Your Contribution Needed on Breast Cancer Story from Emad

Dear Friends,

On the same line as the post from Ergin, I would like to invite you if you could please share here ideas and experience that may be relevant to Emad and his dear mom.

Off course, as the disclaimer is also stating, this website is not intended to offer medical advice but to try and get together as much collective knowledge as possible, so that finally, together with our medical doctor we make informed and successful decisions regarding our treatment strategies.

Here is the message from Emad:


Dear all , my name is Emad Abushofa , from Libya

In 2012 my mother diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer , Estrogen positive , Her2 negative

Tumor marker was about 500, she was walking hard because of mets in her legs

After 9 cycles of chemo then radiotherapy , the tumor marker declined to 30 , and she became able to walk normally again

Then she started on hormonal therapy , but the markers were raising slowly

Until August  2015 , the tumor marker became 2000 , so decided to return to chemo

She took  6 cycles of taxotere ( also I added DCA + Natural protocols like Budwig , MSM LIPH , Juicing , Liposomal Vit C)

The tumor marker declined from 2000 to 353

After another 3 cycles , but this time only chemo , the marker rised to 712

Then the oncologist changed the chemo to 5FU and venorelbine , 2 cycles with DCA , the tumor marker declined to 450

Then I stopped DCA few days and didn’t give it before chemo , the marker rised to 558

Then again DCA with chemo + artimisnin + baicaline , decline to 450

Then I run out of everything , marker rised to 714

Changed the chemo to Gemzar + Carboplatin , 3 weeks per cycle

Cycle 1 : chemo alone , decline from 714 to 685

Cycle 2 : chemo then DCA IV added lately (not before chemo) , raise to 699

Cycle 3 : chemo + DCA IV , decline to 517

Cycle 4 : chemo + DCA IV + one shot half dose Salinomycin base version , decline to 408

Cycle 5 : chemo + DCA IV + one shot full dose Salinomycin base version , decline to 317

Then we stopped 2 weeks because of blood transfusion , also runout of Sal

Cycle 6 : 2 weeks DCA IV only, then half dose chemo with DCA IV , raise to 380

Cycle 7 : chemo + DCA IV , decline to 350

Cycle 8 : chemo + DCA IV + 3 shots Salinomycin sodium salt version , decline to 330

Cycle 9 : chemo + DCA IV + 4 shots Salinomycin sodium salt , decline to 320

Then another stop for 2 weeks because of blood transfusion (DCA IV  + one shot Sal)

Cycle 10 : 75% chemo , DCA IV + procaine IV + high dose lansoprazol + 1 shot Salinomycin sodium salt in the same day of chemo

Tumor marker raised from 322 to 607


Few notes :-

1-     I started to give procaine IV just 2 weeks ago , 2ml of 2% solution , half an our before DCA IV

2-     My mother always had a marked tremor when using Sal , sometimes strong

3-     First 3 days of chemo I give my mother 180mg lansoprazole per day , then 80mg for other 4 days

4-     The mets on my mothers bones are small and stable for along time , but the mets in her liver are trying to grow fast , 5 spots less than 1cm , 3 spots between 1cm to 2cm

5-     Im not sure about the last chemo cycle, we felt like they didn’t give my mother the proper dose

Now I only have DCA + procaine, I have 100ml MethylGlyoxal , no more Sal


I will be happy to listen from you , your opinions will always help us

Thank you so much

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613 thoughts on “Your Contribution Needed on Breast Cancer Story from Emad

  1. Dear Emad,

    Thank you so much for your clear summary and congratulations for what you did for your dear mom so far. I am sure you will find your way forward and will do my best to give you some ideas and maybe more. I will reply to you partially here and partially on your e-mail. First I need to check a few things.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks a lot Daniel

      it looks like I did a lot but not that much as most of the time I’m going around DCA , and recently Sal

      I wish if I can get 3-BP , sad that its hard to be shipped to our country in a good condition

      I’m in love with all these treatments and wish to use them all

      after all I was inspired by you all the time and still 🙂

      1. can we really be sure that the long shipment makes it useless? I mean, i know 3-bp is not stable at room(or god knows what..) temp for 1-2 weeks – but maybe the changed version is still useful as anticancer agent ..

        1. good question , but I don’t know

          there was a great thread about 3BP on cancercompass , I don’t know if you know about it

          but I think they discussed this issue , I don’t remember exactly what they said but I felt like its gonna loose some of its effect

          maybe Daniel have some thoughts

          when we order from a chemical company we used to receive the shipment after 2 weeks from sending it , so I need to make sure that 3-BP could somehow stay good in 2 weeks room temperature

          1. Hi Emad,

            Can you please consolidate your questions on 3BP in one single comment?
            I should have most of the answers on what is known today regarding 3BP.

            Kind regards,

            1. Hi Daniel , two questions only

              1- how many days can 3-BP stay in a room temperature ?

              2- is it worth trying to obtain 3-BP even when the shipping time will be 1-2 weeks ?


              if 3-BP used to be stable , probably I would be using it for months

              really wish to have it

            2. Hi Emad,

              In powder form, and as long as is not exposed to high temperatures, and humidity, it should stay unchanged for weeks. Long term storage is 4C. Once made solution, the stability is very short, strongly depending on temp and pH of the solution.

              There was once a report from someone who receive 3BP from China and when the package was opened there were vapors coming out of 3BP which was not anymore in the form of powder but some sticky substances. Probably this was stored in a high humidity place, and opened. Most probably it was in that form even prior to be sent.

              We never used 3BP from China. Always western suppliers.

              I hope this answers your questions.

              Kind regards,

            3. Sounds good !!! great !!!! wonderful !!!!

              I decide to let my next protocol nothing other than (Sal + 3-BP) with chemo and DCA probably

              I’m excited to receive 3-BP , as I know Santa Cruz really have a very good quality and carefully shipping there products in the best shape 🙂

            4. guys, what suppliers do we have from western countries that send to private pple and not just universities? is it just santa cruz?

            5. no , Santa cruz are selling only to universities , just like other western suppliers

              but you should only get an email address that proves to be related to a university

              if some university have a website with this domain “”

              then all you need is an email like “[email protected]

              if you didn’t find a way to access email like this , then probably you may have a friend who can

              in our case , my father is a professor in Tripoli university and it was easy for him to have one

  2. Dear Emad,
    With all respect, i know you’ve been here much longer than me.
    Where is Metformin? If you didn’t use it…….. it’s good stuff.
    Any special reason for not including it or is it something you forgot to mention?

    Best wishes,

    1. I used it for a while , maybe for 2 months

      I didn’t notice any change with it

      quote :
      Then the oncologist changed the chemo to 5FU and venorelbine , 2 cycles with DCA , the tumor marker declined to 450
      Then I stopped DCA few days and didn’t give it before chemo , the marker rised to 558

      the 2 results above I was using metformin with it , also some others like chloroquine

      maybe I will give it another try this time

      my best wishes for you too dear Alex

      1. I find that is necessary, what was the dose used by you?
        Also metformin is greatly amplified anti-cancer when combined with aspirin or diclofenac or maybe even citric acid.
        Mebendazole would also be a great addition to those, still unaware of what the best dosage would be.
        If you are asking what the effects are, i cried tears of joy today, seeing how my mother is feeling better. No marker number.
        We are also using HCA, CA, ALA.
        If you feel something is out of place, i would go check blood, hormones, glands, they do play a big role, and no chemo will be able to help much so long things are out of balance. (So i feel).
        Don’t forget the liver, immune system, the gut. I hope your mother has been doing coffee enemas too, and going on a vegan diet
        IT HELPS!!! Every bit of good food counts, and every bit of bad food is very bad.
        Also, i would also check the dental situation, there is data out there pointing to breast cancer and major hidden tooth issues.
        Thermografic imaging….!?
        If the tumor is within “reach” consider heating the breast, free hyperthermia?!?!? 50C-60C hot water, steam. Eh?

        Congrats on getting so far with your mother.
        Best wishes.

        1. I used 1g metformin only , with the dose you mentioned , it means I should use 2g daily

          no coffee enemas unfortunately

          you are totally right about the good food and bad food , they are really a major role in all this

          there is no hyperthermia available here in our country but if my mother had the chance to be treated outside Libya , hyperthermia will be a good choice indeed

          but after all I’m happy to see you happy man , nothing is better than staying healthy in this life 🙂

          take care my friend Alex

          best wishes

            1. yes they are really interesting , I have watched all the episodes of The Truth About Cancer

              sad we missed the chance to correct my mothers body when she was on hormonal therapy for 2 years

              now after she heavily treated with chemo it become very hard , but still not something impossible

            2. I am curious what you would change if you had the chance to go back in time?
              i know i would reconsider suggesting surgery, it proved to be a mistake, solved nothing. Anyway….

            3. sad that we can’t change the time

              if I started to search alternatives since 2013 , probably I will go totally natural with my mother , treating the underling cause , correcting the body chemistry

              now after we started chemo since 1.5 year , it begins to be so hard to do what we should do , cancer is more aggressive , and our country economic problems become disaster

  3. If I were to guess, I’d say that the tumour marker rising that much during the last cycle could be due to taking a rest from chemo for the blood transfusion.

    ie. Maybe the tumour marker raised even higher during the rest, but still did fall to 607 with the chemo. So what looks to be a case of chemo stopping working might not necessarily be the case.

    At any rate, even if this were the case, this tumour looks incredibly aggressive. I would look into some off label medication.

    Like Daniel had told me earlier, Diclofenac might seriously potentiate the effect of DCA by downregulating MCT1 (I believe) and up regulating SMCT1.

    Daniel also spoke of inhibiting autophagy during chemo so as to take one escape route away from cancer cells which would normally temporarily protect them during stresses like the ones created through chemotherapy.

    I think I would keep the proton pump inhibitor that she is taking. I’ve read that it potentiates many forms of chemo.

    1. Hi Meech

      thank you so much for your notice

      we did blood transfusion before and also the chemo delayed same as the last time and even they give carboplatin only with no Gemzar , but tumor marker only raised from 317 to 380

      but the last time is totally different , I think like Daniel said , PPI are not a good choice with weak acids , this can describe what happen

      but really my mothers cancer is aggressive , and I can notice how its getting more and more aggressive every time , and I should blame chemo for that

      but in your regarding off label medications , I’m a little bit scared from using them too much , I don’t want to put more stress on the liver and kidneys

      diclofenac , metformin , chloroquine and others , I may give them another try

      this nearly used 25 chemo cycles , my mother is 50 years old , I hope she can tolerate it , she can live with chemo as she is not feeling weak or tired , but her bone marrow and other organs I’m not sure if they can stay good for long time

      my best wishes to you Meech

      1. From what I’ve found online, Metformin’s nephrotoxicity can be attributed to its increasing risk of lactic acidosis. However, risk of lactic acidosis is incredibly rare (around 3-5 people per 100,000). It’s also important to note that the vast majority of patients receiving Metformin are also diabetic, which would indicate probably some deal of kidney damage in the first place due to high prevalence of obesity, hypertension, etc. With this patient group.

        So I don’t want to go out and say “Metformin is fine to take and low risk” because I’m not an expert, but I think checking out exactly what the risk of kidney damage is with Metformin would be beneficial as it is a pretty valuable drug.

        I do understand the concern though. I only have one kidney so I also have to exercise a lot of caution with medications.

        Wishing all the best,

        1. metformin should be safe compared to most of the drugs , and really I believe I should return to use it again

          sorry to hear that you have one kidney Meech

          you are inspiring to all of us on the way how you are living and taking care of your self 🙂

            1. Hi Meech,

              Addressing one of your points on protecting kidneys:

              1. As you said, a tone of water
              2. Astragalus
              3. Alfacalcidol is a form of vitamin D helpful in people who have kidney problems.
              4. HDAC inhibitors such as Valproic Acid help against kidney toxicity induced by Cisplatin possibly others:
              5. Sylimarin can also protect against Cisplatin toxicity at the kidneys:

              Kind regards,

  4. Hi Emad,
    I felt that one day you will write those words.The rise in markers.Because it was stable.
    If you use salinomycin,it should be easy for you to use phlorizin or derivatives just before chemo.
    You must also read T4 depletion,for me it is one of the best in our hand for now.
    There is a serious and very good responce on breast ca.Please read it.
    I always find your comments in all treatments like chloroquine or mebendazole diclofenac.Where did they gone?
    Did you stop them?Or forget to write to your above post?
    You never used any angionegenis inhibitor as i see.
    You are not in a situation that words stopped.
    We will never give up.You are very strong,dont forget your words in our communications.
    Kind Regards
    Your brother who will always near you.

    1. Thank you always for your kind words and great help to our family Dear Ergin

      believe me I felt strong for the first time yesterday when I was waiting to receive the results

      I used to feel sick everyday when it comes to marker results

      I remembered how strong you have been to face the results each time 🙂

      regarding phlorizin is there any good source you know about ? or its only available in chemical companies ?

      T4 depletion is one of my choices , i will study it more and be ready to use it

      regarding chloroquine , mebendazol and metformin , i used them with some others , but i didn’t notice any deference , but also i didn’t give them more than a month or 2

      one of things that let me stop them is to not do more stress on the body , but maybe I’m wrong and my mother can easily tolerate them all

      i feel i must give them a serious try again

      and for angionegenis , i will look if i can have the cheap version of Thalidomide

      so much strategies , i need to think carefully for my next step , just like you brother , hope we find the key soon

      and i believe that we both could find it

      like John Cena said : never give up 🙂

      1. Hi emad

        The more i read about metformin the mire convinced i am its a must

        It affects both mito and nucleus, glucose level, igf…

        Im taking berberine insteaf of metformin, similar impact


        1. Very much agree Wondering. I am a little behind with my e-mails and responses to comments due to traveling, etc. but I thing you asked me a question about mito inhibitors. As we have seen from recent research even CA may do that. However, some of the most known inhibitors are Metformin, Doxycicline but also Salinomycin. Meclizine was another one – I wrote about it in the Phosphoethanolamine post.

          1. no worries, Daniel, i know you are not a robot capable of answering dozens of comments each day 🙂
            in the meantime i found your post regarding cachexia. i did not read it earlier as im not affected by cachexia – but i realised that you wrote a lot about about glutamin uptake inhibition and provided lots of hints again.

            in my comment to to you (and all) earlier i was a bit shocked that 3 studies claim that more energy is produced by the mitochondria in cancer cells than by the nucleus against the conventional wisdom. It is in contradiction with the the opinion on glyculisis of Seyfried, Swartz etc.. who claim that mitochondria is dysfunctional and more atp is produced by glycolisis. Probably the key in is in effectivity (36 vs 2, mitochondria vs glycolisis, so if nucles is used 90% of the time, mito is still producing more atp). But then we can not claim that :
            1) restoring mito will help – ) as it works already… against human survival
            2) blocking glycolisis will kill cancer
            3) Warburg was right

            there is MUCH confusion about this topic even among scientists..


            1. Hi W,

              good logic. However, blocking glycolysis is a good strategy for sure even if we don’t know the full picture why. Yeah, mitochondria could be functional in cancer cells but we know that glycolysis suppresses the immune system, therefore it is advantageous to suppress it, even if for no other reason. Best strategy is to rely on experiences, rather than theories if we can choose between the two. And you are right, people are confused about the Warburg effect, etc. incl. scientists.


            2. Wondering, you might be interested in this.

              More on metabolic issues in cancer. I found an article discussing these and Warburg, etc. E.g. Have you heard of oncometabolites? They argue that some of the metabolites produced by the cancer cell are actually oncogenic! Boggling the mind.

              “With this broadened view of what constitutes an oncometabolite, one could argue that the discoveries of two other oncometabolites, succinate and fumarate, preceded that of 2HG.” Here is the paper:

              Fumarate? Could it be that dimethyl-fumarate, the anti-psoriasis drug, ( here: ) competitively inhibits fumarate?

            3. Hi W, yes things seem complex and scientists are still learning.
              But what seems to be clear is that both glyco and mito have own functions in tumor development.
              There are many things to discuss on this line, but glyco is less efficient but much faster while mito is slower but much more efficient. Stopping glyco is very important because of so many reasons. For example, if you stop that there will be less fuel for mito, and mito would need to switch on other fuels, tumor will develop slower, less anti-oxidant will be produce to fight with reactive oxigen species produced by mito that may lead to cancer cell death, less lactic acid will be produced which signals the transition of body glutamine towards the tumor (e.g. cachexia will be reduced) and so on.
              So, depending on how much the tumor is dependent on the above processes, you may be able to kill the tumor by blocking glyco.
              If that doesnt happen, we may need to also use mito inhibitors. This is why I like Metformin, Doxycicline, Salinomycin.
              Swartz technique is relevant because is addressing something else: not inhibiting mito but its output which represents the building blocks required for cellular division. As I discussed in one of my post and as shown by some of Schwartz patients, tumor cells may find a way around that inhibition by activating an enzyme that can convert acetate in acetyl-CoA.
              In the end we need to think well and use a cocktail of elements to address various escape routes. But not just jump on some treatment option because we like how it sounds. Instead, put a treatment strategy in place depending on our own situation, which is different from patient to patient. Do do that, we already have many tools discussed on this website. In the best case, with that we will kill the tumors, in the worse case we will slow them down. But to me, based on my personal experience, publications of Schwartz and all the other work referenced in my posts, the outcome will be better than not doing anything, when we have to deal with advanced cancers.

              Kind regards,

            4. Sure, you are obviously right. I find it though confusing that many scientists on the “metabolic” side keep telling how unfunctioning the mito is, while it is producing mire atp according to several studies now. Cheers, w

            5. another nice article mentioning another fuel for cancer..cellular signals. crazy. Still i believe blocking glutamine and cancer must lead to apoptosis in a wide range of cancer.


              “Glucose is not the only driver of cancer cell growth. Certain forms of cancers have also been shown to rely heavily upon glutamine as a source of fuel. Cancer cells have evolved a number of different ways of acquiring the amino acid from host tissues. In fact, it appears that cancer cells may derive energy by literally consuming cellular signals. Zhao and colleagues came upon this discovery when investigating the role of exosomes, which are tiny pouches of proteins and nucleic acids that transmit information between cells. The team was surprised to find that not only were the cancer cells receiving these signals from other cells, they were using them as a source of energy, consuming amino acids directly from the exosomes. This is another example of how remarkably resourceful cancer cells can be – drawing in glucose and amino acids from the environment as building blocks for tumors.”

          1. thanks Helga.
            I was thinking about adding something like this but Daniel wrote that with oral administration much of it leaves the the body in stool …so probably not too effective if not via intravenous way. pity.

            1. I take turmeric with 10% black pepper and add also dry ginger. I dissolve all of them in soda water (or fizzy mineral water). I swear to you I can feel the effect. However, mostly probably against inflammation as I have not been diagnosed as having cancer (finally found a gynecologist here, who will examine me in early June – I wonder what women do here if they need one urgently, e.g. pregnant? one would think that you’d have to wait 3 months for an exam in some 3rd world country but they might have actually a better care than this particular little country in the EU, damn).

            2. Helga

              Sorry to hear of your situation. What country do you live in?

              I find the black pepper really helps with the absorption of Tumeric and Curcumin. I have not thought of adding dry ginger, that would really help in my opinion.


            3. Dear Paul,

              it is a small country in Europe, overrun by the Soviets in 1968. It is fine but maybe there is a shortage of gynecologists/doctors here or perhaps too many women live in this city. It is a rather Kafkaesque situation 🙂

              I am glad you find turmeric/black pepper also useful. I think that carbonic acid (in the soda water) also helps with the absorption. And ginger has a great anticancer effect in itself. It is worthwhile to combine it with citric acid. My bump in my belly greatly diminished since I am taking CA. Perhaps Ergin is right and it is not ovarian cancer after all. Nevertheless, I still have a lot of sweating. My other ‘candidate’ is my right lung, which produces a lot of mucus. An X-ray didn’t show a mass. Does anyone know what % of lung cancer can be seen in an X-ray?

              How is your sister? She has lung cancer if I am not mistaken, right?

              Kind regards,

            4. X ray,
              Dear Helga.
              When the doctors looked at my mother’s xrays they couldn’t see a thing…… not one.
              Scanner showed the tumor very very clear.
              Bone will show contrast, for a tumor to be more than transparent, it will have to be calcified.
              The shape may look like something else, not a ball of tissue but some claw shape… etc etc.
              Next to that shape you would have the soft tissues that are for the most part, transparent to xray

              Many Thanks,

      1. Ergin, brother.
        Still did not received that package from you yet.
        How is your mother? How are you? You are online on skype but…. no answer.
        Interestingly mother is feeling better with no DCA maybe the other things are doing very good for her.
        Today she feels very good. More mobility, less inflamation.
        I also add 100mg Mebendazole X3
        And i alternate aspirin with diclofenac from day to day.


        1. Hi Alex,
          I hope it is not in the customs.I will send you the tracking number tomorrow.
          Skype is open in office i think.
          After my mother began mebendazole,diclofenac,celecoxib etc., her pain on bowel released.
          May be it is because of the pain killer effect of them.Or they helped,i dont know.

          1. Ergin.
            Today i cry tears of joy, seeing my mother feel better, i reminded myself of all the help i received.
            It was a very nice day here for us, a rare event in my life… me crying tears of joy. Thank you!!! Daniel, everyone here.
            don’t give up metformin bro, it helps very much. Vegan diet, no bread, oil, fat, very little fish 1/week same for egg.
            Diet helps with bowel problems too. and enema.
            Don’t forget the immune system.
            1 fruit before food helps with bowel problems too.
            Don’t forget water, good hydration

            Best wishes,

    1. hi Ergin,
      thanks – i have heard about cimetidine from you and Daniel and i already bought some. it seems to have several anti cancer properties.

      Havent you think about random pills having much anti cancer effect? there are reports showing that antibacterial pills, anti histamine pills, anti inflammation pills anti worm pill, anti malaria, blood pressure reducer pills, anti diabetes pills anti malaria pills, even anti acne pills have anti cancer properties. Maybe one with cancer should take ALL what she can bear from above pills and the result would be surprising, a real anti cancer cocktail. There would be more synergy than negative interference. I mean it. And if you think of the brian cancer cocktails, for instance the one of Brian Williams – that pretty much relies on boring pills like anti acne pills. probably its beacuse cancer is the disease of the diseases – it uses any method it can grasp – and it can mimick some other conditions hence…. and pills curing those other conditions can be therefore effective.

  5. Dear Emad,

    As promised, here is my addition:

    This is speculation for now. But, based on simple logic I would expect that Proton pump inhibitors will help the chemotherapies that are weak bases (most of the chemos are this type) and will NOT help the chemos that are weak acids. Let’s try to verify this hypothesis with checking the literature:

    It has been shown that proton pump inhibitors can increase the effectiveness of erlotinib: Indeed erlotinib is a weak base:

    It has been shown that proton pump inhibitors can increase the effectiveness of Mtor inhibitors such as rapamycin: Indeed rapamycin like all Macrolides, is weak base:

    And there are many examples of chemos that are helped by Proton Pump Inhibitors. These are just a few.

    However, some chemos are weak bases and others are weak acids. Here is a good reference to get a feeling on that

    Now, you use Carboplatin and Gemcitabine

    But Cisplatin/ Carboplatin seems to be a weak acid: “Cisplatin, being a weak acid, exhibits significantly greater uptake from acidic milieu, resulting in increased intracellular accumulation and heightened cellular toxicity.”
    Carboplatin also seems to be activated in acidic environment

    Gemcitabine on the other hand is a weak basis

    Based on the above it may be that the drug is most active for your mom is Carboplatin, and the use of proton pump inhibitor prior to Carboplatin may lower its activation due to lower acidity around the tumor? Note that this is just a hypothesis but this would be the only thing that would make sense to me other than just that the tumor would not respond anymore.

    However, against my theory from above there is literature suggesting that Proton pumps prior to Cisplatin can help: Yet, maybe in this trial it worked because chemotherapy was preceded by three days esomeprazole and the first day they gave Taxol and only in day 4 they used Cisplatin.

    Here is a paper that supports my hypothesis: Tumor acidity, ion trapping and chemotherapeutics I. Acid pH affects the distribution of chemotherapeutic agents in vitro and is highly cited so it is a paper of reference in the field.

    To conclude, based on literature and your clear summary, I would do the following: pretreat with Omeprazole during a few days and stop, use Gemcitabine which is a weak basis in day one. Use Carboplatin in day 4.

    If your doctor doesn’t agree with this, I would stop the use of Omeprazole as long as Carboplatin is used. In addition, according to your summary I would continue with Salinomycin.

    I hope this helps you and others.

    Kind regards,

        1. Hi Ergin,

          You may also want to read this: “Low extracellular pH augments cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of weak acids such as cisplatin (36) and alkylating agents (37), while high extracellular pH …” Ref.
          Another good reference on this subject

          According to this aspect (acid vs base) Gemcitabine is weak base and Oxaliplatin seems to be weak acids. Based on this, if it would be me, I would use the two at a few days difference and pretreat with Lanzoprazole prior to Gemcitabine. After that stop with Lanzoprazole, and after a few/several days use Oxaliplatin. If this is not an option, than it make sense not to use proton pump inhibitors.

          The point following this new aspect we learned, is that we need to verify what is the chemotheraphy we use, if it is acid or base and depending on this use or not proton pump inhibitors prior to chemo. Also, it means that we should not use NaBicarbonate prior to acidic chemos.

          Out of all this, it becomes clear that we know a lot but we also still have things to learn. Let’s hope that this new aspect will help us to improve the effectiveness of chemos in the future.

          Kind regards,

    1. Thank you so much Daniel for this great details about PH roles in cancer and chemotherapy

      its probably the reason for what just happened , as i didn’t give my mother more than 60mg lansoprazole and some times i don’t give her at all , except the last time i gave her 180mg for the first 3 days of Carboplatin Gemzar combination

      but also this made me worried about quickly adding things with chemo without proper knowledge

      also still not using DCA in the first 4 days of chemo because of Dr Akbar Khan talked about possible interference , i mentioned this to you in the past , even when we don’t find the reason but doing something wrong with chemo will not lead to good results

      but also we need to take some risks at the end

      your opinions are always helping , thank you very very much

  6. I would try metronomic chemotherapy plus lansoprazole or omeprazole, metronomic vinorelbine seems well tolerated, maybe add celecoxib.
    But for the liver mets this may be not enough, the standard palliative choice for liver mets is radiofrequency ablation.

    1. Hi Ovidiu,After learning this tech.from Daniel again,i am searching for cyroablation.
      It looks better than RFA.
      Does anybody has experience about it?
      Because there is no bleeding after cold ablation in -40 centigrate,tumor seeding will be very low.
      I like it very much but you can not use it on everywhere,like bowel.Necrosis is dangerous on some organs.

    2. Hi Ovidiu

      I’m always reading your comments , I’m learning things from you each time , your opinions will indeed help 🙂

      i wish that we did metronomic chemo from the first days , before cancer become more aggressive

      regarding celecoxib , (as a medical student) they used to teach us that celecoxib may damage the heart ?!

      but some doctors don’t believe on this , what do you think about it ?

      1. @Emad: you don’t have to use a high dose of celecoxib, and only use if the metronomic chemotherapy induces Nfkb (like etoposide and cyclophosphamide do, I don’t know about vinorelbine).

        Other observations: the blood transfusions can contribute to chemo-resistance, that’s from my personal experience, after such a transfusion what previously worked (although barely) stopped working (CEA rose as without treatment). I believe that the blood may come from people who do this blood-giving for a living and their blood contains extra growth factors, which can increase angiogenesis and chemo-resistance.
        Gemcitabine is responsible for the low erythrocytes and platelets, and the oncologist may prescribe erythropoietin, and this would be a big mistake. It makes cancer cells more metastatic and chemo-resistant.
        Erythropoietin activates cell survival pathways in breast cancer stem-like cells to protect them from chemotherapy.
        Erythropoietin and drug resistance in breast and ovarian cancers
        Erythropoietin promotes breast tumorigenesis through tumor-initiating cell self-renewal.
        In my father’s case, after Erythropoietin the Gemcitabine + Curcumin + Metformin + Disulfiram that kind of worked stopped working. The oncologist believed it was only resistance to Gemcitabine, but it was worse.

        1. oh my !

          That’s horrible , its too scary I feel like I’m loosing it >_<

          it really looks like blood transfusion is doing something wrong here as things started to change after the first transfusion !

          or maybe its for another reason we don't know about

          we still didn't use Erythropoietin , I hope not to use it , but receiving blood is something we can't runaway from

          chemo will continue lowering the blood counts and we will need more blood each time , without blood we can't continue on chemo and we still far away from having another alternative

          its like a closed circle

          this is terrible

          but really Ovidiu how do you think is the best way to protect from making cancer more aggressive after receiving blood ?

          i hope dear Daniel give us his opinion on this

          1. I didn’t say that the cancer would become more aggressive after a blood transfusion, but after Erythropoietin. Growth factors in the blood would probably return to normal levels after a while, but IMO it’s likely that chemo won’t work soon after a transfusion.

            There is another thing, if your mother took antibiotics to treat some infection (due to poor blood formula), this can also decrease the efficacy of chemo.
            Well-balanced commensal microbiota contributes to anti-cancer response in a lung cancer mouse model.

            And if you are still going to use Carboplatin + Gemcitabine, maybe you can add Noscapine (I couldn’t get it for my father).
            Apoptotic effect of noscapine in breast cancer cell lines.
            Enhanced anticancer activity of gemcitabine in combination with noscapine via antiangiogenic and apoptotic pathway against non-small cell lung cancer.

            1. Dear Ovidiu , sorry I forget something that maybe looks important but I’m not sure if it was the cause

              actually we did the blood transfusion after 48 hours from Carboplatin + Gemzar infusion

              we used to do blood transfusion at the end of the cycle but last time we did it after just 2 days

            2. I have to put Noscapine in my mind , things look more clear after your comments here Ovidiu

              thanks a lot

            3. Hi Ovidiu,

              do they add erythropoietin or that stimulating agents to patients who need/get blood transfusions? One has to be careful about it because it may increase thromboembolism: Reference

              Venous Thromboembolism and Mortality Associated With Recombinant Erythropoietin and Darbepoetin Administration for the
              Treatment of Cancer-Associated Anemia

              Conclusions: Erythropoiesis-stimulating agent administration to patients with cancer is associated with increased risks of VTE and mortality. Our findings, in conjunction with basic science studies on erythropoietin and erythropoietin receptors in solid
              cancers, raise concern about the safety of ESA administration to patients with cancer.
              JAMA. 2008;299(8):914-924

    1. I’m considering phlorizin and Sal , they seemed to be the best things to add with chemo

      but really Ergin I didn’t know that I could find derivatives of phlorizin , you think they can work just like phlorizin ?

      hope yes , I love to use it soon 🙂

  7. hey Emad
    from above its clear that you helped your mom a LOT, maybe she would not be here without your actions.

    chloroquine is cheap and would help in my view;

    maybe avemar, wheat extract could help,:

    pls check ogfr status in your mothers cancer, maybe ldn could help, in that regard pls search back daniels warning, :

    how about 3-bp if things go really south?

      1. Hi wondering , thanks for your opinions and concern 🙂

        yes i think I’m gonna add chloroquine and the other off label medications that may help

        regarding Griseofulvin , which one you think is the best : Griseofulvin or mebendazol ?

        i tried mebendazol 600mg daily for about 1 month , and didn’t notice any help , also not sure about the quality

        and about 3-BP , i really love and wish i can use it , but the big problem with it is that it could not stay in a good condition in a room temperature for few days

        and there is no company that can offer fast shipping here to Libya , i don’t know how can i reach it

        1. Re griseofulvin and mebandazole, im afraid there is no way to Tell, but they dont work exactly the same way. Im trying to get these both currently.

          Re logistics and temp.. i have the same problem but i think i Will try if things dont get solved without it.

          1. I gave my mother mebendazol before up to 600mg daily , at that time we run out of DCA and the tumor marker climbed from 450 to 714 , it was a huge jump and I felt like mebendazol didn’t help in anyway , maybe I’m wrong

            but I will see if I find a good source for griseofulvin here in our country

            sad to hear that you are facing the same problems regarding 3-BP , I hope we both can get it one way or another

          1. it looks strange as other western chemical suppliers used to write that 3-BP cannot stay few days in a room temperature

            I will look around again , my wish is to get 3-BP with Salinomycin , I feel that they are the only combination that can make treatment possible without chemo

  8. Hi Emad,

    ketogenic diet is a good option to stop the cancer from growing. I am very convinced of its effect and believe it is a good boost for all the other treatments. There are lot of papers out there on this topic.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Veronika,

      Thank you. Ketogenic diet is very relevant. It is on my list of treatment approaches to address on this website. The only drawback with it is that it has to be restricted ketogenic diet, and that makes it a bit difficult for some patients.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,
        restricted one must be more effective but below study indicates that the normal version is also effective:
        (for others: restricted keto allows only 12g carbonhydrate per day, and 1g protein per body kg, the rest needs to be fat. overall calories are also limited).
        probably normal kemo with some intermittent fastings should also help
        But Yes, Seyfried promotes restricted keto and he has reasons for it.

    2. Hi Veronika

      you seem to know well about ketogenic diet , do you know about people who are doing both chemo and ketogenic diet ?

      some how I feel like its hard for patients to stick with ketogenic diet while they are on chemo , I’m not sure but maybe you have some thoughts

  9. Hi Emad (sorry, I addressed you with the wrong name above),

    Is your mother taking any ”re-purposed” drugs on top her current treatment? It might not be as potent as the substances you are using, but thanks to the low toxicity and significant efficiency it could probably add a lot of value? As suggested above, Metformin is probably well advised. You could consider combining it with Statins and cycle Doxycycline/Mebendazole. This is the protocol the Care Oncology Clinic prescribes.

    Perhaps also consider bisphosphonates to address the bone mets

    Dipyridamole is also a promising agent:

    “Fasting mimicking diet” to potentiate the chemo and protect the immune system, and periodically afterwards to boost the immune system. Google “Valter Longo”.

    What you are doing to help your mother is really quite amazing!

    Kind regards,

    1. Yes I will use metformin

      also my mother stopped bisphosphonates months ago due to the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw , but she will return to it soon, the dentist made it clear that my mother can return using it without a problem

      thanks a lot for you contribution Carl , you and other friends help here is amazing too 🙂

      wish you the best

  10. Hi Emad,Please read it up to end.
    It does not have a killer effect but it changes resistant cells to a sensitive level totally after 72 hours.
    ”Low molecular weight heparin tinzaparin antagonizes cisplatin resistance of ovarian cancer cells”
    It helps on 100’s of genes related to cancer.So the other cancer types should benefit from it.
    My thoughts are very positive for tinzaparin.I wrote it 2 times on heparin post but no one is interested including me:)
    But with Daniel and alltogether with friends,we can work and search for it.
    I think tinzaparin deserves respect.
    Kind Regards

    1. yes it really worth trying , i hope i can find it in the pharmacies here

      i have to say you are doing a great job searching a lot these days bro 🙂

  11. Hi!

    Of course, Ketogenic diet is “must try”!
    I followed Patricia`s Daly advices! (check google and facebook).
    I had times when I followed it quiet strictly (measuring ketone blood levels, glucose), scaling products etc., but some times only low carb. But I had in my opinion serious side effect – blood cholesterol levels went UP (my total cholesterol was 9,…mmol/L) and I have some progression in my bones in theese 2 years. Among other things, Now I am on statins.
    Be sure what numbers You want to see in blood samples.
    off label must be more effective in my mind!

    kind regards,

    1. you remind me of some cancer survivors who beat cancer by going total natural but not with ketogenic diet

      like Chris Wark , he actually against ketogenic diet and he claimed that balanced diet is much more better

      hope you are doing good , I hope you beat up cancer soon , my best wishes to you

      1. Chris Wark is an opportunist.
        He makes claims to potentially millions of people who are reading, watching, listening and doing.
        People go blind into what he says and promotes without shame certain brands, products.
        He specifically promotes the use of certain brand named devices, supliments etc etc etc.
        Little to no science.
        Aggressive commercially oriented cult followed unable to touch kinda thing going on there….
        While i appreciate his latest series, oriented towards the natural…. i can not help but notice the commercial intentions behind his efforts. He’s doesn’t seem to be doing it to help people but rather to get people to help him. “please buy this”.
        “this will cure you 100%”
        “Disclaimer, nothing here will actually cure you”
        More or less a joke of an idea and character he is. A survivor with good intentions once maybe, but corrupted now Says me!!!
        If he got well from cancer i feel it’s just somewhat random… i doubt everyone would get the same result doing the same exact things or even better.
        TY Bollinger is more mature about things in my opinion, especially in his latest videos.


  12. I guess the most important thing is to maintain low blood glucose (3mmol). It is what Dr. Seyfried recommends.
    This is also achivable with normal ketogenic diet. Actually I am in touch with few breat cancer women who are on a normal ketogenic diet and either they are cancer free or the metastasis are stable.

    @ieva cholesterol is not a bad thing. See here:

    kind regards,

    1. HI, Veronika!

      Yes, Seyfried`s recommendation is blood glucose 3 mmol and ketone levels in blood 3 or more (starvation ketosis). That would be ideal proportion. All is about glucose ketone index:

      I don`t understand what You mean by “normal ketogenic diet”?

      I am not interested in herat desease and high cholesterol, my point is to minimize everything, who can drive cancer.
      And that is not only glucose, especially, in advanced cancers.

      kind regards,

    2. When I spoke with Dr. Seyfried, he didn’t outline what blood glucose values you should be getting. This was his quote:

      “You can gage the efficacy of metabolic therapy by measuring your daily Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) while under a medically supervised ketogenic diet. You simply divide your blood glucose value in mmol by your blood ketone value in mmol. However, most blood glucose meters provide glucose values in mg/dl. You simply divide this number by 18 to get the glucose value in mmol. It is our view that therapeutic efficacy will be potentially best with GKI values as close to 1.0 as possible. It is also best to measure the GKI 2-3 hours after eating.”

      So even if you’re above 3mmol/L, as long as your ketone levels stay in the range of your BG values, it seems like it’s okay?

    3. I wonder how much it may take to see effect from ketogenic diet ?

      and is it easy to stay in the proper ketone levels or its sometime going out of control ?

      1. It takes few days for body to start to make ketones, it like transitional period, maybe with keto flue like symptoms. Dr.Seyfried sugest just 3 day fasting and then You are switched :). I did not fast for 3 days. I followed carb restrictin to 20g/day, protein ~60-100g/day, fat ~100-120g/day. My ketones were ~1-2mmol, but I mentioned good ketones number growth when I combined it to intermittent fasting – my ketone numbers went to 3.5 or even higher and i felt very good and clear minded. I liked it.
        At the first time body will tend to go back to glucose burning, but with time, it will switch to prefer ketones. But it can take a lot of time. MCT oil can help (I have not used it). I take pure coconut oil (there is some connection with medium chain triglycerides in this oil and how our body to use it). MCT oil is pure medium chain triglycerides and thus maybe better not to get high cholesterol levels.
        Everything that stress You can put You off keto state – even coffee, running, (I am not sure about hypothermia :), but think that also will stop keto state).

        In my mind for us is better to focus on intermittent fasting with just low carb diet (just make fasting windows for 12-18 ours or what Your body prefers). It should minimizes Your glucose levels, minimizes insulin spikes (and IGF-1) and as Carl mentioned – there are other huge benefits with intermittent fasting. And do not eat anything with hidden sugars.

        have a good day,

  13. Dear Emad,

    I am not sure if Daniel already mentioned this but DMSO is something that is also worth to look into: Allegedly it is a fantastic solvent, it will penetrate the skin and whatever you add to it, will be delivered to the tumors with the help of DMSO. I have never tried it but I come across it every now and then on alternative cancer treatment websites. It will work with both acidic and basic components. In fact the concept “pH” does not apply to it. It will work well with colloidal silver.

    Some places cesium chloride is also recommended with it but I heard it is a dangerously alkalic molecule and it can cause harm. However, DMSO itself is pretty harmless and a very useful chemical.

    ‘…it was shown that DMSO targeted cancer cells. Is it any wonder that the referee of the article stated:

    “In spite of my criticisms, there are some parts of this study which do interest me very much. The fact that the Haematoxylon [a color die, which allowed the researchers to see which cells absorbed the DMSO and haematoxylon] and D.M.S.O. solution had a particular affinity for neoplasms [i.e. cancerous cells], and did not stain other tissues in animals could be most significant.”

    Read More

    There is another website with several cases of bone cancer or metastasis treated with apricot seeds. I am not sure how much truth is in the stories but there are email addresses provided for the patients so you can contact them directly and ask them. Here:

    Apricot seeds/B17/Laetrile was considered by a serious cancer center before they started to ridicule it so there must be some healing power in it, I am pretty sure. The fact that any distributors/promoters are so heavily ostracized in the US indicates it too.

    Kind regards,

  14. Yes, that “serious cancer center” again turns out to be Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, told by Mercola:

    SK buried its related research but there are some more recent articles authored in Germany and other countries.

    Here are just a few of the more recent studies that substantiate Dr. Sugiura’s work:

    August 2014: In a new German study, amygdalin dose-dependently reduced growth and proliferation of bladder cancer12
    May 2013: Amygdalin inhibits renal fibrosis in chronic kidney disease; researchers conclude it is a “potent antifibrotic agent that may have therapeutic potential for patients with fibrotic kidney diseases”13
    February 2013: Amygdalin induces apoptosis in human cervical cancer cells; authors conclude it may offer a new therapeutic option for cervical cancer patients14
    August 2006: Amygdalin also induces apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells15
    February 2003: Amygdalin from Prunus persica seeds (peach pits) shows anti-tumor effects comparable to epigallocatechin gallate in green tea16

    1. Dear Helga,
      With all respect i write to you.
      Don’t trust everything written on cancertutor
      Also, apricots as seeds would have to be ingested something like 2kg / day for any terapeutic effect. *let’s be real here*
      The extract, iv etc. is extremely expensive, at least here where i live, and as i understand it…. even that is weak for cancer and not something someone would be able to sustain as treatment for very long due to financial reasons.
      It sounds to me that Diclofenac would be a more powefull against cancer

      Best wishes,

      1. I agree.

        Probably there is some truth in b17 properties but I have the feeling its being “oversold”, there are peole who keep advertising it, there are shiny webpages around it, price is high ( you can buy lots of stuff with more proof behind that cost 1% of laetrile’s price).

        I even hate the fact that advertising people call it a vitamin – while its not.

        eating apricot seeds was a great fun though when we were children. Some adults kept telling us not to eat more 10 per day, we never counted.

        1. i love apricot seeds, as a kid and now.
          I ate a lot of them, they didn’t even give me indigestion so for me in my personal opinion they are not poisonous at all.
          Tooth paste is more toxic than apricot seeds, so it seems to me.
          As far as them being anti-cancer, i seriously doubt it.
          It’s being promoted all around the internet that eating a few apricot seeds a day will make your terminal cancer go away rofl.
          Oh and don’t eat too many because your cancer could go away too fast lol.
          That hidden truth that nobody wants to expose, the forbidden cure FDA keeps away from those in suffering.
          Obviously a big stream of advertisement, a movement aimed at the desperate.
          The pure substance iv however “may” have “some” effect if any, Good or bad or neutral.
          i rather not spend thousands upon thousands of $ on something that may do absolutely nothing.

      2. Dear Alex,

        Naturally, I approach everything with a critical mind, that is why I cited a reviewer’s comment on a scientific manuscript submitted to a scientific journal. However, could you expand on your view as to why you think cancertutor is not to be trusted in particular? Do you have any bad experience with it or with DMSO?

        Re: apricot seeds, it in itself should not be expensive or difficult to find. Perhaps laetrile is oversold/hyped indeed. What makes you think that we would need to consume 2kg to make a difference? It would be nice in general if people didn’t make statements like this without at least some supporting evidence. That is what makes Daniel’s site unique, there is always an effort to support therapeutic suggestions with explanation/scientific or anecdotal evidence/or at least a plausible hypothesis.

        I know I myself find things sometimes that might not stand scrutiny in the long run but I always try to find and cite the source of the statements at least.

        ps. in case there was any evidence given in the youtube video, I have no time to watch them as I can read much faster than listen to people on youtube.

  15. There is another interesting substance, called ursolic acid:

    There are several recent scientific articles proving its anticancer effect, e.g.:
    “Ursolic acid exerts anti-cancer activity by suppressing vaccinia-related kinase 1-mediated damage repair in lung cancer cells

    Many mitotic kinases have been targeted for the development of anti-cancer drugs, and inhibitors of these kinases have been expected to perform well for cancer therapy. Efforts focused on selecting good targets and finding specific drugs to target are especially needed, largely due to the increased frequency of anti-cancer drugs used in the treatment of lung cancer. Vaccinia-related kinase 1 (VRK1) is a master regulator in lung adenocarcinoma and is considered a key molecule in the adaptive pathway, which mainly controls cell survival. We found that ursolic acid (UA) inhibits the catalytic activity of VRK1 via direct binding to the catalytic domain of VRK1. UA weakens surveillance mechanisms by blocking 53BP1 foci formation induced by VRK1 in lung cancer cells, and possesses synergistic anti-cancer effects with DNA damaging drugs. Taken together, UA can be a good anti-cancer agent for targeted therapy or combination therapy with DNA damaging drugs for lung cancer patients.”

    The good news is that ursolic acid is easy to find in plants, e.g. in the skin of apple, rosemary, basil, etc:

    You can also buy it as a supplement:

    1. Thanks a lot for your comments and help Helga

      I will take a good look on Ursolic acid , I wasn’t aware of it until now

      but regarding apricot seeds , I wonder if its better to take about 30 seed daily or to get laetrile as IV ?

      1. Hi Emad,

        I am rooting for your success at treating your mom. I didn’t know that you are in Libya and a medical student. Very interesting. We in Europe hear only sporadically about your country and usually only bad things. How is life there these days, I wonder?

        Re: ursolic acid, allegedly this is even better:
        For its source I recognize only rosemary in the list and there is this flower:

        Allegedly it is toxic when ingested in high amount. This brings me to my theory: quite often cancer is treated successfully with weak poisons. Like apricot seeds for example. While it is toxic for normal people, it might be less toxic for cancer patients whose cancer produces the enzyme that breaks it down in high amount. On the other hand, the opposite can be also true, namely healthy people’s detoxification system works better than that of cancer patients.

        Ah, sage too: It has tujone in it, which might be also toxic in high amounts, however it has a good anticancer profile as well.


        1. Hi Helga

          thank you for your concern

          unfortunately things are getting worse each day here in Libya , controlled by a bunch of criminals who have the power and the ability to make things better , but they only do every thing to make things worse

          God give me strength


          regarding Allegedly and ursolic acid , they are interesting and new to me , lot of things to about them , I will put them in my mind

          thank you so much

          Emad ^__^

          1. hey emad, offtopic, yes, sad for you guys, hope it will be better in your lifetime. our government in hungary is also a bunch of criminals (worst in eu)but of course different level. be strong.

      1. thank you dear Alex

        I saw the videos , interesting

        regarding laetrile I’m not sure if the oral version is worth trying like the IV version

        but the problem like you said that IV version is expensive

        regarding Oleander , this one Ergin used in the beginning , is it used as IV or oral ?

        and which are better ? and how about there prices ?

        I was aware about Oleander , but not that much

        but really I should take a very close look on it , it seems helpful to so many peoples

        1. Ergin may help more than me on that…..
          Personally i think it makes sense to first get your mother feeling better with adequate nutrition, detox, hydration. Too much treatment……
          Get her feeling better, relax a little…
          “Zoom out” as Daniel likes to say. More testing for other things, not just tumor markers. There are many treatments…
          But they won’t work if you go blind into them, you have to know more about your mother’s bio-chemistry, hormone activity, immune system etc etc etc.
          I personally believe that “modern medicine” is unaware of the full view. So a broader view is needed. Zoom out.
          See what caused the problem, fix what is wrong, help the body recover, do what can be done non-toxic, hope for the best.
          All these remedies will do nothing if the organs, glands, etc are not working in harmony, the mind, emotional situation is HIGHLY IMPORTANT!!!
          Sometimes a small gesture can help a lot.
          Chemo will work, but it wont do it completely, and the body can only take so much of it, same with the others.
          “The body is not deficient in chemotherapy you know”.
          So clearly we are missing something here aren’t we? I realized that after my mother’s surgery, i wish i did so earlyer.
          All this may sound like mambo coco jambo, i know… Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
          I’m curios to know what you think.
          I wish we were all together in the same room, we would then help each other so much.
          Many thanks,

          1. yes sometimes we need to be relaxed and regroup our thoughts so we can act better and take better decisions

            you said it all man thanks a lot

            I remembered something btw , I was about to use DCA with HCA + CA , but lost the road again after I read about possible interference between CA and DCA

            maybe I will take the risk and combine them all , but looks crazy decision , not well studied and against your opinion huh 😀

            1. I dont know everything. so maybe what you feel or think is better.
              Instincts were telling me, based on the science explained to me by Daniel, that DCA+CA, are not a good idea.
              But out of respect and being aware of how little i know about all of this, that i could be wrong, i decided to shut up, a small mistake….
              Sometimes it’s best to look stupid, ask stupid questions, you never know….
              1000 stupid questions 1 Genius question – Nobel Prize, etc etc etc. lol

        2. Instead of B17, Layetrile, Amigdalin, Apricot Seeds, i would go with a good old diclofenac, aspirin, paracetamol etc.
          They are 10XXXX times better, that’s how i feel. Waste of time, money, hope, energy etc.
          Maybe the IV version would do something….. something…. idk, not interested in throwing money at it. Did enough of that on other useless things already. Such as Graviola, Paw Paw
          They are all marketed as wonder miracle cures. “Don’t take too much, you may get rid of your cancer too fast, watch out!”
          Sometimes i hate this planet, no wonder the aliens aren’t coming to visit, we are not worth it. Primitives still valuing $ more than life. Pathetic.
          Anyway, Daniel want’s us to make our own choices, probably because he feels he doesn’t have all the answers. Maybe…
          I know deep down inside he thought about all this very very very good. But he’s trying to hint towards the best possible answers to our problems. So to Daniel’s time consuming pleasure, we should do our best to keep asking questions, one or more of them may be the right ones, that may lead to our personal right path.
          To stop asking questions is to stop looking for answers
          While the answer may not come, the question was addressed and a connection may be made later on.


          1. I totally agree with you

            and regarding diclofenac , I’m just worried about the long term side effects , what do you think ?

            its a good choice when also using DCA , I may consider it but not sure how long we can stay on it

            I really hope we can meet each other one day , I really hope that

            this blog is like our home 🙂

            1. What i can say is that my mother was taking diclofenac before diagnosis, relative high doses, 200mg/day i think, for about 6+ months
              She had existing heart problems, so if that’s not an issue maybe one could go higher.
              It’s also the thing that i believe has made the tumor stay in only one place while growing. the doctors were surprised that she didn’t have massive mets, They did see something but were uncertain…..
              Cancer cure? i think not….. Something that will help?! for sure!!! Risks? Always….
              May wanna check out simvastatin while you zoom out a bit from all the chemo rush.

            2. Thank you so much dear Alex

              I started to give my mother metformin , around 1.5 to 2 g / day

              maybe next time will add diclofenac and chloroquine

              the only long term side effects I’m worried about when using diclofenac is being hard on the stomach

              but I feel it can help when always I’m reading about it

              hope to always hear good news from you 🙂

            3. Start slow with metformin, you don’t want her feeling bad, migrenes. IF you get that, give her something sweet
              If you are worried about stomach problems, i believe disolving it prior to swallowing with food, may help.
              We alternate Diclofenac day, Aspirin day. Diclofenac Day, Aspirin Day but always with metformin
              Omeprazole also helps protect the digestive system
              I am sure we all have a lot to learn from each other.

              Mother is feeling good, we developed a rating system for pain, 0-10, she is at 1.5 she is not taking heavy pain killers on opium or morfeene etc. We check pain to see if things are getting bad or good, real time markers?!
              I know aspirin and diclofenac are pain killers but they would do little for pain compared to heavy drugs.
              So i hope/believe the lack of pain would indicate slowing down, stagnation, remission of the cancer.

              There’s plenty of stuff out here, try to build your defense then see if chemo is needed. eh?
              You have to make a fortress, all known vulnerabilities checked.

            4. Hi emad, you can buy diclo combined with a stomach protector, i dont remember the name but u Will find it. Less risk then..

            5. Hi Emad,

              I am not sure if your mom takes omega 3 but acc. to Daniel’s article there was a signif improvement of late-stage breast cancer patients by taking it: He suggests that all patients take it. Oh, I remember you said she takes Budwig but maybe not in a high dose. Daniel says some people take 15 grams per day.

            6. we used to take Budwig with good doses suggested by cancer turor , but my mother didn’t tolerate its taste easily and sometimes started to vomit it

              but I hope omega 3 capsules can be as good as flaxseed oil

              I keep wondering why there is no such thing like budwig diet but in capsules !?

              it should be helpful for the entire body in everyway

            7. Thanks a lot brother Pouya , this one could really help

              its really a very good thing to be able to have something like budwig in capsules

              hope you are doing good , we will talk soon 🙂

            8. Hi Emad,

              We make Budwig with added ingredients. We use a mixer and add green leaves, like spinach, arugula, etc. I also add, for taste, and health, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (really, but here is the Simon & Garfunkel song, called Scarborough Fair: with these 4 plants :-))

              Or you could also add fruits if your mom can take/tolerate that.


      1. yes they should be removed , but carefully

        i read in cancer totur that if the mercury amalgams not removed correctly , then probably it will make things worse and a lot of mercury will fall or be swallowed

        also what he said that it may cost around 10,000 dollars to remove them in the right way as he explained

        here in our country you may get infection easily for just a normal dental work like cleaning your teath !!

      1. cancertutor is exagerating a lot….. a lot…..
        A dentist (especially if made aware) with a little incentive, will do the job right for you and your mother, no need for 10.000$.
        The less mercury the better. 🙂
        The less toxins the better 🙂
        To be honest after all the chemo, i kinda feel mercury amalgams are the smaller problem to address at this time.
        If you and your mother wish to stop chemo, you have to detox, and detox and detox and detox and detox….. ………. ………. …….
        First there is the intoxication in the body to address, then there is the intoxication sources in the house etc.
        Don’t believe everything out there. 🙂


        1. I agree , and with that our first goal in our treatment plan is to find a better way to stop cancer other than high doses of chemo

          its not easy at all , hope we can somehow do it

  16. ”In a clinical pilot study with nine breast cancer patients, diazoxide was used at a dose of 200–300 mg per day [4]. For inclusion, maximal tolerated fasting glucose level was 110 mg/dL, and 180 mg/dL after an oral glucose load with 75 g. The best response was seen in a 60‐year‐old woman, who had glucose levels of only 56–105–115 mg/dL in the oral glucose load test. After progression of her cutaneous metastases during tamoxifen treatment, she was supplemented with 200 mg diazoxide per day and her fasting glucose levels rose to 90 mg/dL. Partial remission with this combination ended after 7 months when liver metastases were detected sonographically. Two months later, both medicaments were withdrawn because of rapidly growing cutaneous metastases and pleural effusion. Another 2 months later, the patient exhibited a rebound response of 4 months duration with the disappearance of pleural effusions, partial remission of the cutaneous metastases, and stable size of the liver metastases. In two additional patients with prior disease progress, diazoxide treatment resulted in stable disease of 8 (combined with tamoxifen) and 4 (monotherapy) months [4].”

  17. Tumor marker results today

    it shows a slight increase on ca15-3 , from 608 to 611

    but also I believe that the markers actually decreased , because we delayed the chemo 5 days , and the markers were progressing incredibly fast , so I think they become more higher than 608 before chemo

    I can see we stopped the progression , so this is good news for me

    but that bad news is : DCA will rest in peace , after using it for about 1.5 year , it lost its effect

    also the neuropathy become worse , so once I receive 3-BP and Sal , I will stop it , maybe will give it a shot before the chemo day only

    we used to have a better results in the past , now we almost have a stable disease only

    I hope to find a good results soon with my next strategy

    and by the way , nice to be here again , as I nearly got a heart attack because of the panic before I get the results

    thanks my dear Pouya you have been supporting me today , I really appreciate your existence, thank you so much

    also thank you Ergin for your emails and concern and continues help , I wish to get my hands on a strong protocol next weeks , so we can have a solution for both your mother and my mother , really wish the best for you

    Daniel , thank you my man

    the war become much harder but as much it become hard , I believe that time we could find the solution

    I will do my best not just to help my mother , but also to lead people to a much stronger protocols that can bring hope back to them, and of course with the help from God then finally with your help

    1. Hi Emad,

      Great to hear about the news! Actually, like someone said on Cancer Compass, you should not undervalue achieving stable disease. That is something amazing you had during all this time with the help of DCA. I would not throw away DCA so fast if I would be you, as long as it shows results. I would add Sal and only consider 3BP if I would see progression. But off course, you know better what you should do as you know and see all the details related to your mom, that others can not see.
      Again Emad, congratulations, as stable disease is a great results which as I understood chemo alone could not deliver in your case!

      Kind regards,

      1. thank you so much Daniel

        I will not throw away DCA just because it didn’t help as before , actually it still help as I know without DCA the cancer will progress so fast

        but the neuropathy is becoming worse

        we had a bad days in the past week , my mother suffered a bad muscle strain and extreme pain , and her legs became weaker

        and just 2 days later she saw a strong tremor in her hands which make her panic , and still she is having tremor these days , and I believe I should give a rest to her nerves before things get worse

        anyway , thank you so much for your support

        I forget also to thank our dear friend Jcancom who also supporting me these days , wish the best for all of you

  18. Dear all

    2 weeks later , CA15-3 was 611

    since that time , we did blood transfusion in the same day of the result , then only DCA for 2 weeks

    today, in another lab test , CA15-3 show high elevation to 1443

    also liver enzyme test is so much concerning me

    AST = 95
    ALT = 59
    GGT = 163
    ALP = 129
    Bilirubin is normal
    all the other tests are normal

    tomorrow the CT Scan and PET Scan results will come , i will share the results soon

    1. Hi Emad,

      Is this a jump as a result of a treatment effectiveness, or there was no treatment performed between 611 results and now at 1443 result. Also what is the LDH variation in this time?

      Kind regards,

      1. we did not have LDH test unfortunatly

        between the 2 test results we only did DCA + Procaine every third day

        no chemo , also 3-BP + Sal didn’t arrive yet

        1. Dear Emad,
          I hope it is because of dying cells.
          I am really sorry to hear that but first we have to wait for CT results,early yo talk.
          may be ascid is the cause of big rise.%150 in 2 weeks!As i see % 300 in 1 month.The cause was ascid because of hypothyroidism not tumors.
          Liver also can cause ascid and rise in markers.
          We will be always near you.
          Kind Regards

          1. Hi Ergin,

            Can you please shortly update us on the experience of the doctor in turkey with the T4 depletion strategy? You mentioned on private that he saw some positive results? Thanks in advance.

            Kind regards,

            1. Hi Daniel,
              I ll write the details tonight about T4 strategy inorder to help people.
              But while Emad is dealing with a serious problem,i didnt want to write good news about my mother.
              Kind Regards

            2. I very much understand Ergin. I apologize for asking. Just report whenever you think is suitable. Kind regards, Daniel

            3. Dear Daniel,You are right,people has to know what i know,and the time is not to sit and cry.We have to be brave.If i know an effective treatment,i have to write it.This is the right time.May be also Emad will also look at it.
              Kind Regards

        2. Hi Emad,

          Yes, let’s hope that such a jump in such a short time (2 weeks I understand) could only be explained by tumor lysis or as Ergin explained. We wish you the best outcome possible from the scan results, Emad.

          Kind regards,

          1. Dear Daniel , dear Ergin

            I’m sorry as I so wanted to celebrate for the good news from Ergin and his great success with his latest strategy

            I just received the CT Scan results , not so good

            in French :-
            apparition par rapport au dernier scanner de multiples masses hepatiques interessant tout les segments du foie droit , la plus volumineuse au niveau du segment VII et VI mesurant 10 x 5cm responsables de contours bosseles du foie .
            ll s’y associe egalementdeux autres masses du segment VI de 3 et 1.9 cm

            trois masses des segment IV et VIII mesurant 2.2 et 2.7 cm

            masse de la partie inferiere du segment IV mesurant 2.4 cm

            after translation to English :-

            Appearance in relation to the last scanner of multiple hepatic masses affecting all the segments of the right liver, the most voluminous in the segment VII and VI measuring 10 x 5cm responsible for contours bosseles of the liver.
            It is also associated with other masses of segment VI of 3 and 1.9 cm

            Three masses of segments IV and VIII measuring 2.2 and 2.7 cm

            Mass of the inferior part of segment IV measuring 2.4 cm

            I don’t know what to say

            1. I am so sorry to hear that Emad. Is there any chance you could afford to go for Trans Arterial Chemo Embolization?

            2. I want to ask Meech about how much it cost her for each TACE session

              or if you know the cost please let me know , also if there is an average price between doctors , because with prof Vogl it looks more expensive than the others

            3. Hi Emad,

              Typical cost is 4000 euro/intervention and he suggests about 4 interventions for one organ. But others are doing more interventions. We also did a few, and I was very positively impressed by him.
              I’ve heard of rare cases where he made a discount going to 3000. You would probably have to explain in advance the very difficult financial situation. I only know his prices but maybe others visitors would know TACE prices from other doctors.

              Kind regards,

            4. Hi Emad,I will also ask here tomorrow.I have a room for you and mom at home brother.

            5. Thank you so much Ergin

              both you and Daniel are always helpful so much , me and my family we love you all


              the oncologist will see what she can offer tomorrow morning , i can’t relay on her help of course

              and because i think that the liver cannot wait more than that , maybe this month we will visit prof Vogl

              we have enough for the first session , also we will need more sessions after few months

              we have a chance to get some help from our government , if we succeed to have the proper help from them it will then be much easier to continue until we treat the liver properly

              so for now we need to move fast , i don’t want to be ruined by something like ascites , hope we can manage things quickly

              i will share more things in the coming days

              thank you all 🙂

            6. Hi Emad,

              Your msg is so kind even now when having to deal with these difficult news. We all very much appreciate you Emad and hope for the best of your mom. We pray things will get better again. You always succeeded to fin a way to get things under control. Now, you will do that again.

              In order for you to have the complete story I have regarding TACE, I must say that although personally we did not experienced serious complications and I haven heard in general about major complications, there is one specific case I heard of, where a lady has passed away about a week after a TACE intervention. That was not her first TACE and it is not clear if that was a result of the fact that they were using systemic chemo in parallel to the TACE intervention which could be too much, but her immune system has collapsed suddenly after about a week, although the days before things were getting better and better. With this example, although the unfortunate event may not be related to TACE, the point I want to make is that anything we do comes with risks and we have to be aware that those are there even if statistically the risks are reduced.

              Kind regards,

            7. Thank you so much Daniel , i will do my best to recontrol things around

              yes I know all the risks from doing TACE , and before that i have learned the risks from using Sal and now 3-BP

              everything comes with a serious risk , and for me , it worth all the risks now

              the biggest ever risk is to not take any risk , and death from a treatment is a lovely death compared to death because of cancer

              that’s my own opinion and i believe my family have the same opinion , its always our responsibility , and we have a goal and we must do the better thing in time

              best wishes

            8. When I went, we used quite an aggressive TACE regimen.

              I would receive one session of TACE to the liver on Monday, then receive a second session two days later. We did this every single time I did TACE.

              I don’t know if this is the usual treatment schedule, as I have heard that it was only one session per month, but for me we did two.

              My side effects were: low grade fever (from the quick tumour destruction most likely), and some GI issues (nausea, diarrhea).

              Once, I also had quite a large hematoma, which was caused probably by picking up a baby too soon after the incision into the femoral artery was made. The pain from this lasted about a week to a week and a half.

              All in all, my side effects weren’t serious, and they didn’t last longer than a couple of days. Most times, I received a TACE session on Monday, one on Wednesday, and was on a plane home on Thursday.

            9. thank you so much for your valuable comment

              I asked Prof Vogl and he mentioned 3 to 4 monthly courses , so does he mean that one TACE session maybe every 3 months ?

              or he means 3 to 4 TACE sessions ?

              for us probably we can’t do TACE more than once every 2 or 3 months , so I hope it could remain effective for this period of time

              how is your condition now btw ? do you have a problems related to the bones or still the liver only like my mother

              wish you the best Meech I hope one day soon you get cured from this disease 🙂

            10. Dear Emad,

              Just one addition to Meech’s valuable response: I expect what prof Voghl meant was one intervention per month during 3-4 months. That means a total of about 4 interventions to see if there is response or not. (Off course response could be from the first TACE or may not be even after 4 TACEs, depending on the tumor response to the specific used chemo.) This sounds like his typical suggestion, but patients can always decide to increase or decrease the frequency from monthly interventions as suggested.

              Kind regards,

    1. Thank you always J for your care and kind feeling

      we will do our best to re control things again

      today the oncologist did see our results , she was worried about the progression that happened

      she did contact some other specialist and then decided to change the chemo to another new combination

      we used to take Carboplatin + Gemzar , and the both are heavy on the bone marrow which always lowering the blood counts and then delay the chemo and require blood transfusion

      the new combination she suggested is (Cyclophosphamide 1g + 5-FU 1g + Methotrexate) every 3 weeks

      also like always , the bone lesions are still stable more than a year ago

      I don’t know why whenever we talk to a conventional doctor they told us that TACE is not required !!!

      is this because TACE is not an approved method for breast cancer or what ? I really don’t know how they think

      but anyway we decided to do TACE as quickly as possible , the liver masses must stay small like before , my biggest ever nightmare is liver cirrhosis or ascites , and I can’t rest peacefully until there is no more risk of such things

      I will continue to share things all the time

      wish the best for me and all of you brothers

      1. Dear Emad.
        I am filled with pain over many personal reasons and it kills me to hear things aren’t going well for you and your mother despite all the huge sustained efforts.
        I wish i could do more than just write a message.
        Perhaps there’s something to be done still.
        Local Hyperthermia, DCA+ the rest
        I always wonder why you didn’t go for oral administration of DCA, daily, why no vitamin B1, why …? The small things like diclofenac, aspirin, metformin, they all have their major contribution.
        From reading your story i gather DCA has been more effective than chemo all together. This may be wrong.
        Maybe this LDN, and T4 depletion, coupled with diet. GcMAF, nutritional elements meant to sustain health.
        I am sorry i am saying maybe, it’s all i got. I’m still very much interested in 3bp and Sal myself, for my mom.
        Thank you very much,
        Let me know,

        1. Hi Alex

          the capabilities here in Libya are so weak , no hyperthermia available , they even don’t know about such thing , I’m still doing DCA IVs , but its not helping like before

          what I know is that IV DCA is better than oral , I’m still giving my mother B vitamins , I know the potential of NSAIDs but I’m not sure if its okay to use them continuously , also my mother is taking metformin now for over a month , 2g daily

          LDN is not available I wanted to use it but I’m waiting for 3-BP + Sal to arrive , T4 depletion is a good strategy that I was thinking to use it for a while , but first I want to use the up coming strategy , also it needs time to work

          GcMAF is not a good option when chemo is still used , the immune system is weak , I have to wait until that day come when my mother could finally stay good without chemo

          but as I said before , the liver masses cannot wait , we have no fast option other than TACE , and the first session should be done this month , we have the ability to cover the first session , but for the others we may have some help from our government

          also from our poor government we have a chance to be treated in Poland , I don’t know if anyone have any information about good clinics there !?

          and btw , thank you so much for your concern and feeling dear Alex

          I wish your mother is feeling good , how is her now ?

          1. hi Emad

            good luck with anything you decide to go for… hyperthermia i am considering currently.

            how come this polish opportunity? is there an agreement between the governments?

            1. No agreements at all

              but one of the governments which has some power actually are still having the ability to give some cancer patients an opportunity to have a treatment in Poland , I don’t know why Poland exactly

              but still it needs some time to complete the regulations required for having this help, I hope the clinic they are sending us to it have more than just the nasty chemo

          2. Hi Emad,

            I couldn’t reply to your other comment there so I’ll reply here.

            When he says “three to four monthly sessions”, he likely means 3-4 in one month. I’m not 100% on how effective one session every three months would be; I think you should email him. He answers emails within a few minutes usually.

            About the procedure: it’s mostly painless but a bit uncomfortable. You may feel a bit of pain first with the local anesthetic needle, then with the initial puncture into the artery, which doesn’t last a long time (a few seconds), and then some discomfort internally as he passes the catheter through, but it’s nothing serious. Each procedure took about 10-15 minutes, but there are MRIs beforehand, then resting in bed for three hours afterwards, then a quick CT scan without contrast immediately after the three hours. Then you have a consult with Prof. Vogl to talk about the procedure, which lasts about two minutes as he doesn’t speak too much. All in all, you’re probably in the hospital for 5-6 hours, and are then free to go.

            My condition is good, from a subjective point of view. I don’t feel pain, I’m not tired from the cancer, I work out, go out, etc. It’s hard to tell that I even have it, apart from having to have a nephrostomy tube, and some palpable tumours. However, CT scans tell a different story. I have it in all six lobes of my lungs, multiple lesions in my liver, at least one bone tumour, and I can’t even count how many lymph nodes. Every CT scan I do, I have new spots of metastasis. However, for whatever reason, once the tumours do seed somewhere, they don’t seem to grow very fast.

            Thanks Emad; I hope the same for your mother 🙂

            1. damn cancer, Meech. I cheer for you.

              I have no visible met and currently normal markers but i feel worse than you (constant back pain, neuro problems). I will have a brain MRI soon after 4 negative spinal MRIs.

              i fear i have leptomeningeal carcinomatosis – the only thing worse than a brain tumor.

              what about using 3-bp in your case?

            2. See if the treatments you did can leave permanent damage to those systems. Use of platinum based chemotherapy can lead to neuropathy. Radiation to those areas can also lead to more long-term problems when scar tissue builds up in the area. Hopefully, as debilitating as it may be, your issues are iatrogenic and not pathological.

              I haven’t actually really considered 3BP and it’s mainly due to the knowledge needed in terms of preparation and administration, as well as not hearing enough positive case reports to warrant such a huge commitment.

              There is a local clinic here offering the treatment (or at least there was), but when I called to ask about it, they seemed much more concerned with their more “promising” therapy (which I believe was insulin potentiated chemo), than with what they seemed to consider a more minor therapy in 3BP. Which led me to believe that either they were concerned with a profit motive, or they genuinely weren’t seeing any sort of miraculous response with 3BP.

            3. I had lots of cisplatin (worked big time for my only visible tumor and did not have typical side effects other than hair loss) so oncologist blamed everything on it at first.

              After round 1 (september) i developed back pain and from November I started having mild but clear CNS symptoms (not peripherial neuropathy which is normal with Cisplatin). Some of these remained as they started out – some of these are stronger now.

              Lets hope im one in a million who reacts to cisplatin like this but im realistic (and hence pessimistic) – i think its cancer.

            4. Thank you Meech , your comment is so helpful , I will always wish the best

              I have a little question , did prof Vogl asked you to give him a CD (latest CT scan results) before starting on TACE ?

              if yes , then did you uploaded the data in the CD then give him the download link ?

              or you did transfer (ship) the physical CD to his location ?

              I know its confusing but I don’t understand why he can’t just download the data I gave him

            5. He did ask for the images and some reports. I shipped the CD to his physical location, these CT scan files tend to be too large to send via email.

            6. Oh my !

              I thought we can visit him after 10 days , but sending the CD it self can take a week or more

              like we are living in 199x , they cant just download the files or am I wrong ?

            7. Hi Emad,

              I do not think it is related to being able to access your online file as they are one of the largest hospital in Germany, but it is possible they have own info security rules.

              You can also suggest to go there and decide on the spot what to do, if you explain you would like to act fast. They will anyway perform a scan in the morning prior to the intervention (and another one after, in the afternoon, to check if everything is fine). The risk in this case could be that after investigation of the scans, prof Vogl will think he should not go forward with the intervention. However, I expect this risk is very limited given that I know they perform interventions even in the most complex cases.

              Kind regards,

            8. Thanks Daniel for making things clear , we found a friend in Germany who can help by downloading the soft copy and burning it on a CD to send it to prof Vogl quickly

              I asked prof Vogl to provide the address to send the CD right to it, but he is not responding today , maybe because its the weekend

              anyone still remember the address ?

            9. Hi Emad,

              You are welcome. The address of prof. Vogl is easy to find on the web. Here it is:

              Univ prof dr thomas j Vogl
              Dpt of Radiology
              University of frankfurt
              TheodorsternkAi 7
              60590 frankfurt

              Kind regards,

      1. Hi Emad,

        Phlorizin is very special.There is a term called phlorizination in science world.
        You use it once before chemo,perfect,i like it.But not oral and you know how hard to use,a very long iv infusions,control control.
        (But 12-24 hrs is enough)Probably using it with 3BP makes the treatment very strong.In phlorizin patent they use similar.
        Others are oral drugs and after chronic use of drugs,i think you reach your goal after days or weeks like all other treatments.At the end there is no glucose inside the tumor which expresses SGLT.It depends on us how we use it.What dosage?Which type?
        I think we have to talk on it and combinations with others.
        Emad,When i saw only 113 people is registered but nearly 1 million enterance ,first i highly demoralised.Than i began to look from another side of view.People here are really different than the other thousands.We are learning everyday by Daniles and registered friends helps.It is not clear that we are always doing right treatments,but at least we are trying something for us and people.We are not secreting knowledge.If we were 1000 people here,it would be the biggest clinical trial.
        Now we are talking on 10 people.It is impossible to talk about treatments worked or not worked.
        I have an idea to write mails about SGLT inhibitors to experts and write here.What do you think?

        Kind Regards

        1. Hey Ergin,

          I am looking forward to see the topic on Dapagliflozin that you promised you are going to start. You can start by sharing with us a consolidation of your research findings that convince you is the way to go. Or you need to investigate the subject more?

          Kind regards,

          1. Dear Daniel,
            I am very sorry that i wrote your name wrongly.

            I am working on it.And have to talk wtih endocrinologist on tuesday.
            When and why do they give it to diabetic patients,any side-effects?
            Can we use metformin+dapagliflozin together?Max Dosage?
            Is there any iv form?Can we use it with diuretics or beta-blockers?With T3?I hope i get the answers but not sure.
            Its effect on cancer is clear for me.But the others is more important for now.
            Because i am only afraiding of hypersensivity to chemo.After 2 big reactions.And still couldnt find the answer.
            I will write the post on thursday or friday after coming from chemo course if it is suitable for you also.
            Kind Regards

        2. I will consider it next after Sal + 3-BP or maybe I will add it to increase effectiveness

          but Dapagliflozin it self I think its not available here in Libya

          its worth a try

    1. Hi Sirsna,
      Daniel found that article before,this article really downs my motivation.In some of its sentences it says,glucose deprivation is not enough.
      Yes we know that and we want to use glucose inhibition for enhancement of treatments and slowing cancer and in some cases it kils cancer.What i learned from months is not to trust to all papers.There are some derivatives of SGLT inhibitors and i like them all.I found Only Dapagliflozin in pharmacies here,
      But Canagliflozin looks better.
      Daniel has already created a perfect post about phlorizin(SGLT1+SGLT2)but no one is interested.
      So i found a way to attract peoples attention about SGLT inhibitors.A photo that shows there is no glucose inside the tumor after dapagliflozin.Because reading is too hard for people.They already have lots of problems,they need a clear explanation to begin treatments.And there are a few articles about them.Thats why we always need Daniel’s help.
      His posts are really a summary of cancer treatment world.
      But you are the first people interested and searched for SGLT inhibitors.May i ask your illness if it is not private?
      Kind Regards

      1. Hi Ergin,
        i believe the disinterest arises from the circumstance that most people can’t IV themselves and dont have open minded doctors. in my country doctors strictly rely on protocols – i am surprised to see that turkey is more liberal in this aspect.

  19. Here is a nice article about canagiflozin:
    “The diabetes medication Canagliflozin reduces cancer cell proliferation by inhibiting mitochondrial complex-I supported respiration” Oops, I may be citing the same article that Sirsna already did, sorry. But it is interesting because it also further elaborates on the mitochondria – glycolysis conundrum, namely, that mitochondria are quite functional in cancer cells.

  20. New update

    today , my mother did her first TACE with prof Vogl in Germany

    both my parents are there , I’m still here in Libya

    the procedure didn’t take more than 10 minutes , there was a lot of patients there from all over the world

    my mother is feeling good , prof Vogl said that we made it to TACE in the best time , and glad we didn’t come late

    I wonder if the tumor did change since the last systemic chemo , i hope the systemic chemo did some positive effect

    also prof Vogl said that we can continue systemic chemo in time (May 31) , in his opinion its not very aggressive

    and he said that we should do the next TACE after 4 to 6 weeks , or 8 weeks maximum

    also 3 days ago we received Sal + 3-BP , I’m planning to use them after my mother return back probably on Friday

    that’s all we have until now , i will continue to share everything in time , wish the best for all of you 🙂

    1. Great to here everything went well. We were also there sometime in 2015 and in 2016 and its impressive to see how many interventions can prof Vogl handle in a day. Take care with using too much chemo Emad. As I mentioned, I know someone who used both TACE and some other chemo in parallel and there was a sudden failure of immune cell production which unfortunately was lethal. You should inform your doctor at home about TACE and if it makes sense to reduce the dose of the IV.
      Regarding the status now at the intervention, there are scans performed prior to the intervention that you should receive at home – letters and CDs with indications on the size of the tumor. All the best!

      1. Thank you so much Daniel you are always in help for our family

        yes we will tell our doctor here that we did TACE , we have the full report about TACE with all the chemos and doses that has been used , and the doctor may delay the next cycle or reduce the dose

        also yes my mother did perform a scan before the intervention , I will wait until Thursday to read about what did happen after the systemic chemo done previously

        but also not sure if one systemic chemo cycle can immediately change the tumor size , its not like TACE which is directly hit the tumor

        anyway , things are fine for now , wish a happy life for you

      1. thank you dear Alex , my best wishes also for you and your dear mother and family to always stay healthy and happy

        the total cost for 1 intervention including scans , tests , chemo drugs , all is about 3900 euro

        how things are going with you ?

        1. Thank you very much.
          wow at that cost. 🙁
          My mother is having pain…. however it goes away with diclofenac, no problem.
          The pain appears to be caused by treatment. Diclofenac did nothing in the past with regards to pain so this is new.
          Neuropathy just occurred today. This would confirm that oral treatment works with regards to absorption.
          Took almost a month for this to occur. Markers grew but it would seem they did so at about 50% slower.
          We’re getting a scan done soon and the much awaited story will also be available here soon after i guess.
          Best wishes there, good luck.
          Thank you!

          1. yes the cost is high , our only chance to continue TACE is to have a help from our government which is somehow possible but also hard

            as I said before , my mother did also felt pain after DCA for days , she felt pain in her bones , also she was taking DCA with chemo at that time , and the bone mets did shrink and become very small , and since that time the bone mets didn’t change and become stable for more than a year , and it still stable until now

            I hope to hear a very good news after the scan results , I’m sure that time will come when you feel happy

            kind regards

  21. These 2 images are from the latest scans done in Germany , I don’t know if its from MRI or CT Scan , the liver tumors are visible and clear , I can’t know if its bigger from the last scan done 2 weeks ago or its smaller

    but I have a good feeling that we can make things better soon

    the incoming days I will do my first 3-BP + Sal treatment , its time for having a new road

    I wish the best for all of you my friends just like I hope the best for my self 🙂

    1. they do MRI before , then CT Scan after

      I don’t know if the images are from MRI or CT Scan but it doesn’t really matter , the tumor will not change at all in few hours nor in days

      next TACE session they will do MRI and CT Scan again so at that time they will know what did happen with the tumors

      my mother felt nauseated for 2 days after the procedure , nothing else , she is fine now

      thank you for your concern Helga

      I wish for you a long happy healthy life 🙂

      1. Huge problems there saw the photos. Truly sorry, very bad.
        Still i hope in your plans you also incorporate organ support elements. Specially those organs that were affected or are affected by the treatments / tumors.
        Take care,

            1. I put a comment but an error happened so I have to type it again

              I don’t know if I’m making mistake and if I’m thinking in the right way , but I have some fear of using supplements that could protect the liver , fear that it may protect cancer as well

              maybe I’m taking it wrong , but also I feel the best way to protect the liver is to eliminate liver tumors fast

              we will do our best to make things better

              I hope your dear mother is fine these days , I will pray to hear a good news from you soon

            2. Thank you i hope for the same in your case.
              The neuropathy got worse, i am in doubt about Vitamin B1, i don’t know how to find out if that would help or worsen the situation in my mom’s case.
              I can confirm it works better with coffee, DCA i mean. (as in, there is more pain when coffee is drank)
              Pain is still there, lymph node is larger and larger…. don’t know exactly what to believe but i am trying to be optimistic.
              I guess we’ll find out soon.
              Take care, A great weekend to you and our friends

            3. can you please share the dose of DCA and B1 you give to your mother ?

              also the other signs like pain and lymph nodes getting larger may not be a sign of disease progression , there is a lot of things that may cause the same thing , so don’t just put in your mind that cancer is progressing

              you can’t just think only of the worst scenarios , you need to feel optimistic

              wish you always the best dear Alex

            4. 2000mg / day for DCA, but taking a break to lower neuropathy.
              No B1 because of uncertainty. (some expression i forgot the name of)…… kill or boost.
              We try our best to be optimistic.

            5. i don’t know the weight compared to the dose , but its some how near the high dose

              not using B1 will help cause neuropathy that’s what i know , I’m always giving it and with high doses , nearly 700mg/kg of B1 every day

            6. Dear Alex,
              I just read that inositol, a cancer-fighting molecule is also good at treating neuropathy! I hope you can look into this and find out more. My internet bytes are running out for now but will be back tomorrow. I hope the best for your mom!

              My mother may also suffer from cancer. She feels extremely weak after every meal. Today I prepared her a drink from citric acid and goji berries I ground with coffee grinder plus dried grapefruit pectin, which I also ground. She felt a lot better after drinking it! Goji berries are known to have a strong immune system supporting function and it is a very pleasant tasting drink, I recommend it to you and everyone. Plus, quite cheap and sold at health stores.


        1. my mother did get back 3 days ago , TACE is a small procedure that only took 10 minutes to finish

          everything is fine , they determine the effect until the next procedure which should be 4 weeks later

          at that time they will do MRI again so they can compare it with the previous one

          for now we will continue on systemic chemo like always , maybe in the next week , and until that i will do Sal + 3-BP

          aren’t there any new results about your mother ? hope to hear always good news

  22. Regarding blood counts (CBC) for my mother :

    after 1 week of doing systemic chemo (CMF) , we did CBC test

    WBC : 4.5
    HB : 10.3
    Plat : 145

    then she did her first TACE session (chemotherapy used is Mitomycin C and Cisplatin)

    after 2 weeks of TACE + few shots 3-BP + Sal , we did CBC test and it shows some decrease in counts

    WBC : 4.2
    HB : 9.7
    Plat : 52

    I’m somehow confused , what is most likely the cause of this ?

    is it the systemic chemo cause this even when the first week all the counts were in range ?
    or TACE may cause this ?
    or 3-BP + Sal may help cause this ?

    1. Dear Emad,
      I wish i knew the answer.But your work is wonderful,awsome.
      I wonder after 3-BP did you see any side effect?Did you look for blood glucose also?

      1. No I didn’t look for the blood glucose

        also I can’t notice any side effects , I’m giving her 160mg as IV , and doing my best to let it stable

        my protocol now is less aggressive

        day 1 : 3-BP
        day 2 : nothing
        day 3 : 3-BP
        day4 : nothing
        day5 : Salinomycin
        day6: nothing

        also when chemo is applied , I’m giving my mother some rest from 3-BP and Sal

        also I stopped giving her DCA completely , she hate it because of neuropathy in her legs , even when she know that chemo is the main cause of neuropathy but she refused to take DCA

        maybe next month she will do another TACE , if the results were good , then I will stay with my current protocol

        if the results is not that good , then I will be more aggressive in using 3-BP and Sal

        that’s my plan for now

        1. Thanks Emad for your answer.I will need your help on how to prepare phlorizin and 3BP.
          I only could talk with dr for 1 minutes this week.He said i will not take responsibility with preparing and using phlorizin.
          But he will use if we can formulate it.Do you know how to sterilize.The products comes from sigma etc are not steril i think.

          1. Hi Ergin

            I don’t have that much information on how to prepare phlorizin , I think its documented in the article in this blog

            also for 3-BP I’m only doing like Daniel mentioned in the 3-BP article , mix it with sterile water until no powder is visible at all , then pull all the 3-BP solution to the syringe

            now the syringe contains the 3-BP solution which is may not be sterile

            throw the needle if its used , mount the 0.2 um sterile filter on the syringe , then place a new needle on the other side of the filter , this way we can push the solution inside the NaCl bag , and the solution will go through the filter

            the syringe and needles are in every pharmacy , the 0.2 um filter can be easily found on , I think Daniel did share the same information with a link to on where to get the filter

            phlorizin should not be more complicated

  23. I have a news that is not good , and its not related to the treatment effectiveness

    looks like our chance to get a visa to Germany is very difficult this time

    even when we managed to have a financial help from the government , the visa is a big problem that may stop us from continue the other TACE sessions

    so frustrating this annoying world is crazy

      1. Sadly its not schengen visa , so it can be only for Romania

        I’m interested to go there but only to meet friends like you and Daniel not for treatment 🙂

        1. Hi Emad, I am a Romanian but I live in a Schengen state. I never did this before, and don’t know how it works but I may be able to invite you/your mom here? Let me know if this is relevant to you and if you have any idea what I would need to do for that. Kind regards, Daniel

          1. Thank you Daniel you always helping

            we will keep this as the final choice, if all the others fail

            but for now we have some choices that we can and must try first

            best wishes to you 🙂

  24. Hi Emad,

    couldn’t you get a supporting letter from your doctor in Germany to get a visa? What an upside-down world/country (Germany) where they took in a million migrants without any background checks but not you, a law-abiding, educated person with medical needs! Let us know if we can help to write supporting letters. After all, even the bureaucrats are human beings…


  25. We still didn’t do any systemic chemo after TACE done 3 weeks ago

    the platelets levels are still very low , also WBC dropped a little bit more !!

    when I read some articles about TACE , they talk about chemo is being stuck on liver region for about a month

    I don’t know if the chemo is still there and working which is causing a slight drop on blood counts but I can’t understand what is the reason

    the only thing I’m doing now for 2 weeks is giving 3-BP and Sal , my mother feels like they are the cause of this
    I can’t say no or yes

    I sent a message to prof Vogl , still waiting for response regarding this issue

    anyone have any idea about side effects like this happening after TACE or Sal or 3-BP ?

    1. Hi Emad, first off course for anyone things can be different and there is no statistics to say if you could relate any of the events you mentioned with drop of WBC or platelets. In our case, there was no drop in platelets or WBC that we could associate with the use of Sal or 3BP. I am not sure about TACE. I will have to check the blood results when I get home.
      Note that the drop can also be a side effect of the tumor itself. I would not expect the chemo is stuck for such a long time at the liver – the embolization substance should be dissolved relatively fast. When the drop in WBC started? At the time of TACE, before or after that? Were WBC and platelets at the right level prior to that, with no specific trend that could be observed?
      Kind regards, Daniel

      1. I know this may not look like an important thing to talk about , but in reality , this problem is what cause all our work to go out of control

        first of all , my mother used to have low blood counts always after every cycle of Gemzar + Carboplatin , the both are so hard on bone marrow , so the oncologist changed to CMF (cyclophosphamide + methotrexate + 5FU) , and she said it will not cause the blood counts to drop like Gemzar + Carboplatin

        usually the blood counts will improve after 1 – 2 weeks

        in May-9
        WBC : 4.0
        HB : 10.2
        Platelets : 140

        in May-10
        First cycle of CMF (systemic chemo)

        in May-17
        WBC : 4.5
        HB : 10.3
        Platelets : 140

        in May-22
        first TACE session (Cisplatin + Mitomycin C)

        in June-6
        WBC : 4.0
        HB : 9.7
        Platelets : 52

        in June-13
        WBC : 3.5
        HB : 10.1
        Platelets : 58

        I did contact prof Vogl about this last night and I received this message :

        Thanks dont worry it will improve
        The chemo is slowly deactivated by the cells in the liver

        Yours tv

        we can’t have any conclusion about what is the real cause , but we can only guess , and so we can know the quality of our strategy

        Kind regards

          1. WBC : 6.6
            HB : 11
            Platelets : 71

            its rising but still platelets is not enough , so the chemo will be delayed for another week

            because of that I’m now giving 3-BP + Sal more , 2 days on , one day off

            alternating between them

            I can even go more aggressive on using them but not for now

            we are doing our best to have the next TACE session after 3 weeks , until that I hope everything will be good

            thanks for your concern and help Daniel 🙂

            1. Emad, have you seen any tumor response to 3- bp?
              Are you checking the markers frequently?

              With 3-bp there should be a fast response. It is important to know whether it is helping or not.

            2. I know its important but we are not doing tumor marker test for now , maybe after 2 weeks we will do MRI

              but if there is a positive result we cannot know if its due to TACE or 3-BP or systemic chemo , we are doing a lot of things and its hard to know what is really working

              and also we are giving our self some mental rest from tumor marker test , its always my worst day in my life so its good to take some rest from it until the next MRI

              but generally my mother is feeling better with 3-BP and Sal , but I can’t decide anything based on feelings

              I will make sure to track the 3-BP effect as soon as we do the MRI , hope things get better

      1. Yes its very easy to manage WBC with this injection , we have it and its always doing the job

        but sadly there is no such injection for platelets which is our problem for now , it will take time to improve

        do you have any idea on the best way to manage this ?

    1. No I don’t know about this

      I read about it just now after your comment , it looks helpful

      I will give it to my mother and it may help

      Thanks a lot W 🙂

  26. An article about antibiotics,its effect is not only infection dependent :

    For example, in lung cancers, azithromycin significantly increased 1-year patient survival from 45% to 75%, an ~1.7-fold increase [26]. Interestingly, it was noted that even lymphoma patients that were “bacteria-free” benefited from only a 3-week course of doxycycline therapy, and showed complete remission of the disease [27]. These results suggest that the antibiotic’s therapeutic effects were actually infection-independent.

  27. a very small update

    after 1 month of TACE , the blood counts fall down but its improving now and its good

    also my mother is feeling stronger and able to do her normal activity just like any normal woman in her age (age 51)

    maybe because its been a while since her last systemic chemo

    but what is concerning me and make me feel uncomfortable that she is feeling nauseated these days

    she used to feel nauseated when she is on chemo , but these days she is not on chemo so why is that ?

    is it a bad sign of liver tumor becoming worse ?

    feeling nauseated is one of the symptoms of liver tumor becoming more advanced but there is a lot more symptoms like (feeling weak , pain , weight loss and more) and my mother only feels nauseated but nothing else

    its weird , I hope its not because of cancer , but what else it could be

    1. Hi Emad,
      Please search for some stomach problems like ulser or bleeding etc.
      Anemia causes also nausea.May be she needs hospitalisation.Sorry for giving a negative feeling but this makes you feel better.
      Kind Regards

  28. Emad, a suggestion: ferumoxytol. It is FDA approved for another indication so could go off label.
    A phase 3 trail noted below has already been done that included cancer patients, though no mention appears to be made
    about any anti-cancer effects. Another article below talks of how applying a magnet to the skin of mice increased the
    response with another magnetic cancer treatment. Best Wishes.

    1. This is interesting and worth trying as its very easy to apply

      I thought iron may feed cancer but these studies suggest it may lead to immune response against cancer

      I will add it when i make sure that our strategy now is not enough

      thank you always Jcancom

      also best wishes to you

    1. I wonder why there is not that much statistics on using them with animals , it shouldn’t be that hard to do such test

      they are promising and accessible but don’t have much attention

      hope to see more news about them soon

      of course its helpful suggestion like always 🙂

        1. Ergin, the ferumoxytol is a nanoparticle formulation of iron.
          It is confusing, though different forms of iron likely have different clinical effects.

        2. To me, giving Iron to a cancer patient is like giving glucose. That is risky as they may support the tumors as well. Given that we have so many other treatment options with potential and less risks, I would use Iron only if that will address a higher or shorter term risk compared to cancer. But not as an anti cancer treatment. In other words, I would use Iron if that is meant to improve e.g. hemoglobine in a patient who is at risk on short term due to very low hemo. Even if this may support tumors as well.

          With glucose is the same. There are ideas to use Glucose as a cancer treatment. If given in high dose on short term, that may be absorbed by the tumor and as a result lead to acidifying the tumor and hopefully tumor death. Although that sounds interesting from a scientific point of view, I would never apply that on a patient since we do not know if the acidity will be that high to kill the tumor, but we know for sure we will feed tumors.

            1. Hi W,

              I know this is an approach considered in Arte treatments (I think I mentioned that in my post too) but even in that case, I am not sure I would use it. In the end, if Arte reaches the tumor cells, there is enough Iron to interact with, as cancer cells stand out in terms of its storage. So, it may be good to combine Arte with Iron from a theoretical point of view but the risk is too high if Arte doesn’t get there, and this in turn doesn’t give me a good feeling about the use of Iron even when combined with Arte treatment. Anyway, this is just my feeling.

              Btw W, I remember you proposed to write a post on re purposed drugs. I apologize for not answering that yet. In general, I prefer to write a post on each drug and go deep enough so that we understand how it works and how it is applied in the best way. However, if you like to start such a post, I will be glad to review it and if it adds value I will publish that as a post. If on the other hand, you do not have time for that but you have some nice findings on various re purposed drugs, you can always create topics in the Forum with less content. Please let me know which approach you prefer.

              Kind regards,

            2. Hi D,
              Yeah i agree, i Will post in the forum and if you like it and wish you can repost. Cheers w

      1. Emad, yes it is so frustrating!

        Whenever you see these off label results you typically never hear about them again.
        There probably are few pharmas that would be willing to spend money on something that is
        beyond patents.

        You just need to be aware that some of these do not have a marketing department behind them, yet might be of some help.

  29. I just wanted to express a personal theory that may very well be wrong. SO PLEASE take this with a big chunk of salt.
    “tumor markers are not to be used as an indicator of tumor size but only as an indicator of it outputting antigen in higher or lower quantity, mostly due to slower or faster metabolism”.

    1. Alex how is your mom and how are you?
      I miss talking with you on skype.
      I am lost for some weeks i know.
      But i had to do it for myself, a period without searching and far from thinking cancer.
      I hope she responded well to chemo.
      And i hope you understand me.

      1. I understand you brother.
        It is very hard for my mother and i as well. Life can sometimes seem like a living nightmare sadly. And even more sad is that so many of us go trough this. You know well i can keep on adding.
        Soon another chemo cycle, maybe avastin next to it.
        To be honest i don’t even know if it’s worth doing the markers or other independent testing, in the end my mom has to feel better, we are in a condition where independent tests won’t do much, she has to get better a bit or more, so far only bad things have happened since her “neuropathy” and i let’s say had a wake-up call that told me to kinda leave things to the “professionals”, i will help as much as i can on the side but the hard truth is that i can’t help with real treatment like an oncologist can.
        Still with the incredible help received from Daniel and you, the great advice and people here…… it’s hard to describe the joy and sorrow.
        I still hope you and everyone else will experience positive things and maybe even healing. We’re still in the fight, but it got to an almost impossible situation.
        I look forward to talking to you again

        Our best wishes,
        Alex & Mother!

  30. Small update

    my parents traveled today to Germany for the next TACE

    thankfully my father did manage to get the visa for 2 more years for both him and my mother

    also managed to get some help from the government to continue doing more TACE sessions

    in Friday July 21 at early morning , they will do the second TACE , and they will see the results after 2 months from the first one

    I’m a little bit worried , but I hope its fine

    I will share the results as soon as it comes

  31. New Update :

    according to what I did hear from my parents until now that there is 10% improvement since the last time (May-22)

    my mother did finish the second TACE

    my father will talk with prof Vogl in details

    1. 10% is much better than nothing. Another good thing about it is that the chemo should arrest the growth of the tumours for a period.

      After I finished my liver embolization of four tumours from April to August, the November scan showed no new growths. So three months at least I was good. Unfortunately, in March the CT showed six new tumours in the liver, all under 1cm.

      If nothing else, it buys you more time to look for more treatments, and that’s always valuable.

      1. yes its more about buying time to find better solutions

        and indeed its a very valuable time to buy, if things did continue to get worse like before TACE , perhaps my mother wouldn’t made it to now

        but with this now we have much more months , we can focus more on what to do next


        btw , how things going with you after you stop Sef-chemo ? hope you are managing things like you always doing

        all the best

        1. Time is always valuable 🙂 keep the hope.

          In general I have been worse since SEF chemo. My hemoglobin hasn’t recovered and it’s been two months. I already have orthostatic tachycardia due to nerve severing during surgery, and having low hemoglobin makes it hard to stand for more than a few seconds or to climb stairs. I have to see about an EPO injection or a transfusion. I developed a slight edema in my left leg, which I assume is from a tumour compressing a vein, but that also makes it a bit harder to walk. I got sick and have been coughing for 3 weeks now so hoping that has nothing to do with the cancer, and I have little aches and pains.

          But honestly, I’m in good spirits. I haven’t been hindered from going and seeing friends or being independent, it’s just a mild hinderance and I started the T4 strategy two weeks ago so I’m hoping that’ll shrink things a bit. Thanks for asking!

            1. Thanks Daniel.

              Actually tonight I got a CT scan report of my abdomen and pelvis. I did the scan on Tuesday. The results arent very good. All results compared to March. Developed a multitude of hepatic metastases on virtually all segments of the liver – the largest being 5.4cm. 8cm lymph tumour markedly compressing my left renal artery, which grew from 6.5cm. Potential thrombosis into an iliac vein from a large iliac tumour. 4cm or so mesenteric lymph metastasis grown from 1.5cm or so. And various smaller mesenteric tumours. Fractured ischial tuberosity from a tumour but thankfully no other bone metastases.

            2. Thanks Daniel. I’m hoping that since my type arises from endocrine cells that the T4 hormone therapy can work something out. Like I said, I still feel fairly good so hopefully there’s still some time to work with.

            3. I’m very sorry to hear this Meech

              why not to consider other clinic that can do systemic therapy ? like Dayspringcancerclinic or something similar

              you may not be experienced on using IVs to treat yourself , but other oral options that maybe interesting to me is T4 strategy and also Methylglyoxal or Thalidomide

              I strongly believe that you can overcome this and bring the tumors down like you always did before , I will pray for you to live a happy long life

            4. Thank you Emad. I am trying the T4 thing so hopefully that’ll work. I’m also considering Dr. Jason Williams in the US, but I have to see if I qualify.

              Praying for the best for you as well.

            5. I’m happy to hear that you already have a good plan , I hope T4 depletion will do the job

              and of course Dr Jason should be one of the best choices for the next


            6. Hi Meech,

              Great to see your attitude. How about Mebendazole and Thalidomide? Did you try these?


            7. Thanks for the suggestions, W. I wouldn’t mind trying thalidomide under one of Dr. Hada’s protocols.

              Mebendazole, although I’m sure has an effect, I’m not 100% sold on as being right for me. I’m in a private FB group where most members are taking a protocol which include some mebendazole. I asked if anyone has seen any shrinkage or if everyone has basically just helped to slow their growth or stabilize things and nobody came forward saying they had shrinkage. But for most, stabilization and slowed growth rate are definitely important. For me though, I do need to shrink thing’s as the status quo isn’t great.

    1. Hi Jcancom

      thank you always for your feelings , I should be happy that you are always here with us , and especially helping me a lot

      unfortunately can’t be happy for now , I’m worried about my brothers Alex and Ergin , no way to feel happy until their mothers feel better , also the same for Pouya I wish he feels better one day soon

      this is the world with cancer , we should do our best before time is up


      regarding the results after TACE , I did administrate 15 3-BP IV and 7 Salinomycin IV for the past 2 months , it seems like either TACE is not working well or (3-BP + Sal) is not , or maybe both have minimal effect , not very sure

      I can’t know which one is really working , and I can’t be sure until we stop one of them

      1. Dear Emad,
        May be it is not a miracle but it gives you lots of months to try other treatments.
        Stable is also a good thing for us.Thats not we want ofcourse but we must think like that.
        For me,you did a great job.And you will.

        1. Thank you always Ergin

          I wish if I can help you just like how greatly you are helping me

          we did face a hard times , but will not stop doing new things and new strategies until we both save our mothers

      2. Hi Emad,

        I am happy to hear you are seeing positive results. Yes you will not know what works and what not. Or maybe the combo is that helps. Regardless, as long as there are positive results (stable dis. or remission) I would not change anything.
        I remember the tumor was relatively large so I can imagine it will take some time to clean up the location.

        With 3BP I would take a short brake from time to time in order to let the responding cells develop back so that the tumor can maintain response to 3BP.

        Kind regards,

        1. Of course I will not change my strategy as long as its working

          yes the tumors are big , if they are small as in the past I think we will probably have about 50% improvement

          thank you for the advise , and thank you for everything you did for me

          best wishes

  32. Dear All, I would like to share good news. Marker CA125 drop to normal after 2 cycles of Taurolodine. We got our aim: to start the vaccine cocktail under normal condition. I will update with or experience in Germany.

    Best wishes
    Dr A Hernandez

  33. Hi Emad
    I have already wrotten before but in summary, my sugestions are:
    Do a sensitivity test, so you can use the most active substances against the tumor.
    iv is the better route. Do the therapy in cycles.
    be aggressive but always always use the right substance. Not which is good for one person is good for another one.
    In our case, we did the sensitivity test, and try to give iv the substances more active. We did a molecular study with the NEw generation system, and we developed an specific vaccine for our specific mutations. Then leave your body to kill the rest of the cells. Avoid chemo and radiotherapy when possible, the vaccine is not effective during this therapies because your immune system is to weak.

    1. thank you so much Alberto

      one more question , did you test for Taurolodine before to see if its effective ?

      also is it possible to share the source that you did use ?

      always wish to hear good news from you

      Kind regards

      1. HI Emad, yes we tested before the sensitivity, there r different companies as Maintrac, Bojar, in Germany and also in Greece there is a famous one. Pick it up one and do it, do not work blind.
        Best wishes

  34. Hi dear friends in this website, I miss you all

    sorry for not being around too much these days , the internet connection and electricity is almost off most of the time these days in Libya

    Last update : the results after second TACE are better than the first one

    and what we did is : TACE + Sal + 3-BP, no systemic chemo

    the past 2 cycles are done in the right side of the liver , but this time prof Vogl decided to treat the left side of the liver

    i don’t know if its normal but this time it was very painful , my mother have severe pain these days , and sometimes make her faint

    prof Vogl said that its temporarly , and prescribed some medications to lower the pain , i noticed the pain is slowly decreasing , but still she feels a bad pain in the target position and also in her back

    regarding the treatment plan , i don’t understand why prof Vogl believes that we are doing good and don’t need more than 1 or 2 other TACE sessions

    but in anyway , we did reach the limit of receiving help from government , its hard to continue do more than that

    so the next big fight will be after we finish TACE , trying to manage the disease with hormonal therapy + others like Sal + 3-BP …

    that’s all I have now, wish you all the best

  35. Hi Alberto,
    What kind of treatment are you having in Germany. Is it a vaccine made from blood? Also, I would be most interested to hear about your wife’s experience, both with taurolidine and with the vaccine and treatment in Germany. This is something I considering too and would love to hear how it went. Thanks..

    1. Hi Hectoria, if you want Alberto to receive a notification with your questions you need to add a comment as a reply to his comment. (Now you created a new comment and he may not be aware of your question.)

      1. Please Alberto,
        Do not play with our senses.Do not try to be popular.Look how Emad tries to save moms life.It is not a game.He began MG,not a joke.
        Be a man like a MAN like Daniel.
        Be brave.
        Make me to apologise from you in this website
        Do not talk like a puzzle please.

          1. Dear Alberto, I apologize for this. We all are going through difficult times and sometimes we may say things we did not meant to. Knowing Ergin, I think this was the case. I hope you will keep updating us here on the approaches and the results you are seeing as they are very valuable for many people reading this website. Kind regards, Daniel

          2. Off Dear Alberto,
            I mixed Your name with Halabe.
            I am very sorry about this.I respect you and your work too much ofcourse.
            When i see his name on Emad ‘s page i totally became a different person.

        1. Hi Ergin,

          We all here are fighting on the same side. Each of us have own way of fighting and communicating. Alberto is a very nice and wise man, as you and many here, fighting for his dear wife. He may not have time always to respond fully to our questions, but his short post here are very valuable. You have to realize that many are reading this website, some are seeing very good results with some of the treatments but not writing here. In the best case sometimes they write to me in private. So, we should highly appreciate that Alberto takes time to update us here regarding the outcomes of the treatments he is using for his dear wife.
          I hope you realize that, as I very much appreciate you. Thank you in advance for reconsidering your view.

          Kind regards,

  36. A little update : I stopped Salinomycin and 3-BP temporarily , and now I’m giving my mother Methylglyoxal orally about 23mg/kg

    I want to see if there is any difference in results , and will turn back to Sal + 3-BP after the forth TACE session

      1. no , we didn’t do any marker test for months

        maybe after the next session we will do one , we will do it if its the last TACE session

        no need for it now while we are doing MRI

    1. Hi Emad,
      How are you and mom?I hope you saw some good responces with MG.
      Did you observe any side effect?
      Our chemo sensitivity test came.I lost my faith on that test.Please do not think you are loosing stg if you dont do that test.
      I will send you by mail.If anyone interested ,i can send it.
      Best wishes

      1. Hi Ergin

        My mother is fine these days , we still didn’t notice any side effects from MG

        also like when using 3-BP and Sal , we don’t know if the response is due to them or due to TACE or due to the both

        we didn’t do any tumor marker test for months , we are just following up with MRI before every TACE cycle

        but why you lost faith on the test ? I thought its good to have one for my mother too

        I hope the results are reliable

      2. i’m interested brother,
        send me.
        my mother is now in hospital for chemo and other paralisys problems
        Tarceva seems to be doing something good next to the side effects but nothing very dramatic so far.
        Little to no cancer pain and some nervous recovery on her chest.
        take care bro
        Tell me if i can help.

  37. Emad,
    My brother,my friend.
    No one can catch except a few people.
    But i catch because i know you.
    ***23mg/kg MG***
    This word consists full of knowledge and smells help to others.
    This is a real human clinical trial although one person but very precious person,our mother.
    Thank you Emad for humanity,i wish one day everyone will share his/her experiences here wlth talking on dosages.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you always dear Ergin

      sharing everything about our protocol is the smallest help I can give , and unfortunately I don’t seem to be helpful more than that

      also I really wish if other people just give some time to share what they are doing , it doesn’t make sense to just watch and not even giving some time to write few words that may help other readers

  38. We are switching back to 3-BP and Sal after we run out of MG

    we can’t know if MG did anything , we may know if my mother went to Germany for another MRI scan and TACE

    still we are trying to gain more help from the government to continue do 1 or 2 more TACE sessions , 6 weeks passed since the last one

  39. Fighting these days with the port a cath , its partially blocked , I just administrated 2/3 of the 3-BP bag , and throw the rest of it because its no longer getting through the port , it was like throwing a part of my body , it was a bad night

    yesterday I tried to administrate only NaCl to see if its going through the port normally , and it did go normally like there is no problem , I don’t know how

    today tried to give NaCl again so if things went good then I will give Sal , but strangely the problem did return again and it was like blocked , so I will just try to give it tomorrow

    also the skin near the port is inflamed , and some of the administrated fluid is leaking out of the port

    the next TACE session will not likely be soon

    my mother started to feel some pain near her ribs

    I don’t know whats happening inside , but I must do something regarding IV administration or we will face undesired problems

    1. Hi Emad, I recognize these kind of challenges. We once had the port totally blocked after a longer beach holiday when the port was not used. I succeeded to unblock with the concentrated version of heparin. I used that to constantly pull and push the fluid, and after about 10-15min of this repetitive work the port was un-blocked. So it may be that the port requires some cleaning.
      Next to that, I also remember that when using Sal (a few times) we had the fluid somehow going slower – I would have to look in my notes to see if I wrote what were those conditions but again I am traveling and do not have access easily to that. But the point is that I think in some conditions which may depend on the body state, there is some reaction like you described.
      However, I never saw fluid going out of the port …
      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you Daniel this really gives me some hope , I will try to find a concentrated version of heparin and try more

        today I did fight with the port for nearly 30 minutes , its totally blocked and nothing is getting in or out , I love those IVs stuff and don’t want to lose the chance to give them 🙁

        also can’t convince my mother to replace it , I nearly lost hope today , but after I read your comment I felt that I may have a chance to un-block it , I will do my best on that

        thank you always Daniel

    2. My brother Emad,
      Very sorry to hear that bad happening.
      I am also in a very bad situation.She was nearly passing away 2 days ago.And still she is not good.We are in hospital from days.Also ascite in lungs.Kidney tube etc.
      I have a good news:May be Daniel hearth about it.
      I know a patient survived by this.And oral usage.
      When i learn more,i ll update.
      Kind Regards

      1. I’m sorry to hear this brother 🙁

        please do your best , she must survive

        I didn’t hear about this approach , hope it the key for success

        I believe on you brother , tell me if I can help in anyway

    3. I don’t have a port-a-cath in but I do have a nephrostomy tube, which is essentially a catheter that’s implanted through a hole in the back, into the kidney, to drain urine into an external bag.

      I’ve had it for a year and had issues similar to this the entire time. Firstly, internal (kidney) infections due to the tubing. The body isn’t made to have rubber and plastic in it at all times, long term. In the year, I’ve had an infection almost every month. Secondly, external infections, from fluid draining around the catheter. Thirdly, blockages of the tube due to sedimentation. This can cause fluid (in my case, urine) to leak out of the wound as opposed to travelling down the tube. Fourth, the tube coming loose and out of place. Again, this can cause leakage of fluids around the tube. I’d suggest going back to interventional radiology and having the tube inspected. I’ve been five times since the start of September to have the tube changed entirely, so these issues do happen and they can happen frequently despite your best care.

      1. Hi Meech , thanks for helping on this

        yes as you said I did read about this and its suggested to visit a radiologist to inspect it

        also I started to give antibiotics today to my mother , just in case because there is inflammation around the port and I was fighting a lot with it and the risk of infection is getting higher when doing such things

        hope just I can somehow un-block it so I can continue my career in doing IVs

        1. – Cyclophosphomide 50mg every other day, for 3 months

          – Januvia 25mg every day, 7 days on, 7 off, for 28 days

          – Cialis 5mg every day for 3 months

          – Protonix 40mg per day for 1 month

          – Celecoxib I take because I’m on a blood thinner. I take 200-400mg daily. They normally recommend Aspirin 81mg-100mg 2x daily.

      1. A very big secret,
        I gave her dissacharide coated nano silver in hospital while.drs said there is a big peritonitis on abdomen.The ascite was full of leukocyte and eritrocites.More than 10.000.
        I saw ldh 350 after nano silver.It was 170.I am not sure but what is this?
        She is now on full.of antibiotics.
        Yesterday we hopefully gave caelyx.
        Very very big pain on kidney after operation,morphin didnt release pain.
        I ll update.

      1. this is amazing , yes its tested in a small group of patients (only 14 patient)

        but with 14% complete remission , 71% partial remission , 14% stable disease , this really looks one of the best

        is this treatment exclusive for ovarian cancer ?

      2. Thank you very much Daniel.Thats really amazing,but unfortunatelly she can not walk more than 10 mt.Still in hospital.
        Now praying for %10-20 chance of Caelyx to work.I can not use salinomycin in that hospital also.And they are already giving antibiotics.

        But this Oleuropein looks also wonderful.Very synergetic with Doxorubucin.I know a man who is using it without chemo and stable disease(I will update about him,very interesting drugs he is using like fig latex,his daughter is pharmacologist proffessor).

        And bad news came from Tarantula cubensis from my friend(Ovarian cancer very late stage).After injecting Therenakron weekly for 1 month,there is no improvement.But she will use till the end.We are planning to use phlorizin and hyperthermia for her,may be next week.

        1. Hi Ergin and other friends,

          I was recently in the CC of a discussion between some doctors from European universities. They saw good results in more patients just using some simple capsule that can be bought from Germany.

          Here is the discussion between them:

          “I’m testing a maintenance therapy in single patients with basentabs having a much better compliance, with a dosage of 8 tabs/daily, with very convincing results.” He also says: “I’m sure it may be very effective in preventing un-treatable cancers such as prostate cancer, but also many other cancers that are usually treated with surgery, chemio and radio, including soft tissue sarcomas.”

          I only took a few quotes of the discussion – it can not be all shared as it is private. But the point is that this is an alkalizing approach that is cheap, easy to get and easy to apply and may have very good response based on the excitement of those doctors.

          Here is an example of a website where you can get it but it should be available in many other places. I want to buy and donate to some people.
          I would use it immediately and maybe add some Boron supplement to that.

          Have you already considered Thalidomide?

          Kind regards,

            1. these are the ingredients of this tablet:(in french but easily understanbable)

              Carbonate de calcium, Carbonate de sodium, Carbonate de magnésium, Stabilisant (Polyvinylpyrrolidone), Di-phosphate de sodium, bicarbonate de potassium, Agent de démoulage (Silice, Stéarate de magnésium), Substance de remplissage (Sodique réticulée), Sulfate de zinc

            2. Hi A,

              Indeed it is an alkalizing agent. Alkalinity has impact on many processes including on immune system activation and tumor development.
              Some of these points are addressed in the post I wrote on pH.

              Kind regards,

          1. Dear Daniel,
            Thanks alot.On monday we are begining basentabs,it is on the way..I hope she can take it 8 times a day without stomach upset.
            We began oleuropein 2 days ago.
            Crp declined from 90 to 50 in this 2 days,but they also change antibiotics and they gave Caelyx.
            Albumin2,6.And high Tsh.Very strong correlation between albumin and hypothroidism i find.Remember Pauls wife low albumin when she was hypothyroid.

            The edema begins to come from skin unfortunately.Also pleural effusion.Spo2 is %80.She is on oxygen tube.
            Despite high T4 body cannot convert it to T3(low T3 and getting lower each day).Low iron,low albumin and hypothroid symptoms.
            Drs says cancer does everything so dont look at these counts.
            But we have to give iv albumin or T3 or both with diuretics,but i need a good dr to solve this problem.
            Kind Regards

        2. Bad news from tarantula cubensis.We lost her today unfortunately.Her husband is a THY pilot and buy basentabs from Germany for both of us.
          She couldnt use those tablets.I am very sad today.I feel deeply his pain.
          Trantula cubensis didnt work alone for her.She is an angel now.
          Very interesting,when i plan to use phlorizin and hyperthermia,always we lost patients before treatment.
          May be that is because we are waiting upto very late stage.Or destiny?

    1. I believe you will do it Ergin , glad to here you are starting it

      I wish to hear good news soon and better improvement of your mother , God give her healthy long life

      1. My brother Emad,this must be lesson for everybody.I have full of valuable drugs in refrigerator and never used.
        I was waiting for chemo alone to work from months and if chemo doesnt work i was planning to use others.
        But when chemo doesnt work,it goes like a rocket.I miss those stable days.
        Daniel has a good sentence, using chemo without sal or 3-bp,phlorizin etc.,it is an opportunity lost.

        1. Hi Ergin,

          We are learning the hard way, but one point is now clear to me:

          When cancer is advanced (already with metastasis) Chemo alone will have little effect (due to multiple cell populations). It needs to be supported by other effective drugs and/or supplements, in order to have a realistic chance for (long-term) success.

          Kind regards,

        2. Dear Ergin , we all lost a lot of opportunities in this fight and still losing some

          but when the fight is still on , this means we still have time to do what we want , and still there is opportunities left for us

          praying to hear good news soon

          1. Dear Emad,
            Thanks alot.I believe too much to oleuropein liquid form which we are using now.Something changed i feel i saw a good responce or a placebo effect,i dont know.
            Please search for it i ll send you a bottle this week.
            Kind Regards

  40. Today we visit the doctor , he is the first Libyan doctor who did place a port to a patient in Libya

    unfortunately he said its blocked and can’t be opened again , and the membrane of the port is teared

    so I guess I will stop giving IVs for a while

    I have about 7 to 8 3-BP shots , and 3 Sal shots , I wonder if its a good idea to give 3-BP orally now , and if its ok to give Sal IV with a canula placed in the arm , or should I pay 250 euros to place the port with another new one so I can continue to do what I love to do

    hope I do the right choice

    1. Hi Emad, I am sorry to hear about that. I would install another port of possible. Also, it is good to shift a bit the place where the needle is inserted, from time to time, to extend the lifetime of the membrane.
      All the best,

      1. Thank you Daniel

        I was doing some mistakes that may probably be the reason for being blocked

        we will install another one soon , and will do my best to use it wisely and continue do what I’m doing

        Kind regards

          1. Glad to hear this Alex

            hope things get even more better soon


            for us , my parents did travel yesterday to Germany for another TACE session

            no help from government this time , so we had to pay 40,000 LYD for it

            3 years before : 40,000 LYD = 24855 euros , you can google it

            but now : 40,000 LYD = 3900 euros , its like paying 30,000 USD to get only 3900 euros

            1. Its a very good combination but I guess pertuzumab is expensive

              thank you for your wishes Alex, wish the same for you 🙂

              hope both you and your mother are fine

            2. i agree, and thank you.
              i wonder if there is some tax for talking about these drugs, at their price, one could expect a conversation tax….

            3. Hi, Emad!

              Can i ask how is Your mother after this TACE session?

              How You contacted Prof.Vogl? I send email him 1.5 weeks ago but he does not answer. Maybe my case is not suitable for Tace, hmm..


            4. Hi sirsna , hope you are doing good

              of course you can ask , like the last TACE session my mother had an extreme pain and she was vomiting in the first 2 days , and in the other 5 days she felt weak

              but yesterday and today she feel better

              until now there is some tumor shrinkage after each TACE , even after 2 months from TACE there was a regression , the next TACE will probably be the last

              I used to contact prof Vogl through this email : [email protected]

              try to send him another email , its strange , he used to respond fast most of the time

              when I contacted him at the first time he asked me for a CD , CD that contains the images of the latest CT Scans , after we sent him the CD he say its fine and we could do TACE

              hope he respond to you soon

              my best wishes to you

            5. Thank You so much, Emad,
              it seems that I lost 2 symbols – “t.”, how much just two symbols can change. I already decided that may case is not suitable for Tace.
              I have my pet scan images online, so that is not problem.
              So Your mother does not have systemic chemo for now while on Tace period?

              I had liver biopsy under ultrasound control last week – 5 shots, but radiologist said that in ultrasound there is not possible to see much, so these 5 shots were almost randomly :(. Pet scan showed that there are multiple lesions in all globes of liver.

              I hope Your Mom will gets better with each day.


            6. Hi!
              I received answer from prof. Vogl. – he suggest TACE or TACP at the first. How do You think?
              I can`t believe about my concentration skills 🙂 , I wrote 3 emails to Prof., first 2 were missing some different letters.
              How is procedure and staying in Frankfurt? I think I will have to go alone – is it possible to stay in hospital or patient must stay somewhere in hotel?

            7. Sorry for my late respond , also I’m very sorry to hear about liver lesions

              prof Vogl said the same for us , but we choose TACE

              I will tell you how things are going with TACE

              my parents used to travel to Germany in the first day , and go to a hotel in Frankfurt near the hospital , and sometimes they only find hotels that are somehow far from the hospital , its not a problem

              usually they will go in the second day in the very early morning to the hospital for TACE , prof Vogl will always choose the day and the time

              also the patient should not eat before the procedure , they usually say this to patients , sometimes my mother have to wait for hour or more until they finally take her to do MRI , after doing MRI the patient will do the procedure with prof Vogl , the procedure won’t take more than 15 minutes

              the procedure should not be painful , after the procedure they will take the patient to do CT Scan to check if the procedure did go well , after that the patient should stay on the bed for hour or 2 or 3 , depending on what they will tell you

              and the patient could eat after that , also after that the patient could meet prof Vogl and talk with him for about 5 to 10 minutes , and then you could go back to the hotel or even travel back to home

              usually the side effects are , nausea , diarrhea and bowel problems for 2 days , also not usually but may happen to have fatigue and vomiting

              you can read about the side effects

              if you have any question regarding TACE please tell me

              and again I apologize for my late respond

              I wish you to get better soon and gain back your health

            8. the patient doesn’t have to stay in the hospital , the patient should be able to walk or travel normally , but of course if there is any unusual problem , the patient will stay in the hospital until he feels good

              best wishes for you sirsna , I will pray for you to get better soon

  41. sirsna, have you heard of deuterium depleted water (DDW)?
    The science has been building over the last 25 years and it has reached the clinic.

    Apparently you can make your own with about 100 ppm Deuterium
    by simply freezing and thawing filtered water 4 times.

    You could then add in some of the commercial suppliers product
    to modify the deuterium content from there.

    I had not realized this until this past weekend, yet it appears that DDW
    actually has an anti-cancer effect related to a metabolics. It truly is
    amazing! Are all cancer treatments based on metabolics?

    DDW could be added onto your treatment plan. I would love to hear
    D’s view on how this could be amplified by other metabolics.

    1. I mentioned DDW in a collection of possible treatment enhancements for pancreatic cancer, although it wasn’t tested for that cancer.
      However, DDW seems effective in breast cancer (DDW caused human breast tumor regression in mice).
      Here is the site where I bought some for one of my cats (she is 19 years old).

      1. ovidiu, I was quite surprised to read that DDW also works through the metabolic network.
        It is very surprising how much cancer truly is a metabolic disease.

        Yet, I was looking yesterday at what is considered the leading the leading cancer textbook: there is not
        a single mention of metabolics and cancer. It is not that there is a small writeup; there was NO writeup!
        How can someone be a cancer doctor without some understanding of the metabolic perspective?

        I do not see how there can be any possible doubt that a cure for cancer runs through metabolics.
        I sure do not have any doubt.

        As we have seen there are a large number of metabolic approaches, many of them non-toxic,
        that have some degree of effectiveness in cancer. Finding a way to properly combine some of
        these different approaches should give a powerful anti-cancer treatment.

        1. Hi everyone,
          following up this thread with new research that came out, including (controlled, but retrospective) human trials:
          – one on pancreatic cancer in 2021:

          – one with a general summary in 2022:

          It all sounds sensible and interesting, but I am unsure about procurement and dosage.
          If any of you have more insights – very happy to discuss!

      2. Wow!
        ovidiu, 14 Romanian lei =~ US $3

        I had no idea that DDW could be so affordable and 25 ppm is very very depleted of Deuterium.
        You might want to start more at 125 ppm and work downwards. I had thought that this would
        cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

        Any idea of how much shipping for a bottle would be?

        1. @jcancom: 14 RON is for half a liter (they only bottle them in 0.5 liters…), so a months supply of about 50 liters is about 1400 RON or 300 euros. I don’t know about shipping abroad, in Romania above a certain amount ordered the shipping is free. You could contact the store and ask about long distance shipping.

          No, you don’t start at 125 ppm, since you have to get there or lower for your entire body water. Depending how much DDW you drink daily (you can use diuretics and spend more on DDW to get there faster) you can gradually decrease your bodies’ deuterium concentration. The articles I read mentioned as the primary problem the time needed to get the deuterium concentration low before the cancer progresses too much. They also mention the direct injection of DDW into sarcomas (which did not respond to oral DDW).

          1. $3 a bottle seems like such a great deal.
            This is one of the examples where you have thirsty customers wanting a product
            and the only question is how can you bulk ship it to them at a reasonable price?

            I would think that ordinary freight would be very expensive.

            It looks like it would only cost $1000 per TEU (11k ft^3, 21k kg), to the US East coast.
            40,000 bottles of 25 ppm DDW = $1000 shipping cost.
            2 cents a bottle to ship.


  42. Hi!

    Thank You Emad, for Your kind description.
    Than You, Jcancom, for more ideas.

    As I said I had liver biopsy, which confirmed BrCa mets in liver. My primary cancer was with hormone receptors ER100%, Pr80%, AR100%. Now liver metastases is triple negative.
    I decided to take systemic chemo Carboplatin + Docetaxel. Fasted few days prior, in the chemo day (yesterday), and fast continues today, I think till tomorrow midday. My blood glucose was very good – 3.0-4.0, blood ketones 2.1-3.0. Except shortly after chemo infusion blood sugar jump to 7, then after few hours to 5 and this morning was again 3.2-3.9. I also take metformin and simvastatin.
    Do You have any ideas, what to add to systemic carboplatin. Maybe intravenous vit C?
    I have not eaten for 4 days and feel very good, just few episodes of nausea.


    1. Dear Sirsna, please look into anti-angiogenesis,
      I can think of no better video to try to explain it.
      It would not be without side effects but may help you.
      Almost al cancers require angiogenesis, inflamation, energy.
      Messing around just a bit with the basics, MAY give good results, or help you get better results, however if not careful the opposite could be true.
      Talking to the doctor/s about this, is important when making decisions.
      Best of luck,

      1. Thank You Alex, for this link.
        As my cancer is highly advanced now, diet is not enough. I am now goint to the intermittent fasting/keto diet side, just I will be very careful with fats.

        I have many questions in my mind where I do not have enough knowledge:
        As Carboplatin is weak acid I can not add Basentabs or Omeprazole. I am already on Simvastatin and Metformin (I have option to change metformin to Berberine if liver enzymes will be to high)
        can Carboplatin be coadministered with Aspirin, Dipyridamole, Mebendazole?
        I will try to get perscription from my doctor for Dapagliflozin tablets.
        Can Baicalen be taken in interval between chemo infusions (every 3 week)?

        How often You suggest to check blood counts? Two weeks after chemo infusion is ok?


        1. Dear Sirsna,
          The speaker in that video, is also talking about anti-angiogenic drugs that can be used against cancer, the diet part is mostly for prevention, once advanced cancer is established, diet becomes less and less a priority, so it seems, while trying to not make the cancer happy, it’s also important to feed yourself, don’t starve yourself thinking it will kill the cancer, advanced cancer always finds a way to survive, but it may also have weaknesses, genetic profiling of the tumor cells may help in that direction, timing and strategy is also another big one. A plan must be devised by your doctors, once they have the information they need.
          About anti-angiogenic drugs and the rest, i would talk to the doctor/s, if in doubt and left without competent assistance, look inside and do as you feel when you feel it.
          Sometimes personal intuition and instincts can be helpful.
          Also do your best to minimize money waste, everything counts when you’re not rich.
          Economics is sadly an often factor in the fight against cancer.

          I can only hope my reply will at least give you some peace of mind, some order in all the chaos.

        2. @sirsna: actually, you could add a proton pump inhibitor to the Carboplatin + Docetaxel chemo. This study of Esomeprazole (I don’t understand why they didn’t use Omeprazole or Lansoprazole, they are safer) in advanced breast cancer looks promising.

          Intermittent high dose proton pump inhibitor enhances the antitumor effects of chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer.

          1. Hi, Ovidiu!

            I red this idea from Daniel`s posts, that some chemos are weak bases and others are weak acids.
            And this is also from Daniel`s ideas : Proton pump inhibitors will help the chemotherapies that are weak bases (most of the chemos are this type) and will NOT help the chemos that are weak acids.

            “the acidic milieu of the extracellular medium promotes the uptake of weakly acidic drugs, such as cyclophosphamide and cisplatin and thus increases their cytotoxicity.”

            “Cisplatin, being a weak acid, exhibits significantly greater uptake from acidic milieu,
            resulting in increased intracellular accumulation and heightened cellular toxicity.”

            Carboplatin is also weak acid.
            Metformin and ketone bodies (as effect of fasting or keto diet) can produce lactic acid. As I understand this could be quite acidic environment.

            And again, Daniel has commented this article You shared :

            “Yet, maybe in this trial it worked because chemotherapy was preceded
            by three days esomeprazole and the first day they gave Taxol and only
            in day 4 they used Cisplatin.”

            1. @sirsna: from the article I linked before (they don’t give much importance to the ph of the chemo):
              We have recently shown that particularly cisplatin resistance of human malignant tumors may be the result of both tumor acidity and the release of nanovesicles called exosome. In turn, also exosome release from cancer cells is highly increased by environmental acidity and proton pump inhibitors or buffering procedure dramatically inhibit exosomes production by cancer cells.

              A different approach for TNBC might be the use of Selamectin, which decreases metastasis and may sensitize the cancer cells to Tamoxifen.
              Selective Inhibition of SIN3 Corepressor with Avermectins as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

            2. Thank You for info.
              Now I am confused about PPI. I used Omeprazole from ~april, but now discontinue some weeks before chemo.

              I never heard of Selamectin, Avermectin and Ivermectin. Looks promising. But it always take time to get medication “in the house”.
              I have Mebendazole tbl. “in pocket”, but I do not take them now. What do You think about Mebendazole in my situation?

            3. You don’t have to discontinue PPI “weeks before chemo”, although I am uncertain about the optimal schedule…
              Mebendazole – I couldn’t find something about it and TNBC. Flubendazole appears to be useful against breast cancer stem-like cells, but has very poor bioavailability.
              Flubendazole, FDA-approved anthelmintic, targets breast cancer stem-like cells.
              Flubendazole overcomes trastuzumab resistance by targeting cancer stem-like properties and HER2 signaling in HER2-positive breast cancer.

              I was reluctant to mention Selamectin because it’s studied only for veterinarian use, I couldn’t find data about human pharmacokinetics, also nothing about interactions with other drugs.
              If you are brave and willing to experiment, you could try swallowing the topical solution for large dogs, that’s 360 mg (in Romania it’s about 15 euros).
              For my cats I have used Selamectin topically frequently at 10 – 12 mg / kg dose, without side effects, in the absence of other medication (except vitamins, Liv52, Essentiale and Cranberry extract).
              From the existing data on cats, I guesstimate the elimination half-life of Selamectin in humans to be around 4 days (30% longer than in cats, usual ratio for other drugs).
              Pharmacokinetics of selamectin following intravenous, oral and topical administration in cats and dogs.

        1. HI I,

          This is a very good question since using Metformin may lead to increased acidity around the tumor which would help for a better absorption of the acidic chemos. However this is the “entrance” mechanism. But the “activity” mechanism of chemo, that may be reduced by Metformin if it is used prior to chemo, doesn’t depend on the type of chemo. Instead, it is related to the fact that Met will reduce the activity of cancer cells, which by itself is good, but not when planning to immediately come with chemo which will work best against most active cells. So as a rule, based on our recent learning, I would not use Metformin a few days prior to chemo, but would certainly use it after.

          Kind regards,

          1. Thanks, Daniel !

            So from this point of view (reducing the activity of cancer cells) – what do You think of Keto/fasting prior Chemo?
            Walter Longo suggest it as it could minimize some side effects as neuropathy and could enhance some of chemotherapies.

            1. Hi I,

              I also have heard of good results regarding restricted Keto/fasting prior to Chemo.

              First I should say, that when dealing with hormonal depended cancer, I would avoid Keto diet due to the high risk related to the following chain of actions: fats->cholesterol->hormone production->tumor growth

              Regarding your question, I think this is a very good point as well.
              I would have to look deeper into the mechanisms triggered by fasting (other than energy restriction), but I would say that:
              – Metformin induces cell cycle arrest (this is well known in literature) – so essentially it puts cancer cells in a sleeping mode
              – Fasting on the other hand will stop/slow down cycling mainly in normal cells while cancer cells will continue finding other resources to continue cellular activity. Yet, due to lower level of supplies, cancer cells will have a lower level of energy available to fight chemo (since they require energy to e.g. activate drug resistance pumps, generate anti-oxidants, etc.). In addition, fasting is also known to enhance the effectiveness of the immune system.

              Therefore, in my view Metformin is like putting a crazy and active person at sleep while fasting is like letting that crazy and active person to be awake but reducing its supplies. Chemo works against the active ones, and it doesn’t care if it is a normal or a crazy one. The nice thing is that the normal people know they need to go to sleep when there is no supply, the crazy ones don’t know that so they will be awake when chemo comes 🙂

              This is what I think is the beauty of fasting that can lead to: reduced chemo side effects, increased immune action, increased chemo effectiveness.

              (Metformin is a great tool as well since it has the potential to put cancer cells at sleep. But like we discussed, better not to be used just before chemo.)

              I hope you like my story 😀

              Kind regards,

            2. Thanks for the analogy! What you are saying makes sense.

              Do you think statins are powerful enough to normalize the cholesterol values that may be elevated from fasting?

            3. Thank You, Daniel, for explanation. It clarify things for me.

              Interesting, that my blood ketene levels raised also in the presence of Statins (I somehow thought that statins will not allow to ketones appear).

      1. That is what I would do Meech, indeed. Btw, Meech have you read about the impressive results of Anca where her mom stop loosing weight but even gaining a bit after starting Hydrazine? She told me she lost 20kg in short time frame and asked what she could do. Hydrazine was one of the first that came to my mind – she started that and a few days latter after that she said her mom started to feel a bit better. Now, one month latter she said, her mom stooped loosing weight and markers are down from >3000 to 1000.
        Everything happens while no other medication was taken (she also takes Basentabs).The oncologist of Anca’s mom stoped chemo prior to Hydrazine and no other drugs were given while her health was declining fast.
        This is very impressive as no medication can be so effective in stopping weight loss!

        Actually Hydrazine hits at the very core of a subject I am looking at – the more active cancer is, the higher the blood glucose becomes and the weight loss. Hydrazine seems to be good at stopping this process by inhibiting an enzyme responsible for lactic acid conversion to glucose in the liver. That was the theory, but now we see results from one of the first users I know directly.

        Maybe Hydrazine, maybe Basentabs, but it seems it works. And is easy to find on eBay. 🙂

        Another very good news I received today, is that a young lady with aggressive brain cancer received the news she was cured!!! 🙂 And the funny thing is that she was treated with intensive IV Curcumin schedule, at a hospital in USA (a cancer center not a private clinic). I still need to learn more details about that but I fully trust the lady who I met this summer.

        Kind regards,

        1. Hi Daniel,

          Thanks for the info, great to hear about the brain cancer Asem.

          I recently read Anca’s story actually and am now going to order some Hydrazine Sulfate. Only question is what dosage you recommend and if there is a trusted source?

          Thank you,

          1. Hi Meech,

            The dose is described in the article I posted in this comment

            There is a good article written on Hydrazine on Cancer Tutor

            I have no specific trusted source on this one but it should not be difficult to fin one. If you do not find a supplier let me know and I will search for you.

            Kind regards,

            1. D, you know we should have a list somewhere where everything is summarized.
              For most people trying to look through all sorts of information is tough.
              We could have a list with perhaps 4 or 5 columns: Name of treatment, safety, efficacy, availability.
              Sounds like a good idea.

            2. Hi J,

              I totally agree. This websites needs a summary, like a map. I thought of that many times.
              I do not think we can make a statement on efficacy, but we can make a statement regarding our expectations based on science and specific reports (science and anecdotes).

              But it is challenging to find time for everything I want to do, and the priority now is on building the basis for a successful Foundation in oncology (which I am doing in the background).
              I even did not had the chance to reply to some of your very interesting links which I intend to do.

              In the mean time, it would be great if you can create something on this line – we can improve it offline via e-mail and after that will implement it. What do you think?

              Kind regards,

            3. Dear Daniel.
              I’m expressing my desire to help, be a part of it, one man can do a lot, more people can do even more.
              It is unfortunate that my mother’s condition prevents me from doing just about anything.
              But once that changes for the good, we all hope…. i wish to be by your side in some way or another, to be able to help you in helping others in need.
              When good people come together, the outcome has to be great, i believe so.
              I hope you will find a place for me, things i can participate with.
              I have some skill sets, in certain situations they may help someone.
              Doing anything with you would most likely make me feel better than anything else everyone else is doing, or anything i would do on my own.
              You’re probably the most intelligent person i ever had the chance to talk to, please consider me for a trusted helping hand, a friend.
              Call me a dreamer, an idealist…exceedingly sentimental, i wish and hope everyone’s situation here gets to be great, and that we all come together finally, i feel we are all special, we have a special bond.

              My best wishes to you and your family.

            4. Hi Alex,

              Thank you very much but please … there are many people/friend more intelligent out of which some are writing or reading on this website.
              I very much appreciate your offer to help and will keep it in mind Alex, and let you know when I see an opportunity. Thanks again!

              Kind regards,

        2. My curiosity now is:
          Could Hydrazine be something everyone would benefit from, including my mother.
          Would Hydrazine be even more beneficial next to other at home pills, such as. Metformin, Aspirin, Diclofenac, HCA.
          I’m feeling this could be potentiated to offer even better results for a wide range of people in need so that one could at least gain a moment with their loved ones to say what needs be said if not more.
          Call me insane, stupid, mad, ignorant… i’ll probably never stop reminding myself and everyone about Aspirin, NSAID’s in general.
          Aspirin has been a miracle drug to my mother, without it she would have needed to be strongly sedated due to severe pain at the tumor site. Metformin and Diclofenac are also another couple of drugs that have helped at least with managing pain.

          Always happy to see you Daniel.
          Thank you very much.

  43. Dear all , hope you all are fine and doing good

    and sorry for not showing a lot these days

    I have a new update

    my mother did her fifth TACE today

    but Prof Vogl said that the results are mixed

    a part of her liver tumor did shrink a little bit , but also there is a part that increased in size

    also he said that the increased part is the reason of why my mother feels weak and tired

    also Prof Vogl said that the increase is because we didn’t come in the right time , its been 11 weeks since the last TACE


    I don’t know the overall result , my father didn’t tell me everything yet , I feel bad and scared a lot

    the strange thing is that all the mets around her body are stable like always , but the liver tumors are like a hell 🙁

    1. I’m fine , just busy because I started working from the early morning to late night

      my mother aren’t doing good , she is barely moving most of the time , very tired and feels pain all over her body

      not because of TACE , its complicated , low HB , she also catched a cold , there is inflammation in her left lung

      yesterday was the 5th TACE session , in general all the tumors on the liver did shrink even after 2.5 months from the 4th TACE

      but there is a clean area in the liver which wasn’t targeted by TACE , and because of delay of treatment the tumors did grow there

      but all the other parts of the liver tumor did shrink

      we have to continue for now , we don’t have any other option

      also to mention , one of the important things I forget to mention , I didn’t give my mother any other treatment , I used to give my mother 3-BP , Salinomycin , DCA or Methylglyoxal

      but I didn’t give anything in the last 3 months


      how things are going on your side ?

      hope things are under control with the current treatment you are doing

      always wish the best for you sirsna

  44. Update

    sent from prof Vogl

    Pre-recording of 20.10.2017 on the correlation present.
    Significant increase of intrahepatic lesions in both liver lobes, exemplarily in the liver segment 4/8 currently 6.7 x 6.3 cm, previously measuring 4.4 x 3.6 cm, further focal lesions in liver segment 4 currently 6.9 x 5.0 cm, previously 3.7 x 3.9 cm measuring. As well as significantly increasing lesions in the left lobe of the liver.
    No cholestasis.
    Unchanged representation of the kidneys. Unchanged renal cyst on the right side.
    No adrenal cavity.
    Minimal perihepatic free. Fluid can be delimited.
    Increasing para-aortic and mesenteric lymph nodes in the upper abdomen.
    Gross increase of intrahepatic lesions in the course.
    Progressive disease.
    Friendly greetings

    1. Emad, you are such a hero!
      You have been doing such an amazing job.

      Some suggestions: Vitamin C and E260

      All day iv dosing of vitamin C.
      This was my big new insight for 2017.
      the original research from the 1970s found that Vitamin C was effective when given for prolonged periods.
      Duration is more important than dose. (see Vitamin C thread).
      Most patients experienced at the least rapid symptomatic benefit.

      E260 would be a great one to have on the shelf if needed.
      It specifically depletes energy supply in cancer cells.
      This one could be better than 3BP!
      There are several ways that you could amplify its its if needed.
      You would need to do a 9 step synthesis.
      A clinical trial is expected in a year.

      You are such an inspiration to us on the forum!

      1. Thank you for being here with us J

        the greate info you are sharing is the best thing can any human do in his life

        I’m so much interested in this approach of using Vitamin C for longer duration , I will do my best to try it

        regarding E260 , aren’t there any ready made source for it ? its hard for me to synthesis it

        1. Emad, you are doing such an amazing job! Month after month, it finally wears you down.
          I am so glad that you added these kind words because I started to feel that I was not giving everyone the best possible information. I am giving the best ideas that I know of, though I suspect that someone else might offer even better suggestions. I firmly believe that the cure now exists, though it is not absolutely clear to me what it is.
          Vitamin C might not be the absolutely best curative treatment, though the research found that most patients did feel better with the extended dosing. At a certain point in cancer, at least feeling better is very important. The symptomatic relief of serious pain and other problems would be a great relief for many.

          I realize that going the synthesis route is an extra burden, though I think that this now needs to be stressed. Simple administration of raw chemicals should be avoided. There are so many of these advanced formulations now and many of them are not that difficult to make.

          With E260 there are 9 steps and I have reviewed the synthesis again and I am developing an even better understanding of it. It does not look difficult. I have sourced all the needed chemicals at the chemical stores. I found 2 starter chemicals that look expensive through Sigma (they cost about $5000 for a 5g yield. Yet, other suppliers appear to offer these at much reduced prices.) Perhaps you could ask around to find someone who might be able to do this for you. It would be such a comfort for you to have this on the shelf. At some point progressive cancer simply becomes overwhelming and you need some option. E260 looks like a very solid standby.

          The daily mouse dosing was 25 mg/kg –> 2500 mg for a 100 kg mouse –> 200 mg for a 100 kg person –> 100 mg for a 50 kg person (roughly). Best to start much lower than that possibly 1 mg per day. I think they dosed the mice twice a day peritoneally. There has been no dosing as of yet in humans, though the drug was designed to block FerT which in mice was only found in a sperm protein. I realize that this is not a perfect choice, though I hope that you find it a useful suggestion. The synthesis would take 2 or 3 days.

          Other synthesis for example with 3-BP would also be worthwhile to consider. By synthesizing better formulations you then have a more effective drug with fewer side effects that will more specifically target cancer. It is possible that many people who have tried unformulated 3-BP would have done considerably better if they had used a liposomal or other delivery system.

          I know that you are extremely stressed, though I want to try and reach you and give you advice that could help you. E260 might seem out of the way, though the recent article about it showed strong preclinical results. We both know that shutting off the cancer mitochondria in the way proposed would likely have very powerful anti-cancer effects while it would be reasonable to expect few side effects. Without active mitochondria, cancer cells would be EXTREMELY vulnerable. From the 1974 Scottish research into Vitamin C, a clear cell renal patient (This cancer type has few if any mitochondria) given only 1.5 days oral dose of vitamin C at 10 g per day developed a fatal TLS response on the third day. E260 appears to shut down mitochondria in a wide range of cancers. After this very highly specific first hit, almost any hit to glycolysis should have a massive anti-cancer effect. I am sure that it would be a great relief to you if the only thing that you had to worry about was that you had a cancer treatment that had even more treatment horsepower than was needed. This would clearly be one to have on the shelf just in case.

          I hope my comments will be of help to you.
          Best Wishes, J

          1. Thank you so much dear J

            regarding Vitamin C , what do you think about the administration route ?

            is it possible to gain a good results with any oral Vit C ? or better to use oral liposomal Vit C ? or its better just to use IVs ?

            1. Emad, iv would seem the best choice, though this could also be supplemented with oral and liposomal.
              Probably to start you would want to go slowish as the tumor burden subsided. Need to be careful of TLS
              and G6PD. Post to the Vitamin C thread and we could talk about this more.

    2. Dear Emad,
      Please work on phlorizin with TACE.
      That would be a powerful,perfect and a clear solution.I can sent a mail to your dr about phlorizin.
      There is a good example in phlorizin patent.
      They block the blood circulation on leg and gave phlorizin with chemo for melanoma if i true remember.
      Kind Regards

      1. Thank you bro for your support

        I really wish if the hospital in Germany can give it but its unlikely

        what I could do is to buy it and teach my father how to give it to my mother before doing TACE

        to be honest I have a lot of things that I can give to my mother (Salinomycin + 3BP + MG + Phlotizin + Vit C)

        from these choices I can only choose 2 maximum , I’m working day and night all the time just to make it possible to get more

        and again Ergin , thank you for your suppot even when things are going very hard on your side

        may God give your father a long healthy life

        1. Dear Emad,
          I think you misunderstood my message or i misunderstood Tace.
          I knew that you give chemo directly to the veins which goes to tumor in Tace.I mean a local treatment,isnt it?
          If yes ,there is good option with phlorizin.
          You first give phlorizin with Tace,NOT a 24 hour treatment ,it is very easy and local.We can discuss this.
          Kind Regards

      1. Hi W

        I did 3-BP + Sal with the first and second TACE sessions , and the results were good

        then I changed to MG with third TACE session and still things were good

        but with the forth TACE I didn’t use anything , I run out of MG , and the port was blocked so I was no longer able to give 3-BP and Sal

        I’m sure things get bad because we wasted so much time after the forth TACE , but also it looks like the problem was more than that , and what made it worse is because I stopped giving anything

        1. Hi Emad

          It is clear you always did your best within your possibilities. You live in a messed up country with no constant access to the stuff you need and still you are here, fighting for your mother with internationally recognised experts.

          with much respect,

    3. Dear Emad, sorry to read Your Mothers news.
      Do You have next plan what to do?
      Does she takes Basentabs?

      I am just back from hospital from 4th chemo. Waiting for abdomen CT results. This time we were 5 women in hospital room, one young lady 31 years old, mother of 3, she has mets in brain, liver, lungs , pancreas, not yet histology report, but her cancer marker was high Beta hcg, some kind of placental cancer. Other woman was dying with lots of pain and ascites in abdomen. Not easy to see that all.

      1. sirsna, I have been very impressed by minicells as a cancer for quite some time now. It is hard to believe but in mouse experiments they achieved curative responses with nM doses of chemo. Very startling.

        Minicells have moved into human clinical trials and the results have been somewhat mixed. There is a flu that develops that lasts for about a day and that has held back reporting the stunning results published in mice.

        A few years ago another research team created a minicell strain that was GRAS (generally regarded as safe). This strain is expected to have no side effects due to a lack of LPS. This minicell treatment could have extremely impressive results. With the mice, it was possible to have curative responses using thousands of times lower chemo dosing.

        The original research was published 3 years ago, contacting the research group about this would not be a bad idea.
        I would think that they would be very interested in accumulating human data. For a treatment many thousands of times better than chemo
        it could be a great treatment for you.

        PMID: 25341464

        Best Wishes, J

      2. I’m sorry that you are seeing all this 🙁

        its devastating , I hope it doesn’t let you down

        no my mother is not taking basentabs , but the next plan is to do TACE like before but just try to come in time and not going late like before

        also prof Vogl added Xeloda (oral chemo tablets) , and soon will return to use 3-BP , Sal and others when possible

        I’m worried about how is the CT results ?

        I will pray for your health

        1. Hi Emad
          I hope that your dear mother this well with his treatment of TACE.might ask you a question, based on your experience with salinomycin, do you think that the salt is equally effective as the salinimicina that you can buy in Sigma Aldrich?.Thank you for your help Emad

          1. Hi marcos

            my mother is still feeling weak and tired , the next TACE session will be after 10 days , we will see at that time how is the results

            regarding Salinomycin, you mean the difference between the expensive base version and the cheap salt version ?

            I didn’t notice any difference between the two versions , I used the base version twice , not enough to judge it , but it looks like the salt version , no clear difference in the effect , also no difference in the side effects

            hope you are doing good my friend

            i will answer any other question in details , just ask

            wish you all the best

  45. New Update

    2 days ago my mother did another TACE session

    prof Vogl said that in general the results are good , there are a good tumor shrinkage on the right side of the liver , but on the left side there is a little bit increase , he will send us a report soon

    but there is something I’m scared of

    when my father asked prof Vogl about how are the rest of the body , prof Vogl said, everything is good but there is some water in the belly

    my father said : what is it ?
    prof Vogl said : its caused by cancer , and its not important to talk about it for now , don’t worry


    ok what I know is that Ascites is a big problem , why prof Vogl doesn’t feel bad about it ? he didn’t prescribe any medication for it and even he wouldn’t talk about it

    is it really not important that much !!!

    I feel horrible whenever I hear the word Ascites

    1. Hi Emad,

      I think he actually meant that is not urgent. And I think prof Vogl role is to focus on what is important and urgent. Your role and that of your oncologist is to think on how to address what is important but not urgent, and start acting on it in time.
      It’s anyway good sign if he was not worried, but you need to start addressing that anyway.
      I wrote as some point a post on ascites that may help and we had some discussion on it as well, next to the recommendation of dr. Hada (see comments section in the post on Thalidomide).

      Kind regards,

          1. thank you J

            the trial results are promising , but as always it will take too much time to start any real trial on humans


            I was trying to increase my monthly income in the past few months , raised it to about 600 dollars per month , and I’m trying even more work to gain about 900 dollars monthly , but I’m spending almost all of it on things related to TACE (like traveling costs)

            good that the government did help on covering most of the TACE sessions cost + donations from good friends , but like always we expect the help may end soon as everything is limited

            also it looks like my mother will need more TACE sessions , and what I’m trying to do is not enough to continue on TACE , I’m seriously thinking to do fund-raising on websites like gofundme or youcaring

            that’s our only chance to move forward

            my mothers condition become worse at the end of 2017 because of treatment delay , also because I stopped giving her 3bp , sal and others

            and she have ascites now because of cancer progression

            but now I can see my mothers condition is improving again , I think if we succeed to do few more TACE sessions in the right time , maybe we will get rid of ascites

            I didn’t hear about a cancer patient having ascites even after he eliminates most of the tumors , (correct me if I’m wrong please)

            that’s my plan for now , to continue on TACE and support it with 3BP and others

            1. Dear Emad,

              Please make a short and clear summary that you want to add on Gofundme, and also send that to me on my e-mail. Based on that, I will make a post here with the goal of fundraising. Make sure you also have a way to receive donations like PayPal. Also, I would suggest to also create an account where you can receive Bitcoin and Etherum donations. If I would be you, I would give max priority to this and do it asap.

              Kind regards,

            2. Emad,We now very well know that salinomycin and nano collodial silver is very synergetic on
              Resistant cancer cells upto an article.Nearly X2 more effective.We always talked about improving chemo effectiveness.
              You can search for natural antibiotics also to help salinomycin.Natural antibiotics are not harmful.

            3. I always think about the protocol of salinomycin.Is it really a true protocol or not?.
              I never saw an antibiotic given 1-2 times per week.I really wonder daily small dosages!May be they tried this but i dont know.
              My friends dog was ill and she gave high dose antibiotic wrongly.The dog showed same side effects for 1 hour like salinomycin.Not important side effects ofcourse but i directly think about salinomycin.
              What do you think?

            4. Maybe we have to search how they give %25 purity salinomycin to chikens orally.
              It is cheap.Just an idea?.

            5. I highly believe on salinomycin , regarding its side effects : its strange , is really a response because of tumor lysis or its a side effect related to the drug itself ?

              like Daniel said , sometimes I give it to my mother and didn’t notice any side effect at all !!

              and sometimes small dose will trigger the side effects

            6. I am always near you Emad.I lost mom but i have moms here to help.I feel yours and others pains.My soul will be free when we find a very effective cancer treatment.

            7. Another big help from you as always , thank you so much for all your support

              I will focus on your suggestions, setting up an account for Bitcoin and Etherum or paypal are not challenging

              what looks hard is to find a fund raising platform that will accept us

              Gofundme only supports citizens from a few countries

              and YouCaring may shut down our fundraising campaign if they know we are related to Libya !

              my goal is to set up everything and get ready in less than 30 days

            8. Emad, I hope the OX40 TLR9 suggestion is helpful to you. Both OX40 and TLR9 have been in clinical trials for years and have both passed phase 1 trials. Perhaps it would now be offered in Germany. The intratumoral approach would seem to be a reasonably safe approach and the results in the mice were impressive.

            9. Indeed its helpful , I’m looking for every possible option I can do

              I don’t know if a doctor like prof Vogl is interested in trying it for my mother 😀

              is there any results on humans ?

            10. Emad, I have made many posts to the news thread about this.
              My post below might be especially insightful. When I went to and searched for phase 1 trials OX40 appears near the top in terms of enrollment numbers. There are thousands of patients being treated with this! Big pharma companies are making a very large bet on Ox40. It appears that all the major companies have one of these in development.

              The thing to notice is that the new research (in mice) is using super low intratumoral dosing about 100 times less than systemic dosing. The results that have been published to date for systemic dosing might not reflect what can happen when you inject the tumor directly.

              Perhaps you could contact the clinical trial that is set to use this new Ox40 TLR9 combo for their ideas. It might also be worthwhile to ask around the pharmas and see what their position on Right to Try access might be. Since everyone is developing them, there might be more of a chance that one of them would be willing to supply it.

              February 5, 2018 5:16 PM

            11. looks like there are a lot of news around it

              I’m still reading more and more , its very interesting

              but really I don’t know how to access it , what I hate about clinical trials that they are focusing on pushing the drug to the limit and not focusing on treating the patient , also they may give placebo to some patients

              how expensive it could be if they sell it to the public ?

              I’m trying to find a way to have it

      1. another thing to mention

        definitely there is a difference between the first 3 TACE sessions and the second 2 sessions

        the first 3 sessions were very good , I was using 3BP + Sal , or MG


        the other 2 sessions were not so good , only TACE and sometimes xeloda

        I have to convince my mother somehow to replace the port

      1. Hi Ergin

        he said water in the belly , which I know is ascites

        I was afraid all the time from it , and hear it is

        when I read about it , it seemed like it can be eliminated when you shrink cancer

        1. Please look for my reply to ergin, sorry i don’t want to be greedy and get all the attention.
          I hope you have some better news.
          If not, at least we are trying, it;s all we can do.
          Reply when you can.

          Good Luck,

  46. New Update

    Ascites is gone , and there is a good tumor regression

    my mother only did TACE + (1.5g Xeloda 2 weeks on 1 week off)

    also we still didn’t replace the old blocked port , we are planning to replace it soon

      1. Our family always talking about you, you are the one who suggested TACE for us and its really the greatest of all time

        thanking you is not enough

        1. Hi Emad, thank you but it’s you making the choices and making all the effort around implementing the choice. I hope you are still considering continuing the medical school. Once you have the port running please let me know and I will share with you a new idea including 2DG and chemo. When you go again to Germany you can buy it from a pharmacy near Frankfurt, ready made for IV. Kind regards, Daniel

          1. Yes i made the choice but without people like you, Jcancom and Ergin sharing all this information I wouldn’t be able to make any choice at all 🙂

            thanks for your willing to share new ideas , of course I will let you know immediately when the port is replaced

            regarding the pharmacy do they have a website ?

            thank you very very much

    1. You are a hero.You always deserve lots good of things.You always choose the right treatments on the exact time.
      You also listen Daniel carefuly.
      I am waiting for the 2DG news from Daniel without patience ?.
      If it works like phlorizin with same protocol,good and exciting days are waiting for us.

      1. Thank you dear Ergin

        I wish to collect all these great things , 2DG, phlorizin and the rest

        still i have 3bp + sal in the freezer , but waiting for the port to be replaced so I can return again to do my job

        I wish a very nice days for you and your entire family

        1. Hi Emad,
          If they are doing IPT without any side effects(which i did without any good responce),
          we can do Phlorizin or 2DG therapy with chemo.
          And with more efficieny+less side effects.
          Just keep it in mind.

            1. When it is resistant ,cancer cells are swimming inside cisplatin lab tray.This is real!

              I know a patient which TACE didnt work.
              Another patient partially worked.
              Thats why we need this website?

            2. Yes that’s right , in our case its partially working

              its shrinking the tumor but maybe 10% or little bit more each time

              i don’t know how things will end our real fight begins after we end TACE , trying to make things stable with 3bp , sal, phlorizin, 2DG and etc

    2. So i know this was a while back. But it kinda confirms it to me, being able to access the tumor directly has a great advantage. Being able to deliver drugs and bathe it with them.
      Isolation of the tumor from the rest of the body somehow, on it’s own would have great, almost miraculous result in those cases where the cancer type is not very metastatic in nature even without drugs being added into the mix.
      So i wonder… would there be a way to clog the “pipes” so that it doesn’t receive fuel anymore from anywhere.
      Isolation trough obstruction of blood flow, only at the tumor location.
      I theorize that maybe the cancer tumor outputs some chemical that could be more or less unique to it’s “lifestyle”, this chemical could possibly bond with some drug of sorts that would turn viscous and block the capillary vessels right next to the tumor. Blocking all blood flow, leaving the tumor to turn into necrotic stuff. Chemo and surgery to clean it out after that.

      As for your latest reply to me.
      I’m glad you feel stronger when thinking about me. what can i say… i got muscles i got brains, but i am not all that strong as to make others feel strong, or am i?
      I lift my mother daily, with my spine issues, i risk paralysis myself, but there’s nobody else to do what i have to do.
      So in the end i am not sure if it’s strength or need, perhaps both, one more than the other.
      Am i brave? i have no choice, i wish i had. There are no real choices, those who believe they have choices, it’s those who abandon their loved ones with the illusion of choice, we can not leave our mothers to fate just because of this concept of “choice”, there is none.
      My spirit is similar to a terminator’s… i have a mission. indeed i am only human, but the way i feel now, even if i was paralyzed, i would crawl and would bring her water to bed.
      As for brains…. i once thought i can cure cancer, i was like… cancer? surely i can solve yet another problem right???
      I was so used to solving problems…
      So maybe i’m not that smart as i thought and sadly for us, neither is everyone else, maybe by a little yeah.
      For us it can seem like a huge gap, but neah… of this i am sure, it’s just an illusion.

      To conclude.
      Yes cancer is extremely complex and difficult to deal with from so many angles.
      TACE seems to me, is one of those things that people did and saw that it was good, and i come back a bit saying, the more closer we get to it, the more we can kill it, or at least make it bleed, and if it bleeds, we can kill it.
      Sure not everyone can be saved, but a greater chunk of people will survive, if we find a way…
      So i keep thinking, what makes the cancer cell unique? Is there anything about it that the rest of the cells simply don’t have it.

      Mom is getting out of clinic in a few days, Doctor is turning her back at me when i try to say anything other than hello.

      Stay strong.

      1. Thank you dear Alex, I will be sure to be strong always

        I wish both you and your mother enjoy a long living happy life, i wish the same for my self 🙂

        you are doing a great job helping your mother all the way, she is lucky to have you


        I don’t know what makes cancer cell unique, I believe that once we know that we will solve the puzzle, but I have a mission in my mind, there are so many promising treatments, and many people cannot try them because they are afraid to try, well I can try and I want to try but still a lot of things are blocking me from doing so

        I believe I may find a helpful treatment when I try so many of them


        regarding isolation of tumor, because of low blood counts looks like prof Vogl suggested to switch to TAE instead of TACE

        TAE is only blocking blood supply on tumors with no chemotherapy !

        It seems to me a less powerful treatment but with much less side effects

        when I read about it, they say that there is no difference between the results of both TAE or TACE , the both have almost the same results !

        if Daniel reads my comment I wonder what’s his opinion on TAE compared to TACE

        1. Hi Emad,

          there are various studies with various results regarding your question on TAE vs TACE, depending on the tumor type and chemo used.
          Essentially, TAE leads to anti cancer effects due to the reduction of supplies at the tumor while TACE comes with the same + chemo effects (positive and negative).

          The results in general depend on the resistance of the specific tumors to chemo:
          – If tumors are resistant to chemo, TAE should be equal with TACE in terms of anti cancer effects but TACE may add some side effects from chemo that could lead to worse results overall.
          – If on the other hand chemo is effective in killing cancer cells, off-course TACE is a better option.
          So overall, it’s about the expectations on the chemo effectiveness related to the tumor type. Literature and chemosensitivity tests may represent a guide in this case.

          It makes sense that regardless of the approached used, TAE or TACE, angiogenesis inhibitors should further help since the tumors will intensify the growth signals for new blood vessels when supplies are low. Literature is supporting this view.

          Kind regards,

            1. Hi Emad,

              Not sure about 3BP in TACE. That is too experimental. About TAE you could ask what he thinks is best. He is the expert and can decide. What is the chemo he is now using? Cisplatin with Mitomycin? Besides this, what I think could be important to consider is the combo of chemo with 2DG. If your doctors are willing to implement in your country and that is legal, I can check with US doctors and academics if they are willing to support your doctors with the implementation. Will be done in a way similar to Phlorizin + chemo. We will soon arrange the implementation of this for advanced cancer patients, at a few clinics in Germany. When ready, I will make an announcement in a post.

              Kind regards,

            2. Hi Daniel

              Yes prof Vogl is using Cisplatin with Mitomycin

              I asked him about TACE vs TAE, he said that TACE is often more effective

              Also asked him :
              – how about using something like 2DG or 3-bromopyrovate that may replace chemotherapy ? or you don’t suggest these things ?

              He said :
              – Thanks yes i worked with bromo
              – Too experimental too unpretictable
              – Best regards. Tv
              – We will work with embolisation material


              I’m happy to hear about doctors willing to do the chemo + 2DG combo for advanced cancers, it’s a good step

              I don’t know if the doctors in my country are interested, I should ask some of them first

              I will wait until the announcement, then I will see our doctors and what can they do about it

              Many thanks Daniel

            3. HI Emad,

              You are very welcome, like always! Thanks for sharing prof Vogl’s response. So it seems there is a good coherence between his response and my response: “too experimental” … nice to see that.
              2DG by TACE: only if you can apply 2DG continuously for longer time, e.g. during 48h … so it depends on how long the embolization material stays there. Maybe you could check that with prof Vogl but I thought it staid only for several hours? If he can use material that keeps the substance at the tumor location for days, 2DG would indeed make sense.

              Off-course if the doctors in your country are not interested I will still share the info with you on the treatment concept – but would be best to have them involved.

              Kind regards,

            4. Yes when he answered me I thought you were responding not him 😀

              but still I’m not so comfortable with TAE, I once decided to ask him to do 3bp or any other experimental treatment when chemo no longer gives benefit

              when we do TACE , the results almost are 10% improvement or a little bit more

              but with TAE, could it improve the results by almost 10% ? hard to know

              I begin to think about something stupid like liver transplantation

              since my mother finished her chemotherapy in 2013, it was almost no disease progression happened except for the liver tumors

              its like we are fighting primary liver cancer not breast cancer !!!

              its disturbing to think about all these challenges

              anyway, I hope things become better somehow soon

              Thank you Daniel

        2. Thank you Emad
          So, i’m at least smart i guess…. didn’t know there was a thing called TAE.
          Sadly it seems it’s useful in only a few cases. I’m thinking of something for a more general use.
          Like in the case of my mother, it’s not a tumor in an organ, it’s on spine, tissues of multiple types. Vessels there are mostly capillary i guess.
          So i am thinking of some substance, a polymer of sorts that would block blood flow when it comes in contact with the tumor, maybe because this substance meets with another that only the tumor outputs.
          This is only in my imagination of course…..
          It’s nice to think about possible solutions,
          Should such a treatment be possible in the future, i’m guessing it would have incredible results.
          I imagine this polymer would have a certain life in the body, and over time would be excreted trough urine.
          Say a one time IV with such a substance would block blood flow at the tumor site effectively for a 12 hour time or maybe even a few days. The result i guess would be massive tumor necrosis. Supporting treatments would be needed and monitoring.

          Yet again i say, this is only in my mind… then again so were many other things in the past, they were day dreamers, and after that they became famous.

          Or is this yet another situation where i am not aware of some experiment with nano particles and stuff? Might be.

          1. I hope the thoughts in your mind becomes reality

            yes unfortunately TAE is not useful in your case but, overall prof Vogl offers more than that

            Laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT)
            Uterine fibroid embolization
            Ozone therapy in cases of herniated vertebral disks
            PTA, stents, embolization
            Radiofrequency tumor ablation
            Selective internal radiotherapy with SIR-spheres
            Transpulmonary chemoembolization (TPCE)
            Transarterial percutaneous chemoembolization (TACE)
            Transarterial chemoperfusion (TACP)
            Transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic stent-shunt

            I don’t know which one could help in your situation

            and regarding nano particles I think Jcancom is the best who knows about those kind of techniques

          2. @Alex: the idea of strong anti-angiogenesis therapy is no good, there are many articles with the same conclusion, that it makes the surviving cancer cells more aggresive.
            I commented on this so others don’t follow this idea right now. Maybe combining such a therapy with HIF-1a inhibitors, and other substances that inhibit cancer cells’ adaptation would work, but this has yet to be proven.

            1. Hi Ovidiu,

              Reg the anti angiogenesis:
              – when tumors are large: if effective (which is not always the case) anti angiogenessi will help at least on short term, possibly mid-term. On long term you are right in that tumors will find other ways to get their nutrients as discussed e.g. in this post on Acetate
              – if tumors are small anti angio genesis may help also on long term, such as this example

              Kind regards,

            2. @Daniel: my point was “strong anti-angiogenesis therapy is no good”, not that “anti-angiogenesis is no good”.
              If I would have linked many articles where strong anti-angiogenesis led to an increase in cancer aggressiveness and shorter survival, my comment would have been treated as spam…
              It’s not just that tumors find other ways (increase secretion of pro-angiogenic factors, switch dependence from VEGF to bFGF or PDGF) but after strong anti-angiogenic therapy (before vasculature normalization) several cancer stem markers get upregulated and stay high.

            3. Thanks Ovidiu.
              1. Could you please explain what you are referring to when speaking about “strong anti angiogenesis”? Adding links should be fine now that I found the origin of why the comments containing links were immediately rejected. In the worse case the comment should now arrive in my spam section and I will off-coarse approve it.
              2. Although via different mechanisms, increased aggressiveness is characteristic for many treatments that are either not completely effective or not sustained for long enough time. That’s why I think it is important to use strategies that can attack from multiple direction at the same time.

            4. @Daniel: by “strong anti angiogenesis” I understand what Alex proposed above, to “block blood flow for 12h or more”. This would result in greatly increased hypoxia within the tumor, and subsequent adaptation, by increasing metastatic properties of the surviving cancer cells. Currently, anti-angiogenic therapy works best as an adjuvant to chemo, by normalizing the tumor vasculature, without much increase in hypoxia. If specific hypoxia-activated drugs are available, they could be used to target the resistant cells.

            5. Thanks for clarifying Ovidiu. That helps. In general, anti angiogenesis is good to gain some time but finally not so good as the other treatments like chemo and many other will stop working as they can not reach the tumor at the right dose. If the tumor is large, will find it’s way to continue its growth – if small it may be killed by anti-angiogenesis (like mentioned above) It’s always a difficult decision what route to take as each choice comes with risks. This is the same with anti angio-genesis. It also depends on what are the other available options. Your idea is very good: hypoxia-activated drugs are available. Hypoxia leads to high acidity around the tumors. Diflunisal is one that will be activated in such an environment. And it does not have to enter the cell in order to work. Please have a look at my post on Diflunisal and the patent referenced where it explains more on the mechanism.

            6. Hi ovidiu

              you may heard about my mother she will have TAE (bland embolization to block the blood flow on liver tumors)

              do you feel like it will make cancer more aggressive after the blood flow returns normal again ?

              what kind of supportive treatments you may feel its wise to combine with TAE ?

            7. @Emad: it will make the cancer (the surviving cells) more aggressive BEFORE the blood flow returns to normal, because of the induced hypoxia and answer to it.
              In order to get up to date on the matter, I found and am reading several recent articles on anti-angiogenic therapy and hypoxia, I will try to provide a more comprehensive answer later.
              Please list here, if you know, what chemo will the TAE involve, so I can understand if it addresses (or not) the hypoxia issue.
              I am quoting below from one of the articles I am reading, so you understand that my position is not without base:

              Previous studies have shown that resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy is associated with hypoxia-induced alterations, VEGF independent cytokine-driven endothelial growth, mobilization of bone marrow-derived pro-angiogenic hematopoietic cells or endothelial progenitors, and vessel co-option. Anti-angiogenic
              therapy inhibits tumor growth effectively by reducing vessel density; however, the subsequent expression of hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) and the responsive genes (for example, VEGF, VEGFR, carbonic anhydrase [CA] IX, and CAXII) can lead to therapeutic resistance. In recent years, there has been growing
              evidence that hypoxia-triggered overexpression of HIF subunits and the activated downstream pathways play a critical role in resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy.

            8. TAE is TACE without using chemo

              its just blocking the blood flow on liver tumors with no chemo

              prof Vogl used to TACE with Cisplatin and Mitomycin

              but because of low blood counts he will not use chemo and will only block the blood flow

              I read some articles that suggest anti-angiogenisis with TAE, but TAE it self is a kind of anti-angiogenisis or that how I feel

              and more importantly as a last note : my mother may continue to take Capecitabine 1500mg daily (2 weeks on 1 week off)

              so its more like blocking the blood flow on the liver tumors, and giving Capecitabine systemically

            9. @Emad: it seems prof Vogl understood the hypoxia issue, since both Cisplatin and Mitomycin are acting stronger under hypoxia. However, they are not hypoxia-activated, like Tirapazamine and Evofosfamide.
              Capecitabine is converted into 5FU much better under hypoxic conditions, but 5FU is much less effective under such conditions.
              Conventional anti-angiogenesis, like with Bevacizumab, has 3 phases: initial tumoral hypoxia, after 3 – 5 days a vasculature normalization (reduced hypoxia) and then a tumor (unfortunately not only…) vasculature collapse (strong hypoxia).
              During TACE or TAE there seems to be no time for a vasculature normalization during the procedure, my guess is that it’s just hypoxia until the end of the procedure.
              There are 2 ways to deal with the increase in tumor hypoxia during embolization, to inhibit Hif-1a (and maybe Hif-2 too) and to use hypoxia activated prodrugs.
              I am going to list just the Pubmed IDs of the articles, not the full links, so this comment won’t get trashed. The next two are about TACE and hypoxia activated prodrugs, but with primary liver cancer, not mets.

              Hypoxia-activated cytotoxic agent tirapazamine enhances hepatic artery ligation-induced killing of liver tumor in HBx transgenic mice.
              PMID: 27702890

              Preclinical Benefit of Hypoxia-Activated Intra-arterial Therapy with Evofosfamide in Liver Cancer.
              ©2016 American Association for Cancer Research.
              PMID: 27440271

              Agents that inhibit Hif-1a are: Albendazole, Shikonin, Silver nanoparticles, Acriflavine (which also inhibits EMT), metronomic (continuous low dose) chemotherapy. And a Multimodal targeting of tumor vasculature looks promising.

              HIF-1α- Targeting Acriflavine Provides Long Term Survival and Radiological Tumor Response in Brain Cancer Therapy.
              PMID: 29097800

              Acriflavine Inhibits Acquired Drug Resistance by Blocking the Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and the Unfolded Protein Response.
              PMID: 27987431

              Silver nanoparticles inhibit the function of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 and target genes: insight into the cytotoxicity and antiangiogenesis.
              PMID: 27994464

              Multimodal targeting of tumor vasculature and cancer stem-like cells in sarcomas with VEGF-A inhibition, HIF-1α inhibition, and hypoxia-activated chemotherapy.
              PMID: 27374091

              My advice is to talk to prof Vogl about Tirapazamine, Evofosfamide, Acriflavine and Silver nanoparticles, and their possible use in TACE (or just after TACE).

            10. Thank you very very much ovidiu for your great information

              I will talk to prof Vogl about them and will share his response hear

              wish you all the best

            11. Ovidiu, it’s just my mind wondering… nothing very realistic, i’m talking about an ideal sealant of the tumor trough blocking bloodflow on each and every blood vessel reaching the tumor.
              I’m sorry i started this.
              I realize that even if it could be done in practice reality is harsh and the cancer will likely come back, however if it could be done, it could prove to be a good solution to extend survival and increase quality of life.
              I mean, perhaps being able to shrink a tumor from say, 7cm3 to 1cm3 would be awesome. and maybe some drugs or other therapies could help kill the rest.
              Again… only theory….
              There is a fotopolymer used to fill dental cavities, it solidifies once exposed to UV rays.
              Here it was…. just a thought. Nothing more.
              And, while the effects would be very similar if not identical to anti-angiogenesis drug therapies, what i am daydreaming of isn’t actually anti-angiogenic in nature.
              It’s a ideal perfect sealant that flows as a liquid but turns viscous and sticky once it reaches the tumor, like latex or something like that, glue….
              The situation where i imagine this to be useful is a case where there is no established metastasis and the cancer itself isn’t very metastatic in nature, non small cells things like that.
              This daydream would at least reduce the tumor’s volume if not completely cure the person, provided extra measures are taken such as drug therapies etc.

              Yes i know… stupid, crazy, useless.
              It’s just me rambling, and i apologize.
              I was only trying in my mind to imagine some sort of solution to my mom’s disease.
              That took me to: How to isolate cancer from the host? question.
              Because…. cancer is so complicated, i wanted in my mind to take the more easy approach, and it came to me that isolation of the tumor could be very beneficial, at least on short term, i mean, that’s what surgery is trying to do. To isolate the tumor from the host.
              But in my mind i try to find elegant solutions. That’s not to say they would be better.
              I’m also challenging myself always because, i still hope i am smart enough, yes i’m naive, but so were many others before me and they got somewhere, maybe there’s more to be done ahead.

              Have a great weekend and sorry again to Ovidiu and Daniel.

            12. @Alex: don’t be sorry for mentioning this, I had a similar idea years ago, but after reading stuff, I decided it’s risky. The response to anti-angiogenic therapy varies from one kind of cancer to another and probably between patients too, so no one can tell for sure the outcome.
              Even if you’d shrink a tumor from 7 to 1 cm3, if the remaining cancer cells are much more resistant, then the long term outcome is worse.
              If there were an anti-angiogenic therapy that would kill 100% of the cells within a tumor, then it would be successful on it’s own, but this hasn’t happened yet.
              Something like an impermeable “skin” around the tumor, including some peritumoral tissue where CSCs could be found, now that could kill 100% of the cells within, but it’s not available afaik.

              You don’t have to apologize, I apologize if I made you uncomfortable, it wasn’t my intention.

      2. Yes Alex,
        There is a way to kill cancer cells and not healthy cells.
        Hyperthermia,if used wisely and you
        already know the protocol.
        We have to trust the articles.Or we must wait for years for a doctor to try it again .Make it an article and wait for another lots of years.

        1. Brother,
          We are back from clinic… after 2 weeks….
          Tomorrow i have more papers and things like that to deal with, getting the oxigen aparatus
          For now she is better, but still paralysis on left arm and right one weakened. But compared to first day, much better.

          More information in the coming days.

          PS, take care of yourself.

  47. Ascites is back again

    the reason is unclear

    last TACE session was less than 1 month ago, I can’t imagine that cancer could do anything in this short time under TACE effect !

    but this is how things started

    last week my mother started to feel weak quickly and suddenly , and she was under Xeloda

    3 days ago she felt even weaker, I told my family that she must do CBC immediately

    she did CBC and just as I expected, it was bad

    HB was 6.5
    RBC was 1.5

    the others are very low too

    severe anemia , I think it’s the reason why she is weak, so we decided to do blood transfusion, 3 units

    2 days before she took 1 unit, she felt a little bit better but still she feels weak and the symptoms of anemia are still there

    yesterday she started to complain about her stomach, it is distended and it’s doing some pressure on her

    today she will take another unit , and next Saturday she will take the third unit

    but why ascites ?!

    in my opinion, I think severe anemia did increase pressure and making the organs weaker, and the liver was affected and become weaker due to severe anemia which again caused ascites

    I hope i’m right, but also maybe i’m just lying on my self

      1. I think you mean more than just WBC’s right ?

        for WBC’s they are low , but I think you mean immune system in general , but I don’t know if it’s linked to ascites ?!

        1. Hi Emad,sorry to hear this ascite again.
          Do you have more DCA at home?
          Lest ask it to Daniel if it helps ascites or not!
          But we dont know what is the cause,liver or tumor?

  48. Holy God, after days of searching and trying to find donors with AB+ type

    after we got 2 donors , we went to hospital at late night to do blood transfusion with those 2 units

    but we found nothing !!!

    the freaking hospital just rob those 2 units at the end and left us like we are nothing !!!

    no comment

    1. So sad to hear this.
      I wish i was there so i could donate. i’m not sure but maybe i have the same blood type.
      I heard another story like that here, a guy asked his friend to donate for his father, when he went to get the blood, the person who collected the blood had already sold it for a few hundred euro.

      I think the immune system has something to do with ascites. Inflamation and maybe more than that.

      let me know

      1. Hi Alex, I hope your mother is good

        thank you for your concern, when I was with my mother in the hospital I felt sad and weak, but when I thought about you I felt stronger 🙂

        Yes it made us angry

        tonight my mother did blood transfusion, 2 units

        yesterday she got 1 unit

        she feels better, but also she didn’t complain about her stomach anymore !

        I hope it’s gone again

        and yes I believe inflammation has important role with ascites, CRP needs to be measured

        wish you all the best my friend

    2. Hi Emad, I was also very sad to read this, I can only imagine your frustration and wish I could help. I hope that things have improved for you since you wrote this post.

      1. Thank you very much Shanti

        yes it was frustrating to all our family and friends

        and yes like you said, things become better now and my mother did blood transfusion after we found other donors

        Kind regards

        1. Hello Emad
          I’m glad that your mother go to improve little by little you are a warrior against the cancer. How can I contact the professor Vogl,has the mail from the hospital where he works or clinic?

          1. Thank you so much marcos

            this is the email address that we use to contact prof Vogl

            T.Vogl (at)

            he is working in Frankfurt hospital

            let me know if I can help you with anything

  49. Hello Emad
    It´s been some months since I joined this group and my situation is very similar to yours and many here. Both my parents have breast and prostate advanced cancers and all my spare time goes to researching and trying to help them with as much information as I can get.
    Recently i have been researching on hormonal treatments options for deseases that after some time became resistant to it. In the last 5 years articles on Androgen receptor´s role on some cancers lines have been constatly growing and there are some trials going on. There are even some doctors in US who are already implementing testosterone and testosterone antagonists in their treatments, despite the fact that they are not still ” well stablished”.
    Have you , Daniel or someone else, ever read something about this? Since your mother has hormone sensitive breast cancer, returning to hormonal treatment could be an option. I´m seriously considering this for my mother : Xeloda+ supraphysiological testosterone dose+ aromatase inhibitor.

    1. Hi Marcio,

      I am very sorry to hear about this situation.
      Could you please share your findings with us as well on breast and prostate? The intention is to learn from each other here.

      I did wrote two articles related to your question: In the comments section of this post there is also a discussion on testosterone used as a treatment

      If you have any specific question here please let me know.

      Kind regards,

  50. For the third time ascites is happening again

    it happens almost immediately after blood transfusion

    2 weeks ago it happened after 24 hours after 1 unit blood transfusion

    and I gave my mother small dose of diuretics for only 1 day, and things went fine for the entire week

    after that (4 days ago) my mother did receive 3 units of blood

    and after less than 24 hours her abdomen distended and become bothering her

    I gave her diuretics and she felt good again for 2 days , but today again she feels some distention

    I really don’t know whats going on, if the cancer is responsible for this, how come can cancer do progress this quickly in a short time after a very good TACE result !

    things are very very weird and disturbing me so much

  51. Update :-

    Good improvement in general, there is no ascites

    the abdominal distention maybe some side effects but it has nothing to do with the liver

    prof Vogl did TACE and not TAE, but this time he used just one chemo drug (Irinotecan)

    he didn’t use Cisplatin or Mitomycin because of very low platelets

      1. Sorry for my late response

        we are now fighting with high fever, it started on last night, this night it reached almost 40C, we did go to a clinic to manage it, its probably an infection, she is now on antibiotics (ceftriaxone)

        WBC is 4.2 which is somhow better than before
        Platelets 15 , before the last tace it was 14

        we are trying to do platelets transfusion as soon as possible to remove the blocked port which may help causing the infection


        regarding the treatment plan, there are new changes more than just Irinotecan

        prof Vogl said 2 things that are not well understood

        1- he said that my mother is good and stable but still the situation is critical
        2- he said : no need for regular tace anymore , part 1 is done, we will switch to the part 2 , and will discuss the options like ablation

        so whats happening ? I don’t know

        when I hear the word critical it makes me think that the situation is still not good and the tumors are still big, but when he talks about part 1 completed and its time to do ablation , it makes me feel like tumors are small enough to treat them with ablation !?

        1. Hi Emad,

          In order to try to understand the reason for moving on to ablation, I would need to know what is the size of the tumor in respect to the point prior to starting first TACE.

          If I would go for ablation, I would do my best to build a treatment strategy around that including anti inflammatory and anti metastasis approaches, some of which we discussed on this website. Next to that, I would add treatments against circulating tumor cells/cancer stem cells, such as Salinomycin, to use several times after the ablation.

          Kind regards,

          1. Unfortunately I don’t know about the tumor sizes

            regarding the treatment strategy you mentioned, I can understand from your words that ablation may lead to inflammation and increased metastasis (more aggressiveness)

            I don’t know if diclofenac is a good anti-inflammation choice, cimetidine is for anti-metastasis

            I still have some Salinomycin its stored in the freezer as a solution for about 7 months

            also I think its OK to give it as IV through a cannula and port is not necessary (its not like 3bp)

            the next visit to prof Vogl will be on June 20th , until that time I will do my best to be prepared

            thank you always Daniel 🙂

            1. I remember I used solution after 6 months from prep, and stored at -20C. Still doing it’s job. I never liked to be left without Sal so I always had a buffer. You may want to consider this approach as well Emad 🙂

            2. Hello Emad .first of all I would like to encourage you and give you my support in the struggle that these taking place that will end with success .I wanted to ask you a question as used 3BP used the version with buffered or unbuffered.Did you observe any side effects after administration?.Do you think that it is better to use the buffer proposed by Dr. Ko,sodium phosphate,glycerol,inositol and sorbitol?.Thanks as always and continues with your struggle you are a source of inspiration for me

            3. Forgiveness Daniel I also have a question for you,if in 120 mg of 3BP the buffer would be Nabic 2 ml to 8.4 %.How many ml of the solution of the doctor Ko would be required for these 120 mg 3BP.Thanks I have read all of the patent but don’t understand

            4. No need for apologizing Marco. We typically used about 2mg/kg in 500ml NaCl as explained in the post on 3BP. We usually divided in two: 1mg/kg in 250ml NaCl first given in about 1 hour or a little more and when that was nearly finished, we would prepare the other half, i.e. 1mg/kg in 250ml NaCl. We did not used dr. Ko’s formulation. Also we usually did not used NaBic buffer for this dose. An important point, when we used first time, we started with a total of about 0.5mg/kg/day given in about two hours, and slowly build up to the target dose of 2mg/kg/day.
              Note: I know someone who made a big mistake and used a digital scale that was measuring minimum 0.01g instead of 0.001g (or 1mg) -> the dose they used was 10x higher. Fortunately, they started with a low dose. But the point is that very clever people make mistakes. Take care and have a doctor with you. Also watch what he is doing if done first time, for extra safety. This dose not apply to 3BP only, but to any treatment that is new to you and your doctor.

            5. Hello Daniel i began by 50 mg of 3BP, my wife weighs 60 kg,then i went to 70 mg,increase in this manner until 120 mg.Sorry but I have to ask you something more,3Bp. Comes to me from Sigma Aldrich in a sterile vial of 10 grams,I keep it in the fridge.,After the first doses seems a bit more humid,this is the form of conservation?,that increase of humidity is normal?How long is the 3BP in the form of powder in the refrigerator?.Thank you Daniel is that my doctor does not know too much about the conservation of the 3BP.

            6. Hi Marcos,
              First, please take care with everything. I am glad to hear that you are supported by a medical doc.
              I always kept my 3BP in the fridge at about 3C. I never had issues with humidity. Even after so many years it still looks good. So I do not know exactly what you see there. You could send me a photo by e-mail so I can have a look. Where is the tumor located Marcos and how large it is?
              Kind regards,

            7. Thank you Daniel for your response ,the tumor is in the vertebra L2 and has 5x3x4 cm volume,also has lung nodules, some 10 very small,all under the age of 1cm,there is only one that measured 1.2cm, but they controlled more than a year.The back area has already received ciberknife,chemotherapy and two interventions to control the invasion medullary and possible paralysis.I wonder if it would be possible to perform a radiofrequency ablation or microwave as Dr. Thomas Vogl in lung and live

            8. Forgiveness daniel you send the picture of 3BPwhen go to see my doctor has it

            9. Hi Marcos,
              Thanks for the details. You could send the latest scans to prof Vogl and ask him if he can do an intervention on the largest tumor. He usually answers fast.
              Is your wife currently doing chemo as well?
              Kind regards,

            10. Currently, the tumor is stable 5 months with 3BP,vitamin C intravenous,aspirin,hormone therapy,low doses of cyclophosphamide, celebrex, metformin and the ketogenic diet.We are waiting for a foundation one to access the best clinical trial as possible and driving the possibility of professor vogl.

            11. Also I plan to start with salinomycin thanks to the protocol that you specified to my doctor,many thanks Danie

            12. Dear marcos, i would check the gaskets on that refrigerator’s door, air coming in contains humidity that then is absorbed by things and or it condensates. If you have air conditioning or dehumidifier in that room, i suggest you drop your room’s humidity as well.
              I hope to hear good news from you, please let me know.

              Best of luck,

            13. I agree with you, I don’t feel good to left without it, but the difference here is that when I use it I consume more than usual , about year ago when I used it after TACE I used to give it 2 times/week

              if I will use it alone without TACE, I feel like I must give it 1 day on / 1 day off like in the clinical trials

              here I have a question : which anti-cancer treatments that needs a medical port to be administrated ? only 3-bp ?

            14. Emad,

              Diclofenac is good for inflammation, maybe not the strongest drug, but good. Watch out for side effects.
              Did you give your mother 2DG at all? if so, tell me about that.

            15. Hi Alex

              no I still didn’t use 2DG, I will consider it and prepare to do it after finishing from TACE

              thank you for the advice about diclofenac, are there any better option with less side effects ?

              and how is your dear mother ? hope she if fine

            16. sadly i don’t know any better anti-inflamatory drug, sorry. wherever i read, diclovenac #1.
              But i am not a doctor.
              My mother is feeling better now (i think itraconazole is helping)
              How about yours?


            17. Never mind Alex, I’m glad to hear about your mother, I always wish the best for her just like i wish for my mother

              regarding your question about my mother : you know the latest results from the last TACE seems very good but my mother is not feeling good

              she got infection then after several days of antibiotics she felt better , a marked improvement for about 3 days , but today she is feeling bad, she feels sick and tired, her stomach is distended again

              her stomach was distended before visiting prof Vogl , prof Vogl said its not ascites and it has nothing to do with the liver , but really it makes me confused , what could make her stomach distend like that other than ascites !?

              she has no fever its not infection , I really don’t know what is happening, also the government help may not be available soon , i’m worried about the next session I hope we can make it on time, the port is still blocked and I was in the blood bank 2 hours ago making things ready for platelets transfusion

              too many things disturbing me but I’m trying to feel strong and I can’t take some rest

            18. I did contact prof Vogl now

              he said that there was a bit fluid, not so much

              so if cancer is shrinking and in the same time ascites is showing up, then the only possible cause is the treatment, its doing some pressure on the liver, maybe its the chemo ? or the antibiotics ? or daily paracetamol ?

            19. Hello Emad i hope that your mother continues to evolve well,I have contacted Professor Thomas Vogl,and i am going to send the latest images from my wife for TACE or radiofrequency ablation microwave.You Know What is the cost for each TACE and ablation ?

            20. Hi marcos

              the cost for TACE is 3900 euro for each session

              we didn’t start ablation yet but prof Vogl told us that it costs 10% more than TACE, so maybe its costs 4400 ? it should be around that

              I hope your dear wife evolve well too, tell me if I can help with anything 🙂

  52. Bad news for me

    2 weeks ago my mother start to feel very weak and tired, with pain all over her body

    we thought its something that happens temporarily and go away soon

    but with no improvements we decided to do blood test for CBC and kidney functions

    (( we didn’t do Liver functions test because we already expect to see abnormal levels ))

    hear is the result :-

    CBC :-
    WBC : 9.4 (very good)
    HB : 10.5 (ok)
    Platelets : 22 (bad but its better than before)

    Kidney functions :-
    Na + K are normal
    Creatinine : 1.7 (normal level is 0.5 – 1.5)
    Urea : 138 ( normal level is 10 – 50)


    why its increased to such level ! is it late for us to fix this problem?

    It will be very tough for us to end up fight with both liver and kidney problems

    please if there are any information to help us in this situation I will greatly appreciate it

    1. Hi Emad,

      I am sorry to hear about these new challenges. I hope this is only temporarily.
      I can give you some ideas, but it is difficult since we do not know the origin of the high urea level. You would need to check that with your mom’s doctor.
      We need a diagnostic in order to help more. Otherwise we have to guess, and that is not the best for your mom.
      While now the issue may not be large, it could become if left untreated. Such challenges are usually managed well by hospitals, so you should check with them what is their proposal.

      Here is a good summary on the potential origin of high urea levels (from Wikipedia):

      “Conditions causing increased blood urea fall into three different categories: prerenal, renal, and postrenal.
      – Prerenal azotemia can be caused by decreased blood flow through the kidneys (e.g. low blood pressure, congestive heart failure, shock, bleeding, dehydration) or by increased production of urea in the liver via a high protein diet or increased protein catabolism (e.g. stress, fever, major illness, corticosteroid therapy or gastrointestinal bleeding).[1]
      – Renal causes can be attributed to decreased kidney function. These include acute and chronic kidney failure, acute and chronic glomerular nephritis, tubular necrosis and other kidney diseases.[1]
      – Post renal causes can be due to decreased elimination of urea. These could be due to urinary outflow obstruction such as by calculi, tumours of the bladder or prostate, or a severe infection.[1]”

      How is her weight going? What is the blood level of phosphate and calcium? What is the level of Ammonia and Uric Acid? You can check uric acid with a devices at home. Is she drinking enough water? What are other drugs and supplements she is using? All these aspects need to be consider.

      Of the above, I think it could be that the kidneys were affected after so much chemo and you may need to focus on helping them. It could also be a flair of TLS.

      Here are few ideas you could consider:
      1. If the kidneys are affected by the long term chemo your mom has received, HDAC inhibitors such as Valproic acid could help against additional toxicity when using chemo again (specifically Cisplatin which I think you used)
      2. “Ethyl pyruvate (EP) is a simple derivative of pyruvic acid, which is an important endogenous metabolite that can scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS). Treatment with EP is able to ameliorate systemic inflammation and multiple organ dysfunctions in multiple animal models, such as acute pancreatitis, alcoholic liver injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), acute viral myocarditis, acute kidney injury and sepsis”
      3. N-acetylcysteine attenuates the progression of chronic renal failure NAC can be found as a supplement and is a powerful anti oxidant – I would clearly do a cycle of this one

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you so much always for your help, I thought at the begging that we are fighting with liver failure, but it wasn’t like we thought

        I immediately rushed now to the nearby clinics so maybe I can find a urologist or nephrologist at late night

        I didn’t find one, just a normal doctor, I talked with him and he asked me if she is drinking good amounts of water , I said no she is not drinking well

        then I remembered a lot of things , about 1.5 month ago she started to complain from her stomach, and that its maybe ascites , when her abdomen becomes distended she hates to drink water

        she slowly become drinking less water, then 1 month ago she become better after she heard about the cancer is shrinking more, she felt good for some days

        then things changed upside down when she got high fever (likely infection) they started to give her antibiotics + paracetamol daily, after 10 days she felt good , she almost become normal for 3 days

        then started to complain again from abdominal distension , we visited a doctor for ultra-sound , he said there is minimal ascites and its not causing any problem , the problem is gases

        that was 2 weeks ago , since that time she started to drink less and less and feel worse , bloated stomach and dehydration , and sometimes low blood pressure

        and here is the results today, we all feel that its because of dehydration , I hate to feel that drugs did this, I also wonder if the chemo is the cause then why its happening after 3 weeks from chemo ?

        regarding your questions : her wight is stable, and yes she is not drinking well because of her bloating, I don’t have answers to other questions

        the supplements she is taking is milk thistle , she takes paracetamol from time to time (1g daily) , I gave her diuretics twice in the past 2 weeks (I felt maybe she has ascites) , sometimes she takes diclofenac 100mg maximum daily dose, vitamin B-complex , pridnisolone 10mg, nothing else

        I’m still reading your comment multiple times and googling around, I may start to give her NaCl IV this night, and see what supplements can make her better

        Huge thanks dear for your immediate help

        1. @Emad: there are 2 possibilities, that your mother’s kidney (very serious) problem is chronic or acute (due to an infection). If it’s chronic, there’s little that can be done long term, since kidneys recover very slowly. But if it’s acute, due to an infection, you could do the following:
          – get an urine sample for pathogen analysis, and antibiotic susceptibility, this will take several days to get results;
          – a quick analysis of the urine sample will provide enough information to decide if an infection is present or not;
          – perform hemodialysis, to lower the BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and other toxins, which accumulated because of kidney malfunction; this should buy time for the antibiotic to work;
          – until the antibiotic susceptibility becomes available, you could try empiric antibiotic treatment, the most common for UTIs is ciprofloxacin, which works well against susceptible E. Coli, but not so well against Enterococcus (these 2 are the most common); the drawback of cipro (and other fluoroquinolones) is that is increases stemness in cancer cells;
          – you can add an urinary antiseptic, like methylene blue, to antibiotic treatment, it’s synergetic with cipro against urinary pathogens, but increases the liver damage (and your mother already has liver damage from chemo);
          I’ll wait for an update before posting more, please try to find out if a complicated (involving kidneys) UTI is present or not.

          1. Thank you very much dear ovidiu for your kind help and care

            I just read your comment now, and I will consider your words

            but let me tell you how things did go

            it was one of my worst days in my life, wake up early to find my mother screaming from her back pain

            we give her diclofenac IM, but no effect, we went to a nearby clinic, and we found a nephrologist

            he noticed her distended abdomen, did ultra-sound and he finds a lot of fluid in her abdomen

            he also noticed that there are multiple spots around the liver, but they are small (they were bigger)

            he said that its bad to have both liver and kidney problems , we don’t want to end up with hepatorenal syndrome

            he said that increased urea is because of dehydration but also maybe it caused by poor liver functions or maybe TLS (he said if uric acid is also high this may suggest some TLS but not sure)

            we did some blood tests:-
            uric acid : 12 (normal is 3.4 – 7) high
            Total protein : 6.4 (normal is 6.7 – 8.7) almost normal
            Albumin : 2.6 (normal is 3.5 – 5) low

            so with all this he made a plan :-
            1- tap out the fluid from the abdomen to relieve the pain
            2- give albumin solution (Albumin (Human) 25% Solution) 3 times daily for 7 days
            3- take lasix40mg once daily (he said it may not be good for the kidney but its important)
            4- drink a lot of water, avoid salt, avoid potassium rich foods

            and next week we must do another blood test to see how things go

            so we did tap out the fluid, and started with albumin, but it was a tough night full of pain and stress and I felt very bad like things gonna end soon in pain

            now my mother feels better but her skin is itching because of high urea maybe, she must drink more than 2 liters of water daily

            its late night now and I have to wake up early to find albumin, its expensive and government hospitals are not always available to give it

            last note : the nephrologist highly suggested to do liver transplantation

            he said its tough to fight with all this, you don’t need to have more complications

            usually liver transplantation is not an option to a breast cancer patient

            but in limited cases like this one :

            my mother is the same, my mother didn’t have any increase in any secondary tumor in her bones, her bones were always stable for years

            even without treatment , we only fighting with cancer in the liver , so why should it not be an option for my mother ?

            since 2013, the only tumor progression was in the liver, everything are stable in all the other parts of her body confirmed by her oncologist and by prof Vogl

            whats your opinion, and what maybe the best plan for us right now ?

            thank you very much

            1. Hi Emad,

              I am so sorry about your recent experience. I completely understand what you are going through.

              My comments and questions in the previous response were the following:

              “How is her weight going? What is the blood level of phosphate and calcium? What is the level of Ammonia and Uric Acid? You can check uric acid with a devices at home. Is she drinking enough water? What are other drugs and supplements she is using? All these aspects need to be consider.

              Of the above, I think it could be that the kidneys were affected after so much chemo and you may need to focus on helping them. It could also be a flair of TLS.”

              According to your recent responses I understand that the current status is a result of a combination of several mechanisms:
              1. Liver function is low due to previous tumors and treatments (however I think you should check the liver functions to completely clarify this statement)
              2. Kidney function is at a lower level due to long term chemo you have performed – this is an assumption that I would expect 100% to be true. That was not directly visible until now when more events have build up on top of that.
              3. Dehydration adding further pressure on Kidney
              4. Possible TLS flair that is now even more possible due to high uric acid
              5. As Ovidiu suggested, you should also check for a possible infection – that can also happen specifically if your mom has a port-a-cat

              What I would do in line with the above:

              On very short term:
              1. I would write a short e-mail to prof. Vogl to explain what are the symptoms and what he thinks could be the origin. Also he can suggest if he thinks a liver transplant (that you may be able to arrange) could help
              2. I would continue with strong hydration and albumin – this should clearly help to release pressure on the kidneys and clear out some toxins if it is due to TLS
              3. I would check if there is an infection
              4. I would also use Alpha Lipoic Acid IV – it can help a lot the liver
              5. Magnesium IV may also help a lot
              6. I would avoid Potassium if the cause is TLS

              On mid term:
              1. I would order Hepa-Merz IV from German clinics to give for liver support
              2. I would check the Calcium and Phospate levels that should be related to TLS. Also read this for TLS
              3. In the future I would consider Valproic Acid in case Cisplatin is used again
              4. I would consider NAC as well due to the reasons explained earlier

              So what I would do now is to check the opinion of experts such as prof Vogl, manta in good hydration and support liver and kidney with various IVs mentioned above while checking if there is also an infection there.

              I feel that with the right experts you will be able to deal with this successfully, and since the tumor status is OK that should not be a problem for now, which is great that at least you do not have to fight that too.

              I hope this helps a bit. Take care of yourself as well dear Emad and if we can help with anything please let us know.

              Kind regards,

            2. Thank you Daniel for response and great help

              I will ask the nephrologist to check if there is any infection , that’s for true

              Can you please give me some good sources for Alpha Lipoic acid IV and Hepa-Merz ?

              also for NAC, orally or IV ?

            3. Hi Emad,

              Hepamertz – here is a list of German pharmacies having it in IV form (no prescription required)×10-ml-merz-pharmaceuticals-gmbh-pzn-1308303.html
              Lipoic Acid IV – this is the type of product I was using but I find it strange that is not anymore available although it was heavily used at German clinics
              You can check with this pharmacy maybe they are producing a different form or with this one
              NAC – is available online or at your local pharmacies/supplement shops nearly anywhere

              Kind regards,

            4. @Daniel: I looked into HepaMerz, but it seems it’s only LOLA, and IMO it’s not enough for liver protection. From my experience, the combination Liv52 + Essentiale + LOLA gives best results for liver protection. There’s also an intravenous stuff from Russia, effective for heavy liver damage from alcohol, but I don’t remember now the name.

              I also looked into nephrotoxicity of chemo used for TACE by Dr. Vogl, and while Cisplatin (well known offender) and Mitomycin are on the list, Irinotecan, which was used last time, suppresses the immune system, but seems not to damage the kidneys.
              I wonder why Dr. Vogl didn’t use liposomal Cisplatin instead, it’s easier on the kidneys. Quote: Most major toxicities of cisplatin, especially nephrotoxicity were also reduced in the group of patients treated with Lipoplatin.

            5. Ovidiu, you need to make the distinction between fast acting approaches and mid-long term support. Some of those you mentioned are good and I like them, but when trying to make a difference on short term we need more intensive approaches. HpeaMerz is not addressing all the needs but it is a good short term option often used is the best cancer clinics in Germany.

              The question on Cisplatin is a good one – you could contact prof Vogl and ask him why he is using the normal Cisplatin, if that is the case. I know he is usually very careful with the induced toxicity and is avoiding highly toxic chemos even when there may be reasons to use them, according to protocols, etc.

            6. If you remember the intravenous drug from Russia, please me know. I am curious and will have a look at it.

            7. @Emad: while it’s certain that your mother’s kidneys were damaged by chemo, it’s hard to tell how much, this must be evaluated by comprehensive blood and urine tests; TLS could play a part in the symptoms, acute kidney injury due to chemo another part, and infection another part.
              For me, strong pain in the back suggests kidney infection is present, and if so then it should be dealt with asap. Liver problems are going to complicate the selection of an antibiotic.

              My experience with kidney disease comes from cat ownership – old cats die from kidney failure, a progressive disease accelerated by infections over the years, and finally one last infection is quickly fatal.
              Unfortunately, the anti-oxidants and other reno-protective stuff that are prescribed for CKD are not so helpful, they only slow the progression. I found only one possible solution, Telmisartan, which is an anti-hypertensive, and also has anti-fibrotic (in kidney, liver and heart) activity.
              Effect of telmisartan on kidney function in patients with chronic kidney disease: an observational study.
              quote: This study demonstrated that telmisartan effectively and safely reduces proteinuria in chronic kidney disease patients; PMID: 27994942

              Low blood albumin means albumin is lost, most likely through urine, so this could persist until kidneys recover somewhat.
              The NAC and ALA should help with the acute kidney injury, but if your mother also has an infection, you will have to discontinue them for the duration of antibiotic treatment, since anti-oxidants could make the antibiotic ineffective.

              About the possible liver transplant, I don’t know enough to provide advice. Let’s first get your mother out of the acute phase. The liver can recover, if left to rest and provided with protective medicine, the kidneys much less.

            8. Thank you ovidiu, unfortunately we didn’t do any blood test in the past year except CBC, a year ago her kidney functions were fantastic, completely normal, her liver functions were slightly high

              but let me give you a short history

              my mother was normal and no one can believe she has cancer, we started with TACE in 2017-5 , she was normal before that and always normal (except the first 4 or 5 days after chemo)

              on 2017-12 we supposed to do TACE, but because of delayed government help, my mother become to feel weak and almost sleeping all the day

              then in 2018-1 we visited prof Vogl and he found that there is a progressive disease because of the delay and that the cancer is the cause for making her feel very weak

              then after 1 TACE session on 2018-2, she started to feel better and better, marked improvement , but also ascites started to develop quickly even when she is improving, it was massive and severe ascites, it happened for the first time, the TACE result at that time was almost good, but some areas on the liver shows a little bit of progress

              then I gave her diuretics for just 2 days, she felt better , and more importantly she never needed diuretics anymore, and from 2018-2 until 2018-4, she was normal again, perfect in every way

              then her blood counts started to fall, HB went down to 6.5, she felt weak, then we did blood transfusion multiple times, it made her feel better but not perfect like before, and also ascites returned after just 24 hours of each transfusion

              ascites mixed with gases, from 2018-4 to 2018-5 she was good but complains from her distended abdomen, TACE done again (it was the last TACE on 2018-4-30) prof Vogl used Irinotecan , also he said there is minimal ascites not enough to cause anything, and the cause of distension is another thing not related to the liver, when prof Vogl said that, my mother never complained from her abdomen

              after 3 days, she had high fever and doctors here said its infection, they give her ciprofloxacin 1g + paracetamol 4g everyday, also combined with other antibiotic

              10 days on antibiotics and paracetamol , the fever has gone away and she felt very good and normal for only 3 days

              then on May-15 she started to complain from her abdomen again and there was some distension

              she started to drink and eat less, become weaker, one of the doctors here did ultra-sound and found some fluid but he said its minimal and not enough to cause distension alone, maybe gases is the cause

              but my mother didn’t feel better and became very weak, until now

              I send an email to prof Vogl yesterday, he said : “Thanks sorry to hear. But liver Transplantation is big topic and extremely risky

              How she is doing today ? ”


              Today after just 40 hours of tapping out 4 liters, her abdomen distended again !!!

              we are giving her albumin about 35g daily, with lasix40mg, she drink 2 liters of water yesterday and went to bathroom 6 to 7 times , and she said she passed good amount of urine each time, and she said the color is yellow, not dark and not light

              her weigh was 75K after tapping, now its 75K even when her abdomen is now distended and bothering her compared to yesterday !

              her temperature is 36.5

              Also she still feels very weak, she started to cry and she is loosing hope

              Sorry for my very long comment, tell me if there is another info you may add, or if there is nothing other than what you already said

              Thank you very much both ovidiu and Daniel for your continues help

            9. @Emad: thank you for clarifying he picture; I’ll try to add some thoughts:
              – the fever after the last TACE was definitely from Irinotecan;
              – cipro 500 mg twice daily for 10 days is going to do some damage even to a healthy liver; when combined with paracetamol, on a liver that took damage from chemo, it could get much worse;
              – drug induced liver injury, for cipro and other fluoroquinolones, peaks several days after the debut, even if the debut is after drug discontinuation;
              – if she still has an urinary infection, after 10 days on cipro, it’s with something resistant, and it’s going to be difficult to treat;
              – after cipro, since it doesn’t work well against anaerobes, there’s a risk for Clostridium infection, first in the intestines;
              – next time you do blood tests, do as many as possible / affordable, ask the doctor which ones, to help get a proper diagnosis;
              – do you have Liv52, Essentiale (or equivalent) and LOLA? These shouldn’t damage the kidneys while helping the liver;

            10. Thanks ovidiu for your notes, I will consider the supplements that both you and Daniel mentioned to me, and yes they will reduce the effect of antibiotics and chemo when they used

              I have just 1 question, why you think that there is infection ?

              usually infection is associated with fever, chills, dysuria and persistent urge to urinate

              back pain may be a symptom but also my mother feels pain near the hip bone (on the bottom) no pain near the middle or near her ribs

              maybe i’m telling you this to convince my self that there is no infection, Emotions are driving my thoughts now not my brain >_<

            11. Hi Emad,

              I have to remind you this, as a friend: when we are in a state of emergency we tend to very much listen to what others are saying. Our strong point on this website is in doing research. Some of us may also have some sort of clinical experience as well. However, when it comes to diagnosis, nothing can replace a face to face meeting between the patient and the medical doctor (or more medical doctors). Compared to that, our discussion here is just a guess and sometimes could be misleading. I feel it is ethical to remind you that, although I know you are aware of this.

              Kind regards,

            12. Thanks Daniel, yes I am aware of it just like you said

              all things I learned from you, I made them completely by my own choice and responsibility, and discussing my mothers condition hear is one of the best helpful things I can get and appreciate in my life, just giving thoughts and information is helping me so much

              both you and ovidiu I’m still reading your comments, discussions and trying to focus and see what I can do and how to get the best out of it

              especially at this time when I’m in deep depression, I lose focus and cannot think wisely, so hear you and ovidiu are giving the best help I need, you both can think wisely and have 9999x times better experience and information, you can lead my focus and this will guide me well

              as example, regarding infection, even when I can’t see clear symptoms but look how I will utilize the important information you provided to me

              tomorrow we will meet the nephrologist again, and I will ask him to look for any possible infection and how to manage or prevent it if its not there

              If he detects infection, then you are the ones who guided us to this, and it will be a huge help, even if there is no infection detected by proper testing still your information are a huge help that I will never forget

              you are guiding me to do better decisions, and I will not let your help got wasted at all

              I will keep you up-to-date, thank you very very much

            13. @Emad: after reading about hepato-renal syndrome, and remembering the previous suggestion of the nephrologist for a liver transplant, I think he believes your mother has type 2 hepato-renal syndrome, that is, the kidney problems are because of liver failure (probably caused by Ciprofloxacin + Paracetamol, besides the previous chemo). To confirm this or not, you need to perform blood tests for the liver, to find out exactly how bad it is. Analysis of the urine and of ascites fluid could also provide some clues.

            14. @Emad: Daniel made a very good point below, nothing can replace a doctor who sees your mother.
              When I read about high creatinine and urea and “screaming from her back pain”, this rang an alarm bell for me. But if the pain is not originating from the kidneys, then maybe there’s no life threatening UTI.
              Anyway, my point is that if the kidney