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Ascites Fluid - Need help

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My wife is a MBC patient with lot of mets in liver and bones. She is a ER+/PR+ and HER2 -ve with a multi drug resistant case. Here is quick timeline -

Diagnosis:          Metastatic Carcinoma left breast (FNAC axilla positive), ER-7/8, PR-7/8, Her2neu- negative, post NCAT, post MRM, post RT -> Tamoxifen -> O-oopherectomy -> Palbace + Letrozole -> Capecitabine Xeloda) -> Pallative RT on Bones -> CTRT 2 cycles of Carboplatin (AUC1.5) -> Faslodex 500 mg (D1 /D15) + Palbociclib -> Gemcitabine (1600 mg) + Docetaxol (60 mg) -> Nab Pacli (100mg) + Carboplatin (300mg) + 5FU (700mg) + Leucovorin (40mg)

Post Aug'19, most of the therapies mentioned above couldn't sustain for more than 3-5 months when the PET is repeated and we are told the line of treatment failed and move to the next one. During this time we also tried CoC protocol, supplements but have not been that regular with those.

From mid-April, we are facing the ascites issue but in the last 3 weeks the situation has become very difficult and even the Liver/Kidney enzymes & CBC parameters are not good either, so facing a very difficult situation. Here are few of the parameters of last Friday report - 

CBC Parameters - Hb 7.4 ; Platelets 45K; TLC 3.1, ANC 2.07

Liver Enzymes - Total Protein 5.6; Albumin 3.2; Bilirubin 2.7, SGOT 104, SGPT 36, ALP 424, GGTP 158

Kidney Enzymes - Bicarbonate 21.4, Urea 33.1, Creatinine 0.8, Sodium 130, Chloride 95.3, Potas 3.6 


We have been monitoring the fluid through regular ultrasound of whole abdomen and last Friday the situation reflected gross and there was almost 5 1/2 liter of free flowing fluid of which 2 liter was tapped. While she felt better but the situation was very temporary as it got filled again by today i.e. within 2 days. She again has so much of bloating and feeling miserable

I look for any suggestions on how to manage this situation and bit worried of what lies ahead. Any inputs are more than welcome. I have also read about hydrogen gas inhalation and bought a machine which will arrive soon. May be that helps.  

However if you have any suggestions for me to bail out of this situation, please do share

Thank you all in advance!!!

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Dear @akhann,

I am so sorry to hear about this situation. 

Are you using any conventional treatments, repurposed drugs, supplements at this moment? If yes, what and how much/day?

What are the next steps proposed by the oncologist, and what are the next steps you are considering in terms of treatments, if any?

Kind regards,

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Hi Daniel, Thanks much for your reply. Sorry, couldn't reply earlier as have been running around to manage the situation. So, we got back to Hospital today and they tapped another 2L which made her feel better, did scan for which the report is expected tomorrow that will decide the next course of action. 

At a moment, I am only using the following, playing bit safe, given the liver condition and the level of bloatedness that she had in past 4 weeks or so that I had reduced the overall treatment. So currently, i am giving the following - 

Silibinin, 500mg twice a day

Ursolic Acid 300mg twice a day,

Omega3 - twice or once a day,

Heptral 200mg - Once a day,

Pregablin 75 - twice a day,


Omeprazole 40 mg - once a day,

Megasterol Acetate - 160mg once a day,

Diuretics - Lasix 40mg once a day ; Dytor 10 Plus once a day,

Folic Acid & Vit B12 - Once a day

Post tomorrow reports, the Oncologist will decide the next steps or kind of chemo regime...

From today i started the hydrogen gas inhalation and got a machine which produced output of 600CC (H2) and 300CC (O2).  Over the weekend I also did 2DG

Hope this helps!!!

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Hello Daniel, My onco team is convinced that the current chemo is not working and they want to shift to a different regime. The option that they have is Vinorelbine, however given the liver toxicity of the drug they are not comfortable to start the IV.  They have come up with an option to start the oral dosage of Vinorelbine and see how does the body absorbs.

My wife condition remains status quo. The ascetic fluid gets refilled very soon and they are bit unsure of how to move forward. Her current ferritin levels are in high danger zone 13,426. She is physically & mentally still ok but it's breaking down.

I want to know from you or anyone out there, on how to tame this beast...Please help!!!