Your Contribution Needed on Ovarian Cancer Story

Dear Friends,

During the past year, this website has grew seriously in terms of number of visitors. Given the type of information discussed here, this website attracts visitors that are well informed regarding treatment options, including medical doctors, scientists, private-clinics owners but also many people like myself, all driven by one of the strongest motivations that a human can have, i.e. to save LIFE (of himself, of a loved one or of a friend). The fact that this website starts to represent a meeting point for knowledgeable people in the oncology field, makes me realize that this may be turned into value for the visitors themselves.

With that in mind I offered to Ergin, one of the visitors and contributor on this website, the option to share his story (including medical history, past and current treatments, etc.) and I will make a post out of it where other visitors can contribute with potentially new ideas. Ergin is currently in search for effective treatments solutions for his dear mom. Please see below his message and if you have good ideas, questions, etc. please contribute by sharing what you have in your mind. Off course, as the disclaimer is also stating, this website is not intended for medical advice but to try and get together as much collective knowledge as possible, so that finally we make informed and successful decisions regarding our treatment strategies.

This offer is open to all the visitors. So if you like the idea and would like to share your story too, just send me an e-mail with the story and I will do my best to publsih that.

Here is the message from Ergin:

Hi Friends,

Thank you very much for your kind words and want to help me Emad, Daniel.
You gave me a breath. Here is our treatment after diagnosis of ovarian ca,primary peritonium.
There was lots of metastasis on periton and there was an omental cake (the final word of cancer doctor said).
But only on periton and around the bowel neighbour to periton.
CA125 was 400, 11 months ago.

1.) Three courses (3 months, 9 chemo) taxane+carboplatin+nerium oleander injections.
CA125 was declined to only 5. WBC never went below 5.

2.) And we stopped chemo and refuse surgery. Only nerium oleander injecitons.
After 2 months past without chemo, CA125 begin to rise upto 95.

3.) We began chemo + iv vitamin C + iv Curcumin + local hyperthermia on abdomen for 2 courses(6 chemo)+metformin.
CA125 declined to 35.

4.) We had to change our doctor because he said we Must do surgery.

We began insulin potentiation therapy for 3 courses (9 chemo) with different doctor.
On chemo days iv mannose + iv sulphur + iv iron + iv vitc + iv vit b complex + hyperthermia + HBOT.
On normal days only pills (2DG + curcumin + melatonin + metformin + artemisinin + beta glucan)

There is no responce after changing the doctor. From first day to last CA125 rised to 57.
Still lots of tumors on peritonon PET last week. I am always thinking about iv curcumin. Is it our drug which works best? I began to use iv curcumin again.
2 weeks past now. WBC were always 2-2,5 range before iv curcumin. Now it is 3,6.
I wonder the results on tuesday (chemo day), especially CA125.

I talked with Dr, he said very surprising! and not good pet result. Now we have to make more agressive therapy.
He is going to use DCA on tuesday. He has Salinomycin and 3bp in his clinic but didnt try yet.
I really dont know what to do. The clinic is 450km far away from us. Everyweek we have to go by car.
There is stg wrong with his protocol i think. They all became resistant. He said he gives low dose chemo but wbc became very low after courses. Ipt potantiates chemo. Last week her blood sugar downs to 30 during ipt. I was really afraid.
Normal blood sugar level is around 100 after we began to use 2DG and metformin.
Before it was around 175.

Daniel and friends. What do you think about our protocol? What is wrong with it?
Is it iron, sulphur, 2DG etc.
Do you think that should we give chance to iv curcumin for one or two weeks before DCA?
Sorry for the quantities of the medicines. I will write them when i learnd the exact weights.

Kind Regards

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791 thoughts on “Your Contribution Needed on Ovarian Cancer Story

  1. As far as I understand, IPT would give your mom exogenous insulin, which would take the glucose flowing in the blood stream and push it into cells, lowering the available amount of glucose in the blood stream. I’m unsure if this is dangerous or not since the cells would still be getting their glucose. I would imagine the dangers of low BG would emerge if there was insufficient glucose in the blood stream to feed your cells in the first place.

    Is she getting any of the symptoms of low BG?

    Also, I’m on a ketogenic diet, and being fat adapted, my blood glucose has been as low as 50 if I’m remembering correctly, with 0 adverse effects.

    I figure as long as your cells are getting some form of energy, then the temporary low BG from the IPT shouldn’t be a massive issue – especially with no side effects, but this is just from my mind and I’m not 100% on if I’m correct here. Someone else should chime in and correct me where they see fit.

  2. Dear Ergin,

    1. B complex and Iron IVs are debatable as they may also lead to cancer growth – I would avoid them unless strongly required.
    2. What is the chemo that was used recently with IPT? Still Taxane + Carboplatin?
    3. If you are going to go further with chemo, I think you should take the opportunity and combine with Salinomycin (and possibly 3BP). Don’t loose that opportunity. But you should make sure the doctor has experience with them so that they do not make mistakes.
    4. What is the origin of Curcumin IV? Germany? Is it pure Curcumine or whole plant extract? In any case, I know more people who were responding to DCA than with Curcumine – so to me DCA would be higher on my priority list compared to Curcumine. On the other hand, DCA can be used orally as it has very good absorption while Curcumine is best administered IV. So why would you need to chose between them? You could start with both.

    Kind regards,

  3. Ergin,
    I don’t know much about ovarian cancer treatments. All I can comment about is what I am doing to treat my cancer because it is working for me and should work for all cancers.

    I am a HNSCC cancer patient. In Sept 2016 I started the restricted ketogenic diet (R-KD). I started GcMAF Bravo yogurt in mid June 2016. I strongly urge you to look into these 2 therapies. I don’t want you to take my word these therapies work. You need to take a look at you tube videos from Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried (book – Cancer as a Metabolic Disease), Dr. Dominic D’Agostino (ketogenic diet), Dr. Marco Ruggerio (probiotic GcMAF yogurt), in general information about restricting carbohydrates and calories.


    1. Hi John,

      How do you know these tools you are using are effective? How did you concluded that?
      (Note: I do believe R-KD can be very helpful but difficult to apply for many people since you need to go fully with it – doing it half way will lead to faster growth instead).

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,
        I have HNSCC cancer. I can see my tumor in the oral cavity. I use an intra-oral camera, a 5 mp camera on a stick with auto focus and LED lights, to take close up videos of my tumor every few days. Actually a visual monitor, I have found, is a pretty poor monitor. There have been times the tumor was growing when I thought it was regressing using visual inspection. But now it seems clear the tumor is regressing, indisputable in some areas, not positive in some other areas.

        I know it is hard to believe but have you checked out all the recent 2016 you tube videos on the ketogenic diet and cancer? There are so many. Basically it’s all about carbohydrate avoidance and the diet is a tool to accomplish this.

        The R-KD is difficult to apply. I don’t think I could do it without a macronutrient tracking tool like to plan meals ahead of time to meet the strict macronutrient targets established for a R-KD for cancer patients at cronometer by Dr. Mercola. Also, you need to record blood glucose and blood keytones daily and adjust your diet to achieve the “therapeutic” zone of blood glucose less than 80 and blood keytone between 2 and 4.


        1. Hi John,

          Sounds great! Have you had any other treatments, other than R-KD and GcMAF? I very much believe in the effectiveness of R-KD but little in GcMAF. I was once enthusiast about GcMAF but the info that build in time lead me to the conclusion that in the best case it can be of help when the tumors are very very small.

          On the other hand, on KG I actually would like to write once a post. I actually want to write once a post on KD but if you would like to do that in the same format as I write, you are very welcome and I will publish that here. In the end the most important and of value to others is to show how you can manage to follow the R-KD as it is a very difficult diet to follow. Just let me know. I did not know about Thanks for that. It is very helpful.

          Since some people may still progress under KD, I am looking for an inhibitor of the enzyme ACSS2 that turns acetate in fuel for cancer cells Such an inhibitor will be of great value for those following R-KD.

            1. hi ergin,

              You mentioned that your mother was following treatment in a clinic where administered 3bp and salinomycin,can you please give me your address.Thank you very friendly.

          1. Hi Daniel,
            Hope you are doing well. I keep you, your wife, your ordeal in my thoughts always.

            Have you seen this video? At about 30 min into the video probiotic immunotherapy is discussed.

            I was convinced by many videos that if a probiotic GcMAF did work it would be the perfect treatment for HNSCC cancer because a hallmark of HNSCC is the ability of the cancer cells to control macrophages in the tumor microenvironment. Known as a TAM (tumor associated macrophage) they actually now help the cancer spread. If GcMAF could actually activate macrophages preventing them from becoming a TAM that could work for HNSCC.

            Quite detailed doc on HNSCC microenvironment. There is a specific section on TAMs:

            I have been doing Bravo since June. I also started the R-KD in Sept 2016. I don’t know which is working but if I had to choose one I believe it is the yogurt. I have felt correlation of tumor itching and irritation with GcMAF application (both rectal and oral) but I still remained skeptical. Imagine, a yogurt that cures cancer.

            Personally I feel without the diet, without taking action to severely restrict carbohydrates and lower blood glucose to weaken and starve cancer cells the yogurt and many other treatments may not be effective.


            1. Hi John,

              Thank you for your kind words. I very much appreciate that.
              I will watch the video asap but I am now a little skeptic on GcMAF given all the history of that team. It is more about not trusting the people and not so much the idea. If I look at the products connected to Dr Marcos Ruggiero like his new Rerum, I see so much marketing behind that immediately rises questions. He is claiming that “Rerum is a most advanced tool for immunotherapy for cancer” I once wrote about Rerum following a question from a patient (you can search that post with the search option on this website) and came to the conclusion that the substances inside Rerum are very basic and can also lead to cancer growth. I have the tendency to write more here but will stop just saying that so far those behind GcMAF and Rerum have claimed much much more than they demonstrated GcMAF and Rerum can do. What is clear is that they are very good at marketing.
              However, if you feel that helps its great and never stop with something that you think and feel it helps.

              Kind regards,

            2. Dr Nobuto Yamamoto discovered GcMAF and a few years ago sold all his patents to an Israeli company who are conducting a Phase I trial (NCT02052492)

              If you read this Uri Yogev states: “Because this is a molecule that appears naturally in the body, the patent does not involve the material; it refers only to the production process. It was therefore easy to bypass it, and it is easy for all sorts of people around the world to sell promises that Yamamoto himself did not make. For example, one doctor set up a company in Guernsey Island that markets containers allegedly containing the material. We bought one of his containers, and couldn’t find the molecule in it. We’re keeping our distance from these people. We just want to produce and test the material according to the rules.”

              The company he was talking about is First Immune/Immuno Biotech which was founded by David Noakes who employed Dr Marco Ruggiero.

            3. Thanks James. It may be a little similar to 3BP in the sense that a substance with large potential for humans was misused by some. I did had once access to a private discussion between some US doctors saying they have seen results with GcMAF but only when tumors were small. That makes sense since when the tumors are large an “awake” immune system is not enough as it is deactivated in acidic environments.

              Given your experience in the immuno therapy space, do you believe in GcMAF’s action? I was a bit puzzled because one of Yamamoto’s papers were retracted recently and in addition to that, the guys at Anticancer Funds (who I appreciate) were also negative regarding GcMAF.

              Kind regards,

        2. Dear John,
          Last day i search it without sleeping.I saw your messages about GcMAF in another conversation.I really believe that it works on you.I wonder did you get any other treatments before or during GcMAF.
          Where did you buy the bravo yogurt?
          In my country insurance pays HBOT.It is like submarine 10 people.I entered with my mother for 2 hours.I see people who has lost legs ,feet because of high blood sugar,ear disorders,and people enter after surgery.At first dr doesnt give us permission to enter.because we were the first cancer patient enter hbot.
          But then i gave her details and the academic papers.
          After 1 week,my mothers SPO2(saturated oxygen level in blood)became100 percent..
          Later she got flu and it is forbidden because of high pressure.(2,5atm)
          Kind Regards

          1. Alex,
            Yes, the tumor is continuing to show slow remission. I started about 8 months ago with the diet and the GcMAF yogurt. I estimate 25-30% remission , similar to the remission seen on the new immunotherapy drugs for lung cancer. I follow lung cancer patients taking immunotherapy PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor drugs on a forum. Some have been on these drugs 4 years watching their tumors slowly regress.

            I’m actually thinking the probiotic is as effective, maybe more effective, than the new immunotherapy drugs. Currently, they won’t let me have access to these drugs. They require the patient take chemotherapy and radiation before allowing access to the new drugs. Now, even if the drugs were made available to me I don’t think I would take them.


            1. I personally know 1 metastatic breast cancer patient that she is taking GcMAF + tamoxifen

              she is still in partial remission and her tumors are slowly shrinking , also she stopped GcMAF for some months due to surgery in her leg , and the cancer progressed again with her until she returned to GcMAF

              she is using the Japanese version , actually most of the anecdotal stories I hear is from Japanese version which is given IM

              also I feel that the yogurt is also good but I didn’t hear enough about it

              but the other version the company from Europe are only good at claiming and marketing , they are selling it as vials , but most of people I know are saying that its not effective unlike the version from Japan

              personally I believed on GcMAF so much and so wanted to use it but it can’t be used with chemo or any drug that will destroy the immune system , also it costs around 800 dollars monthly which is still expensive for many

              dear John Chalmers , its very nice and really make us happy to see you beating up cancer

              wish you always the very best


            2. The company in Europe is not operating anymore. Even those making a topical application version are at risk to go to the jail. Also one of the main FB group was renamed from GcMAF to something else. It is not clear to me what exactly is the real reason for the coherent European action against this product but even a paper of the Japanese professor was retracted from the journal where was published earlier supporting the anti tumor action of GcMAF. There were some positive reports also from the European version but overall I haven’t hear of many positive reports so I am glad to hear the positive experience of John with the probiotic version.
              However, given the legal actions against GcMAF supporters, I decided not to discuss it in details on this website.

            3. Hi John,
              Very nice to see you again.I was always thinking of you when i saw a drug which is effective on direct contact with tumor.If i true remember the disease was in the oral cavity.Have you ever tried any drug directly on the disease?
              Kind Regards

            4. This seems like a good chance to test the Citric Acid Theory !?
              Directly applied on the tumor 🙂 Results should be very visible, very fast.

            5. Thank you John for your priceless reply.
              I am most delighted you are doing great with so “little”.
              I wonder why no use of diclofenac, aspirin, metformin they are more or less proven to be anti-cancer in most situations, so they may help you get rid of the problem faster should you decide to use them.
              I find GcMAF yogurt to be a nice idea, this would yet again prove that all we need to do is to help the body heal itself.
              So i ask where did you get this yogurt from? I may want to also get it for my mother.
              I find it very interesting that a pro-biotic can help with healing from cancer, this brings back many youtube videos on the subject to my mind, including Budwig protocol.
              Having seen the “gassy” side effect of DCA i wonder if DCA is also a pro-biotic of sorts.
              There’s an obvious connection to the gut when it comes to cancer. A digestion issue? Metabolism?! I think i’m getting closer to the truth i’ve been listening to all this time but was unable to understand as i do now. May be just another stupid idea but hearing from you makes me believe in it. Getting the body to function right so that it can heal itself.
              Looking forward for your reply,
              Good Luck!

            6. Alex

              Yes – if a GcMAF yogurt actually worked to activate macrophages that would be the perfect treatment for HNSCC. Here is a link to a PDF that talks to the HNSCC tumor microenvironment. There is a section on TAMs (tumor associated macrophages) explaining how SCC is able to hide from our immune system by preventing macrophages to activate in the tumor environment.


              I saw this link on a forum recently. It talks about mouse studies where probiotics were effective at shrinking tumors.


              This is where I get my yogurt:

              Here is a link to a video of Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried talking about his book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” at a seminar. The breakthrough is that cancer is a metabolic disease not a genetic disease and can be effectively treated metabolically with diet (the restricted ketogenic diet).


    2. Hello John

      I am battling ovarian cancer – stage 3 Low-grade serous carcinoma, can you please give me more information on the restricted ketogenic diet, what you include and not in your diet? and where do u buy your GC MAf yoghurt from

      1. Yes,
        I now highly recommend Dr. Mercola’s new book “Fat For Fuel”. In this book he documents how to implement exactly what I am doing – the use of a macronutrient tracking tool and taking blood glucose and blood keytone readings on an ongoing basis and the foods to consume on the diet.

        Here is a video where he outlines the game changing breakthrough on treating cancer from a metabolic approach because it is actually a metabolic disease not a genetic disease.

        Here is a mouse study that concluded certain probiotic strains can shrink tumors as effectively as the new PD1-PDL1 immunotherapy drugs.

        My HNSCC cancer continues to regress and I am now more confident than ever that I have been blessed with finally, after many years of searching/ researching, in finding a treatment strategy that works.

        GcMAF Bravo yogurt is available here:

        The government is doing all they can to hide GcMAF, even retracting Dr. N. Yamamoto’s peer reviewed scientific studies already published on GcMAF. Keep in mind most of these studies were associated with injectable GcMAF. I guess it was Dr. Ruggerio who somehow changed the game and found a way of GcMAF oral administration.

        The diet is needed and should be used by all cancer patients. If we continue to feed the cancer how can any treatment be effective? But I am now confident it is the yogurt that is actually shrinking my tumor.

        I see in my research now that the conventional world is excited about immunotherapy as they are having great success with the latest immunotherapy drugs. I think everyone now agrees the immune system is capable of eliminating cancer if we can get it to see the cancer cells. I think the yogurt does this as well as the latest immunotherapy drugs and with no side effects.


        1. Hi John,

          About the Keto diet that’s Dr. Mercola and a few others are very high on:

          I’ve been on the diet (though not calorically restricted) for over a year now and my observation, along with many other people, is that my blood glucose has actually increased. Even during fasted states, my BG is very frequently 5.0-5.5, when it used to hover around 4.5 while I was on a SAD.

          This has perplexed me for a long time. I started looking around and noticed a ton of Keto dieters experiencing the same thing. So I’m not 100% sure how effective the diet is if you aren’t implementing caloric restriction. For me, CR is difficult because I’m already very lean genetically. It’s much easier to do when the patient is overweight. Here are some articles on it:

          1. I checked out both links but not sure I have an good answer. I don’t see either article getting into protein restriction. The restricted ketogenic diet has a restriction on protein as well as on carbs. Our liver turns excess protein into glucose so if you eat too much protein your blood glucose goes up.

            I am not seeing this problem. My glucose is in the low 80’s and high 70’s most of the time but I do see 90’s sometimes and even into the low 100’s sometimes when I misbehave and eat too many snacks the day before (whipped heavy cream with 85 or 90% cocoa chips mixed in, pork rinds with cream cheese, macadamia nuts, baked cheese bites).

            When these high blood glucose readings are seen I wonder what are the blood keytone readings? They don’t mention that is the articles. If I eat too much protein the next day my ketones have dropped and glucose is higher. Are you able to measure keytones when you see high glucose readings?

            I recommend Dr. Mercola’a new book “Fat for Fuel” . He talks about the most common causes people may fail implementing a ketogenic diet. One is that they don’t use a macronutrient tracker, another is that they are not measuring blood glucose and blood keytones.

            1. I will check out the book, thanks!

              My only issue with the protein argument is that protein seems to have a fairly minimal effect on blood glucose. Meat products theoretically have a glycemic index of 0. I’d understand if somebody was consuming 250g of protein per day being knocked out of ketosis or having their blood glucose increase, but theoretically (and in practice really), if you were to measure your BG prior to an all-meat meal, and after an all-meat meal, the BG should be exactly the same or maybe a touch higher based on gluconeogenesis.

              Another thing is that I’m getting these 5.0+ readings while I’m on Metformin.

              I think the issue may be deeper than protein. I think the issue is some form of insulin resistance. Likely not pathological, and likely reversible. If I was getting lower readings while on a normal diet (high carb) then I have a hard time believing that protein would have a bigger effect on blood sugar. I think that insulin is not being secreted in the quantity or with the timing that it should be. If this is the case, then IGF positive cancers still stand to benefit from the diet.

            2. Meech,
              That is pretty interesting. 5+ (in the 90’s) and on Metformin. Do the docs give a range they think you should be on the Metformin? What is the blood keytone reading when you get a 5+ glucose reading?

              Excess protein gets converted in the liver(gluconeogenisis) to glucose. It may not happen right after a meal. It might take more time for this to occur but I’m speculating, I don’t know for sure. If I eat too much protein I do see higher glucose readings the next day. My goal is to keep glucose readings below 80 and ketone readings above 2.0. My target for carbs is 20g/day and for protein it is approximately 50g/day. I have to use a macronutrient tracker to achieve these targets.

              The real purpose in a low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet is to lower blood insulin levels by lowering blood glucose levels. Cancer cells, actually all cells, can only get glucose into them through their insulin receptors. Cancer cells have 100 times more insulin receptors than normal cells because they need 100 times more glucose to survive and they need it constantly. Lowering Insulin is the key mechanism to weaken and even starve cancer cells with a ketogenic diet or fasting.

              Insulin resistance is associated with high levels of insulin and even at high levels cells can’t take, refuse to store, any more glucose. The answer is to change the diet and eat less glucose producing foods. It amazes me that doctors prescribe insulin injections for diabetic patients when it is just the opposite of what they need which is to lower blood glucose and therefore blood insulin levels.

              Dr. Mercola, in his new book Fat for Fuel goes over issues they may cause problems with ketosis. He goes into detail how to implement the diet effectively. If an individual has cancer and wants to effectively implement a ketogenic diet this book is the definitive guide.



          2. Meech,
            When I first got cancer I was 175 lb, down for 185 lbs when I was still working. I dropped to 145 lbs after getting cancer and it stayed there at least 2 years. In Aug 2016 I decided to fast. Next thing I know I dropped in that 1 month down to 126 lbs. I was so thin at 5′ 10″.

            So I realized for me – no more fasting. I was losing muscle mass/ lean body tissue. I was concerned. Dr. Mercola stated – don’t lose your muscle mass as older individuals may find it difficult to get it back.

            So that when I started the ketogenic diet in Sept 2016 I was 126 lbs. I was able to get back to 145 lbs in about a month or 2 eating excess fats. I call it the miracle period for me. The gain was not in fat. Seemed more like muscle.

            The point I am trying to make that if you are lean fasting may not be appropriate, I couldn’t do it anymore but I am able to maintain and even gain weight on the ketogenic diet.

    1. Sorry Ann, but me and my mother both regret surgerry. The surgerry may have helped buy some time, and that may be the gift of it.
      But we lost part of the right lung, the surgerry was massive, i got the best surgeon team in the country i could get for my mom, from the military and academia, spent all our savings on these efforts and others, we were scared and did everything as fast as we could and as best as we could in hope that that will be all, only to see one month later in the CT scan report that she now has a similar size tumour somewhere else. And tumour residue at the place of origin. (hospital exist paper said “we got it all”). This is part of our true story.
      They were rushing us into chemo, seeing how my mother is in very very bad shape i told my mother that we need to take some time away from the mess.
      If anything i wish we would have gone with some sort of sound beam that would boil the tumour. I don’t know if anyone has any experience with that but sound better than surgerry.
      A video about this cancer problem that i wish to share. – Wonderful man.
      I now wish to save my mother with alternatives that will help instead of do damage. Just as everyone else here. Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.

      Best wishes to everyone and warm huggs.

  4. Thank you very much Daniel,
    Words cannot be enough to say you thanks.And friends from all over the world.
    I have been searching too much for only photo thermal therapy.So i am lost i think.I didnt see the results just near us.

    Meech,Thank you very much.We trusted too much to our Dr.But in 1st week i began to think there is stg wrong with his protocol.But how can it be?He has good name in my country.He is the only one who uses ipt,hbot and other iv’s.After a friend past away from cervix cancer(we went to the same doctor)i began to think about ipt and the others.

    John very interesting, thank you for advice.I am very happy to see the good results on you.I will all search it for tonight.Now we are on a modest ketogenic diet.May be it slows the progress.But with HBOT it may work better(i think).Tomorrow i begin to hbot again.I know a doctor who also thinks like that.First you have to clean the bowel from fungus,he says.

    Daniel i see very good results for some patients complete responce with CHEMO+ iv curcumin+iv vit c.But now i am beginning to think that did they use +dca or not.
    I buy curcumin from a hospital in Turkey not German.I dont know the origin but ill learn and tell you.The size of the particles also.Very expensive,slows us down.We use 450 mgx2 per week with iv vitamin C.
    I am afraiding to use DCA.Because i cannot find any doctor to give us iv.I have pills of DCA but havent try yet.I saw a very bad side effect with a patient who used pills everyday without any off.
    Yes the same chemos during ipt.We take 8 courses(24 chemos). in 1 year.
    Do you think that we have to change chemo?
    Here is our gene sequencing results before ipt.
    braf mutations:no
    kras mutations:no
    TP53 3.2%
    TP53 93.9%
    KIT 2.7%
    PIK3CA 12.0%
    SMAD4 6.2%
    PTPN11 A 3.0%
    I wonder now how do they change.
    Do they give us stg ?I am not sure.
    But i want to send the blood again and write you the results.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,

      Can you please share more about the patients you know who responded well to Chemo+Curcunmin IV+Vit C IV?
      Regarding the price of Curcumin IV, you can also check the price ta this German supplier – maybe is cheaper compared to your source
      DCA side effects are reversible. Also, I would not expect that there is a difference between the IV and oral form in terms of side effects but I need to check.
      If there is no response to the chemo you are using I would off course consider to change that. But on the other hand, my understanding is that there was response when you did it at normal dose and there was no response when you did it at low dose + IPT? If you are going to consider a change you may probably want to consider the ideas of Dr. Hada. Regardless of the chemo, I would include Salinomycin at least 1x/week when doing chemo. Also see my post on how to increase chemo effectiveness.
      You mentioned there is a doctor in Turkey using Salinomycin IV. Did he actually used that before? Or he is just considering that option? May I know what is the name of that doctor?

    2. Ergin,
      Actually HBOT therapy is discussed by Dr. Seyfried in his videos as an adjunct to metabolic cancer treatment. I was considering renting one, I think it was a couple hundred a month, based on his videos. Watching these videos, I became convinced most treatments like HBOT would be more effective if the cancer cells are first weakened by diet.
      If you get the time I urge you to take a look at the videos. It might change your mind on what is most effective as a cancer treatment.

    3. Hi Ergin

      I am battling ovarian cancer stage 3 c and did 6 rounds of IPT – Taxol/carbo but my cancer is grade 1 and type being low-grade serous carcinoma, in general, these tumors don’t respond to these chemo drugs but I was also using high dose THC at this point and my tumors were shrinking, once I stopped the oil my tumors started growing again . I have also done the RGCC test to see what herbs work on my cancer but not sure how accurate these tests are. I hope information i shared here is of some use for your mom .

  5. Dear Ergin,
    I recommend the drugs that are approved by FDA even for benign diseases. Despite in general industry is not particularly interested in funding the clinical development of thalidomide, celecoxib , valproic acid.
    In my experience, I have treated the patients with ovarian cancer as follows with good efficacy.
    1. thalidomide 200mg, celecoxib 400mg /day and metronomic gemcitabine 1000mg/week.
    2. thalidomide 200mg, celecoxib 400mg, valproic acid 600mg /day and metronomic gemcitabine 1000mg/week.
    3. thalidomide 200mg, celecoxib 400mg, solafenib 200-400mg /day and metronomic gemcitabine 1000mg/week.

    Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy CRC Press Edited by Darren W. Davis, Roy S Herbst, James L. Abbruzzese page316 (222)

    1. Dear Dr Masato Hada,

      Today i think too much and have found that it is improper about requesting from you to be our doctor in a public place.You have good name in the world,and we know the cancer.Everything can be change up to person.But if you can help us i would be very happy.

      Kind Regards


      1. To Mr Alex,
        I usually treat the lung cancer patients with distant metastases with thalidomide, celecoxib and low dose cytotoxic drugs (docetaxel, gemcitabine, irinotecan, vinorelbine and so on).
        Please read my article
        A case report of chemotherapy with thalidomide, celecoxib and gemcitabine in the treatment of patients with brain metastases from lung cancer
        Hada Clinic
        Masato Hada from Japan

        1. Dear DR MASATO HADA,

          Again thanks for your help to us.
          I have 2 questions,if you could answer,i will be very happy.
          1-Can we use thalidomide with avastin?Unfortunately i cant say doctor to stop avastin,already he hates me because of too many questions.
          2-Do you have any experiences about mebendazole or derivatives.
          Because when my mother begins mebendazole and stopped all other treatments,bowel obstruction relieved in a very short time.
          Kind Regards,

          1. Hi Ergin,

            Good to hear that your mom is better after starting Mebendazole and stopping the others. Can you please let us know what were those that you stopped? Thanks.

            Kind regards,

            1. Hi Daniel,
              A very good question,thank you for correction.
              I always forget to write metformin and lansoprazole.Because she was using them from lots of years.(Still using)
              She stopped citric acid+HCA+DCA and LEVOTIRON***.
              Today she begin itraconazole+diclofenac+celecoxib with small dosages.
              Kind Regards

          2. To Mr Erigin,
            My answers.
            1-Can we use thalidomide with avastin?
            When we understand the mechanism of Avastin, I think the drug is not effective to all cancers. Because it works on the outside cell receptor, it does’nt act on the VEGF production directly in the cancer cell. The response rate of Avastin is very low (only a few %). Thalidomide works in the tomor cells.

            2-Do you have any experiences about mebendazole or derivatives
            I have no experience.
            To Mr Erigin,
            My answers.
            1-Can we use thalidomide with avastin?
            When we understand the mechanism of Avastin, I think the drug is not effective to all cancers. Because it works on the outside cell receptor, it does’nt act on the VEGF production directly in the cancer cell. The response rate of Avastin is very low (only a few %). Thalidomide works in the tomor cells.

            2-Do you have any experiences about mebendazole or derivatives
            I have no experience.
            Kind Regards,
            Masato Hada from Japan

        2. Thank you very much dear Dr. Masato.
          Sadly i wouldn’t be able to travel with my mother to Japan for such treatment, i could try and make an effort, but to be quite honest the article linked by you does show most impressive results, they do not show complete remission sadly, perhaps the reason we are all here, trying to find better treatment solutions.
          I am wondering what else you feel would be beneficial for my mother’s post-surgery adenocarcinoma of the lung with horner’s sindrome, spine invasion, renal glands suspected and now missing right upper lung.
          What do you feel would be the most effective alternatives also any specific testing you recommend.

          Thank you again very much.

  6. Dear Dr Masato Hada,
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Our family are very confused after getting your answer.We began to search your protocol and we see it suits to us.
    Her blood counts are good enough to tolerate.We are confused because she takes lots of medicines.What should be our
    protocol for her.Eliminate some of them or add more?Are they concomitant?
    And how can we find a doctor here that accepts this protocol and folow our treatment.We need your assistant too much.
    Because may be we have to change the doses later.If you accept us as our doctor, I and my family will be very thankful to you.
    So we can make here a real human clinical trial and can help people who suffers from cancer by your help.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin, in order to have Dr. Hada receiving your msg directly in his e-mail box you would have add your comment as a reply to his msg by pushing “reply” option located below each comment. Since you added your comment as a new comment and not as a reply, he will not receive a notification so you will need to wait until hopefully Dr. Hada will come by to read the comments.

  7. Hi Ann,
    We have hundreds of metastasis on periton.I dont believe that a surgeon can clean all of them.
    After i saw a video, i totally refuse surgery because we have no ability to do this surgery for now.

    Now we are working on that technology,it is not so hard to try it.But months needed.

    And my mother is too weak like a child.She has a diifferent soul that i cannot explain with words.If we say her that you ll be on surgery tomorrow,we can loose her that night.

    Dont you think that we can survive her without surgery?
    I really wonder this situation,if we make surgery and after 3-5 months later reccurence happens.What will we do?The same treatment but NOW more hard to survive.
    I need your comments especially on this surgery situation
    Kind Regards

  8. Dear Daniel,
    You are really an amazing person.Your words and thoughts made me come to my self everytime.
    When i see low dose chemo i like it very very much and jump on it,. And at home only pills,perfect.
    But we are not sure if normal dose chemo without iv curcumin or ipt?we dont know if it works or not.
    And with dca or salinomycin or iv curcumin or both of them.We have to wait for Dr Masato Hada’s protocol for
    some time.We have to give chance to our recently treatments first.I wonder Dr Hada’s commenrt.They are very important for me.Because i trust his protocol.

    Lets come to CURCUMIN IV.
    I see that,i have talked like i am selling iv curcumin and very sure that it works and cures.I am sorry about that.I only see the people
    in the previous hospital,not clinic.Our Dr was Prof Mutlu Demiray,.(we have to leave that hospital because he said we must do surgery)You meet people while getting treatment there.I have never seen a bad situation there.And very good results.Most of the patients were recurrence.(complete responce is a wrong word.forgive me).He is using DCA iv in that hospital but as i know he never use DCA to my mother.
    The patent of iv curcumin belongs to martek(an organization of government) and Medicana hospital.,as i know.
    450 mg costs 500 usd. That means 4000 usd per month.Very very expensive.

    And lets come to our latest doctor who gives ipt.
    I dont want to give his name to you in public place,but he has no idea to use 3bp or salinomycin.But he has in his clinic.
    Today we didnt go to his clinic.And didnt take chemo unfortunatelly.But i dont want to loose him.
    As a summary,both doctors are very far from us.Now i want to take treatments in our city.Is the hyperthermia really important?
    We go there only for hyperthermia.I can give chemo+others here.
    But finding a doctor is nonsense.I go every doctor,they refuse us.They only give chemo.I am not brave as like as Emad.
    If i am brave,my family doesnt trust me without a doctor.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,

      Thnaks for the kind words. Regarding Curcumin, indeed the Turkish versions sounds like very expensive. The German version from he supplier I mentioned above costs about 170euro for 500mg. Hyperthermia (local and whole body) helps a lot when administrated at the right tim ebefore and after chemo. Here is a german clinic (with a doctor turkish of origin) expert in combining chemo with hyperthermia and curcumin: You can watch some of his lectures and may find some of his treatment strategies. And here is one of his power point presentation where he is discussing the same An example of his treatments strategy you can find on the slide entitled “Treatment combination Treatment combination (example example)”

  9. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for your searching.You really give lots of time for us.
    A father of my friend past away after using continious DCA without any off.For 2 weeks if i true remember.
    But he was very late stage and didnt tolerate.May be not because of DCA .But we always afraid after very bad happening.
    And now his DCA is in my home.How can i use it?What should be the beginning dosage?
    Do you think that it may works alone for ovarian ca?
    Kind regards

    1. If it’s any comfort to you, I’ve been on continuous oral DCA for nine months now at a relatively high dose, without days off in between (a few days off here and there if something came up, but nothing regularly.) and I have had no adverse effects that I can point to.

      The main known effect is peripheral neuropathy, which is generally reversible with a break from treatment, like Daniel alluded to.

      1. I wouldn’t use it as a standalone therapy. In mouse models, combining it with Metformin has been shown to increase the efficacy of the treatment as opposed to either drug as a standalone. I believe there are other supplements that can help potentiate it but I can’t speak on them with certainty.

        1. Dear Meech,
          Thank you again for your valuable answers.
          She also takes 2DG + Metformin.
          May be i have to cancel 2DG.
          What do you think or do you have any idea about 2DG?
          Kind regards

          1. I’ve taken 2DG in the past but it’s proven to be too expensive for me to maintain.

            My only issue I had with 2-DG was if I drank it too fast, I would get really light headed and exhausted and pass out. I assumed that this was because I’m on a ketogenic diet, and the brain uses glucose preferentially, so drinking it too fast would cause the brain cells to take the 2DG as if it were normal glucose and end up with a false fuel causing symptoms.

            I’m not sure if this was the reason but it was my best guess.

            Apart from that, I’m not sure what the efficacy would be because I never took it for long enough increments but theoretically, I always liked the idea of it. If cancer cells can take up a glucose derivative during PET scans, I always assumed that 2-DG would work in a similar way.

        1. Hi Alex,

          Yes, I am still going with it. The only days off I take are days where my nephrostomy tube has issues and creatinine goes up a little. The creatinine issues are always unrelated to the Metformin and DCA.

          I have slight neuropathy in my hands and feet. If I crouch too long for example (longer than like 30 mins) or keep my hand in the same position while holding my phone for 10+ mins, they start to go numb.

  10. I’ve been reading a lot on your website… all the protocols, so many good treatments… but as i read, and i know you are not a Doctor, i see how lost any person can get with all this kind of information. I am a doctor myself and i believe people are getting confused here… too many treatments… too many approaches… what would you rather do? cytostatic or cytodinamic treatment of cancer?… you discussed both, and again people get lost, i understand you are not intending to treat. But for all the people out there… I will not get into the discussion of why not use this and that because we need to keep it simple, simple solutions to a very scary disease… a metabolic disease… first understand this! There are 3 people that have solved this for us: Citric acid treatment (Dr. Halabe, México)very fast acting substance, Dr. Jhoanna Budwig (Budwig diet)for life(works best without chemo/radio), Dr. Burt Berkson (Low dose naltrexone///IV-per os alpha lipoic acid)…. Budwig diet for life. Study these protocols, don’t get lost. Even if you don’t know what to do.. start with these 3, very easy to follow, you don’t need much money, great outcomes. Qué Dios los bendiga!

    1. Dear Sir/Madam,

      You are totally right.All of us want to switch to those protocols.Nobody wants to take chemo.
      Here,you can not find newly diagnosed cancer patient.They go to doctor and take chemo only.All of us are recurrent.Do you think that a patient has 1-4 months to live and try ONLY those protocols.This not realistic.Because of it,we always add stg to our protocol.
      We dont have too much time to try different things.I have learned lots of things from my friends in this website.
      Can you take the responsibility and say me to switch to those protocols and reject chemo?
      And you will see how this conversation help people at the end.
      Most importantly we should think twice before writing here.Your writings will be online forever.

      Kind Regards

    2. Dear Dr., thank you for your comment. I agree with some of your statements and disagree with others.

      The point of the various treatments options presented here is not to suggest to any patient to follow them all. Instead, this is me sharing the knowledge I acquired regarding various substances that I researched and find relevant for cancer treatment, as long as they are supported by case reports, clinical trials, anecdotal stories and clear scientific background. In my view, each of the post represents one piece of the puzzle. Indeed, it is the patient and/or his doctor’s choice on how to combine these pieces for each patient, depending on the patients challenge and health status next to his/her willingness to actually try a specific treatment.

      Therefore, every patient has his own needs (mental and physical). One may want/can follow chemo others not. My goal is also to understand how to make the best out of each treatment option whether that is chemo/radiation focused or purely focused on non-toxic elements. Also I do not care if the treatment is natural or synthetic. What I care about is to identify new effective treatments and/or ways to increase effectiveness of existing treatments, with a focus on the more non-toxic treatments while not avoiding the more toxic treatments if they can be effective.

      I do agree that the information on this website is constantly growing. For some people that may become overwhelming. For others that may represent valuable input in their decision process regarding next steps. For now, I will continue to generate input, and hopefully one day when I will be able to allocate all my time to oncology I will also start acting in the are of applying such info for specific cases. At that point I hope and expect I will be able to say “We” and not “I”. This would be a consultancy activity that the Foundation will address.

      Regarding your specific advice:
      1. Budwig: Since you read the posts on this website you probably know that I think Omega 3 supplements would be added to all cancer treatment strategy – that addresses my view on your proposal regarding Budwig diet
      2. ALA and LDN: This one is debatable as LDN may be good for cancers with TLR4 upregulated but may actually help the cancers with TLR4 downregulated. This is because Naltrexone is an antagonist of TLR4.
      3. Citric Acid: I very much respect the input created by Dr. Halabe and this is why I dedicated a post to his approach, but we still have to see positive reports coming from sources other than Dr. Halabe.

      Given the above, it is clear to me that:
      1. I would not recommend the above treatment strategy to all the patients and at least check (at least in the literature) what is the status of TLR4 for that specific tumor, before recommending LDN
      2. Based on the evidence so far on the above, I would not completely rely on just the three elements you propose, specifically not for advanced cancer (as Ergin also said) where stronger weapons have to be used

      Given that the three above are relatively easy to use (regarding the impact on the patient and the low cost profile), why would you stop here and not add additional elements to increase the chance of success? Would you stop here if it would be a loved one to be treated?

      Finally, I wold like to add that I very much value your comment as we need discussions and interaction in order to advance our knowledge.

  11. Dear Friends,

    I forgut to say thanks to Dr. for his comment.We need every idea to make discussion.
    I am totally near Daniel about this situation.I dont think that there is a knowlodge pollution here.
    If you are able to read my past treatments,you can take lots of data from there(good or bad,it is feedback).It depends on patients how to use this data for themselves.

    As you see,we first give chemo with nerium oleander and amazing results we got.After stopping chemo CA125 declined to only 11,
    and 1 month later it became only 5.Then injections are working we thought.She had 38.5 degrees centigrate fever and strong pain on tumors after injections.But 2 months later markers began to rise.
    I will never know if nerium oleander injections works with chemo or not,but alone doesnt work for us after 3 courses(18 chemo).Or if we used only nerium oleander injections at the beginning of diagnosis without chemo.May be low dose chemo for Treg depletion+ injection works.I always think this but never know.There is a legend here that it cures lots of people if you use at the beginning(no chemo).It makes WBC upto 18-20.Our WBC were always higher than 5 during chemo cycles but never see more than 8.
    But now we cannot use it.After stopping injections more than months, you can not take it due to great reaction and allergy.
    And very bad side effects on injection sites.
    I think it may help some patients who are going to use.
    Tomorrow i take blood counts and give iv curcumin.(Last chemo 18 days ago)
    I will write the results.
    On friday we are going to begin DCA orally and try it for 3 weeks without chemo.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin, can you please make a user account on this website so I do not have to approve every comment you add? Thanks. (This is because I will travel during the coming weeks and I may not have often access to internet)
      Do you know what is the dose of each Oleander injection and what is the price? How often is administrated each week?

    1. Hi Ergin, I just generated a new password for you and send you an e-mail with that. Please make sure you use the username and the password I sent you and it should work. I tried them and successfully log in. I hope this works for you too. Kind regards, Daniel

  12. Yes it works.Thanks alot
    Nerium oleander,it was our hopeful dream.We began injections to 4 patients.
    Cervix,ovarian,colon,lung.Only cervix and ovarian(mother) responded well.Because newly diagnosed and begin with chemo.
    Colon ca and lung ca patients took more than 20 chemos for 3-4 years (all recurrant).
    You have to set the doses for 38,5 degrees cerntigrate.They use max dosage of 1 ml injection, and their fever didnt rise more than 37,5.But some WBC improvement.They both passed away after 1 year.
    One of them who passed away, gave me the medicine without any cost.He was pharmagist and does medicine at home.He builds a system i never see.
    But It is patented and lisenced in USA i think.But dont know the brand.
    In Turkey there was people who died after eating or boiling and drinking nerium oleander after the oleander CURE news on tv.
    PLEASE NEVER TRY IT AT HOME.Really poisonous.
    They used it firstly for skin cancers as a creamlike substance.That was before we borned.

    For my mother we began with chemo.In the beginnings fever goes upto 39C with only 0,3 ml injections.
    Later we have to make higher doses to reach 38-38.5.You have to find the right dose elevating by 0.1ml each day.
    Every day except chemo days we used injections.Than we came to max dosage after 4 months but it didnt rise above37.5 although we stop chemo.
    Than we began to B-glucan and suddenly fever goes above 38,5.But interestingly not everyday.2-3 times per week goes upper.

    After a pet scan result we go back to chemo with curcumin vitc hyperthermia.Then you know the history.

    My thoughts about Nerium Oleander:
    It is not a late stage medicine especially who treated with lots of chemo.But if you are mesothelioma etc and never get chemo,may work.May improve survival.
    Or may work with low dose chemo,who knows.I dont think is there any clinical trial or not but this is our story.
    NOTE:There are lots of clinics who uses whole body hyperthermia and never rises above 38.Local hyperthermia yes they maybe arise but not more than 38.5C.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,

      Thanks a lot! Very interesting.

      I did investigated Oleander quite a bit sometime ago and intend to write a post on it once. It is a cardiac glycoside. Cardiac glycosides are currently used as drugs for heart related issues and indeed are dangerous if not used as the right dose. Due to their mode of action, all cardiac glycosides are relevant to cancer. I did wrote a post sometime ago on Bufalin (which is from the same category) and its anti cancer actions. I do not understand why, they would not work if the patient was treated with chemo prior to the use of a cardiac glyco.

      The injection version was patented by a Turkish doctor and marketed in US indeed. In the post I will write I will explain how the injection is made, based on the patent.

      On some websites it has been suggested Oleander has impressive results against cancer. As a result, I came in contact with the Dr. from South Africa who was selling oleander as capsules. He was a nice mad and scientist, but he recently died of Pancreatitis. His daughter is still selling Oleander capsules. But I am a bit puzzled because my wife started to use for a very short period in 2014 Oleander capsules and already at low dose she immediately developed diarrhea. The origin of that was an increase Lipase. Now knowing that the scientist who was also selling Oleander and also using on himself died of pancreas related problems and my wife had pancreas related challenges when starting Oleander makes me think there may be some side effect in that area. I will investigate but what is clear is that Oleander seems to have good action against pancreatic cancer. Also here is a nice abstract on Oleander used on a few types of cancer

      Regarding variation of the fever you observed, there are many things that happen in our body some that we understand and some that we don’t. What is very interesting is to know that there is a cycle of the immune system of about 7 days. This can be followed with CRP blood measurements. As CRP increases the immune system activity increases and at some point will start to decrease due to Treg activity. There is a lot of research on this from Australian Universities (and not only) suggesting that this cycle should be taken into account when treating patients and depending on the stage of the cycle, chemo or immuno therapy should be administered for maximum effectiveness. I will once write about this too when I find the time.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Daniel,
        Again you make me surprise too much.Thank you very much for writing about oleander.
        I can talk for months about it.I really believe it.I took notes hour by hour for 5 months.
        The very intresting thing is; tumor pain only occurs when fever goes over 37,5.A pain like cutting by knife,mother said.
        But in local hyperthermia we got lots of time 38,5C but no tumor pain happened.
        Kind Regards

        1. Hi Ergin,

          Whenever you like to write more, I am glad to see any details you may have about Oleander. After the holiday time I may find the time to write about Oleander – now traveling. I am specifically interested to hear about the sharp pain at the tumor location. When that developed? How that developed? Where was the tumor located with pain? What was the medication and supplements administrated (anything) prior to the moment of pain? What time of the day pain occurred? Was that following Oleander injection? How fast after that injection (minutes or hours or days)?

          Personally, I believe that the fever was not a direct result of Oleander injection but indirect. While fever induced by hyperthermia is a direct one. So the mechanisms behind each are totally different and as a result I would not compare the two.

          From what I hear from you, I understand that Oleander injection alone or in combination with other drugs or supplements you used triggered necrosis of tumor. That leads to the reaction of the immune system leading to the fever.

          Local hyperthermia I would always use whenever accessible.

          Kind regards,

          1. Dear Daniel,
            At firs dayt we began to use ,after injection pain occured when fever goes above37,5C.
            It takes 3 hours to go above 37,5 after injection.Than at hour 4th fever became peak value(38-39).Again pain.
            A different pain,not continious pain.Only 1sec from everyplace on periton.CZZ,czz.
            We had lots of metastatsis on periton as i mentioned before.Than we gave her pain killer when the fever rises above39.Fever falls in 1 hour.
            If you didnt take pain killer the fever begins to fall after 8 hours.
            I told you about my friends who past away unfortunately.They have used glutathione,NAC for boosting immunity and fever.Sometimes they catch high fever.But i never used glutathione,only B-glucan.
            My mother always had high CRP but also high eritrosit.
            At our 2nd and 3th chemo a very bad side effect occured.Oleander and chemo interact eachother.Later no side effect occured during chemo.
            I understand why you asked that question about pain.Is there any immune responce,necrosis during normal days?
            Yes there was little pain but 1 sec and less,not like after fever.
            AND a very very interesting thing he told me.If you are not cancer there will no fever after injection.
            I didnt try it to myself,but know 2 people tried and no fever,only 37,5.If they didnt tell lie.
            Kind Regards

            1. One more thing may be i can forget,i bought a INFRARED thermometer.
              Her forehead and abdomen fever were always different.
              Very high fever on abdomen.more than 40C,when forehead is38C

            2. hi ergin,

              i would like to know where you bought the oleander, and how much it cost?

              can it be shipped to europe?

              my nickname in cancer compass is altermed,please pm details there if you don t want to send in public


            3. Hi alternmed,

              Good question. I am also interested in the answer to this question, so lets keep the communication here, if possible.
              Could you please create a user on this website so that I do not have to approve your comments in the future? Thanks.

            4. Dear altermed,
              I dont have any account on cancercompass.I dont find it ethic to talk here about another website.
              Daniel gives lots of time for us.I like his way of helping us,so i am only here and forever here.
              For your question,

            5. I can help you whenever you want.You ll have lots of questions while using.
              But please we talk here so everyone can learn how to use it.

  13. Hi,
    I have very different news today.I got the blood counts and very excited.And i need help.
    The CA 125 is declined to 21.What does it mean?My brain stopped working.
    We got chemo nearly 18 days ago.And we use only iv curcumin and iv vitC+pills as you know.
    No HBOT no hypertermia.Only KD.
    What must we do from now on?Do you have any idea?
    May be 45 days ago she was flu and ca125 rised because of that.And now slowing down.But there was litlle progress on PET!!!,
    It must be more than 35(we begin ipt with 35)
    Can curmumin iv with iv vit C works without chemo?
    Can chemo work more than or after 2 weeks?Or chemo worked with curcumin but ca125 is declining now?
    Tomorrow i am going to begin DCA.But will i give chance to iv curcumin+iv vitC alone for 1-2 weeks?
    Or DCA+iv curcumin+iv vitC
    Or chemo+DCA+iv curcumin+iv vitC
    Yes there is stg positive but do you think that we have to make more agressive therapy,to fight with all weapons.?
    Please neeed your kind comments,to all friends.

    MEECH i talked with a doctor today and told me that DCA+2DG works perfect.You were right.Again thanks.

    Kind Regards

  14. I think the most important question we have to know is:
    How many days can chemo work after administrated?
    If we can learn this,the problem is solved.
    And i dont want to make iv curcumin sellers rich with incomplete data and my half knowlodge..Everyone can not buy it.It is very expensive in everywhere.
    If it really works ,later we can talk about how we can produce it at home,or find cheaper versions.
    Does anybody knows someone who didnt respond to iv curcumin?I wrote our gene sequencing results,May be we can compare each other.
    Or we can compare the products ,the particle sizes etc.
    I know it sounds fantastic but not impossible.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,
      Nothing is wrong with the website but remember that it is Christmas time and people are spending less time on computers. I am traveling during these weeks and my access to the web will be limited.
      To me, 600mg/day DCA for 53kg is safe.

  15. Hi Ergin

    I have been following this article all the time , I don’t really have enough information to share

    but regarding some of your questions

    about how many days can chemo work after administration , in case of my mother :-

    chemo will work for 3 to 4 weeks maximum , usually the markers will try to rise quickly ,but of course chemo with DCA (not alone)

    and the other thing , I heard that DCA is usually combined with IV vitC , Dr. Akbar Khan from Medicor cancer center talked about possible synergy between DCA + IV Vit C and also with KD

    600mg = about 11mg/kg , its a good dose to start with

    you can rise gradually , you don’t need to rise more than 20mg/kg , the side effects may increase

    don’t forget the B vitamins to reduce the chance of neuropathy

    DCA should be a very good weapon if used with other strong treatments and with chemo

    to me , DCA was always my favorite , also it depends on the source your are buying from


    I don’t think that something is going wrong with the website , nobody is here since yesterday , maybe because its the end of the week , Danial maybe traveled , not sure

      1. Thanks Emad for the response. Can you please let us know what is your DCA source? That is good to know for all of us given the fact that based on your observations it helps your mother.

        1. I tried this , and this

          but the best results i had is when using this one

          i guess that DCA from chemical companies like sigma and santa cruz maybe better but also more expenisve

          also are usually selling there products in

          i used to buy the pills from amazon and they really worked with my mother with a very good results

          that’s my own experience , should be right , but maybe wrong

  16. Than you Emad Daniel.
    I want to talk abut necrosis and immunoteraphy.I also think like Daniel that oleander works on necrosis.
    While i was searching for necrosis and immunoteraphy,i have found a great article that cure mice.
    They heat only 1 tumor with laser and necrosis occurs.There are lots of enzyemes release
    .Then they inject chitosan into tumor.So the enzyemes go to the other tumors by the help of chitosan.
    But they use low dose chemo to deplet Tregs.
    If immunity occurs,it will be impossible to make those mice that type of cancer.
    Because of this i gave my 11 months to search for necrosis and photo thermal teraphy.
    I have talked with that company for lots of months.They want to make clinical trials in Turkey.
    Although i have good relationships with government and hospitals because of my job,we couldnt begin clinical trials in Turkey,
    due to regulatory requirements.
    Now they are making clinical trials in Peru on 50 patient.
    They cured some breast cancer patients,YES CURE. before this Peruvian trial.
    It is called InCVAX.

    So,if nerium oleander works by necrosis.And for all of the tumors.Then it is perfect but what about tregs?Low dose chemo?
    But it also supresses T cells.And chemo causes oleander not to work.
    But what is the mechanism?We have to search more.

    1. Dear Ergin,

      Indeed Tregs can be influenced by low dose chemo, e.g. cyclophosphamide
      On cyclophosphamide: Low dosages: new chemotherapeutic weapons on the battlefield of immune-related disease
      Cyclophosphamide “metronomic” chemotherapy for palliative treatment of a young patient with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer
      Cimetidine may be a better option:
      Also, Curcumin, inhibits the suppressive activity of Treg cells

      Kind regards,

    2. Ergin, regarding the clinical trials for Oleander, why it was not possible to start them in Turkey? What was the barrier?
      If the company has the financials for the clinical trials I can help them to connect with hospitals that are willing to support and perform the clinical trials in EU (Romania), and the cost will be about half of the costs in Western EU.

      1. Dear Daniel,
        Really interesting article about low dose chemo ovarian cancer,i hope at the and she will cure but not unfortunately.
        But platin resistant patient and low dose chemo works alone!!!?
        If it really works why we took lots of chemo in 1 day,why we always talk about agressive teraphy?
        If DCA added to this protocol?What do you think.?

      2. I worked too much about the clinical trial for InCVAX but the regulatory requirements were needed.
        It is an American company
        Chitosan is not FDA approved and in Turkey there are lots of doors has to be opened.
        They protect domestic researchers And this is patented.
        If you like i can send the mail of the president of the company.May be you can help them.
        But they need some investment.

  17. Dear Friends,
    We gave 600 mg dca yesterday night.The blood sugar became 85 in the morning .Was always around 100.
    So i gave her half of metformin today.500mg morning,500mg night.Is it wrong?
    And 2dg ofcourse.
    May be you have talked too much about DCA but sorry for asking about it.I couldnt find the sources here.
    She drank 2 lt water.No tea for 2 weeks.I cannot give half of DCA ,300mg x2 because powder inside capsule.
    As i read if no caffeine added to diet,the chance of working of DCA slows down.If you begin with cafein there is a risk of
    Tumor Lysis Syndrome (TLS).And vitB1 2x 500mg.
    Then when will i switch to caffein,and 2x600mg DCA?

    And i can see we are going to Dr Masato HADA s protocol slowly by slowly.I really begin to think low dose cyclosphamide.
    Also InCVAX they use same.

    1. Hi Ergin,

      500mg morning and 500mg evening sounds good to me.
      How much 2DG are you using?
      I would not be worried about TLS when adding caffeine.
      If you intend to increase DCA dose to 1200mg/day, I would first increase to 900mg/day for some time and next to 1200mg/day, step by step – not directly doubling doses.
      A medical doctor and professor that I like, Dr. Dana Flavin, was once writing to me on Cyclo. administration the following:
      “… cyclophaosphamide one pulse dosage of 193mg/meter squared one time followed by 50 mg 3 x/week for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks a pause is needed as the cyclophosphamide loses its sensitivity through tolerance.”
      This is the protocol she was suggesting to inhibit Tregs.

      Just make sure you do not overload your dear mom with too many chemicals and be selective.

      Kind regards,

        1. Dear Ergin, thank you! Yes I did investigated PNC-27 sometime ago. Given that there is a lot of marketing behind and those few that I know and tried did not had any benefits, I would invest my time and money in something else.

          This is my assessment based on the limited information I have on this treatment option but if anyone has obtained benefits from PNC-27 and is reading this comment, please leave a comment here.

  18. Blood sugar become to 75 although we gave half dose metformin.Today 500mg x 1 i am going to give.
    We gave her 2DG 500mg X 2.fOR 3 ,5 MONTHS.
    You are right may be we have to reduce some of the drugs.

  19. Dear Daniel,

    My most sincere condolences and deepest sympathy for the lost of your wife. You have done a great work for all cancer patients. We need your Foundation to have a glimpse of hope going through this terrible life experience of having cancer.

    Also I want to thank everybody for sharing your experiences here.

    I have advanced clear cell ovarian cancer and going through the frontline chemo. I have two young children. Clear cell is known to be resistant to chemo and has a bad prognosis. I am willing to try different alternatives and willing to share my experience too.


    I am really sorry you and your mom have to deal with this diagnosis. Surgery is strongly recommended in ovarian cancer to reduce a tumor burden and make chemo more effective. You have to really decide if surgery would be advisable and beneficial right now for her. Low dose cyclophosphamide sounds like a very interesting option. Is there any possibility for her to be enrolled to a clinical trial? Please update us on your mom situation.

    I really want to try salinomycin. I am thinking to use salinomycin monosodium salt. Would Emad or anybody share what to use and how to make it an IV form? I think the protocol is every other day for 2-3 weeks.

    Thank you very much.


    1. Dear Tanya,

      Thank you for your kind message. I am glad to hear your words of appreciation and so sorry to hear you have to fight cancer, specifically at an young age.

      The Foundation will be registered in the coming months, I expect very soon – there is a need for a minimum number of people in order to start up the foundation and I spent some time lately to find those people with the right core values in order to have a coherent, sustainable and strong team.

      I am glad you are willing to share your experience here. If you like to have that in the same manner as Ergin did (i.e. a specific post focused on your story), please let me know and I will make a post out of it. In that case you can send the content that you like me to post at [email protected]

      Regarding Salinomycin, if it would me going through chemo I would clearly add Salinomycin in between. Maybe not so often as every other day, but one-two times every week during chemo and a few weeks after that in order to address the cancer stem cells possibly initiated by chemo.

      While that goes with the disclaimer posted on this website under the “Home” button, I will share with you the preparation and administration method I used on Salinomycin, via my e-mail [email protected]. Just send me an e-mail as a reminder. Salinomycin is dangerous if not prepared and used properly and as a result I prefer to communicate on that personally.

      Since currently you are using chemo, this post may also be of help:
      Omega 3 is also expected to support chemo

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Daniel,
        Thank you for your response. You are so kind. I will email you about Salinomycin, Sal. makes sense to me. You posted an article about low dose cyclophosphamide and something just clicked in my brain. I researched it on ovarian cancer boards and found a few women who had stable disease 1year + on this regime without major side effects. Will discuss it with my oncologist tomorrow. I would rather just respond here on Ergin’s story for now but thank you. I replied to Ergin but my 1st post did not get through – please disregard it, I am rewriting it. Thank you.

  20. Dear Tanya,
    I am very sorry that i hear about your diagnosis.And very sorry for my poor language.
    I always belive in placebo.Laugh every time if you can.In all clinical trials there is placebo effect.
    First belive it.Believe that you can win .I very believe it after meeting friends here.You can learn lots of things here.
    There are lots of expert here more than me but also i am trying to give all my experiences to all patients.
    We begin DCA 5 days ago.And there is pain on her tumor places begin .That sounds good to me.And ca125 is still 21 after 1 month chemo past.

    If you can wait for 15 days,i can tell you the latest results,without chemo.We are going to begin chemo after that,if needed.
    But we dont know if she is platinium resistant or not.
    What is your CA125?Can you follow it from ca125?Any Surgery?
    May be DCA makes chemo to work on you.
    Tanya,I think Emad is going to begin salinomycin salt version in 1-2 weeks. He is a perfect man that who gave promise to help patients,just like Daniel.You can wait for him if you wish.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,

      I so much agree with you: “Believe” is key in everything we do in this live.
      Our believe system is defined by reference points, that is education and what others are saying around us.
      While medical system has its limitations due to various reasons, the academic world has much more freedom to act and their findings should represent positive reference points for all of us. In the end the academic environment is the tip of the arrow of all sciences including medical sciences. And with many of their findings and publications they are demonstrating that there are multiple solutions to cancer. We just have to hear their voices. Doing that we will have a positive foundation for our “Believe” system.

      I do not think that 1-2 weeks is enough to asses the results of Salinomycin Salt version. We would need to wait months to have a conclusion on that in an advanced stage.

      Just as a reminder: If I would have to start, I would start with Salinomycin base version and would use the Salt version only if I could not afford the based version. In the end its a matter of life and if we can use the best we go for that if we can. I know a clinic using Salt version but I still have to ask what was the outcome of that.

      Ergin, is great to hear things are going well with your dear mom!

      Kind regards,

    2. Ergin,

      Your English is fine. English is my second language too. It is great that your mom CA 125 is only 21 one month post chemo. Please keep us posted.

      After researching this disease for months I developed my own treatment philosophy. My cancer is a rare type and responds much worse to conventional treatment than other type of ovarian cancers. I do not want aggressive convention treatment if there is no much benefits to it. That is why I refused my oncologist advice 3 times and had to find another doctor.

      Please do not disregard your oncologist advice completely because there may be some good results with conventional treatment with your mom’s type cancer. I think the best approach is to combine conventional and alternative together to fight this disease.

      I had 3 cycles of chemo, then less aggressive surgery than was offered by my 1st oncologist. I have 2 more cycles of chemo to finish frontline treatment. Will see my doctor tomorrow. If my CA 125 is not good I consider adding DCA. I am taking metformin, aspirin, melatonin, Avemar, Pectosal, and was taking cimetidine before surgery.

      I am also very interested in salinomycin and low dose cyclophosphomade. I researched oleander and was not impressed with it. One reputable homeopathic doctor strongly recommended me to start mistletoe therapy after I am done with chemo. I will try it.

      I live in US. I think a have a pretty good understanding what conventional medicine can offer for ovarian cancer. There are non chemo options like parp inhibitors, targeted therapy, hormone inhibitors. There are also some very interesting vaccine and oncolytic viruses trials in US and in Europe.

      Where are you from?


      1. Dear Tanya,
        I am from Turkey.I and my family have choosen a way without surgery.But always we are thinking about it.I always wonder the end and sometimes cant sleep.Because i took too much responsibility about her.But never loose hope.
        Firstly we believed to oleander too much and lost lots of months on it.But i know there is something special with it,but without highdose chemo.Misseltoe is not same.There is no tumor pain after using it.

        I searched too much for clinical trials chemo and surgery alone.And didnt like the feedback.
        If i knew salinomycin,iv curcumin etc at the beginnings i had exactly choosen the surgery.She had omental cake and hundreds of metastasis,and was very late stage when diagnosed.And surgery makes patient weaker.She is 70 years old.
        But now if we see the chemo is still working,do we have to think about surgery?
        And for what time it is going to work?She took 24 chemos.

        1. Ergin,

          Sorry for delayed response. All I know that frontline treatment (surgery + chemo) put about 80% of women into remission and you can be cancer free for some time. It is more difficult to go into remission without surgery.

          I refused surgery in the beginning and only agreed to it after 3 cycles of chemo. I still don’t believe that surgery was beneficial for me. I agreed to it because I wanted to be eligible for clinical trials. You mom’s case is different.

          Ovarian cancer surgery is sometimes called “the mother of surgeries” because it could be extensive. Also I read that surgery is less effective after 6+ cycles of chemo. I would discuss it with your mom’s oncologist to see if she is a candidate for surgery.


          1. Dear Tanya,

            How are you?What are the latest results?Have you got ca 125 results?
            I wonder in the begining and now after chemo.I hope it is declined like you wish.
            Did you ask DCA to your oncologist?,there are some very good results on it in internet combination with chemo.
            I hope and hope and hope i will give you good results about DCA on this saturday.
            Kind Regards

            1. Ergin,

              I have been talking with Daniel about Salinomycin protocol. I will let everyone know how it goes if I decide to do it.
              I will definitely try DCA sooner or later. My oncologist won’t know anything about my experiments. The oncologist can refuse to treat you here, in US, if you try to deviate from standard of care.

              My CA 125 dropped from 40 to 7 after 3 cycles of chemo and went up to 9.4 after surgery. I can’t rely on CA too much with my type of cancer. I will have a scan in 3 month after I am done with all chemo.

              I am determined to try other options before I have to do a 2nd line of chemo.

              Fingers crossed for your mom and the results on Saturday.


      2. For ovarian c. you may also want to have a look at

        The Wnt/β-catenin pathway in ovarian cancer: a review.
        Inhibition of Wnt/β-catenin pathway by niclosamide: a therapeutic target for ovarian cancer.
        Growth inhibition of ovarian tumor-initiating cells by niclosamide.

        Combination comprising macitentan and paclitaxel for treating multi-drug resistant ovarian cancer

        Kind regards,

        1. Dear Daniel,
          Thank you very much for your great search.I found Macitentan but very very expensive.
          28x10mg package costs 1500 usd.That means nearly 3000 usd daily.Is it true? i am shocked.
          In mice they use 10 mg/kg/DAY.

  21. 2016.12.28
    Dear Tanya, Daniel, ergin
    From the recent reference below, I think you can find the way of treatment.
    Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 2016 Dec;64(6):463-483. Epub 2016 May 28.
    Transcription Factor NF-κB: An Update on Intervention Strategies.
    Panday A1,2, Inda ME3, Bagam P4, Sahoo MK5, Osorio D1, Batra S6,7.

    Like breast cancer, ovarian cancer is derived from epithelial origin. NF-κB acts as biphasic regulator in ovarian cancer, as it plays a role as a tumor suppressor and induces apoptosis but it can be reprogrammed and act as oncogene in chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells.
    The critical issue in ovarian cancer treatment is the resistance to platinum-based chemotherapy, and NF-κB acts as a key regulator for developing this resistance and thus attributes to the aggressive recurrent ovarian cancer.
    Since NF-κB promotes angiogenesis and is involved in cancer progression, it acts as a major target for the therapeutic purposes. Various pharmacological substances like thalidomide, celecoxib, gemcitabine, cisplatin, doxorubicin,
    genistein, bortezomib, sulfasalazine and others either alone or in combination with radiotherapy or other pharmacological agents have already entered clinical studies and show promising results to treat various types of cancer (Hada and Mizutari 2004; Heinemann et al. 2000; Jimeno et al. 2006; Lo et al. 2010; Loehrer et al. 2011; Pavese et al.2010; Wang et al. 2012).

    Masato Hada

    1. Dear Dr Masato Hada,

      Thank you for your great advices.It is not a normal thing in this world that a doctor helps people in public place.
      I am very happy and excited when i see your thoughts here.They give us hope.
      I wonder your thoughts on iv curcumin,DCA and salinomycin also.If you can find time could you please write us about them.
      Your experiences maybe.
      Kind Regards

      1. Dear Ergin,
        After graduating Pharmaceutical School, I entered Medical school, so I’m qualified pharmacist and doctor. I had the surgical training under the US surgical specialist. After the cancer operation, recurrence was inevitable. I selected the most effective drugs which we can get according to the authoritative references (thalidomide, celecoxib, valproic acid).
        I read the reference below,
        Eur J Med Chem. 2016 Dec 23;127:100-114. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2016.12.043. [Epub ahead of print]
        Synthesis and biological evaluation of curcumin inspired indole analogues as tubulin polymerization inhibitors.
        Sri Ramya PV1, Angapelly S1, Guntuku L2, Singh Digwal C1, Nagendra Babu B1, Naidu VG2, Kamal A3.
        At present, I think curcumin is at the stage of research and development. I cannot answer more because I’ve never used curcumin and never learned curcumin at pharmaceutical school.
        Masato Hada from Japan

    2. Dear dr Masato Hada,

      Would you consider to help me how to overcome or not to let to develop resistance to erbitux in colorectal cancer? Which treatment, substances would be synergistic?

      I do not how to move to another topic here as this topic belongs to ergin.

      Thank you in advance for your help.

  22. Hi sorry Ergin to make your thread a bit off topic,
    but I need some serious and fast advices for my mom who is currently at a very late stage and getting worse day by day. she has stage 4 CRC with mets to liver and possibly other organs since we don’t have a recent scan. she hardly walks anymore and is dealing with cachexia and ascites/edema. I know our chance is next to zero but still..I’m getting DCA in the next few days and wanted to know if anyone has any advice regarding starting it for a very weak patient.
    I gave her Thalidomide for a week a few weeks a go and I noticed some improvements but I was scared to self administrate as I don’t have a recent blood work to know what exactly were the risks.
    I do have ECCT too and I believe it was helping to an extent but my mom rarely uses it anymore as she expected a fast improvement which was not happening, same thing happened when we were using MG too.
    I’d be very thankful if you guys shared any thoughts/advices.

    1. Pouya, why wont you try maraviroc. Looks really promising. We started to use it recently, but we use it together with erbitux. We had good scans, we do not know if it is erbitux or maraviroc or both.

      1. Hi Ann,
        Very happy to hear good news from you.We all need this.
        Could you please expand how did you used them.What is your protocol?
        Really excited now.
        Have you experienced any side effects from maraviroc?

        1. Ergin , I do not really know if I should write here (it is your topic)or in maraviroc thema.
          We used erbitux for 2 months (still using). Cea decreased from 550 to 125 just in one month. Two weeks ago we added maraviroc, low dose 150 mg twice daily, not like in clinical trial 300mg. The big issue is the liver, which after very unsuccesful sirt is cirrhotic. The issue is very severe diarhea and little by little climbing bilirubine. I made some research and I am not sure if Maraviroc and Erbitux are synergistic. I found contradictory literature and I am confused. I will put zll these literature maybe tomorrow, I write now from my phone, and it is not easy.

          I find Maraviroc really synergistic with any other chemo or as monotherapy but Erbitux. … makes me hesitating. Usually erbitux just stops tumors from growing. We had tumor regression, what can be only due to immune reaction started with CD8+ and then cross talk with DC and NK. But ccr5 antagonist stops CD8+ infiltrating according to what I read. On the other hand it stops CD8+ killing by Tregs. .. I am really confused.

          But for Pouya mum I would really try it. There were people in clinical trial whose tumors dissapeared after Maraviroc and the other for whom chemo worked again after failure.

  23. Dear Pouya,
    Very very sorry to hear about that.I really understand how you feel.
    Please dont panic .

    I saw good results on curcumin iv which is safe to use for late stage patients.Our CRP declined from 50 to nearly 0 in the first week.And wbc also improved in first week.(our dr gives iv mannose: an antibiotic,for high CRP and saw good results)
    And after improvement of blood counts i think she can take chemo+salinomycin etc..
    You have to control blood counts.It is MUST.

    I cannot compare curcumin iv and salinomycin because we only try curcumin iv.
    She take 9 ipt chemos AND nothing was happened.Stable disiease only.But after using iv curcumin 4 hours before chemo,
    we saw the good results.Second week after iv curcumin +chemo+iv vitc tumor markers began to decline and hair loss begin at week 3 interestingly.

    For DCA:Emad saw good results while using it with chemo.
    How you can begin?I think with very low dose…Because for my mother (who takes 600mg x1) fatique began in the very beginings.

    This is my experience with iv curcumin +iv vit C.She began DCA only 5 days ago so we have no outcomes yet.

    Pouya,it is very hard for people to give advices at this position,you have to decide it at your own risk.Here we can only write you our experiences.Please search for collodial silver.I really wonder it,but never see a patient before who used it.And dont take it as an advice please.Just search.May be we can find someone who uses it after my message.

    Kind Regards

  24. Thanks Ergin and Ann,
    It’s too late now. My mom’s condition suddenly became even worse. She passed away today. I just hope she forgives me that I was not brave, knowledgeable and smart enough to make better decisions for her. After all I was just an artist with zero scientific background. Wish you friends all the best in your fights.

    1. Dear Pouya,

      I am so sorry to hear that … you did everything what you could do and much more than many others in this world while I know, your country regulations did not made that easy for you. I am sure your mother WAS and IS very proud of you and what you did for her. I am very sorry for your loss Pouya. Please accept my deepest condolences. I will be glad to keep in contact with you either via this website or on private.

      Kind regards,

    2. I am so sorry Pouya. I am sure you did your best. The truth is we do not know yet the best way and sometimes too much is worse than not enough.
      My heart is with you.

    3. My condolences Pouya. Very sorry to hear that.

      At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be asked to make these choices. You are not a medical professional, nor are any of us. You gave it your best shot, trusted your gut and did your diligence to make sure you didn’t speed up your mother’s demise and you can’t be faulted for that. It’s a lot to ask of someone to cure cancer. You should be proud of your effort.

  25. Thanks dear Daniel, of course I’ll be staying in touch with you both here and in private as you are the best person that I’ve ever known in my life.

    Dear Ergin,Emad and Ann thanks or your kind words. never let your loved ones go. I hope none of you will feel what I felt today.

    Dear Meech,
    Of course I’m partly to blame.I consciouly took the responsibility to take care of my mom knowing that such love can not be replaced and I failed at it. I should have tried harder, be braver.
    I know that this is inappropriate to share here but you guys are the only ones that could possibly understand the pain that is killing me inside. When my mom’s condition was deteriorating and she couldn’t make her own meals, I was trying to manage her diet in a way that we don’t feed the cancer and buy some time to get new meds. My dad however kept feeding her all the things that should’ve been avoided because her oncologist had already given up on her and he kept telling me that I was torturing my mom with things I’m doing. he was convinced that neither diet nor anything else helps my mom and chemo was her only chance. keeps telling everyone that my efforts were desperate tries of someone who couldn’t accept the reality.
    That made me feel terrible and become indecisive regarding all the things I was doing and all the risks I should’ve taken in the most critical time. still I should’ve been brave and did the right thing.
    Add that to the complications this god damn cursed country had enforced upon us. Keeping ECCT at the customs for 2 months was the least, we do not get to have a credit card so in order to buy a simple supplement I had to find someone who had one and another person to carry it here so that it wouldn’t be held in the Iranian customs forever. That approach would still take at least a month for me to get what I needed. sometimes more because the second person had their plans changed,etc.
    Point being; There are many other pieces needed aside from proper treatment, to complete the puzzle of cancer especially in a 3rd world country. If people were more aware and knowledgeable I probably had the most important piece lacking which was the support of my family. believing in what you do as mentioned by Ergin is truly a key element indeed. when my mom was giving up on MG and other treatments no one besides me asked her not to. I did a terrible mistake of telling my mom that MG is usually followed by symptomatic improvements soon after starting the treatment. we started MG right when Ascites was forming so she couldn’t see such improvements that soon. it was only after stopping MG that and sudden worsening of her condition that I realized it was indeed working at least to an extent. this was the time that a family support was needed to convince her to resume MG or at least other treatments especially when I didn’t have anything to replace it. every little thing matters. people dealing with cancer are very emotionally fragile and every single word or gesture may affect them in way we don’t expect.
    so I’m now left with a mixed feeling of sadness, remorse, hatred and pity towards everything and everyone around me and I know that I have to deal with unbearable regret due to the mistakes I made. Feeling like a total stranger in a place where everything seems to be deliberately designed to be against you.
    sorry for a very long and irrelevant post but I had to share it with someone who could understand.
    I understand if Daniel decides to delete or remove this post as it has nothing to do with the topic.
    thanks everyone who ever tried to help me.

    1. Dear Pouya,

      I have many things to say and maybe we should have a Skype call. But you should realize that in a way or another all who lost someone dear, are going through similar experiences and feelings like you.

      I have seen very few patients who would do “anything” to survive, following the treatments as they should, believing in their treatments and having a strong desire to stay alive. And most of those are still alive. So the basics that have to be there for any patient to succeed is to have the desire, believe and expectation he/she will succeed. If any of these three elements is missing, the chances are very limited regardless of how much the caregiver would like to succeed.

      Pouya, you need to stop blaming yourself or anyone from your family. Every one did his best given his/her knowledge, experience, believes at that moment. Is not your family fold they did not believed in these treatments you were discussing. They simply did not have the access to info, the curiosity and/or capability to understand what you understood. So they were well intended in everything they did too, just like you, just that they did not had the extended understanding of the situation that you had.

      It is always easy to look back and think I should have done that or that. I have the tendency to do that as well, and anyone has that tendency. It is a human tendency. But when that happens, stop doing that because you really did what you could. At any given moment you acted in the best way based on the information and tools you had at hand. Now, when we look back we forget details that were very relevant at that point and that led us to act in a specific way. If you would have done something else, it could have been also worse and not necessarily good. That you will never know, that is why you need to stop looking back and thinking various scenarios. I usually like a lot reflection, but in my opinion this is the only moment in life when you have to stop doing that.

      Finally, realize that you were fighting the challenge of humanity. And like me and many others here, you started from zero in oncology and you’ve got to the point of understanding and discussing here academic publications. This is something that not many can do on this planet and you should realize that. Even in the context of all the limitations of your country you still succeeded to access treatments many can not access even in western countries.

      If there is someone guilty here is all of us accepting the pharmaceutic industry as is. An industry that is purely focused on growth and profitability. This is the industry that carries the responsibility to bring solutions for cancer; solutions that should already be here to cure all those suffering cancer patients. Unfortunately, this industry as is will never bring to us a solution to cancer as that itself will lead to the decline of the industry.

      This is why instead of blaming us or our family who actually did the best, we should turn our pain into positive energy and try to change something in this world in anyway we can, so that one day we change this drug industry from a business to a human oriented industry.

      Pouya, your mother is next to you and she saw how much you cared about her all this time and how much you loved her.

      Kind regards,

  26. Dear Daniel,
    I am looking forward to a skype call as I’m not done with this fight yet. I have a plan that I need to discuss with you. I’m also staying here with you guys and keep learning and spreading the word and help everyone that I can especially in my own country where no one knows anything about any of this. I have seen famous Iranian Oncologists writing articles on their websites on diet in which they have adviced patients to take icecream and cake in order to get enough energy to go through their treatments and also that “patients should take everything that is halal” meaning it is not forbidden by god!
    I know that I shouldn’t blame my father but I can not help it no matter how hard I try. The image of my mom’s helpless struggle in the last day keeps haunting me. The way she asked me not to leave the room and leave her alone. My question from every one who ever claimed to love my mom is simple; why didn’t you have the curiosity to know more? Why didn’t you bother?
    you are right though, the damage is done and none of these will bring back my dear mother so I’ll try to focus on the fight and educating myself and also the plan that I will tell you about through our pivate communication.

    1. Dear Pouya,

      I always write and erase here to you.I cannot not find the right words to write.Believe me after your loss,
      we all are thinking of you.Everyday i am thinking of you.But It is life man,sure very hard but please think like this:
      Your experiences are going to save lifes in the future,i am sure of it.You can help people there and here with your experiences,life is going and give yourself some time without thinking cancer.We began 4 people to treatments and lost 3 unfortunately in my country.They spent lots and lots of money,expensive doctors,treatments and time.It is not so easy to switch treatments and begin new medicines at terminal case and may be more dangerous ,so never feel guilty please.
      I dont know you have children or not but they are changing our lifes positive.
      Think future,never look past.


  27. For you Daniel and for you all my Friends here, I wish you all the best in New Year.
    I wish you on first place health, that is what we and our closest need the most. I am dreaming that this year maybe we have solution against this horrible disease.
    I wish you also a lot of love and joy, how hard it can be to reach, just to try and treasure every day !

  28. Dear Ann,

    Your experiences about Maraviroc and Erbitux is very valuable.
    And it really needs more attention.When people begin to use some medicine they totally forget us.
    If the result is good or bad,we cannot find them anymore.You are not from those people,please keep with us.
    We need your experiences Ann.

    Happy healthy new year to you and to all friends.

    Kind Regards


    1. Ergin,

      As soon as we have experience we will share it.
      I believe in this medication.
      For the moment Freddy stopped Maraviroc, because diarhea which it causes and travelling is too difficult.
      I would like also to find out if Maraviroc do not work against erbitux.

  29. Dear Friends,

    Could you please help me on Tetrathiomolybdate(TM),copper chelator.Does anybody has tried or now using TM?
    I read the link that Daniel has created about TM but couldnt find someone who is using it.
    How can we control blood counts,at how many days to check?Does it really takes for 1-2 month to show its efficacy.
    IF IT WORKS,you have to use it without stopping.Can we live with low copper?
    Than if we have to stop it because of side effects,tumors grow faster than before.
    What does IF IT WORKS mean?,i am always thinking about this question these days?
    Does it mean that copper is not depleted by the help of TM or copper is depleted but not working ?
    I think i cannot find an oncologist who is expert on TM in my country.
    May be Wilson’s disease is the key.

    Could you please share your experiences about TM,if you have?
    Or Daniel may want us to talk this situation on the link about TM.
    Kind Regards

  30. Interestingly collodial silver also deplets copper,maybe more than TM.
    I am sorry to write here about this copper depletion,but i am confused where to write DCA and TM or collodial silver.

    1. If it is specifically about TM is good to add your comment on the related post. If not here is fine. Is just about trying to have a clean content. You decide what is best while having that in mind.
      When I have time I will have a look at the connection between copper and colloidal silver too. Thanks.

  31. Thanks DANIEL,

    You gave me a great hand and that helped me too much.Thanks for everybody that helped me in this post.
    I am going to write to the related posts from now on.That is better ,i also think like you.
    We are going to become a good team here with our friends .

    Kind Regards and Many Thanks

  32. Dear Daniel & Ergin & All,

    I have been reading your blog in the last few days with tremendous interest (as I suspect I may have ovarian cancer). I was taken with the power of your writing especially about your beautiful angel, your wife and my sincere condolences upon losing her, which must have been a heart-wrenching experience. I am writing about Coley’s toxins, a very interesting early “immune” therapy in the 1st half of the 20th century. Here is a good article to start (though a bit wishy-washy, in my opinion) and a patient still alive after his sarcoma treated by Coley himself more than 60 years ago: Unfortunately Coley’s toxins are not available for now and regulations have become so extensive that it would make it prohibitively expensive to restart it. Still, it was an amazing therapy and folks should know about it and demand its revival. Cannot fathom why it would be so pricey to make sure that the bacterial strain remains the same. Do they do that every time they produce a protein using E.coli? My apologies if you consider this topic redundant. As you can see from the 1st article (I linked here) there has a clinical trial been started in Germany but Phase 2 would be way too expensive. Maybe, Ergin, you could check if this is an option in Turkey? I am rooting wholeheartedly for your success regarding your mom’s cancer and am amazed by all the information and logical conclusions you all draw by analysing the available information.

    1. Dear Helga,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing here your thoughts regarding Coley’s toxin. Since you said you suspect it means you are not sure, so I hope you do not have that. Regarding, Coley’s toxin, this topic is clearly not redundant – it is actually touching the core of our discussions here. Indeed, Coley’s approach was and is highly relevant opening the road to possibly new types of cancer treatment. Many advances have been made on this road, and a few of those I already tried to address here Unfortunately, the drug industry did not invested seriously in further advancing such treatment strategies like Virotherapy or Bacteriolytic therapies, but instead invested into Immunotheraphies such as anti-PD1/PDL1 that are extremely expensive, can have huge side effects and are killing many people. There are probably multiple reasons behind these choices but indeed, the fact is that today the potential of Virotheraphy and Bacteriolytic therapies is under explored. I usually do not write much about such therapies because they have limited accessibility but I promises one day I will write about Coley’s toxin as well as check its current availability/quality. For now, the advancement of the Foundation I intend to put in place is slow, due to private reasons. However, that will rapidly accelerate in the second part of this year and the mid to long term goal of that will be to get to a point where we can enable clinical trials for those therapies we think have the potential to seriously represent a solution to cancer (and business solutions as they do today). Coley toxin is indeed available at various clinics across the world but the quality will be probably different. Btw, I think Ralph Moss explained well why Coley’s toxin is not being developed: “The production of Cole’s toxin is remarkable inexpensive. Making six month’s supply comes about one dollar … Coley’s toxins are not patentable”. This says it all.

      Since I feel you have a scientific background, you are most welcome to write an article on Coley’s toxin and it will be my pleasure to publish it here. I off course understand if you do not find the time, but hope to see your comments here again.

      Kind regards,

  33. Just here to wish you and your mother but the other readers a great new week ahead.

    Warm huggs to you ergin, your mother and everyone else.
    I can not express the deep gratitude and all the other emotions me and my mother feel when we read here and of course when we see how much help we are getting.


  34. Dear Friends,
    I wish i ll give you good news today but unfortunately markers are still rising.
    These days i cant think healthy as you see from my extraordinary questions and maybe i mixed some of your minds because of it.
    I am really sorry for that but something is going wrong.And i can not find the solution.So i have to ask everything in mind.
    30 minutes past here and i dont know what to write.Only the good thing is albumin 38 if it shows stg.
    Her bowel movements is not good,painful for 1 week,tumor markers are rising,very low PLT.very high LDH and blood glucose is high 120?
    Things are not going good these days.But it will be good,never give up.As Emad says we didnt use the powerful treatments yet.
    When i find my mind,i will wirite the probable causes of rising markers.

    Daniel,i am very happy that you are in my life.You give hope,knowledge and power to all of us.I feel your help always near me.
    But sometimes we dont know how to use your knowledge.It is not your fault.You wrote there lots of valuable things but i used only few honestly.
    Phlorizin is always in my mind,and as soon as possible i ll try it.

    1. Dear friend Ergin,

      I am sorry to hear about the blood results. I thought there was a big decline in CA from your earlier post. I hope things will get better soon. Can you please share what are the exact steps you took during the last month in terms of treatments (chemo, other drugs, supplements) and the evolution of markers? Also the LDH level? If you like we can discuss on Skype.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Daniel,
        There are lots of possibilites to think and solve in our last month treatment.Too much complicated.

        Beginning first chemo:3 days before chemo she stopped all drugs including collodial silver.
        Day1.Iv curcumin+Iv vitc+gemzar+avastin.
        Day2.Oxaliplatin+hyperthermia.(no curcumin)
        Day3-Day10 Free of drug because of stomach pain+newly placed port.(only nexium,a proton pump inhibitor)
        After day 11 again she began metformin+dca+nexium.
        Day 14:CA125 declined from 93 to 70.VERY GOOD!!!

        Second chemo:
        Day1:Iv curcumin+Iv vitc+gemzar(no avastin)+hyperthermia.
        Day2:Iv curcumin+Oxaliplatin+hyperthermia.
        Day 4:HCA added.
        Day7:CA125 climbed from 70 to 90???What happened here?
        Day10:Citric acid added.
        Day14:CA125 climbed from 90 to 115.
        (CA125:%50 climbed in 2 weeks after second chemo)

        Third chemo:
        Day1.Iv curcumin+Iv vitc+gemzar+avastin again.
        Day2.First time just before Oxaliplatin: 2DG+metformin+DCA+omeprazole+HCA.
        Day3.All drugs except citric acid.
        Day4.Citric acid added again.
        Day7.Citric acid stopped because of vomitting.
        Day8.Mebendazole added.
        Day11.CA125 climbed from 115 to 130

        First chemo a very good decline in markers .
        1.Collodial silver worked with chemo but before 3 days we stopped it.It may be in blood for 1 week if they true write.
        2.Avastin worked with 1st chemo because in second chemo no avastin.But 3th chemo there is avastin but no decline.
        3.HCA did stg wrong,after a short time climbed CA125
        4.DCA did stg wrong.(When i doubled the dose as a standalone therapy,CA125 doubled before chemo courses)
        5.Chemo works with iv curcumin and iv vitc +hyperthermia only(1st chemo without any drugs),as dr said stop all drugs.
        6.We must be panic because they became all resistant.(bad bowel movements easily seen there is a progress)
        7.LDH is climbed on last chemo+added mebendazole as a dead cancer cell marker,we will see a decline on coming days.
        Can a chemo works for 1 week perfect,than resistivity begins?

        Kind Regards

        1. Dear Ergin,

          Thank you for the overview. It is almost perfect overview 🙂 To understand it even better, would be great if we would have time of start and stop of drugs/supplements.

          For now, a major correlation I see is between starting Levotirol and the CA increase. Is your mom still using that?

          I wrote an article sometime ago specifically addressing that subject and showing that T4 is leading to tumor growth. As I understand Levotirol that your mom is taking is exactly T4 hormone.
          On the other hand, deplition of T4 in patients with various tumor types lead to great results. Please read my post and the included references. Specifically look at this article and the Table 1 included. There are 3 patients with ovary cancers. Out of those 2 had complete response and one partial response after T4 depletion which tells me that ovary cancer may be specifically sensitive to T4.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

          1. Thank you very much Daniel,
            This is amazing.I hope this will work.Excited too much.
            Tomorrow i will get past blood results from clinics.
            I have been arranging her TSH levels from lots years with levotiron.
            Now they are all in ranges,there is nothing strange with her hormone levels with added T4.
            But when she was on nerium oleander therapy, they were changed i remember now.I arranged the doses again.
            And there is an interesting thing with her past.I dont know a relationship between these but ,when she married she took hormonal therapy for pregnancy.It may cause ovarian ca maybe.

            1. I looked at my notes and what i see :I stopped levotiron during nerium oleander+chemo,incredible.

            2. Just to make sure you understand the idea of the treatment used in the article I gave you above: they suggest that T4 induces tumor growth. As a result what they do is to give to patients medication that lowers the activity of the thyroid. as a result, there will be low amount of T3 and T4 produced. It is very important to have enough T3 and in order to keep that in normal values they give to the patient capsules with T3 and NOT T4. The result, is that there will be an induced low T4 in the body which seems to lead to slow down, stop, reduction of tumors or even complete remission.

              I am explaining this because you mentioned above that there is nothing strange with T4 and that is in normal values after the supplementation with T4 capsules. But as explained above best is to have T4 below normal values. Please read the article carefully, print it out and discuss it with your doctor. He should be able to help you with that if you like to implement.

              Maybe this is what the body of your mom is saying, i.e. it needs low T4.
              As also explained in my post, T4 is actually connected with and increases Na/H exchange transporter activity on the membrane of cells that is also over-express in cancers and that leads to tumor growth, helping the tumor to export acidity (protons) outside cancer cells.

              Given that fact that you are using T4, is indeed good to be aware about the above.

            3. Hi Daniel,
              I read many times ,still reading if something is misunderstood.
              Now she is taking levotiron(T4).
              Latest blood counts of my mother:
              TSH : 2,11 0,27-4,94
              Free T4: 1,18 0,70-1,48
              Free T3: 2,66 1,71-3,71

              As in Table1 in the article,the patients counts are all in the range before T3 treatment ,because they were using T4,just like with us.
              After Depletting T4 by adding T3,TSH+T3 become higher.
              Am i right?

            4. When we look at Table1,TSH levels are very low in patients who uses T4.
              Because they couldnt arrange dosages like me:)
              I give 3/4 of small drug.

            5. Hi Ergin,
              They do not show the T3 level in the table (only T4 and TSH). However, I see that when someone is already on T4 they do not use the other drug to inhibit TSH. They simply first stop T4 and after a week of wash out they start T3. They adjust the dose of T3 so that the patients feels well, within a specific range:

              “Passive T4 Depletion Following Discontinuation of l-T4 Replacement for Pre-Existing Hypothyroidism in Cancer Patients
              Patients were converted to T3 abruptly from l-T4 (50–88 μg daily). After a 1-week washout period, exogenous l-T3 15–37.5 μg/day was begun in 2 or 3 daily divided doses. In all patients, serum FT4 levels decreased to below the lower limit of the reference range and to a nadir by 7 weeks after the start of T3 (range: 3–7 weeks; n = 9) (Table 1). Patient comfort level and functional status, not the serum TSH values, determined the dose of l-T3.”

              What I expect in this case is that in the wash out period when there is no T4 capsule given, TSH will jump up due to the feedback mechanism to the brain. Next, once T3 is added, TSH will start to move down as the brain will feel it has enough thyroid hormone so it doesn’t need to send TSH to the thyroid to ask for hormone production.

              Btw, I see that both ovarian cancer patients that were prior on T4 capsules, once they stopped that they saw complete remission 🙂

              Kind regards,

            6. Hi Daniel,
              When i was arranging the dossages it takes nearly 2 weeks to change TSH levels.
              I call her to stop levotiron.
              Thank you very much Daniel for me and humanity.
              We will see the results next weeks,but when i am happy about stg it is directly getting upsidedown.
              So i have to be shut up for upto the results.
              Kind Regards

            7. Hi Ergin,
              Please take care and do everything under your doctor supervision so that you have a clear view on hormonal status. Not having enough hormones may also be dangerous, so he will need to help you transit from T4 to T3 while monitoring that.
              Kind regards,

    2. sorry to hear this Ergin

      but is there any chance that there is a rising in tumor markers while cancer is shrinking ?

      how about using Sal, 3BP or MG ?

      are you having trouble using IVs ? is there a medical port placed on your mother ?

      stay strong man , we both have a big challenges facing us , but I believe that every cancer have a weak spot , and that weak spot could be found when we try hard many times

      wish you the best my brother

    3. Dear Ergin,
      Reading about your mother got me thinking.
      IF nothing seems to be working for your mother and things are getting worse than they were, than maybe a more basic approach should be considered.
      What about her weight, age, height? We want to consider body mass, mentain or obtain optimum nutrition while inhibiting cancer growth as much as possible.
      Assimilation of treatment elements in the body may not be good due to possible problems on liver, pancreas, intestines, lack of enzimes, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, beneficial bacteria, kidney problems or other glands or reasons. I hear hormones also play a role……
      If pain is existent, it normally goes away with good treatment within a few hours for the most part, some pain may still be there due to tissue damage that is still there and that takes time to heal once the tumour starts to retreat.
      The thing that helped my mother the most was aspirin, but that’s just my opinion and it is indeed dangerous, would still love someone with better education to show up with a solution to the aspirin side effects.
      This you may find interesting
      I can say it helps based on our experience with pain, but that’s where it stops.
      I am just as confused as you are.
      I don’t have answers, just some stuff i read……

      Good luck, Let me know.

  35. Dear Ergin,
    I’m going to quote Daniel here, this something he once told Mar(r.i.p) if I remember correctly and I always thought it was a very valuable piece of advice;
    it is not about pushing a few chemicals into the body, it’s about when and how.
    So what I’m saying is that the problem may not be rooted in your choice of treatments, it may be how you are using them.

      1. I personally like MG a lot. probably more than many other treatments because my mom tolerated it very well and I also noticed my dear mom deteriorated very quickly after we stopped it so my impression was that It was working, we made the mistake of mixing it with many things including Metformin which I recently found out might have rendered it useless for sometime. I stopped Metformin at my own risk at the time but it was late. but as Daniel mentioned to you, this is betting on MG alone which may be risky in your case. one thing about MG in the oral form that you need to bear in mind is that it needs 3 months to show if it is working. this is something that both Prof. Ray and an integrative doctor who was working with MG told me when I met them which I wasn’t aware of. so if you decided to go with it don’t expect a fast response on markers before that. in the clinical trial there was indeed someone who went into complete remission after that 3 months (lung patient) but from what I remember he had not been treated with chemo before and probably was a lucky case of early diagnosis.
        so, during those 3 months what you should expect is symptomatic improvements; better sleep, less pain, more energy, etc. aside from that, Daniel and some of other posters here have always been concerned about the potential heart toxicity of MG. because when on MG you will notice some LDL risings and also in the clinical trial there are 3 patients who have had heart attacks after the treatment. however when I asked Prof. Ray about such risk she denied it and told me that it’s proven to be safe for heart. so keep both of these in mind.
        I have not been able to form an opinion on CA because we didn’t use it.
        hope it helps.

        1. Dear Pouya,
          While i was looking past treatments of my mother,i catch your message.
          It is a very late thank you but THANK YOU.
          At least now we know the working mechanism of MG,or i think i know.
          MG works on inhibiting both glycolisis and mitochondrial respiration which damages hearth cells also.
          Creatine is must.I wonder are you still in communication with Prof Ray?
          Is there any update from MG patients?
          Kind Regards

          1. Hi, dear Ergin, I’m always here lurking and learning as you probably have noticed. I’m not in contact with Prof. Ray at this point. however my best friend’s uncle has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, so I might have to contact her again if things go out of hand. I can contact her on your behalf too if you are busy with other challenges. let me know if you have an specific question(s) or that I can be of any other help.

  36. So i was reading about anti-conceptional pills for women and risk for ovarian cancer.
    Makes me wonder if there may be a hormone problem of sorts…. if so would there be any test for it? If that’s the case then maybe there is some treatment to regulate hormones to normal levels to stop cancer growth.
    I have a “feeling” this may be another side of the story for many cancer types.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Every problem can have multiple solutions and you could search for those by looking at the problem from multiple perspectives. I do believe the hormonal perspective is one that can deliver solutions to cancer, i.e. not only to the well known hormonal cancers. However, hormones are many and essentially interact with everything in our body. So it is a complicated perspective. Although complicated, there are some doctors in USA/Mexico who are anecdotally known to have cured cancers just by manipulating thyroid hormones. On this line, and beyond anecdotes, sometime ago I wrote a post on how the thyroid hormones can be controlled and with that work (at least in some cases) effectively against cancer. This post may answer some of your open questions:
      This approach is very cheap and should be easy to implement with the help of your doctor.

      Kind regards,

      1. With all respect,
        Our doctor/s are stunned when they hear anything else outside their usual day practice.
        You know all too well how the system works here, especially outside the great big city.
        Thank you very much for your reply and help, there is no solution in my mind to quantify that.
        I hope you got or will get some quality time for yourself and loved ones here. Do take care.


      1. Thank you Daniel,
        I am thinking that maybe with sufficient testing and thought the problems in the body may be identified more precisely and then with the help of the many solutions at hand we would be able to regulate things back to normal in hope of healing when treatment is used.
        I’m starting to understand that it’s not just how many and how much we put in our body but that there are many other factors that may need to be addressed prior to treatment or in parallel.
        I’m starting to think that we have many strong solutions from the past before modern medicine that we should consider and may make a lot of sense once we have a better understanding of our body chemistry which is special for every individual.

        Thank you very much for your continued support.

        1. Hi Daniel,

          Very very interesting..3 days past last blood count.
          Today another blood count dr wanted.
          CA125 :115 declining very fast.
          Albumin: 3,96
          BUT ca15-3 rising like a rocket.Itwas 40,now 55 in 3 days!!!(BREAST?)What is it now,not expected!!!

          Just before last chemo i gave lansoprazole +DCA+metformin+HCA as i wrote before.And hyperthermia,necrosis happened?
          What is happening Daniel:)?
          And she has lots of pain on bowel before WC,that looks like a big progression:(.
          My brain stopped thinking.I was reading Helga’s and other friends valuable links which they send before,
          but now i cant.
          I need some serotonin pills:)But they also make brain not to think.
          Kind Regards

        2. Hi Daniel,
          My message has gone.
          There are different news today.My mothers CA125 is declined very fast in 3 days.
          I dont know why,i am trying to find the answer.
          But still pains on bowel.
          And ca15-3 is getting higher very fast.

          1. Hi Ergin, your msg is back. Very puzzling indeed, the trends of the markers. Is difficult to guess now what happened. You can only wait for the next measurement and in the mean time do your best in terms of treatments.

            Kind regards,

            1. Hi Daniel,
              Thanks for answer.I am thinking of the port on chest.May be ca15-3 is increased because of it…I hope.
              You are right,we have to wait.What can we say?
              I learned today that avastin is given 2 times a month.But he gives 1/month.I will ask him why?.Also the dosage.

            2. Hi Ergin

              ca 15-3 will not rise at all because of breast cancer , it will rise only on advanced stage breast cancer

              I don’t think your mother will develop any breast cancer with advanced stage in such a short time ! its impossible

          2. Hi Ergin,

            sorry to hear your mom has pain. Is it from constipation or general lower abdomen pain? Did you try to adjust her diet? There are quite a few things that can help. Very simple but effective: how about ground flaxseed? It helps with bowel movement. Also, surprisingly, when I ate rose hips (fresh from the bush), it had an amazing effect on the movements next day. Also, a lot of herbal teas give a relief. E.g. chamomile, sage, and specific herbal mixtures to help with digestion. How about coffee enemas? I know… but they have a pain relieving effect. They are a great liver cleanser. Here is an article: Aloe vera is also very good and has anticancer, anti-inflammatory effect. What does she get in the chemo? Could it be that her cancer got resistant to this chemo? As I said in my other msg today or yesterday polyphenols work synergistically with chemo, therefore beneficial and recommended. They protect the body against the toxicity of the chemo but also enhance the effect.

            1. Hi Helga,
              Thanks again for your helps.
              Now really a puzzle that i cannot solve this situation.
              This is her 3th chemo only.I dont think that it became resistant just after a very good responce with 1st chemo.
              I send dr phlorizin and hormone treatment links ,but he didnt read them.I am angry with him.I can not
              reach him.After iv curcumin+iv vitc+hyperthermia on tv,he is popular so very crowded.We were just like friends before.
              The time is to change dr unfortunately.But it is not easy to tell it to mother.

            2. Ergin, I just felt that I should also remind you of Dr. Hada’s protocol too. as a plan B perhaps. thought you might be under lots of stress now and forget about a thing or another.

            3. Hi Pouya,
              Thanks for your help once again.
              You are very right,because of stress and mixed blood results i cannot think healthy.
              Dr Hada’s protocol is always in my mind.Now we are doing his protocol half.
              We use Avastin,he uses thalidomide,
              We use same chemo, gemzar.
              May be we have to add celecoxib like his protocol.I have to search.
              Unfortunately i cannot say dr to stop avastin,i will use thalidomide.
              But can i use both?,this is the question.

            4. I personally think that the good thing about his protocol is the fact that the synergic effect of the compounds has already been demonstrated which can be very time saving since sometimes one loses lots of time looking for a synergic effects by trial and error between many different treatments.

            1. Strange and interesting. Can you please check again to confirm test is out of range? I will research that this evening when I am back home from work.

  37. Thanks Daniel,
    While waiting for your valuable searching,
    There is a correlation between citric acid,testosterone and ovarian cancer.
    Again i will mix peoples minds but we have to search.

    1. Yes, Ergin, I’ve seen that – that is why I said we may have to use HCA and possibly Statins with CA, to inhibit the pathway leading to increase of intracellular cholesterol production which is also the fuel for hormone production, in the cells that have the capability to produce hormones (e.g. prostate, ovarian, adrenal, etc.).

      1. Hi Daniel,
        Here is an article about HCA ,Testosterone and Cholesterol.
        And now i understand why her CA125 increased in 3 days after HCA.
        Because it boosts CRP.
        CRP and markers are going in same direction with her always.
        And it reduces testosterone and cholesterol but dose dependent.And our dose was not suitable to alter citric acid and cholesterol.
        She used HCA 1000 mg/day.And DCA+citric acid together,did stg wrong.
        Am i thinking true?I need any idea.
        Or we can talk on citric acid post?

        Kind Regards

          1. Hi Ergin,

            your reasoning sounds fair to me indeed. But what triggers me is the testosterone. Did you know about that before? Have you discussed that with your doctor?

            The origin of that could be either polycystic ovary syndrome or an ovarian tumor that is virilizing. You need to clarify that. One way to clarify that is to follow testosterone level and see if there is any correlation between that and the markers you are already following.

            If it is a ovarian virilizing tumor, that is rare and here is a description of that:
            “The majority of steroid cell tumors have a benign or low-grade behavior. Interestingly, pathologically-benign tumors can behave in a clinically malignant fashion. [4] About 20% patients develop metastatic lesions usually within the peritoneal cavity and rarely at distant sites. [2],[5] In a series of 63 cases from the Massachusetts General Hospital, 94% of the tumors were found to be unilateral and 28.6% cases had features suggestive of malignant nature. [2]

            The primary treatment is surgical extirpation of the primary lesion and there are no reports of effective radiation or chemotherapy. [6] In a young patient with stage IA disease, a unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy is adequate.

            The main reason for poor understanding of the therapeutic value of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the treatment of these tumors is due to the rarity of this tumor. In recent years attempts have been made to describe the use of gonadotrophin releasing hormone analogs to induce a suppression of secretions and an apoptosis leading to a non-surgical cure. [7],[8],[9]”;year=2015;volume=11;issue=3;spage=660;epage=660;aulast=Das;type=3

            For that type of tumor this approach may represent a non-surgical cure

            Regarding what you are using now (HCA, CA, DCA, etc.) is difficult to say given that now the use of T4 may be responsible for the variation in markers. Have you had the chance to discuss that with your doctor?

            Are you using Iron and B12 supplements? (this question is related to the blood tests you showed to me indicating those above normal range).

            Kind regards,

            1. Hi Daniel,
              Again thanks for giving too much time to me.
              Iron and B12 comes from previous dr with iv unfortunately.
              This is the first time that we know she has high testosterone.(never looked in blood count before)
              Her thyroid is very small in CT.
              I talked with dr today but still he didnt read the article.
              But i stopped T4 and tell dr,(he said T3 maybe faster ..only this).and on monday she ll take chemo+avastin.
              When i want to talk any doctor about any treatment,they are getting angry.They dont like people who shows different treatments than their protocol.
              Her ovary is clear,no sign of tumor nor big dimention of ovary.Only on periton and part of bowel,i hope still dont go different places.And it was very sensitive to chemo after diagnosed.%80 gone with chemo on CT and pet.
              So steroid cell tumor probability is very low i think,if it doesnt responds to chemo(if i true understand).
              I also stopped CA+HCA+DCA on sunday.
              Only mebendazole+lansoprazole+2DG+metformin for 3 days.I want to begin statin tomorrow because of high cholesterol.
              Her bowel movements are nearly good today.
              What can we do for high testosterone?Do you have an idea?

              Kind Regards

            2. Hi Ergin,

              You are very welcome. Iron and B12 are known to fuel cancer. Giving that IV is very dangerous.
              If the thyroid is not enough functional (which is why T4 was used) and you are switching off T4 administration, you have to make sure that your doctor is helping your mom with T3. That is vital!
              The fact that testosterone is high and there is no issue at the ovary, may indicate functional ovary cancer cells. I would have an eye on that since it may be produced by the cancer cells.
              There are various ways to reduce testosterone production, from soft inhibitors but low side effect (e.g. Genistein and Metformin), to stronger inhibitors (like Ketokonazole) but coming with some side effects. At the bottom of this page you can find some of them:
              On this line, for example, if you would stop Metformin it is possible to see an increase in Testosterone. So the testosterone level you are seeing now may be already partially suppressed by the Metformin you are using.
              Next to this, the treatment discussed above (GnRH analogs) can also lower Testosterone production GnRH analogs are widely used as hormonal treatment against prostate cancer and the reference above suggest that may also work against functional ovarian cancers.

              Kind regards,

            3. Btw, Ergin, according to a Nature paper I cited in the Vit C post, I would expect in this conditions due to the high level of Iron in the blood Vit C IV will not reach the tumor (which I ve sen you are using) + I would not use Artemisinin now due to similar reasons.

        1. Dear ergin, what is your order of administration or combinations?
          I am curious because i just spent this entire day reading here to find out what may be a better arrangement but would like to see if Daniel thinks the same or anyone else that has already obtained extended experience with these elements.

          Cabbage Brine about 200ml
          Omeprazol 20 mg
          Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg
          Metformin 500mg
          Aspirin 500mg
          HCA 1000mg
          30 min pause
          Citric Acid 5g
          DCA 500mg

          Come on skype yes?

          Thank you very much

          1. Hi Alex,
            Our previous dr gave first glycolitic inhibitors,then proton pump inhibitors,i dont know why.It causes stomach upset.
            You have to look blood glucose levels for some time to arrange dosages.
            We use 500mgx2 metformin.
            When 1000×2 mg metformin blood glucose levels get too low with DCA.

    1. from what i remember we need colesterol when we have internal damage to fix blood veins, it is my understanding chemo tends to do such damage, thus colesterol would be needed to prevent internal bleeding.
      Forgive me if i am wrong but that’s what i know and perhaps high colesterol may not be that bad.
      Then again i have no medical qualification, just something i remembered about the need of colesterol in the body an have made a connection with the damage caused by chemo.
      This brings me to another thing i’ve heard and that is, salt… “we are using the wrong salt, we should be using pink salt” something in raw form i guess, out from the mine and into the bag.

      Someone please say otherwise if the connection i made is not plausible.

      Good luck,

    1. Thank you very much Wondering for your help.
      I searched LDN may be 1 year ago,when we stopped chemo.
      There was a patient suffering from ovarian ca in a forum and it didnt work on her.But she used it as a standalone therapy.
      Again thanks for thinking me and giving your time searching for me.

      1. hi Ergin,
        if you are off chemo since one year ago you have huge experience. What seemed to work? what treatment can you correlate with stable or improving disease from what you tried?

    1. Thank you Alex,i began writing for 2 times this weekend but erase all.Because early to talk.

      Latest Update:
      She is on hormone treatment +chemo+others and it is very early to talk.
      CA125 :from 113 to 140 in 5 days.???
      T4 is declining slowly.from 1,18 to 0.89 in 10 days after stopping T4(levotiron).
      I think it will take more than 30 days to reach nadir point.
      TSH is now higher than the limit and Dr begin T3 with 6,25mcg/day for 1st week.
      From outside,this treatment may look too complex but it is not.
      Very easy to do,if you have functional thyroid you can use methimazole to deplet T4.And add T3 if necessary.
      With a Dr control ofcourse.
      I hope it will work on every types of cancer and in 2-3 months all the world will be talking on this.
      Our Dr began this treatment with some of his patients also.Because he liked it too much.And they are searching it deeply with endocrinology.
      If it works,our work is to tell it to whole world in every language.
      This was my promise given to Daniel.
      Kind Regards

        1. He is brilliant exactly,also he will do phlorizin treatment.Now he is all of our Dr.
          Your previous question is very hard to answer which treatment worked,which not.
          But when i go to past deeply,there are changes in her treatment that i passed and forget to write to Daniel.
          When 1st chemo worked perfectly:
          1.She has stopped cipralex(serotonin) from 2 weeks before chemo.
          2.Collodial silver used for 1 week before chemo.(i highly thinking this one worked)

          2nd chemo didnt worked:
          1.HCA added
          2.citric acid added
          3.cipralex added(dr said she can take,but i newly heard that)
 collodial silver
          You choose which one worked or not worked:)

        1. Interestingly she feels ok these days,no bad bowel movements.May be Placebo Effect after dr talked and began new treatment.
          But we began to use mebendazole+itraconazole(-2,+2 days from chemo)+celecoxib+diclofenac.
          If the markers were also ok,i feel ok but unfortunately markers are disaster.
          You can say tumors are dying and proteins released to blood but LDH and CRP is low.

  38. To whom it may concern,
    Please tell me the real patient name or patient name that can be identified (e.g.nickname +country), age and sex. I am asked many questions from different patients. I am at a loss who is who.
    Kind regards

  39. Hi Daniel,

    I talked with dr about high markers.He has good hopes still about T4 strategy.
    I stopped diclofenac+mebendazole+celecoxib 2days past still she has no pain on bowel.
    But she has flu symptoms.Voice gone and chouge,i think because of hypothyro + flu.
    Markers may be rised because of that.
    I dont want to take your time about tinzaparin.
    If you can help me on phlorizin that would be great.Dr said i have no time on phlorizin.
    If the things go well,he is thinking of surgery.
    My thoughts: if we will do surgery,why dont we try phlorizin+hyperthermia before surgery.May be micrometastasis will gone.If bowel will be damaged after necrosis,we can make surgery.
    What do you think?

    Kind Regards

      1. Thank you very much Helga for your searching.Tinzaparin is a very pink dream.
        Yes it works PERFECT on lab with time and dose dependent.Continious for 3 days at a right dose ,than cancer is totally sensitive to cisplatin.But only effective at this situation.If i can find a tinzaparin type that it doesnt have any anticoagulant activity,i will use.
        If she has a port on periton,there are lots of valuable drugs that we can use.
        Number 1 is citric acid for me.I have found a great article,they use citric acid for peritoneal dialysis but i couldnt find it now.
        Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,

      Nice to hear from you. I also have good expectations regarding T4 strategy. Off coarse, it may not work for everyone.
      I can only say to all to consider well what is the status, what you believe in in terms of treatments and what you are going to do. After that I would not change everything so often.
      Because we know many treatments it is easy to run from treatment to treatment, but maybe not the best way …
      To me, diclofenac+mebendazole+celecoxib are very good and I would be worried only (if any) about side effects of diclofenac and celecoxib.

      After doing the surgery (next to other smaller elements) I would use Chemo+Salinomycin+Phlorezin+Hyperthermia with the help of the doctor.

      If you are afraid of necrosis, why don’t you use hyperthermia just in a location where you do not expect problems if necrosis happens, while on Chemo + Phlorzin + others?

      Btw, voice can change also because of testosterone. Have you checked that lately?
      Have you checked again the markers including LDH? When it is above 250, I would follow LDH every week. Remember: a continuous growth of that across weeks is not a good sign, while a jum of that during e.g. a week can often be a sign of cancer cells death.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thanks Daniel,
        I only stopped them for 1,5 days if bowels are really good or not and how blood counts are without those.
        Because they also work as pain killers as we know.
        But no pain on bowel after stopping.That sounds very good after 1 year.So this morning she began the treatments again.
        Testosterone is very high and i am afraiding because it is a bad sign for ovarian ca.
        I always check LDH weekly.You are right,when it is high after chemo next week markers is declining.Then LDH is declining on coming days.
        Now LDH is 282,it was 180 before last chemo.May be both LDH and CA125 will be declined on coming days.

        If dr will say after a pet scan that tumors are still sensitive to chemo with these treatments and so surgery is MUST,
        i am planning to use phlorizin before and after surgery.
        Staying in hospital for phlorizin+hyperthermia+chemo for some days before surgery.(due to possible necrosis and holes on bowel).
        This is my idea.Because necrotic tissues can be a good map for surgery doctors.So they can not escape any tumor(i hope).
        And micrometastasis may gone.And may be there will be no surgery needed after treatment.

        I know the Disclaimer and i dont want you to think that you are responsible from anything.
        You put these valuable treatments for people to learn.What is going on in the world about cancer.
        And sometimes you share your experiences with us,just like what i am doing here.
        I just need some help about the possible usage of phlorizin written in patent.We can discuss it in this website.
        Ofcourse dr will do his job but i have to put some info on his desk inorder to make him agree to use.

        Kind Regards and Many Thanks

        1. Hi Ergin,

          The fact that Testo is further incraesed may indicate various things. Important is to understand the origin of that.In some cases that can protect the tumor and in others can work against the tumor. Like I said, the fuel for hormone production including Testo is cholesterol. This is why I think anti cholesterol strategy may be relevant. But first you have to understand if you see a correlation between Testo change and markers change.

          Regarding Phlorizin, yes we can discuss off course. How is the doctor going to obtain that?

          Kind regards,

          1. Dear Daniel,
            I am also thinking about testosterone levels and the bad flu symptoms.
            Her voice has gone and very bad chough.
            But i didnt find a correlation between markers and testosterone levels.But i am sure i will find later from blood counts.
            From now on ,i will give my all effort to learn how to use phlorizin before chemo or other treatments.
            Kind Regards

        2. Hi dear Ergin

          the LDH level jumped too high , what I know is this is an indication of cancer cells death

          when is the time for the next Pet scan ? or CT scan ?

          if surgery must done , then I hope the doctors are confident that they can cleanup every spot there

          my prayers to you brother and for your dear mom

  40. My Brother Emad,
    You will never know that how i am thinking of you and Alex and Pouya.
    I have lots of words about cancer but when intended to write here,stg stops me.
    May be i am thinking too much Daniel.I have too much respect to him.
    I didnt enter for 2 days to foundation and looking from outside.
    Everything is clear.
    We dont have too many choices and we all want a cure.If we add life to our mothers or ourselves months or years, it is never enough for us.
    I am an engineer and i like tests too much.My whole life is upto tests.I like flow charts.
    Yes,no,and,or,if,then,else etc..(When you write everything on paper with a pencil ,not computer,everything is clear)
    What i see at the end???Please someone tell me,how many cures we have seen?
    Daniel cant say that use this+this+this.
    You saw how DCA+ Citric acid are 2 different things.What can Daniel do about it?But he is honest enough to say that 2 together dont use.
    You are the first people who used salinomycin in this web site.
    And i am the first who used collodial silver in this web site.
    You saw a stable disease with salinomycin.For lots of patients in this world that stable is a PERFECT happening.
    People spends all their money for living only for extra months with new drugs.
    But Daniel did a great job.He found a great drug that called phlorizin.
    For me it is a revolution.We have to work on it.It makes cancer cells naked and totally sensitive to treatments.
    Regarding T4 strategy,we will see the results on coming weeks.
    Kind Regards

    1. My soul and heart with you brother

      your mother is like my mother , I wish the same for your mother just like mine

      I think I’m gonna add 3-BP soon with Sal

      and I wish if your mother just have medical port set on her

      this will open the way for you to give her IVs easily without need of experience

      I don’t give IVs to my mother because i learned it as a medical student , i did everything as a normal person who knows nothing about preparing IVs believe me on that

      you can’t say that you try most of things as you still didn’t even try Sal , 3-BP , Diflu and MG

      maybe you will say , its easy to talk , but i was on the same situation i still remember when we had a bad result in the past year

      Daniel told me how he believes mostly on IVs , and probably Sal ,3-BP and Diflu

      it made me sad at the beginning as i felt how hard it is to prepare and do IVs by my self !!

      then once i decided to prepare IVs , i found how easy it was !

      but don’t let my words make things complex to you , i expect you will never need to go that far now

      focus on phlorizin now and T4 strategy , and wait for the ct scan so you can know how things are going

      focus on the now , after you feel comfortable to do more , think about other more strategies

      wish you the best

      1. Hi Emad,
        At nights i have to shut up and dont write stg to this site,I am agressive at nights:)
        I may give a negative energy to other wonderful drugs.
        But it is Daniel’s words,he experienced it:Using chemo without sal or phlorizin is a big opportunity lost.
        Now i understand why he is thinking like that.After nearly 30 courses of chemo.30 is a Very big number and without success.
        Yes now she has port on chest,Will you be my teacher how to use Sal or 3BP or diflu IV?
        We met a nurse and comes home.She gives iv curcumin at home but she is afraiding.I dont know how we and she will be brave enough to use them at home.
        Kind Regards

    2. Hi Ergin,

      I have to correct you and claim what is mine 🙂
      We were the first using Salinomycin at home, on this website and in this world. That is important as we had no one to tell us how to formulate and administer. No one with whom I could discuss. We were afraid, but we had to do that step since there was no other option. And we were happy we did that.

      We also used Phlorezin. But just a few times and at low dose, since we were again stepping into new. Due to various reasons, we never had the chance to try the dose used in the patent. Probably, max we used was 300mg. So at least we could see it was safe for us after formulating according to the patent.

      While I like 3BP, I do like more the idea of using Phlorezin with chemo and Salinomycin. And only if there are no results introduce 3BP. But I hope and expect good results.

      Kind regards,

          1. If its effective i would love people like you make fame and profit out of it but i have no idea if that is feasible. Even hca plus ala is patented as metabloc”.

            1. Thanks, W. If I would want to make money I would keep my current job, but life is to short to focus on that 🙂
              I think the purpose of a patent could be to find investors and be able to make a drug out of it so that it can reach many people. In that way we could get some effective drugs out there and with that not only help some people but also put pressure on the industry to change towards more effective solutions.
              In any case, Sal is patented already and the company that owns the patent took out Sal from the drug pipeline without stating the reason why they did this. No body knows why. But I know from an insider that they were seeing good results within the clinical trial.
              Probably, a patent can still be written on Sal using a different formulation, and like you said with possible combos. But to submit and maintain a WW patent it would cost a lot.
              However, I hope that one day, as a foundation, we can find ways to bring the value of chemicals such as Sal, Phlorezin, 3BP, to the patients via conventional (and not alternative) channels.

            2. Hi Daniel,If you can do it,really you will be on heaven.
              Now it is very very hard for us to find drugs.One from somewhere one from other country.
              And mostly we can not use lots of drugs because we can not find.

            3. I would say, if WE can do it 🙂
              I mean all of us have to unite our forces in order to to something like this. And I think this is possible.

            4. I am IN!.
              Where you,go i go:)
              If we help people with you,i will always near you.
              And also we ll be near the other friends who wants to help.

            5. Great, Ergin! 🙂
              Now I let you focus on your mom. My idea is to set up a good plan together (with you and those who like to team up) and sometime in the second part of the year to start implementing. This is because I intend to start dedicating my full time the oncology latest beginning of next year. Until the second part of this year I intend to work on connecting the “dots” in terms of who can contribute and how, and how that can fit with the goals and related planning.

      1. Hi Daniel,I didnt know that you used phlorizin+salinomycin.You are great.This gives me a power.
        But that was very small dose.I think you only give it just before chemo.
        Below i tried to make a summary about phlorizin treatment in the patent.
        Although we dont know the end results,i wrote PR.May be some of them are also CR.
        As wee see(which makes me exciting), only chemo+phlorizin and heat +phlorizin worked.
        (I have to work on 3BP also .Now she is taking 2DG)

        CR:Complete responce PR:Partial responce

        Case1:Chemo+heat+phlorizin PR
        Case2:Chemo+phlorizin CR
        Case3:Chemo+heat+phlorizin PR
        Case4:Chemo+heat+phlorizin PR
        Case5:Chemo+heat+phlorizin CR
        Case6:Chemo+heat+phlorizin CR
        Case7:Heat+phlorizin CR
        Case8:Chemo+phlorizin CR
        Case9:Heat+phlorizin CR
        Case10:Chemo+phlorizin CR
        Case11:Chemo+phlorizin PR
        Case12:Chemo+phlorizin CR
        Case13:Chemo+phlorizin+heat PR
        Case14:Chemo+phlorizin PR
        Case15:Chemo+heat+phlorizin CR
        Case16:Chemo+heat+phlorizin CR
        Case17:Chemo+heat+phlorizin PR
        Case18:Chemo+heat+phlorizin CR
        Case19:Chemo+heat+phlorizin CR

        1. Hi Ergin,

          It means you did not read my post on Sal 🙂 There I wrote that I never saw such a response to IVs as it happened with Salinomycin. Very impressive, but not always happening. Immediately during or after IV there was pain developed at the tumor site followed by a jump in LDH and markers (hormone) for a week or so (the jump of markers) and after that they were coming back at a level lower than before. Most of 2015 was kept under control, with partial remission, mainly due to Sal + 3BP (next to all the background drugs and supplements including MBZ, Metformin, Statin, etc.).

          Like I said, Phlorizin was in low dose. The purpose was to get confidence not to treat, indeed.

          Ergin, I am curious: why you never used Sal, while you have the opportunity with your doctor?

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi Daniel,
            I am ashamed.I read sal post 4 months ago and forget about it:)
            And Emad made me a little bit afraid from it because of bad tremors.
            Once i asked dr to use it,he said what is Salinomycin?The previous dr has sal in clinic but he also afraid to use.
            We are using 2DG because i find it easily in previous clinic so i never think to try 3BP.But now the time is to try both.
            And diflu.
            Kind Regards

            1. sorry Ergin for made you afraid from it

              I used Sal 11 times until now

              if I can give my a short summary about how strong was the side effects :

              in 1 time the side effect where strong (strong tremor , fatigue and fast breath) , and I believe its dose related

              in maybe 2 times the tremor was very weak, also no other side effects , and again i believe its because the dose where lower

              in the other 8 times i use Sal , there was a well marked tremor ,my mother used to play with her phone during administration time , and when the tremor starts she felt that its hard to continue playing as she can’t touch the buttons correctly until about an hour 🙂

              summary : in 10 times from 11 , there was only tremor , and it wasn’t something that i felt scarry from

              but note : there was an annoying side effect which wasn’t scarry but i hate it , maybe in the first 7 shots my mother had a blurred vision for about 1 hour , and sometimes she become to see things darker or brighter

              but Daniel told me I could lower the speed (2 hours time not less) , and when i did that , she didn’t feel any noticeable impact on her eyes , and there was only tremor , no other side effects

              at the end, using Sal is something that can scare us

              one day i really felt like : hey Emad what the hell are you doing ?!

              but when i just think about the markers and cancer , i totally forget about my fear from Sal , and made it clear that i must use it whatsoever


              dear Ergin , neither me or Daniel can convince or advice you to use Sal

              you should decide all this by your self , but if you make your decision to use it , then stick to the lowest dose possible

              you can even use 10% of the dose , or 25% , and increase gradually

              the side effects are dose dependent

              that is my own experience

              dear Ergin , i wish the best for you and my self

              God Bless you

            2. Thank you very much Emad,we have to think about it with our family.
              And i wonder T4 strategy results,we have to wait it for sometime.

            1. Hi Alex,
              While waiting for Daniel’s answer,i want to tell you about my observations.
              28th martch is my mothers birthday.My wife invited all of moms friends and our family to my house.Thanks wife:)
              There were 30 people.And 8 people was cancer out of 30.The 8 people who are CURED from cancer.(I dont tell the friends who passed away from cancer)
              They all had surgery and took chemo.And one of my mothers friend has exactly the same as my mother.(peritoneal ca)Only my mom didnt had surgery because of mostly from my fault and believing too much to nerium oleander with chemo.
              If i can rewind the casette,i choose first nerium oleander than if it didnt work,i try just like you without chemo+others,,still no responce chemo+surgery same as whole world.And after that if progress chemo+others.
              And she is still taking chemo from nearly 1,5 years.Mostly from my fault.
              Kind Regards

            2. I am sorry ergin, i wish i can rewind the cassette too, the surgery was bad for our situation i think….
              I just wish i knew if standard treatment is needed for all this to work.
              If you want to go back in time from before chemo, i think it may still be possible with detoxifying treatments and nutrition but it may take a very long time.
              The problem is that cancer is not just the tumor/s…. if the tumor/s are gone the cancer can still be there, waiting for it’s next opportunity….soon. And when chemo is used the immune system is damaged and hence the cancer is more strong + genetic selection in the cancer cells + organ damage -> more aggressive cancer
              I am waiting for my mothers new tests…..
              Meanwhile i am wondering……. what to do?!?
              We have no chance without the immune system…… this brings me to your mother’s caugh…. may be iritation, alergia, inflamation….
              Diet is very important, low carbs, low colesterol,low suggar, sweets, milk…
              How is your mother? My mother seems to be doing good…. some stabbing pain, a little inflamation but ok…
              Blue veins, apparent muscule atrophy in the right arm due to tumor on the spine, and body odor present.
              Thank you very much for helping, *based on what i read, diclofenac + metformin should be constant, same with a little aspirin*
              Some medicine/supliments are in my opinion obligatory depending on blood tests.
              I suggest excel table/spreadsheet with all tests for comparison.
              1 2 3 4 5

              Thank you very very much, Good luck!

            3. Hi Ergin,

              Cancer is an umbrella word. You need to speak about cancer types and stage. Also the questions is what is the number of those unsuccessful. It is indeed known that if the cancer is detected in early phase it can respond nicely to conventional treatments alone. But if there is metastasis, the story changes going to the opposite direction when conventional treatments alone lead to single digit cure rate, i.e. about 5%. Furthermore, these are average numbers. It also depends as you very well know, about the type of cancer. Some have a good response while others not.
              So the point is that you have to be careful what you compare yourself with. Also, there may be a lady that was exactly in the same situation as your mom (ovarian stage IV) and cured but in that case she may be one of the 5% that is cured.
              If you would not have taken the route you are on now it could also be that your dear mom would not be here now. That is why we need to look what we can do best from now on instead of thinking what if we would have done that or the other.

              Again, my clear conclusion after all these years is that the conventional medical world doesn’t know what to do and how to treat advanced cancer patients, specifically stage IV. The conventional tools and understanding is extremely limited. That is why we need to go beyond. That is the only possible way to success for the 95% stage IV cancer patients for which the conventional tools are not enough.

              So take care with whom you are comparing yourself. In order to quantify the result of your actions, the best way is to compare yourself with statistics instead of single patient, which can be misleading for you.

              Btw, I think overall statistics in ovarian stage 4 is 17% survival at 5 years. I do not know what is the complete cure rate, i.e. what happens after 5 years. Also it is also relevant to know what is the breakdown depending on ovarian cancer type and connection of that with statistics on survival.

              Kind regards,

            4. Dear Daniel,
              When i see the lady with stage4 ovarian ca cured with chemo and surgery(nearly 20 years she is free of cancer),i am angry with myslef.And all the arrows shows me in our family.
              The other cured ones are 2 lemphoma(stage1-2),1 lung(1 lung taken by surgery still smoking!!),2 breast(stage1, stage3),1 sarcoma(my uncle ‘mothers brother’,tumor was on foot stage1-2),1 testis(1 testis removed).1 thyroid(thyroid removed,stage1-2).
              And i can not count the other friends who past away from cancer.Ofcourse a huge number.
              Cure rate depends on stage and type as you said.What i am trying to say to Alex is surgery sometimes works perfect,and although i hate chemo,sometimes it is useful when combined with surgery.
              Peritoneal cancer is unique,100’s of metastasis like herpes and 1-2 cm diameters.
              They take periton and tumors during surgery,higher than0.5cm.And after that chemo works perfect and ca125 comes to nearly zero in the beginings ,a total of 6 months chemo treatment.Patient can live months or years without any treatment in the statistics.But recurrance is a rule.After reccurance,we are in the same situation just like now but the things should be worser.
              Now where we are?Still taking chemo.But now i found POWERFUL treatments in your website
              with your help:)
              ‘I must not write at nights,i think hormones’
              Kind Regards

            5. hi Ergin,

              You did the best based on your knowledge. You dont know what would have happened with the surgery way. you must have had your reasons, as i understand your mom’s cancer is not usual.

              Don’t blame yourself, it is amazing what you do for your mother. When my mother had colon cancer, i trusted standard medicine and other than buying vitamin – D, vegetables, and Omega-3 for her I did not investigate her case really. She was cured (no mets and 80% survival chance, but she is living with a stoma as the tumor was 10cm) but looking back I could have cared and done more…..

              I always pity for her that she has to live with a stoma .
              Now i wish I was cured with such a sacrifice….i dont care about things like this.
              im off now, she is just calling me.

            6. Thank you very much Wondering.I wrote a comment as a reply to Daniel,but it has gone.I think he will see it.
              You are a good searcher and now i am Wondering your illness.Stage,where are you now in the treatments?
              Can you find drugs etc..?

            7. my situation is a mess.

              i was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular C last year, a rare and agressive subtype. Chemo + surgeries (testicle+ lymph mets). My marker became normal and lymph mets became necrotic. I am in remission on paper. However, I have constant mild back pain since September and minor neurologic complaints since around december.

              I think i have leptomeningeal mets (difficult to diagnose). my spinal MRI s were clean in October, November and December, i will have a new one soon. I have seen several oncologists and neurologists, none of them could give me any explanation but they were convinced its not from cancer because then I would have a faster deterioration or be even dead by now. What a brilliant argument to hear, right?

              So i am selfmedicating and hoping its not cancer but i dont know what else it could be. You know, an oncologist can always think that a patient is exaggerating things but I know i am not.

            8. Dear Alex,

              The answer is No. I am not saying that.
              What I am saying is that regardless what treatment we are using (conventional or new), when dealing with advanced cancer a single treatment is not enough. Instead we need to put a strategy in place that addresses multiple treatment angles. When the cancer is advanced there are multiple types of populations and with one treatment you will address only a part of that while the other populations can develop. The more serious treatments we can use at the same time, the higher is the chance of success. I do consider Chemo Radiation Surgery serious weapons against cancer but in advanced cancers, using only these alone are known to lead to only few percent of cure rate overall. That is why the need for treatments as discussed on this website.

              Kind regards,

            9. Yes, even standard medicine is trying to use multiple tools when they are mixing the meds in a chemo treatment. So why not use every tool – if they are not in contradiction of course.

            10. I have a question.The scienticts who prepares chemo with lots of mixed meds inside dont know that cancer is base or acid?Answer is ofcourse YES.
              Cancer is not a new thing.But clinical trial is not easy.If we put all valuable drugs without knowing basic or acidic,what will happen?May be neutralise each other so dont go to tumors.
              We are always talking on synergism but never talked on anti-synergism except Daniel.

  41. Dear friends,
    Today my mother got a call, sadly her markers are higher than before.
    I will get the test results in had monday, still the news are bad. Despite all our efforts and hope.
    Strangely my mother is saying she is feeling better than before treatment. And i can see that 🙂
    The increase in tumor marker values……. idk….
    I we need help.

    Thank you so much, have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Alex,
      I hate blood tests,,adrenalin day.I really wonder your moms counts.Because she never took chemo.
      Did they also look for hormones?
      When you will take the paper ,please send it to me by mail.I will show it to my Dr also.

      1. Thank you very much Ergin bro.
        I will send you the tests but they are in Romanian…..English hybrid…. i don’t know…
        It’s the reason i don’t give all the information here, i have difficulty translating all the medical english and google is not better than me sadly.
        For example, ALT (SGPT)
        Anyway, yes i will send you excel file monday, if that’s ok with you.
        We check hormones too…. 🙂
        We check everything we can think of. 🙂
        Again i suggest excel table with all results for complete picture and comparison.
        Thank you very very much.

    2. Dear Alex,

      sorry to hear that your mom’s markers increased but good to hear that she is feeling better. Have you thought about describing her case in as much detail as you can remember, incl. treatments she tried. It would greatly increase your exposure and people could make suggestions. People (us) are ashamed of asking these questions from you all the time because everybody can remember only so much.

      Have a nice weekend and wish your mom and you the best,

      1. Dear Helga,
        My mothers markers have increased yet again. She is not well.
        I am doing my best to keep myself and her together.
        I’m finding it very hard to focus. Sometimes i feel i’m loosing it, the battle, my mother, myself…
        Sorry for complaining.
        I’ll do my best to get all the details ready for a case story.
        To be hones i can only hope you apply with yourself all these wonderful suggestions.
        I hope you had a nice easter. And i hope you’re feeling well.
        How are you?

        Many thanks for everything.

    3. but if its little higher than before , its not something that can define anything

      after all you are not using toxic treatments , even stable disease is the best result we can have from a non toxic treatment

      dear Alex what is your thought about GcMAF ?

      1. Dear Emad,
        My knolege is limited…..
        At this point i’m in a situation where i am no longer in extremely severe limitation financialy.
        However! i am scared to give my mother anything…. the things that do good for some, can do bad for others, even if they are non-toxic.
        I don’t know what to buy, do, say……
        From my mother’s phone call i understand it’s not just a little increase. I will have to wait till monday.
        I am also scared of wasting more time and money, yet again…. i see i made mistakes in the past, i see i am very lucky to have made it till here, and to see her feeling ok. A few days ago i cried tears of joy because of her good mood all the time.
        I find it so teasing and so ironic so pure of evil…….. she feels ok but markers are going up 🙁 What do we believe in anymore?
        Dear Dr Halabe….!??!?
        At this point maybe another trip out in the capital for a new scan would be a good idea.
        We shall wait for a while still…. maybe LDH… someone is telling me that it may all still be good despite the markers, but to be honest i find it very unlikely.
        I can already see this weakened organism in my imagination, still living… still processing, doing whatever it must/can to survive.
        At this point i feel that maybe something dramatic may deal with it… but what? chemo/radiation/more surgery……..
        All seem rather pointless and maybe even stupid in some situations.
        I wish i knew what i had to do, i would give my life to her after saying good bye if it would save her. (maybe my blood would help, immune system etc) But who can tell me that?
        I wish to learn all this but i feel there’s simply not enough time for that, i can’t be a cancer researcher and save mother at the same time. I need help, i need guidance. And so i thought the best i could think of, blood tests….
        Our doctors here in my area are NOT interested in alternatives, nobody seems to be interested. People laugh at the very sounding of the words, if it were me… i would take big risks with medication, but with her… i have to be careful.
        I’m very sad, with all this help, with all our will power, optimism, laughter, efforts and pain, why?!!?!
        What will actually kill this thing? Does it live post-mortem? I wouldn’t be impressed with it being alive in outer space next to the sun proliferating the solar system, eating radiation instead of sugar, nuclear fusion instead of fermentation.
        I wish i had a lab and the right people in it.

        Anyway, sorry for the long answer.

        1. Sorry that you feel disappointed dear Alex

          but trust me its still early to feel like that , markers may increase but without noticeable progress

          you need to also do pet or ct scan to verify if there is a progress or not

          I believe you have time to find a solution

          can you please share the protocol you are doing now ? including natural things

          regarding cancer surviving outer space , I felt like that multiple times

          but even after all we faced and all this cancer aggressiveness , I believe cancer has its limit , and multiple times we succeed to hit it hard

          but we still need to work around and find a solution time after time

          stay strong man , its still too early for being disappointed or loss

          1. 5 drops of resveratrol tincture X3
            Omeprazol 20mg X3
            Alfa Lipoic Acid 600mg X3
            Metformin 500mg X3
            Food X3
            Aspirin 500mg X3 / 1st day – Diclofenac 50mg X3 2nd day – repeat. *alternate days*
            HCA 1000mg X3
            Brake 30 min X3
            Citric Acid 5000mg X3
            Vermox – Mebendazol 100mg X3
            Vitamin D3, Propolis, Silimarin 1000mg – milk thisle,

            Cheers bro

          2. Didn’t start with all at once… got them as they became available.
            I just got Imutol – Betaglucan and Mebendazole from Ergin yesterday,
            Did get mebendazole a bit before.
            So… idk….
            There’s the DCA+CA issue, and we did that… then there is the fact that…. maybe it takes some more time…..
            Or maybe the proteins are beying released…… i wish lol.

            Many thanks.
            Let me know if i can do anything for you.

            1. its a good protocol what you are doing but it can be better

              how much is your chances to get something like : MG ? or giving IVs ?

            2. really ? its good to have some in home

              but I can’t advise anyone to use it , its your choice and responsibly

              regarding administration , why IVs ? why not oral ?

              I don’t have enough information about using it as IVs , how is the side effects with them compared to the oral one

              I have 100ml at home , I’m planning to use it but really I don’t know if its okay to use just 100ml for 3 weeks then stop !

            3. It’s what my dear friend was able to provide.
              It’s in the fridge ever since i got it.
              in order to reply to your previous reply, i will do it here as well.
              When it comes to technology/treatment availability, Romania is in a similar if not worse situation than Libya.
              I am glad you’re doing B vitamins.
              As for IV DCA, from what i observe it’s intermittent. Continuous administering may prove more effective.
              For continuous administering iv may not be the best option, hence oral.
              Metformin 2g sounds good, we use 500mg with every meal, sometimes 750mg. (things are fine).
              It would seem that T4 depletion is of tremendous value, Ergin will have to comment more on this.
              Series of strategies may prove effective but simultaneous should give you the most of it.
              As for the immune system being weak, why not use diet and other factors to boost it back to normal values.
              TACE is very expensive, to be honest i wish it was available to my mother here for insurance money.
              My mother is feeling very bad even with the 1500mg of DCA instead of 2000mg / day.
              However there are signs this is a possibly good response. To make sure things are what they are and to give her relief from the pain at the same time, we decided to take a 2 days brake from treatment and observe any changes.
              Should the pain be caused by tumor shrinkage, we should see a considerable pain reduction.
              I feel the need to say, we decided to abandon the 14 days on and 7 days off due to lack of side effects, and if something is actually working, we should perhaps use it as much as possible till no sign of disease.
              To be a bit more realistic here, side effects are nothing in my mother’s mind, those occurring with DCA.
              She rather have to deal with side effects for a period than to risk possible defeat.
              Our decisions and reasoning may not be the best, however i must say i am very proud of her, she has already been trough a nightmare and suffered so much, she is not scared much, her life was always very very hard and little strikes her fear anymore, she fears something will happen to me rather than her own potential death.
              Having said that in the past my mom took 3000mg of Aspirin / day for about 3 weeks once. Indeed bleeding occurred so we stopped. There are obvious risks but sometimes we need to take them.
              This is by no means telling you what to do, it’s what me and my mother feel and think and we share with you in hope of you making the right decisions for you and your mother.
              On another subject, markers:
              I am sad it comes now to you so i am sorry. looking at your mother’s case, Ergin’s mother, my mother.
              It would seem that my personal theory is now confirmed. Markers are almost pointless.
              It would seem the tumor can be huge and due to treatment or not, marker values can be low or high.
              Given these observations it’s only rational to conclude, personally, that markers have shown almost nothing so far compared to our expectations of their values.
              About 3-BP and Sal, i would very much appreciate the help with them, i too wish to have my mom getting well and i can’t be sure of anything so far, i rather have them around than have to wait for them later if i ever manage to get them at all. Obviously i wish to help with anything i can and it’s something i will do unconditionally.
              That time when you did the paracetamol trick…. you may have some answers there and then.
              Do let me know what you think.
              Many thanks for everything.
              Take care

            4. Oh and what about diet?
              It seems to me that diet is of high importance
              We are not using MG at this time so i have nothing to report

          3. To be honest i am starting to feel that the cancer has very few and unknown limits.
            Yeh you can kill it but not easy at all without killing the host in the process.
            You can kill some cells, yey… but most if not all will still be there…. almost always.
            This thing has had billions of years to evolve…..
            Sorry for the pessimism but neah…it just seems more and more unlikely that we would get much out of all this.
            It lives with what we live, it gets killed with what we get killed the cancer is one with the host, to kill it seems to me that we must obtain separation, somehow…..
            I suggest the movie/film The Thing (1982) + pop-corn soda (in the end, one of them is infected) after all their effort and sacrifice.
            Great masterpiece Sci-Fi/Horror

            Thank you very much,

            1. Dear Alex, first of all don’t panic, as it is the last thing that can help the situation. one thing that comes to my mind is that maybe you could replace Citric Acid with another Glycolysis Inhibitor, 2DG perhaps? or give the combination metformin and DCA anothoer shot? maybe it’s time to get more aggressive as time is a valuable factor here.
              I’m not more knowledgable than you but I’d replace the ones I was not sure about the effectiveness with new treatments. also I’d add EGCG.
              and, from the movies I’ve seen you mentioning I think we’d be the best friends for ever or something lol.
              talking about Carpenter’s The Thing, maybe there is actually something we can learn from it. see it through the eyes of the thing, it was a organism who won the battle in an alien planet. it was outnumbered in a new world against inhabitants of that world, how did it win? it was an imposter. mimic-ed the inhabitants and killed them from the inside without them even noticing it. 3bp imo, is the closest weapon to that concept, why? because it’s an analog of Lactic Acid! 3bp can be The Thing!

            2. Thank you dear Pouya for that remarcable reply.
              Indeed i’ve been trying to obtain inspiration from everyhere i look and yes The Thing too and other films.
              The first AHA moment was when i realized that cancer uses fermentation to process nutrients, so i then reminded myself about me being a kid and watching the older people put aspirin inside bottles of grape juice to prevent the juice from becoming wine… soo….. AHA!!!!
              So i gave my mother 500mg of aspirin, she took it only to see me happy. 2 hours later she got out of her bed where she was feeling like dying, and started to dance and cry tears of joy.
              At that moment i felt i should be getting the Nobel Prize for my “discovery”.
              Obviously i was just begining to learn a few basic things about cancer.
              Basic… but seems to me almost all oncologists ignore the basics. And to me they are the foundation of any treatment against this cancer problem.
              Basics…. strong stuff. not the cure but not to be underestimated.
              Basics such as aspirin, metformin, diclofenac bring AT LEAST a better quality of life for the person suffering.
              And we all sadly know there are people who would pay anything even for that.
              Basics such as ginger in it’s natural form, nothing too sophisticated, the humble enemas….
              Yes i stop here with the basics, i have still much more to learn. I only wish to underline that they should be around and inside the person suffering as much as possible, cautious about possible side effects.
              That the basics should almost always be there regardless of the other chosen treatments.
              You just don’t quit metformin because you saw no marker decrease….. and i know people have been doing so.
              I will use this reply to address this “problem”.
              I think that our realistic path should be filled with synergy all the way. The more yellow bricks in the road, the smoother the ride.
              Hope for the best, expect the worst, be ready for success and accept failure. In the end we did our best.
              As for 3bp, i don’t know if i could ever afford it, this is something i have to look more into. indeed time…..
              I didn’t know 3bp has that effect. But isn’t Lactic Acid something the tumor doesn’t need? And isn’t lactic acid processed back into nutrients by the liver?
              Indeed The Thing won the battle with the humans, and that’s what cancer is doing in some ways, it’s winning the battle with humans by pretending to be self in some situations till there’s no more need for that due to it’s acidic surroundings, still the genes in the cancerous cells are somewhat similar so just about “self”.
              There’s the mask, the genes, the acidic shielding. Obviously i am wrong somewhere but.
              The Thing did win just by imitation
              I’m happy you liked the films.
              Looking forward for your reply,
              Many Thanks,

            3. Hi Alex, thanks, yes lactic acid is something cancer cells don’t want INSIDE them. but outside it’s a blessing to them. yes the liver turns it back to nutrient, but not every nutrient, you may want to look up Cori Cycle. it’s a vicious circle; Lactate is indeed the end product of Glycolysis, but the liver metabolizes it back to Pyruvate and then Glucose and the tumor uses it again and again.
              btw, of course I too would look into treatments that are accessible to me and don’t waste time day dreaming about the ones that are not. this is probably something I learned the hard way.
              cancer certainly won’t wait till we find the perfect weapon or synergy against it. we have to fight with everything we got.

            4. Thank you very much for the reply.
              Sadly 3BP seems out of range for us.
              I remember i was reading about it on this site long ago, i like it… sounds great.
              I’m quite certain it can do impressive things on the positive side, still that price… $$$
              As it is the case with many other treatments, good or bad, they cost a fortune.
              Medieval kings would fail to afford these treatments with all their gold.
              Makes me wonder if our dear Emad could do some farmaceutical lab work at home>!>?!?!?
              I know that these things are made somehow, so maybe we can replicate the process?

              Many thanks.

            5. Dear Alex,

              Lactic Acid can also be processed back by tumor cells directly, i.e. nor required to go through the liver. A part of cancer cells are reusing the exported lactic acid (also produced by the fibroblasts) by importing it back through MCT1 transporters. Once inside it is converted into pyruvate and it goes into the mitochondria t produce energy and others. This is the same door that 3BP can enter (because it “looks” like pyruvate) and this is why 3BP, in low dose, is accessing mainly the cancer cells and not the normal cells since cancer cells have MCT1 overexpressed. Once inside 3BP acts against many enzymes that are required for the cancer cells to function properly.

              Kind regards,

            6. Thank you very much for the reply and clarification Daniel.
              As always, i feel very lucky to have met you and i am honored, my mother has the same feelings.
              We will probably never know when to stop saying Thank you!!!!

          4. How’s it going?
            I hope better, and i hope you and your mother had a nice easter.
            So many Sons and Mothers here 🙂
            Things are not going good here, markers going up, mother feeling bad.
            Time to switch i think. DCA+ many others i guess.
            Any good feedback on that would be most appreciated.

            Stay Strong,

            1. Hi Alex,
              Happy to hear that you switched to DCA from citric acid at last.
              Now i am giving all my effort for searching hormones and their incredible affect on cancer.
              But i only learn how they boost cancer:)TSH and ovarian cancer WOW.,After TSH gone higher,markers went higher like a rocket,i didnt expect a rise like that.I hope T4 depletion strategy works but need time.

              From what i learn after entering Daniel’s website,nearly 4 months past:
              MY best of list :3BP+salinomycin+phlorizin+metformin+HORMONES.
              I learn how cancer cells give reaction to glucose.Depletion of glucose by SGLT inhibitors.You have to see
              the lab results.It is working alone.We are always talking on metformin but metformin works on especially cancer stem cells.May be %10 of total.You are not in that position for my thoughts,you didnt use chemo.
              You have to give some of your energy for searching 3bp+dapagliflozin or canagliflozin.They are working synergetic from my searchings.I have hopes that 2 together works without chemo.
              Believe me both of them respects searching.
              Best regards

            2. Bro,
              I think you underestimate metformin too much
              I don’t have other experience, i am not a doctor, i have no medical education etc etc.
              But when i look at my mother, i look at the tests, we have 30% cancer slowing down by rough calculation.
              I am no oncologist etc.
              But looking and the facts, i conclude that HCA, ALA, Aspirin, Metformin, Diclofenac are more effective in slowing down progression than perhaps many conventional therapies out there.
              We gave up Resveratrol, Citric Acid, Mebendazole we added Simvastatin, Vitamin E, DCA
              I have a feeling Mebendazole may be the one to blame for my mother’s dramatic decrease in immune cells.
              And we need them!!! So it makes me wonder if anything else will interfere with the immune system in that way or not.
              Also, about chemotherapy, it’s never late to stop any treatment that proves itself to be useless for long and seek alternatives, maybe non-toxic and organ supporting supliments+diet.
              I tell you all this because it’s what i believe in honestly, not because it’s something i have any actual experience.
              So yet again the choice goes to you and your mother.

              I think in the end we must all be very happy to be here, doing our best to help our loved ones.
              I know me and my mother are very lucky to have Daniel’s support and the community.
              We are all very lucky to have all this information, and i think that ignoring the information, the science, in this case can be very bad.
              about 3bp, i think it would work nice for your mother, if you can get some…
              I am no doctor etc, but i think metformin, aspirin, diclofenac etc, they all work generally on most if not all types of cancer, i know they are different but still… the cancerous cells won’t hug and kiss them.

              Please take care bro

            3. Hi Alex,
              I dont underestimate metformin ofcourse.
              But SGLT inhibitor is also in Daniel’s best of list.I learn it from him.
              I only put some knowledge for myself a llitle bit on his valuable searching.
              And probably i ll lower the dose of metformin and add dapagliflozin(only this in pharmacy).
              It works independently from insulin.There is no danger of hypoglycemia.
              It doesnt only lower the blood glucose levels like the others,It inhibits glucose entry into cancer cells.
              Please search,you will see what i mean.
              Best wishes

            4. Yes Alex not only table.I created x,y graph.When you see you will laugh:)
              The rises are very clear seen in graph with time.LDH is a very clear data.Before ca125 is declining,LDH is rising.(cancer cell death).But LDH has less half life in blood than ca125 i think.TSH has a very big role in ovarian cancer or my mothers type.
              I am afraiding to write here but anything after adding to our protocol,a rise in tumor markers while on chemo.Especially HCA,CA.

  42. Happy Easter TO Friends.
    Today i have no good news.
    Yesterday,while my mother was on plaxitaxel,there was a very big allergy or Dr said she got heart attack.
    Very bad chest pain,crying,shouting, pain left arm,chin,teeth that was terrible.That was horrible.
    Her troponin levels become 65 ( 0-15).It seems like heart attack.I hope that was allergy but it became at the end just before
    plaxitaxel was finishing.
    I hate chemo and CA 125 : 200.And very bad bowel improvements very high hypertension.
    BUT I have still hope about T4 strategy for the patients who wants to try..Dr begin to see some improvements with his patients.(2-3 weeks later i hope exact improvements we will see)
    And i am sorry about friends if any of you send me message that i didnt answer.
    Kind Regards

    1. Me and my mother are so happy your mother is still with us Ergin.
      I was very worried, that’s why i send you a message, thank you for making the effort of getting online to tell about what’s been going on.

      Take care please.
      Alex & Mother.

      1. Thank you very much Daniel,Alex,
        A bad day.She is fine now.Protonin levels lowered.
        We left the hospital at last.She took that chemo 1 year ago but there was no reaction.

  43. Hi Guys
    First of all my support for all of you!
    I think there is a bit confuse here with markers, hormons, etc..The sensitivity of CA125 is not too high, my suggestion then is to assess circulating epitelial cells, there are many brand now in the market doing this and is not a very expensive test, so you can get a bbeter idea about the response of the therapies. The 2nd thing I believe to improve the outcome is to know specifically your mutation, you really need to do a molecular study if you can because if you know which mutation you have you can inhibit the pathway. Ergin talk about ovarian cancer, but there are more than 15 subtypes, and all of them work different from a chemical and biological point of view. Unfortunately Oncologist treat them generic (Carboplatin + Taxol) as standard, it does not matter your type and even there are not mattter your hystologic subtype. So what I am seeing here is to make the same mistake. I agree with Daniel in all the products he mentioned here can help for cancer treatment. However ,and unfortunately we do know really know if there are really work, too many interactions, too many fears, not clearly outcome, hyperthemia versus nanothermia. If I can give my personal opinion to Egin and others, please spend every 4 month 600 euros and do a Circulating epitelial Cells test, do markers also every 4 months, so you have a follow up every 2 months. In my opinion my best values here as general fight cancer therapies are:
    A. Medications
    1. Vitamin C high dose iv.
    2. Vitamin B17 Amygdalin iv + oral
    3. Cimetidine 400-800 mg/d
    4. Melatonina 20 mg/d
    5. Ovosan
    6. Beta-glucan
    7. Silibene
    8. Glycerhici Acid
    9. Thymomodulin injection
    10. DMSA
    11. Berberina/metformine
    12. Vit D (> 30.000 UI/d)
    13. Vit A
    14. DHA?? depends…
    15. Lysin & prolin+
    16. Curcumin iv/oral (a Pharmacy recommendation suggest to give together same day curcumin + Fe + artesunate iv)
    17. Artesunate
    B. Local
    1. Hyperthermia but with a professional equipment guide under real vision of the target and outcome (
    2. Shock waves, same as a professional equipment ( This device eliminate tumor in 20 min in only one session, reaching temperatures between 60-100 degrees in the tumor area)
    3. Photodynamic therapy (intersticial & sonoPDT)

    These are my suggestion for starting then if you want to be more agressive you can always try Diflunial iv, DCA iv, Apigenin iv, 3BP iv, EGCG iv, Hypericin iv, Pangamic acid iv, Resveratrol iv, 2DoxG iv

    Hope it will help

    1. Thank you Alberto for sharing your view. Very helpful.

      There are many points to discuss here but for now I would only add the following:
      – very interesting to see this equipment of hyperthermia combined with MRI
      – I would do markers more often than 2 months. I would do the blood tests every two weeks and the CTC as often I would afford

      Regarding many of the treatment approaches that I am addressing with this website, I usually search for approaches that are relevant to as many cancer types as possible. This is because even in the same patient, when we deal with advanced cancer, we have so many populations of cancer cells with various expressions that are constantly changing.

      This is why pH strategy, cholesterol strategy, 3BP, Diflunisal, etc. discussed here are so relevant as they act on soft spots of cancer cells that are typical to most cancers regardless of their expression. Like you, I also think is good if in addition to that we can also identify over expressions or down regulations that are specific to a single patient and that we can address in an effective way with various drugs or supplements.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you dear Daniel.
        I for one am convinced my mother’s tumor/cells were diferentiated. poorly but still. (the biopsy mentions it) – Poor differentiation
        Making a genetic investigation via a new biopsy quite useless, the nature of cancer, the speed at witch it changes genes…
        Biopsy can show X Y but in a month it can be R N.
        Then there is the price as discussed previously, the cost for these tests are incredible for the average person.
        So for those of us who can not afford these tests, going with the more general treatment is still something of immense value.
        I’ve been watching documentaries about people who did get their tumor genome scanned and have received drugs on trial that did awesome for a few weeks. killed some 70% of the cancer cells, but left alive the ones that did not have that mutation targeted by the drug on trial and the cancer grew with increased speed.
        This would then require another genetic scan to use with another drug on trial or not.
        All this adding to costs in excess to anything a normal family can get.
        Still after that we would likely still have to deal with the stem cell/s

        Anyway…. about radiation, wouldn’t it make more sense to use microwaves instead of protons?
        This is where we go closer to your original domain of study, what about using electrons instead of protons? Photon torpidoes 🙂
        Light…what about light, some wavelength… Laser? Still the problem of aiming it at the target tisue….
        I’m still very curious about the cancer cell and electricity, voltage, current, capacity, resistance, etc.
        Perhaps i can “blow a speaker” and “fuses” yet again 🙂 Mad scientist hour. ERGIN!!!!! Bring the oscilloscope.
        I think i’ll buy one of those haifu thingies…. i think they deliver to anyone $$$ 🙂 LOL
        But seriously i would love to get my mother into one of those, it’s sad we don’t have one around to my knowing.
        Do you think it would be worth the trouble and cost? To use it, no not buy it just joking there obviously.
        But i must say that it may, just may be possible to have one built DIY home edition. It would take a lot of effort and money but still cheaper than 1.2 mill. $$$ (Free next day delivery included).

        I hope i didn’t annoy or bore anyone.
        Sorry for making it long yet again,
        Thank you very much for everything,

    2. Dear Alberto,
      Thank you very much for your great help.I will look for them.
      I like the idea of 3D burning of tumor .I always think that heat is real cure if used wisely..
      If they really dont send metal particles and heat them by external energy,,instead of it burning it with 3D energy,,,,
      It is a revolution.But what about costs?And i dont like 60-100 degrees idea.It is too much for the neighbour tissues if you have
      100s of metastasis.
      What do you think about taking tumors energy by phlorizin and than a modest heat.Repeatable,cheap and safe?
      I am afraiding of heating of metal parcticles also ,because they can go everywhere in the body so heat.
      40-45 degrees is safe for the other tissues and organs.What do you think?I wonder your thoughts.
      Circulating ephitelial test sounds good.But i dont think that it is very cheap here.Today i will search.
      Dear Alberto we made a gene sequencing test before,but i couldnt find a doctor who can read and understand it.
      The scientists wrote some info about the test results in the paper but not enough.

      Kind Regards

      1. My dear Ergin,
        It took me a long time to realize this.
        If you look on this website, and you write down all the sweet spots attacked by all the articles written here by Daniel, you begin to realize the huge amount of chances for healing gained if these strategies are used.
        Having met with a possibly fatal reaction to chemotherapy, you may wish to reconsider your strategy.
        I am not a medical doctor, i have no experience. It just seems to me that there may be a better way towards good health by using a tool for each problem we are aware of.
        I do however suggest that you make a table in excel for blood tests like i have, and that may help you see some hidden problems.
        I don’t have the ability to say if this table is correct but it looks like it.
        So you may want to use or not to use that for comparison and for problem indicator.
        The tools to attack cancer from all sides, should all be used in parallel most likely depending on mechanisms
        It looks to me that only by a strong avalanche of treatments we may be able to succeed. By doing what works based on the science shown and not letting go fast, being aware that something IS working.
        Sustained treatment with the things that do work, should provide to us the best possible outcome, whatever it may be.
        Time is another element in there… again it seems to me that it’s all a matter of time, till enough of the substances are inside the body to make a difference and in time overwhelm cancer, if and when all sides of the problem are attacked.
        Sugar, fermentation, acetate, cholesterol, angiogenesis etc
        What do you think?

        Take care,

          1. LOL, yes
            in private i adapt more for (Local English).
            In here, more americano-england.
            I make mistakes, not perfect… #1 not my original language and 2# tiered, stress, etc.
            Try to relax, this easter, weekend. Take care of your mother.
            I really hope you get good results after all this effort.
            Still i think more strategies should be combined for the best result. And here we have many strategies presented to us.

            Best wishes,

          2. This reminds me.

            In customs they ask me if my name is “Dear Alex”
            I say NO.
            They ask for declaration and ID LOL.
            🙂 A very very nice gesture of help, we appreciate it very much bro.
            But if you send something to someone, don’t put Dear in their name 🙂
            we put Dear just here or email.

            Hugs bro,

            1. :))))I wrote Dear Alex on envelope like writing message than suddenly realize.But it was too late.

          3. Think about cancer like in electronics.

            The circuit will not work, no matter how many times you change the power supply if you have a bad capacitor somewhere.
            The small problem, can cause big problem.
            THat’s why i say do excel table with blood counts, like i send you to show to your doctor.


            1. Yes yes i know, but the device is 4000$ i think….
              Worse, i fear the cancer inside the body will not resonate as it does in a dish in the lab.


      2. Dear Erguin I can help with the test, y Just post it or Send me, there is still something very important here. Which type of tumor and hystology has your mum. Regarding to hyperthernia 3D MRI I dont Know the cost for session. But Hifu is very accuracy normal tissue is not damaged. This tecnology is the quickest way to eliminate liver mets and abdominal mass.
        I will also recommend to start with glycerrhizic acid

        1. Thank you very much Alberto.That is a great help.
          I will send you the file.
          I searched for Glycerrhizic acid.Did you see
          it helps to ovarian ca patients?

  44. I am new in this section,but what i know is you can broke a a huge bridge or a building with very small frequencies.

    ”Resonant frequency is the same phenomenon used to shattering glass by using the sound of a person’s voice. When someone taps a glass, it emits a natural resonant frequency. To induce shattering, a person must match the resonant frequency of the glass with the vibration of their voice, getting louder and louder until the glass finally breaks.
    Using this phenomenon, Holland and a group of scientists wondered if this could have the same effect on a living microorganism or cell. They came across the work of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho who conjectured that live cells exhibit similar properties much like liquid crystals do.”

  45. Ofcourse it is not possible for us to use it now.I just wrote it for knowledge.
    I invited Dr Holland here ,i hope he will enter this website later and he will share his valuable experiences and the future projects with us.
    (Alex you are right,we need more serious,more effective treatments because we are not scientists and doctors.We are dealing with cancer now.)

    If we count how many patients here who shares their results, not more than 10 people.
    We are a very very small group if we think honestly.

    Daniel saw a good responce with his dear wife because he used all powerfull treatments and everywhere,everytime he asked me why dont you use iv’s such as Sal+3BP+Diflu+Phlorizin etc.

    We have to learn stg from his experiences and a huge knowledge he has,they are valuable.
    But after i saw the big reaction to chemo everything is changed in our life.We are freezed.
    I can only give gemzar from now on.She still has chest pain and similar reactions but less than chemo day.I stopped all treatments
    except metformin.
    And her hair loss began in day1.

    1. Dear Ergin
      I think ALA+HCA is very important
      I think Metformin is very important
      I think Aspirin is very important
      I think Diclofenac is very important
      I think citric acid may have a good chance of being effective if mixed with DMSO,

      (Daniel if you are reading this i believe a small test would help us all, in case you have both ingredients around)

      I think all of the above should be taken as often as possible but watching out for possible side effects.
      My mother takes them, and if you look on our blood work, we slowed cancer a little 🙂 As you well know, we don’t do chemo/radiation.
      My mother’s hair loss is because of anemia.
      So if you feel you should continue with chemo despite the way she feels, you may want to consider adding the above mentioned.
      Obviously the choice is yours and your mother’s but, as a friend i feel it is important to come to you and tell you how things are going here so that perhaps it can also help you and your mother.
      I understand you hate chemo… i am here to remind you that looking here on the website, i see many many many good options.
      Still i hope you and your mothers trouble will be rewarded with great news from the laboratory where you do blood tests.
      So far our experience has shown we did the right things. All our friends and family who have listened to the doctor, have died. 🙁

      Please take care bro,

  46. I have been wondering for months if there is something we can trick the cancer with, and today i think i find the answer. And i think it’s here.


    There is an article here on the site about Gallium, for me it’s incredible. I don’t know if Daniel considers it to be a strong treatment element that we could perhaps mount a strategy with. I don’t know if Daniel has tried it with his dear wife and if he would have any personal information to share on it.
    Still i find it incredible….. GALLIUM – now that i find very interesting.

    On another note….
    Let me tell you i know 2 people who did not listen to the doctor and are ok today after many years.

    1- my neighbour who stopped chemo because he did not have money to go to the doctor
    he had colon cancer, they discovered it in surgery for apendice. They removed the tumor.
    He did some chemo but stopped. then he started bio agriculture at home and went to the church for praying to God.
    Also he did lemon juice+baking soda because he watched some video on youtube and drank tea
    6 years now and he is ok, he never did tests because he didn’t have money, no test… he doesn’t know what chemo he did LOL
    I think it was some pill… maybe ghemzar or tamoxifen i don’t know. something…. and very little. Money.

    2- a friend of my mother’s had lung cancer very long time ago, she did NOTHING
    as far as we know she changed nothing and did nothing because of money

    &*%*^* Both of these people are ignorant by nature, something i admire them for sometimes.
    If i was more ignorant than i am now, i would be able to be more happy, optimistic etc. But i think i will solve that soon…..
    I don’t drink, maybe 1 or 2 times a year…. but this time i think i will get myself a bottle of good wine, and sleep very good.
    We need a vacation…… i do.

    Anyway, these 2 people didn’t listen to the doctors and they didn’t care what the doctor said, they went with it their way and are still alive today and celebrating it in good health. Strange right?
    Well not quite so, it seems that all of us have a little cancer, it’s just that not all of us are vulnerable to it.
    So if all of that is true then it must mean that the key to healing from cancer and not just it, may be just inside us.
    And if that is true then perhaps we are chasing our tail for “little” reason, those who are survivors will survive and those who aren’t will not, it is true sometimes it’s just bad luck. But it just seems that there’s something beyond treatment that “selects” who gets to live and who doesn’t.
    Our own personality, lifestyle, luck, universal entropy…. something.
    I say this not to discourage treatment efforts, i only say it because in the end we have to realize we are not in full control.
    The universe will do what it will have to do, and it is doing so with us in it, i feel that our thoughts and actions are part of it’s “random” “entropy” manifest, action-reaction.
    We are at the mercy of the “divine plan”, the laws of the universe that govern our destiny, i am not a scientist at all but i doubt we can change the nature of the universe, because we are in it. Hard to explain this one.

    Sorry for making it long

      1. Thank you very much for your most valued reply Daniel.
        I must Thank YOU for everything you do in an effort to help as many as possible, my mother and i included.
        My deepest gratitude that i will probably never be able to show as i want and feel i should.
        As for Gallium, i found the article most impressive as you already well know.
        “they” use it for screening but “never” thought about using it to heal? A bit odd…just seems to my uneducated mind that Gallium is like the ultimate Trojan Horse ––E – me and my silly attachments.
        Back… sounds great!!! I can only hope it’s very effective in the body. If so, it should be effective quite fast.
        I rather move towards that then Citric Acid, then again everyone has their personal choice to make.
        Only saying that it sounds to me like a more potent anti-cancer agent than Citric Acid. (The Popular One) And since you ordered it, i have a feeling you agree.
        News is not good so i’ll need some time to pull myself together. 🙁
        Time to do a defrag on myself and then on the website, so i’ll try to put all the parts together and solve the puzzle. I’m terrible.

        Cheers, have a good one,

    1. Hi Alberto,
      I have read that article when you sent it before.
      But it is lab test.I am afraiding to use lots of drugs
      Especially the names with acid.
      Did you see any patient who used it before?

  47. Hi Ergin, please allow me to chime into the discussion. My wife suffers from recurrent Ovarian Cancer stage IIIc and so I am also on the search for new or complementary therapies to Caelyx which she is getting now.

    One novel drug which is upcoming in the discussion here in Germany is D,L Methadone. Its antitumoral activity was discovered by Claudia Friesen back in 2008 and published in 2014. It binds to the opiod receptors which are overexpressed on cancer cells. Basically the D,L Methadone enhances chemotherapy and helps to overcome resistance. It works in a variety of cancers, including Ovarian. Here is the paper with Gliobalstomas: Even some durable complete remissions have been reported.

    I talked directly to Claudia Friesen who is a chemist by profession at the Ulm University and accompagning cancer patients, tracking their diseases scientifically. She told me that D,L Methadone is working in Ovarian Cancer, it decreased CA125 levels and the tumor burden shrank in all woman she is tracking. Another good thing about D,L Methadone is that its not expensive at all, just a couple Euros per month. One thing to consider is, that it binds to the same receptors other Opiods would use (and even Cannabis) so that there should be an “either, or” but not using D,L Methadone together with other Opiods for pain control. The recommended therapeutic dose is 2 x 35 drops a day from a solution.

    Here is the recipe for the solution (don’t know the correct english translation so I better keep it original) :
    —D,L-Methadonhydrochlorid 1,0 —Sorbinsäure 0,06 g —Zitronensäure 0,08 g —Aqua purificata ad 100 ml

    Note that there are several Methadones out there. Only the “D,L Methadone” is working on cancer.

    My wife will try it soon and I’ll report back here.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Walter for sharing this very valuable piece of info!
      I am sorry you have to deal with this.
      What a coincidence, as I just got an e-mail a few days ago from a friend drawing my attention to the same drug.
      I was looking at the story of this drug sometime ago, and now was considering to write a short post on it. Your comment should be extra motivation for me to do that. Thanks a lot for considering to report your experience with D.L Methadone here.

      All the best,

    2. You very welcome Walter,
      I am sad to hear what you have to deal with.It is really an interesting type of cancer.
      But very happy to see you here.I am sure we will be good partners with you.And share our knowledge and experiences.
      Methadone sounds amazing.I wonder if you havent seen any good responses from Caelyx?
      Can you follow-up illness from ca125?What is the latest ca125?
      And did she get surgery?How many months,years later reccurence occured?
      Kind Regards

        1. Dear Alex, i didnt see any immune system weakness if you mention leucocytes,WBC.. after mebendazole.
          I also wonder what is the cause on your dear moms counts.
          If you need help for searching,please write your all protocol shortly,i will also try to find with searching.Maybe someone knows the answer.

          1. Omeprazol 20mg X 3
            Alfa Lipoic Acid 600mg X 3
            Metformin 500mg X 3
            Aspirin 500mg X 3, Diclofenac 50mg X 3 Alternated from day to day
            HCA 1000mg X3
            Citric Acid 5g X3
            DCA 500mg X3 for first 2 weeks
            Vitamin D3, Milk Thisle – Silimarin 1000mg
            A little Imutor – betaglucan and Vermox – Mebendazol.

            1. I would stop NSAIDs due to low Trombocites indicated in the Excel you shared.
              I would stop CA due to reasons discussed.

    3. Walter,

      Thank you very much for bringing up DL methadone. This is 1st time I’ve heard of it. I am going to discuss it with my oncologist.

        1. Thanks Walter, but you specifically mention the type of methadone, you said in your comment, only D.L Methadone is working however I only found this type of Methadone for lab research, not for human use, could you please clarify this point?

    1. Now we are begining the big fight Alex,which vacation are you talking about?,smoke and work on SGLT inhibitors:)
      I think we need a psychologist here to motivate us and talk about D,L Methadone.

      1. Vacation at Techirghiol lake 🙂 Sun, Mud, Beach, A cold beer and no problems.
        Meanwhile…..Smoke smoke smoke yes… more sugar for the brain, no cancer for me, my brain is a cancer inhibitor lol 🙂
        Not so fuel efficient sadly 🙁 too many stupid ideas. Thankfully i have friends here to help. Very lucky for that.
        I got a bottle of wine to slow down my thinking tonight or else i would need a psychologist too.
        But here is a little motivation, fight because the other option is to give up and that will almost never maximize chances of success.
        To be honest, we have no choice from what i see, we MUST fight.
        Now We are doing:
        Lanzoprazol 90mg/day
        Metformin 1500mg/day
        ALA 1200mg/day
        HCA 3000mg/day
        Vitamin E 300mg/day
        Vitamin D 3000 UI/Day
        DCA 2000mg/day
        Simvastatin 20mg/day
        Milk Thisle – Silimarin – 1000mg at random

        We stopped, Resveratrol, CA, For being ineffective in our opinion.
        We stop Aspirin, Diclofenac because of low Trombocites (but they work anti-cancer in our opinion)
        We stop Mebendazol because of low immune system
        We tried Itraconazol just one pill, and my mother was very sick half a day.

        Suggestions? Opinions? Please!

        A glass of wine to you too bro

        1. Hi Alex

          Ldn is supposed to work well with ala plus hca.. read about it.

          Its relatively inexpensive with very minimal side effects

          Search for dr berkson

          1. Impressive, thank you very much for that reminder.
            Are you taking it? If so, how is it going?
            After looking for Dr Berkson, i wonder now if ALA is best used IV or not.

            Many Thanks,

            1. Started using it one month ago. No side effects, very easy to take. Effects start allegedly after 2 3 months.

              You can order whole dose naltrexone, mix with water and use only one tenth of the used water, if the pill is 50mg for instance, per day. Then its 5 mg, the daily amount. This way its cheap to try,40 USD for 3 or 4 months.

              Re ala iv is better but they have seen results with oral too…

            1. Would nt it fuel the cancer?

              By the way, what i like about the ldn stuff is that even if it does not work against a given cancer It can surely helps with pain if your mother has any.. or mood maybe..

            2. If you got pain due to cancer
              my opinion is that almost anything that works against cancer should also relief pain caused by it (even if just a little) and it should do so “instantly” not after many months.
              so how is it?

            3. hey Alex

              ldn just like normal naltrexone (but in the opposite way) manipulates the opioid system and the impact is pain ease, among others.


            4. I have a good experience with glutathione.
              They used it for immune boosting.It really helped to nerium oleander to reach high fever.
              Without it,nerium oleandar didnt make fever for patients heavily pretreated with chemo.
              Although it is a perfect antioxidant,nerium oleander didnt worked for them at last because of lost of too many healthy immune cells after lots of years of taking chemo.
              And if you want to switch to chemo one day?I think you know glutathione and chemo.

          2. So what about that other side of LDN, the side that may help cancer grow? any info on that? I remember reading something about LDN supporting the growth of some tumors. Maybe i am wrong
            Best wishes.

  48. Hi Daniel and friends,
    I have just discovered this website and am amazed at the information on here – it’s fantastic.
    I need some advice, although I know you are not doctors 🙂
    I have advanced ovarian cancer, late stage, and am about to start my third line chemo.
    I am now platinum resistant after second line chemo at the end of last year.
    I had a debulking operation in Nov 2013 followed by chemo Taxol and Carboplatin and was in remission for 11 months.
    I am on LDN, DCA, Metformin, statin, aspirin and lots of supplements like curcumin, frankincense, etc. Nothing is working.
    I planned to start weekly Taxol and Avastin in the hope it might work.
    Do you think this is a good plan?
    I wonder if I should try cyclophosphamide and Thalidomide instead after reading some posts on here. My doc Dana Flavin likes cyclophosphamide, but my UK oncologist says Taxol. I would not be able to get the Avastin with cyclophosphamide.
    I am not averse to trying the Taxol for a few weeks to see if it works. I am still fit and healthy although getting worse every day. It is my spleen, pelvis and several lymph nodes, and I am finding it a bit harder to eat and sleep now.
    Thanks to all of you for your help 🙂

      1. Hello Wondering. I did read this study and I know that cyclophosphamide is an immunomodulator (if that is the right word.) I asked my onc if I could have it and she said she only used it as a last resort. I would also not be able to get the Avastin with it and I am quite keen to see if I am one of the lucky ones that gets a good response with Avastin. I see that you can buy cyclo…. on the internet and it is quite cheap. Tbh, I don’t really know what to think as my head is mince at the moment. Too many pills, supplements, treatments – I can hardly keep up. I have two daughters aged 11 and 14, so I have to stay alive for as long as I possibly can to look after them. I have been to a clinic in Germany, Latvia, tried various diets, fasting, but it has a mind of its own, this disease. It feels like my body is trying to kill me!!

        1. Hi Hectoria,

          I know exactly what you feel as i feel the same.. One always trusts his or her body and then cancer destroys this trust and puts you in a different world where not even your closest friends can feel what you go through. Once you feel pain too things become terrible and it is hard to cope mentally. I would take the Avastin and consider taking cyclophosphamide (if side effects together are not brutal and there is no indication that they could cancel each other out) but i agree its not an easy decision. The study above shows that one should not give up.

          all the best..

        2. Dear Hectoria,

          This is just my two cents but I also suspect I might have ovarian cancer and after I started to take citric acid my symptoms improved a lot. Most notably, the left side of my belly was swollen and after taking CA it subsided, also the feeling of being bloated and frequent urge to pee subsided. I took for a while quite a lot of the stuff, 6 times a day 2 grams. There is a lot of discussion about CA here on this site, look it up. Also, Paul, whose wife has advanced KRAS+ colon cancer describes in that thread how they treat her cancer with a combination of chemo and natural treatments. E.g. combine ginger with 5FU, etc. Lots of information! Her tumor decreased recently from 4 kg to 2kg so they must be doing something right!

          Kind regards,

            1. Hi W,

              Thanks for your comment. What kind of test would that be? I had no such test. I’ll be attending an obgyn in early June.


            2. hi Helga,
              i meant just an exam, a CT or MR. “test” was not the best word. The breast symptom could be due to hormonal issues that can cause a lot of other symptoms. I hope this is the case for you.

    1. Hi Hectoria,

      I was very busy these days and not much at home.
      As promised, I will try to address some of the questions you asked but probably will not be all, so if some are not answered but important to you please ask again:

      1. If you feel Budwig helped you may want to also try high dose Omega 3
      2. Spleen is used for storage of red blood cells, lymphocytes and others – the immune system may indeed by affected but that doesn’t mean there is no immune system. In fact “gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) is the prominent part of mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) and represents almost 70% of the entire immune system”.
      3. Albendazole has some liver toxicity so maybe while on chemo you could use others to help chemo and not overload liver too much
      4. I checked the effect of extracellular acidity on Taxol and it seems is not ionizable so you don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of that as a function of acidity around the tumors
      5. Based on our prior discussion and since LDN did not show much added value you may want to reconsider its use
      6. Metformin and Satins, I personally like but Lovastatin could also be alternated with Atorvastatin which could be more effective
      7. Regarding angiogenesis inhibitors, have you read this?
      8. This strategy may also be relevant but you need the help of your doctor to monitor potassium levels while on amiloride You may want to read this one as well
      9. Multiple ideas for improving chemo effectiveness are discussed here
      10. T4 deplition strategy may also be relevant and you can read some more feedback on it from Ergin I am sure Ergin will like to share with you more of his experience
      11. Salinomycin is less accessible (but not impossible) and should work great with Taxol You may want to read this one too
      12. Cyclophosphamide suggested by Dr. Flavin (please send her my regards) is to my knowledge in low dose focused on the immune activation so I do not see why should be a choice between Taxol and low dose cyclophosphamide. Is there a specific reason for that?
      13. You may want to follow updates from Alberto who is now using Taurolidine for ovarian cancer
      14. As Wondering said, Avemar may help improve the appetite and at the same time fight cancer
      15. Yes, cimetidine was suggested to lead to increased levels of estrogen Yet, I did a search and is seems that the results indicating this come from a small group of researchers who published this about 20 years ago. Their papers are not referenced by the literature that came after that so I find it a bit strange and that means this effect was not really much confirmed by others. In anycase, we always need to balance risks vs. benefits. On the benefits side Cimetidine seems to be able to reduce chance of metastasis in various cancers based on multiple results and clinical trials. We did use it for long time and I do not know if it was that but we succeeded to keep a very aggressive cancer localized for years. Offcourse, I am not sure if it was Cimetidne or everything else we did.

      These are some ideas. I hope this answers most of your questions, but if there are others, please let me know.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Daniel, would Avemar also help in my mother’s case?
        I’m concerned about the anti-inflamatory part and the immune modulatory one.
        Everywhere i look i see only good about it so i wonder……
        Have a wonderful weekend,
        Many many thanks,

  49. just a thought…

    As you know the most common side effect of standard chemoterapy is hair loss, reason being that the drugs stop the fast dividing cells first. This leads to hair loss and stomach issues. my theory is that probably each and every drug causing hair loss might be effective against cancer cells. Maybe its a naive way of thinking but think of repurposed drugs!

    these drugs are the ones that typically cause hair loss:

    Acne medications – used in anti cancer combos…
    Antibiotics and antifungal medications. -. used in anti cancer combos
    Antidepressants. – not used yet
    Oral contraceptives. – not used yet but think of thalidomide in wider context
    Anticoagulants (‘ blood thinners’) used in cancer combos
    Cholesterol-lowering medications – used in anti cancer combos


    I presume that we will learn that some of the antidepressants and contraceptives are effective against cancer.

    1. Aha!
      I seem to have nailed it in the past.
      I had a eurika moment on my own with aspirin, some time after i was asking about contraceptives. 🙂 so proud of myself 🙂

      1. hi Alex, seemingly your idea actually works as a prevention !!

        There were 4661 ever users with at least 1 cancer during 884,895 woman-years of observation and 2341 never users with at least 1 cancer during 388,505 woman-years of observation. Ever use of oral contraceptives was associated with reduced colorectal (incidence rate ratio, 0.81; 99% confidence interval, 0.66-0.99), endometrial (incidence rate ratio, 0.66; 99% confidence interval, 0.48-0.89), ovarian (incidence rate ratio, 0.67; 99% confidence interval, 0.50-0.89), and lymphatic and hematopoietic cancer (incidence rate ratio, 0.74; 99% confidence interval, 0.58-0.94). An increased risk of lung cancer was seen only among ever users who smoked at recruitment. An increased risk of breast and cervical cancer that was seen in current and recent users appeared to be lost within approximately 5 years of stopping oral contraception, with no evidence of either cancer recurring at increased risk in ever users with time. There was no evidence of new cancer risks appearing later in life among women who had used oral contraceptives. Thus, the overall balance of cancer risk among past users of oral contraceptives was neutral with the increased risks counterbalanced by the endometrial, ovarian, and colorectal cancer benefits that persist at least 30 years.”

        1. Sometimes i’m a genius eh?
          You think so much, you’re bound to get some good idea in between the hundreds of BAD ideas.
          It was just me making a connection between embryo growth and cancer tumor growth.
          Makes me rewind the tape and wonder about the so called “next day pill” or abortion pills.
          If the effect is obtained, “instant” tumor necrosis should be the result.
          Obviously i may be wrong.

  50. Dear Friends,
    I will write a long post about latest updates
    here tomorrow.
    Now i can only say that i have a very celever friend that he found what caused the 2 bad reactions.His name is Daniel?.
    That was becasue of kolliphor not from any other drug.
    They use it in plaxcitaxel and iv curcumin which my mother used.I think they use it for desolving compounds.
    The ones who has allergy to plaxitaxel should be aware of kolliphor added drugs.Or drug desolved in kolliphor.Ofcourse not everyone has kolliphor allergy.They wont use it to any patients if it causes reactions to all.Isnt it?
    I hope it helps someone around the world who has trouble with reactions.
    Thank you Daniel!Great job.

    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks a lot Ergin for reporting and for the nice words. I am also proud for guessing it 🙂
      Is not about being clever but sometimes the answer just comes from nowhere … but it was essential that you told me the clinic is using Curcumin with the chemo. This is why it is always important that when there are major questions, people should always share the complete story. Details matter.

      If you also used Taxol before and there was no issue, it means that this time combining Taxol with Curcumin lead to a too high amount of kolliphor. I remember, one supplier of Curcumin in Germany, included several ml Kolliphor in a Curcumin vial. Taxol also usually contains Kolliphor at about 50% solution used. All in all is too much.
      On the other hand, if you never used prior to this point any IV with kolliphor, the best practices in clinics/hospitals say that first time before using kolliphor containing IV drugs the patients have to received some special antialergic cocktail. I have seen once in Germany they were using:
      First time (like before „Chemo“) before first Curcumin IV give in 100 ml NaCl 0,9%: Fenistil 8 mg + Ranitidin 50mg + Dexamethason 8mg + Ondansetron 8mg

      Alos, best practices say that ALWAYS when Taxol and or Curcumin with kolliphor is used (note that there is also Curcumin formulated withouth kolliphor) the doctor has to use PVC free IV kits (no PVC!) and in addition to that inline filter of 0.2um which comes with the IV kits used for chemo. This will cost about 20 euro instead of a few euro for a normal IV set but it is important for safety.

      If this is not used by the doctor and there is an allergic reaction triggered in the patient, the reaction is so dangerous that it may be lethal. Not all the patients will develop allergic reaction but when that happens that is not good.

      I also hope this will help the patients and clinics reading it.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Daniel,
        Unfortunately we couldnt follow illness from ca125 for some days or weeks.
        When TSH was declined to 1 and big reactions occured,i reduced the T3 pill to half,a very big mistake again.I had to make it 3 x day with low dosage.(We thought allergy was because of T3 pill or others.But we find it very late by Daniels help.It was kolliphor allergy.This week no reaction occured.)
        So markers rise again to 400 from 280 in 5 days.Upto my calculations this week Tsh will be normal and ca125 will decline very fast again.But how fast we will see.
        But this case is totaly false.You have to begin with low dosage and slowly find the right dosage.
        We began T3 very late as you know.So we have to begin with high dose (for high TSH)and then lower the dosage.

        But the things are going well,no pain.I hate pain on abdomen and bowl.It is a bad sign of progress in ovarian ca.
        The patients who wants to begin T4 depletion strategy,i can help them to arrange T3 dosages.
        Also they can get into contact with Dr Aleck Hercbergs or i can send them our conversation copy.
        He directly said that when T4 is low,chemo will probably work again.
        Now we have a good experience.Each day i am believing it more and more.
        If i would be the patient and begin to see no responce from chemo or even stable disease,
        i would directly begin T4 depletion before everything.It can be tried for 1-2 months.
        He writes in his article that some patients respond very quickly.

        And please dont forget,there are only 2 responders to chemo in this site now and 2 of them are on T4 depletion strategy.
        I dont know if it is coincidence or not ofcourse.But it looks like that at least it doesnt feed cancer.
        No news from Dr,he said we newly begin and no feedback yet.
        Kind Regards

        1. Hi Ergin

          I thought you said that cancer did shrink even when ca125 hit 421 !!!

          so why do you think that ca125 is really a marker for cancer progress ?

          1. Hi Emad ,i found that High TSH cause big rises in markers in very short time.
            And it declines in very short period after TSH comes to normal levels.
            High TSH makes some edema for some patients.But not very horrible situation.
            I learned how to deal with it.
            Kind Regards

        2. sorry I didn’t respond to your last email , I have some issue with my account , I will respond soon

          both me and my mother is good , I will share about what we are going to do maybe tonight or tomorrow

          always wish the best for your dear mother 🙂

        3. Thank you for the update Ergin! It is very valuable and is great to hear there is no pain anymore and no strange reactions to chemo. I hope the markers will decline again as you expect and also hear good news from the use of this strategy for other patients, by your doctor. Kind regards, Daniel

  51. Dear Daniel let me repeat my post about Taurolodine here, due to hot forum here and because I am using for ovarian cancer.
    First cycle taurolodine finished, 300mg/kg/d iv for 14 days, 2 days break in the middle, no side effects. We will check now Ca125, then I will repeat another cycle and see after Maintrac test for response

    1. Dear Alberto,
      I am watching you from outside and i admire your work too much.
      We are really lucky that you are here and helping thousands.
      I hope you will give good news on coming weeks.
      May i ask are you an M.D.?
      Kind Regards

  52. Last update:
    Unfortunately some of her blood counts are too low especially paletlets because of chemo.
    So chemo will be next week.
    Dr is still in Germany
    But i talked with nurses there.They are happy about T4 Depletion Strategy.
    Everything is ok with all patients.
    I wonder why no one is talking about this treatment.No one has began yet.
    It is in
    This is a very popular journal in oncology world and venerable.
    What can i say more about it?!
    May be some patients began but not writing here.
    Kind Regards

    1. sorry to hear about low blood counts , what chemo they are using with your mother ? is it Gemzar ?

      what I know is that Gemzar is well known to decrease HB and platelets level , there are a lot of chemo drugs that will not cause the same side effect

      also , be careful if you decided to do blood transfusion , some times it may let the cancer more aggressive , it may be a temporary effect only but you should read about it

      don’t panic because of this , there is a lot of chemos around that could work without causing low blood counts

      for the T4 depletion , i must give it a try , but i can’t focus on it now until i finish with Sal and 3-BP , i may add it lately

      1. Dear Emad,
        Thank you very much for your very valuable msg.
        Now we forget cancer(everything is ok about cancer treatment) and looking for other blood counts.I am afraiding of other organs.

        As i saw in this post,it is very very mixed.I myself also looking too much for what i did,which day etc.
        We need an update on top of this page to help people.
        If i met Hectoria 4 months ago and knew what she used before,i will probably gained more than 4 months.
        Because we nearly used same protocol and didnt work.We need more powerful treatments like sal+3bp+T4+phlorizin.
        But people may not see easily in these posts.

        I am sure other treatments helps alot and some people may be cured by them but very low probability.Not more than %1 chance for me.
        Daniel showed me T4 depletion strategy and i decided to begin this treatment in only 1 day.
        I think Alex will begin this treatment next week.I have feelings that it will work with others like DCA.

        For patients who wants to begin:
        T4 DEPLETION STRATEGY does not belongs to me.It is Dr Aleck Hercbergs perfect work.
        I only can share my experiences about it.

        Kind Regards

        1. Hi Ergin

          don’t feel like you wasted a lot of time , I remember a cancer patient who did chemo for 3 years , then achieved complete remission

          if our mothers can still tolerate chemo , then we should hope they can still tolerate it more

          its not like we should always relay on chemo , we all hate it so much

          but we shouldn’t let this make us feel lost or like time is up

          let us always hope for the best

          I’m giving 3-BP now for my mother , i doesn’t look acidic that much when you drink it , but I’m happy its pure white and in a good shape

          i wish it works so we get for our selves another good working thing around

          always wish the best for you my brother

          1. Dear Emad,
            How does she feel and you feel about 3 BP?.I am very happy that you begin treatments.
            Today i got blood counts.
            CA125 declined from 400 to 300.I was a little bit unhappy because i was waiting very low ca125,below 35.Still a little bit high hearth rate and hypertension and TSH begin to rise but very slowly.I wrote to Dr Aleck Hercbergs and waiting the answer.I should add a little dose of T3 i think.
            I think while T4 is declining you have to add more T3 in time.After some weeks it will be under the control.
            It makes me very helpless when i cannot monitor efficiency of treatments.I can not follow illness from markers.
            May be Our dr will take CT again this week.
            Kind Regards

            1. Ergin,
              how about weekly tumor marker checks? could give you more info wrt impact of small changes.. i think markers do give you an important feedback..

            2. Thanks W. and Alex,
              Let me explain the situation.
              1.Before we began T4 depletion.
              CA 125 :100
              2.After begining T4 depletion.(hypopthyroid:high TSH)
              CA 125:420
              3.After adding T3.(Normal levels TSH)
              4.After reducing T3(hypothyroid again:high TSH)
              (We reduced because we thought T3 made chemo reaction but it was not)
              5.After doubling T3(Normal TSH again)

              We began treatment with ca125:100
              And CT scan showed tumor regression.
              So ca125 should be less than 100 now.
              After hypothyroid,markers rise not because of cancer,we know this.
              But markers are declining slowly and i couldnt understand what is going inside.

              Kind Regards

            3. hi Ergin
              understand, confusing. freaking cancer.
              its very interesting pls keep us posted.

  53. Dear Friends,
    I have lots of documents and searchings upto now.May be no one knew or heard about them.
    I stopped writing about them because we all have to focus on simple and effective strategies.
    You can be sure that i will share all later but we need an urgent treatment for now.

    I have no explanation but T4 depletion is a working strategy.
    I searched too much about hormones but still i have no explanation.We know very less about T4,T3.
    But it is working.You learned my way from months here and you should understand how i am afraiding of giving wrong knowledge and to be responsible of any bad happening.Because i am human and dealing with my mother just like the others.And i know how you friends are in a very bad situation because you are dealing with cancer.

    I saw good responces with T4 Depletion strategy with my mother and the other patients in hospital.

    This is best what we have in our hand now i think.
    I wonder your thoughts about it.If you are in my situation,what would you say to world?
    Kind Regards


    1. Dear Ergin,
      I will re-read now the article of Daniel and consider this for myself. Your enthusiasm and local experience is promising..

      1. Cheers W.
        Tomorrow we have blood counts.And 10 days later CT scan.
        Now she is taking only Gemzar,lansoprazol,metformin and T3(12,5×2 mcg )and i am testing dapagliflozin also for some days.
        No curcumin no hyperthermia no platin compounds etc after last CT.
        We will see the exact results 10 days later.

  54. Dear Ergin,

    There is a very simple explanation for the strategy working: some of the thyroid hormones, like many other hormones (e.g. estrogen) are growth factors. Here is an old but very relevant article: “Endogenous Hormones as a Major Factor in Human Cancer”

    It mostly talks about TSH hormone but it is an old article. It also limits the discussion of thyroid hormone related cancers to thyroid cancers but we know that thyroid hormones have a wider reach in causing cancer in other parts of the body as well.

    “Thyroid Cancer. The pituitary hormone TSH is the principal hormone regulating the growth and function of the thyroid gland (55), and we therefore suggest, following the same line of reasoning we have used above, a TSH excess hypothesis for thyroid cancer. This hypothesis is supported by the obser vation that growth of some thyroid cancers is dependent on TSH secretion so that suppression of TSH release by admin istration of thyroxin is often an effective treatment for thyroid carcinomas (20).
    The hypothesis is also supported by experimental work. Sustained elevation of TSH induces thyroid tumors in rodents (5, 37), and the mechanism by which elevated TSH levels are achieved appears unimportant. Thyroid tumors have been pro duced by iodine-deficient diets, by blocking thyroid hormone synthesis, by administering TSH directly, and by chemical goitrogens.”

    I also read an another article, which stated that 20% of esophageal cancer patients had hyperthyroid. A significantly higher rate than in controls. It also makes sense as the esophagus is quite close physically to the thyroid.

    All in all reducing/depleting T4 seems to be an excellent strategy, without any apparent downsides. I totally agree with you that it could be implemented more widely in cancer patients.

    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Helga,
      I hope it works for everyone and for my mother.My early observations looks like it is working.
      I can not say it is a cure because we know stg special with cancer patients:
      Waiting our existing therapies to work takes too much time,most of them are waiting till end.
      They begin the most effective treatments very late.Because it is very hard to say it to dr.
      How can a patient tell dr about T4 depletion strategy?Dr will fire them from office.Dr will not take any responsibilities.
      How can a patient tell dr to look for Hormone counts?When dr will see Very low T4??what will patient tell?

      And i wonder why people come here,wants help and takes help.But later we can not see them here.
      Because of they dont update their latest treatments counts etc,everything is very slow here.
      What do you think about this Dear Helga?

      Kind Regards

      1. Hi Emad, I was extremely busy during the recent period and did not had the chance to respond your e-mail. I will do that asap but if you have any urgent question just send me an e-mail again. Thanks.
        Kind regards, Daniel

        1. I did have a problem regarding Sal making it soluble but thanks to your old messages I did make it soluble and working normally

          I know how busy you are to deal with all this emails , comments , articles , job and going on with your life

          I appreciate your great work 🙂

          Wish you the best always

  55. Hello Marcosbomber,
    They have 3BP and Sal in clinic but they never used them before.Our relationship lost after we left there.
    But ofcourse i can give the adress if you still want to talk.You can send me an email if you wish.
    Kind Regards

  56. Update:
    She has sharp pains on abdomen.I dont understand what is happening.
    A pain like cutting with knife.I hope thats because of working immunity as necrosis.

    1. hi Ergin,
      should be normal

      “When abdominal pain and breast tenderness occur together, the cause is often related to changes in hormone levels”
      “bdominal pain can be cramp-like, achy, dull, or sharp. It is often called”

      of course check with the doc

  57. Dear Daniel,
    While waiting the latest CT this week,I am lost again in searchings about antiworm-parasite drugs and transporters like
    GLUT and MCT.
    1-Niclosamide(i read you used it),mebendazole,pyrivinium pamoate.I want to use all,do you know a protocol about iv and if i will use all oral;can i use them at the same time?
    2-I wonder if we can formulate Pyrivinium pamoate with DMSO(i read your comment),can it reach to periton?
    3-I have suspicious about inhibition of transporters because drugs may use them like 3BP+SAL or chemo.I wonder your thoughts?

    Again my mothers bowel pains began.I wonder very very much latest scan.
    While searching what i saw is nearly everything is in your website.In nearly every search your website comes in the first page of google.So i have to say congragulations.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ergin,

      I also like the anti parasites as most have good anti cancer effects. It is indeed a direction I was also considering for the combination of DMSO with e.g. Pyrivinium. The only issue will be the very strong red color of Pyrivinium that will make a mess around 🙂

      With the google search, thanks. I did not do anything specific to come out on top of searches.

      Pain can also come from necrosis – so let’s hope it is that. What is the T4 status now? Are you still following that?

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,
        Thank you very much for the answers.
        T4 is now 0,41 (0,70-1,48) still declining.
        Today we got blood counts+CT scan.
        CA125 was 200,now 350.Again climbed,in 1 week nearly twice.
        TSH: 3,72 (0,35-4,94) She is not in hypothyroid stage if you look on TSH value.
        While T4 is declining,TSH began to rise.Dr Aleck Hercbergs said dont play with dosages,But as you see TSH is getting higer each week.It was 3,30 previous week and before 2,94(when ca125 began to decline).
        I think her hypothyroid limit is 3.00.A rare case on internet with my searchings.
        I am waiting tomorrow for CT results.If the cause is ascite,i will add T3,if progress than i dont know what to do.
        But i think the bad bowel movements ,pains and ca125 are because of ascite because of hypothyroidism.
        Daniel we have a good experience now as you see.If it works,i will help everyone as i promised.
        (Sorry for late reply)
        Kind Regards

    2. Dear Ergin,

      Please, see my msg to Anca in the Forum section. Perhaps you could also try to apply heparin ointment on the skin. I find it to be effective with my ovary if I put the heparin lotion on my belly. At least it helps with the pain I sometimes get around my ovary.


      1. Thank you very much Helga.We always need you as a friend and your searchings here.

        I understand you too much about fears to look for ca125 counts.But may be you can catchit in a lower stage if you are cancer.
        (i very hope that you are not)
        I also have sweeting problem during nights while sleeping.
        But the cause is sleep apnea.I have to take a surgery for it may be also you have to look for it.
        It makes you tired all day because of unquality sleeping.We are already in full stress,i hate problems like this sleeping:)
        Kind Regards

  58. I got the CT results.
    Nearly stable disease but a little bit regression on tumors.And there is some ascite as i expected because of hypothyroidism.
    I talked with dr,he said it looks good with only Gemzar.
    Today he add Carboplatin near Gemzar.

    1. In this short time since the last scan it looks good to see minimal regression

      I always have hope that things will go well next times

      regarding ascite , any idea on how to manage it ?

        1. Hi Alberto,
          I am following you about Thauroladine and heparin.In articles they are really synergetic but dont work alone.
          Your work is amazing and your updates are very helpfull.
          I need your experiences about intraperitoneal administration of drugs.
          I have lots of questions in mind about ip delivery.If you help i would be very happy.
          Kind Regards

      1. We had several discussions on ascite in the past Emad, on this website, and one of the drugs with potential was Thalidomide. You can always use the search option located at the top-right side of the page. Kind regards, Daniel

    2. Hi Ergin,
      I am glad there is regression in your mother’s tumors, it gives you hope. I am sad you have sleep problems, you are also stressed about your mother’s condition, she has a good son like you, she has motivation to fight.
      My mother did some blood test in Greece and we have the results, she has 5 chemotherapies she is still sensitive to, like Altretamine 75%, Cisplatin 75% efficiency, Nadaplatin 81%, Oxaplatin 70%, Carboplatin 65%, all the rest are under 20%. Do you do DCA to your mom? If so, is it IV or by pill? Is DCA efficient for ovarian cancer? What do you think I should give my mom to make the chemotherapies more efficient?

      Thank you,

      1. Dear Anca,
        Sorry for too late answer.But i missed your message.
        What you did is great about your mom.This test looks wonderfull.I wonder did they look for Gemzar in the test!

        If you ask my opininon about adding stg near chemo,i can say add thalidomide+celecoxib+lansoprazol and possibly an anti-warm parasite drug.
        No DCA,No HCA,especially No CA(citric acid).It is not same as in lab tests.But as you know there are lots of OVCA types.
        Kind Regards

      2. Dear Anca.
        Before going for anything in this case DCA, do consult the doctor about it. Try to talk about all possible implications before reaching such decisions.
        In my mother’s case DCA “worked”, as in i’m certain that it does go in the blood as a pill, removing the need of doing it IV if that’s an obstacle.
        I must also mention that we did DCA+CA in the past and that didn’t do anything.
        I also must say that out of all the things i so far heard about and we tried *quite a few* , the only things that so far i believe would have a remote chance at actually doing anything to the tumor by mouth would be, Metformin, Aspirin, Diclofenac, Simvastatin, DCA, Diet. These and anything else should again be talked about with your mother’s doctor.
        On top of those would be some other vitamins, minerals, essential for anyone especially for someone suffering from this disease.
        Most people who do die from “cancer” actually die because of some sort of issue, complication such as (in no particular order) electrolite imballance, heart failure due to dehidration, lack of essential nutrients, blood clots, cachexia, excessive toxicity caused by therapy and so on.

        I wish i had more time to devote to the community here again, sadly my mother’s situation is very dramatic and i can hardly keep still let alone spend time on the computer like i used to.

        My best wishes to you dear and to my brothers here taking care of their mothers.
        Many many thanks,

  59. Update:
    CA125:426 A record for us.
    TSH:3,45 Still she is hypothyroid.
    She enters %4 in the world statistics interestingly.
    Hypothyroid causes ascite with her.This is very clear.
    Her T3 dosage is now 12,25Mcg X 3 /day
    Today Tsh lowered to 1,8 in 1 day
    We will see on coming weeks.
    Dr take another marker CA72-4,he sent blood to another city.
    May be we can follow from CA72-4 on coming days.
    I will update

    1. I’ve found several case reports of ascites raising Ca-125 levels. One report had the Ca-125 up to 2100 with no malignancy. The second had it up to 98 with hypothyroidism and ascites. So the bump in Ca-125 may be the result of ascites.

      1. Dear Meech,
        Thank you for asking mom.
        I gave my self a holiday for 2 weeks.
        But i couldnt forget cancer,everyday i feel guilty
        Because i didnt work for cancer.
        But what i learned from 2 weeks is i am afraiding.We are all afraiding.
        We are fearful if it is a true word.
        Daniel,my idol VIP person
        Said what Meech?
        What is effective or not?
        The most brave and clever people is first Daniel and then Emad for me.
        I hope you understand what i mean brother.

        1. It’s difficult to take time off when it isn’t a physical burden but a mental one. Like Daniel said though, try to take some time to do some activities you enjoy, if possible.

          I hope the fear isn’t stemming from a worsening condition or anything. If your mom is feeling alright, that’s the most important thing.

        2. I’ve got a doctor here to agree to do the T4 strategy with me, starting next week or the week after, I hope, so you likely won’t be alone in treading this new ground.

          1. Dear Meech,
            For now there is no any bad happening.
            Everything seems ok with T4 depletion strategy.
            But i used celebrex for 1 week.
            And PLT down to 53.Bleeding?!
            So a 1 week off for chemo.
            Nurse forgut to take Ca125 .
            And so 1 week holiday for me.?Without depression.
            And 6,25mcg in the middle of the day.
            Hearth rate:90
            But No hypertension
            Kind regards

            1. Hi Ergin,

              Thank you for the info. If there was a bleed, would the hemoglobin also not drop?

              Also, is there any reason to think that the T4 strategy is shrinking tumours? I plan on doing it without adjuvant chemo.

        3. I could be brave but too far away to put my name next to Daniel

          I’m just trying to do like what he did , not more than that

          and I’m thankful that I had the chance to do some , and more important I’m thankful to have people like you around

          all active members here in this blog are like my family 🙂

          I hope to not let you disappointed , I’m afraid too my bro , but this is normal now

          may God give us life without fear from cancer soon

  60. No Daniel,
    What you did nor you will do will never be a fault.
    You know what cancer is and how difficult it is to solve.
    You gave us the most effective treatments in this valuable website.But and but…

    1. Hi Ergin,

      Yes, cancer is difficult puzzle. But every puzzle has a solution. Humanity will find that sooner o letter and we should contribute as much as we can to that. I now realize I still did not responded to your very nice e-mail, which made me smile and made my morning of that day nice 🙂
      We should better speak on Skype as it is faster than writing e-mails. What do you think?

      Kind regards,

  61. This is your personal opinion Daniel… I will include here what you wrote to me when you wrote to me for letting you include my work about treatment of cancer with citric acid, I hope that you wont erase it..

  62. Update:
    PLT:360 .A week before it was 50.So she take chemo.
    I dont understand it is a good thing ,it feeds cancer as i read.
    Ca125:320 it was 420.
    TSH:1,16 still declining.(0,25-4,55)
    T4:4,36(11,5-22,7) Fluctuating between 4-5.
    Ldh:210 it was 290 after1st course of carbo-gemzar.A good sign i think.
    After chemo she felt some little pains on tumors,good sign i think.
    Only the bad thing is : there is a bad breath just like when she was first diagnosed.Ascite causes i think!?Or gas smell from tumors.The smell comes from stomach not mouth.
    We have to wait for CT i am still not sure from everything.

    1. Hi Ergin,

      Great to hear about the trend of the marker and LDH. I know CA125 was not always correlated with the imaging but the LDH decline from above normal level to normal level is great!

      On my side, I was kept very busy keeping the website running. Lately, there were constant crawler/spider attacks increasing the CPU usage with the goal of shutting down the website. Actually, it was a few times down. I manage to find some defense against that, for now, but I realize I will need to hire some professional to maintain the website and take care of its safety, as it takes too much of my time.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Daniel,
        Thanks for everything.
        We have to deal with this problem.
        I know a proffessional.
        I hope he will help this week
        Kind regards

      2. Hi D,

        Weird that they attack a site like this!
        Any idea on why it would beneficial to them ? Maybe im naive and they do attack every site…

        1. Hi W,

          I also think and hope is something more general and not target to this website. But I will anyway have to find a way to address such issues in a more sustainable way. In the past, I did had my own website (not related to oncology) for >5 years, and never had such issues.

            1. Thank you very much Daniel. For everything.
              Helping one another is perhaps the best thing we can do in life.

          1. Sometimes I feel afraid if they can somehow shut down this website , its like our home

            I hope it will not be a bigger problem

            As a web programmer I used to deal with increased load issues , and I believe the host provider can also help with this

            1. Hi Emad,

              there may be every now and then and issue, but I will make sure it keeps running and that I always have a backup to it. It’s good to hear your mom is feeling a bit better following the recent treatments. Btw, I did not find yet the time to write this but I should make you and all the others reading this aware about the following: recently I read a PhD thesis discussing the impact of Metformin on cancer cells alone and in combination with chemo. The thesis was very good and the points the researcher made very important. Specifically, when cancer cells are treated with Metformin they will slow down. This is good in general but when combined with chemo it has to be used in the following way: a few days before chemo stop metformin and start during the same day with chemo delivery. The point is that chemo is killing the fast dividing cells, and because metformin is slowing them down, will reduce the effectiveness of chemo. If stop a few days before chemo, the cancer cells will accelerate division, and then chemo + metformin arriving at the same time will have increased effectiveness. After that we can maintain Metformin until a few days before next chemo, and so on.

              Actually, this finding makes me realize that this should be the strategy we should apply not only with Metformin but with any other treatment we know is slowing down tumor cells. Like for example glycolisis inhibitors. According to this, we should stop a few days before chemo any drug that may slow down cancer cells, and start them during the day with chemo.

              I am happy I found this study as it enhances our view on how to approach the timing of various treatments. I hope this info will help someone.

              I will write it down in a short post when I find the time.

              Kind regards,

            2. Great point Daniel , I always felt like chemo did work better when the cancer is in its peak (growing faster)

              In that case we should be careful with using drugs that may interfere somehow with chemo , other than that everything should be fine

              I didn’t use this method before but I must give it a try and look for the results

          1. hi Alex,
            i appreciate your wishes, especially in such hard times for you. I am neither worse nor better.
            I wish you and your mother find somehow comfort … and maybe its not over..
            so sorry my friend.

    2. Hi Ergin

      I did receive your email , I know you may not feel happy until the CT Scan results , but I hope both you and your mother are comfortable as it looks good

      when you will do CT Scan ?

    1. Dear Helga,
      How are you and have you managed to get diagnosis done? What about your dear mother?
      Simptoms of cancer can be caused by so many things are you well know.
      Best wishes,

  63. Ergin, what is the cost of the pills over there? The methimazole here is $80+ for a month and the T3 is about $160 for a month. I was definitely surprised by the cost.

      1. hi Meech,
        the problem (at least for us on this page) is that in europe its very hard (even online) to procure these drugs without prescriptions (not just more expensive but not possible). Some countries are lighter – for instance Romania. But still harder than in the US or Asia.

    1. Hi Ergin,
      How is your mother? What treatments is she doing?
      My mother started Caelyx (lyposomal doxorubicin) 3 weeks ago and is very weak. She could not eat or drink but we did itamin C IV and Magnesium IV and now she drinks water and can eat fruits. Tomorrow we do ozone therapy but I am afraid it will do something bad to the tumours in the perithoneum, What do you know about ozone therapy? My mother has Ca-125 of 4000, so I am really sad, but still hoping for some miracle.

      Kind regards, ‘

  64. Hello everyone,
    Does anyone know if ozone therapy is good for ovarian cancer spread in the perithoneum? Tomorow I want to do ozone therapy to my mom and I hope it doesn’t make the cancer cells grow more. My mom is in a critical state, she started a session with Caelix three weeks ago (Caelyx is lyposomal doxorubicin), and her CA-125 marker grew to 4000, my mother is very weak, she could not eat or drink, but today we did Vitamin C IV and Magnesium IV, and my mom could drink three cups of water in the first part of the day and she could eat some fruits, which is an improvement compared to yesterday. If anybody knows something about ozone therapy or if we should continue Caelyx chemotherapy next week. We really don’tknow what to do.

    Thank you in advance,
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi anca

      sorry to hear this

      maybe your mother is weak because of chemo ?

      I hope you see more improvements in coming days , I don’t know a lot about ozone but hope it will do the job , take care and always plan for more things to do

      1. Hi Anca,
        Ozone works perfect on peritonal cancers if it is given ip(intraperitoneal).There is a good article about it.
        I have no idea if they reach to periton with iv.
        Please update us if you tried ozone today.
        If you want a miracle you have to try phlorizin with hyperthermia.I can help you about it if you can come to Turkey.
        My mother is not ok these days.Very big pains on abdomen.Bowel obstruction.
        Now she is hyperthryoid i think.I think also hyperthyroidism causes ascite.
        I am really bored from T4 depletion Strategy
        I hope it is working on tumors.
        Next week we will get a CT scan.

        1. Hi Ergin,

          Really sorry to hear about your mom. What is causing the bowel obstruction? And why is she hyperthyroid after undergoing the hypothyroid treatment strategy??

          1. Dear Meech,
            She is taking chemo just now.
            I will respond for yours and Anca’s message tonight with a long explanation.
            But i dont recommend T3x3
            Dr Aleck Hercbergs also said like that.

        2. Hi Ergin,

          Thank you for you answer. I am sorry your mother has bowel obstruction. Does she need a surgery for that? Next week if you see an improvement from the CT scan, that means that T4 depletion Strategy is wroking. I hope I find out from you and start doing T4 for my mother, with help from you.Have you tried 3BP also? I don’t know many things and they should be tried in short time because cancer can spread.

          How is ozone given ip? Are there clinics that do such thing? My mother did ozone therapy yesterday. She was already feeling better after the Vitamin C and Magnesium given IV.
          Today my mother did chelation of heavy metals and they removed the Platinum that was left from the chemotherapy. Maybe they removed some good parts also, like minerals from her body. I think we should continue chemotherapy, for the time being there is no other treatment, other than what I read here about 3BP, Salinomycin, which I don’t know how to do. I feel things are out of control. My mother really thinks people should not suffer with treatments to die after 3 years, because if they die from cancer anyway, why bother with all these treatments? This is her idea. Ovarian cancer recurrence is not curable from what I read, so if my mom knew that, and that she would die from cancer with all these treatments in the end, maybe she wouldn’t do them… She thinks it’s a failure if people die from cancer after years of treatments, I see it as an option to live a few years more than nothing. Medicine tries to expand life as much as possible. Only God can do a miracle and cure people from impossible situations. Medicine is not a science because it can not explain how a treatment works for some people and doesn’t work for others, it is all based on statistics and a chance for people to heal. When I had pneumonia 13 years ago, the doctor said it looks bad and I have a 50% chance to heal, and didn’t want to let me go home that day. I signed that I go home anyway and after 7 days with antibiotics I was ok. Now we don’t know if chemotherapy is working anymore, if the side effects are worth it, but there is no other solution so we continue with it, because hope dies last.

          I wish all the best to your mom,

      2. Hi Ergin,

        Thank you for your answer. I spend time reading and you are right, I should always plan for more things to do, because reading is not enough. One night I was reading comments on this site, written about a year ago, when you wrote that you started doing Salinomycin and there was a marker improvement at your mom. Maybe I should start doing Salinomycin? It takes a lot of time to get here and I don’t have your skills as a medical student, to do it to my mom IV.
        My mom is a little better than a few days ago, but we did chelation of heavy metals today, to get the Platinum out of her body, so I think this can take some of the good things away, like minerals.
        I am sad, I think only God can do a miracle, but I have to keep all the strategies, the medical ones, the alternative treatments, the faith and psychological and emotional well-being of my mother.
        How is you mom doing? I think you are fighting this disease more years than my mom, almost 2 years now.

        Kinf regards,

  65. Hi Emad,

    The comment above was an answer to you, and I wrote Ergin by mistake. I was reading about how you ordered and did Salinomycin to your mom last year, I should try that if it was good for your mother.

    I wish all the health to you mother, you are doing many things to help her and that is what is keeping her alive,,
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi anca

      hope your mother is fine , I don’t know for now if Salinomycin is helping , also its dangerous to start with

      you need to try doing more safer IVs like DCA , Artimisia , Curcumin , or if your mother have a medical port placed on her chest she can take 3-BP IV

      or if IVs are hard to try , then maybe orally Methylglyoxal or Thalidomide !

      for our case , my next strategy after 3-BP and Sal is Methylglyoxal ,Thalidomide and Phlorizin

      its just like that , we have to always think further , don’t let anything take you down , focus and do what you believe is the best

      I hope to hear better news about your mom soon

      1. Hi Emad,
        Thank you for writing me. I was at the Black Sea so I couldn’t access the computer. My mother is doing Vitamin C and Magnesium IV and just started Vitamin B17 IV. And I think it will help. She doesn’t have ascites now, but she still has great pain in the somach from the 2 sessions of chemotherapy with Caelyx (dorubicin lyposomal) and she wants to stop them, althpugh the oncologyst wants to do at least one more. The pain in the stomach is unbelievable, I feel so sorry for her.
        I want to buy Curcumin IV, but I don’t know where to buy from and also cheaper. If you can help me with a link, I woul appreciate it.
        How is your mother doing? And what are you giving her now?
        Best wishes,

  66. Meech,my mother enters %3 upto statistics around the world.
    When she is in hypo or hyper thyroid stage ,ascite developes.And this causes rises in markers and i think ascite makes pressure on bowel.This is my theory,i hope i am true about it.If not ,there is a very big progression maybe tumors make pressure on bowel.
    With T3 it is not so easy to arrange euthyroid stage for us.Dr Hercbergs told me that it is not very important to arrange dosages for Tsh.
    Tsh can be higher than normal with his experience.
    But for my mother ,it is impossible.
    4 days ago tsh down to below normal range with
    12,5×2. And 6,25 in the middle of the day.
    And bowel onstruction happened.High hearth rate etc.
    I really wonder the Ct results 10-15 days later.
    From now on we decide an ultrasound imaging weekly.
    I planned to write lots of things but i forgut because of stress.
    Please ask anything you want.

    1. Dear J,
      When i began searching for mother,1st i found that a drug which consists lots of drugs.The combination of drugs in 1 drug.
      Now we are taking combinations but we dont know if they reach to tumor or not just like in the lab experiments.
      Think about my dream:
      Coating chemo with glycolisis inhibitor,and then coat it with an oxphos inhibitor and then pyrivinium pamoate and then chitosan and then lipid and at last coat it with cd44 or folic acid for targetting.
      I am sure we can enlarge this dream with other coatings.
      Do you have any idea about this.Where and how can we do this coating?

      1. May be it will be out of range about the nano size to enter the cell,but i need help for my dream.Especially targetting drugs with coatings.

      2. Erg, I am sorry that I will not be able to help you much with your questions.
        However, I have felt for quite some time that doing such chemistry would be very helpful.
        Finding people with such a skill set might help many on this forum.

        For example, I have been interested for some time in a chitosan formulation of methylglyoxal (NanoMG).
        So many of the treatments that we discuss on this forum only have a certain level of effectiveness.
        Yet, that effectiveness can be amplified when used in a certain formulation.

        1. Thanks J,
          I wonder why it is going too slow.
          There are lots of articles about coatings.
          They are highly effective.
          There should be some labs making these coatings.
          How expensive can it be or how hard can it be to do?
          Imagine CD44 with pyrivinium pamoate.
          And lipid when heat is applied it desolves only in tumor cells.

          1. Erg, the London treatment for Ovarian cancer appears strong.
            If you could work through the exclusions (e.g. bowel obstruction, and ascites) maybe they could help you?

    1. Jcancom,
      Thank you very much for this article, I called the clinic in London, my mother needs a recommendation from a doctor in Romania to go there if she has all the requirements, one of them is to not have ascites. Unfortunately, my mother has ascites, maybe we can solve that quickly. She didn’t have ascites two months ago, but she is worse now. Do you know how we can cure ascites?
      Thank you,
      Kind regards,

      1. I think Daniel has an article on ascites here but I can’t 100% remember. Try searching it and it may come up. If I’m remembering correctly, angiogenesis inhibition with Thalidomide was suggested.

        1. Good one Meech!
          I really hope that anca’s mom and others could be helped form this new treatment.

          “The researchers have also identified tests that detect tumours with high levels of the alpha folate receptor, so that doctors can pick out the women most likely to benefit from the treatment ”

          1. Thank you, Meech. How are you? I read something below about you having tumours. I hope I am wrong.
            My mother doesn’t have ascites now, but is having lots of pain in the stomach from the chemotherapy. The pain is uneblievable…
            Kind regards,

  67. anca, I am not sure about removing the ascites (D?).
    I am very glad that you made contact with the London clinic, so that you and others on our forum might benefit.

    Perhaps you could also investigate whether your mother has the molecular marker noted in the url I provided.
    It said that 7 of 10 with the marker responded.

    I sincerely hope that you will be able to access this treatment for your mom.
    Best Wishes,

    1. Hi Jcancom,
      Thank you again for the article. My mother doesn’t have ascistes now so I can contact the clinic again, but my mother is to weak to travel to London unfortunately. She is having lots of pain in the stomach from the chemotherapy with Caelyx (doxorubicin lyposomal) so she wants to stop chemotherapy.
      You said something about the molecular marker noted in the url you provided, I don’t exactly now which marker it is, there are lots of scientific details in the second article, maybe you can tell me which marker it is. My mother is doing Vitamin C IV and Vitamib B17 IV and I think it is helping her.

      Best wishes for you too,

      1. anca, I just did a fast review of the url below.

        It looks like 2/3 of ovarian cancer patients have “the” marker”
        70% of those with the marker respond.
        It is about 50/50 for all patients included.

        “In those patients whose tumours had the particular molecular target for the drug, the results were even more impressive, with seven out of 10 women responding.”

        Looks like the marker of interest is the folic acid receptor on the plasma membrane.

        The drug attacks ovarian cancer by mimicking folic acid to enter the cancer cells.

        Perhaps you could ask the London clinic if they would allow compassionate access through
        your local doctor. It is possible that they might accept that idea, or perhaps a local
        hospital/university could provide it. If this is as big as the tabloid is saying, then
        it is worthwhile to look at all the angles to try and access it.

        1. “ONX-0801 is a first-in-class alpha folate receptor (AFR) targeted thymidylate synthase inhibitor, engineered to differentially accumulate 6000-fold in AFR overexpressing cancer cells.” Yes, folate receptor targeted. 6000-fold accumulation!

          “Pre-clinical PK-PD modelling aimed to achieve concentrations between 0.05-1 µM and this was achieved for periods of 48 h at doses of 4 mg/m2and above. Based on safety and PK, the recommended phase II dose (RP2D) of ONX-0801 was 12 mg/m2 Q2W and an expansion in patients with HGSOC is ongoing. 5 patients with HGSOC had partial responses (PRs) in the dose escalation cohort. In the current expansion cohort in patients with HGSOC, 5/11 patients had PRs. Archival samples have been analyzed from 8/11 patients in the expansion cohort. 4/4 AFR+ve and 4/4 AFR-ve patients did and did not have a PR following treatment with ONX-0801, respectively.
          The RP2D of ONX-0801 is 12 mg/m2 Q2W. At the RP2D, multiple patients with AFR overexpressing HGSOC have had PRs and further randomized biomarker prespecified phase II trials are warranted. Clinical trial information: NCT02360345”

          “4/4 AFR+ve patients did … have a PR following treatment with ONX-0801”. Impressive.

          Perhaps you could contact London and in parallel take the biomarker test.
          If the biomarker were positive, then you could take it from there.

          I would be so glad if this information were of some help to you.

          1. Hi Jcancom,

            Thank you very much for everything. Unfirtunately my dad says my mother is too weak to travel to London. We need to buy Curcumin IV, I only know oone place Curafaktur in Germany, but they need a doctor to go and order there and I don’t know how many grams to order. I am so sad because it is so hard to buy this stuff.
            Kind regards,

  68. Update:
    Very big reaction while on CT.They gave antiallergic iv drugs and pain gone.Again troponin levels rise like heart attack.After an hour i gave T3 and reaction come again interestingly.
    There are lots of tumors on CT .We are on holiday so different hospital and new dr for a month.Dr said 6 months to live.But they didnt see the previous scan so they couldnt compare.
    I think tomorrow or on monday we ll get the compared results.
    And the earthquake is 10 km far from me.
    Very bad days.Before mom i will pass away?But still i have hopes.

    1. I know how terrible you can feel when they say such thing to you , to hear such thing it tears my heart

      for the doctor , if he cannot compare the results with the past one , if he cannot know if there is reduction in tumor or not, how can he ever say 6 months to live !?

      he should confirm that there is a progressive disease before he say that , or that’s what I know

      may God save our dear mothers Ergin , may God give us strength to continue our fight

    2. I’m happy to hear that you still have hope. From the blood counts you posted earlier, at the very least I feel like it’s reasonable to conclude that nothing has changed incredibly significantly. The LDH went down, the Ca-125 went up a bit but then went down again. I can’t really imagine a drastic growth in tumours while the blood counts decline (this is from the blood counts posted last week that im basing this response on).

      Hoping for all the best on the scans.

        1. HI Ergin,

          I also listed the clinic here The medical doctor is Turkish of origin – I have a good impression about him. He is combining conventional (I think he is a radiologist of profession, but not sure) with new and alternative treatments very nicely.
          But I did not know they do intra tumor injection.

          This reminds me that sometime ago I received an e-mail from someone from the German company Bosch showing me results they had inside the company just with intratumor injection: creating osmotic pressure in the cancer cells (like known from hpertonia effect) by injecting ultra pure water (semiconductor fab grade, 18MegaOhm/cm) into the tumors center.

          They checked with the IP Department of the company and the results could be shared with me. I just contacted the author to see if he would like to write a post about their findings.

          Kind regards,

        2. Thanks for the link, Ergin.

          I think for now, I have too high a tumour burden to just focus on one or two tumours at a time so unfortunately, I probably have to mainly do systemic therapies.

    3. Hi Ergin,

      I am sorry to hear the tumors are still there. But indeed is important to clarify what is the delta in CT between now and before. Are the tumors at the same location, or is there a new location you didn’t know about previously? I hope everything will turn to positive soon. I know you are very capable and will soon find solutions to push back the tumors. I will come back more active on the website at the mid of August. I am now traveling but if I can help with anything please let me know by e-mail.
      Also, to all, please do not forget to live and enjoy the NOW, and not only live for tomorrow, regardless of the challenges we are dealing with.

      Kind regards,