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Some prostate cancer treatment options

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Answering to Weber's question here


Dear Weber,

I am so sorry to hear about your challenges. I hope you will be better soon.

Fenbendazole could be a relevant option that is easy to access and implement. In addition to that you may want to have a look at the following:

1. Drugs and Supplements relevant to prostate cancer:
Here you will find a list of supplements that are very relevant to prostate cancer.

2. Post on Zinc as a cancer treatment relevant to Prostate cancer - this needs to be combined with Quercetin in order to be effective - Quercetin is an extract from onion that can be found as supplement online and is taken between 1g and 3g/day

3. If you have a doctor willing to help you with giving 2DG metronomic, with or without chemo, please let me know and I will connect your doctor with the academic team in US to support him with info on that

4. As shown by Don diet is very relevant in cancer, specifically for prostate cancer. In this case, next o avoiding sugar, I would specifically avoid fats (cholesterol is the basis for hormones), and red meat (as it contains higher amounts of glutamine which is highly relevant for prostate cancer cells).

5. Supplements that are very relevant for Prostate cancer are Prostasol and Nutrition 2000 - both are acting as ADT (some of the people with whom I am in contact used them and saw positive results)

6. Basentabs supplements found at online shops in Europe are also very good against prostate cancer.

7. Another approach that may help for prostate cancer is discussed here

8. Some years ago I was in contact with a cancer scientist and prostate cancer patient who was managing his PSA with 3BP (he was taking it orally mixed in water as discussed here He also stated that he had good results with DCA

9. ALA+HCA may be also a relevant strategy for prostate cancer

I hope this helps. If you have questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,