Gelum Drops: reducing lactic acid, increasing hemoglobin and lymphocytes

This is a German product that has been recommended to me by a German friend (Thank you!) and though I should share that with all the readers. So here it is her e-mail:

“Just wanted to give you some information about a product, which you can share also with others (if you like). A natural doctor, recommend me “Gelum Drops”, 3×30 drops / day . It is a natural product, which increases oxygen in the body and decrease the lactate. It is an old product and his brother used it 20 years ago for his own cancer therapy. Unfortunately the company has no information in English, but I have found this site:
It can be ordered via:¶ms%5Bsearch%5D=gelum+tropfen

Indeed, I think this is an interesting product since it can decrease lactic acid in the body produced by the tumor cells. Specifically, tumor cells are producing left handed lactic acid which is the opposite of the d-lactic acid (or right-handed lactic acid) produced by the normal cells during e.g. intensive exercise. (Ref) Gelum Drops contains right handed lactic acid which will neutralize the left-handed lactic acid produced by the cancer cells. Neutralization of this left-handed lactic acid is desired since otherwise it promotes the tumor growth via various mechanisms. As a result, via this action Gelum Drops have the potential to stop the tumor growth and reduce pain due to high lactic acid release of tumors.

In addition, it is also claimed to

  • lead to an increase of hemoglobin
  • non-specific stimulant of the immune system leading to increase lymphocytes

Here is the product description: Ref

Composition of 100 g contain:

  • 30,0 g of an aqueous solution of Calcium-Iron(III)-Phosphate-Citrate-Complex (CEPC)
  • 3,0 g L(+)-Lactic Acid (clockwise rotating)
  • 0,1 g Calium Sorbate.

Gelum®-drops contain no alcohol.

In Germany the price of 100g solution is about 20 euro.


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