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Drug Repurposing for Osteosarcoma

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A Multi-Objective Approach for Anti-Osteosarcoma Cancer Agents Discovery through Drug Repurposing https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8247/13/11/409/htm

"Given the high recovery rate of active compounds obtained in our model (EF 0.01 = 27,571), we considered the first 22 highest-ranking compounds belonging to 1% of the 2218 approved FDA drugs reported in the DrugBank.

Of these 22 drugs, 13 (59.1%) are enrolled in clinical trials for cancer patients (reviewed at https://clinicaltrials.gov/) (Table S5): temsirolimus, paclitaxel, sirolimus/rapamycin, everolimus, cabazitaxel, docetaxel, rifampicin, tacrolimus, clarithromycin, erylinethromycin, doxycycline, tetracycline and minocycin. Interestingly, only five of these drugs are included in trials of patients with OS: temsirolimus, paclitaxel, sirolimus/rapamicin, everolimus, and docetaxel.

The remaining 10 drugs (ivermectin, pimecrolimus, roxithromycin, tipranavir, oxytetracycline, fosamprenavir, rifapentine, troleandomycin and moxidectin) are not registered in any clinical trial for cancer patients, however, their action mechanisms are similar to various chemotherapeutic agents used in oncology practice."

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