Drug cocktail could double the average survival time

Dear Friends,

This is a short post to bring to your attention a result that was recently made public by Care Oncology Clinic www.careoncologyclinic.com in London. (Thank you Carl for sharing these news with me).

The Care Oncology Clinic is undertaking a study and providing treatments that may complement and enhance standard of care therapy but also used as stand alone. Essentially, they are using a combinations of four drugs that we often discussed on this website. Those drugs and the related dosages used are:

  • Oral Atorvastatin up to 80mg uid
  • Oral Metformin up to 1000mg uid, increased to bid if tolerated after 2 weeks
  • Oral Doxycycline 100mg uid
  • Oral Mebendazole 100mg uid

They have supported cancer patients with this combination for some years, and now they have reported results for Glioblastoma where this new combination treatment doubled the average survival time from 14 months to 27 months (Ref.). However, this approach is being applied for most cancer types.

The drugs are very cheap (several hundreds euro/year) and available in most countries. The anticancer mechanism behind Atorvastatin is believed to be related to cholesterol production inhibition (Ref.). The main anticancer mechanisms behind Metformin are related to glucose lowering effects but also related to it’s impact on mitochondria (Ref.). The anticancer mechanism behind Doxycicline is related to it’s impact on mitochondria. The main anticancer mechanisms behind Mebendazole it’s related to interference with microtubule dynamics (Ref.).

The result from Care Oncology Clinic demonstrates that life extension can also be obtained with cheap and available drugs that are accessible to most of the people.

To me, this is just a taste of the value confined in the academic space and waiting to be exposed. And it hits at the core of my goal: exposing valuable discoveries from academic world that can be fast implemented to improve and extend life of cancer patients.

Due to reasons discussed here, to the above cocktail I would also add the following:

  • Dypiridamole 200mg 2x/day
  • HCA 2-3g/day
  • Bioperine 30mg/day
  • Aspirin 100mg/day
Also, in my view Mebendazole dose should be at least 200mg/day and should be taken with (fatty) food to improve it’s absorption. Next to these, adding probiotics would help to reduce side effects of the Doxycicline. Best probiotic is sauerkraut.
Kind regards,


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Thank you Daniel for your continued efforts.


Hi Daniel-
Thanks for this post, I have been eager to see some of the results from the Care Oncology Clinic and also to know exactly what they were using. This will also be valuable information for me to share with my colleagues who are actively consulting with cancer patients.


Fresh article about metformin from Ukranian scientists: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29284782. Seems, its not effective enough in vivo 🙁


Well, my mother is still alive. Maybe not because of Metformin, but it sure saves us from having to deal with Morphine shots for her pain, in conjunction with aspirin or diclofenac.
So we can still talk, like mother and son instead of having to care for a semi-concious person, i can still talk to her.
To us, these are the most valuable pills next to the oncologic protocol.



Hi Alex,
What is the latest results?CT,BT?Markers?
Please let me know if you need stg from here.I sent you mails but i think you missed them.


Brother, there has been some shrinkage in some areas and growth in others. Oncologist is continuing treatment. With Tarceva and Zometa
No cancer in other organs. We didn’t do any blood tests or markers.
Mother is not happy, but the doctor said she should be happy to be able to talk to me for another day.
The doctor explained to her that if it wasn’t for the treatment she would have been dead by now.
I can’t say i believe that to be absolutely true, because the original tumor was bigger before surgery.
The doctor encouraged my anti-inflamatory proposal. So i give her 250mg Aspirin, 500mg metformin, once a day with food, i also apply diclofenac cream where i see the tumor on her back in the CT scans and where she is saying it hurts. I am thinking of mixing diclofenac and ibuprofen cream together for skin application, maybe it does better.
So far we’ve managed to avoid the nightmare of morphine shots. To me this is a miracle…. we can have conversations, she can sleep or enjoy a show on tv or even browse facebook and such. Most of the time she watches cooking shows on tv, as she loves to cook and wishes to get back in the kitchen, it also helps to motivate her, and every bit helps because things are so bad.
She is still very much paralyzed so, everything is very slow and hard, humiliating.
She has side effects problems from Tarceva…. skin problems, infections, inflamation of the liver, so i buy creams and anti-biotics, and Silimarin.
There are many drugs but i don’t want to kill her with too much toxic drugs.
I don’t know what more to do, i help with everything i can… i am alone in this, i don’t have time to think very much.
I don’t know how much time we have, maybe 3 months, maybe 6 or more, depends on many things.
I am happy she is not suffering from cancer pain, the rest… we wait for destiny.
If situation becomes more critical, and doctor is abandoning, we will try what we can.
But what? My mother has very strong cancer maybe not very metastatic, but strong, drugs don’t affect it very very much, just a little. It’s very flexible. Here it dies, and there it grows. Genetic variation, resistence, adaptability.
I don’t know what to do more brother, too much pain, and i can only imagine what it is like for you.
Sometimes i try to be a man that i am, and not cry, but it’s too hard. Your losses shocked me bro, i saw your emails, but i still wait for you on skype.

Good luck,


Dear Alex

I know how bad you feel , you feel like treatment is not going good and tumor is trying to grow even with Tarceva

but don’t take it hard on yourself

first, do doctors tell you that there is no option other than Tarceva ?

i don’t think that Tarceva is the only option, normally the oncologist should have good options as long as patient is stable , my mother where almost stable for 2 years , getting up and down everytime

what i’m telling you is to not think like things are going bad , i want you to know that you have time

there is good and enough time to think about new options

did you try treatments like MG ? Thalidomide ? Taurolidine or the combo mentioned in this article ?

i know that maybe 3bp is hard to get , but you should plan on using some of these options

take me as an example

3 weeks ago , i thought its over

my mother had severe ascites , and you know the very poor prognosis associated with it

but its just some bad thoughts , ascites is gone now , and she feels a lot better these days

ok i can’t take any rest at all, i don’t know what will happen in the future

but my message to you is : don’t think that time is up , we have been in almost same situation for 2 years at least , so i advice you to plan for trying new things , you may face more up and downs but this is our best we can do , we hope that soon we could deal with cancer and get it killed somehow at the end , its very very hard fight but not impossible to win it

wish you all the best for you and your dear mom


Thank you so much Daniel, useful information

i only used 2 of them for some time , the other things are still new to me , they deserve a serious shot 🙂


Hi, Daniel and friends 🙂 !

Thanks for this post.
Did You have typing mistake or what is HCA? Maybe You meant DCA?

I have heard that in some progression cases COC gives acyclovir.

Thinking of all of You !



So my mom is back home now, it’s been 2 days.
Appears to be stable, got her an oxygen concentrator.
I thought she was going to meed her end, so much so that a lot of relatives came to the clinic to visit one last time.
A pastor and a priest were brought there. Photos, videos…. final words.
In many ways we are very lucky, in others, extremely unlucky.
It’s been a nightmarish second half of the month for me and her.
In the clinic like i said before, the oncologist gave her 3 or 4 itraconazol pills of 100mg, each time my mom took one every day, she felt better, it’s true she also got iv’s with Vit b1, Dexamethazone, B12, Omeprazole, Algocalmin, others…
So yesterday and today she took itraconazol, and apparently it helps.

What intrigues me and i find it confusing in a good way?! She is saying she has more dexterity in her left hand after she takes itraconazol 100mg.
She wants to continue taking itraconazol 100mg/day for 2 weeks, a brake and then another 2 weeks and so on.
Someone else on facebook brought up nistatin as a possible drug that would help
Back to itraconazol now, i just don’t know what to think, how is it helping her? If it is actually helping her, is this a drug i can have hopes for actually making my mom more functional, nervous system is damaged maybe completely beyond recovery?
Both her arms were paralyzed, but after these 2 weeks in the oncology clinic, her right arm recovered good, not fully.
Today after one itraconazol she could move her left arm fingers individually, but not with strength and not fully.
She could do so yesterday too, but less than today. I hope i am clear enough.

Either way, it’s all fake news from the doctor, looks like i won’t be doing any iv’s to my mom. the doctor simply said what we wanted to hear i think.
Her treatment for now is still Zometa+Tarceva however my mom doesn’t want to take Tarceva… so she hasn’t been taking it.
Mostly due to the side effects on her skin and nails and hair growth, also arguing that “if it doesn’t heal me, than what’s the point of taking it? It’s been 10 months”
Hard to say anything against that, i mean i tried, in a way she is right and i want to allow her the freedom of choice.

All and all, crazy enough she has no distant metastasis to some organ, still not late for that to happen tho.

Perhaps this comment should serve as a reminder to me and others here reading, the basics should always be on our list.
If not to cure, to at least improve quality of life and maybe gain a few more minutes to say what counts the most.

Many many thanks
Have a wonderful weekend,


Hello Daniel. I think that Care Oncology Clinic used 1 month Mebendazol, 1 month Doxycycline.

We started this protocol about 3 months ago. My father was already taking Metformin and Mebendazol, so we added just Atorvastatin and Doxycycline. Stopping Mebendazol scared me, so we decided to keep it all the time and we take doxycycline a month and a month off. I don’t know if it’s a good tactic. We also decided to add liposomal vitamin C while taking doxycycline, which I found interesting.
It’s odd because the markers went down while taking doxycycline, but as soon as we stopped doxycycline it went up a lot. Unfortunately, obviously we can not use doxycycline all the time, so we have no choice.


Guys, do you know a trusted chinese supplier for 3-BP and hydrazine sulfate? The one I found sent me a fake CoA, so I decided not to order from them. Thank you!


Hi Daniel. This is Irfan. I had posted earlier on the forum about my sister with stomach and esophagus cancer. Can I have your email? i need your help. thanks you