Your Contribution Needed on Breast Cancer Story from Emad

Dear Friends,

On the same line as the post from Ergin, I would like to invite you if you could please share here ideas and experience that may be relevant to Emad and his dear mom.

Off course, as the disclaimer is also stating, this website is not intended to offer medical advice but to try and get together as much collective knowledge as possible, so that finally, together with our medical doctor we make informed and successful decisions regarding our treatment strategies.

Here is the message from Emad:


Dear all , my name is Emad Abushofa , from Libya

In 2012 my mother diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer , Estrogen positive , Her2 negative

Tumor marker was about 500, she was walking hard because of mets in her legs

After 9 cycles of chemo then radiotherapy , the tumor marker declined to 30 , and she became able to walk normally again

Then she started on hormonal therapy , but the markers were raising slowly

Until August  2015 , the tumor marker became 2000 , so decided to return to chemo

She took  6 cycles of taxotere ( also I added DCA + Natural protocols like Budwig , MSM LIPH , Juicing , Liposomal Vit C)

The tumor marker declined from 2000 to 353

After another 3 cycles , but this time only chemo , the marker rised to 712

Then the oncologist changed the chemo to 5FU and venorelbine , 2 cycles with DCA , the tumor marker declined to 450

Then I stopped DCA few days and didn’t give it before chemo , the marker rised to 558

Then again DCA with chemo + artimisnin + baicaline , decline to 450

Then I run out of everything , marker rised to 714

Changed the chemo to Gemzar + Carboplatin , 3 weeks per cycle

Cycle 1 : chemo alone , decline from 714 to 685

Cycle 2 : chemo then DCA IV added lately (not before chemo) , raise to 699

Cycle 3 : chemo + DCA IV , decline to 517

Cycle 4 : chemo + DCA IV + one shot half dose Salinomycin base version , decline to 408

Cycle 5 : chemo + DCA IV + one shot full dose Salinomycin base version , decline to 317

Then we stopped 2 weeks because of blood transfusion , also runout of Sal

Cycle 6 : 2 weeks DCA IV only, then half dose chemo with DCA IV , raise to 380

Cycle 7 : chemo + DCA IV , decline to 350

Cycle 8 : chemo + DCA IV + 3 shots Salinomycin sodium salt version , decline to 330

Cycle 9 : chemo + DCA IV + 4 shots Salinomycin sodium salt , decline to 320

Then another stop for 2 weeks because of blood transfusion (DCA IV  + one shot Sal)

Cycle 10 : 75% chemo , DCA IV + procaine IV + high dose lansoprazol + 1 shot Salinomycin sodium salt in the same day of chemo

Tumor marker raised from 322 to 607


Few notes :-

1-     I started to give procaine IV just 2 weeks ago , 2ml of 2% solution , half an our before DCA IV

2-     My mother always had a marked tremor when using Sal , sometimes strong

3-     First 3 days of chemo I give my mother 180mg lansoprazole per day , then 80mg for other 4 days

4-     The mets on my mothers bones are small and stable for along time , but the mets in her liver are trying to grow fast , 5 spots less than 1cm , 3 spots between 1cm to 2cm

5-     Im not sure about the last chemo cycle, we felt like they didn’t give my mother the proper dose

Now I only have DCA + procaine, I have 100ml MethylGlyoxal , no more Sal


I will be happy to listen from you , your opinions will always help us

Thank you so much

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My brother,my friend.
No one can catch except a few people.
But i catch because i know you.
***23mg/kg MG***
This word consists full of knowledge and smells help to others.
This is a real human clinical trial although one person but very precious person,our mother.
Thank you Emad for humanity,i wish one day everyone will share his/her experiences here wlth talking on dosages.
Kind regards


Thank you always dear Ergin

sharing everything about our protocol is the smallest help I can give , and unfortunately I don’t seem to be helpful more than that

also I really wish if other people just give some time to share what they are doing , it doesn’t make sense to just watch and not even giving some time to write few words that may help other readers


We are switching back to 3-BP and Sal after we run out of MG

we can’t know if MG did anything , we may know if my mother went to Germany for another MRI scan and TACE

still we are trying to gain more help from the government to continue do 1 or 2 more TACE sessions , 6 weeks passed since the last one


Fighting these days with the port a cath , its partially blocked , I just administrated 2/3 of the 3-BP bag , and throw the rest of it because its no longer getting through the port , it was like throwing a part of my body , it was a bad night

yesterday I tried to administrate only NaCl to see if its going through the port normally , and it did go normally like there is no problem , I don’t know how

today tried to give NaCl again so if things went good then I will give Sal , but strangely the problem did return again and it was like blocked , so I will just try to give it tomorrow

also the skin near the port is inflamed , and some of the administrated fluid is leaking out of the port

the next TACE session will not likely be soon

my mother started to feel some pain near her ribs

I don’t know whats happening inside , but I must do something regarding IV administration or we will face undesired problems


My brother Emad,
Very sorry to hear that bad happening.
I am also in a very bad situation.She was nearly passing away 2 days ago.And still she is not good.We are in hospital from days.Also ascite in lungs.Kidney tube etc.
I have a good news:May be Daniel hearth about it.
I know a patient survived by this.And oral usage.
When i learn more,i ll update.
Kind Regards


I’m sorry to hear this brother 🙁

please do your best , she must survive

I didn’t hear about this approach , hope it the key for success

I believe on you brother , tell me if I can help in anyway


I don’t have a port-a-cath in but I do have a nephrostomy tube, which is essentially a catheter that’s implanted through a hole in the back, into the kidney, to drain urine into an external bag.

I’ve had it for a year and had issues similar to this the entire time. Firstly, internal (kidney) infections due to the tubing. The body isn’t made to have rubber and plastic in it at all times, long term. In the year, I’ve had an infection almost every month. Secondly, external infections, from fluid draining around the catheter. Thirdly, blockages of the tube due to sedimentation. This can cause fluid (in my case, urine) to leak out of the wound as opposed to travelling down the tube. Fourth, the tube coming loose and out of place. Again, this can cause leakage of fluids around the tube. I’d suggest going back to interventional radiology and having the tube inspected. I’ve been five times since the start of September to have the tube changed entirely, so these issues do happen and they can happen frequently despite your best care.


Hi Meech , thanks for helping on this

yes as you said I did read about this and its suggested to visit a radiologist to inspect it

also I started to give antibiotics today to my mother , just in case because there is inflammation around the port and I was fighting a lot with it and the risk of infection is getting higher when doing such things

hope just I can somehow un-block it so I can continue my career in doing IVs


Hi Meech
Can you tell me the dose of januvia,propranolol,celecoxib,omeoprazol you recommended Dr. Jason Williams after the crioablation-immunotherapy



– Cyclophosphomide 50mg every other day, for 3 months

– Januvia 25mg every day, 7 days on, 7 off, for 28 days

– Cialis 5mg every day for 3 months

– Protonix 40mg per day for 1 month

– Celecoxib I take because I’m on a blood thinner. I take 200-400mg daily. They normally recommend Aspirin 81mg-100mg 2x daily.


Hi Meech
Thank you very much


Of course. I hope it helps.


Hi Ergin
I feel much the situation of your mother Ergin, my pain is your pain.If i can help let me know


Believe me friends i firstly cry when i saw your messsges from years.
I feel that i have best friends


A very big secret,
I gave her dissacharide coated nano silver in hospital while.drs said there is a big peritonitis on abdomen.The ascite was full of leukocyte and eritrocites.More than 10.000.
I saw ldh 350 after nano silver.It was 170.I am not sure but what is this?
She is now on full.of antibiotics.
Yesterday we hopefully gave caelyx.
Very very big pain on kidney after operation,morphin didnt release pain.
I ll update.


Continue with it Ergin , always do your best

I’m praying for both you and your mother to see improvements soon


Emad please read this article,especially look at mice test.Today we are begining.


I believe you will do it Ergin , glad to here you are starting it

I wish to hear good news soon and better improvement of your mother , God give her healthy long life


My brother Emad,this must be lesson for everybody.I have full of valuable drugs in refrigerator and never used.
I was waiting for chemo alone to work from months and if chemo doesnt work i was planning to use others.
But when chemo doesnt work,it goes like a rocket.I miss those stable days.
Daniel has a good sentence, using chemo without sal or 3-bp,phlorizin etc.,it is an opportunity lost.


Dear Ergin , we all lost a lot of opportunities in this fight and still losing some

but when the fight is still on , this means we still have time to do what we want , and still there is opportunities left for us

praying to hear good news soon


Dear Emad,
Thanks alot.I believe too much to oleuropein liquid form which we are using now.Something changed i feel i saw a good responce or a placebo effect,i dont know.
Please search for it i ll send you a bottle this week.
Kind Regards


Thank you always Ergin , may God show us more improvement soon


Today we visit the doctor , he is the first Libyan doctor who did place a port to a patient in Libya

unfortunately he said its blocked and can’t be opened again , and the membrane of the port is teared

so I guess I will stop giving IVs for a while

I have about 7 to 8 3-BP shots , and 3 Sal shots , I wonder if its a good idea to give 3-BP orally now , and if its ok to give Sal IV with a canula placed in the arm , or should I pay 250 euros to place the port with another new one so I can continue to do what I love to do

hope I do the right choice


I had not understood that you are coping with cancer in the liver.
I wish you good luck!


Thank You, this situation is new to me, too (I mean mets in liver) – there was nothing in Pet scan 7 month ago in liver, but now in all globes multiply, super negative dynamics.


sirsna, have you heard of deuterium depleted water (DDW)?
The science has been building over the last 25 years and it has reached the clinic.

Apparently you can make your own with about 100 ppm Deuterium
by simply freezing and thawing filtered water 4 times.

You could then add in some of the commercial suppliers product
to modify the deuterium content from there.

I had not realized this until this past weekend, yet it appears that DDW
actually has an anti-cancer effect related to a metabolics. It truly is
amazing! Are all cancer treatments based on metabolics?

DDW could be added onto your treatment plan. I would love to hear
D’s view on how this could be amplified by other metabolics.


I mentioned DDW in a collection of possible treatment enhancements for pancreatic cancer, although it wasn’t tested for that cancer.
However, DDW seems effective in breast cancer (DDW caused human breast tumor regression in mice).
Here is the site where I bought some for one of my cats (she is 19 years old).


ovidiu, I was quite surprised to read that DDW also works through the metabolic network.
It is very surprising how much cancer truly is a metabolic disease.

Yet, I was looking yesterday at what is considered the leading the leading cancer textbook: there is not
a single mention of metabolics and cancer. It is not that there is a small writeup; there was NO writeup!
How can someone be a cancer doctor without some understanding of the metabolic perspective?

I do not see how there can be any possible doubt that a cure for cancer runs through metabolics.
I sure do not have any doubt.

As we have seen there are a large number of metabolic approaches, many of them non-toxic,
that have some degree of effectiveness in cancer. Finding a way to properly combine some of
these different approaches should give a powerful anti-cancer treatment.


ovidiu, 14 Romanian lei =~ US $3

I had no idea that DDW could be so affordable and 25 ppm is very very depleted of Deuterium.
You might want to start more at 125 ppm and work downwards. I had thought that this would
cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Any idea of how much shipping for a bottle would be?


@jcancom: 14 RON is for half a liter (they only bottle them in 0.5 liters…), so a months supply of about 50 liters is about 1400 RON or 300 euros. I don’t know about shipping abroad, in Romania above a certain amount ordered the shipping is free. You could contact the store and ask about long distance shipping.

No, you don’t start at 125 ppm, since you have to get there or lower for your entire body water. Depending how much DDW you drink daily (you can use diuretics and spend more on DDW to get there faster) you can gradually decrease your bodies’ deuterium concentration. The articles I read mentioned as the primary problem the time needed to get the deuterium concentration low before the cancer progresses too much. They also mention the direct injection of DDW into sarcomas (which did not respond to oral DDW).


$3 a bottle seems like such a great deal.
This is one of the examples where you have thirsty customers wanting a product
and the only question is how can you bulk ship it to them at a reasonable price?

I would think that ordinary freight would be very expensive.

It looks like it would only cost $1000 per TEU (11k ft^3, 21k kg), to the US East coast.
40,000 bottles of 25 ppm DDW = $1000 shipping cost.
2 cents a bottle to ship.



Thank You Emad, for Your kind description.
Than You, Jcancom, for more ideas.

As I said I had liver biopsy, which confirmed BrCa mets in liver. My primary cancer was with hormone receptors ER100%, Pr80%, AR100%. Now liver metastases is triple negative.
I decided to take systemic chemo Carboplatin + Docetaxel. Fasted few days prior, in the chemo day (yesterday), and fast continues today, I think till tomorrow midday. My blood glucose was very good – 3.0-4.0, blood ketones 2.1-3.0. Except shortly after chemo infusion blood sugar jump to 7, then after few hours to 5 and this morning was again 3.2-3.9. I also take metformin and simvastatin.
Do You have any ideas, what to add to systemic carboplatin. Maybe intravenous vit C?
I have not eaten for 4 days and feel very good, just few episodes of nausea.



Dear Sirsna, please look into anti-angiogenesis,
I can think of no better video to try to explain it.
It would not be without side effects but may help you.
Almost al cancers require angiogenesis, inflamation, energy.
Messing around just a bit with the basics, MAY give good results, or help you get better results, however if not careful the opposite could be true.
Talking to the doctor/s about this, is important when making decisions.
Best of luck,


Thank You Alex, for this link.
As my cancer is highly advanced now, diet is not enough. I am now goint to the intermittent fasting/keto diet side, just I will be very careful with fats.

I have many questions in my mind where I do not have enough knowledge:
As Carboplatin is weak acid I can not add Basentabs or Omeprazole. I am already on Simvastatin and Metformin (I have option to change metformin to Berberine if liver enzymes will be to high)
can Carboplatin be coadministered with Aspirin, Dipyridamole, Mebendazole?
I will try to get perscription from my doctor for Dapagliflozin tablets.
Can Baicalen be taken in interval between chemo infusions (every 3 week)?

How often You suggest to check blood counts? Two weeks after chemo infusion is ok?



Dear Sirsna,
The speaker in that video, is also talking about anti-angiogenic drugs that can be used against cancer, the diet part is mostly for prevention, once advanced cancer is established, diet becomes less and less a priority, so it seems, while trying to not make the cancer happy, it’s also important to feed yourself, don’t starve yourself thinking it will kill the cancer, advanced cancer always finds a way to survive, but it may also have weaknesses, genetic profiling of the tumor cells may help in that direction, timing and strategy is also another big one. A plan must be devised by your doctors, once they have the information they need.
About anti-angiogenic drugs and the rest, i would talk to the doctor/s, if in doubt and left without competent assistance, look inside and do as you feel when you feel it.
Sometimes personal intuition and instincts can be helpful.
Also do your best to minimize money waste, everything counts when you’re not rich.
Economics is sadly an often factor in the fight against cancer.

I can only hope my reply will at least give you some peace of mind, some order in all the chaos.


@sirsna: actually, you could add a proton pump inhibitor to the Carboplatin + Docetaxel chemo. This study of Esomeprazole (I don’t understand why they didn’t use Omeprazole or Lansoprazole, they are safer) in advanced breast cancer looks promising.

Intermittent high dose proton pump inhibitor enhances the antitumor effects of chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer.


Hi, Ovidiu!

I red this idea from Daniel`s posts, that some chemos are weak bases and others are weak acids.
And this is also from Daniel`s ideas : Proton pump inhibitors will help the chemotherapies that are weak bases (most of the chemos are this type) and will NOT help the chemos that are weak acids.

“the acidic milieu of the extracellular medium promotes the uptake of weakly acidic drugs, such as cyclophosphamide and cisplatin and thus increases their cytotoxicity.”

“Cisplatin, being a weak acid, exhibits significantly greater uptake from acidic milieu,
resulting in increased intracellular accumulation and heightened cellular toxicity.”

Carboplatin is also weak acid.
Metformin and ketone bodies (as effect of fasting or keto diet) can produce lactic acid. As I understand this could be quite acidic environment.

And again, Daniel has commented this article You shared :

“Yet, maybe in this trial it worked because chemotherapy was preceded
by three days esomeprazole and the first day they gave Taxol and only
in day 4 they used Cisplatin.”


@sirsna: from the article I linked before (they don’t give much importance to the ph of the chemo):
We have recently shown that particularly cisplatin resistance of human malignant tumors may be the result of both tumor acidity and the release of nanovesicles called exosome. In turn, also exosome release from cancer cells is highly increased by environmental acidity and proton pump inhibitors or buffering procedure dramatically inhibit exosomes production by cancer cells.

A different approach for TNBC might be the use of Selamectin, which decreases metastasis and may sensitize the cancer cells to Tamoxifen.
Selective Inhibition of SIN3 Corepressor with Avermectins as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.


Thank You for info.
Now I am confused about PPI. I used Omeprazole from ~april, but now discontinue some weeks before chemo.

I never heard of Selamectin, Avermectin and Ivermectin. Looks promising. But it always take time to get medication “in the house”.
I have Mebendazole tbl. “in pocket”, but I do not take them now. What do You think about Mebendazole in my situation?


You don’t have to discontinue PPI “weeks before chemo”, although I am uncertain about the optimal schedule…
Mebendazole – I couldn’t find something about it and TNBC. Flubendazole appears to be useful against breast cancer stem-like cells, but has very poor bioavailability.
Flubendazole, FDA-approved anthelmintic, targets breast cancer stem-like cells.
Flubendazole overcomes trastuzumab resistance by targeting cancer stem-like properties and HER2 signaling in HER2-positive breast cancer.

I was reluctant to mention Selamectin because it’s studied only for veterinarian use, I couldn’t find data about human pharmacokinetics, also nothing about interactions with other drugs.
If you are brave and willing to experiment, you could try swallowing the topical solution for large dogs, that’s 360 mg (in Romania it’s about 15 euros).
For my cats I have used Selamectin topically frequently at 10 – 12 mg / kg dose, without side effects, in the absence of other medication (except vitamins, Liv52, Essentiale and Cranberry extract).
From the existing data on cats, I guesstimate the elimination half-life of Selamectin in humans to be around 4 days (30% longer than in cats, usual ratio for other drugs).
Pharmacokinetics of selamectin following intravenous, oral and topical administration in cats and dogs.


Just found this – can this be because diabetes drugs tend to decline alkaline environment?

Diabetes drug dramatically boosts power of platinum chemotherapy


Daniel would recommend holding off the metformin for a length of time before chemo.


Hi Meech !
I remember this idea about stopping metformin shortly before chemo and then restart in one day with chemo.
But is this idea good for both acid and base chemotherapies?


Thanks, Daniel !

So from this point of view (reducing the activity of cancer cells) – what do You think of Keto/fasting prior Chemo?
Walter Longo suggest it as it could minimize some side effects as neuropathy and could enhance some of chemotherapies.


Thanks for the analogy! What you are saying makes sense.

Do you think statins are powerful enough to normalize the cholesterol values that may be elevated from fasting?


Thank You, Daniel, for explanation. It clarify things for me.

Interesting, that my blood ketene levels raised also in the presence of Statins (I somehow thought that statins will not allow to ketones appear).


Dear all , hope you all are fine and doing good

and sorry for not showing a lot these days

I have a new update

my mother did her fifth TACE today

but Prof Vogl said that the results are mixed

a part of her liver tumor did shrink a little bit , but also there is a part that increased in size

also he said that the increased part is the reason of why my mother feels weak and tired

also Prof Vogl said that the increase is because we didn’t come in the right time , its been 11 weeks since the last TACE


I don’t know the overall result , my father didn’t tell me everything yet , I feel bad and scared a lot

the strange thing is that all the mets around her body are stable like always , but the liver tumors are like a hell 🙁


Hi, Emad !
How are You ?
How is Your Mother ? I hope treatments keep her stable ! Do she still visits prof. Vogl ?


I’m fine , just busy because I started working from the early morning to late night

my mother aren’t doing good , she is barely moving most of the time , very tired and feels pain all over her body

not because of TACE , its complicated , low HB , she also catched a cold , there is inflammation in her left lung

yesterday was the 5th TACE session , in general all the tumors on the liver did shrink even after 2.5 months from the 4th TACE

but there is a clean area in the liver which wasn’t targeted by TACE , and because of delay of treatment the tumors did grow there

but all the other parts of the liver tumor did shrink

we have to continue for now , we don’t have any other option

also to mention , one of the important things I forget to mention , I didn’t give my mother any other treatment , I used to give my mother 3-BP , Salinomycin , DCA or Methylglyoxal

but I didn’t give anything in the last 3 months


how things are going on your side ?

hope things are under control with the current treatment you are doing

always wish the best for you sirsna



sent from prof Vogl

Pre-recording of 20.10.2017 on the correlation present.
Significant increase of intrahepatic lesions in both liver lobes, exemplarily in the liver segment 4/8 currently 6.7 x 6.3 cm, previously measuring 4.4 x 3.6 cm, further focal lesions in liver segment 4 currently 6.9 x 5.0 cm, previously 3.7 x 3.9 cm measuring. As well as significantly increasing lesions in the left lobe of the liver.
No cholestasis.
Unchanged representation of the kidneys. Unchanged renal cyst on the right side.
No adrenal cavity.
Minimal perihepatic free. Fluid can be delimited.
Increasing para-aortic and mesenteric lymph nodes in the upper abdomen.
Gross increase of intrahepatic lesions in the course.
Progressive disease.
Friendly greetings


Emad, you are such a hero!
You have been doing such an amazing job.

Some suggestions: Vitamin C and E260

All day iv dosing of vitamin C.
This was my big new insight for 2017.
the original research from the 1970s found that Vitamin C was effective when given for prolonged periods.
Duration is more important than dose. (see Vitamin C thread).
Most patients experienced at the least rapid symptomatic benefit.

E260 would be a great one to have on the shelf if needed.
It specifically depletes energy supply in cancer cells.
This one could be better than 3BP!
There are several ways that you could amplify its its if needed.
You would need to do a 9 step synthesis.
A clinical trial is expected in a year.

You are such an inspiration to us on the forum!


Thank you for being here with us J

the greate info you are sharing is the best thing can any human do in his life

I’m so much interested in this approach of using Vitamin C for longer duration , I will do my best to try it

regarding E260 , aren’t there any ready made source for it ? its hard for me to synthesis it


Emad, you are doing such an amazing job! Month after month, it finally wears you down.
I am so glad that you added these kind words because I started to feel that I was not giving everyone the best possible information. I am giving the best ideas that I know of, though I suspect that someone else might offer even better suggestions. I firmly believe that the cure now exists, though it is not absolutely clear to me what it is.
Vitamin C might not be the absolutely best curative treatment, though the research found that most patients did feel better with the extended dosing. At a certain point in cancer, at least feeling better is very important. The symptomatic relief of serious pain and other problems would be a great relief for many.

I realize that going the synthesis route is an extra burden, though I think that this now needs to be stressed. Simple administration of raw chemicals should be avoided. There are so many of these advanced formulations now and many of them are not that difficult to make.

With E260 there are 9 steps and I have reviewed the synthesis again and I am developing an even better understanding of it. It does not look difficult. I have sourced all the needed chemicals at the chemical stores. I found 2 starter chemicals that look expensive through Sigma (they cost about $5000 for a 5g yield. Yet, other suppliers appear to offer these at much reduced prices.) Perhaps you could ask around to find someone who might be able to do this for you. It would be such a comfort for you to have this on the shelf. At some point progressive cancer simply becomes overwhelming and you need some option. E260 looks like a very solid standby.

The daily mouse dosing was 25 mg/kg –> 2500 mg for a 100 kg mouse –> 200 mg for a 100 kg person –> 100 mg for a 50 kg person (roughly). Best to start much lower than that possibly 1 mg per day. I think they dosed the mice twice a day peritoneally. There has been no dosing as of yet in humans, though the drug was designed to block FerT which in mice was only found in a sperm protein. I realize that this is not a perfect choice, though I hope that you find it a useful suggestion. The synthesis would take 2 or 3 days.

Other synthesis for example with 3-BP would also be worthwhile to consider. By synthesizing better formulations you then have a more effective drug with fewer side effects that will more specifically target cancer. It is possible that many people who have tried unformulated 3-BP would have done considerably better if they had used a liposomal or other delivery system.

I know that you are extremely stressed, though I want to try and reach you and give you advice that could help you. E260 might seem out of the way, though the recent article about it showed strong preclinical results. We both know that shutting off the cancer mitochondria in the way proposed would likely have very powerful anti-cancer effects while it would be reasonable to expect few side effects. Without active mitochondria, cancer cells would be EXTREMELY vulnerable. From the 1974 Scottish research into Vitamin C, a clear cell renal patient (This cancer type has few if any mitochondria) given only 1.5 days oral dose of vitamin C at 10 g per day developed a fatal TLS response on the third day. E260 appears to shut down mitochondria in a wide range of cancers. After this very highly specific first hit, almost any hit to glycolysis should have a massive anti-cancer effect. I am sure that it would be a great relief to you if the only thing that you had to worry about was that you had a cancer treatment that had even more treatment horsepower than was needed. This would clearly be one to have on the shelf just in case.

I hope my comments will be of help to you.
Best Wishes, J


Thank you so much dear J

regarding Vitamin C , what do you think about the administration route ?

is it possible to gain a good results with any oral Vit C ? or better to use oral liposomal Vit C ? or its better just to use IVs ?


Emad, iv would seem the best choice, though this could also be supplemented with oral and liposomal.
Probably to start you would want to go slowish as the tumor burden subsided. Need to be careful of TLS
and G6PD. Post to the Vitamin C thread and we could talk about this more.


Dear Emad,
Please work on phlorizin with TACE.
That would be a powerful,perfect and a clear solution.I can sent a mail to your dr about phlorizin.
There is a good example in phlorizin patent.
They block the blood circulation on leg and gave phlorizin with chemo for melanoma if i true remember.
Kind Regards


Thank you bro for your support

I really wish if the hospital in Germany can give it but its unlikely

what I could do is to buy it and teach my father how to give it to my mother before doing TACE

to be honest I have a lot of things that I can give to my mother (Salinomycin + 3BP + MG + Phlotizin + Vit C)

from these choices I can only choose 2 maximum , I’m working day and night all the time just to make it possible to get more

and again Ergin , thank you for your suppot even when things are going very hard on your side

may God give your father a long healthy life


Dear Emad,
I think you misunderstood my message or i misunderstood Tace.
I knew that you give chemo directly to the veins which goes to tumor in Tace.I mean a local treatment,isnt it?
If yes ,there is good option with phlorizin.
You first give phlorizin with Tace,NOT a 24 hour treatment ,it is very easy and local.We can discuss this.
Kind Regards


DEar Emad,

I am sorry you received bad news.

Can you please remind me if you already have tried 3-BP ?


Hi W

I did 3-BP + Sal with the first and second TACE sessions , and the results were good

then I changed to MG with third TACE session and still things were good

but with the forth TACE I didn’t use anything , I run out of MG , and the port was blocked so I was no longer able to give 3-BP and Sal

I’m sure things get bad because we wasted so much time after the forth TACE , but also it looks like the problem was more than that , and what made it worse is because I stopped giving anything


Hi Emad

It is clear you always did your best within your possibilities. You live in a messed up country with no constant access to the stuff you need and still you are here, fighting for your mother with internationally recognised experts.

with much respect,


Thanks for your kind words W , it is supportive for me in my fight

I will do my best to make things better

best wishes to you


Dear Emad, sorry to read Your Mothers news.
Do You have next plan what to do?
Does she takes Basentabs?

I am just back from hospital from 4th chemo. Waiting for abdomen CT results. This time we were 5 women in hospital room, one young lady 31 years old, mother of 3, she has mets in brain, liver, lungs , pancreas, not yet histology report, but her cancer marker was high Beta hcg, some kind of placental cancer. Other woman was dying with lots of pain and ascites in abdomen. Not easy to see that all.


sirsna, I have been very impressed by minicells as a cancer for quite some time now. It is hard to believe but in mouse experiments they achieved curative responses with nM doses of chemo. Very startling.

Minicells have moved into human clinical trials and the results have been somewhat mixed. There is a flu that develops that lasts for about a day and that has held back reporting the stunning results published in mice.

A few years ago another research team created a minicell strain that was GRAS (generally regarded as safe). This strain is expected to have no side effects due to a lack of LPS. This minicell treatment could have extremely impressive results. With the mice, it was possible to have curative responses using thousands of times lower chemo dosing.

The original research was published 3 years ago, contacting the research group about this would not be a bad idea.
I would think that they would be very interested in accumulating human data. For a treatment many thousands of times better than chemo
it could be a great treatment for you.

PMID: 25341464

Best Wishes, J


I’m sorry that you are seeing all this 🙁

its devastating , I hope it doesn’t let you down

no my mother is not taking basentabs , but the next plan is to do TACE like before but just try to come in time and not going late like before

also prof Vogl added Xeloda (oral chemo tablets) , and soon will return to use 3-BP , Sal and others when possible

I’m worried about how is the CT results ?

I will pray for your health


Hi Emad
I hope that your dear mother this well with his treatment of TACE.might ask you a question, based on your experience with salinomycin, do you think that the salt is equally effective as the salinimicina that you can buy in Sigma Aldrich?.Thank you for your help Emad


Hi marcos

my mother is still feeling weak and tired , the next TACE session will be after 10 days , we will see at that time how is the results

regarding Salinomycin, you mean the difference between the expensive base version and the cheap salt version ?

I didn’t notice any difference between the two versions , I used the base version twice , not enough to judge it , but it looks like the salt version , no clear difference in the effect , also no difference in the side effects

hope you are doing good my friend

i will answer any other question in details , just ask

wish you all the best


New Update

2 days ago my mother did another TACE session

prof Vogl said that in general the results are good , there are a good tumor shrinkage on the right side of the liver , but on the left side there is a little bit increase , he will send us a report soon

but there is something I’m scared of

when my father asked prof Vogl about how are the rest of the body , prof Vogl said, everything is good but there is some water in the belly

my father said : what is it ?
prof Vogl said : its caused by cancer , and its not important to talk about it for now , don’t worry


ok what I know is that Ascites is a big problem , why prof Vogl doesn’t feel bad about it ? he didn’t prescribe any medication for it and even he wouldn’t talk about it

is it really not important that much !!!

I feel horrible whenever I hear the word Ascites


Hi Emad,
Can it be edema?


Please just becareful and search for it.
I also hate liquid.


Hi Ergin

he said water in the belly , which I know is ascites

I was afraid all the time from it , and hear it is

when I read about it , it seemed like it can be eliminated when you shrink cancer


So good to hear some good news, after so much hardship. But the liquid can be drained right?


it can be drained , but it will accumulate again if the underlying cause is still there

draining it multiple times may increase risk of infection


how is your dear mother , hope she is good


Please look for my reply to ergin, sorry i don’t want to be greedy and get all the attention.
I hope you have some better news.
If not, at least we are trying, it;s all we can do.
Reply when you can.

Good Luck,


New Update

Ascites is gone , and there is a good tumor regression

my mother only did TACE + (1.5g Xeloda 2 weeks on 1 week off)

also we still didn’t replace the old blocked port , we are planning to replace it soon


You are a hero.You always deserve lots good of things.You always choose the right treatments on the exact time.
You also listen Daniel carefuly.
I am waiting for the 2DG news from Daniel without patience 😀.
If it works like phlorizin with same protocol,good and exciting days are waiting for us.


Thank you dear Ergin

I wish to collect all these great things , 2DG, phlorizin and the rest

still i have 3bp + sal in the freezer , but waiting for the port to be replaced so I can return again to do my job

I wish a very nice days for you and your entire family


Hi Emad,
If they are doing IPT without any side effects(which i did without any good responce),
we can do Phlorizin or 2DG therapy with chemo.
And with more efficieny+less side effects.
Just keep it in mind.


Thanks Ergin I will be happy to do it whenever its possible 🙂


When it is resistant ,cancer cells are swimming inside cisplatin lab tray.This is real!

I know a patient which TACE didnt work.
Another patient partially worked.
Thats why we need this website😁


Yes that’s right , in our case its partially working

its shrinking the tumor but maybe 10% or little bit more each time

i don’t know how things will end our real fight begins after we end TACE , trying to make things stable with 3bp , sal, phlorizin, 2DG and etc


So i know this was a while back. But it kinda confirms it to me, being able to access the tumor directly has a great advantage. Being able to deliver drugs and bathe it with them.
Isolation of the tumor from the rest of the body somehow, on it’s own would have great, almost miraculous result in those cases where the cancer type is not very metastatic in nature even without drugs being added into the mix.
So i wonder… would there be a way to clog the “pipes” so that it doesn’t receive fuel anymore from anywhere.
Isolation trough obstruction of blood flow, only at the tumor location.
I theorize that maybe the cancer tumor outputs some chemical that could be more or less unique to it’s “lifestyle”, this chemical could possibly bond with some drug of sorts that would turn viscous and block the capillary vessels right next to the tumor. Blocking all blood flow, leaving the tumor to turn into necrotic stuff. Chemo and surgery to clean it out after that.

As for your latest reply to me.
I’m glad you feel stronger when thinking about me. what can i say… i got muscles i got brains, but i am not all that strong as to make others feel strong, or am i?
I lift my mother daily, with my spine issues, i risk paralysis myself, but there’s nobody else to do what i have to do.
So in the end i am not sure if it’s strength or need, perhaps both, one more than the other.
Am i brave? i have no choice, i wish i had. There are no real choices, those who believe they have choices, it’s those who abandon their loved ones with the illusion of choice, we can not leave our mothers to fate just because of this concept of “choice”, there is none.
My spirit is similar to a terminator’s… i have a mission. indeed i am only human, but the way i feel now, even if i was paralyzed, i would crawl and would bring her water to bed.
As for brains…. i once thought i can cure cancer, i was like… cancer? surely i can solve yet another problem right???
I was so used to solving problems…
So maybe i’m not that smart as i thought and sadly for us, neither is everyone else, maybe by a little yeah.
For us it can seem like a huge gap, but neah… of this i am sure, it’s just an illusion.

To conclude.
Yes cancer is extremely complex and difficult to deal with from so many angles.
TACE seems to me, is one of those things that people did and saw that it was good, and i come back a bit saying, the more closer we get to it, the more we can kill it, or at least make it bleed, and if it bleeds, we can kill it.
Sure not everyone can be saved, but a greater chunk of people will survive, if we find a way…
So i keep thinking, what makes the cancer cell unique? Is there anything about it that the rest of the cells simply don’t have it.

Mom is getting out of clinic in a few days, Doctor is turning her back at me when i try to say anything other than hello.

Stay strong.


Thank you dear Alex, I will be sure to be strong always

I wish both you and your mother enjoy a long living happy life, i wish the same for my self 🙂

you are doing a great job helping your mother all the way, she is lucky to have you


I don’t know what makes cancer cell unique, I believe that once we know that we will solve the puzzle, but I have a mission in my mind, there are so many promising treatments, and many people cannot try them because they are afraid to try, well I can try and I want to try but still a lot of things are blocking me from doing so

I believe I may find a helpful treatment when I try so many of them


regarding isolation of tumor, because of low blood counts looks like prof Vogl suggested to switch to TAE instead of TACE

TAE is only blocking blood supply on tumors with no chemotherapy !

It seems to me a less powerful treatment but with much less side effects

when I read about it, they say that there is no difference between the results of both TAE or TACE , the both have almost the same results !

if Daniel reads my comment I wonder what’s his opinion on TAE compared to TACE


Thanks for your respond

do you think it’s right to ask prof Vogl to use something like 3bp instead of just doing TAE ?


Hi Daniel

Yes prof Vogl is using Cisplatin with Mitomycin

I asked him about TACE vs TAE, he said that TACE is often more effective

Also asked him :
– how about using something like 2DG or 3-bromopyrovate that may replace chemotherapy ? or you don’t suggest these things ?

He said :
– Thanks yes i worked with bromo
– Too experimental too unpretictable
– Best regards. Tv
– We will work with embolisation material


I’m happy to hear about doctors willing to do the chemo + 2DG combo for advanced cancers, it’s a good step

I don’t know if the doctors in my country are interested, I should ask some of them first

I will wait until the announcement, then I will see our doctors and what can they do about it

Many thanks Daniel


Yes when he answered me I thought you were responding not him 😀

but still I’m not so comfortable with TAE, I once decided to ask him to do 3bp or any other experimental treatment when chemo no longer gives benefit

when we do TACE , the results almost are 10% improvement or a little bit more

but with TAE, could it improve the results by almost 10% ? hard to know

I begin to think about something stupid like liver transplantation

since my mother finished her chemotherapy in 2013, it was almost no disease progression happened except for the liver tumors

its like we are fighting primary liver cancer not breast cancer !!!

its disturbing to think about all these challenges

anyway, I hope things become better somehow soon

Thank you Daniel


Thank you Emad
So, i’m at least smart i guess…. didn’t know there was a thing called TAE.
Sadly it seems it’s useful in only a few cases. I’m thinking of something for a more general use.
Like in the case of my mother, it’s not a tumor in an organ, it’s on spine, tissues of multiple types. Vessels there are mostly capillary i guess.
So i am thinking of some substance, a polymer of sorts that would block blood flow when it comes in contact with the tumor, maybe because this substance meets with another that only the tumor outputs.
This is only in my imagination of course…..
It’s nice to think about possible solutions,
Should such a treatment be possible in the future, i’m guessing it would have incredible results.
I imagine this polymer would have a certain life in the body, and over time would be excreted trough urine.
Say a one time IV with such a substance would block blood flow at the tumor site effectively for a 12 hour time or maybe even a few days. The result i guess would be massive tumor necrosis. Supporting treatments would be needed and monitoring.

Yet again i say, this is only in my mind… then again so were many other things in the past, they were day dreamers, and after that they became famous.

Or is this yet another situation where i am not aware of some experiment with nano particles and stuff? Might be.


I hope the thoughts in your mind becomes reality

yes unfortunately TAE is not useful in your case but, overall prof Vogl offers more than that

Laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT)
Uterine fibroid embolization
Ozone therapy in cases of herniated vertebral disks
PTA, stents, embolization
Radiofrequency tumor ablation
Selective internal radiotherapy with SIR-spheres
Transpulmonary chemoembolization (TPCE)
Transarterial percutaneous chemoembolization (TACE)
Transarterial chemoperfusion (TACP)
Transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic stent-shunt

I don’t know which one could help in your situation

and regarding nano particles I think Jcancom is the best who knows about those kind of techniques


Yes Alex,
There is a way to kill cancer cells and not healthy cells.
Hyperthermia,if used wisely and you
already know the protocol.
We have to trust the articles.Or we must wait for years for a doctor to try it again .Make it an article and wait for another lots of years.


We are back from clinic… after 2 weeks….
Tomorrow i have more papers and things like that to deal with, getting the oxigen aparatus
For now she is better, but still paralysis on left arm and right one weakened. But compared to first day, much better.

More information in the coming days.

PS, take care of yourself.


Ascites is back again

the reason is unclear

last TACE session was less than 1 month ago, I can’t imagine that cancer could do anything in this short time under TACE effect !

but this is how things started

last week my mother started to feel weak quickly and suddenly , and she was under Xeloda

3 days ago she felt even weaker, I told my family that she must do CBC immediately

she did CBC and just as I expected, it was bad

HB was 6.5
RBC was 1.5

the others are very low too

severe anemia , I think it’s the reason why she is weak, so we decided to do blood transfusion, 3 units

2 days before she took 1 unit, she felt a little bit better but still she feels weak and the symptoms of anemia are still there

yesterday she started to complain about her stomach, it is distended and it’s doing some pressure on her

today she will take another unit , and next Saturday she will take the third unit

but why ascites ?!

in my opinion, I think severe anemia did increase pressure and making the organs weaker, and the liver was affected and become weaker due to severe anemia which again caused ascites

I hope i’m right, but also maybe i’m just lying on my self


I’m no doctor, nor will i ever be… but what about the immune system? Could be just a stupid question.


I think you mean more than just WBC’s right ?

for WBC’s they are low , but I think you mean immune system in general , but I don’t know if it’s linked to ascites ?!


Hi Emad,sorry to hear this ascite again.
Do you have more DCA at home?
Lest ask it to Daniel if it helps ascites or not!
But we dont know what is the cause,liver or tumor?


I have but my mother hate it because of neuropathy

but I hope cancer is not the cause this time


Holy God, after days of searching and trying to find donors with AB+ type

after we got 2 donors , we went to hospital at late night to do blood transfusion with those 2 units

but we found nothing !!!

the freaking hospital just rob those 2 units at the end and left us like we are nothing !!!

no comment


So sad to hear this.
I wish i was there so i could donate. i’m not sure but maybe i have the same blood type.
I heard another story like that here, a guy asked his friend to donate for his father, when he went to get the blood, the person who collected the blood had already sold it for a few hundred euro.

I think the immune system has something to do with ascites. Inflamation and maybe more than that.

let me know


Hi Alex, I hope your mother is good

thank you for your concern, when I was with my mother in the hospital I felt sad and weak, but when I thought about you I felt stronger 🙂

Yes it made us angry

tonight my mother did blood transfusion, 2 units

yesterday she got 1 unit

she feels better, but also she didn’t complain about her stomach anymore !

I hope it’s gone again

and yes I believe inflammation has important role with ascites, CRP needs to be measured

wish you all the best my friend


Hi Emad, I was also very sad to read this, I can only imagine your frustration and wish I could help. I hope that things have improved for you since you wrote this post.


Thank you very much Shanti

yes it was frustrating to all our family and friends

and yes like you said, things become better now and my mother did blood transfusion after we found other donors

Kind regards


Hello Emad
I’m glad that your mother go to improve little by little you are a warrior against the cancer. How can I contact the professor Vogl,has the mail from the hospital where he works or clinic?


Thank you so much marcos

this is the email address that we use to contact prof Vogl

T.Vogl (at)

he is working in Frankfurt hospital

let me know if I can help you with anything


Hello Emad
It´s been some months since I joined this group and my situation is very similar to yours and many here. Both my parents have breast and prostate advanced cancers and all my spare time goes to researching and trying to help them with as much information as I can get.
Recently i have been researching on hormonal treatments options for deseases that after some time became resistant to it. In the last 5 years articles on Androgen receptor´s role on some cancers lines have been constatly growing and there are some trials going on. There are even some doctors in US who are already implementing testosterone and testosterone antagonists in their treatments, despite the fact that they are not still ” well stablished”.
Have you , Daniel or someone else, ever read something about this? Since your mother has hormone sensitive breast cancer, returning to hormonal treatment could be an option. I´m seriously considering this for my mother : Xeloda+ supraphysiological testosterone dose+ aromatase inhibitor.