Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, 2018!

Dear Friends,

For many of us, this year was not less than a challenging year. I know how difficult is to deal with such health challenges as those addressed on this website, whether we or someone we love is the patient. But I also know, that if you have the desire, belief and expectation to succeed, you will succeed!Β  It is God’s will whether that success will mean one extra day of life, one extra year or maybe 50 years. Our responsibility is to never give up. Instead, we should do our best, to the best of our knowledge while expecting the best!

Our responsibility is to act, fight, but even more importantly to live, today! Life happens today not tomorrow. We need to balance our fight against cancer with taking the best of the life we have, the best of today, as much as we can. There is always place for better and for worse in our life. So, chose to see what you have and not what you don’t have, regardless of your condition. Look around and be aware of the loved ones that are around you, now. Feel the love of today and not fear for tomorrow. Appreciate what you have while working on improving whatever you like to improve in your life. Live while fighting and not fight while living! That is my advice for 2018, to you dear friend!

With this, I wish you all and only the best to happen to you in 2018!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, 2018!

Kind regards,


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25 thoughts on “Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, 2018!

  1. Happy new year, Daniel! Kind and wise words as usual.

    I am thinking of you, guys… Ergin, Alex, Meech, Srisna and all the others.. we should not know each other from here πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful words Daniel , I wish a happy year for you , me , my dear friends Ergin, Jcancom , Pouya , Alex , meech and all other friends here

    I love you all πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Doan for both the wishes and the link!
      This is a very interesting and very recent article. I actually know a medical doctor with cancer who from time to time is preparing and injecting liposomal 3BP in his breast as a one week depo. A very innovative and “hardcore” doctor πŸ™‚ He said this approach clearly worked for him at least temporarily. But his liposomal version was not targeted such as that formulated in the article, which should be much more effective.
      I hope one day we can get to the funds required to develop such approaches and get them to people – it will take time but it will happen.
      Thanks again!

      Kind regards,

      P.S. I ma sure J will love the article as well πŸ™‚

      1. Best Wishes for the New Year to my friends on the forum!

        D thank you for being a loving light guiding us to our destination
        pouya I am so sorry that I could not find the answer to help your mother
        sirsna I greatly wish that our forum can find a treatment that will help you
        Ergin you have given me strength; even with your loss you were ready to help
        Emad you have lifted us all up with your devotion and ingenuity
        anca I hope that this is the year that your mother finds an effective treatment
        Alex thank you for your questions and for your comments
        lullabyman your comments about Vitamin C were a highlight of 2017 for me

        We are getting stronger!
        After all of these years we are making progress!

        It is abundantly obvious to me that people huddled by themselves trying their
        best to manage cancer would simply be unable to create a meaningful solution.
        It is equally obvious to me that together we can combine our talents and find
        the solution. For a long time I would have not believed that the People could
        have a realistic chance of curing cancer. However, it is now obvious to me that
        the People are the only ones who will ever find the cure.

        The path forward in 2018 clearly has to be through the many nanoformulations
        that have been published. The answer has been given to us and now we must
        do the chemistry to realize the gain.

        1. Doan, I noticed this new liposomal formulation a few days ago, though I was disappointed that it was behind a paywall.
          Yet, yesterday, I was cruising the internet and I found the preprint!!

          I think that you are so correct about 3-BP being back!
          As D suggested, we need to move to synthesizing these or finding a supplier.
          When you look at these formulations it seems very reasonable to expect that they
          would be safer and substantially more effective than free 3-BP.

          Going chemical should be the focus for us in 2018.

  3. D, we have unfortunately had several setbacks this year.

    Yet, we have also begun to see some very encouraging reports of patients that appear to be benefiting from metabolic metronomic dosing. I realize that this is a busy time of year for us all, though perhaps you could ask around for a brief update from those who seemed to be responding a few months ago. Perhaps they could simply provide their latest labs if they had them readily available.

    Best Wishes to all our friends on the forum for 2019!

    1. J, when u try to post long comments and it doesn’t work, please post a short comment and send me the body of the post by e-mail. I will use that to edit your short post and include the (long) body of the post. This is the best way as I can not remove the spam filters. Thanks.

      I keep in touch with most of the patients responding a few months ago and at least 4 out of the 6 mentioned have seen further improvements. One other patient with positive results and other people will also start. But yes, it’s difficult for me to keep up with all at this point … whenever I find available time I give priority answering e-mails from people in need … next year I will have more time + I will add some new structure to my approach in order to be able to address the time-challenge in a better and more sustainable way.

  4. Sorry, D, I know that you are swamped! I don’t want to swamp you even more. Thank yo for the update!
    Best Wishes for 2019!

    Perhaps you could have a new tab at the top of the page where all the patient reports could be added. It is not easy finding all these reports anymore. With all the new people coming on-board we might even need to start adding tags.

    Right at this moment I am reading about combining Sal and Graphene Silver nanoparticles. Impressive!

  5. D, many of the patients that I can see that have had what appear to be successful responses have also been on chemo. Are there patients who have tried metabolic metronomic dosing without chemo and also had successful responses?

    1. All of those responding used also low dose chemo. But all are stage IV patients where response to chemo would be less expected, even less when that is in low dose. The best responder actually had 10x lower chemo dose at one time (but higher frequency admin) compared to the conventional procedure.
      I would not use metabolic treatments alone, specifically when dealing with stage iv. But metabolic approach is a strong supportive tool for most conventional treatments and as a result I think this should be strongly considered as a mainstream approach to enhance effectiveness of current treatments. Metabolic modulators are addressing multiple mechanisms that the mainstream onco treatments are not addressing, representing escape routes and thus resistance mechanisms for tumours.

  6. Merry Christmas & Happy And More Healthy New Year 2019!!!
    Dear friends, don’t forget to cherish the moment, try to forget for a while about treatments and cancer.
    A few photos, a nice dish full of good food and a couple of drinks but most of all conversations about the things you love.
    There’s so much to be said but for now i just want to keep it short.

    Warm hugs to everyone reading, best wishes to you dear friends!

  7. D and all, Happy New Year!
    2018 was a big year for us.
    We appear to now being seeing some reports of success.

    Might you write a post early in the New Year that summarizes what is known as of now of our metronomic metabolic approach?
    New Year’s is the one day that everyone on the forum seems to be on the same page, so to speak.
    At other times of the year we can all be somewhat scattered on the forum, on different pages.

    I think that it is important that all of those on the forum now be aware of metronomic metabolics as it
    certainly appear (at least over the last few months span) to have been a conceptual breakthrough for us.
    Sometimes people even on our forum might be so locked into their specific circumstances that they might be aware of
    what possibly could be a substantial treatment breakthrough. As others become aware of this approach then possibly additional amplifications of the basic idea will be found.

    Best Wishes everyone!

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