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Dear Readers/Friends, due to various errors of the website at the current host (iPage) I am currently transferring the website to another provider. As a result, during the coming week(s) there may be various issues with this website, including the associate e-mail address. If that will be the case, please expect it will be solved asap. Thanks for understanding and happy holidays!

Update Dec 27th 2015:

Done! The website was transferred successfully and the errors when loading the website should now be gone. The email address ( daniel (at) should also work well again.

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Daniel, let me know if you have an alternate email address.


Great news. You might see if the new site can provide copyable text. When I go Googling some piece of info of yours I have to manually retype. Really slows the process down if I can’t cut and paste. Good luck with the transfer.


Is this domain will still the same ? (