My Plans in Oncology: An Update

Dear Friends,

Nearly two years ago, I promised I will dedicate my life to contributing to the improvement and extension of advanced cancer patients life (Ref.).

Since that time, I haven’t had the time to add much content on this website. At least not as much as I would like, while there are so many things I would like to say and so many areas of oncology related science I would like to explore.

However, there were a lot of things happening in the background along the line of my promise to you. More specifically, I had to make a choice between writing on this website and actually more directly contributing to life. And so, most of the time I had available I spent on a more direct contribution, by answering e-mails and phone calls from cancer patients and their family, and sharing the knowledge I have in this field with them. All for free, with no fees associated.

I also spent a good amount of time communicating with medical doctors and scientists. Along this line, I have already contributed to a scientific article published in a peer review journal (my first in oncology related science) and currently considering contributing to another scientific article and scientific book in the same field.

Communicating and working on all these fronts is not easy as it requires too often switching mind from one subject to the other, and from content to processes. It implies communication with people with different needs (patients, scientists, clinicians), and it implies communication with people located everywhere across the globe. Acting as a bridge, and creating coherence out of all this is challenging but the results can be extremely valuable for all involved. I’ve seen some great results coming out of such collaboration, and that is a result of the commitment and professional attitude of many of those involved. As a result, I think we are on to something big. I will share more about these results in the context of the subjects I will discuss regarding the activity I plan within the Foundation.

As I promised to you and myself, I will stop my current job very soon. It’s a matter of months now. That is a job I love, in a company I love, and with people and culture I love. It’s hard to stop that job but I feel I have the capability and the responsibility for helping people at a stage in life when they need the most help. Doing part time one job and part time helping cancer patients is not sustainable for any of the activities. Therefore, I will dedicate my full time to oncology. I am and will be focused mainly on advanced cancer. I do that because I understand the pain and the urgent needs of the advanced cancer patients and their family.

Although making a difference in the world is challenging, not to speak about doing that in oncology field, I am committed to take this road, do the best I can to the best of my knowledge, with the best intentions, and to succeed.

Every road I took in life lead to above average results, including breakthrough discovery in science during by PhD (Ref.1, Ref.2). I expect and already started to see that with God’s help, the road I take on oncology will lead to even better results. The drive related to the purpose, next to the passion, capabilities and experience I have in Science & Technology, Business and Spirituality give me a good base to move forward on this path in a balanced and unbiased manner, and achive the goal.

Therefore, my goal is to generate treatment options to improve and extend life of cancer patients

  • while considering all perspectives from hardcore science to spirituality
  • and all relevant tools to address those perspectives, from natural therapies to conventional therapies, including chemo-, radio-, immuno-therapy and surgery
  • with a specific focus on advanced stage of cancer, when patients are left without treatment options
  • with the involvement of patient communities, scientists, clinicians and any relevant organization

In other words, I l will keep an unbiased, balanced and open mind with a clear goal in mind, i.e. people’s LIFE. Not ego, not science, not money, but LIFE. And I only expect fairness from all those involved.

Why I think and know there is much more that can be done for advanced cancer patients?

Given all the scientific information exposed on this website, and much more that I did not had the chance to share yet, we now have an ample amount of scientific based evidence to easily argue that great value is confined in the academic space, while not much of that is touching the patients, yet.

That is not only demonstrated by many case reports in humans such as those referenced in various articles consolidated on this website, but also by our own experience, in which my dear wife has succeeded to live much longer compared to what would be typically expected for her case (expected months, we extended to three years). The life extension was achieved at a quality of life level good enough so that we were flying to other continents for holidays. I think there is no need to explain how valuable such time could be. This and possibly more, is the value that we could get by tapping into the academic science.

We started from zero knowledge on medicine and could get that in a short time. Now imagine what the world could obtain when teams of experienced scientist and medical doctors would focus on extracting the valuable and untouched findings from the academia, and enable the application of those for advanced cancer patients left with no options.

Indeed, based on great results recently reported to me and soon to be addressed on this website, it is not a hope but a fact that wonders can be done when the right people, intentions and tools are coming together.

At this point, you may ask yourself why that value from academic space is not reaching the patients yet. Some of the answers to that question are well known and widely accepted:

  • Industry needs: those responsible to pick the “cherries” from the academic space are businesses. A business is driven primarily by investors needs and the medical solutions will be chosen such that they will address those needs. If those needs are not addressed first, the investors will move their money/support elsewhere and the company will sooner or latter go out of activity. This is why the company needs to make sure the investors are satisfied, which implies that the revenue and profitability of the company needs to constantly get higher and higher. Otherwise the company will be lost and another competitor will replace it. This is the system that WE ALL, the society, have put in place and in a way or another we are all responsible for its results, whether we like the results or not. Therefor, large amount of academic discoveries that are not representing business opportunity are simply not considered by the industry, and are lost in the academic research
  • Time to develop drugs: some discoveries may be too new and did not had the chance to be identified by the industry and developed to the level required for becoming a drug. In order to become an oncology drug, typically, each substance needs to go through a clinical trial consisting out of several phases, lasting typically about 10 years in total for each drug, at a cost of about 1$ billion
  • Communication gap: finally, yet another reason why much of the academic discoveries remain “lost” is due to a large disconnect between academics and clinicians. Most clinicians are extremely busy, seeing patients all day and have no time and experience for scientific communication, and more importantly for translation of science into clinical solutions. Typically, the bridge between the two are the pharma companies, developing drugs and writing treatment protocols.

Regardless of the reason behind, the fact is that great value for cancer patients remains confined in the academic space. That value could be related to ways to improve the effectiveness of existing cancer treatments, or can be represented by new treatment approaches.

How to make this value accessible to the patients?  The Plan

I plan to generate value for patients through 3 major channels:

  • The Blog: A place to continue exposing new treatment approaches where/how to be accessed
  • The non-profit Foundation: A professional “platform” to bridge the gap between Academicians and Clinicians and facilitate the implementation of new and most effective treatment approaches for Patients
  • The Company: A supplement Company to improve effectiveness of supplements based on the scientific knowledge acquired and generate the financial support required to turn the Foundation in to a professional organization

The Blog: 

The website will continue to run as it was initially started, that is as a Blog. The Foundation name (MCS Foundation for Life) is associated with a new website, representing the website of the Foundation. Here is the website (under construction). The goal of the Blog, is to continue exposing new treatment approaches where the post will represent purely my personal opinion and findings, i.e. not that of the Foundation. However, there will be a natural connection between the Blog and the Foundation, and as a result the projects and results of the Foundation will also be communicated on this website.

The blog has become a relevant source of information for cancer patients and their family. This is reflected in more than 1.5 million page views since I started while not doing any form of advertising. It has also become a relevant meeting point between myself, patients, scientists and clinicians with whom I am in constant contact on the website or via private communications. As this seems to add value to the world, I intend to continue growing the content of this website with subjects that I found most relevant for cancer patients.

More than 0.5 million unique visitors have visited the website since it’s beginnings, 3 years ago, and about 0.01% have donated to support the continuity of the website. That is about 50 people donating during this time. I would like to thank you to all those who have supported so far this website and related research activity, and who will further support it. There are costs related to storage space and domain name, costs related to protecting the website from (random) DDoS attacks that are searching constantly for weaknesses in websites, and cost related to solving technical issues. I usually try to solve them myself but when that is not possible I search for technical support. Some of these donations, I have further donated to people who really need it, including some of the visitors of this website. Again, thank you to those making donations and please realize that you have a share of any positive impact that this website has on life. Even 1$ matters, that is less than the cost of a coffee. We all have the tendency to think that someone else will do it and we end up with nearly nobody doing it. I have had most of my free time spent with research, sharing, answering e-mails and Skype calls and never asked for money. But we have to realize that if we want a better world, we also have to contribute in some way. With our time and energy or with our resources. Otherwise, such work cannot be sustainable. The alternative of the work such as the one done on this website is business. And we all know that business needs are aligned along the needs of the patients but are not always matching perfectly the needs of the people. It’s our choice, of everyone reading this, on how we like to continue building this world.

The non-profit Foundation:

Together with the help of two good friends, on October 18th 2017, exactly one-year latter since the passing of my dear wife, we have succeeded to incorporate Mihaela Catalina Stanciu Foundation for Life. The name we now use is MCS Foundation for Life and its website (under construction at this time) is here

The goal of the foundation is the same as stated above. That is to improve and extend life of cancer patients.

In order to do this the Foundation will

  • select new treatment options or new treatment strategies that are most promising in our view
  • become a bridge, to facilitate the connection and flow of value (effective solutions) between Academics and Clinicians
  • join or create academic teams around the treatment options to support clinicians
  • join other Foundations to identify countries and regulations that allow implementations of new treatment options or new treatment strategies
  • when funds will be available, we will support research and development of treatment options we find most relevant, while having in mind both effectiveness and accessibility, with a shorter-term focus on implementation
  • when new options prove to be effective, the Foundation will support their implementation including support of FDA applications
  • represent an information hub for patients, regarding the above

In doing this, the Foundation will have an unbiased approach. The goal is effectiveness, not wishes. Therefore, all spectrum of potential treatments will be considered, from natural therapies to conventional therapies, including chemo-, radio-, immuno-therapy and surgery. From existing to new therapies. Based on current evidence, I expect the outcome in terms of effective solutions will be a combination of two or more treatments.

At this point we are two active members in the Foundation. We are glad to consider other contributors. The goal is to turn the Foundation into a professional organization. One that is sustainable and can grow, and where contributors can finally work full time not only volunteer work. Otherwise we better stop. However, based on recent results, I believe that this is possible and the Foundation will have an important impact along its goal.

For the Foundation activity, the streams of financial support we expect are:

  • donations,
  • we will consider applications for grants and if required consultancy fees
  • start up a Supplement Company (MCSFormulas), of which major part of the profits will be donated to the Foundation

The Company:

Based on the experience from past years, it becomes clear that in order to build a sustainable Foundation, a stable financial support stream is required, next to possible donations that cannot be planned. At the same time, based on the findings from large amount of scientific literature I went through, it becomes apparent that some of the most relevant supplements we often discuss can be improved in terms of effectiveness when combined with other supplements. Another challenge that needs to be addressed and that I experienced while buying the supplements for my wife is the quality of supplements as I wanted to be 100% sure I buy active ingredients and not supplements that have lost their activity due to e.g. storage conditions, etc.

Given the above, I came to the conclusion that starting up a supplement company will add value in two different ways to the patients:

  • give the patients possibility to have their supplements acquired from a company donating most of the profits to the oncology Foundation to create value back for the patients
  • create more effective supplements via new combinations to improve effectiveness and insure quality & active ingredients by putting in place specific control processes

Therefore, I decided to start up a Company that would donate 51% of its profits to the MCS Foundation for Life and other related causes. The rest of the profits would be allocated to the investors and the startup team. I still have to find the investors with whom the purpose here resonates. I did found a great team member here and will look for other potential collaborators.

The name of the company will be MCSFormulas. It will be incorporated in the Netherlands and it will act globally. The company will start it’s activity in the first quarter of 2020.

Just to be clear, I am doing all these for patients. I have a great job, in a top multinational and a high impact position (Ref.). I would not need more than what I now have to live a normal and good life outside the oncology field. But I feel the responsibility to do my best in achieving what I presented above.

Furthermore, I would prefer to spend time with the Blog and the Foundation only, but since it is difficult for cancer patients and their families to support such activity, I must find an effective way to generate financial support by myself, as anything that must run and grow in this world requires financial support. This is why the major need to start a Company. I could ask money for the coaching time with the patients and their families, but I prefer not to do that. As long as I can, my help is for free and with love for all of you.

If you have any suggestions, on how the above plan can be improved and how some of the above can be accelerated, please let me know. It is my pleasure to consider any suggestions. I actually need and hope others will be willing to contribute more.

Finally, I would like to conclude this post with the following: All the time and energy that has been invested in this website, by me, contributors and collaborators, online and offline, starts to pay off. Please check this website in the coming weeks and you will see why I am saying that. Great results are emerging and that is due to the energy of many people coming together and acting in a coherent manner. I am now more confident than ever, that great solutions against cancer can be found. On this line, one of the first and major project of the Foundation will be presented soon here.

I wish you all a great weekend and thank you for taking the time to read this long post!

Kind regards,


This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through this site and linkages to other sites, I provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. I am not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site. This is just my own personal opinion regarding what we have learned on this road.

Please read an extended version of the Disclaimer here:


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33 thoughts on “My Plans in Oncology: An Update

  1. This is admirable Daniel !!! great congratulations for your work, help and great generosity.
    Your help all this time is not paid with money. I would like to contribute in your project in some way in the future

    Best whises and congratulations again

  2. You’re doing amazing work, Daniel. But you need to get paid for your time you spend helping people. I admire you for wanting to do it all for free though. Amazing you’ve only had 50 donations in 3 years, out of 500.000 visitors! That should be at least tenfold (I sent you a small donation today).

    1. Thank you so much for your words off appreciation and for your donation, Johan. With this I also take the opportunity to thank Carl for his (another donation). Out of curiosity, I counted – your donation and that of Carl ar number 11 & 12 of those received this year.
      Also thank you for your e-mail. I will answer asap.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Manuone! I’ll have to get back to you on that, it’s been almost 16 years and we have no clue to be honest. But my father-in-law just did a new MRI and has to go see his oncologist to review the results and he’ll ask then. I’ll post back here asap.

  4. It has been my experience you are an exceptionally open person. I have spent my life innovating and know that in order to participate in breakthroughs one must have a very well developed knowledge of the subject. One must also be open to looking at the solution not at the problem. It also requires a severe case of determination and the ability to block out the voices of those committed to the current truth and telling you why you cannot do what you are trying to do.

    I agree there is so much from evidence based science that is not being applied and this is a big problem that requires a solution.

    My own thinking is that the almighty dollar will drive the evolution. What is true for a household is true for a company is true for a city is true for a state is true for a country. What I mean by this is axioms apply up and down and allow us to make sense of complex systems by looking back at more simplistic systems. Fat and sick people make for a broke household, fat and sick people make for a broke city, state and country. Applying evidence based science to the “health” of a population and workforce is just good business. Offering evidenced based health solutions in one country offers economic opportunity to that country not enjoyed by other countries crippled by politicians being used to block competition and progress in order to protect existing product lines and revenue streams.

    Always out of a need comes opportunity. If you are a contributor to the process or a rewarded market leader depends on the team you assemble, and the opportunities you realize.

    I agree with the other comments that charging for our time and advise is essential. You are a generous human being and can find a way to deliver great value and still find time to do all the work your specialized talents need to address.

    People like Chris Wark of ChrisBeatCancer have stopped consulting all together because it took too much of their time. There remained a need for individual hand holding at certain stages through the process. Dr. Rhonda Patrick a medical researcher offered up individual consulting for a donation subscription of $125 a month. She thought very few would take her up on it. She had to stop offering this.

    I personally have paid for medical consultive advise. I expect to pay when I go to the doctor. I expect to pay when I get consulted on my taxes. I expect to pay for a medical second opinion. I expect to pay for your time and this is why I made two donations to you. I am not alone in this just an exception in wanting to pay for your time even when it was not required. The bottom line is the system you want to do – offer free advise is not sustainable. Looking for outside revenues to pay for this time and service exchange is inappropriate. Using outside revenues to fund research or a business startup is appropriate.

    If individual consulting is very much needed, then a fair exchange is necessary, or very soon you will find you cannot do this at all.

    Good luck, you are an exceptional human being and listening to your inner voice is very important. We are all here for such a very short amount of time, we need to follow our hearts and listen to our inner voices more. I believe the purpose of all life is to make more life for our kind. Your new adventure is true to this purpose.

    1. Thank you so much Don for your kind words and advice. I swill strongly consider them. Indeed, sustainable and growing positive impact is what I intend to achieve, and there is the challenge. For that, I am looking for outside revenue to support that growth because I am build in such a way that at this point I can not ask consultancy fee from cancer patients and their family. My mind says that is something natural to do but my heart says that is not the right way, although I recognize that is how the world functions today. This is why asking consultancy fees would be something I would do only if nothing else works. For now, I will consider creating revenue streams that are not relaying on patient consultancy/communication fee but can be build based on the value behind the fact that people are visiting this website. The most simple option on this line could also be that in which anyone wanting to access specific sections of this website would have to e.g. pay a one-time 5$ fee. This would be small enough to represent essentially nothing for visitors but could represent something for the Foundation where the collected funds could go to support its goals. Nevertheless, its clear that I have to carefully consider all these aspects.
      Thank you again for the thoughts and advice. This is very helpful!

    1. Hi Ieva,

      Nice to hear from you, and thank you so much for your kind donation of yesterday. I will do my best to post the updates asap. But in case I do not have the chance to write the post in a few days, it may be a good idea for the two of us to have a Skype call asap. What do you think?

      Kind regards,

  5. This is such exciting new Daniel. I am extremely impressed with you unselfish determination to help people and to take this effort to the next level! I really urge everyone who has benefited from the information on this site to donate.

    Have you looked into a using a online fundraising platforms that allows monthly donations so that you could secure a more “steady” flow of resources?

    1. Thanks a lot Carl, like always! So far I did not had the chance to look into them. I actually wanted to start on the supplement company half an year ago. But between focusing on building resource stream and advancing on the Foundation purpose (a choice that has to be done due to available time), I made the choice to focus on the second. Looking back, that was the right choice. Looking forward, I will need to work on the rev streams as well and will consider all the possible channels. Thank you for your idea!

  6. This is great news to those who want to put cancer to bed. Just think what you can do full-time. I hope the supplements company does well. I totally agree with you that any cure to cancer will be at least a multi-strategic set of therapies, and most cancer researchers fail (IMO) because they take a monotherapy or at most a bi-therapy approach. What is needed, and perhaps this might be the basis for a grant, is an in-depth evaluation of all cancer treatments looking at the 3 parameters: mechanisms, contraindications, and toxicities. Too often toxicities add up with marginal benefit to the patient, or non-toxic potentiating integrations are ignored, out of habit. More insight desperately needed there. Mechanism-based strategies (and supplement formulations) could then follow.

    1. Daniel, best wishes as you transition to following your passion full time. I realize that the incentives that you were presented encouraged you to remain doing what you had been doing. I am very impressed that you were able to reach the life that your
      dreams were guiding you to. It takes a great deal of wisdom to live the life that you are meant to live and not live the life that others
      mass produce for us.

      Your Foundation will join a growing online movement to provide alternative medicine help to cancer patients who often no longer have options available to them from mainstream medicine. Typically when people are first diagnosed, they have no conception at all of how to manage their cancer. A mountain of highly promising research is published almost every day and yet traditional medicine only offers those treatments that have went through decades of clinical research.

      As you noted, almost none of the academic research ever manages to help patients. Thus, not surprisingly, we have witnessed over the last number of years a willingness by desperate patients to try innovative preclinical cancer therapies and in some instances these last chances appear to have been qualified successes (e.g., Yvar and the melanoma patient with 3-BP and others).

      It speaks to the enormous frustration resulting from the almost complete absence of clinical improvement in cancer outcomes over the last many decades that many patients seek out largely unknown and even untested alternatives after official medicine has nothing left. Metastatic cancer was cured in lab models 25 years ago! However, many highly promising treatments remain outside of clinical trials or even stall out in clinical trials over decades and decades. I sincerely wish that through your efforts and the efforts of those on our forum, better cancer treatments for our friends here and elsewhere can be advanced.


      1. Thanks a lot J and always nice to hear from you. I know I am a little crazy. 🙂 But sometimes we just need to jump in the water instead of just thinking about what to do. Regardless of how much we have to live, life is too short to spend it wondering what to do.
        You should realize that the Foundation, the existence of this Blog and beyond that all the discussions here, have emerged as a result of our discussions on Cancer Compass website. So whether you like it or not, it’s not “You Foundation” but “Our Foundation”. While I was smiling writing this, I really mean it. The result of what I write here is not just me thinking. It’s combining all the thoughts we all exchanged during all the past years, and combining knowledge from others from around the world some of which at this exact moment are moving ahead on their learning and application path and are sharing their findings with us. Those are patients, doctors, scientist … what I experience is like an avalanche. The more you do and give, the more is coming back in terms of knowledge. This may be overwhelming at times and this is why sometimes I did not succeeded to answer some of your e-mails although it was always coming in my mind that I want to do it. There is so much energy, information, that needs to be brought together. It’s like we have a room full of light particles, photons, and the opportunity is to bring those together in a coherent way, and with that create a laser beam to brake the walls 🙂 That is a bit of how I see things. And all those photons that need to become and act coherent are us, those who join this website to create the “laser beam”. This website is not my website, but our website, as it is created from our knowledge for our friends. I really hope and believe that this website will not just be one to continue growing online knowledge but one that through our unbiased & unique perspective and network across the world will help find reproducible approaches to obtain success in treating cancer. And when you have time, from time to time, I hope you will continue to contribute here with your never-ending enthusiasm J, without which I may not have had the idea to create this website.

    2. Thanks lullabyman. Indeed, the world, including the industry, has now realized that cocktails are the way to go forward. While in the alternative space this vision existed for longer time, I think in the conventional space this vision emerged only recently due to Immunotherapy which seems not to work at the level initially expected. However, given the huge investments done by the industry, the sales have to be increased and so the effectiveness. As a results, many clinical trials emerged during the past years, involving treatments that would address cancer from multiple angles. For example imunotherapy is now combined with drugs that are modulating the micro-environment of tumors, including Tregs, macrophages, etc.
      I think every problem has a simple solution. But until we rich that level of understanding to identify the simplicity in oncology, we need to address multiple mechanisms at the same time. With my next steps, I will continue building on this line.

  7. Cogratulations dear D for what you have achieved in such short time. It is unbelievable how you have stayed true to your words because it is so easy to lose that passion and get distracted in this life. This world has it’s way of doing that to many. That’s why there are so many wasted talents out there. Talent and strong will very rarely come together like they have in you.
    I too wish some day I can come in handy and work in your foundation full time.

    1. Hi Pouya, thanks a lot! Looking forward to have the call – whenever suitable just let me know and will make sure we plan it. Maybe one day when you have time you can help us with a nice logo for the Foundation?! I do remember your very nice drawings 🙂

      1. thanks Daniel, same here and as for the logo, absolutely! actually I had thought about it before. but for a good meaningful design I need to ask you a few question which we will discuss through private means.

  8. Hi Daniel
    My sister is recently diagnosed with primary brain tumor.tumor looks more like low grade glioma in MRI but the final diagnosis will be made after biopsy and surgery next week. She needs chemo and XRT after that . I wanted to know about blue scorpion venom and it’s effect on brain tumor and plan to start her after surgery if I find it effective after my research.would you advise please.

    1. Hi Roshanak,
      I am sorry to hear about the challenges with your dear sister. Here, for example, u can read a little more about the relevance of Cholride channels in cancer
      Blue Scorpion should be able to modulate that, but to my knowledge it’s challenging to find Blue Scorpion Venom that has enough active component inside to modulate the relevant ion channels. The demand is so high from patients, so that they strongly reduced the concentration of the products containing Blue Scorpion Venom even to homeopatic levels.

      Please share with us here your findings from the research.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hi Daniel
    Thanks a lot for your response.
    That’s true, I have been searching online and apparently the only way of getting the real thing( Escozul) is to go to Cuba and bring it in the ice. But when I was reviewing your previous comments I saw that you mentioned LifEscozul and how one can order Escozul through LifEscozul, which makes it a lot easier for me since I live in the US.
    The only thing is that I don’t know how reliable they are. I was reviewing online ( which seemed not-commercial )and in that site they mentioned that the only way of getting the venom is through independent producers in Cuba( Guantanamo and Matanzas) and even though they talk about independent international distributors in USA, Mexico,Panama, Columbia and Argentina, at the end they commended that none of the international distributors are reliable. So basically gives go no options but to go to Cuba.
    I just wanted to know your opinion.
    Do you know where lifEscozul company is located? Do you know anyone who used their products ? Do you know how reliable they are.

    Thanks again for all your help


    1. Dear Roshanak,

      Indeed, the challenge with the venom is not related to whether it has the potential against cancer, but weather the product you buy contains what it is claim to contain. It is challenging to obtain that kind of info and it may require a lot of time to spend on this subject in order to get an answer. I would not spend too much time researching this. The best may be to do some research, define a deadline when to stop searching for the best source, and order the one for which your feeling is the most positive. But not a homeopatic version.
      After that I would move on, since there are many more treatment options with potential.

      Kind regards,

  10. Thanks a lot for your prompt response.
    LifEscozul responded me and send me the instructions on how to start the process, pricing ……
    My sister will definitely follow her oncologist plan for therapy after surgery. She just wanted to start taking venom while on Chemo and XRT.
    I will let you know if I decide to go with them or travel to Cuba to get the venom.
    Wish me luck


  11. I definitely will share

    The reason I believe in this venom is my good friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant. She underwent mastectomy . Chemo and radiation after surgery did not respond and she got skin and lung metastasis while on chemo and at some point she was told that she only had a few months to live.
    When she was desperate she started taking the venom.she has been cancer free since(almost 8 years). She is a physician and so am I and like most other physicians I could only think: surgery, chemo and XRT, but she tried the venom and it worked and made me believe in it.


  12. Nuclear Medicine
    Seeing cancer patient every day…..but i have to confess: it felt so much more painful when i saw her MRI, I could not act professional or be reasonable or …..control my emotions. A deep ache in my heart which is crushing me every time i remember those images.
    My friend ( OB doctor) has been using Vidatox from the beginning and never used escozul which is confusing; on one side i have my friend as a proof that Vidatox works and on the other hand my research results..,.( homeopathic version or Vidatox has no antitumoral effect).
    I think I can find Vidatox but still don’t know how to get Escozul.


    1. Thanks Roshanak. I so much understand what you felt when seeing the results … I remember very clearly what I felt when I saw the MRI results from my dear wife … Based on what I read, at that time Vidatox was not homeopatic so it makes sense. I thought you are already in contact with those from to get Escozul?
      Btw, Lansoprazole and Metformin can also modulate Cl channels which is also one of the anti tumor mechanisms associated with the venom

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