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Cardiac glycosides senolytic activity

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This looks very promising.  Fingers crossed that it stands up to more testing.


By the way Daniel, I haven't been able to signin for weeks now. Took me 6 tries today. I am using Google Chrome and getting a recapture error.

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Thank you toobs,

Thanks a lot for sharing this. Cardiac Glycolsites are on top of my list of anti-cancer components and would like to once write about the whole category. Many years ago, I wrote a post on Bufalin which is a cardiac glyco, but I would also like to address e.g. Ouabain, Oleandrin (from Oleander), and some others. It is possible that the main action of this group is finally via acidification of the intracellular space, but regardless, as long as they interact with ion dynamics they will naturally have anti-cancer effects.

Thank you for the reminder regarding the challenge when trying to log in. I was informed recently about this issue and as soon as possible I will find a solution to this.


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