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Fenbendazole scandal!?

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The National Cancer Center in Goyang, South Korea says the promotion of Fenbendazole as a cancer treatment is a scandal.

Here's the study:

"How cancer patients get fake cancer information: From TV to YouTube, a qualitative study focusing on fenbendazole scandal"


"It started with the claim of American cancer patient, Joe Tippens, but rather became sensational in South Korea. It caused
national confusion and led to fenbendazole being sold out at pharmacies across the country in South Korea. Contrary to what
the people know, however, Joe Tippens was a participant in the Kitruda clinical trial at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and
his improvement was likely to be the effect of immuno-cancer drugs. So, at the beginning of the issue, health authorities
and experts in South Korea warned about side effects through press releases on September 23, 2019, but cancer patients
ignored them. Instead, people were interested in a celebrity, a famous comedian in Korea, taking fenbendazole. The false
information continued to spread until the celebrity declared that “it is ineffective.” (The celebrity announced his intention
to take fenbendazole on Social Networking Service (SNS) on September 24, 2019, while suffering from lung cancer. In September
2020, he mentioned that he would not take fenbendazole or recommend it. He eventually died in December 2021)."

Indeed, I have pointed out before that Joe had already taken Keytruda, so it is impossible to prove that Fenben was the cause of his recovery, as Joe claims. But it is also too much of a stretch to suggest that his recovery was likely due to the Keytruda treatment. 

Here's a story on Keytruda out of Belgium:
Half of Belgian patients who received expensive cancer treatments such as Keytruda and Opdivo died within a year of starting this treatment.

One in ten patients died in the month following the administration of the drug!

That's not a scandal?

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Hi Johan,

The world is full of valuable information and misinformation. This is why websites like these exist. To get people collaborating and putting facts together with the hope to discover paths forward.

There are good reasons to expect Fenbendazole ca add value in some cases, as well as Keytruda. But there are also challenges with both.

What's interesting is that the challenges related to conventional options are not always allowed to surface. For example, I just tried to access the link you shared on the reports from Belgium and the link on your blog doesn't work anymore. Is that a broken link or the info has been removed?

Your point reminds me of a very nice Dutch doctor. He got lung cancer with brain mets. He was doing well on metabolic treatments an the tumors were some stable, some shrinking. One day he visited me with his wife, sharing with me his plans to write a nice book. He was also excited that he could jump over chemo and can start taking Nivolumab. He did start the same week after he visited me. Next week, I received a message from his wife that he passed away from side effects of the immunotherapy (pericarditis). He was doing very well just a week before ...

Kind regards,

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@daniel sorry Daniel, I fixed that link!

Sadly, the story of that dutch doctor is all too common.