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Recent patent on combination of antagonists of dopamine receptors, glycolysis inhibitor, and a cholesterol lowering agent to inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer

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The patent application was done by two important institutions active in the field of cancer research:

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Stiftung des Öffentlichen Rechts (Heidelberg, DE)
The Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning/McGill University (Montreal, CA)

The patent suggests that the combination of

- dopamine receptor antagonists D2 (DRD2) such as pimozide, haloperidol,
- glycolisis (fermentation) inhibitors such as 2DG or 3BP and
- cholesterol inhibitors such as Atorvastatin

The concept is the following:

- Treatment with antipsychotic drugs, such as pimozide or haloperidol, induce ER-stress. 
- ER stress triggers a gene regulatory program, which is characterized by overexpression of genes encoding enzymes involved in glycolysis and lipogenesis
- Therefore, this leads to glycolytic activity as well as increased phospholipid turnover and cholesterol levels in cancer cells under ER-stress conditions
- Specifically, glycolysis and cholesterol biosynthesis pathways, which are activated by DRD2 antagonists, are used by cancer cells to survive the excessive ER stress induced by DRD2 antagonists
- As a result, combination of dopamine receptor antagonists D2 (DRD2), with glycolisis inhibitor 2DG and  cholesterol biosynthesis inhibitor Atorvastatin reduced tumor development.

So the key anti-cancer mechanisms here is the ER-stress. Actually, 2DG also induces ER stress.

Note that the ER-stress-driven glycolysis and alterations in cholesterol homeostasis have been linked to chemoresistance in cancer cells

Combined therapeutic approach for pimozide, gemcitabine, 2-DG and Atorvastin resulted in complete arrest of tumor growth.

Here is the patent

I previously discussed the glycolisis inhibitor 2DG here but if this is used in order to be effective it has to be taken metronomic

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