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Drug Repositioning for Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment

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- Zoledronic Acid Bisphosphonate Inhibition of mevalonate pathway Activity of
metalloproteinases - Phase 4 NCT00219271 Completed
- Dexamethasone Anti-inflammatory agent Modulator of ERG activity Phase 3 NCT00316927 Completed
- Aspirin Anti-inflammatory agent COX inhibitor suppression of the neoplastic
prostaglandins Inhibition of NF-κB
Phase 3 NCT00316927 Completed
- Minocycline Anti-bacterial agent Inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines
Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases
Phase 3 NCT02928692 Recruiting
- Celecoxib Anti-inflammatory agent Selective Cox-2 inhibitor Inhibition of NF-κB
activity Inhibition of PDPK1/Akt signaling
Phase 2/3 NCT00136487 Completed
- Leflunomide Immunomodulatory agent Potent inhibitor of tyrosine kinases Phase 2/3 NCT00004071 Completed
- Statins HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors Inhibition of mevalonate pathway Phase 2 NCT01992042 Completed
- Metformin Anti-diabetic agent PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway Triggering
apoptosis Inhibition of hepatic gluconeogenesis
Phase 2 NCT03137186 Recruiting
- Valproic acid Anti-epileptic agent Histone deacetylases inhibitor Inhibition of
SMAD4 expression
Phase 2 NCT00670046 Unknown
- Diclofenac Anti-inflammatory agent Inhibition of COX-2 and prostaglandin E2
Inhibition of MYC
Phase 2 NCT01939743 Completed
- Niclosamide Anti-helminthic agent Targeting multiple signaling pathways (NF-κB,
Wnt/β-catenin, Notch, ROS, mTORC1, and
Phase 2 NCT02807805 Recruiting
- Itraconazole Anti-fungal agent Anti-angiogenic Hedgehog pathway inhibition
Autophagy induction
Phase 2 NCT00887458 Completed
- Digoxin Anti-arrhythmic agent Inhibit HIF-1α synthesis Inhibition of
TNF-α/NF-κB pathway Activation of Src kinase
Phase 2 NCT01162135 Completed
- Mifepristone Anti-progestational agent blocking cell surface receptors on solid tumors Phase 2 NCT00140478 Completed
- Disulfiram Alcohol deterrent agent DNMT1 inhibitor Induction of metallothionein
Phase 1 NCT02963051 Recruiting

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Thank you for posting this list, I have quite a few of these in my fridge for back-up.  We are still holding steady at PSA <0.006. 

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Avoid Digoxin, at least in combination with Quercetin or Pgp inhibitors (like Disulfiram metabolites, Itraconazole, etc), this has been known for a long time. The authors didn't do their homework... 

Lethal quercetin-digoxin interaction in pigs. PMID: 14697403