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Urine therapy

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I hope I post in the right section since urine is natural πŸ˜‰

I first eared about urine therapy (UT) from a blogger who cured his aggressive shingles by drinking 8 oz of his first urine every morning. Shingles were gone after a few days whereas he was suffuring since many years.

He eared about UT from one of his indian friends who cured his cancer with that.

It seems UT is used in ayurvedic medicine with some good success. This could cure many diseases according to those who follow this kind of therapy.

It's a pity urine disgusts most of people so we can't have much data to analyse and see if it's efficient against several diseases. Those who drink it are very few unfortunately.


As this blogger said, it's not the kind of therapy big pharma will encourage, so I am posting here to see if you or a friend/family has tried UT and could share their experience.

Maybe Urine can cure diseases like cancer, who knows.

His hypothesis is that during the night the body is in a repair mode, and when it produces urine it is full of good antibodies. Something around this, just a guess from him.

I am also sharing this in case someone wants to try and see if there is any improvement on their condition.Β 

Take care


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