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I expect this weekend I will have time enough to start adding more content to the blog. If you have any preference regarding the focus of this content, please write a suggestions. If not I will just pick some areas myself.

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2 thoughts on “Adding content

  1. Daniel, I have an idea what content you’ll be adding. But, if you still have time after that, it may be helpful to have some comments around your personal experiences of other already available molecules/compounds/drugs. For example, DCA, 2DG, DMSO, etc. Many of these have attracted attention as ‘miracle’ cancer cures, but there’s little evidence of their impact.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion David. I will indeed first focus on the content you already know and after that will try to address those you suggested as well. Actually these are some of the elements I intend to address a bit more in depth in the “Treatments” section.

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