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Pill form fenbendazole 250mg

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Hi everyone

Thank you for this website.  Amazing, just amazing.

I have started this journey with family and am about to purchase fenbendazole however getting the Panacur C or anything like this in Australia is impossible. Nothing available.

I do have access to pill form “fenbendazole 250mg” and am checking if it has no parabens or other ingredients in the pill form presently.

Do you know if this pill form in 250mg, if pure fenbendazole, is a good replacement for Panacur C? (yes the pills is still for pets, but is from a good supplier I can trust and in original packaging etc,)

I was thinking it should be a fine alternative. If it is fine, my next question is for people that have used a pill form, have they crushed it into a powder for better absorbtion (with foods of course).

I can also get 99% pure powder but this is from a online source that is unknown to me and prefer a known source first.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and anyone else that would like to offer advice.

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Dear Steve,

Thank you for your kind feedback.

There is one other source in the USA that seems to do a good job in producing and selling fenbendazole. Its name is The Happy Healing Store. That is the only one that I can trust outside Panacur C, based on the information I have available at this point.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,