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New Patent: Method of Treatment of Cancer

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United States Patent Application 20200215074

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- Treating cancer with drugs (indicated below) that induce the tumor suppressor prostate apoptosis response-4 (Par-4)
- The tumor suppressor PAR-4 (prostate apoptosis response-4) induces apoptotic cell death specifically in cancer cells but not in normal cells.
- The PAR-4 protein has not only an intracellular function, but it is also secreted by both normal and cancer cells (Burikhanov et al. (2009). “The tumor suppressor PAR-4 activates an extrinsic pathway for apoptosis” Cell 138, 377-388.). Secreted PAR-4 binds to its receptor GRP-78, which is upregulated on the surface of cancer cells, and induces apoptosis (Burikhanov et al. (2009); Bhattarai, T, and Rangnekar VM (2010) “Cancer-selective apoptotic effects of extracellular and intracellular PAR-4” Oncogene 29, 3873-3880). The basal level of PAR-4 secreted by normal cells is inadequate to induce apoptosis of cancer cells or inhibit the growth of tumors (Burikhanov et al. (2009)). However, elevated levels of extracellular PAR-4 produced by injecting recombinant PAR-4 in mice, cause inhibition of metastatic lung tumors (Zhao et al. (2011) “Systemic PAR-4 inhibits metastatic tumor growth”. Cancer Biol Ther. 12, 152-157).

- Surprisingly, the inventors have found that Adapalene, Narasin, Mefloquine, Mebendazole, Terconazole, Pyronaridine, Tafenoquine, Minoxidil, Nalidixic Acid, Sparfloxacin, Pipemidic Acid, Lopinavir and Ofloxacin were found to possess PAR-4 inducing activity.


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Wow, D doesn't that look a whole bunch like atavistic chemotherapy? You start to wonder if there truly is really only one pathway to a cancer cure (through metabolic medicine) and everyone is just relabeling it in their own way. 

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@jcancom There are so many perspectives J. We should not be stuck to one only. But I agree, so many fit to the metabolic one. But than, even under the "metabolic" umbrella there are so many approaches relevant to fight cancer.

However, if we need to zoom out from the metabolic perspective from time to time, explore further and let us surprised by new perspectives. 

Btw, many of these drugs have one other common aspect, i.e. ER stress inducers.

Thank you for your continuous enthusiastic contribution.

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