Technical Issue With the Website Solved

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, a technical issue occurred. The file containing all the posts/comments in the Forum section of this site disappeared. I had to work on this issue many hours last night. I still don’t know what was the origin of this event and I will continue to investigate and understand.

However, fortunately there are backups of this website done everyday, in multiple locations, and could successfully restore the Forum. With this, I would like to thank to those who donate, since part of those donations I used to buy a good hosting service for this website which proves to be very useful in such situations.

I also like to thank Johan (an active contributor on this website) who immediately reacted to help with this issue.

Due to the restoring of the website, a few comments are missing: i.e. last comments of Ovidiu, Marcos, Manuel and myself. I would like to invite those who like to have the comments back to let me know. I have them in my e-mail. They just need to repost them.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Kind regards,



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4 thoughts on “Technical Issue With the Website Solved

  1. Hi Daniel, thank you for your continued work. i hope it is also very rewarding to you in an emotional way.

    Please give me a sign whenever you feel you need technical help. I would be more than willing to assist with whatever i can.

    Best of luck to you and everyone else here,


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