Your Contribution Needed on Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Story from PaulF

Dear Friends,

I was recently contacted by PaulF, who kindly asked our help on generating ideas on options that he may consider for his dear sister who was just diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer two weeks ago.

On the same line as the post from Ergin, I would like to invite you if you could please share here ideas and experience that may be relevant for PaulF and his dear sister.

Off course, as the disclaimer is also stating, this website is not intended to offer medical advice but to try and get together as much collective knowledge as possible, so that finally, together with our medical doctor we make informed and successful decisions regarding our treatment strategies.

Here is the message from PaulF:

My sister was just diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer two weeks ago.   She had been having trouble breathing for about 6 months and then suddenly two weeks ago could not breathe at all.   She went to ER locally and they did a chest x-ray and CT scan showing to Right lung almost collapsed due to the fluid in the chest cavity.  They took off 1650ml of fluid and sent this to lab showing the entire R lung to be involved but no extension outside of the chest wall.   She will have a PET scan tomorrow and then an oncology visit on Friday with a medical oncologist.   I am hoping she can possibly use Keytruda or one of the other check point inhibitors.   She prefers not to do chemo or radiation if possible.   I have start her on multiple supplements at this time, which I will list below.

Curcumin 3g daily

Selenium 400mcg

Black Cumin seed oil

CBD oil

Quercetin 3g daily

ALA 600mg daily

Vit C lipsomal 2g daily

Vit D 8000iu daily

Green Tea Extract

Do Terra essential oils DDR Prime and Frankincense

Magnesium 300mg

Iodine 12.5 mg daily

Protelytic enzymes

Proton Pump Inhibitor Omerperazole

She is also doing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide food grade with a nebulizer.

These are more support supplements at this time and I am really wanting something to actually fight the cancer.  Any suggestions directly for lung cancer would be most helpful  I see a lot of re-purposed prescription meds, but not sure which would be most helpful at this time.   Due to just Medicare she doesn’t have the ability to travel. 



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  1. Some relevant links from my side:

    GABA supplements may help
    Social stress promotes and γ-aminobutyric acid inhibits tumor growth in mouse models of non-small cell lung cancer.

    Clarithromycin for NSCLC in combination with standard first-line chemotherapy

    – Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) potently inhibits T-cell immunity in patients with cancer. Blocking of this negative regulation pathway might promote immunemediated tumor regression. In this first in-man clinical study (NCT01219348), we demonstrate clinical relevance of targeting IDO by a peptide vaccine strategy in 15 metastatic, stage III/IV non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients

    – Lipid metabolism and lung cancer:
    Lung cancer is currently one of the most serious health issues in developed and developing countries. There are multiple available treatment options; however survival still remains very poor. Despite metabolism alteration being one of the hallmarks described in human cancer, lipid metabolism disorders are less known. They are recently becoming more important in this setting and therefore achieving a deeper knowledge might be helpful to obtain new strategies to accurate diagnosis, estimate prognosis, and develop therapeutic agents based on bioactive compounds such as cerulenin, SCD1, ACLY inhibitors, statins, polyphenolic compounds, etc. The present paper reviews the basis of lipid metabolism in lung cancer and suggests potential biomarkers. Further investigation is crucial to improve our knowledge in this area.

    According to this HCA, Statins, Itraconazole, Piperine and Bisphosphonates may be all relevant to address various aspects of lipid metabolism and inhibit tumor growth

    Also according to the above reference FAS inhibitors should help. EGCG supplement may be such an inhibitor: Epigallocatechin-3-gallate is a potent natural inhibitor of fatty acid synthase in intact cells and selectively induces apoptosis in prostate cancer cells.

    1. Dear Daniel,
      Words are not enough to say thanks to you.
      This is the best way of helping people and Paul.

      Dear Paul,
      Please share with us every thing: scan and blood count results.Especially markers.
      I am sure next days you will get too much help from precious people including my modest help and our experiences about treatments.
      I wish all of our friends could share past and present treatments with results like you,,but unfortunately not.
      So we couldnt learn every thing.One person isnt enough.
      You are brave Paul ,thanks brother.You are on the right way.

      Kind Regards

    2. Hi Daniel,

      In re: to lipid synthesis by tumour cells. What would you recommend eating? Since all three macro nutrients now seem to be used by cancer cells, does it practically matter that much what you eat?

  2. In the end Paul, the question is what is the strategy that you want to explore: start with chemo, radiation, immunotheraphy, alternative treatments, or a combination of them. Within alternative options we can think of the pH strategy discussed in one of my posts, you can think of an anti lipid strategy discussed above and that we could extend, you can think of a combination of Salinomycin and 3BP that both are expected to have positive impact, you can think of DCA, and many more.

  3. Daniel and others. Thanks so much for your compassion and comments. This is a very stressful time for our family.

    Pet Scan was completed this afternoon with results tomorrow. We see a medical oncologist tomorrow as well for chemo or radiation options. She really does not want to do chemo or radiation. I am particularly interested in Immunotherapy as Keytruda has now been approved for Lung cancer.
    We are really wanting to target alternative treatments that will have some killing affect on this cancer. Lipid strategy is a possiblity. She is already on Green Tea Extract and Curcumin, which should help. I would like to know if anyone has had success with DCA for Lung caner as it is a promising treatment?

    I would welcome all other treatment possibliities

    1. Dear Paul.
      My mother is suffering from almost the same thing. Adenocarcinoma of the lung with spine bone invasion, post operative, poor diferentiation.
      Surgery was a big mistake in our case so we stopped there, then started research after being struck by the idea, something may not be right here…. looking left and right, seeing all the suffering and pain for those coming out from “treatment” was not a nice view.
      They took out part of the lung in a massive surgery, leaving tumor tissue where they couldn’t cut into. Giving the procedure a time buying solution rank at best.
      Your sister’s experience may be better depending on many factors tho.
      You may want to think about every $ you spend from now on, this problem doesn’t go away easy and you’ll need ever single $.
      We are now in the situation where mostly i can’t afford the basic food needed, let alone treatment or testing. I did and am doing my best tho.

      In our experience, up till recently. CBD oil and Aspirin were the most relevant.
      We began the new treatment plan that just recently includes DCA ALA, CA, HCA, Metformin, Aspirin, Thanks to Daniel and this foundation,
      Mother is feeling a bit better i must say. And the bump on her hand seems to have gotten softer a bit as well.
      Perhaps we could colaborate to save our loved ones.

      Best wishes,

        1. Hi Andreas
          We use CA for Citric Acid, takes a while to get used to.
          ALA – Alfa Lipoic Acid
          DCA – Sodium Dichloroacetate
          HCA – hydroxycitric acid – Garcinia Cambogia
          Others i am not aware of.

          Best wishes,

            1. yes one has to be alert on this one , different cancers react differently. I usually read mostly about pancreatic cancer and naltrexone seems to be working against that cancer.

  4. Dear Paul,

    you might be surprised to find out that several patients here (myself included) use citric acid and in line with Daniel’s ph article it seems that acidification of the body and the tumor (in combo with proton pump inhibitors) may be a better strategy than alkalinization. I take about 15-18g citric acid but Dr. Halabe started this kind of treatment in Mexico and he comments here once in a while.

        1. Yes i was thinking about bakers yeast, favorable situation for it to ferment, adding some Citric acid in containers and see what goes on in various situations. Low dose, high dose, no dose etc.

          Many thanks, I hope you are feeling well.

  5. Alex and Helga

    Thanks for your encouragement and concern. I am seriously considering the DCA but am not sure what else would be good to use synergistically with this treatment. Perhaps someone will have some ideas.
    Helga I have read the post on Citric Acid and this seems to be a very good treatment. Thanks for this info.


    1. I’ve heard from Dr. Khan at Medicor that he’s seen some synergy with DCA and platinum based chemotherapies. I think it may be anecdotal though. Daniel has a post on DCA here with synergistic agents.

      Metformin has shown synergy (as per a few papers, and Dr. Khan again suggests it).

  6. I had almost the exact same thing happen to me about a year ago. Check to see if they can do genetic testing on the fluid drained from the lung or get a needle biopsy if possible; to see if you get a match for EGFR, ALK, ROS, etc targeted treatments. Also insist they send your samples in for Foundation One testing. If you are in a small town in the good ole usa and your oncologist is not familar with these get a 2nd opinion from a doc in your nearest city.

    1. A chemo-sensitivity test and gene profile is good but I would send that to some that are well known in the cancer world like RGCC which has long experience, instead of Foundation One, an unknown provider to me. Experience of the providers in this field can make the difference between looking at the right thing or looking at noise, when studying the samples. I should actually write a review on the chemo-sensitivity tests providers soon. But this test doesn’t make sense if Paul’s sister intends to skip chemo.

    2. I second this. Targeted therapies, with TKIs, while limited in results for many patients, are MUCH easier to bear than platinum doublets.
      Also check if it is adenocarcinoma or squamous cell, the best treatments differ.

      1. Dear Ovidiu,
        My mother has gone trough her first chemo cycle, carboplatin, bisphofonates, vitamins, omeprazole, etc.
        After all your research, what would you say we could talk to the oncologist about?
        Things to support the treatment……
        At the moment we are a few days away/maybe a week from getting Erlotinib.
        Looking forward for your best answers,
        Thank you and good luck!

        1. I would add a moderate dose of diverse probiotics (large dose can damage the liver and pancreas), they can augment the efficacy of platinum treatment.
          Well-balanced commensal microbiota contributes to anti-cancer response in a lung cancer mouse model.

          Regarding Erlotinib, it is only useful if the patient has the EGFR mutation, and for stage III (cancer cells that have undergone EMT are resistant to Erlotinib).
          But it may be possible to reverse resistance to Erlotinib with Disulfiram (40 mg, 2 – 3 times a day), which is a potent PLK1 inhibitor (and it’s metabolites probably too). Cells that have undergone EMT are more sensitive to PLK1 inhibition.
          A phase IIb trial assessing the addition of disulfiram to chemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.

          Polo-like kinase 1 inhibition diminishes acquired resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition in non-small cell lung cancer with T790M mutations.

  7. Don’t forget to support the body with proper nutrition, a vegan ketogenic diet is ideal. Admittedly I am not familiar with the lipid issues mentioned in earlier replies – not sure that affects this general approach. Some of these substances are harsh on the body and nutrition is key. Green juices, green smoothies, vegan keotgenic with moderated (not high) as per Dr Seyfrieds study which I believe applies to all cancers.

  8. I would like to make a point on the supplement , both curcumin in its original form and quercitin is poorly absorbed in the body. However there are new technologies improving the bioavailability of curcumin , some of them like nano curcumin, liposomal curcumin, bmc 95 and so own. However the best absorbed curcumin, that I have come in contact with , if one can believe the company, is Ultracür . This curcumin is bound to a whey complex ( protein ) which raises the amount of curcumin in the blood significantly. In the order of 180*ordinary curcumin.

    When we come to quercetin there are a form of it called Isoquercitrin which is 17,5 times more absorbable than the ordinary form.

    1. Thank you Andreas. It is difficult to make distinction between marketing and the reality … 180 sounds like too much … The ordinary curcumin is absorbed in the range of a few % of the total. 180 sounds like going >100% full bio availability – this is why I think there is marketing there. What do you think?

      1. 600 ng/ml/capsule after 40 minutes as peak value in blood, a capsule has 600 mg, they claim 100* ordinary curcumin . This will mean that ordinary curcumin has 6 ng/ml/capsule peak value. there is a jungle of measurements , if one measure actual curcumin or curcumin metabolites etc. There is probably different values of absorbation depending on what tissues you measure as well, or if you have different timeframes , maybe ordinary curcumin has lower peak value , but that value maybe lasts for a much longer time.
        Will not try to defend this company, I am sceptic of course.
        I think there should be some third way that a institute of some sort made objective measurement of new supplements. Without it taking 10 years to be approved on the market. Like it is with new drugs.

          1. Hi Andreas, thank you for the explanation. Is this the source you are now using? And what is the price of that?
            Yes, would be good for us to have a way to test all these supplements and see which one is indeed active. Maybe, the best way is for the Foundation, once is running to make some arrangements with the laboratories performing chemosensitivity analysis. They could check various sources and see what are those that are the most active against cancer cells. This would not test the bio availability but at least the activity of what we use.

  9. I wanted to give a update on my sister. We got the results of the PetScan yesterday and there is no metastasis outside of the lung. MRI will look at the brain next week. We met with the oncologist also and he did have several Immunotherapies that have shown good response in lung cancer (Keytruda). He stated no surgery or radiation would be of any help. Chemo would only at this time give her better quality of like, but as always with a price of some side affects. It looks like I am going to have to try many of the treatments mentioned here on the forum

    My thoughts as of now are DCA, Metformin, Mebanzanole, Omperazole ALA and CA.
    I am also considering adding Artemesinin but would appreicate from others if this would be a good idea?
    any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    We are also going to get blood work for ERG,ALK ROS


    1. Dear Paul, i asked the same question in the recent past and Daniel said that there’s sufficient data pointing to possible fatal results when combining DCA+Artemisinin. as treatment. The mixture would be potentially fatal due to liver toxicity.
      IF you have some $, i would get as many tests done prior to treatments. The goal of the tests would be to to show you defficiencies in blood, minerals, immune system, hormones, glands, tumor markers, etc (the more tests the better).
      This would probably save you money on the long run and you wouldn’t loose valuable time with treatments of all kinds that may in fact worsen the situation. Every person is special and has special needs, the goal of these tests is to check what is wrong, any imbalance or deficiency or even organ/tissue damage. The more tests, the more data, the more data, the better the selection of treatment/s, the better the selection, the more efficient and potent but also cost effective.
      I’ve made mistakes in the past, i will probably make some more, thanks to this foundation and Daniel, my mother and i are having a second fighting chance to possibly win this battle.
      Daniel and everyone else are doing their best to guide as much as possible but we have to make the choices.
      So i bashed my head against the wall once again and the above said are my conclusion and best advice i would give at this time.
      TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST – Strategy – Treatment!!! – Observe effects- Hope for the best.

      If i am wrong, someone please correct me here.
      Best wishes to everyone,
      Alex & Mother

      1. Alex

        Thank you very much for this information. I agree it makes so much sense to know exactly what were dealing with rather than throwing the whole sink at the disease. We have started a lot of testing at this time and many scans. I see you have changed your protocol several times after reading many of the above posts. What do you feel right now has been the most successful for your mom?


        1. Dear Paul,
          Changes have been made due to many reasons, availability of treatment elements, financial problems, side effects, and very importantly, reading here about the synergism between the treatment elements.
          Aspirin and CBD oil helped the most in the past.
          Sadly aspirin can not be taken too long due to side effects, Daniel warned plenty of times and i respect his wisdom.
          Still some aspirin i believe is necesarry to reduce the high risk of blood clots as long as other benefits.
          I say sadly because in my ignorance i find that aspirin is highly potent anti-cancer agent.
          So mother replaced the 500mg aspirin with 50mg diclofenac 3 times a day. She seems to be feeling even better day by day.
          I would love to be excited about all these but testing is required.
          I hope that the tests will reveal the targets where treatments needs be directed and also offer clues as to what treatments should be obtained and administered, to save time, money, and i hope, her life.

          Best wishes,

        2. My suggestion in this order is:
          1 do tests, the more the better. immune system, hormones, minerals, markers, proteines, lipids etc. etc. etc.
          2 after blood collection for tests, begin transition to vegan diet
          3 reduce inflamation of the body with supliments, food, drugs
          4 check results of tests and find the best solutions based on tests
          5 monitor with markers

          I strongly believe in those 5 at this time.
          Remember, i am fighting the “same” problem with my mother at this time so i may be wrong about all that.


      2. Hi Alex, I don’t think there is sufficient data pointing to possible fatal results when combining Arte+DCA. There is just one paper suggesting that, presenting a case report. However, as long as there is such a case report and as long as it is not essential to combine the two, I would avoid the combination. We have much more options to combine other than Arte+DCA, as discussed. These are my thoughts.

        1. Thank you Daniel for that clarification and all the help you offered and are offering continuously.
          I apologize if i’ve made a mistake.
          I’m wondering if you believe Milk Thisle is a good addition to our DCA oriented protocol.
          I just got a hold of some, 1000mg.

          Hope you have a wonderful night.

          1. No problem Alex. I just wanted to be clear my view. Regarding Sylimarin, I think that is very helpful to any one as it supports the liver. This is also how is sold in German pharmacies btw.
            I hope I will have a good one as last night I could not sleep due to flue 🙂
            Have a good night as well,

            1. Dear Daniel,
              Please take care of yourself, you poses plenty know how, else i send mother with a cup of hot tea and some vinegar.
              The world needs you, stay strong. I can’t wait to see her back to normal. Without you and this foundation, the community. I don’t know where we would have been.
              She’s been feeling better. Still i feel the beast is still there crying and waiting for it’s chance.

              Please take care,

            2. Hi Alex,

              Thank you. I am happy to hear your mom feels better. Funny enough, exactly now I do use vinegar. 🙂

              Kind regards,

            3. What a coincidence, I am also using vinegar. After I injured my hand and it is still painful after 2 months yesterday I applied a vinegar-soaked bandage on my wrist and it feels much better. My shoulder joint also feels more mobile now. There could be a general downregulation of the inflammation (I hope, it is, because I always think of the worst-case scenario).

    2. Hi Paul,

      If you are going for anti PD1 (Keytruda), you may also want to read these posts:

      If the side effects are too serious, as anti PD1 may trigger serious auto immune reactions (sometimes lethal), have in mind that MCT1 inhibitors (Aspirin, Ibuprofem Statins, Quercetin) will help.

      Kind regards,

      1. Daniel

        I have done some extensive research today on anti PD1 and anti-PD L-1 and it seems to be a pretty low success rate in most cases about 20%. I believe probiotics would make a big difference here. Also lots of side affects with Keytruda.

        Do you know much about Tarceda, it is used for NSCLC and seems to extend life for up to one to two years, but of course not curative.

        I am considering adding MG, but I see that one should not use DCA or Metformin with this treatment. Thoughts of this?

        We would not have availability to do IV’s so I am looking for a more potent cancer killing agent to be take orally. Any suggestions here?

        Thanks again for posting this for me as I have had so many kind and considerate people willing to help including yourself.

        We are starting the ketogenic diet and was concerned that Metformin may lower sugar too much along with the ketogenic diet have you heard of this problem?


        1. Hi Paul,

          Indeed, anti PD1 strategy comes with high risks, I feel sometimes higher than chemo. I personally know a medical dr. who skiped chemo and went directly to anti PD1. He was doing well with oral 3BP, as he said with decrease of brain mets and stability of the lung tumors. He than started anti-PD1 and he had huge auto immune reactions leading to liters of fluid extracted from his lungs, liver issues and peritonitis. Unfortunately, he passed away due to peritonitis. A great doctor. He had lung cancer. Based on all what I have seen, I would try anti-PD1 only if there is no other option. It is high risk and possibly high reward therapy.

          I am not an expert in chemo, but Ovidiu, a contributor here has good experience with lung cancer and ways to support chemo and also experience with Tarceva/Erlotinib. A few of his comments can be found there He posted some interesting info also here
          If you have more questions on this line you can address them to Ovidiu. He may be able to help with more info.

          Regarding the question on Metformin and KD, whenever I saw risks on potential interactions or other risks but still would need to go forward, I would start with lower dose and go up step by step towards the target dose. That can help to monitor and step back if needed.

          Kind regards,

          1. Daniel

            Thanks for the links to Ovidiu’s posts. I can see there can be problems with Tarceva.

            I am now maybe favoring doing oral 3BP instead of MG. Does this seem like a good approach?


            1. Dear Paul, I cannot advise. I can only ask questions, share what I know and I learn, and sometimes say what I would do. Personally, because we used 3BP and not MG, I feel much more confident on 3BP. But that is using my personal experience as a reference point. If I would have used MG maybe I would have had a different opinion.

              In any case, like Meech said once, we have to consider all our options including chemo and have in mind that while sometimes it may be the case, the easier way is not always the best way. We have to think carefully about our options and how to combine those for the highest effectiveness, depending on our possibilities. Using one option only may also mean loosing time. Off course it always depend on what we value most and what we can actually do depending on the physical status of the patient: highest quality of life with realistic chances of success but not necessarily maximizing that, or maximizing chances with a potential loss on quality of life.

            2. Dear Paul,
              the good thing about 3bp is that it shows effectiveness very fast, with oral MG however you’d have to wait for months to see if it’s working. just my two cents here.

            3. the credit goes to Jcancom actually.
              also, Daniel, is it possible for you to add a feature to your website so that we can edit our messages?

            4. Hi Pouya, what is best to do is to add another comment to your own comment stating the corrections, based on new learning. In line with most of the websites, editing the history is not something that would help us, unless there is something major to address.

            5. @PaulF: only use Erlotinib if the cancer is EGFR positive, test is performed on tissue from a biopsy AFAIK, otherwise the benefits are minor or none.
              Eventually resistance develops, but there are ways to overcome it, besides newer TKIs. Niclosamide and disulfiram (low dose) may help.
              Niclosamide overcomes acquired resistance to erlotinib through suppression of STAT3 in non-small cell lung cancer.
              Polo-like kinase 1 inhibition diminishes acquired resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition in non-small cell lung cancer with T790M mutations.
              Disulfiram, a drug widely used to control alcoholism, suppresses the self-renewal of glioblastoma and over-rides resistance to temozolomide.

            6. “We review the relevant published data regarding the therapeutic effects of metformin, statins, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, β-blockers, and itraconazole in NSCLC”

              According to the various studies the above drugs are adding at least months of life in NSCLC but also other forms of cancer. Most of them have been already discussed on this website as specific posts (b-blockers, itraconazole) or in the comments on various posts (metformin, statins, etc.).

        2. Hi PaulF, about a year ago, I was thinking of this potential strategy:

          Keto + Metformin + DCA. Compounding that I wanted to do high intensity exercise, as the cells will naturally start to use glycolysis and, in my mind, create a competition for available glucose between normal tissue and tumour cells. On top of this, adding 2DG in order for the glucose deprived cancer cells to take whatever they can get, out of desperation.

          I was never able to implement the 2DG consistently due to cost restrictions. I was able to implement every other facet.

          I have not experienced any hypoglycemic issues, and I’ve been on a Keto diet + Metformin + DCA for 12 months now. In fact, my blood glucose stays within a normal range every time I measure.

  10. Hi,
    If your Daughter doesn’t take opiates you should try LDN (low dose Naltexone) which is really powerfull. See the woks of Dr Burt Berkson and Bihari.
    I have met a french doctor who used it in association with Artemisia annua and he has great result with some patients (But Dr Bihari did the same a few years ago).
    And artemisia seems to work well for cancer lungs.
    This is what he did :
    He gave Artemisia annua during 5 days, 4X6 = 24 pills per day. I dont remember the concentration of the pills, i f you are interrested contact me, i have bought it for my mother in law who has a pancreatic cancer, but she doens’t want to take it. Take a lot of iron before starting Artemisia (red meat, spinach…) and then stop three days before taking artemisia.
    And no antioxydant during Artemisia annua.
    and with artemisia annua he gave Mycelium => Ganoderma (Reishi) et coriolus versicolor

    After Artemisia :
    Sodium-R-Lipoate + Hydroxycitrate + LDN (low dose Naltrexone)

    At the same time, take CBD all the time.
    For LDN, it really important to take Vitamine D because if the level is too low, it won’t work.
    With this cure, the french doctor saved the wife of his friend with ovarian adenocarcinome. The tumor disapears in 3 weeks.
    And Dr Berkson said about LDN it doesn’ cure, but it make the tumor diseappears. And it’s already a good result.

    If you need more information

    [email protected]

    I hope it will help you.

    Sylvain from France.

    1. Hi Sylvain,

      Thanks a lot for your comment and details. The doc you are referring to is dr. Laurent Schwartz? I do like him – I met him once in Paris. Btw, my sweet wife loved Paris – me too. Regarding Artemisia Annua, I did wrote a post on that as well and my conclusion was also that best is to go with the whole plant. Assuming the capsules were between 300 and 500mg, the daily dose related to the 24 capsules/day would be between 7g and 12g/day which also makes very much sense to me. What was the source where you bought the capsules you have?
      Thanks again for your valuable input.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hello Daniel,
    I was interested in the alternative treatments on cancer because one discovered a pancreatic cancer to my mother in law. And I accidentally discovered the work of Dr. Laurent Schwartz, who gave me hope. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is one of the few that does not work with lipoic acid and hydroxycitrate. So I continued my research and discovered Dr. Burt Berkson’s work on LDN and lipoic acid, but unfortunately it was too late because my mother-in-law was already taking a lot of morphine. So I enrolled in a French association that brings together many patients around Dr Laurent Schwartz :
    I have never met Laurent Schwartz because he is really busy and because metabolism is not the solution for pancreatic cancer.
    And it was this association that put me in contact with a doctor who had amazing results with the artemisia annua and especially the LDN. I bought for my mother-in-law the same artemisia as this doctor. I found it on this site which no longer sells it online because it is banned by Europe I believe, but we can call the laboratory and pay by phone:
    They no longer have the right to sell it online but I managed to order it by phone giving the name of my doctor friend. But i believe you can give any name they don’t check anything, it is a little bit strange.
    Number 0800.005.068
    I do not know if they are delivering abroad.
    One capsule contains 300 mg of artemisia annua. I hope it will help people.
    And thanks for your site, it’s really a huge work you did.

    1. Thanks a lot Sylvain for your contribution and details. I don’t think it is possible to ban Artemisia Annua. It is used in many countries across Europe as a natural treatment against many illnesses. Artemisia Annua is a a serious plant that saved millions of lifes already, fighting malaria. Maybe the supplier was not allowed to sell if they claimed curing cancer? Nice to hear about the amazing results of the other doctor. Thanks again. Kind regards, Daniel

      1. A precision about Artemisia. The answer of the company :

        We have removed from our site the product Artemisia Complex of Plants because this one may now be subject to the drug law and no longer be marketed through food supplements.
        However we still provide our customers on prescriptions.

      1. Hi Helga, as I know Cimetidine is also not banned. Just that it was discontinued in some European countries. It is still available in e.g. in Germany. Otherwise it is available on eBay from US or Asian countries.
        CBD oil can be found relatively easy, but the one containing THC is more difficult to find but not impossible if you search at various places in the Netherlands, e.g. asking the coffe shop owners for a source.
        Kind regards, Daniel

  12. Hi Paul,

    can you give some more information on your sister? What is her age? And is she a smoker, or former smoker? And where in the world are you (or she) based?

    My wife, 32 years old, has EGFR positive NSCLC. We have been in this fight for a couple of years. If you answer the above questions, I will try to come back with some further comments.

    Also: do you know if they are testing for PD-L1 expression? That may be useful in order to determine whether immunotherapy is a good option.

    1. Lars

      Thanks for being willing to help.

      My sister is 70 years old. She was a smoker for 20 years, but did quit 29 years ago. We both live in Oregon.
      We have just compelted the test for genetic mutations and are awaiting the results. They will test for PD-L1.

      I would really appreciate knowing what you are using at this time as a treatment protocol


  13. Hi Lars and PaulF,
    May be you want to search for CimaVax-EGF Cuban cancer vaccine.
    used for specifically non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC).
    Kind Regards

  14. I have been researching cannabis oil and it seems the best results have been with a oil with higher THC. A 4:1 ration of THC/CBD has been suggested.
    A FECO (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil) is the preferred one being used, which is the same at Rick Simpsion Oil other than Simpson uses a different extraction method.

    Is anyone using such an oil as described above?


    1. Hi Paul,
      Canabis oil…. don’t go with the wave, get the best oil you can get and don’t think about it much.
      I bought it for my mother from a local manufacturer and it was good, it was advertised as a miracle cure, just like everything else in this business. It helped her but not something you would notice very easy.
      We did aspirin+cbd oil and oh boy that felt awesome. When i gave my mother aspirin and saw she felt alive again, i felt like i should be given a nobel prize for it. But it’s not that simple sadly.
      Don’t get into the thc/cbd ratio and such because i feel those don’t matter all that much except maybe in the lab where they test it on cells.
      I feel all the details surrounding the oil and many other miracle cures are just pseudo-science meant to give desperate people hope.
      Don’t get stuck in the details too much, they are not all that important, i doubt one oil would cure and the other won’t. If people say it’s good, the manufacturer has a good reputation, than that must be it. Use it with hope but expect the worst.

      Best wishes,

      1. Hi Alex,

        We actually need to think if we want to get the best out of it. Not so much about the ratio, but about having the THC inside.
        Typically, those who were cured used oil with THC content. That is very important and you will not find it commercially available, only in a few countries on prescription.
        The science around cannabis oil is serious – real science, not pseudo science. Some very good scientist and professors of academics are working on this subject.

        Kind regards,

        1. Thank you Daniel,
          Just to clarify. I believe the pseudo science i was talking about comes from the people who sell it not from the reputable scientists.
          Loads of people out there trying to sell Snake Oil sadly.
          And i believe that while High Quality Medical Application Canabis Oil is very beneficial. I also believe it shouldn’t be used or promoted as a miracle cure or single treatment solution.

          Thank you

          1. I agree Alex, there is a lot of noise out there. This where this website should help people and they is why we have to stay sharp here. We need to acknowledge the value and filter out the noise.
            Cannabis oil has scientific demonstrated value and it is best to contain THC.
            Off course, if you buy olive oil instead of cannabis oil the result may be different (unless there is some placebo in that as well) 🙂

            Thank you too,

            1. i am here to avoid the noise out there, only high value information here.
              So i bow to you and everyone else contributing, the help found here is beyond any of my wild expectations.
              I pity your “ears” and i appreciate all your help.
              We are very lucky to have you, this foundation and it’s community online.
              I’m a very lucky man and i hope to be able to do my best now, i hope the stars are aligned right. The right year, the right people, the right solutions and the right weather outside, etc.
              I will also try to be ignorant, because yes ignorance is bliss. And looking around i can see it cured people. (i know plenty of people who changed nothing) But will also focus when it maters.
              Without a little bit of ignorance we would all go insane i feel. Optimism is key next to action based on science.
              I learned a lot from you and the other great people here. And i am sure there’s a lot more to be learned.
              I’m getting a sense this would all be much more easy had we known and applied everything right from the start or even a few years before when the tumor was just forming.
              At a early stage all these remedies and treatments i feel would be MOST effective and that maybe each one on it’s own could be called THE CURE.

              Please take care,
              Thank you!!!
              Alex & Mother!

      2. Alex

        Thanks for putting this into perspective, it is easy to be swayed by just one treatment, but the overall picture is what we have to focus on. I really appreciate your comments.


  15. So my mother has a enlarged nodule on her arm, its been there since early January.
    Started small, and stabilized.
    Lately it’s been getting softer and then harder but mentaining size. (due to treatment)
    How does one interpret this? Is it a tumor or not?
    If it is a tumor i feel it may be used as an indicator of successful treatment or failure…. and it’s hard today. (Strangely mother is feeling great)
    Oncologist today told her that remission should be painful. That if you feel good it’s all bad, but if you feel bad then it’s good.
    Oncologist gave a full hour of talk about the benefits of chemo but didn’t say anything about the risks or side effects or failure.
    Please, any thoughts on this!?

    Thank you

    1. Remission can be painful or not depending on the way cancer cells are dying. Necrozis is painful. But probably that is the only way they know as they only use approaches that are painful. Feeling better and better should be the goal. Usually, people who are progressing are feeling less and less good.
      However, I am sure the oncologist wants the best for your mother, while thinking within her own limits and possibilities defined by the system she is part of. I think you should seriously consider all options, while using both your logic and feelings.

      Kind regards,

      1. We feel that doing more good than bad is the way to go instead of bombing the entire site from orbit in hope of killing the ant colony beneath the ground.

        Thank you,

  16. SO i’ve told my mother to take 2 capsules of HCA because of the amount stated on the container, it says 1500mg / serving of 3 capsules but only now i realize the amount of extract in 3 capsules would be 1050mg
    I understand Dr Laurent used a dose of 1.8g/day of Alfa Lipoic Acid and 3g/day of HCA as maximum values.
    In the case of Alpha Lipoic Acid i can’t find more information on the container, simply states 600mg, so that would mean 3 capsules/day.
    I am wondering if HCA should be 9 capsules/day instead of 6 as mother was taking.
    The container has instructions written to take 3 capsules twice a day. 30-60 min before food or as directed.
    DCA has been 500mg X3 a total of 1.5g/day. Still no periferal neuropathy. 7+ days

    Any input most appreciated.
    Many thanks,

  17. I had emailed Dr. Hada in regards to my sisters Stage 4 NSCLC and asked his opinion on a treatment protocol. He was very generous to get right back to me with some good info that may help others as well. I will quote the following paragraph from the email he just sent.

    To Mr. Paul Fieber

    I estimate that your sisters accumulation of pleural fluid is caused by VEGF. Thalidomide and celecoxib is strong anti-VEGF drugs. In addition to the drugs low dose metronomic gemcitabine are very effective. The direct infusion of cisplatin into the pleural cavity is also effective.
    Please refer to my new home page

    Hada clinic
    Masato Hada

    He did also have good information on his new web page.


  18. Hi

    I have been looking at using 3BP for my sisters stage 4 lung cancer but read that it does not work as well with large tumors. I emailed Dr. Jason Williams and he verified my thoughts. He states not enough of the 3BP will get to large tumors and this in turn can cause the cancer to become more agressive. Has anyone else had this experience. My sister has a very large mass to her entire R lung.


    1. I know Jason always stated that. But at the same time he is using 3BP to debulk from large tumors …
      The point is that no one has the whole truth. So far we have published reports on 3BP showing its effectiveness. We have a lot of science indicating its potential. We have several anecdotes like the one of myself where I have seen 3BP helped us – also a case with large tumors but used IV, anecdotes like those from Jason where sometimes he saw regrowth after a first decline of tumor size, which is also what can happen with chemo or any other treatment that is only partially effective.
      I do know people who responded to 3BP and people who did not.
      This is why we need clinical trials on 3BP.
      Until that point we will have to step in the dark (although not so dark as it was when we stepped first time).

      1. hi Daniel,
        looking back…do you think that the success and failures you have seen correlated with mct1 – expression and extracellular ph (i believe the second is your finding) or was it random? cheers again.

        1. Hi Wondering,

          If I understand correctly, you are Wondering whether I have seen a correlation between the success and failure of our treatments and the extracellular pH (that depends more on MCT4, Na/H exchange, etc.). MCT1 is more responsible for importing and less for exporting protons.

          I think that is a very good question. Interestingly, Salinomycin was not always leading to strong anti cancer effects. When that was happening, it was strong, coming with immune response as well and was correlated with the use of either 3BP or chemo via TACE, prior to Salinomycin. I though that was connected to the fact that some of those cancer cells were transiting to stem like state which is the point when Sal can do a better job. But it is possible that either 3BP or chemo was stopping the activity of the cancer cells, that is less fermentation, that is less extracellular pH and as a result a more effective response to Salinomycin. That is because Salinomycin induces necrosis and if you have an active immune system around the tumor (which is not the case when the acidity is high) the immune cells can learn following the necrosis of cancer cells and as a result can respond.

          This theory is off course speculation. But the fact is that we have seen huge response to Sal after 3BP and/or chemo (we never used chemo systemic as it was known not to be effective for our tumor type – just TACE).

          We did not had the chance to use a pH strategy as discussed in my post on pH. But I do know that the dr. in Spain had very good results with that in some patients. Specifically if that is combined with radiotherapy, chemo or even local hyperthermia the anti cancer effects are expected to be higher.
          Btw, are you using local hyperthermia? I know one of the best manufacturer of such devices is from your country.

          I hope the above answers your question. If not please let me know.

          Kind regards,

          1. This is certainly useful info, so thanks!
            what I meant is related to the success / failure of 3-bp in given individuals. I understand your wife had nice reactions to it. However, you seem to know a couple of people who used 3-bp with or without success,.. Did they / You check if MCT-1 is overexpressed in their cancer or not?
            It would be re-assuring to see that when i did not work – it was against a cancer with low mct-1 expression.

            1. Well, as you know Wondering, although that is very relevant to know from a scientific and theoretical point of view, when fighting cancer we fight we time (and money) as well and typically there is no time (or money) for such investigations, even more in the context in which those taking 3BP are doing it outside a hospital environment – since this is not yet an option inside the hospitals. Therefore, i never heard anyone investigating its MCT1 expression, not even the (cancer) scientist using it for themselves. When we have substances that are cheap and with expected low/no side effects people do not spend much time on prior investigations. They add it to the protocol and move forward.

            2. Sure, fair enough, i was just referring to the chart you also added to your 3bp post. On that i saw for germ cell tumors its overexpressed so based on that to me it could work. Cheers

            3. I see. Yes, that is a nice chart. In any case, I think RGCC may be able to provide that info. If anyone is ordering a RGCC test, he/she can always ask them for MCT1 profile and they will probably be able to supply that at no cost in my experience (not with MCT1 but with others).

          2. Re local hyperthermia: when I read about it a few weeks ago, i did some research and I realised that one of the pioneer docs (if not the biggest) and maybe the actual idea is from here, but I never came across the treatment so far. Nobody I know ever used it.

            Now, i read that they do it for terminal patients for free in one of the hospitals in Budapest. If you are not terminal, you need to go to another hospital where one occasion costs 50 appr EUR – and you need around 5-6 occasion according to a webpage. Absolutely worth considering.

            Crazy that i need to learn about this from you 🙂

            1. the artice i read was old. So there are updates :
              – whole body hyperthermia is not allowed by now…. to me it sounds promising if done cleverly.
              – local is only done for some cancers paid by the state: mainly lung, colon, pancreatic and liver. Still, nobody i know suffering from these cancers received this treatment. Probably its only done in a few hospitals and in the rest there is no tlak about this.
              I guess a machine is extremely expensive to buy,

            2. Nice that I could help with the awareness. Indeed, is from Hungary and their local (not whole body) hyperthermia tools are everywhere in europe but most in Germany. In Germany 60min cost about 100 euro. I think local hyperthermia is nearly becoming a conventional tool and I find it very very helpful for any type of cancer. Equipment cost for a clinic is about 120.000 euro new and probably half of that used.

            3. Hi Daniel & Wondering,

              I wonder if local hyperthermia could be produced at home. I used to “treat” my lung (bronchitis) with hot salt put in 2 old socks, one on top of the other. It has a long lasting heat as salt has a high heat capacity and the thick socks will keep it warm for at least half an hour. I can’t see why it would not work for tumors that are relatively close to the surface. While at the German clinics they might use some sophisticated infrared wavelength I don’t see any harm in at least trying to do it at home as I just described. In fact, I’ll do it again tonight as I seem to have a constant bronchitis. I recall it used to help. Also, my husband had a “sensitive” point in his colon and he used the hot sock as well rather beneficially. Just make sure you don’t burn your skin by making it too hot.

            4. hi Helga,
              I think acidic poisoning can be effective in a wider context because tumor cells normally want to get rid of acid: hence their microenvironment is acidic – not the cells themselves, and this circumstance helps them further. So the citric acid way of working is different. If i understand well…

            5. Hi Helga,

              To my knowledge, the acid poisoning they are referring to is related to the fact that local hyperthermia leads to a decrease of pH within the cancer cells. This is why is good to combine with the pH strategy I discussed including proton pump inhibitors and/or with radiotheraphy which is also known to produce the same.

              Kind regards,

            6. Dear helga, i love the ideea of a DIY solution to this,
              I like your old remedy solution, used it myself in the past.
              I also remember, i used it on a bad tooth, infection. The infection got much much much larger.
              This remedy may have opposite effect when applied. I understand local hyperthermia requires special heat inducing devices that induce heat within the tissue towards outside and not the other way around. Something that may be decisive……
              To obtain similar results you would probably need to go trough a lot of actual burning pain and tissue damage.
              Remember, we’re talking 43C+ INSIDE the tumor.
              I also read that around 39C the cancer cells actually get stronger.
              Kinda risky i think.

              This brings me to those other treatments…… the biomat, a glorified electric blanket, the Electro-medicine thingy that costs some 4000 $ that kills invisible “microbes inside the cancer cells”, even to the electron microscope. hmmmm….. right…..

              Do take care please,

            7. Hi Helga,

              Thanks for the nice ideas. Just one point to add is that local hyperthermia devices can heat up the tumors hidden deep in the body as they use radio waves (of 13,56 MHz frequency). This frequency seems to be one that will be mostly resonate with the cancer cells and thus absorbed leading to a local heat increase.

              Kind regards,

            8. Hi Daniel,
              We can also heat body with nerium all tumors.
              Some months ago i wrote that when my mother takes nerium oleander,i saw very high fever on abdomen(where tumors located).More than 40 degress.
              But that days i didnt know phlorizin.
              What a combination,nerium oleander and phlorizin.(The patent you have sent:40 degrees is enough to kill cancer when phlorinized)
              Kind Regards

            9. Hi Ergin,

              Oleander did that in case of your dear mom because the way is acting (probably due to its Na/K exchange inhibition) touched a sensitive point in the cancer of your mom and probably killed some cancer cells. That may not be the case to all people. Also, the immune system has to be in the right shape to learn and react to that event which finally leads to the local heat that you observed. So I guess you need at least two mechanisms to work in order to obtain what you observed. Using local hyperthermia you just get the heat regardless of e.g. the immune status.

              Kind regards,

            10. Hi Alternmed,

              This is one article suggesting that Ref

              Also cited in this patent as preferred working frequency

              But for more info on how they reached this we would need to study deeper their literature.
              In any-case, their systems are good so the frequency should be suitable.

              Do you intend to reproduce that?

              Kind regards,

            11. Hi Daniel,

              Funny I wanted to ask the same Q as alternmed. Just searched for the particular frequency: Reference

              “Why do we use 13.56MHz as a standard frequency for labs? Does it have any specific reason? Could this have been fixed at frequencies higher or lower?

              In many of the processes where we use plasma, we use 13.56MHz RF signal. What is its significance?”

              Someone answered:

              “Daniel Poitras · National Research Council Canada
              This one of the frequencies `internationally` selected in 1947 for Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) applications. It is supposed to allow for some power applications, without disturbing potential surrounding communications (however, note that NFC is using the same frequency…)

              For more on ISM bands:

              Hah, so it it for the sake of radiofrequencies not disturbing communication! So much for the tumor-related efficacy (so it is not it seems…)

            12. Thanks Helga.

              I think the choice of 13.56MHz is related to more elements coming together:
              1. as you said it is one of the frequencies assigned for industrial applications
              However, its harmonics are allowed as well.
              2. another important elements seems to be the fact that normal cells, i.e. the human body, is transparent to this frequency so that tumors hidden deep in the body can be addressed when beams are focused.
              3. during the long history of hyperthermia many frequencies were tested but somehow most of the good results seem to be reported when using 13.56MHz, e.g.

              Btw, here is a nice old report I found: Tumor Eradication by Radiofrequency Therapy: Response in 21 Patients

            13. sorry, Paul, offtopic again:

              Daniel its good that you made me consider hyperthermia. I checked a german stat with relapsing germ cell tumors and chemo+ full body hyperthermia achieved a 75% survival rate at 5 years instead of the normal 20-40 % with salvage chemo only. thats an enormous increase with around 50 patients in the sample.

              its ridiculous that the machine was invented here (according to portals), one of the best producer is from here and still i need to go to wien to get this.

              again, your page is fantastic.

            14. Hi Wondering,

              Great that our discussions here are helping to create awareness.

              Please also note that there are two forms of hyperthermia: whole body hyperthermia (WBH) and local hyperthermia (LH). The WBH version is rising the temp of the body to about 39C depending on the person and that leads to activation of the immune system. For that, the patient is exposed to IR waves for maybe 2h while sitting undressed in a chamber with his head outside the chamber. LH version is using Radio waves and is used to heat locally the tumor by rising its temperature to about 41C. This is a direct killing of tumor cells while the WBH is based on immune stimulation.
              Both approaches work well with chemo, radiation and/or natural treatments indeed.
              Apologize if you already knew this but at least it may bring clarity to others until I write a post on Hyperthermia.

              Kind regards,

            15. One more issue we are missing.
              When you kill tumors with heat,second time it developes resistivity.
              Thats why i am always thinkig about PHLORIZIN.
              All day when i am thinking about cancer.i am talking withmyself.
              Always my words are THANK YOU DANIEL.

            16. Now we are using hyperthermia only for enhancing drug flow to tumors.
              But when totally phlorinized,heat kills cancer.

            17. Thank you Ergin but I would say Thank you to all as all of us are contributing and learning together. Asking questions, adding small pieces of the puzzle is how we can evolve our knowledge. Sometimes, the more we know the less we feel we know, but we actually know more.

              Regarding your statement on resistance, why do you think that? I actually think that is true, based on some of my old research on heat shock proteins but I am curious to know what is your reason to believe that.

            18. Dear Daniel,
              Testing is my surname:)You know how i am very intrested in hyperthermia.All types,all frequencies.
              I am an electronical engineer.This is my job in real life.
              I have an ultrasound machine at home also.But didnt try for mother,only for phsyotherapy for heating muscles.
              My mother took more than 30 sessions hyperthermia.It was 43-44 degress centigrate.
              Real life i examined patients in clinic and i am very courious and asking to doctors about hyperthermia.
              This heat isnt enough to kill cancer normally,may be kills in the beginings or heat needed more than 47-48 degress.But we cannot tolarate.But with PHLORIZIN or other SGLT inhibitors:we will see on coming weeks.(It says 40 degrees is enough)
              Kind Regards

            19. Thanks Ergin. Clear! I know you have a lot of experience and knowledge in this field indeed 🙂
              If I forget, please remind me to come back on a heat shock protein subject if someone else of our friends here is not doing it in the mean time. That is something we can also address to increase chances of success when using hyperthermia.

              Kind regards,

            20. Dear Daniel,
              Wei Chen,the inventor of Incvax,has a patent in Nanoparticle Self-Lighting Photodynamic Therapy.
              It doesnt need any energy from outside to activate nano particles which generates heat that attached to tumors.
              I saw a man in Turkey in a university ,he is a Korean proffessor.
              He used it on mice and totally cured and they give mouse a name,LUCKY.I met him.Terrible English he has.We couldnt understand each other.And he takes the patent of how to use the medicine(protocol).
              After searching about self lightning PDT ,i found more scientists and more new drugs.
              I believe one day heat will cure cancer.But i leaved PDT theory for some time ,it sounds fantastic.
              Now Phlorizin and heat.
              Kind Regards

            21. Whole body hyperthermia can be done with the use of an infrasauna. I use it some time as we have one at home. But a lot of gyms also have saunas. My favorite is the Finnish sauna. It is especially effective when you dip in cold water after it and go back for more heat, doing 2-3 cycles. It is wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenating. I read somewhere that the endoplasmic reticulum (the waste basket of the cell, so to speak) is emptied when using the sauna. This literally explains how we detoxify our body via the sauna.

            22. i was thinkig of sauna too but probably its not enough. The hyperthermia machine brings your body temperature to 41-43 Celsius for 1-2-4 hours. you cant do this with sauna i think.

            23. You can not reach that levels with sauna,it is impossible.
              Far infrared reachs only a few cm.And sweat is working to companse heat.
              The different frequencies is used for penetration depth.
              Microwave is also a radio frequency more than GHz.Ultrasound also.

            24. hi Ergin,

              how much time did your mother spend with 43C body temp per occasion? was she sleeping? do you think it helped her?

            25. Hi Wondering,
              My mother sleeped during 1 hour sessions.No pain occured.
              But in phlorizin+hyperthermia patent, it says 1hrx2 sessions.And not more than 4 hours between 2 sessions.Please read it,you will like it.Amazing results.
              There are some articles that says 2 sessions is best before chemo and during cemo.

            26. i can on only reply to this message. maybe it will show up in the good place.
              thanks alot – i will read the phlorozin + hyperthermia article. i dont know anything about phlorozin.

    1. Daniel

      Thanks so much for the above report. It was really informative and I had no idea of all the different cancer affects of so many herbs.


  19. I am considering using 3BP as a core treatment for my sisters stage 4 lung cancer. What other supplements and therapies would work along with and enhance the use of 3BP?


  20. Regarding heat treatment (sorry Paul F for hijacking your topic) I just remember that in school kids ate chalk if they didn’t want to go to school as this caused them a fever. While not suggesting we should try eat chalk, I wonder if it is known why it causes it? And how damaging is it for the body?

    1. lol, why eat it when you can fake it?
      Anyway… as for resistance to hyperthermia, it occurs because of plastic changes, chemical bonds that stay the same, new tissue will be vulnerable, says my reasoning from philosophy and some science.
      To kill those who were changed you need more heat than before.

      Our only true chance seems to be helping and reinforcing the immune system… anything that would work against that, should be discarded i think.
      While the immune system is not fast acting, it is quite obvious to me that it is the one to blame for having allowed cancer grow to it’s present size, whatever that may be. For not responding to its presence accordingly.
      So i deduce philosophically with a bit of science, that maybe…. just maybe… by helping it with whatever we can… we may succeed in many many many more cases than any other proposed solutions to the problem.
      It seems to me that there is no standard treatment because of the numerous variations in people. So a personalized treatment must be done based on testing. Should tests reveal nothing, i feel that’s because we are not testing the right things, so it falls on our lack of information then.
      If it sounds like i am overestimating the immune system it’s because…. we don’t have nanobots yet sadly.
      IF the immune system isn’t doing it’s job, nothing can save anyone from cancer or any other infection. No chemical and no treatment.
      Cancer is there because the immune system failed to do it’s job when the tumor was growing at first, and now it’s too big to be dealt with even with a strong enough immune system, and if it would act very fast, the host would probably go in the process.
      The problem would come back each time the chemical or treatment is stopped.
      The Thing is protected by many many shields and has many escape routes.
      Take out the shields then free the soldiers and feed them, while starving the cancer. Sounds like a strategy Alexander would use or Napoleon.
      I find it stupid that we have all this computer power these days and we are not using it to simulate cancer and treatments.
      At least i don’t know of anything that’s being done in the simulation area. We simulated things for so long…. with great results.
      Our computers could help if we input the real data into it and simulate the rest based on all that we know, we could test treatments and check for efficiency in each private situation, saving lives and money in the process.
      A team of programmers would be needed……

      Many Thanks!

      1. hi Alex,

        re immune system: i dont think its about the size of the tumor. many actions of cancer are supported by our immune system. So sometimes if you make the immune system stronger it can enhance cancer too, on top of the risk of getting an autoimmune disorder that can be equally devastating.

        Sometimes lymphocites are helping cancer cells.

        The issue is they dont recognise cancer as such because cancer cells pretend (with chemicals and enzymes) that they are normal even when they get bigger and bigger.

        So if we could somehow make sure that they do recognise cancer as such we could “boost” it afterwards with success. Also, some chemoterapics (and some natural compounds) work by revealing the nature of cancer cells and re-enabling our immune system. I need to check which are these.

        1. Thank you Wondering for your reply,
          Indeed if we got a hold of these masks that the cancer is using to identify as self, maybe we would have a better chance at this.
          Perhaps Daniel knows more about this or could ask about it. I also feel it would be of great value.

          Many thanks, Take care.

        2. Looking forward for your findings “some chemoterapics (and some natural compounds) work by revealing the nature of cancer cells and re-enabling our immune system. I need to check which are these.”
          Thank you,

          1. i have found the old article claiming this. basically they wrote that during many conventional chemo treatments (like cisplatin) researchers noticed that apoptosis is not independent from the immune system- the treatment marked the cancer cells, made those visible as cancer cells to the white blood cells and the latter ones stopped supporting cells that were not recognised anymore. i am sorry i can’t name any feasible option for you.

      2. Hi Alex,

        What makes you think computer simulation and modeling are not used to try to fight cancer? They are but you would not be able to locate them among computer game-writing programmers like the one you linked in your post. Like yourself said human biology is far too complex and these kinds of computer programmers are usually far too ignorant to be up to the job.

        But there ARE such people. I just had an Indian student, a girl visiting me who showed me her presentation about modeling a protein when it had a point mutation and showing that one of the hydrogen bonds must have suffered/been destroyed, therefore the stability of the protein is compromised. In another work she used a technique called docking to model protein-DNA binding, a process often goes haywire when a transcription factor (a protein) mutates and cannot do its job properly not being able to bind properly to the DNA. It is quite amazing if you think about it, people figured out which little places in our 3 billion-long genome certains proteins/transcription factors bind to and if there is just one replacement in the four-letter alphabet (A,C,G,T) in our DNA at just one such particular position, our cells might go down that forbidden path and turn cancerous.

        But, besides programming, you would need to learn (i) about the genome, (ii) genes, (iii) protein structure, (iv) DNA structure, (v) docking and a million other things to place your simulation/docking experiments in proper context to draw some relevant conclusions about cancer and other diseases. There is tons of information and data out there. You just have to start somewhere. People have been doing it ever since there have been computers around. And even before that time. The first protein database was published by Margaret Dayhoff as a book! It was like a dictionary, proteins sequences were listed in it in alphabetical order.

        You just have to have the will and determination and you can transform yourself from an ignorant programmer into a knowledgeable computational biologist within no time.

        Regarding the immune system I agree with everything you say.

        Best wishes,

    1. Alex

      Thanks for the Utube video. I feel cannabis has very favorable affects if administered correctly. Most people still look at what Rick Simpson has been doing for 15 years. His treatment schedule is now outdated. It is important to get a higher THC to CBD ratio and the correct plant strain must be used. The Indica seems to be better for advanced caner’s. Also when making up the oil, the whole plant must be used as there are over 400 different compounds in a plant. This is not counting the terpene’s which can even be more important. The oil has to be admistered very carefully and a tolerance built up before giving high doses. The target dose should be based on many factors including weight, height age, medical history and medications.
      The dosing shoud also be given twice a day rather then just at night and the oral-sublingual is the preferred route for delivery. Suppositories have poor absorbtion.


  21. LOL

    looking for the one that’s right for NSLC and got this.

    “Why is this medication so expensive?

    This medication is patent-protected. We are working to get you a better price. We encourage you to use your insurance if it’s cheaper, and browse our thousands of medications under $10.”

    Ramucirumab (Cyramza®)

    More proof of our species being pathetic, valuing $ more than life….. pathetic.

  22. What is cancer?
    Proof of inteligent design? Lack of it?

    I’m curious what would the scientists and thinkers of the past have to say about what is going on with this problem now.
    I have a feeling that given all the resources available, past+present, that they would crack. History seems to me was more full of innovative thiking. Nowadays we only get better smartphone cameras, more data storage, etc….

    Hipocrates, a man ahead of it’s times?!


    1. hi Alex,

      I believe in Richard Dawkins view on the “selfish gene”.

      Basically it says that genes (just like memes) dont always “care” much about the body as a whole entity – of course they “want” to keep the human owner alive but they are not intelligent and they dont see the future. They dont plan. they reproduce. They activate themselves. They are selfish. They fight for becoming active. They counteract other genes or cooperate.

      I think cancer happens when there is an unlucky combination of activated and / or mutated genes that are harmful _together_ for the body.

      Note that the activation can happen due to genetic, epigenetics, lifestyle etc, so i am not saying that Gene mutation theory is the best theory.

      freaking cancer seems to be just sad unluck in most cases, nothing more, no intention. But i believe sooner or later humanity will beat every cancer.

  23. Daniel

    Are you at all familiar with a product call Phophoethanolamine? It was originally produced in brazil and used there with many ancedotal cases of success. It was also noted to inhibit metastisis in Lung cancer.


  24. Dear friends,

    paulF, did your sister try immunotherapy? My mom has non small cell and she was not a smoker so apparently immunotherapy works better for smokers. I thank all of you for this high level discussion. I seek advice. My mom was diagnosed with non small cell adeno stage 3b 2 yrs ago after left upper lung removal. Unfortunately there was lymphatic contamination already. She did 4 rounds chemo (carbon and permetrxed) plus 5 weeks of radiation which 3 months later had her in heart surgery for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Then 6 months later confirmation of metastasis tô lymphatic system. I doubled down on nutrition starting a low carb keto diet for 0+ blood type, astragalus, cordyceps, 20k ui vitamin d per day, now artemisia, 30 billion prescribed probiotics per day. After chemo again starting in Feb, cancer is now resistant. She was given three choices 2nd line by doc here in Brazil and our research in US: 1) heavier chemo 2) there is a trial in Us for her mutation which is Exon 20 and 3) immunotherapy which has shown to be not effective on non smokers. Appreciate any advice. Thank you!

    1. Dear Carolina and friends.
      Let us not forget the huge importance of Metformin, Simvastatin, Aspirin, Lansoprazole, Diclofenac, Cimetidine, HCA,
      After all this time, these to me, stand at the foundation of treatment right next to diet.
      Please add your own opinion, element.
      Many Thanks,

  25. Dear Friends,

    Does anyone here know of a Turkish oncologist that can do remote Skype consult so he/she can write a prescription in order to buy the drugs from a pharmacy in Istanbul ?.

    Thank you

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