCC who would perform the analysis. The results will indicate the down regulations and the over expressions associated with the CTC in the blood andcan than be used by your doctor or by yourself to identify natural supplements or drugs that can target those abnormalities. Note, that this test is not yet accepted by the mainstream medicine.

Chemo and Natural sensitivity test (chemosensitivity): next to the genetic profile, laboratories such as RGCC can also perform tests on the CTC. They typically use a list of chemotherapies and another of natural substances (such as Curcumin, Quercetin, B17, Artemisinin, etc.) to identify which of these can kill the cancer cells. This is yet another way to help you identify some of the most effective treatments. The typical cost of a genetic profiling together with the chemo and natural tests is somewhere between 2000 and 3000 euro, depending on choices.

Others: Besides the above, I will also discuss groups of elements that may be able toinhibit Metastasis, inhibit Angiogenesis, inhibit Fast Division of Cells, or elements that can interfere with the Ion Exchange, with Iron absorption, or with the Authophagy process. Next to that, I will also step into Immunotheraphy and Virotheraphy.

There are so many ways these anti cancer elementscan be grouped that I still need a bit of time to decide what is the best way. In the end,one division is simple and clear: anti cancer elementscan be natural or synthetic substances. While looking at these elements I will only focus on those elements that are non-toxic or have limited toxicity for the normal cells.

Finally, I will try to add them together into groups of elements that can work together and support each other, i.e. treatment protocols. I will only touch a little the diets while trying to give the best references I am aware of.


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