Dichloroacetate (DCA): An Accessible Drug to Fight Cancer


First, I will start this post by wishing all the readers a Happy New Year full of health for you and your family, and a lot of success in everything you do! I also like to specifically thank to Ann who was the first visitor/friend this year to post a wish to all of us on this website.

Dichloroacetate (DCA), is probably one of the first anti cancer drugs I came across when starting to search for new effective drugs that can help fight cancer. After all these years, I believe even more in the potential behind DCA. This is because, I do know personally two people/friends who benefited from DCA treatment and are alive today due to DCA. And they used no other major treatments such as chemo. One of them is a man diagnosed >10 years ago with stage IV colon cancer and the other is a man diagnosed >5 years ago with stage IV lung cancer. And both of them are alive today.

It is true, after about >5 years their cancer came back and they succeeded to manage that with various elements including 3BP. Below I also intend to shortly discuss the mechanism through which some cancers responding may become resistant to DCA and possible routes to overcome that.

DCA has been extensively discussed, investigated and used in both alternative cancer treatment and academic world. With this post, I do not intend to consolidate all the extensive research on DCA. Instead, I will make a short summary with the most relevant points I am aware of and that need to be considered when DCA is used as an anti cancer treatment. Next to this post, a lot of relevant discussions on the use of DCA can be found at the following website: http://www.thedcasite.com

DCA is a white powder, the salt version of Dichloroacetic acid. Outside the oncology field, DCA is a drug known for many decades that has been considered for treatment of lactic acidosis. (Ref.1, Ref.2) DCA as an anti-diabetic and lipid-lowering drug (Ref), with potential for treating these conditions as well as myocardial and cerebrovascular ischemia (Ref.).

While known for long time, the potential of DCA in oncology has only recently begun to receive attention after major publications from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada where the scientists were concluding the following: “Here, we review the scientific and clinical rationale supporting the rapid translation of this promising metabolic modulator in early-phase cancer clinical trials.” (Ref.1, Ref.2), scientific publications that until today are cited by >100 other scientific publications. An explosion of press coverage followed that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq-oT8-2tC8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nTg53izwpEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq-oT8-2tC8; and so on …

Due to its mechanism of action DCA may be relevant to most types of cancers, including:

  • breast cancer (Ref.1, Ref.2, Ref.3)
  • colon and colorectal cancer (Ref.1, Ref.2)
  • prostate cancer (Ref.)
  • acute myeloid leukemia (Ref.)
  • oral squamous cell carcinoma (Ref.)
  • glioblastoma (Ref.)
  • Ovarian cancer (Ref.)
  • Neuroblastoma (Ref.)
  • Lung cancer (Ref.)
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma (Ref.)
  • and most of the other cancers …

Other positive effects:

  • reduces pain in cancer (due to acidity lowering effects) (Ref.)
  • reduced massive ascites in 50% of the patients without adjuvant chemotherapy (Ref.)

That next to the fact that is a low cost, low side effects and accessible to all people, makes DCA one of the drugs that can be tried by all cancer patients.

Even more, due to its mechanism of action, DCA supports chemotheraphy and radiotheraphy (increases Reactive Oxygen Species in cancer cells and reduces acidity around the tumors) (Ref.1, Ref.2). And even more, because the acidity around the tumor is reduced, the immune system can increase its activity in those specific areas.

But as you will see if you read the rest of this post, there are some more tricks that we need to use in order to increase the chance of DCA for effectiveness against cancer.

Anecdotal stories:

See http://www.thedcasite.com/

Case reports in humans:

Long-term stabilization of stage 4 colon cancer using sodium dichloroacetate therapyhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27803917

A case is presented in which oral DCA therapy resulted in tumour stabilization of stage 4 colon cancer in a 57 years old female for a period of nearly 4 years, with no serious toxicity. Since the natural history of stage 4 colon cancer consists of steady progression leading to disability and death, this case highlights a novel use of DCA as a cytostatic agent with a potential to maintain long-term stability of advanced-stage cancer.

A Novel Form of Dichloroacetate Therapy for Patients With Advanced Cancer: A Report of 3 Cases http://alternative-therapies.com/at/web_pdfs/s202khan.pdf

Oral dichloroacetate sodium (DCA) is currently under investigation as a single agent and as an adjuvant for treatment of various cancers. One of the factors limiting its clinical use in a continuous oral regimen is a doserelated, reversible neurotoxicity, including peripheral neuropathy and encephalopathy. The intravenous (IV) route has a number of potential advantages, including (1) pulsed dosing to achieve higher concentrations than feasible with oral use, (2) a longer washout period to reduce the potential for neurotoxicity, and (3) a bypassing of the digestive system, which is particularly significant for advanced-stage cancer patients. Data were available on high-dose IV DCA (up to 100 mg/kg/dose) that have confirmed its safety, both in healthy volunteers and in critically ill patients, allowing the authors to begin offlabel treatment of cancer patients. In several of their patients treated with IV DCA, the authors observed clinical, hematological, or radiological responses. This article presents 3 cases with patients who had recurrent cancers and for whom all conventional therapies had failed: (1) a 79-y-old male patient with colon cancer who had liver metastases, (2) a 43-y-old male patient with angiosarcoma who had pancreatic and bone metastases, and (3) a 10-y-old male patient with pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma who had liver metastases.

Co-treatment of dichloroacetate, omeprazole and tamoxifen exhibited synergistically antiproliferative effect on malignant tumors: in vivo experiments and a case report. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22580646?dopt=Abstract&holding=npg

DCA combined with OPZ and TAM exhibited more potent antitumor activity than DCA alone in HT1080 fibrosarcoma cells, but did not influence proliferation of WI-38 human fibroblasts. All these drugs induce caspase-dependent cell growth inhibition through superoxide production. Since they can be taken orally and have been used clinically without major side effects, it was thought that this combination therapy would be a readily translated strategy to treat malignant tumors. Under the patient’s consent these three drugs were prescribed to a 51-year old female cholangiocarcinoma patient to whom neither gemcitabine+S-1 nor adoptive immunotherapy with natural killer cells was effective. Disease progression was successfully blocked (the rise of serum CA19-9 value) for three months, also confirmed by CT.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Reversal with Dichloroacetate https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jo/2010/414726/

In June 2007, a 48-year-old male patient, diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma (NHL), was treated for 3 months with conventional chemotherapy resulting in a complete remission. Almost one year later tumors returned in the nasopharynx and neck lymph glands. Refusing all suggested chemotherapies, the patient began self-administering dichloroacetate (DCA) 900 mg daily with a PET scan showing complete remission four months later. Since his last PET scan, May, 2009, he remains tumor-free from continuous DCA usage.

Prolonged Survival After Dichloroacetate Treatment of Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma-Related Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis http://www.journalmc.org/index.php/JMC/article/view/2456/1816

Here we present an observational case report of a 49-year-old female, non-smoker, having a poor performance status with non-small-cell lung cancer and leptomeningeal carcinomatosis (LMC), who upon introduction of oral dichloroacetate (DCA) survived approximately 64 weeks (454 days) following palliative whole brain radiation without the need for chemotherapy or further targeted therapy to specifically address the LMC. To our knowledge, this is the first case report incorporating the use of DCA in LMC. Our findings are discussed in the context of previously reported applications of DCA in malignancies of the central nervous system.


For those familiar with the cellular metabolism, the mechanism behind DCA’s anti cancer effect is relatively straight forward. At least the main one as we understand today. Here is in a few words how DCA works:

Source photo: (Ref.)

  • Pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH), is a complex of enzymes that converts cytosolic pyruvate to mitochondrial acetyl-CoA, the substrate for the Krebs’ cycle.
  • However, in most cancers, another enzyme called Pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK) (a mitochondrial enzyme) is activated and results in the selective inhibition of PDH.
  • As a result, instead of entering mitochondria, because PDH is inhibited, pyruvate can not go in so that it goes further down the glycolisis (fermentation) pathway and is finally converted in lactic acid
  • DCA has the potential to inhibit PDK, so that PDH can function again
  • When PDH works, pyruvate can be processed by mitochondria, so that the cell engine produces again energy (ATP) in a normal way and not via fermentation
  • When mitochondria works it produces Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) as well. And it is known that high levels of ROS (such as H2O2) can inhibit tumor growth and result in apoptosis.
  • This is also the reason why, DCA helps chemo and radio therapy, since both of these treatment routes lead to increase of ROS. Normally, cancer cells produce a high level of anto oxidants to cope with the intracellular ROS, but once the ROS levell is to high (due to e.g. chemo and/or DCA) tumor cells will be killed.

Here are more details on how DCA works: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2567082/

Indeed, it has been shown that Dichloroacetate treatment improves mitochondrial metabolism, and the pyruvate dehydrogenase activity and the amount of acetyl-CoA in mitochondria was significantly higher after DCA treatment (Ref.)

It has also been shown that DCA induces autophagy in cancer cells accompanied by ROS production and mTOR inhibition, reduced lactate excretion, reduced k(PL) and increased NAD(+)/NADH ratio. The observed cellular and metabolic changes recover on cessation of treatment. (Ref.)

B1 vitamin and Alpha Lipoic Acid may act against cancer via similar mechanism as Dichloroacetate (Ref.1, Ref.2). However, I would not combine ALA with DCA. At least not in the IV form. Please read this comment to understand why https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/dichloroacetate-dca-treatment-strategy/#comment-4502

As discussed shortly above cancer cells may become resistant to DCA. Two of the major reasons for resistance (and how to address them) are discussed in the next section below. Another reason for Resistance suggested by some of the most relevant scientist in the field may be the fact that in time, due to increase alkalinity of cancer cell, mitochondria may become totally dysfunctional or non-existent, in which case no matter how much DCA we would use, there will be no way for it to work (Ref: private communications).

Even when DCA can not effectively activate oxidative respiration via the mechanism described above, it may be able to kill cancer cells via a different mechanism that leads to accumulation inside the cytoplasm of high levels of citrate which in turn leads to the inhibition of glycolysis and inactivation of P-glycoprotein (Ref.). Inactivation of P-glycoprotein means that the cancer cells will not be able to push out chemotherapy and as a result, this also means that DCA can nicely support chemotherapy. Having this mechanism in mind, we can also argue that DCA theraphy works hand in hand with the Citric Acid therapy I discussed in another post: Citric Acid

How to increase the chance DCA will do its job? This is the most interesting part of the post to me.

Transport of DCA inside the cancer cells is essential … and not always there:

Dichloroacetate-induced apoptosis in cancer cells requires sodium-coupled monocarboxylates transporter SLC5A8 (SMCT1).  If the transporter is not expressed, cells may not accumulate the compound to levels sufficient enough to cause apoptosis. (Ref.)

Note that SMCT1 is the same transporter that is required for the anti-cancer effects of Butyrate supplements or Pyruvate.

However, SMCT1 it is epigenetically silenced in most tumour cells (Ref.), which could explain why high DCA concentrations should be used to achieve cytotoxicity in cancer cells. So, this is the reason why DCA doesn’t work for all cancers or if it works it is required at a high dose.

So the question is, how to reactivate SLC5A8 when that is inactive? Inhibitors of DNA methylation induce reactivation of SLC5A8. (Ref.) This means we need Inhibitors of DNA methylation. Fortunately, procaine is a DNA-demethylating agent with growth-inhibitory effects in human cancer cells. (Ref.) This is great, since procaine is accessible (easy to find in German pharmacies), cheap and safe. Procaine is used in alternative cancer treatment clinics in combination with Natrium Bicarbonate IVs and is also the main component in the well known anti aging drug Gerovital.

Now it becomes very interesting to me. I just found this paper stating the following “Knowledge on the regulation of SMCT1 at the intestinal level is very scarce. SMCT1 has been found to be inhibited by some NSAIDs (ibuprofen, ketoprofen, fenoprofen, naproxen and indomethacin), phytochemicals (resveratrol and quercetin), TNF-α, oxidative stress, chenodeoxycholic acid and by the absence of gut commensal bacteria. On the contrary, SMCT1 was found to be stimulated by some other NSAIDs (diclofenac, meclofenamate and sulindac), by activin A and by the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum.” (Ref.)

Why is this so interesting to me? That is because the paper indicates that Diclofenac increases SMCT1 … and here is a funny story: My friend, stage IV cancer patient that saw his lung cancer gone when using DCA, once said to me that long time ago he had so much pain from his cancer … but he did not wanted to take Morphine. Instead, he used a lot of Diclofenac. I remember he said he took so much Diclofenac every day, like candies. And this was probably the key for such a good response to DCA he had. Unfortunately, not everyone can take a lot of Diclofenac due to the side effects related to the stomach, known to be characteristic to NSAIDs.

As you can see from above, Quercetin, Resveratrol and Ibuprofen should be avoided while on DCA.

It has been previously shown that Sulindac can indeed support DCA treatment, but the mechanism was explained in a different way (Ref.). However, possibly the main reason for the synergy between the two is actually explained above.

Not only transporters but also GSTZ1 expression and chloride concentrations are relevant for DCA effectivness:

Here is a paper published in 2016 that I find very relevant for understanding how to further improve DCA effectivness: “GSTZ1 expression and chloride concentrations modulate sensitivity of cancer cells to dichloroacetate” (Ref.). This paper indicates the following.

  • DCA is metabolized in the liver by the glutathione transferase zeta 1 enzyme (GSTZ1)
  • During metabolism of DCA, a portion of the GSTZ1 can be irreversibly inhibited by DCA
    slowing the clearance of subsequent doses of DCA
  • However, chloride anions can inhibit DCA-induced GSTZ1 inactivation
  • Some cancer cells (such as in breast cancer) over express GSTZ1 and confer resistance to the anti cancer effects of DCA
  • In addition in tumors chloride anions level is often abnormally high compared to the surrounding tissue
  • On this line, if the tumor expresses GSTZ1 and contains a high chloride anions level, the GSTZ1 will be stable, maintaining the resistance to DCA
  • As a result, co-treatment with compounds to reduce GSTZ1 expression or chloride anions level will reduce the resistance to DCA

This means that now we are in search for GSTZ1 an/or chloride anion trasnport inhibitors. Here are a few of those:

Well, now I understand why previous studies have shown synergy between DCA and Omeprazole (Ref.1, Ref.2). But this mechanism was not known in those studies.

On the other hand Bromide, iodide and sulfite also protected GSTZ1 from inactivation by DCA (Ref.). So we want to avoid them. Same counts for Quercetin that may increase chloride anion level in the cytosol (Ref.). Thus, while Quercetin has its own anti cancer effects, when using DCA is good to avoid its use.

Safety and Toxicity:

DCA can cause a reversible peripheral neuropathy that may be related to thiamine deficiency and may be ameliorated or prevented with thiamine supplementation. This is the main potential side effect.
In the majority of patients using it, DCA is well tolerated. Side effects are mild but can include fatigue, confusion, memory loss, sedation, tremors, hallucination, agitation, depression, heartburn (oral), and nausea (oral) (Ref.)
DCA is metabolized in the liver and as a result caution is required when administering DCA in cases of compromised liver function.


Absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and less than 1% of the total given dose is excreted in the urine; Metabolism of DCA occurs in the liver; DCA inhibits its own metabolism resulting in slower clearance from the body after multiple doses, which increases the potential for toxic effects; Although the halflife with the initial dose is less than one hour, this half-life increases to several hours with successive doses. There appears to be a plateau of this effect and DCA serum levels do not continue to rise with ongoing use (Ref.).


Oral administration:

  • Start with 10mg/kg/day and increase slowly to about 25mg/kg/day (others are going to higher doses but I prefer safety instead – 25mg/kg/day is well tolerated (Ref.)). If neurophathy is emerging, reduce the dose slightly to below that level where it occurred. Here you can calculate the dosage depending on your weight http://www.thedcasite.com/dca_dosage.html
  • Use half of the dose in the morning and half in the evening
  • To avoid neurophathy use DCA during 5days/week and stop for the other two (others are using 2 weeks ON and one week OFF scheme)
    Update 12-March-2017: According to this article (Ref.) it is best to use the two weeks On and one week off scheme.
  • Use DCA until no evidence of disease
  • Preferably to drink by mixing the powder from capsule in water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbLqAFD7HaI. This is for better absorption.

IV administration

  • Up to 100mg/kg can be well tolerated (Ref.) I would however never jump to that high dose and start from 20mg/kg and best stop around max 70mg/kg max (Ref.). We used this dose with no issues but others may react differently.
  • Injected in 250ml NaCl bag, administered during 45 to 60 min
  • Administered 2x/week

DCA effect is dose dependent but there is a saturation level beyond which increasing the dose has no extra benefit (Ref.).

Additions to increase effectiveness or address potential side effects:

  • Caffeine: anecdotally, caffeine would increase effectiveness – I do not understand the mechanism behind this other than improving the micro vessel circulation
  • B1 Vitamine (thiamine) to reduce chance for neurophaty – some take 500mg/day, others up to 2500mg/day (Ref.). In addition B1 vitamin has its own anti cancer effect similar to that of DCA (Ref.1)
  • Procaine, Diclofenac or Sulindac to increase SMCT1  (see above)
  • Omeprazole 80mg/day to increase DCA effectiveness (see above)
  • Scorpion venom to increase DCA effectiveness (see above)
  • Metformin 1000mg to 1500mg/day (see above)


Buyers should be aware that some companies may be selling fake DCA. One owner of a web-based company has already been convicted of internet fraud for selling counterfeit DCA http://www.cbc.ca/news/story/2010/06/01/con-dca-gaber.html As a result take care where you are ordering your DCA. One reader of this website (Emad) seeing positive results with his mom while using DCA and chemo wrote the following: “I tried this www.puredca.com, and this www.dcalab.com but the best results i had is when using this one www.dcacancer.org“.

IV form can be purchased from compounding pharmacies such as those listed here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?page_id=945. However, it may be too expensive compared to the self made version. Because DCA is water soluble it can be easily prepared in IV form in the same way as 3BP (see 3BP IV section here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=47). Depending on the dose used, self made version will cost <10 euro / dose.


Role of SLC5A8, a plasma membrane transporter and a tumor suppressor, in the antitumor activity of dichloroacetate. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=SLC5A8+dca

There has been growing interest among the public and scientists in dichloroacetate (DCA) as a potential anticancer drug. Credible evidence exists for the antitumor activity of this compound, but high concentrations are needed for significant therapeutic effect. Unfortunately, these high concentrations produce detrimental side effects involving the nervous system, thereby precluding its use for cancer treatment. The mechanistic basis of the compound’s antitumor activity is its ability to activate the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex through inhibition of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase. As the compound inhibits the kinase at micromolar concentrations, it is not known why therapeutically prohibitive high doses are needed for suppression of tumor growth. We hypothesized that lack of effective mechanisms for the entry of DCA into tumor cells may underlie this phenomenon. Here we show that SLC5A8 transports DCA very effectively with high affinity. This transporter is expressed in normal cells, but expression is silenced in tumor cells by epigenetic mechanisms. The lack of the transporter makes tumor cells resistant to the antitumor activity of DCA. However, if the transporter is expressed in tumor cells ectopically, the cells become sensitive to the drug at low concentrations. This is evident in breast cancer cells, colon cancer cells and prostate cancer cells. Normal cells, which constitutively express the transporter, are however not affected by the compound, indicating tumor cell-selective therapeutic activity. The mechanism of the compound’s antitumor activity still remains its ability to inhibit pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase and force mitochondrial oxidation of pyruvate. As silencing of SLC5A8 in tumors involves DNA methylation and its expression can be induced by treatment with DNA methylation inhibitors, our findings suggest that combining DCA with a DNA methylation inhibitor would offer a means to reduce the doses of DCA to avoid detrimental effects associated with high doses but without compromising antitumor activity.

A mitochondria-K+ channel axis is suppressed in cancer and its normalization promotes apoptosis and inhibits cancer growth. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17222789

The unique metabolic profile of cancer (aerobic glycolysis) might confer apoptosis resistance and be therapeutically targeted. Compared to normal cells, several human cancers have high mitochondrial membrane potential (DeltaPsim) and low expression of the K+ channel Kv1.5, both contributing to apoptosis resistance. Dichloroacetate (DCA) inhibits mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK), shifts metabolism from glycolysis to glucose oxidation, decreases DeltaPsim, increases mitochondrial H2O2, and activates Kv channels in all cancer, but not normal, cells; DCA upregulates Kv1.5 by an NFAT1-dependent mechanism. DCA induces apoptosis, decreases proliferation, and inhibits tumor growth, without apparent toxicity. Molecular inhibition of PDK2 by siRNA mimics DCA. The mitochondria-NFAT-Kv axis and PDK are important therapeutic targets in cancer; the orally available DCA is a promising selective anticancer agent.

Differential inhibition of PDKs by phenylbutyrate and enhancement of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex activity by combination with dichloroacetate http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10545-014-9808-2/fulltext.html

Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDHC) is a key enzyme in metabolism linking glycolysis to tricarboxylic acid cycle and its activity is tightly regulated by phosphorylation catalyzed by four pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK) isoforms. PDKs are pharmacological targets for several human diseases including cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, and inherited PDHC deficiency. We investigated the inhibitory activity of phenylbutyrate toward PDKs and found that PDK isoforms 1-to-3 are inhibited whereas PDK4 is unaffected. Moreover, docking studies revealed putative binding sites of phenylbutyrate on PDK2 and 3 that are located on different sites compared to dichloroacetate (DCA), a previously known PDK inhibitor. Based on these findings, we showed both in cells and in mice that phenylbutyrate combined to DCA results in greater increase of PDHC activity compared to each drug alone. These results suggest that therapeutic efficacy can be enhanced by combination of drugs increasing PDHC enzyme activity.

Metabolic plasticity in cancer cells : involvement in the processes of proliferation and response to radiotherapy http://dial.uclouvain.be/handle/boreal:171100 http://dial.uclouvain.be/downloader/downloader.php?pid=boreal:171100&datastream=PDF_01

While pioneering studies suggested that enhanced glycolysis, a hallmark of cancer, was caused by an irreversible impairment in mitochondrial respiration, more recent data reported functional mitochondrial activity in many cancer cells. In this thesis, we thus intended to investigate whether metabolic modulations could improve the therapeutic outcome of cancer. We found that dichloroacetate, a new clinically tested compound, induced a switch of glycolytic cancer cells to a more oxidative phenotype, and decreased tumor cell proliferation through a decrease in the activity of the pentose phosphate pathway. In a second part of this work, we investigated whether targeting mitochondrial respiration with H2S, the last gaseous transmitter identified in mammals, improved tumor response to radiotherapy. By rapidly alleviating hypoxia inside solid tumors, the single injection of a H2S donor increased the radioresponse of cancer in mice. Overall, our thesis work emphasizes the ability of cancer cells to remodel their energetic metabolism in response to external stimuli and supports that both glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation are attractive targets for cancer therapy.

Metabolic Modulation of Glioblastoma with Dichloroacetate http://stm.sciencemag.org/content/2/31/31ra34.abstract

Solid tumors, including the aggressive primary brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme, develop resistance to cell death, in part as a result of a switch from mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation to cytoplasmic glycolysis. This metabolic remodeling is accompanied by mitochondrial hyperpolarization. We tested whether the small-molecule and orphan drug dichloroacetate (DCA) can reverse this cancer-specific metabolic and mitochondrial remodeling in glioblastoma. Freshly isolated glioblastomas from 49 patients showed mitochondrial hyperpolarization, which was rapidly reversed by DCA. In a separate experiment with five patients who had glioblastoma, we prospectively secured baseline and serial tumor tissue, developed patient-specific cell lines of glioblastoma and putative glioblastoma stem cells (CD133+, nestin+ cells), and treated each patient with oral DCA for up to 15 months. DCA depolarized mitochondria, increased mitochondrial reactive oxygen species, and induced apoptosis in GBM cells, as well as in putative GBM stem cells, both in vitro and in vivo. DCA therapy also inhibited the hypoxia-inducible factor–1α, promoted p53 activation, and suppressed angiogenesis both in vivo and in vitro. The dose-limiting toxicity was a dose-dependent, reversible peripheral neuropathy, and there was no hematologic, hepatic, renal, or cardiac toxicity. Indications of clinical efficacy were present at a dose that did not cause peripheral neuropathy and at serum concentrations of DCA sufficient to inhibit the target enzyme of DCA, pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase II, which was highly expressed in all glioblastomas. Metabolic modulation may be a viable therapeutic approach in the treatment of glioblastoma.

Dichloroacetate and cancer: New home for an orphan drug? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25157892

We reviewed the anti-cancer effects of DCA, an orphan drug long used as an investigational treatment for various acquired and congenital disorders of mitochondrial intermediary metabolism. Inhibition by DCA of mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase kinases and subsequent reactivation of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and oxidative phosphorylation is the common mechanism accounting for the drug’s anti-neoplastic effects. At least two fundamental changes in tumor metabolism are induced by DCA that antagonize tumor growth, metastases and survival: the first is the redirection of glucose metabolism from glycolysis to oxidation (reversal of the Warburg effect), leading to inhibition of proliferation and induction of caspase-mediated apoptosis. These effects have been replicated in both human cancer cell lines and in tumor implants of diverse germ line origin. The second fundamental change is the oxidative removal of lactate, via pyruvate, and the co-incident buffering of hydrogen ions by dehydrogenases located in the mitochondrial matrix. Preclinical studies demonstrate that DCA has additive or synergistic effects when used in combination with standard agents designed to modify tumor oxidative stress, vascular remodeling, DNA integrity or immunity. These findings and limited clinical results suggest that potentially fruitful areas for additional clinical trials include 1) adult and pediatric high grade astrocytomas; 2) BRAF-mutant cancers, such as melanoma, perhaps combined with other pro-oxidants; 3) in which resistance to standard platinum-class drugs alone may be overcome with combination therapy; and 4) tumors of endodermal origin, in which extensive experimental research has demonstrated significant anti-proliferative, pro-apoptotic effects of DCA, leading to improved host survival.

Sensitization of breast cancer cells to paclitaxel by dichloroacetate through inhibiting autophagy http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0006291X17309786

Chemotherapy is still the main adjuvant strategy in the treatment of cancer, however, chemoresistance is also frequently encountered. Autophagy inhibition has been widely accepted as a promising therapeutic strategy in cancer, while the lack of effective and specific autophagy inhibitors hinders its application. Here we found that dichloroacetate (DCA), a small molecule compound, could significantly inhibit the autophagy induced by Doxorubicin in breast cancer cells. And DCA markedly enhances Doxorubicin-induced breast cancer cell death and anti-proliferation in vitro. But the sensitization to Dox of DCA was significantly reduced through induction of autophagy by rapamycin. Moreover, the combined therapy of Dox and DCA could significantly inhibit tumor growth in vivo and prolong mouse survival time. Taken together, we demonstrate that DCA could inhibit doxorubicin-inducing autophagy and provide a novel strategy for improving the anti-cancer efficacy of chemotherapy.


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        Sorry for so long time to answer but I had technical problems to answer. I wrote a post and couldn’t post it. Now I am back at home so I hope I will not have problems to post.

        Unfortunately I can not share too much because I estime my experience is very poor.
        I used few things but there wasn’t nothing which really worked 🙁 .
        I also found thus page just before my husband started to have problems with liver after SIRT so a lot of therpaies are not for us because all of them are toxic to liver.

        I purchased ALA quite long time ago when my husband had problems with neuropthy, but we never really used it in big doses. It also didn’t really help.

        But when I asked Daniel what does he recommends for liver, his answer was sylimarol, Hepa merz and ALA and i think armetisin.

        Sylimarol we take already more than two years, to help liver when on chemo. But initially dose was quite low 140 mg, now we take around 700 mg per day.

        And ALA, we finished the package and I was wondering to order a new one this time RLA as more potent than ALA. But every winter I order from producer in Germany real cold pressed flax oil. I order it only in winter when transport can be done in low temperatures. This oil must be kept under 10 degress, no light, and its validity is only 2 months.
        I use it to prepare a budwig pap it is mix of cottage cheese and flax seed in proprtion 1 spoon of oil with two spoons of cottage cheese. I usually use 6 spoons oil and 12 spoons cheese and mix it on slow motion mixer for three minutes. After it is well mixed I add banana and beriies and sometime freshly ground flax seeds.
        We use it mainly for omega 3 reasons but after post of Daniel I learned it is also full of ALA, and I believe it could be beter than pills.
        When we used it together with chemo last year chemo did good work. This summer there was no Budwig pap and chemo didn’t work. So maybe there was something in it.

        So it is my experience, not really valuable but I believe budwig diet is surely not bad. Just my husband as a big meat eater cannot stick to all other points of this diet.
        The other issue is borage oil, I add it also to juices or sometimes to budwig pap, it is full of GLA, works also anti inflammatry, reduces prostaglandine E2 which cancer use to grow. GLa is also in spiruline.

      3. No ergin, no DCA up to now.
        One box is waiting for its time but for the moment too toxic for liver.
        ALA was also not in so big doses to see effects I believe.
        I have to say my husband is very difficult to take all supplements I ask him. It is always a fight and I cannot control him if when Ia ma at work he takes it or just throw it away.

  3. Thank you Daniel for this great article on DCA

    I noticed a lot of information that I was not aware of , especially about how to make DCA work better if the resistant happened

    yesterday the tumor marker results shows a little decline , from 381 to 353 , I was using DCA and chemo

    also the DCA version that I was using shows a little effect , of course I returned to use the old DCA from dcacancer.org , that is the one that I used to have a very good results with it , but also maybe I’m wrong and the DCA started to be ineffective

    anyway , I should return to Salinomycin quickly as before , I should receive it soon , also , my mother will have a PET Scan tomorrow

    we hope to see a good results

    i wish a happy healthy new year to you all Daniel , Ann , Ergin , Pouya and all the other friends and cancer fighters around the world

  4. Hi Friends,
    Sorry for late update.I was travelling.
    We took the blood count results on saturday .
    CA125 rised from 21 to 28 in 15 day with DCA alone 600 mg/day.
    We began 600×2 mg/day on saturday and waiting for the results.

    1. Hi Ergin , I hope you have better and better results in the upcoming days

      DCA is dose dependent , I remember when I lowered the dose everything went wrong

      today we have done a CT Scan , the bone mets are stable (also became more dens)

      and there is moderate regression of the liver mets

      that’s the good news


      but I’m little concerned about the liver enzymes test

      ASAT and ALAT used to be always on the range of 15 to 30

      but now they are 45 and 46

      also GGT (Gamma glutamyl transferase) and PAL (Phosfatase alcalines) are both normal

      is that an indecation about some liver damage , due to cancer or drugs ! I don’t know

      but sure I will put my eyes on them , also I don’t want to face other complications that may interfere with our plan

      hope things go well for me , you Ergin , Ann and all the others

      1. Hi Emad,
        I dont know where to begin but i have different news today.
        I went to a company who sells collodial silver.They are not amateur.
        We talked for 2 hours about collodial silver.
        He said that use it and forget about cancer.He has lots of good feedback about cancer patients.(80 percent he said).
        May be you catch from some of my messages that i am searching for nano silver for months.
        He always gave silver to his small daughter when she is ill and never went to a doctor.
        But they are seller,i never forget.
        In Georgia collodial silver is sold in pharmacies and they use it for their child.
        I have read some academic articles that,it is very effective on cancer stem cells especially.
        But particle size dependent.
        Very safe to use etc..
        But we couldnt find a cancer patient here that used it before.I found a woman who suffers from ovarian cancer on internet.
        Her ca125 declined very very fast after using it.But i couldnt reach her.
        I will wait for 1 week to see the power of DCA and than collodial silver with DCA.

        1. I forgut to write Collodial silver is a good glutathione and copper chelator.
          I have to find someone to learn how to use it.
          I bought 1 lt for 20 usd. it is for 15 days he said.First keep it under tongue for 8-10 minutes,then drink.
          25ml x3/day.If she doesnt have high blood pressure ,use it with MMS.But she has high blood pressure.
          But i have to learn more about it before using.

      2. Emad, I’m really glad to hear that your CT scans are good and that you see the improvement on the liver metastases.

        Regarding the question about ASAT and ALAT – it’s not that much big of a deal to have 45 and 46. It shows extremely mild
        breakage of liver cells, may as well be due reduction of liver metastases and their lysis.

        In comparison, people with Acute Hepatitis have 100, 200 or even more of ASAT and ALAT. About one out of ten drugs cause liver toxicity and liver enzymes to rise. You’re probably getting elevated levels because of destruction of liver metastases.

        I would advise you to remember one thing – the warning sign of liver toxicity due drugs is 75>. Then you should further consult with your physician about what’s going on and carefuly look at the drugs you’re taking. 45 and 46 is not much, people who do anabolic steroids have more than that in their blood stream.

        Maybe there is a link between liver toxicity and the purity of DCA ? Anyone have any ideas ?

        1. Dear Eddie, for the fairness purposes I have removed a link you provided (the link you provided is suggesting a brand as being the best and your location based on IP is exactly same as the HQ of the supplier). Thanks for understanding.
          To my knowledge, the major providers of DCA have the DCA pure enough not to represent an issue for the liver (I am referring to the delta between them). If there is anything I would look for specifically is the stability and effectiveness of DCA from various suppliers based on test on cell cultures.

          1. I hate it that such a cheap compound is being sold at ridiculous prices (compared to the production price) and one can not even know which source is reliable or not.

            Not everybody can go to Dr Khan ( by the way, i also hate the fact they simply stopped counting their success rate – they explained to me in an email that “they want to focus on patients” instead of numbers. Quite weird reasoning, i dont trust him by now either because of the lack of transparency).

            1. just to clarify: i trust dr khan’s dca and his good intentions, but i dont believe in a centre that is not measuring the success rate of a given treatment because “they focus on the patients”. i dont imply they dont do their best for a given individual.

        2. thank you so much Eddie

          this really makes me feel better and not worried so much

          yes also DCA seems to increase the liver enzymes

          I was happy after the CT scan but since that time everything went wrong , the markers last time is 607

          I don’t know how much it could be increased or changed , hope nothing bad happened

          also , tomorrow I’m gonna face my nemesis , its the dark scary horrible adrenaline day

          God give me strength

      1. Hi Ann,
        How are you and your husband?Hope everything is fine for you and him.
        You said he has to give a break to maraviroc because of travelling and diarrhea,if i true remember.
        Have you experienced stg positive or negative?
        Is erbitux still working after break?
        Kind Regards


        1. Hi Ergin , sorry to hear about your challenges , why did you stopped chemo ?

          how is your mother ? hope she is fine

          for me I can’t relay on DCA or any other treatments alone without chemo , if I stopped chemo I may use something like MG

          I wish things go well soon

          1. Hi Emad,
            Thank you very much ,she looks fine and feels fine but we dont know the inside.
            Only i can say that she has lots of gas in intestines,i hope thats because of collodial silver NOT from ascites.
            Tomorrow is big day.Blood counts…
            MG and TM is on the way from Sigma.They said 4-6 weeks to arrive!!!
            We are going to begin chemo this week.
            Emad,do you have experience about heparin?
            And did you use thalidomide or TM or MG?
            Kind Regards

        2. Hi Ergin, we had no scans or CEA yet done but bilirubin fell down and liver function improves. So I hope it works. I added honokiol from Honopure now at 1.5 g per day. I want to write soon (with help of Daniel if he agrees )article about honokiol. Looks very promising to me.

          I do not know yet date of scans to see if Erbitux and Maraviroc still working good.

          Ergin, I saw it is not going good way in your mum case. Do you have any new ideas? Did you consider Maraviroc?

      1. Dear Daniel,
        You are one of the most intelligent people in this world.
        I always wonder why you keep us some information about cancer treatment.
        You wrote lots of things with perfect and long words.
        No one can understand what you mean accept me and 3-5 people.
        I have entered lots of forums and found you in different names.
        Yes you are very clever and now how to fight with cancer
        But when you will take the responsibility and tell us the way how to fight with brave words?
        Without thinking Disclaimer.

      2. Hi Daniel,
        I am very very sorry to write to wrong place.There was 2 pages opened and messages were mixed.
        OFCOURSE this was not a message for you.The one who uses silver and not answering to my questions.
        If you can erase my message i would be very happy.

    1. http://cancerodds.org/dca-sodium-dichloroacetate-metformin/

      This article might help. It shows DCA in combo with other compounds. It also corroborates what you say about DCA as a standalone. I’ve never been high on DCA on its own.

      EGCG as far as I’ve heard, inhibits some pathways to cancer cells using glutamine for gluconeogenesis, and IMO could be useful to use in conjunction with DCA. Also, without question, I would start Metformin along with it.

      1. Dear Meech, the article you linked shows that we should not have cafeine with DCA+Metformin, i understand from other sources that cafeine is recomended.
        Any opinions anyone?


        1. Caffeine has been a somewhat controversial part of DCA therapy. Some claim it’s dangerous, some claim there’s efficacy, and others claim there’s no effect.

          I personally haven’t tried it, and I don’t drink coffee so I’m not sure whatsoever.

          1. hi Meech, i read somewhere you have been on dca for one year. how much do you take per kg? Which source do you trust the most ? does it seem to work for you? cheers, W

            1. Hi Wondering,

              As to whether it works for me: I started taking it late March 2016, after being on a regimen of capecitabine + temozolomide for 3 months and nothing else. My liver tumours grew to about 5cm, 3cm, 2 cm, and under 1cm while on the CAPTEM. Other tumours grew a bit too; most notably an external iliac node grew to about 2.4cm

              At this point I started Keto + metformin + DCA 25mg/kg and some other natural stuff. I went to Germany for TACE with Prof. Vogl who said I had an amazing response (all liver tumours eliminated). I attribute this partly to DCA and Metformin and the diet.

              Tumours have continued to grow and spread under DCA and Metformin, but not as quickly as one would suspect. The big tumour giving me issues is that supraclavicular tumour which grew from 2.4cm to 5.5cm in one year.

              My cancer has a Ki-67% value of 80%; meaning quite aggressive. My prognosis was 8-10 months in Dec 2014.

              So I guess it is working to a degree but is not enough.

            2. Sorry, the tumour giving me issues is the external iliac node, not supraclavicular. I have also increased the dose to 31mg/kg as of a month ago.

              My source is Dr. Akbar Khan from Medicor as we are in close proximity to each other.

              I have mild neuropathy I would say. If I keep my arm in a particular position for too long, it’ll numb. But in general, nothing really.

            3. much (meech) respect to you, Meech.
              what did you receive via TACE? did your cancer start in your liver?
              how about adding some light chemo; ldn, chloroquine, mebendazole, cimetidine etc to keto, metformin and supplements?

            4. Thanks W.

              TACE was performed with 9.85mg Mitomycin C, 994.98mg Gemzar, 50.94mg Cisplatin. I believe I had 6 sessions to the liver, followed by 2 sessions of microwave ablation to eliminate the residual disease.

              I believe I’m going to start with some dose of carboplatin + diclofenac + chloroquine + DCA + Metformin + Keto + Artemisinin and some natural supplements. Possibly a PPI on some schedule so as to not interfere with carbo.

            5. probably its already taken by you but i read that resveratrol is making cells more sensitive to cis -, and carboplatin, just like DCA by the way.

              Re ketogenic: I try to do this too. While i dont really miss pasta, bread etc. i do miss beverages… I saw spirits do not contain any CH at all- do you think its ok to drink spirits while on keto? the info online is not really straight on this…

            6. As far as I can see, spirits don’t have any carbs or sugars. So in terms of Keto, they should be okay.

              However, I don’t know how “okay” they are for cancer patients. I believe that alcohol can contribute to systemic inflammation. It also does have an impact on hormones.

              I’m unsure about alcohol. I personally decided to quit drinking when I was diagnosed so I don’t think I’m too much help in this department.

            7. It was a good decision, its indeed inflammative, but i meant in small amounts only, IT would be bad to come out of ketosis because of one single beer or two. Thanks for your answer, i agree with u.

            8. If you like and miss it so much, I think is pity not to have it from time to time a bit. In the end we have to also live today while fighting for tomorrow. But this is just the way I think and it may not resonate with all.

            9. Hi Wondering,

              It actually presumably started in the kidney, although it’s poorly differentiated so that’s likely an educated guess in terms of the origin. I’ll look into this substance anyway though, thanks!

    2. Dear ergin
      With great hope i write to you here that maybe this will help your mother just as it did for my mother.
      Coffee enemas will help a great deal with pain and bowel movements i am surre.
      I fail to see any significant downside to the enema procedure or effects.
      Let me just say that enemas have saved my mother’s life in the past and i am sure of it.
      I was but a kid and used to check if my mother was still breathing at night, in basic terms her boddy was very very toxic.
      Once she started the enemas and a vegan diet she came back to a normal life within a week.

      Best Wishes!

  5. Dear Meech,

    Thank you very much for your message.You always want to help people.

    Sorry for writing DCA standalone.I mean DCA without chemo.
    We used metformin,2DG,curcumin with DCA.
    But CA125 is rising day by day.I hope the cause of the rise is coming from the
    proteins released from dying cells.But very litlle chance.

    Kind Regards

  6. Hi Meech,
    Although her CA 125 is climbing(doubled in 10 days after we switched to 600mgx2) ,
    The other blood counts shows no progress.(My opinion)
    I am searching and searching but couldnt find the answer.
    Dou you have any experience about LDH and DCA?
    May be there is stg going positive.
    Kind Regards

    1. sorry to hear that ergin

      when you will start chemo ? it will do the job especially with other treatments

      4 to 6 weeks is good , chemo will do the job until they arrive

      why do you think gas is from ascites ? there is a lot of things can cause the same

  7. Hi Emad,
    Thank you very much for your message.
    We are going to dr tomorrow.He asked for a gene sequencing.
    I send her blood to 3 different labs.CA125 is 85 in other 3.(NOT 54)
    So from 2 months we were wrong about the ca125levels.
    BUT i looked her past LDH levels and found that it was always higher than 200.Now 100.
    DCA ,metformin and 2dg is working i think,.Her inorganic phosphor is high also more than 5.
    I am thinking of necrosis but why CA125 is still rising?
    I think it is just time to fight with chemo with this low LDH.

    1. Dear ergin
      My mother’s CA 19.9 on our first test was 17.2, CEA levels did rise from 28.05 to 43.05 but the LDH levels stayed the same 148
      These tests were made at a 20 day interval.

      I am also wondering if this could point to necrosis.

      Any news?

      Bes of Luck!

        1. Hi Alex ,my phone charge is nearly finished.
          I am 500 km far from home.Your words affected me too much.We have to talk more about your mom.
          Dont do our falts.
          When you take chemo 1 time,everthing about immunoteraphy changes.
          Genes are changing.
          You can try lots of things because she didnt take chemo.
          I have a friend who never took chemo.
          You should try immunoteraphy.
          If you wish send a clear mail to Daniel,
          He will open a new post for you.
          It helps you too much.
          And what i understand in 2 months in here is:dont write too much words in 1 message like this message?,people cant read everything.
          When i write too long ,i understand nobody reads.
          Especially nobody is reading the links that we send.Because they are too long.
          First link and a small conclusion to attract peoples attention.

          Keep with us

          1. My dear ergin, i look forward to talking to you more, when you have some time.
            Thank you so much for your reply here.
            My best wishes go with you and everyone else reading.
            Good luck in your adventure with all this, we all need it.


            1. Hi Alex did you try artemisinin?
              There is a village around here,a man cured some people with it,a legend.But on news i saw 2 years ago.Although he didnt sell it,they put him in jail just like the man with nerium oleander.
              It is very important to know which gene changed some doctors says?May be you can repair or go over that treatment.

            2. Hi Daniel,
              I am not sure he was selling.The history his like this:
              He founds artemisinin on a mountain for spring only.
              He boils it ,there is a video on internet.
              As i know he gave it freely.
              But at the end due to forum,police take him.
              As my friend who passed away(nerium oleander doing at home)police took him for 1 day tell him to stop giving it to people.

            3. Dear ergin, we tried the plant tea and plant capsules, for a couple of weeks.
              Because i saw no positive change in my mothers state, only bad. We stopped that and we started aspirin+cbd oil. That worked great for a while, at least in my mothers mood, she had very little pain.
              Maybe Artemisinin would work in some combination or higher dose, IV…. i don’t know.
              I am wondering what you wanted to say when you said “don’t do our falts”.
              Imunotherapy is extremely expensive, i am doing my best to try and help my mother with what i can aford.
              My financial situation is very dramatic, i could make loans if something would prove to be very good for mom’s situation.
              Thanks to Daniel i will soon be able to try some of the things talked about here. (i wouldn’t know where to stop staying Thank You for that and much more).
              I am looking for your experience with them, so that maybe i won’t make the same mistakes.

              My suggestions are coffee for blood flow, local hot water/towel, so that medicine can travel there.
              Maybe Daniel will correct me on this, but my mother was experiencing pain reduction in the shower or when doing coffee enemas.

              Take care, Good Luck!!!

            4. Hi Alex,
              I dont want to mix peoples minds but my thoughts about chemo is very bad.As i said before once you take it,everthing changes on cells.It kills some cancer cells but also developes cancer stem cells.Multi drug Resistant cells. It is there,you can use it later.First try different things.This is what i wanted to say.
              She took oleander with chemo.First perfect worked,than no fever occured,because high dose chemo killed immunity.
              Than i met Daniel….And our life changed.I understand the importance of METABOLIC TREATMENT.
              I always add 1 drug to protocol,if it works alone or not.That was a very big mistake.Than i understand imp. of combination.Synergism.
              1 drug works %20,the other %20,when combined:%80 for example.(Ofcourse it does mean that add all drugs.)
              ALA+HCA is a good combination,you can search it.When i gave ALA to her,very bad stomach upset occured although she use omeprazole.So we go on DCA+HCA.
              Then i add citric acid and you see the results.
              Why dont you begin with citric acid ?
              You have to use lansoprazole, my thoughts it is must in all cancer treatments.
              I can send you some of the drugs if you wish like below.
              Citric acid+lanzoprazole+ALA+metformin+MG(it come today)+beta glucan+melatonin.I take the others very hard from our customs like DCA+HCA.
              If Daniel give my mail to you,i ll send all of them to you except DCA+HCA.
              Kind Regards

            5. It’s very very late here for me but i wanted to say a few things before and then i will come back to this and continue.

              I have a theory based on 4+ months of reading about this problem.
              A tumour is made up of similar but slightly different cells, some die with a treatment, the others do not. and markers go down a little.
              Please look here https://youtu.be/lpytoIxRu0o It’s a computer simulation of a tumour.
              My theory is that some parts of the tumour will die with a treatment, others will not and would require other treatment. Or else they grow and markers come back up, same treatment would not help because it’s a different tumour, like a virus (treatment) that does not affect everyone in a city.
              Something for Multi Drug Resistant cells https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED7yax2ee4c
              I tried it with my mother and to be honest i don’t know if it worked or not, markers almost doubled in 20 days but LDH is fixed 148.
              Getting Paw Paw capsules from the uk by amazon.com would probably take 2 weeks.
              Meanwhile however you may be able to find the more accesible Graviola in your area.
              Daniel or others may have better things to say about this.

              Thank you for everything.

              We will talk more soon,

              Take care of yourself, so you can help your mother.
              Best Wishes,

            6. Dear Alex,
              Please never feel bad when i asked for helping.The aim and the name is foundation as you see.
              If i need help,i will ask for friends here.For example i need thalidomide:).If someone can send,i would very happy.
              Never forget Alex,we are more than friends here.We are sharing pain and happiness.We are looking for new treatments and if Daniel finds a new treatment,we are happy alltogether:)
              Donating foundation is better i think.Or waiting for what Daniel says.

            7. Hi Alex,

              I know for a fact (scientific evidence as Alberto would say) that the tumor/cancer genome undergoes a Darwinian-type evolution over time. I.e. there are mutations all the time and there is a selection process going on with the fittest to survive. Depending on what the tumor faces (what treatments and other microenvironments it comes across) it will mutate accordingly. As chemo is a very strong signal for the tumor to die, whatever survives will be all the more strong. Do you remember the Nietzsche saying “whatever doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger”? Well, it could not be more true for the tumors.

              I wish you and your mom the best. I just read on another blog that people were treating their cancers (original one was prostate cancer with bone metastasis) successfully with molasses+sodium bicarbonate.

              Kind regards,

            8. HI Alex,

              Thank you. Just for clarity, in order to help you, I did used donations I received from other kind visitors who donated to support the existence of this website. I decided to do that based on how much you are trying to help your dear mom and your difficult financial situation that makes it challenging accessing basic supplements.
              I hope that will help and I would like to mirror your “Thank you!” towards those who kindly donated (they know who they are).

              Kind regards,

  8. Hello,

    I have been following everybody’s posts with great interest. I do not have much to contribute yet. I have rare, aggressive ovarian cancer in advanced stage. I have last cycle of my frontline chemo to finish. I take metformin 500 mg daily. During my 5th cycle I added horse chestnut to potentiate chemo but it did not help and my CA 125 is plateauing.

    I was talking about Salinomycin with Daniel but decided against it for right now.

    I understand that DCA is a good option if you have tumors light up on a PET scan. My last PET scan after 3 cycles of chemo was negative. Does anybody have any opinion if DCA is still worth a try at this time to potentiate chemo or I should wait until I have active tumors for sure?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Tania,

      My comments are:
      1. I hope you read this post on increasing chemo effectiveness https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=970
      2. If tumors are not visible on PET but you know they are there, targeting mitochondria is a good idea. Here is a older Nature Review on that http://www.nature.com/nrd/journal/v9/n6/full/nrd3137.html Good and accessibel drugs and supplements targeting mitochondria are for example: Metformin, Doxycicline, Meclizine https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=667. Besides glycolisis, 3BP is also targeting mitochondria. Salinomycin too. If cancer cells are relying mostly on mitochondria, the mevalonate pathway may be upregulated as well in which case bisphosphonates such as Zometa may show anti cancer effects https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=1972 Indeed mevalonate pathway upregulation seems to be characteristic to advanced ovarian cancers https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27329838 and as a result Statins can also have anti cancer effects in this case. We should not use both Statins and Bisphosponates but make a choice between the two, since Statins will stop the action of Bisphosponates.

      I hope this helps and may also be relevant for Ergin.

      Kind regards,

  9. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you very much for searching and the links.
    There are some clinicals trials on statin and have different results.Most of the secientists are agree with intraperitoneal infusion of drugs for peritoneal cancer.(IP)
    Iv or oral drug does not give benefit on overall survival..Periton is a very different organ.Tumors may find different ways for feeding on periton.From periton fluid maybe.
    For example targeting VEGF by anti-antiogenic strategy dont do anything to the tumors on periton in mouse models.But shrinks the other tumors on abdomen.
    May be our solution is IP.Do you have any idea about IP?
    Tumors will be directly incontact with the drugs.And there are lots of tumors on my mothers periton but as far as i know they are not more than 1cm.I have found an article,they use both tinzaparin and citric acid(IP) for peritoneal dialysis.But not for cancer.I am not sure about the dosage,is it enough for cancer treatment?The article is in my computer,i am abroad and send the link here next week.
    Again Thanks Daniel
    Kind Regards

    1. Dear Ergin,

      Indeed, peritoneal tumors are difficult to reach via oral or IV route. One way I know may be effective is practiced by dr. Thaller in Germany who may be able to deliver viruses via IP route: http://www.praxis-thaller.de/krebstherapie_englisch.html I know someone who had positive results using such treatments. Another option may be relevant is installing an IP port a catch and administrating therapies via that http://www.bardaccess.com/products/ports/peritoneal

      Kind regards,

  10. Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for everything you have done and do. I have read your answer to Tanya. I have a similar situatiion with my husband. Colon cancer, no tumora seen on PET, but cancer îs stil there. It was seen lymph nodes near lungs.What approch do you see, the best? Targeting mithocondrya ? What else?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Adina,

      You are very welcome and thank you for the kind words. The question is what is the origin of no visibility on PET. It could be that the there are tumors so small that are below the resolution limit of PET and sill functioning mainly based on glucose. Or it can be due to the fact that are not absorbing glucose, in which case targeting mitochondria would be a logical approach. Other than that, I would also focus on reducing the chance for metastasis using at least Cimetidine and possibly the others mentioned here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?page_id=72 Anti inflammatory elements will also help, including high dose Omega 3 https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=1443. HCA may also help https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=956 This is what I can think of base on the info you provided above.
      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you very much, Daniel.

        The tumora source was colon which , you are right, probably it’s now very small. We started Budwig few days ago, Aspirin 100 mg îs taken, I’m thinking to add Cimetidine, as you said. Let’ s see , I hopa îs working. He’s taken also high doses of Vit C , at distance from Omega 3 ( flax Seeds oil and fish oil) and Budwig. What do you think about that?

        Thanks again.


        1. Hi Adina,

          Sounds good to me. I would replace the high dose VitC (if that is oral) with high dose Curcumin. I would also consider adding Mebendazole that should be specifically relevant for colon and colorectal cancers (but also other cancers) and easy to access. Here are a few more elements relevant https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=137
          When tumors are small the immune systems has a good chance to work. So you may also want to consider immune activating elements such as Coriolus. Off course, all this depends on the (tumor and treatment) history, status and your treatment plans, since there are so many things you can do. If you like we can shortly discuss on Skype now or at the end of next week. If you are available now, just send me your Skype ID on the e-mail and I will contact you.

          All the best,

          1. Hi Daniel! I’m from Mexico, and we’re dealing with a case similar to Adinas. My husband was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer on September 2016 (liver and retroperintoneal lymph nodes mets), treated with epirrubicin, oxaliplatin, 5FU, keytruda, IV vit C, IV ALA, escozul, PSK, Celebrex, verapamil(only on chemo days), LDN, vitamin D, vitamin E, esomeprazole, melatonin, garcinia, aloe vera, B complex, wobenzym, diet. The oncologist told us he reached a pathologic complete response (clear PET scans, no malignant cells in gastric biopsies, clear laparoscopy and no malignant cells in peritoneal wash). From his oncologist treatment, he will continue with xeloda for three months and keytruda two years. From our alternative approach we would like to add something to target stem cells (we have already started helixor for immunity). And he is finishing helycobacter pylori treatment (amoxicilin and clarytromicin). I would love to hear your suggestions!!!
            Thank you so much for this website!

            1. Thank you so much Meech! I have been researching a little and couldn’t find salinomycin in Mexico, do you know of any world wide provider in IV form?

            2. Unfortunately I do not know a provider, as I have never used it. Sorry!

              But I think Daniel and maybe other patients would have an answer for you. Hopefully they chime in here.

            3. Thank you for your questions and great to hear about the complete response, Jimena. It is good to see you used effectively a very heavy combo of chemo, immuno therapy and complementary. Did you do this at a specific clinic in Mexico? Btw, I would appreciate if you can tell us a little more about the clinics in Mexico (good or bad) in case you have relevant info. That may help others reading this website.
              On the line of what Meech already mentioned, what I would do next to what is already planned, is to specifically focus on:
              – killing cancer stem cells if they are still present (use several times SalinomycinIV, Metformin, Honokiol, continue enzymes)
              – reduce chance of adhesion (use Cimetidine, Modified Citrus Pectin, possibly Honokiol)
              – reduce chance of growth (I would add other anti inflammatory supplements/drugs such as Omega 3 next to Celebrex)
              – add immune stimulating elements (next to the above I would add Coriolus, and probiotics immediately after finishing the antibiotics – one of the best probiotic is home made fermented cabbage juice). I understand Helixor you are using is mistletoe.
              I underlined with bold the most important in my view. There are many things that can be done against CSC but this should be already good.
              Note: Cimetidine may increase plasma level of some drugs including some chemos, so you need to check the interaction.
              I will respond to your e-mail asap.

              Kind regards,

            4. Thank you so much for your fast response Daniel! It was a heavy chemo but besides the awful nausea and the zombie feeling, his labs were perfect during the treatment (liver enzymes were elevated at baseline and reduced to normal levels after two months). His tumor was PDL1 negative, but after discussion with his oncologist about the heterogeneity of its expression in gastric cancer, he agreed to try it (thankfully the insurance cover for it). I’m a doctor so I administer all the other treatments at home, so we are not familiar about the alternativ clinics in Mexico at all, I do know they are almost all of them concentrated in Tijuana (near the border with the US), another one in Cancun and an other in Puerto Vallarta. CHIPSA uses Gerson along with IV vitamin C and coleys toxin. I personally believe that three week therapies are far below the required time, but I also don’t know what they do after the patient leaves the clinic.
              Helixor is subcutaneous mistletoe, is the brand used in the clinical trial at Johns Hopkins, basically that’s the reason we chose that one.
              Do you know of a reliable site to buy IV salinomycin that send worldwide?
              I have been tempted for several months to add cimetidine to the protocol, but it’s kind os scary since we’re using so much things at once…
              I haven’t heard of honokiol before, do you have more information of dose, brand, etc?
              Thank you so much again! And also for helping us with the pheochromocytoma case!!!
              Warm regards,

            5. Hi Jimena,

              Tank you for your response. Nice to hear that you are a doctor and can perform most of the treatments at home. Regarding the access to Salinomycin, there are two major options:
              1. You arrange with a doctor that is already doing that – in your case Jason Williams may be a good option since I know he was using Salinomycin and was performing treatments in Mexico City. It should be very close to you. Here are more details on him https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/clinics/
              2. The other route is to do it yourself, but then you need to find a source where you can order. People across the word are ordering from western chemical suppliers such as those mentioned here https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/salinomycin/ and are mixing it themselves. So far, it has been used in a few places across the world on compassionate basis as it is not yet an approved drug for human use, but with very good results.

              If needed, I can explain by e-mail how we used Sal.

              Here is probably the best source of Honokiol so far https://www.econugenics.com/honopure/ and here I wrote a little about the dose I would use https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/cancer-treatments/

              I totally agree: a few to several weeks of treatments offered by most of the clinics to advanced cancer patients are representing in most cases a too short time frame to expect much.

              Kind regards,

    1. Dear Helga,

      I checked both the “thresh” and “spam” in the comments field and cannot find any comment. I am very sorry and apologize for that … this happened earlier to a few other visitors and I really cannot control that. It comes with the filter from World Press and if I deactivate that I will receive daily many spams. It seems that too many links or special links in the comments can trigger such events taking some comments as spam. I will try again this week to find a solution to that. Thank you for your understanding.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi Daniel,
    As you know we tried DCA with collodial silver for 1 week and didnt get any positive result.
    But that days i gave collodial silver(CS) to my friend who is a valuable bird collector.
    He has a bird which was very ill.Some tumors on body,1 eye closed,no hair on head.
    He has put some drops of CS in its drinking water.Sprayed on body and head.
    After 1 month past he called me today that the bird is healed.Hairs begin to grow,no tumors visible.
    Ofcourse we dont know it was cancer or not and it is not human,but isnt it highly interesting?

  12. Dear friends.

    I keep wondering if DCA could be be enhanced with the Budwick diet in adition to the other things that are talked about in here.
    The coffee enemas seem to be highly beneficial in my mother’s case, she instantly felt better.
    I know the science behind budwick and the coffee enemas is lacking, i wish not to suggest but only to inquire and learn about your experience.

    Adina may be on to something here, i’ve been thinking about it myself.
    It may make huge sense to do coffee enemas in the case of colon cancer, no suggesting it, i’m saying that maybe there’s a link

    I am looking forward for Adina to share more about her experience with Budwick and everything else she may be trying.

    Best wishes and respect.

    1. HI Alex,

      Thank for your comment. Here I had a post about the science related to Budwig diet https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/?p=1443 and according to that it should work well with pro oxidant treatments such as chemo and that would include DCA as well.

      In case you like to ask Adina something you should just write a reply to one of her messages as that is the way to make sure she will receive a notification in her e-mail.

      Kind regards,

          1. Thank you so much for all the information, very very very valuable and helpful.
            Maybe the combination of DCA and Arte may not be a good idea after all upon reading that article.

            Hope you have a good day.

  13. Very big day today!
    Mark February 28th 2017 on your calendars!

    Kite Pharmaceuticals reported very strong results for its Car T Cells in lymphoma.
    Trial also underway in leukemia.

    So much great news out there!
    H. phylori vaccine was found safe in 2015.
    (Up to 85% of stomach cancer found related to H. pylori)

    Article recently published suggesting that prostate cancer might relate to female menopause
    and consequently might be preventable with anti-bacterial treatment.

    Very good news out there!

    1. It is very clear that why collodial silver is highly
      Cytotoxic to some cancer types.Because it kills all bacteria.But nanoscale.Not CS done at home.
      I believe future treatments will all be on nano particles.100 ‘s times powerful than big particles now we use in all medicines.
      If it is nano sized it enters easily to cells.
      Dear J. You are a good researcher,when i read your messages,i look arround is there any camera or not arround me:)We exactly are reading same articles.
      Let me tell my idea:
      Magnetic nano particles loaded with medicine.
      If the tumor is palpable it is very easy to target particles by a simple MAGNET by the help of blood circulation.
      When chitosan coated,it travels easily.When citric acid coated it is stable,salinomycin coated ,curcumin coated …etc.
      Options list is too long.
      The most exciting thing is lipided chemo.You send them by iv. Targetting them with cd44 or others.
      And then release medicine on tumors with only a small heat.Very low dose chemo.
      We have to think and talk with you.

  14. Ergin reported bad results with DCA, he mentioned he was also giving his mother Curcumin, i wonder if that’s ok since Quercetin is to be avoided.
    What about Ginger?

    Just to be sure, are we talking about plants or extracts?

    Best wishes,

  15. Hi Daniel , Ergin

    Hope you are both fine

    today my father went to a clinic in Germany , I don’t know about the clinic but he went to a doctor specialized oncologist treating breast cancer patients , he suggested to pay them about 4500 euro for diagnostics ( like knowing about the gene expression and the details about the tumors type .. etc)

    Then maybe he will use a therapy that will target multiple hormones (if the tumor is sensitive to hormonal therapy) and also may ues enzyme therapy to target the liver mets , he also may use IV curcumin , but he is not sure until he knows every thing about the tumor after he take biopsy

    he suggested many alternatives , he didn’t like chemo

    at the end , in your experience is it a big plus to know more about the tumor ? or its a waste of time and money ?

    1. Emad i have good news for you.I found procaine here.They use it for lab ,the phamagist said.I will work on it.
      And one more thing.I learn everything from Daniel,please ask technical questions to him:)

      1. Thank you so much my brother Ergin , I will wait for my father’s answer , maybe he can find time to bring it from Germany

        if he didn’t find it then I will try to find a way to get it with your help

        I already asked Daniel and he is always helping me all the time , I hope you can give IVs to your mother at home , try to do it with safe treatments , once you succeed you will have the ability to access stronger treatments like 3-BP + Diflu + Sal and use them as IVs

        it was impossible for me at the first time , then I learned gradually , and things become possible

        best wishes to you and me and all other friends 🙂

        1. Hi Emad,

          Procaine is sold in Germany at any pharmacy without prescription https://www.medizinfuchs.de/preisvergleich/procain-roewo-2-maxi-injektionsflaschen-10×100-ml-pharmarissano-arzneimittel-gmbh-pzn-4494039.html

          Print this out for your father and he can go to any pharmacy in Germany and order. The German pharmacy suppliers are very fast, so if you order in the morning and they do not have it in the pharmacy they will get it for you so that in the afternoon of the same day you can already pick that up.

          Kind regards,

          1. 100ml of 2% procaine , if I’m right , I need to only take 2ml from it each time I give DCA !

            if I’m right , its very very cheap

            thanks a lot , this will indeed help 🙂

            1. I looked everywhere and i found NOVOCAINA – Procainum IV
              I could help with it if this is the way you wish to proceed, it takes quite a while to get it to you, but if you can’t get it anywhere else faster, perhaps this will help in good time. http://www.farmacieonline.md/medicamente/novocain-darnita-5mg-ml-2-ml-n10.html-5mg-ml

              What is Procaine for?

              I am still looking forward to find out how things are going with your mother, what you tried and what is working if anything is, and i hope that something is.

              Me and my mother look up to you, Daniel and Ergin for all that we do for our loved ones.
              Sometimes when i read these conversations to her she starts crying due to the amaizing things we talk about and the emotional aspect of the situation.

              Also about the genetic make-up of a tumour, i am nowhere near as experienced as i should be to offer advice, but….
              if you have a look at this video https://youtu.be/lpytoIxRu0o you kida realize genetic checking is very expensive and maybe not worth it. Personal opinion based on all the things i constantly see and hear, including that video.
              Qualified or more experienced people may have something better to say.

              Best wishes,

      1. Than you so much Daniel

        I’m focusing now on DCA , I will support it with metformin and high dose lansoprazole , unfortunately we don’t found anything about Procaine here in my poor country , all they know is procaine penicillin , some pharmacies have procaine but spray not injection , I’m not sure if it can work as IV

        i will see my father if he can bring some from Germany , also i will combine Sal with chemo at the same time and see

        like always , i will continue to share everything in time 🙂

          1. Daniel when I am thinking about you , I’m getting another question to you after all these

            as a visitor and reader of your website , is there anyway for us to help you ? I mean , we need to also be helpful

            I don’t like the fact that we are only asking and not giving any such help to you

            sometimes my mind is telling me : hey Emad you can help Daniel by just stop asking him anymore questions 😀
            my mind is funny huh 😀

            sorry for going off topic

            you are the MAN in this earth

            1. Emad you are really a MAN,
              You understand the situation of which Daniel is inside.
              It is really hard for him to manage.
              If i were him,i really forgive about cancer for some time.
              He did everything for us,but we dont read what he wrote,we ask everytime same questions!!!
              It is not humanity.

            2. Thank you so much guys but the reality is that we are all special. Those commenting and those reading. Just because we are doing our best to inform each other. When I started my studies, my (former) thesis supervisor told me: “Communication is more important then the Physics that you know”. I did not understood at that moment and found that strange. But in the mean time I realized that only communicating and collaborating we can learn a lot and fast. No one knows everything. Each of us adds a bit of value, and with that together we can create value that goes beyond normal. We have many valuable people contributing here (including patients, caregivers, medical doctors and scientists), so lets not forget to give credits to them. This is why each of us is the MAN or WOMEN and hopefully with what we learn we can take better decisions. So thank you all for helping each other to advance our common knowledge. Questions are always good. Lets keep addressing questions and we will answer as we can!

            3. Hi Emad,
              My words are not for you.You are the one that first attracted me to be a member of this page.
              You are totaly different.Your aim is exactly to help your mom and the others,this is very clear.And you are very clever.
              My words is for the ones who only asks and never mind to help others.And they communicate with me by mail.
              It is time to talk in other treatments.We have lots of roads to run.Our questions and aims are gone when same questions come into life.Daniel tried for lots of months to write,and they smell full of knowledge.
              Daniel dont angry with me,that is my idea.I want to see new links new ideas.You already done lots of works.

            4. Thank you so much for you kind words Ergin

              also I hope my questions here in this blog are somehow valuable 🙂

              best wishes to you all my friends

    1. Hi Mart,

      Thanks for your msg. The website looks a bit strange to me. If you like, I will connect you via e-mail with some cancer patients or family of patients from Australia. Maybe they have an idea where to get it in Australia.

      Besides that, would be great if you could contribute to our discussions here when possible, given your impressive background in science.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,

        Thanks for your reply and invitation to participate. I look forward to learning more and joining discussions. I really like the site and think the community here is ahead of its time.

        As for DCA, I ended up ordering from puredca.com for now.

        Yes, please do connect me people you know from the cancer-fighting community in Australia. I am representing my brother (32 yo) who has metastatic osteosarcoma in the lungs.



        1. Hi Martin,

          I sent to you the address of a pharmacy in Australia that can help you with DCA. They should also be the best to connect you with people in Australia fighting cancer as they are very well connected with them.

          Here is an Australian friend fighting cancer for very long time: http://petertrayhurn.blogspot.nl/

          We are also looking forward to see you posting and growing our knowledge together.

          Kind regards,

      1. Hi Alex,

        Metformin lowers blood glucose levels in part by inhibiting the Cori Cycle in the liver. This cycle converts excess lactic acid back into glucose. I personally think Keto and Metformin are good adjunctive therapies but Metformin wouldn’t cover the entire scope of lowering BG. Also, the benefit to Metformin does far exceed its ability to lower BG.

        Secondarily, I don’t think a low blood glucose necessarily results from a Keto diet. I’ve been on the diet for about a year now, pretty strictly, and my BG remains within normal parameters. Even while fasted. I can’t remember why exactly but I remember reading an explanation. Maybe Daniel would know.

    1. Nice Meech. Thank you for the very useful link. I also like the most the metabolic treatments, as they are the most controllable and effective when used wise. I nearly 100% sure, the Turkish clinics are currently implementing 3 BP as well.

    2. Dear Meech,

      That clinic belongs to 2 doctors and Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum(right on photo)is their student there.
      He will be good doctor.He is American origin.
      Prof Bulent Berkarda(first oncologist in Turkey)and Dr Salih Kesici are 2 doctors in the same clinic.
      They said they have a record on survival of pancreas ca.
      They use iv mannose,iv sulphur,iv iron,iv vitc+HBOT+hyperthermia+2DG+quercetin+artemisinin+beta glucan+curcumin injections+melatonin+metformin+DCA.They have salinomycin but didnt try yet.
      They always said please force your mother to enter HBOT.And they show me very good pet results only with HBOT.
      I will go near them this week,because i want to talk about phlorizin if they can use it or not.
      And some of the iv ‘s are their secret as he said.
      I am very sure when they learn phlorizin,they will use.
      Any question?I can ask them.

      1. Hi ergin,

        Thank you for the information; their progress is something I’ll definitely keep an eye on as I firmly do believe that there is a place for chemotherapy.

        Absolutely, if you could please ask them:

        – the schedule when administering anti-glycolytics (does it matter if DCA, etc. Is given concurrently on the same day as therapy and beyond or if there are days to withhold it.)

        – what form of ketogenic diet they’re implementing. How many grams of protein per kg. Thoughts on consumption of meat products.

        – dosages of the glycolytic inhibitors if possible.

        Thank you very much ergin.

  16. Does anybody have any experience with higher doses of DCA? I’m talking 35mg/kg and up. I have progression with about a year of 25mg/kg, along with other therapies (albeit growing much, much slower than you would anticipate for an 80% Ki67% cancer), and was thinking of taking it up a notch experimentally.

        1. Nothing specific that comes to my mind … there may have been some temp responses, but what I do know are the serious responses at the normal dose as mentioned in the post above. Besides the dose, I would also focus on the approaches to try increase the effectiveness of DCA as also discussed in the post above.

      1. I have not been on chemo since June of 2015. I received 8 TACE sessions and 2 sessions of microwave ablation from Dr. Vogl for liver mets, which was highly successful.

        Apart from the DCA and Keto, I take Metformin; Melatonin; took 2DG while undergoing TACE but constant use proved expensive so I have not been on it in some time; EGCG; Graviola, Propolis; Ashwagandha, Astragalus; Milk Thistle. I was previously taking Artemisinin but stopped for a while because the amount of liquid was somewhat too much. I have restarted again at 3 cups of cold-steeped artemisinin tea daily about three days ago.

        I firmly believe that adding a cytotoxic would be beneficial in my case and many others.

        1. Thank you meech,
          i am curious what graviola are you taking? And how much of it? I noticed mother feeling better with it, so i ended up spending a lot of money on graviola tea powder and paw paw capsules. 1kg of such tea powder.
          Sadly her feeling better seems to only have been a strange ilusion of sorts. CEA level raised from 28,05 to 46,05 in 20 days of using it at 50g of graviola leaf powder tea+6 capsules of paw paw each day. This was a standalone treatment.
          Congrats on your achievement with the ketogenic diet. Keeping the regimen for so long is an achievement in my opinion.
          Maybe use some more of that microwave ablation thing again? i wish i had access to something like that for my mother.
          How about diclofenac, aspirin or citric acid?
          Cytotoxic i feel should be selective
          I’m glad you’re with us to share your experience.

          1. Hi Alex,

            Yes, I’ve re-started artemisinin a few weeks ago, and I do take it with DCA. I know somebody said there might be a risky interaction there but I haven’t seen any issues thus far, with a high dose of DCA.

            I steep the full plant/dried leaves in cold water overnight and drink it three times per day. I drink it five days per week.

  17. So…. should curcumin, ginger, resveratrol be removed from the protocol when using DCA? Just to be sure asking.
    Should i get procaine?
    Would Paw Paw be relevant still?

    Thank you very much.

  18. A bit stunned here…..
    In this article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27356574/ “Maximal effect, an increase of LS by 34.5% (p < 0.05) was detected at a dose of 1.5 g/kg."
    Can that be real or a typo?
    I hardly believe that for a person that has 100kg for example that the daily dose should be 150g of DCA or more if that's just one of 3 doses. making it 450g of DCA daily.

    Thank you Daniel for your ongoing work and help.


  19. Hi Alex,
    Using it as a standalone therapy and with chemo or others are very different.
    I began DCA because Emad examined DCA helps chemo.It is exact.
    And our DR said very very good responce with brain ca.And not 150 gr:)
    In medicorcancer trials:They use DCA with thalidomide and only after 2 weeks later they see a responce or not.Because you have to wait for thalidomide to work(copper chelation).And there are not too many reports on that.Angiogenesis inhibitor is a must in any treatment.
    When i used it as a standalone therapy,i did not see any responce,opposite CA125 doubled.
    They also wrote there,wait for some time on DCA.If it doesnt work,leave it.
    Daniel has some suggestions on how to make DCA helpful.

  20. Cancer compass is vetting my posts, so I thought I would resubmit here. Anyone have any ideas what the German investigators and or police are up to?

    “im Sande zu verlaufen” hmm..

    Auf Englisch bitte!


    “Derweil eskaliert ein Streit um die Ermittlungen: Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft erstatten Anzeige gegeneinander und sind sich über die Tatvorwürfe uneins.”

    Unklar ist jedoch, ob aufgrund der instabilen Natur des nicht zugelassenen und umstrittenen Präparats 3-Bromopyruvat , das der Alternativmediziner verabreichte, ein Zusammenhang der Behandlung mit den Todesfällen überhaupt nachweisbar ist.

    However, the unstable nature of the unauthorized and controversial preparation 3-bromopyruvate administered by the alternative medician is unclear as to whether a connection with the deaths is demonstrable at all.

    As the Krefeld Public Prosecutor stated against DAZ.online, a special investigation procedure is being developed for the investigations to alleviate or eliminate the suspicion of three cases of negligent killing and two cases of negligent bodily harm. The scientific evaluations of the appointed expert would still have to determine the extent to which the curative practitioner caused the deaths .

    Wie die Staatsanwaltschaft Krefeld gegenüber DAZ.online erklärte, wird für die Ermittlungen ein spezielles Untersuchungsverfahren entwickelt, das den Verdacht auf drei Fälle mit fahrlässiger Tötung sowie zwei Fällen mit fahrlässiger Körperverletzung erhärten oder ausräumen soll.”

    What are they saying? I want a good translation before I comment on this. Anyone help out?

    1. Dear J,

      I reformulated a bit my earlier response:

      I think this is an attractive subject to discuss. Half an year ago I initially wanted to write a post on it.

      However, after careful considerations I decided not to start discussing this subject, on this website. The reason for that is:

      I like to focus on building and not destroying. I think the subject you are referring to is an example of a value-destructive news, reflecting a mistake or unlucky coincidence that is typical in this world, and typical in the medical world in both hospitals and private clinics. My wife and I are perfect examples of that: a few weeks after my wife was treated in a conventional hospital with “water” for constipation (high dose saline 24h/day/3days in a row induced edema and washed out all the minerals) I lost her.

      In addition, it becomes clear that if there would be evidence that 3BP was the reason for what happened, that would be clear immediately and the man would be already accused for that. But so far he can only be accused of medical negligence. That is enough for me to understand it was not 3BP. And knowing that 3BP was very safe and helpful for us while using it for long time is also enough for me.

      3BP is value to humanity. Mixing that with potential misuse of that value is something we should avoid.

      With the above in mind, to me, what happened at that clinic is an outlier and it should be treated at such. Therefore, starting a discussion here on this subject takes us on the wrong path. It will become a long discussion that will misuse our time and energy. I think we better focus that on growing out knowledge instead.

      I very much hope you resonate with my arguments above, as I very much value your contribution.

      Kind regards,

      1. Sorry for adding negative energy, D.
        I suspected that you wanted to move beyond 3-BP, as your 3-BP has been silent since last August.

        Even still I wanted to post this because it appears that the story is now rapidly being reinterpreted.
        We should know the details by the end of this month.
        Probably best not to comment until then.

        1. No problem J. Thank you for understanding.
          I actually would like to further discuss 3BP, as I think is one of the best anticancer elements we have.
          But would prefer to discuss the science and its application, as I already spent too much of my time around the problems they encountered at Bracht.

          I only have one note on the subject: you recently posted a link showing that 3BP is allowed in Germany if prescribed by a medical doctor. If the German investigation team would find 3BP as dangerous, I believe it would simply be out of that list already, which is not the case. So, according to that, most of the clinics in Germany can use 3BP and even formulate it themselves in the clinics, as long as the clinic is run by a medical doctor. As a result, all the signs point to the direction that 3BP was not actually the problem there.

          1. If this is truly the new narrative, then there has been a substantial change. This has taken me quite by surprise. The reports suggest that the German investigators and police started squabbling last August. I really want to see a thorough and comprehensive report of this incident. I hope that they will recreate the preparation method used by the doctor and provide an estimate of the dosing level of 3-BP that was given to the patients involved in the incident and others treated at the clinic. Providing a clinical summary of all the other patients would also be invaluable information. With almost 100 patients this would be equivalent to a phase 2 trial

            Even most in the 3-BP had conceded that 3-BP might have at some level been involved through a dosing error etc. . Interestingly I have noticed that the psiram site actually no longer has a 3-BP site. Does this mean that they no longer think it is quack medicine?

  21. Gave mother the following this evening now.

    Cabbage Brine – about 200ml
    Omeprazol 20mg
    Alfa Lipoic Acid 600mg
    Metformin 500mg
    Aspirin 500mg
    HCA 1000mg
    30 min pause
    Citric Acid 5g
    DCA 500mg

    We stopped the resveratrol tincture drops due to possible bad interaction between it and DCA as mentioned in this article.

    Suggestions? Opinions? Please.

    Thank you very much,

  22. Dear Daniel,
    I was reading about DCA lately, and have made a few possible connections.
    We have the 2 weeks on and 1 week off.
    Then there are statements from the scientists in canada saying that DCA inhibts it’s own metabolism and that it takes about 2 months to reach peak values in the boddy, or something like that if i remember correctly.
    There is also Emad saying he got better results with a specific brand.
    Then there is Ergin saying he saw no benefit from using DCA for his mother.
    What if all these are the effects of wrong dosage, and time not being given for DCA to work.
    Also i would like to remind you that one of the articles linked by you says that for maximal effect DCA dosage should be 1.5g/kg, would most likely be a typo of sorts ?! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27356574/

    Kind regards,

    1. Re: dosage and scheduling.

      I’ve been on 25mg/kg for about 12 months now without any time off. 7 days a week, continuously.

      I am now attempting 31mg/kg (just over 2g daily) as of yesterday. If tolerated, I’ll move it up a bit again.

      As for the dose cited in the article, rats are generally given a higher concentration of drugs IIRC due to metabolic differences.

        1. Hi Daniel,

          I don’t believe I’ve ever had my thyroid hormones checked (unless certain tests indirectly have checked for those levels), I will definitely be reading your articles you posted, thank you! However, I don’t have renal cell carcinoma. I do have a primary kidney cancer, but one which has never been diagnosed in anybody except me, according to everything I have looked for on the web (Combined small and large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the kidney). The articles may still be relevant though, as maybe the originating point carries specific changes to the cancer.

          Kind regards,

      1. Dear ergin
        in the second case you presented it says this:
        “the cancer came under control with DCA+TM treatment. The CA-125 increased slightly at the start of treatment as expected because of the 4-8 weeks it takes to create maximum copper deficiency. The CA-125 fluctuated slightly, but remained in the range of 39-55 for the next 6 months”

        I wonder, did your mother take DCA for 4-8 weeks?

        At the specified dose: (23mg/kg/day) on cycle of 2 weeks on / 1 week off.
        If so, i ask, any results?

        I hope you have good news,
        Please take care,

        1. Hi Alex,
          Yes.she took 12 weeks DCA.
          5 days on,2 days off.
          I was always thinking no responce,but we didnt know after stopping it,may be CA125 will be higher,who knows.
          We are on chemo now with different combinations.So talking on probabilties from now on is nonsense unfortunately.
          But still i feel that it was working with chemo in the beginnings.
          Tomorrow i ll write on ovarian post.
          Kind Regards

          1. Hi Ergin & Alex,

            I posted about LDN in another thread. I hope you can take a look and maybe benefit from it? The article claims 60% of cancer patients can benefit from LDN.

            Kind regards,

          2. This cancer….. it’s like the terminator, always coming back.
            I keep thinking about how they killed it in the first movie, with pressure, and then i reminded myself about you and HBOT.
            THen i started to think about the human endurance to high pressures. Any max values.
            The more you read and think, the more you start to realize how random and lucky it must be to get back to normal health.
            This thing had millions if not billions of years to evolve, getting it to die is highly unlikely sadly.
            I’m happy to report that mother is feeling better and i hope it keeps up. Still i feel i should be vigilent and not too ignorant.
            But yes… LOST and need a vacation on the beach.
            i invite you all to the black sea this summer, we need to have a good time and get some good sea food down + sun exposure for optimum health at Techirghiol and Eforie


            1. Yes, i need a vacation on the beach……. omg………’
              We all need it.

              Techirghiol, + Eforie + Sea Food + Sun Exposure
              SO much good stuff.
              It’s an invitation.


  23. Dear friends,
    My mother is experiencing accelerated hair loss, i wonder if any of you have been seeing this with DCA or other treatments.
    It may also be the case where something else is wrong.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Alex,

      I would check basic hormonal status, including Cortisol and thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Lack of proteins in her diet can also be the origin. Anemia can also be the case. Vitamin B deficiency. All can be checked with blood tests.
      Maybe others have more ideas?

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you very much for your input Daniel.
        You always seem to nail things. So much to learn.
        Will do our best to identify issues.
        I hear about nagalase and CTC. Would you say they are something we should look for?
        I wish to encourage you to make Testing section or article *we are all looking for the cures but not enough info on testing i fear*
        There’s the must have, the useless and the pointless…. and who knows how many other categories. And i feel a discussion on testing would also have a major importance.

        1. Nagalase, not really since all those active in GcMAF are being closed down and there will be no one producing GcMAF. But anyway it was expensive and usable only for early stage. CTC is too expensive, Alex. It was about 500 euro just checking CTCs. And you would need to do that every month.

          1. Hey, at least talking about them is free right!? 🙂 LOL
            Yet again we come to the requirement of a testing guide of sorts.
            Pros, Cons and all that.

            Please take care,

    2. My mother didn’t experience something like that with high doses of DCA , also her hair is growing despite taking Carboplatin and Gemzar + DCA

      she only lost her hair due to Taxotere

      1. Emad, have you thought of adding low dose 5-aza? On the compass there has been some excitement raised by this treatment possibility. It appears that many cancers could benefit.

        Best wishes, Jcancom

          1. Sure.

            On the compass thread we got started off with someone with testicular cancer. I read up on it and found PMID: 27936464 (click through it’s free!) . 5 nm? These demethylating agents look like they could be quite powerful especially in germ cell cancers.

            Yet, it appears that a broad range of cancers could benefit from low dose demethylators.
            PMID: 22586682
            PMID: 22439938

            The current generation drug 5-aza might not be a great test of the theory as it has a short half life.
            Almost hard to imagine that these drugs have sat on the shelf for almost 50 years and were used at high doses which resulted in numerous fatalities in clinical trials that offered minimal benefits, while simply reducing the dose might help to unleash their potential. Other combos might further enhance effects.

            Best Wishes

            1. The idea here is that demethylating cancer cells can reveal all sorts of genes that would work against cancer. Typically there has been a fair amount of skepticism about targeting a single mutation in cancer treatment as cancer will find a way around it. Yet, what is interesting with demethylation is that there is a truly enormous amount that occurs with these drugs. There are probably multiple anti-cancer genes that become reactivated.

              However, it is still quite possible that resistance could still emerge through mutation in the DNMT1/3 genes.
              At the same time, 5-aza has a short half life, so there has never been a good test of using it at low doses perhaps even a few times a day to try and create a good demethylation effect. This could be monitored during treatment.

              I’d love to hear what D has to say!

            2. Hi J , hope you are fine

              I never heard about 5-aza , where can I find it ?

              I’m focusing now on DCA + procaine + high dose lansoprazol + CA + HCA , I run out of Salinomycin but wondering if the effect of base version is the same as the salt version , even when they have the very same side effects

              also will be very happy to add 5-aza to my attention 🙂

              hope I can know my more about it

            3. Emad, best wishes and congratulations on your sustained treatment success.

              Sorry for being confusing.

              This started for be by looking up PMID: 27936464.
              There is now a fair amount of interest and clinical research with these demethylators.
              It appears the demethylaiton effect could be broadly applicable to cancer (lung, breast …)

              Guadecitabine is in phase 3s and might be a few years out for approval.
              It seems that it could be an extremely powerful choice in refractory testicular cancer.

              5-aza (5-aza deoxycytidine) has been used as a cancer medicine for decades at high doses and did not appear overly effective. However, the demethylators are now that to be effective when used in low doses.

            4. Emad,
              bro, how is your protocol going? is it still the same as above?
              How is your mom?
              My mom is back on DCA, we got markers value increase with CA. 🙁 To be honest, not surprised but we gave it a shot.

            5. Hi dear Alex

              my mother feels better today , she had a hard time past week but now she feels better

              I shared the results in details in my post , still using DCA + chemo , but I will stop DCA once I receive 3-BP and Sal , I will stop DCA because of neuropathy

              I hope your mother is feeling fine , I saw your mother results

              the markers are growing slowly , I believe its a good chance to do extensive search and bring up the best strategies

              how about MG or thalidomide ?

              also, I have an important question

              does your mother have a medical port placed on her or not ? if not , is it possible to have it done ?

            6. Thank you for your reply Emad,
              i’m most delighted to hear she is feeling better and i hope it keeps on going towards the best.
              Would you please point me to your results post?
              Where did you order 3-bp from or Sal?
              What was the dose used of DCA and the method used to adminster it? Also, how much would you say is the optimum dosage for DCA from dcalab
              I will do my best to try to help my mother as much as i can.
              About MC or Thalidomide, i have more reading to do….. 😐
              no port installed, anything is possible for the right money and reasons.
              Best of luck,

            7. Dear Alex


              I ordered 3-BP and Sal from a western supplier , I am cautious to share the company name here , if you ask Ergin or Daniel or me in a private , they will mention it for you

              the oral dose we were using by DCA is 20mg/kg , 2 weeks on , 1 week off , or you can do it 5 days on , 2 days off

              for the IV , we were using 70mg/kg every third day (1 day on , 2 days off)

              its not different from what is mentioned in this post

              yes you should read more about Thalidomide and Methylglyoxal

              regarding installing the port , I can’t say that its better to install one for your mother , this is your choice

              but once you install it , giving IVs to her will be so much easy

              installing it will require a minimal surgery , you should not use aspirin or any NSAIDs before it

              if it sounds a hard thing to do , don’t try to do it now , but just give it enough time to think about it

              I wish you the best Alex

            8. also it makes sense to add the strongest natural demethylator : EGCG. works against ovarian and testicular cancer for sure.

            9. Hi J,

              This subject is new to me. I would need to first research the subject in order to have a helpful opinion. It will take a bit of time for me to come back with my thoughts on this subject as I will travel during the coming two weeks and will probably not find the time for researching new subjects. I will do my best, but if I forget to come back on this subject, please send me a reminder. In the mean time, if you can make it even more clear it will only help. Thank you.

              Kind regards,

  24. all,
    take care with DCA. i did not do a pause after two weeks and continued for another 2 days at 25mg even though i do know the recommendations. this was a mistake.
    I was very ill for a few hours: very high blood pressure, freezing, nausea, all kinds of strong aches in all my limbs, i almost went to a doctor but a rest helped. by now im fine, but i am off for 7 days and reduce back to 20mg. i take b1.
    this was a lot worse than any side effect on cisplatin, etoposide and bleomycine for 4 rounds.

    1. Thanks a lot Wondering for reporting this event. This is a good example on why we need to be careful with everything we do. Fortunately, DCA side effects are reversible. But we need to learn from this. Personally, I would not push up the dose of DCA. Instead I would stay in a safe dose and look for ways to increase its chance for effectiveness via approaches such as discussed above.

      1. doctors did not know as my spinal mri was clean and it usually occurs (if not benign) due to motor neuron diseases ( which i dont have) or cancer (which i have), especially leptomeningeal mets (which i fear i have, along with other symptoms like back pain). i had so many fasciculations a day that i stopped counting. now its only 2-3-4 per day and i feel better overall. It would be a strong case of placebo, its not pain which is highly subject to that.

        it feels good to not have these! (appeared first in december and the frequency kept increasing).

        1. its crazy. by now the constant back pain is a LOT milder too. it was around 6 strength (out of 10), now i would say 3. The back pain was there since september and it was slightly getting worse. one could argue that it might be a very strong and strange placebo (since other symptoms also improved that are less subjective) but before I also took lots of pain killers and supplements (not to mention chemoterapy) and nothing worked so far. now after 3 weeks of dca im better!

          The interesting thing is that most improvements happened after my few hours illness (shivering, freezing, high heart pressure, seemingly wrong blood circulation and weakness) on friday which i thought was due to an dca overdose, i did not do a pause after 2 weeks.

            1. Hi Wondering,

              so happy for you that some of the treatments seem to be working for you. What you experienced is most certainly a Herxheimer reaction and it is a good thing. It shows your body/immune system reacts to probably the new medications/treatments you started to take.

              Best wishes,

            2. thanks for the link, Helga, i was not aware of this (tumor lysis syndrome i knew of but it seems its a wider spectrum now based on the link). You might be right as I had all the symptoms the wiki is mentioning while the DCA overdose does not look like this in other reports, so i was kind of confused and even reported my sickness here (see above) . Also I had something similar after my first cisplatin chemo ( and not later) but then it was milder and shorter (then it was obvious that its chemo working).

            3. was trying to find more info on herxheimer in cancer but it is not mentioned really- only in terms of tumor lysis syndrome. I certainly dont have huge tumors… but any other disease either. Interesting!

  25. Reporting in….

    Stopping DCA for a week now,
    2 weeks since received and started,
    3X500mg – nothing worth mentioning about side effects or observed benefits. – Tests needed.
    Metformin “appears” to be VERY effective only when migranes exist.
    Citric Acid “seems” to be *NULL* ineffective even at 15g/d – My mother is a champion, she can take that like a pro and not even blink.
    500mg aspirin + 500mg Metformin + Diet = Strong results (so it seems).
    50mg Diclofenac seems to help somewhat but only if aspirin is removed (side effect risk)
    Quote marks used to specify that i have no data to support that.
    I hope this works….

    Continuing with:
    Omeprazol 20mg X3
    Alfa Lipoic Acid 600mg X3
    Metformin 500mg X3
    Diclofenac 50mg X3
    HCA 3 capsules – X3
    Citric Acid 5g – 3

    Mother’s weight ~75kg

    Suggestions/opinions welcomed please.

    Thank you very much,

      1. we started around 6th of march,
        DCA only for 2 weeks and stopped now as a brake,
        She feels somewhat better…………………
        The thing on her arm changes size and density from day to day….
        I don’t know what to say sadly. Maybe it needs time or adjustments, or aditional elements to be added.
        Shes been abusing bread, and didn’t feel good…. so my advice… stay away from it.

        I wish this was a computer job, i’d fix her up in no time. Sadly… we are too complex and i have no previous experience.

        Many thanks.

        1. Sometimes it’s tough to tell based on one tumour how the overall body is doing.

          I’ve had palpable supraclavicular nodes since my diagnosis in 2014. Confirmed by CT scan as being outside the range of normal. They haven’t changed size at all apart from maybe 2mm or so in two years. However, other stuff has grown and shrunk in that time. I wouldn’t necessarily take the one module as an indictment of the bigger picture.

          I’d give the “give up bread” advice to even those who aren’t fighting disease.

            1. OK, so there is no evidence that thing on her hand is cancer. maybe anothr biopsy would help to make you less nervous.

    1. hi Alex. your mom is taking lots of useful stuff.
      I know its hard above a given age but maybe some sort of keto light diet could help your mom.. At least low carb. I know that russian cuisine is far from it (just like most in europe). maybe focusing more on your brilliant soups and less on bread would also help?
      If she feels better on it after a while thats probably a good sign. also its quite anti inflammatory. It might be difficult I know, especially for an elder men / women.

        1. hi Alex

          Yep, sorry, in the meantime i realised you are my “eastern neighbour “:)we have some common foods.
          http://www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com is a nice page. they dont deal with restricted version, but for this you can keep in mind following daily values :
          ” carbohydrates to 12 grams a day and protein is restricted to .8 to 1.2 grams (I use 1 gram) for every Kilogram of body weight. The rest is Fat”
          quite difficult! i managed it for one month – gave up on it a bit and now i do fasting + low carb.

          https://www.ruled.me/guide-keto-diet/ has some nice info too.
          scientific background:



          good luck!!


            1. Yes, this point was made by seyfried too but a ketogenic is very low on glucose and ch already, hence Anti inflammative. I doubt its worse than our normal diet but i agree, restriction is important.

              If you check the ncbi study you see they had results with normal keto too…

            2. Thank W. That is what I heard, but I will have to study the subject in details to understand and have own opinion on what makes sense.

    1. I am sorry to hear that Emad. But lets hope and expect that will go down again.
      What were the treatment changes during this time? Any change in Chemo?Are u still using Salinomycin? Still using DCA? Others?
      Also, please let us know if we can help you in anyway.
      Thank you.

  26. DCA makes cancer cells to Cisplatin more sensitive;
    anybody receiving cisplatin should consider to add dca in a safe dose before and during chemo in my opinion based on above.

    – cisplatin is not just damaging dna, its destruction depends on functional mitochondria. (cancers with functional mitochondria are more sensitive to it). I assume functional mito does not mean it is used too instead of glycolysis
    – DCA promotes mitochondrial oxidation — ) cisplatin can kill more effectively

    no impact on normal cells.

      1. Found this:

        “Tocotrienols are compounds naturally occurring at higher levels in select vegetable oils, including palm oil, rice bran oil wheat germ, barley, saw palmetto, anatto, and certain other types of seeds, nuts, grains, and the oils derived from them.”

        Specifically, I found that palm oil is high in y-tocotrienol.

  27. Guys,

    have been thinking about my reaction to DCA.

    There was one week where i clearly improved (after the second week of usage), for the rest of of time I felt more or less the same (maybe its a good thing though). After the second week i had something like a herxheimer reaction (it was scary) and right the day after I felt a lot better, less pain for instance. i reported this above.

    So i was checking what I did differently that week. All of this is speculative as i am marker negative currently but i have symptoms.

    Overall, the only thing that i did that week and have not done since then is a fasting of appr 35-40 hours. Probably Dr Longo is onto something and fasting is really good at improving responses to chemoterapy/ drugs and improving your immune system. Its not a cure but I think it helped. So now I started another short fasting, 20 hours already left out 40.

    Try it, its not so hard as it sounds. Ketogenic diet is more difficult.

  28. Dear Wondering,
    I highly recommend you to look at phlorizin patent.
    I read it everyday when i am bored and when i feel hopeless.I read every word of it.
    Phlorizin is not only used with hyperthermia.Also alone or with chemo etc..
    If you can make fasting,you should look at this.
    And they use lonidamine there,it works like 3BP ,we have to ask it to Daniel.


    1. hey Ergin,
      thanks. The thing is that i can ‘t give anything intravenously.
      Maybe i will need to learn but at this stage i am focusing on oral things. As i understood phlorizin is not helpful taken orally. If we could find a way to improve it (like pepperine works for curcumin: 20 times better consumption if you add black pepper or pepperine).
      would love to add it… Any glycolisis inhibitor is a great help.
      (empathise with you when you wrote you had a bad day because of the elections. I agree its disturbing!!).

      1. Hi Wondering,
        This is not ANY glyco inhibitor.
        I am very sure that noone has read it from beginning to end because noone is talking about it..There is a great knowledge there.
        Fasting,chemo,hyperthermia,cancer cell repairment,necrosis etc…AND A REAL CURE.
        Also there are SGLT inhibitors oral use but works like phlorizin.We are always talking about CA and metformin.
        I am alone in this section unfortunately.I need really conversation about it or i am going to think that i am stupid!!!!

        1. Yes Ergin. I am sometimes amazed when I get questions that would have the answer in the website, and could be found by using the search option on top of the page. Also Alex, recently said he never saw there is a drop-down menu option on this website, to select drugs based on the mechanisms of action. (Sorry Alex for giving you as an example 🙂 ). So I am wondering about how much people actually read the posts – they seem to be mainly focused on specific (popular) posts only.

          1. I’m BACK!!!!

            too many problems 🙁 simply too many problems face me, and i know it can all be even worse. Seems like there’s no limit to all the BAD and Problems in life. There’s always the possibility of getting more problems and feeling even more bad.

            I hope you and everyone here had a nice weekend and easter.

            As for the example and the drop-down menu, it was a joke. Meaning that i did see it, i did explore the website.
            Problem is, because of all the confusion, emotions, intellectually blocking feelings and problems, lack of education/experience, one can simply not know what is good and what isn’t good.

            A person can read this entire website and if not faced with major challenges of any kind, one can lay back and get it all inside his/her mind with much ease and then think about it.
            I admit i find it hard to function, i have lack of appetite, it got to a point where i no longer feel i can resist this, and it’s not me who is sick, it’s mom.
            Somehow i feel i would have dealt with it better than she does, idk.

            Anyway, here i am wanting to know more about cancer but not finding enough energy to focus on studying….
            I’m still shocked and now more than ever i feel drained, i need a vacation far away from society and even mother.
            But i won’t do that obviously, i will do whatever it takes…
            I hope…… we have hope.
            I love that Gallium idea, simply beautiful and i think it should receive more attention.
            I read everything but it simply takes months to connect the dots together and understand anything. I know it’s been distilled but for me at least it’s too much, mostly because there’s the emotional side that seems to not allow me to “compute” as good as i would like to.

            This is where i return saying that while i know you may not agree with this, we need a “ranking” system for treatments.
            I know that many of them have not been tested as much as they should for a proper ranking system. However from a theoretical/anecdotal/personal experience/our experience point of view we could perhaps give it a “chance” of response mark or something… the usual 5 star.

            Blood tests today… i’m quite confident the markers will be over the previous values. Still i hope for a nice surprise.
            Mother has been doing some gardening, so it’s not all that bad.

            Again i return to Gallium, i know she is anemic, the tests will include iron, copper, zinc levels too.
            I find Gallium of great importance and i think it may just be an option worth exploring.
            At this point i’m very tiered, but i will try my best.

            Thank you very much for all the support, it’s all amazing. 🙂
            Have a good one,


            1. I agree its hard to oversee everything (not on the website – in general). this is why its good to have Daniels summaries like “best treatments” and the section D referrred to. But we cant focus on everything, and it seems everybody has his / her favourites. I have faith in keto+ metformin + DCA+ others just like meech.

              I think most people comment to forums that are outstanding in a way (like CA for obvious reasons) or the ones that are “up and running” for other reasons. Maybe its just natural, the crowd effect.

              Some weeks ago i found a very important post and there was like one comment, an offoptic one. So maybe we have responsibility for “bringing up” earlier posts that are important.

            2. Hi Wondering,
              You are totally right.We have to talk about other treatments which is not popular these days in this website,and new links etc.
              I am not against talking too much.I am happy to read all messages.
              But as Pouya said,if a new patient comes here it is easy for them to lost here.
              Alex said we have to rank treatments,is it possible?For me ,not worked,partially,worked .Than 0…5 or…10 points
              It is impossible because we are not more than 10 people sharing results.
              We saw a good result with iv DCA before chemo with Emad.What point will you give to DCA Alex:)?
              I think if we see a good responce on any treatment,all of us will use it.
              Now my favorite is phlorizin.Your favorite may be different.
              May be using different protocols and comparing results is a good idea.
              But there is synergism and also opposite.And cancer types are also different.
              New patients and also old patients here can be lost easily because cancer is very complex.
              I am already lost:)Because of that i will use phlorizin patent.They create a protocol,very good for us but i am sure they secret some knowledge there.

            3. Ergin,
              about me giving points to DCA before chemo working…….
              I would probably not give points, i would say something like *tested & working for X cancer type*
              And that information is important i think.
              Because when you know what works and what doesn’t, you are not wasting time and money and also internal energy with stress.

            4. Hi Alex,
              Where were you?We miss you…
              Today also adrenalin day for me.Blood counts!!!!
              I hope tonight we both take good news.

            5. Dear Wondering,
              Thank you very much for asking.News are not good.
              TSH is getting higher so ca125 is getting higher.TSH:22 CA125:250
              We need time.I am fraiding to see 500 in 2-3 weeks.

            6. sad to read it – how much was ca125 last time and when was that?. Whats the plan of the doc?

            7. sorry to hear that bro

              usually markers begin to jump more and more whenever they get higher , but also whenever they start to fall , they will fall quickly

              for me it looks like the progress in tumor marker is becoming slower, don’t be fooled by the increase in number

              and also not like ca15-3 , what I know is that ca125 is less accurately

            8. i had computer problems but they are fixed now + many other life problems at home or not.
              GF leaving me for not being with her in months, i can’t be in two places at once, even if i could be in more than one place at once, i doubt i’d be able to have a normal conversation anymore, sometimes i forget i need to eat.
              It’s all very dramatic and i am sure everyone is having a lot of problems of their own.
              Work, love, money, health, etc etc…

              Thank you
              I hope you come back with good news, i think more important are not the markers but how your mother feels.
              I know this can be argued but that’s my honest opinion.
              Best wishes,

            9. Did you get results Alex?
              Wondering and you have to look at phlorizin post also.Dapagliflozin,canagliflozin.Oral drugs.

            10. ok, finished reading the phlorizin patent, really convincing. I remember the cases were copy pasted to daniels article too. If i receive chemo in the future i would be happy to add it but i cant IV myself and i dont dont know any doctor who would this for me..here they only believe in the hardcore medicine. Any idea to improve absorption after oral use??? Cheers W

            11. http://www.pnas.org/content/112/30/E4111.full.pdf

              In short ,i will write for everyone,(especially new in cancer field) can understand easily.
              Some Cancer types uses SGLT for taking glucose inside.
              You can inhibit glucose entry into cancer cells with SGLT inhibitors.
              When you inhibit glucose,cancer is killed partially by necrosis and also glucose inhibition makes the cancer cells sensitive to treatments.
              They are oral drugs sold in pharmacies.Canagliflozin,dapagliflozin etc.
              I wonder the dose and time needed for efficiency.How many hours should be taken before any treatments?
              We need more researching.
              Phlorizin is a dream,it is iv and,hard to make it at home but not impossible.

            12. In the above link i sent ,the places where dapagliflozin reaches became nectrotic in mouse model without chemo.
              If the tumor is small it reaches may be everywhere, micrometastasis may gone with those drugs.
              Am i a dreamer:)?

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