Discussion Board is Now Live

Dear Friends,

During the past months, some of you suggested that having a Forum on this website may very much help, in order to let the discussions go beyond the subjects of the articles I published here.

I thought that is a very good idea and starting with today we have that available here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/community/

The Discussion Board can also be accessed from the Menu bar, at the top/right side of this website, and is visible under the label “Forum”.

To have some coherence in the discussions, I created a structure based on various topics where you can fit the subject you would like to address. However, as you will see, there is also space to initiate discussion subjects beyond those predefined topics.

Please free to start using this discussion board, and if you feel something has to be added or changed there, please let me know and I will do my best to implement that if possible and suitable.

All the best,

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Great Daniel,
When there is a big silence,you come here with a good surprise.
I was really waiting from you such a great happening.


I think and hope this will also bring more registered members, this should increase our overall activity here.


That was fast dear D, thanks for making it happen.


D, is it possible to open up white board space and or a wiki?

Sometimes you want to go beyond a forum or a thread to post consolidated info.
For example, a distillation of the knowledge gained from a thread could be posted to a wiki.
Or an index could help you find posts, words etc.

Thread based knowledge quickly becomes unmanageable as has been learned on the Compass thread.


D, that would be great!

I was thinking of something like having a white board of amino acid metabolism, glycolysis/Krebs cycle, electron transport, fatty acid energy cycle … and then we could add to the drawing. Many times in biology words are not the best way to express things because there are complicated feedback loops and other interactions. A whiteboard could greatly help posters understand and communicate better.