Technical Issues with the Website (Update Feb 7th: Solved)

Dear All,

Currently there are some serious technical issues with the website and it may be down during the coming days.

I do my best to get things back on track, and hired a developer from Freelancer, but I do not know how much time this takes and how fast the technical issues will be solved.

Thanks for understanding,

Update Feb 7th: the technical issue is now solved (this was very serious since the web-hosting company would not want to bring the website back online due to high CPU usage generated by some errors in the database)

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6 Comments on "Technical Issues with the Website (Update Feb 7th: Solved)"

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I have had tried several times to download your whole website in fear of a permanent damage to the content with no success(the software I was trying to use didn’t work). I know this is not the case, but I’m still worried. hope things will be back on track soon..with limited financial pressure on you dear D. please keep us updated.


Hi Daniel, Thank you for letting us know, this site is literally, a life-saver and we so appreciate your dedication to it.


Thank you Daniel for your relentless efforts. I hope you’re doing alright if not more.
Best wishes.