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Fenbendazole vs. Mebendazole

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I have ovarian cancer and had three chemotherapy treatments with Avastin and Neulasta then the debulking surgery and another 3 chemo treatments with Avastin and Neulasta.  I have no BRCA 1 or 2 mutations (hereditary or tumor).  Based on the Foundation Medicine Report, I am HRD negative, TP53 R248W mutation, LYN, PlM1 and TERC amplifications.  I have been on Joe Tippen’s protocol since late February 2020.  My question concerns Fenbendazole (FZ).  Do you if FZ will kill the ovarian cancer cell root?  Or, should I take mebendazole or a combination of both?  If mebendazole, how much to take daily?  Do you know if FZ will suppress the TP53 mutation?  I heard that mebendazole is more effective on TP53 mutation.  I also read that the difference between Fenben and Meben is 1 atom for patent purposes. The part that is effective against cancer is effective in both.  This information is from a PhD chemist.

My oncologist said there are no therapies or clinical trials for my setting.  The oncologist is recommending continuation of Avastin every three weeks and niraparib (Zejula) daily.  I am aware of the serious side effects with Zejula.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.


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I would combine both mebendazole and fenbendazole, they are well tolerable possibly due to their low bioavailability. I would not be afraid to increase the doses and combine them with cimetidine which will help increase the bioavailability of both.

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@manuone I have a few questions regarding bioavailability. For example, if you combine cimetidine with fenbendazole, does the bioavailability of the fenbendazole decrease if you also take other supplements at the same time?

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I’m just starting to use Fenbendazole for metastatic prostate cancer. Any suggestions as to the protocol and dosage I should use?

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Hi, Daniel wrote a comprehensive post on this protocol:


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Can Fenbendazole and Mebendazole be taken together at the same time?

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Hi @okeyokeh,

I think this may be a good idea. The only challenge may be when both are taken at high daily dose, as that may come with side effects. When taking about 200mg of each daily, I would not expect important side effects. However, even in this case, I would not start with taking them both, but I would first introduce one and after several days I would introduce the other one and observe if there is any adverse reaction.

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  • Hi, I believe I have colon and stomach cancer. I would like to start a protocol of fenbendazole, but I'm not sure if it interacts with the one medication I'm on. Its called Clonidine Hcl. I cant find info anywhere and I really need to start?

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Fenbendazole and Mebendazole compound belong to the class of organic compounds known as benzimidazolylcarbamic acid esters. These are aromatic heteropolycyclic compounds that contain a carbamic acid ester group, which is linked to a benzimidazole moiety.

Benzimidazoles List:

Carbamates List:



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