A fit for ketogenic diet

One short but important point: for cancers with no or limited mitochondria use ketogenic diet. That will be very effective. Why? The cancer cells will not be able to switch on fuels other than glucose. ccRCC seems to be a cancer characterized by low to no mitochondria.

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We should talk. I am currently using the ketogenic diet combined with immunotherapy (Bravo Yogurt) which seems to be working.

Makes a lot of sense. Keep carbs as low as possible, moderate protein, high fat. The ketogenic diet macro-nutrient targets are built into cronometer.com by Dr. Mercola. I started this diet in Sept and it looks like it is working (I take videos of my tumor to see changes over time). Can’t be sure if it’s the ketogenic diet or the yogurt or the combination. I think the diet weakens the cancer by keeping glucose to fasting levels while the yogurt is the perfect treatment for HNSCC. A hallmark of HNSCC is its ability to deactivate your immune system in particular the macrophages. Cancer turns off a precursor enzyme needed to activate the macrophages. The yogurt provides GcMAF which doesn’t need the enzyme to activate the macrophages.

There is tons of research about how probiotics modulate the immune system. Keeping carbs low and reactivating your immune system my work on many cancers.