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Combination of Paclitaxel , Drugs and Supplements

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Dear Daniel and all,
Thanks for your continuous contribution to this blog which is is extremely valuable and helpful!
My mum was diagnosed with wild type Ovarian Camcer stage III/IV in May 2018.
She is  BRAC1/2 -; P53: +/- , ER+ 70% , PGR+ 60%, SA1/AE3+, BerEP4+, WT1+ , PAX8 + , platinum resistant. She had her third recurrence with abundant pleural effusion and after a surgical drainage and an unsuccessful clinica trial (Mirvetuximab Soravstine) – targeting the Folate receptor alpha – her ca125 was over 6000.
After starting  weekly Taxol in early January and 11 rounds, here is an update of our current situation: the CT scan has shown regression of the tumour and the ca125 as of yesterday was 236.
We started the protocol partially end of January and the full protocol as listed below (thanks Daniel for your help!) in mid of February.
General notes:
In the  supplements/drugs below these are the factors that we are considering:
Thrombosis - blood clots:*  Treatment with the anticoagulant Lexiana. Note: Drugs/supplements must not have severe interference with blood thinners.
ER+/PGR+**  - avoiding supplement/drugs that are hormone related.
Pleural effusion  -  Cautions with treatments that might increase liquids in the body.
Low Blood Counts *
Wednesday  Chemo day – Day 1
Sunday  IVC day 20gr***Day 5 – GLUT-1 to be avoid and all iron rich food (we are taking Doxycycline + Berberine before IVC administration)  - Started with 10gr once/week on 21/02 and increased to 20gr on 14/03
Sunday  – 1h Local Oncothermia (pleural effusion site)  - combined with IVC + 50mg of IV sodium bicarbonate.
Supplements/Drugs being taken:
METFORMIN – Day 1 – 5 Included  (5 days) - 2x500mg/day/  during breakfast and dinner OMEGASTATIN   - Day 1 –5 Included  (5 days) - 1x10mg-20mg/morning + 1x20mg evening (stopping 14h before IVC infusion)
MEBENDAZOLE  - Day 1 – 5 Included  (5 days) - 2x100mg/day together with 2x700mg Omega3 (and/or with almond butter)
DOXICYCLINE  - Day 1 – "8" Included (7 days) - 1x100mg/day after lunch [note: at day 5 (IVC day) 40 min before infusion)
OMEPRAZOLE – Day 6 – "8" Included (3 days) - 2x20mg/day before lunch and dinner
HYDROCHLOROQUINE - NOT YET STARTED  - Day 6-7 included (2 days) – 1x200mg/day during/after meal to not disturb the stomach.
PROBIOTICS - Day 1-"8" (7 days) - 1x30ml mid morning
CURCUMIN C3 *  - Day 1-5 (5 days) - 2x1000mg/day mid morning and mid afternoon
OMEGA3 * - Day 1- "8" (7 days) - 2x700mg/day mid morning and mid afternoon.
BERBERINE  - Day 1-5 (5 days) - 1x450mg/day before lunch
HCA - GARCINIA GAMBODIA  - Not yet started since her body weight went down to 46.3kg
MILK THILSLE**  - might be hormone related so we are not taking it.
OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT – substituted with not-filterd organic olive oil 2 table spun/day
VITAMIN D - Day 1 -"8" - 12.000 UL/day mid morning or afternoon (NOT IN IVC DAY)
MELATONIN - Day 1-"8" - 1x20mg/day  before bed time
WITHANIA/ASHWAGANDA*  - Day 1-"8" - 6x400mg/day before breakfast, lunch and dinner
CORIOLUS (TURKEY TAIL) * - Day 1-"8" -  6x500mg/day before breakfast, lunch and dinner
LENTINEX (SHIITAKE FERMENTED EXTRACT)* - Day 1-"8" - 20x drops – 1ml/day mid morning
BIO-STRATH (Plasmolysed herbal yeast)* - Day 1-"8" - 6x500mg/day before breakfast, lunch and dinner
POLIPORUS**** - Day 1-"8" - 3*595mg/day before breakfast, lunch, dinner
GUDUCHI (JATEORHIZA COLUMBA MIERS AND CYMBOPOGON FLEXUOSUS ) - Day 1-"8" - 1/1.5 L of herbal infusion during the day.
Our diet is a Mediterranean based diet: mostly vegetarian, fish two times per week and turkey breast once per week.
Every day 30-45min walk.
May I address these questions:
  • CA125 values is dropping at much lower rate (especially these last two weeks decreasing only 81 units compared to previous weeks). We are wondering if this is because of less sensitivity to Taxol by now or the combination/dosage of the protocol and chemo together. Any suggestions or changes we could make?
  • In your opinion can we take Hydrochloriquine the next day after IVC and 20h before Chemo day? I have read that would be better to stop it 24h before chemo  and 48h after IVC infusion.
  • Stopping Metformin, Statin, Mebendazole. Berberine, Curcumin 2 days before chemo,  would this make chemo more effective instead of taking them continuously?
  • After today we will have our first two weeks break from the chemo. During the break would you suggest to continue with the current plan as it is OR take all the drugs/supp. 7 days out of 7 with no breaks AND/OR add any other additional drugs/supplements/therapies?


Thank you in advance!


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Dear Erin,

Thank you for posting here the summary.

Addressing your questions:

1. To try to increase chemo effectiveness,

- I would focus on addressing as many resistance mechanisms as possible. Some of them have been shortly discussed long time ago but still valid here

- I would increase the dose of the supplements used at the level we discussed on the phone (specifically Omega 3 and Curcumin)

- I would consider DCA too. Some years ago, a member of this forum used DCA prior to taxol and succeeded to improve response multiple times

2. It doesn't make sense to stop HCQ prior to chemo in my view:

- due to its mode of action it should actually help chemo when taken continuously

- even if we would need to stop we could not because its half-time is very long, nearly one month - so even if you stop it, it will still circulate in the blood for long time

3. "Stopping Metformin, Statin, Mebendazole. Berberine, Curcumin 2 days before chemo" - yes, it is exactly what we discussed on the phone and in my view it has to be done for nearly all chemo. The first one that I would restart would be Metformin during the chemo day. 

Doxy, Omega should not be stopped in my view but keep continuous.

4. Yes, I would continue with them and increase the dose of Omega and Curcumin. Please use the search function of this website (there are two, one searching in the Blog posts and its comments and another searching in the Forum section) and you will find many relevant ideas.

Options that could be considered start range from repurposed drugs ad supplements and go to intravenous treatments such as Curcumin, Taurolidine and Salinomycin (as discussed on the phone). Taurolidine is a treatment option that has been used by an ovarian cancer patient I was in contact with, with very positive results (from a very challenging state to nearly complete remission), and it is available at German clinics. However, this may take longer time compared to the 2-weeks brake. 

For ovarian cancer, I would really consider implementing as many of the repurposed drugs and supplements along the anti-cholesterol strategy line  

If there are other specific questions please let me know. For short questions just send me an WhatsApp.

Have a nice weekend and good health to your mom!

Kind regards,


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Dear Daniel,
Thanks for your kind wishes and for the detailed information!
We are gradually increasing:
 - Omega 3 (4.5gr) and Curcumin (5-6gr) - trying to monitor if there any side-effects due to the blood thinning properties.
 - HCQ 200mg/every day
 - HCA: 1.5gr per day 
 - Doxy 150mg-200mg/day – gradually reaching 200mg
 - Mebendazole – 250mg/day
 - Statin – 40mg/day
DCA – we discussed it with the doctor yesterday and we are considering it. 
In your opinion, would it be ok to be taken (10mg/kg) 1-2 days before chemo or every day? 
Taurolidine, Slimoncyin (discussing with Dr. Kilarsky this Wednesday). 
Also considering :
1- Ivermectin  
2 – Niacin
And the ones below but uncertain about potential interactions:
1 – Itraconazole : potential  interactions with Edoxaban, Statins
2 - Ritonavir  - potential  interactions with Edoxaban, Statins and HCQ
3 – Dipyridamole - potential  interactions with Edoxaban
4 – Tamoxifen (potential interactions with Edoxaban) or Letrozole (considering also ER/PgR +).
Do you have any thoughts about it?
Thank you in advance.


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Hi Erind,

I think we went through most of these points during teh call last night. If there is any point left to address, please let me know.

Kind regards,