Genistein based Treatment Strategy from a Recent Patent

Here is just a short article to highlight a recently published patent suggesting a combination of various anticancer elements as treatment strategy to obtain positive results. The typical daily combination suggested as an invention is the following:

Cyclophosphamide 50mg
Curcumin 2400 mg(6 × 400 mg)
Melatonin 10mg (before sleep)
Naltrexone 4.5mg (before sleep)
Metformin 500mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 1200 mg(4 × 300 mg)
Genistein (pure) 8400 mg(6 × 1400 mg) – this one needs to be ordered from China (or any other source that may deliver large quantities at accessible cost) due to the huge quantity that is suggested here and difficult to find at an accessible price

Note: Cyclophosphamide 50mg/day is actually low dose chemotheraphy and is widely suggested and used by the holistic doctors. One of the main purpose in using it is to reduce Tregs and as a result maintain a good activity of the immune system. Note that if Cyclophosphamide needs to be avoided, Cimetidine (800mg/day) may? also do the job.

All of the above elements are relevant enough that I would add them to any cancer strategy and while their combination is new all of the elements have been previously used as anticancer supplements or drugs.

To me, what is new in the strategy above is the huge quantity of Genistein (a soy extract). I didn’t know that 8.4 g would be OK in the context in which the typical commercially available Genistein capsule weight is 100mg.

I do like to see that such huge Genistein quantity was used and is safe given the fact that Genistein has strong  anti cancer properties and is one of the top natural extracts in my view (next to Curcumin, Quercetin, Honokiol, Baicalein and a few others). (Moore is better as long as it is safe.)

At the end of the patent, there are a few examples of positive results after application of this strategy on cancer patients with the follow types of cancer: Adenocarcinoma, Lung Primary; Breast Leiomyosarcoma, Ovarian Cancer of Unidentified Origin, Advanced Stage IV Leiomyosarcoma including Multiple Metastases, Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcoma.


CANCER THERAPY: The present invention is directed to compositions and methods for the treatment of cancers, particularly cancers of epithelial origin. Therapy with a plurality of nutraceutical, non-chemotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic agents, that together target a plurality of cancer-supportive processes in a patient are disclosed. Among other things, the present invention encompasses the insight that redundant targeting of multiple such pathways provides effective treatment of various cancer, including late-stage cancers, metastasized cancers, and/or cancers that have failed treatment with traditional chemotherapy and/or other therapeutic modalities.


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8 thoughts on “Genistein based Treatment Strategy from a Recent Patent

  1. Hello Daniel,
    I’ve read all your articles and it helped us a lot ! Thank you so much !
    My father has a stage 4 gastric cancer. We’ve just made the rccg test for the natural extracts and it turns out that the genistein would be the most efficient substance. I’ve read your article about the genistein, so I would like to buy some pure genistein, but I can not find a reliable supplier. Do you know someone (in China or elsewhere) who could deliver it to France ? Thank you in advance !


    1. hi Aleksandrova,

      i am unsure abouts its price / per value ration compared to the chinese source, but Swanson US is selling Genistein at an OK price.

      1. Hello, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t find any genistein in Europe or in US strong enough to avoid taking 100 pills per day. If we try the protocol with 8400mg I think the only issue is to buy it directly from China. If you know any source in Us suitable for this dosage, please let me know !


          1. Thank you Daniel !
            Do you think there is any difference between soy genistein, genistein from fructus sophorae (or another natural source) and synthetic genistein ?

  2. Dear Daniel

    In several places Melatonin is mentioned in 10 mg daily dosage. At the same time some trials were using 20 mg per day.
    e.g. summary of 8 done:
    Is there big difference between these 2 dose values? btw, I was curios to experiment the Melatonin on myself at 3 x 3 mg (9 mg) dosage and got slight adverse effect.

    Another issue – I got a problem finding Curcumin source locally. Most of the products available here advertised as Curcuminyyy don’t state exact content of the Curcumin within mixter, and rather refer to the Curcumin extract (perhaps poor marketing habits?).
    From it can be seen that extract of Turmeric contains:
    “Tumeric Oleoresin.
    Preparation: Extract from dried rhizomes by solvent extraction with acetone, dichloromethane, 1,2-dichloroethane, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol and light petroleum (hexanes) or supercritical CO2extraction.
    Chemical Composition: 37-55% curcuminoids and up to 25% essential oil”.
    Taking into account that Curcumin itself is around 90% of all curcuminoids within Turmeric we end with at most 50% of Curcumin within single pill. (Curcumin is at best in 3% range depending on specie origin).
    Because of that we might need to use twice as many as needed pills daily if consumer grade Curcumin product will be chosen.

    Thank you!

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