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Stage 4 pancreatic cancer to complete remission using paricalcitol and hydroxychloroquine next to chemo

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I am not sure if I shared this before with you but here we have a very nice report:

A medical doctor from US (Stephen Bigelsen) reporting on his own cased - pancreatic cancer stage 4. He obtained complete remission and he is still alive and well after a treatment with gemcitabine and capecitabine, plus IV Paricalcitol (25 mcg 3x’s/week) and hydroxychloroquine (600 mg BID)

I previously discussed Hydroxychloroquine here:

And here is another paper by the same author:

Evidence-based complementary treatment of pancreatic cancer: a review of adjunct therapies including paricalcitol, hydroxychloroquine, intravenous vitamin C, statins, metformin, curcumin, and aspirin

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Thanks for the post. My mom has pancan stage four and she is currently on folforinox. She is taking Fenben and having IV vitamin C, we are thinking of starting on IM artesunate injection as well. 

Would it be safe to take Paricalcitol and hydroxychloroquine as well?  

Can I confirm that Paricalcitol needs to be take 3 times a week, with 25mcg each time? I can only get hold of 1mcg tablet each, so I assume I will need to be taking 25 tablets each time and three times a week? As for hydroxychloroquine, 600mg each time and twice a day? 

Many thanks