Summary of This Website

This post is meant to offer a high-level guidance to new visitors, as I can imagine that the large amount of content on this website may be sometimes difficult to navigate through.

First, please remember this website has a search function so that you can search for the content you are looking for. There is also a translation option, that will automatically translate all the website into almost any language. This also means that you can write your questions and comments in your own language, if that is easier for you – others will be able to understand that if they chose to have this website displayed in their language. The search option and translation option are located at the top-right side of this page (when viewed on desktop).

The reason why this website has been started is addressed here and here, and my next steps in oncology space have been addressed here. Due to reasons discussed here, the information shared on this website is related to understanding cancer mechanism, drugs and supplements to modulate that, and how those can be applied alone or in combination with conventional treatments to increase the chance of a successful outcome. Nearly every day I work on improving my knowledge by researching the conventional and alternative space and communicating with scientists, medical doctors and patients from around the world.

There are multiple ways to fight cancer. Some may include conventional treatments and others may include alternative treatments. I do not have any bias towards any of these treatments whether they are synthetic or natural, alternative or conventional, oral or intravenous, anti-oxidants or pro-oxidants, and so on … What is important is that there is enough evidence they can work and that the various substances are applied in a coherent manner, so that they work together and not against each other, to finally improve and extend life.

What is unique about this website is that nearly every treatment discussed has the following characteristics:

  • science based: is backed up by a good amount of scientific references supporting the anticancer action
  • effective in humans:  includes references to successful applications in humans, published in scientific journals
  • actionable information: includes information on how to access the treatment and how to apply it

In this way, most of the treatments discussed here can be implemented by most people around the world. Some of the treatment options discussed here there are so cheap and easy to implement that they can be implemented even in the most difficult financial or health condition.

The information provided here is documented to a level high enough so that it will also be easier  for you to convince your oncologist to support you in implementing some of them.

This website discusses so many treatment options, so that nobody will be ever left without treatment options even when the conventional medicine says there is nothing more tat can be done. And there is much more to come. So never give up and always know there is a lot you can do, and all based on scientific evidence.

Next to the posts, there is a great community of cancer patients and caregivers sharing their knowledge and views. Sometimes scientists are joining the discussion and sometimes even medical doctors (with the enclosed Disclaimer). Although, not all are joining the discussion, we have active viewers representing some of the largest cancer centres from around the world.

Every problem can be addressed from multiple angles. That applies to cancer too. Withe the treatment options provided here, we are addressing cancer from angles that are relevant for most cancer types. This is why, most of the treatments discussed on this website there are relevant for most of the cancer types.

While this website addresses mainly treatment options focusing mainly on substances that can be used (synthetic or natural, drugs or supplements or just new substances), I strongly believe that working on our mind, spirit and body is extremely important. I actually think that chemicals are just buying us time, while the true solution should come from changing our life into a better one for us and those around us. The mindset of the patient and attitude to life is more important than any treatments we are discussing here, whether that is conventional, alternative or new treatment. This is why a good holiday may be better than any treatment for our health. While diet and nutrition is not deeply addressed on this website, that is very relevant for the health of all, whether we are cancer patients or not. I do not favour extremes and this is why I prefer Mediterranean diet vs. extreme diets such as restricted ketogenic diet (which can be very interesting from a scientific point of view). Daily exposure to sun, moderate exercise are very helpful too. The web is full of info on nutrition and diet – chose one you trust and go with that – it may be a good idea to hire a coach on that at begging. Remember, that when it comes to cancer, sugar and carbohydrates should be avoided or lowered as much as possible, as well as red meat.

Life happens today. There is always space for more beauty and more ugly in our life, regardless of our life. When we have health challenges it is difficult to see the beauty. But do your best to see the beauty in your life because there is. Don’t spend all your day to think about cancer. Directly or indirectly, cancer has already become part of the life off all people on this planet. Today, one out of two people deals with cancer during the life time (Ref.1, Ref.2), and in less than 10 years will be two out of three. This is why we must see cancer as one of the multiple challenges that come into our life and that need to be addressed. Make a good plan, define the way to verify from time to time if it works, and start acting along that, while focusing on living your life.

Don’t lose too much time without doing something against the tumor. During the past years, it has become clear to me that people trying to understand how to better deal with their tumor (the so called smart patients) and acting on that, are the most successful. Nevertheless, this activity should be balanced. Too much activity and changing treatments every month is not good. When something works, stick with that for as long as there is response, even if it’s not the ultimate response. When a treatment approach doesn’t work, don’t wait too much before changing that just because you like the concept.

Since this is intended to be a summary of the website, I now move back to the content of this website:

  1. This website has three components (soon there will be one more component):
    • The Blog: where I usually write articles on treatment options, and contributors can write comments
    • The Visitor Stories: where I sometimes share some stories from visitors (this is not my main focus, so you will not see a lot of those)
    • The Forum: where everyone can create own topic (see how to start a new topic here) and where I also often share various pieces of info I find relevant
      • there are various sections here, including relevant treatments by cancer type
  2. The blog contains posts addressing
  3. Compounds/potential treatments addressed so far in detail, with dedicated posts:

Other drugs/supplements with anti cancer potential, that are often discussed on this website but not yet specifically addressed:

      • Alpha lipoic acid – natural
      • Metformin – repurpused drug
      • Honokiol – natural
      • Cimetidine – repurpused drug
      • Baicalein – natural
      • Berberine – natural
      • IPT – low dose chemo
      • Verapamil – repurpused drug
      • Celecoxib – repurpused drug
      • Doxycicline – repurpused drug
      • Disulfiram – repurpused drug
      • TACE – trans arterial chemo embolisation
      • CAPE and Propolis – natural
      • etc.

Whenever I find relevant new information related to the post I wrote, I will update them. Therefore, even if the post was written some years ago, most of them are up to date. In addition, in oncology (like in most of the fields of science), a review of the field made a few years ago can be considered as a very recent piece of information.

If you have questions, comments, additions, suggestions, it’s best to try to address them on the right topic, if possible. However, I decided to be a flexible moderator and let people speak where and as they want. Sometimes it gets crazy but I think I should not stand against nature, but let it happen and work with it. I also enabled the forum option so that everyone can start-up own topic. I also agreed to create dedicate posts for visitors on the Blog space in the Visitor Story section, where I can post the visitor story and others can react on that, giving more attention to a specific story/need. In this context, I let anyone think and chose where they want to post their comments. I will not interfere with that, as long as the comment respects other people. Thanks for understanding.

An example on how this information could be applied

There are various choices that can be made dependent on the cancer type, stage of the patient and tumor location, age, general health status, financial capabilities, possibility to go to clinics or even better have intravenous treatments at home, previous treatments performed, next steps suggested by the oncologist and next steps preferred by the patient.

This is why this website provides pieces of the puzzle, not the full solution. To get to a full solution you (preferably together wit your doctor) have to consider what could work and what not for a specific patient.

Therefore, there are a lot of variables that affect the plan a patient can make to move towards a successful treatment strategy. But here are several points I would consider in order to do my best to create a powerful treatment approach:

  1. Have a suitable life style to reduce inflammation (via food, stress reduction, moderate exercise, sun exposure, good sleep)
  2. Chose a core treatment (such as chemo, radiation, surgery, immunotheraphy, IPT, TACE, cryoablation, etc., or strong alternative treatment options as core treatments)
  3. Built around the core treatment a strong supporting strategy using a cocktail of supplements and repurposed drugs (oral and/or intravenous) to address at least the following
    • Reduce chance for metastasis
    • Support kidney, live, immune system, reduce stress
    • Increase chance of effectiveness of the core treatment by
      • Focusing the attack on cancer on at least one weak point as intensive and consistent as possible
      • Reducing drug/treatment resistance mechanisms
    • Example of treatment strategies to consider have been listed above, such as:
      • Anti cancer – pH treatment strategy (a strategy focused on killing cancer cells by acidifying the intracellular space, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the immune system due to the alkalization of extracellular space)
        • this strategy works well with most core treatments and specifically with radio- and immuno-therapy
      • Anti cancer – cholesterol treatment strategy (a strategy focused on depletion of cellular building blocks essential for fast cellular division in tumours)
        • this strategy works well with most core treatments and specifically with hormonal treatments
      • Shutting Down The Power House of Cancer (a strategy focused on shutting down the cellular engines responsible for energy production, essential for fast cellular division of tumours as well as resistance to chemo or radio therapy)
        • this strategy works well with most core treatments

Here are some points along the above lines:

  • It is always best to surgically remove large tumors.
  • The first thing to do when trying to reduce chance for metastasis is working against inflammation. Celecobix (repurpused drug) may be the best here as it also addressees some prolactin related issues. But there are other mechanisms to address here to reduce the chance for mets, and Cimetidine is a good tool on this direction. Usually it is taken 800mg/day (400 morning and 400 evening). However, please read the warning regarding Cimetidine here that is specifically relevant for those using hormonal treatments.
  • Supporting kidney, live, immune system please see here but best would be Astragalus, Milk Thistle, Probiotics, Coriolus. To reduce stress (cortisol) Aswaganda and Omega 3 oils should help.
  • For example, if the patient goes for chemo, it could make sense to use DCA prior to chemo or Salinomycin in combo with chemo or 2DG metronomic in combo with chemo, to increase the chance for chemo effectiveness. Many more things could be done in order to improve the effectiveness of chemo (read here and here).
  • Cholroquine given prior to surgery can reduce chance of metastasis (read bullet point #8 here). Using anti inflammatory drugs prior to surgery will further reduce chance of relapse (read bullet point #4 here).
  • During chemo and radiation stop strong anti-oxidants for at least several days after chemo/radiation, even more those used intravenously such as Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
  • Some of the weak points of cancer cells that can be addressed are the following:
    • Cholesterol – please read this and this post. This should be specifically relevant to cancers that are strongly affected by hormones, such as breast cancer.
    • Ph – please read here
    • Metabolic – here the goal would be to address at the same time the two major energy production mechanisms, by inhibiting mitochondria (respiration) and glycolysis (fermentation). Here is a list of mitochondria inhibitors and some glycolysis inhibitors I discussed on this website are addressed in the following posts: here, here and here. Fenbendazole will fit here too.
  • Other weak points that could be addressed and have been discussed here are
    • Reducing Antioxidants produced by tumors – this strategy will be soon addressed on this website
    • Modulating ion dynamics (Ref.)
    • Influencing relevant hormones (Ref.) such as thyroid hormones (Ref.)
    • Using angiogenesis inhibitors (Ref.) and helping them with strategy such as the one discussed here (Ref.)
    • Using microtubule inhibitors such as Griseofulvin, Mebendazole or Fenbendazole
  • Many of the drugs that can be used to address some of the weak points discussed above are addressing multiple weak points of tumors at the same time. For example, Metformin is also addressing the cholesterol production but also the metabolic weak point of cancers. As often mentioned, any treatment strategy chosen by the patient and medical doctor should address coherently at least one of the above weak points, e.g. metabolism.
  • There are other “miscellaneous” treatments that can offer chance of success, and at the same time they are cheap and easy to implement without side effects at normal dose. Example of these kind of treatments is Silver nanoparticle.

I apologise if I sometimes repeat some points or there are grammar mistakes, etc. I do all this work alone, and there is no time for extra check of the text. Researching, writing post, answering questions, keeping contact with scientists, doctors, patients across the world and trying to start-up new activities takes all my time.

If you want to contact me, please read the message on this page and the Disclaimer. I prefer that the discussions go online instead of offline.

If you appreciate the content shared here, please consider that I invested thousand of hours of my life to do this for you, for free. And if you like this to continue and expend so I can further help you and others, please consider making a donation via the Donate button below. The Donation will be done via Paypal but a regular Debit or Credit Card will work as well.


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35 thoughts on “Summary of This Website

  1. Thank you so much Daniel for your continued effort.
    Hopefully your schedule will someday allow for more relaxation and maybe some beer time 🙂
    Always thankful,
    Best of luck!


  2. D, another great job!

    I asked about this on the 1,000,000 thread, though I dreaded the idea of going through the entire website to find all the treatments,
    Yet, here I see that you have already done this! Sometimes it pays to be lazy. I did not see vitamin C, did you include it?
    Also, is there some rule of thumb that is typically used to space treatments ( e.g., so many half lives of an administered drug)? Many of those on forum use aggressive dosing schedules in which they are almost constantly rotating from one therapy to the next. In such instances it would be helpful to know the half life rule.

    1. Thanks J! I know you wanted that. Somebody has to do the job for the lazy people 😀

      Vt C is there just that is under “High dos Vit C”.
      I am not sure I understand your question on the half life. As you know each has it’s own half life and in general we want to have the drugs an supplements taken so that they stay at a constant level in the blood. Most of the people don’t take this into account, but would be better to consider it. I intend to try to included in the work on the supplement company.
      Now, I am thinking to start working on your next request. Do you still remember what was that?

      Kind regards,

  3. D, I have this vague idea that there is a rule that you should wait at least 2-4 half-lifes of a treatment before you start another treatment. For vitamin C, let’s say the half-life is ~1 1/2 hours. Then the 2-4 half-life idea would mean that you should wait 3-6 hours before moving onto to something else. I am quite unsure about this so any clarification would be welcome; 2-4 half-lifes seems plausible, though it might even longer. This is of considerable practical relevance as many of those on the forum seem to dose 24/7, often while adding in new combos.

    Yes, it is true D, I make so many requests of you that I can hardly remember them all myself. By the way your gluconate article was another great one and as you noted another one that I helped to inspire. Call me high-maintenance.

    It is amazing to me how many of the treatments that we follow are -ates : 3-Bromopyruvate, acetate, citrate, gluconate, … . Remember that article from the 1880s in the BMJ with the acid treatment of cancer? Certainly makes one start to wonder. I think it was johan that helped me find the article on exercise in which they suggested that patients might be able to greatly upset the acid balance around the tumor. D, I am going to invoke your “there are no dumb questions” rule ( I know, I know, this one really is a dumb question). With all of these -ates would one expect that they would constantly acidify in the acid of the tumor environment, while returning to the -ate form at physiological pH beyond the tumor environment? Simple question, though I just wanted to check. What I am wondering is if it were e.g., 3-bromopyruvate away from the tumor then how would it actually enter the normal cells (i.e., can the 3-Bromopyruvate form actually enter cells cancer or normal or is it only 3-Bromopyruvic acid that can enter cells through
    MCT-1? Wouldn’t this apply to any and all ates –> acids? Basically, in the physiological buffer of the blood stream the acids only become acidic when they reach the cancer.

    I believe that I might also have suggested a glycolysis page just like the mito one.

    Thank you again D. Great job!

    I think this will be of great help to patients, as I think that we had reached the breaking point with all of the great treatment ideas
    locked away on the threads and in your posts. Having a single consolidated page should simplify things greatly. We might even want to make it simpler with a spreadsheet that added in features such as cost, safety, human patient reports etc. .

    I think it would be a tremendous service to patients to give them a top 10 buy list: e.g., silver, FEN, etc. and then they could go right out and buy them knowing that they would be safish, inexpensive and ready to go. There is such a ridiculous amount of research out there and it simply serves most of the time to completely overwhelm people. Having a no-worries list would let people get right into treatment, though of course this should be done with medical guidance. It is surprising to me how some of the patients online have posted relatively simple treatment approaches that were safe and effective for them e.g., oral vitamin C, Fen, and Yud went Budwig, lipoic acid, citric acid etc. Being able to give people such advice right out of the block could be a great way to move them onto the learning curve and actually see some positive results.

    1. Hi J, I will think about your question and let you know if I have an answer. The most simple questions are the most difficult to answer 🙂 Yes, glyco inhibition will be soon addressed as you requested long time ago! Kind regards, Daniel

      1. Here is my first “Hello” to all participants in the blog and especially to the greatest contributor – Daniel!
        I started reading posts here 6 months ago (sadly, too late for my father’s condition) and intended to make my first written appearance when I am familiar with most of the information on the blog and personal stories from readers. Then to join as more informed person while now I am very beginner in this matter – although I read some articles on this place there are months if not years ahead until I read all materials.
        For me the situation with tumor knowledge and information on the site is “the ocean is deep and the mountain high”. I think that we, beginners, need some systematic approach to understand this matter in a faster way (often this is crucially important when we deal with tumors). That’s why I highly appreciate what Daniel started, namely to systematize the information. In this regard I also consider Jcancom’s idea for spreadsheets as extremely valuable. If I can be of some help to convert this idea into reality you can consider me as potential force that can join your efforts. 🙂
        Once again – great Thank you, Daniel and congrats to all active members in the blog!

        Milen Marinov

        1. Hi Milen,

          Thanks a lot for joining, for your words of appreciation to us the contributors, for offering to help with implementing J’s idea and for continuous support of this website for the past months. I am so sorry to hear about your dad …

          I think J will be very happy to start pushing the idea forward. Maybe a good idea is that J starts a thread on the Forum sharing his vision on the idea and next we can all react on it and help improve it. Once we end up with an agreed framework, we can start defining actions between those who like and can contribute. What do you think?

          Kind regards,

          1. D, I think your proposal would be nice start of the idea – so J can show how he imagines this spreadsheet to look like and we can continue develop it. Just please keep me informed about new subject in forum and I’ll watch there too.

            Have a nice day. 🙂

  4. Thank you johan. It’s great that D has put together the treatment list. There were so many ideas on the forum yet i was worried that it was simply becoming too vast a discussion for anyone to make sense of it.

    Also lactate and pyruvate.
    I have been wondering about all these acids (ates).
    Even the 1880s article found a large effect.
    If the acids really would only “fit” into the cancer cells, then this might be a valid way to understand what is happening with a number of the treatments we have followed. I’ll try and find the biochemical schematic for the MCT-1 transporter. I want to know whether it is acid going into the cancer cell.

  5. Thanks once more Daniel!
    This summary is of great importance for new initiates saturated by a lot of information!
    I am still working on therapy, this week there will be an important addition that I fully trust, I will update all the information!
    Greetings to all!

    1. Manuone, ¿eres de España? Mi marido tiene glioblastoma, llevamos 13 meses de tratamiento y está con un cocktail. Me gustaría hablarlo contigo. Gracias

      1. Hi Almo! Can you send me your email and i will contact you. Although I will not be able to advise you much more than everything shared here.

        Kind regards

  6. Manuone, I am very impressed “initiates” is exactly the correct word. You have better English language skills than me, even though I am a native English speaker and you are a native non-English speaker. D and many of the others on forum are also rapidly closing the language gap; soon I will need to pretend that I speak English-as-a-Second language.

    D has done such a great job bringing everything together here. I was thinking that we should not all just free ride off of all of his efforts. Now that he has done the heavy lifting we can step in and help fill in some of the gaps and make a contribution to a group effort. One idea I have is to upload a spreadsheet that we can add to that would further help newcomers to sort things out.
    We could add in columns with simple to sort items that would quickly help point them in the right direction. For example, one important column would indicate whether human patients had been successfully treated with the treatment. Of course, D has focused mainly on those that are directly applicable, though this is exactly the information that those starting from scratch need to know right away and have an efficient method to find this knowledge.

    I am very anxious to hear word of the new addition that you mentioned.

    Best Wishes, J

  7. Great idea, J! Shanti made a great point about looking at things within the context of the anti-cancer strategy, and I think many people end up trying all sorts of things that might be antagonistic. Knowing beforehand which treatment or supplement could be additive or antagonist could save money, time and improve outcome.

  8. Thanks J and Johan! I would not be anyone without the google translator! The language in conversation is not fluent for me …. my idea is to improve the conversation … I will have to sign up for an English academy! The problem is my little free time …
    I will take “the new addition” for several days …
    If you do not know from me again that you know that it has been a pleasure to meet you all 🙂
    It seems to me the best option to avoid surprises (although surely there will be no problem)

    Kind regards

          1. Yud, yes I have thought about this too. We have seen some extraordinarily powerful cancer treatments such as POH-3BP
            and several others that certainly seem to turn the tables on cancer. I mean how would cancer possibly resist a treatment such as POH-3BP that eliminates all cancer cells? Cancer treatments have been able to kill large numbers of cancer cells for the last several decades. However, it largely reduces to the question: What about those few cells that survive? Some of the emerging treatments appear to provide the answer that all the cancer cells can be successfully targeted. Without these surviving resistors there is not a great deal left to talk about cancer.

    1. Manuone, this is so amazing! I am glad that you also realize that the thread can only help so far and that the last step must be your own. I remember D’s posts when he mentioned that late at night he would give a treatment and something would seem not quite right and it was only he that stood there in protection against the uncertainty; if he could not find a workaround, then there probably would be no one else who could. This is what it is to be on the frontiers. When you go off road, there are no double controlled phase 3s. Life would be so much easier if there were.

      “The new addition” could be the start of an extremely powerful new genre of treatment that D has not even mentioned on this summary page. Around here life gets better and better.

      The whole thread is awaiting your reports, J

      1. Thanks J, well said: this website can only help so far (providing pieces of the puzzle) but the last step, in putting them together and possibly creating new approaches, must be your own. I know being in the driving seat is difficult, but that is important. Using the available knowledge to apply it in a new way and create new or improved treatment options is best. It gives us the highest chance to success and it is great to see that this is what the active members on this website have in common. (Of course, stepping in uncharted territories comes with risks so we always have to make small steps when stepping in to the unknown. This will minimise risks.)

        It’s also so nice to see your excitement and curiosity as you wait for news from Manuel. 🙂

  9. Dear Daniel,
    Congratulations for this great job. You have opened and enlarged the best place on earth planet to have informations, cure and even heal cancer. Patients in some strange countries have more chance to be understood and listened by some doctors. I’s also really interesting to read comments, knowledgeable people often intervene.
    I will order from MCS formulas and publicize the site, we need more natural products ; I trust you and think the composition of these products is ++++++ and I’m also happy to learn that an important part of the money is donated for research. Excellent !

    1. Thank you so much dear Nathalie for your kind words, and for willing to help with MCS Formulas!
      At the start we need all the help we can get! Your help will be very much appreciated!

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Mike,

      Mebendazole (as similar drug) kills osteosarcoma (bone cancer cells) at clinically achievable oral dosing and it has been proposed that this should be one of the cancers against which Mebendazole should be tried first
      In this case, I would expect Fenbendazole could achieve the same.

      Note that drugs such as Fenbendazole and Mbendazole are absorbed in a very diffrent way by diffrent people. Some people may achive very high levels while others may not get anything in their blood. It depends on various aspects including liver activity. If the liver functions very well, it will help metabolize these drugs very well and the patinet will end up with very little drug in the blood. This is why its best to combine Fenbenadzoel or Mebendazole with Cimetidine (found in US under the name Tagamet as a over the counter drug) – Thagamet inhibits some liver enzymes that in turn leads to a better absorption of Fenbendazole or Mebendazole – however when using Tagamet its important to check for interactions with other drugs.

      In case you want to learn more about mebendazole please read this post

      Some relevant links:

      Kind regards,

  10. Daniel you are a living legend, a true heroe, your website is such a gold mine you did a Titan job really. And the manner and patience and kindness you use when you talk to people is exceptional, you’re an incredible human being really.

    Please make a copy of your website and database to avoid any failure, nobody can afford to lose such a fantastic work you’ve done.

    Anyway I know you already talked about these but since I didn’t see them mentioned  on this page I note them here below, as they are very promising too against cancer, next to fenbendazole (seems to be the most efficient drug according to what I’ve read here and there)

    – frankincense and myrrh essential oils
    – Essiac plant mix
    – MMS (I saw a thread in which you talk about Dr Schwartz and his metabolic treatment, he added MMS for better results as you said in the thread)
    – vitamin E strong antioxydant to use with Fenbendazole

    I also agree with J’s idea and the spreadsheet. It would be a huge work to sum up everything though, which treatment works the best for which cancer, dosages, etc, big challenge, but so useful.

    Anyway thanks again you are an angel mate for all you are doing, God bless you.
    Cheers from France

    1. Dear Patgom,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words! There are indeed backups often made to the website.

      Yes, there are so many valuable treatment options that have to be discussed and those that you mentioned are good examples indeed. I typically tend to give priority to those options that have also published case reports showing remissions, next to anecdotal reports and the science. Indeed, those that you mentioned can fit into that, even MSM now given that Dr Schwartz is working on that consolidating both the science and the positive results. Whenever, you have relevant case reports on these substances or others, please share them here and when the times come for them, I will start addressing them as well.

      It would be very helpful to consolidate everything into a spreadsheet and I hope one day I will be able to find the time to start doing that. There are some very good and hardworking people in the FB groups that also started to do something like this focused on specific cancers. One such FB group doing a very nice job is called “Patient Led Oncology Trials Group”.

      Thank you so much again Patgom for your very kind words. God bless you too!

      Kind regards,

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