Methazolamide again...

Methazolamide against Pancreatic cancer  


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27/06/2019 2:21 am  

Methazolamide is a FDA approved drug  indicated in the treatment of increased intraocular pressure (IOP) in chronic open-angle glaucoma and secondary glaucoma.

Methazolamide exhibits in vivo anti-tumor efficacy when administered orally. It inhibits tumor formation by up to 50% whereas gemcitabine when administered i.v shows inhibition of 61%. Combination of methazolamide with gemcitabine shows a significant tumor growth inhibition of 72%.

The mechanism is not clear to me but I think it's capability to lower blood glucose level may be responsible

That is because increased blood glucose level in advanced cancer patients feeds directly tumours but also trigger release of insulin which is known to in turn trigger tumour growth