Water? Hypotonic Effects of Distilled Water  


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02/02/2019 6:12 pm  

Cancer cells rapidly ruptured when exposed to distilled water. The distilled water is hypotonic relative to the cancer cells, so water floods into the cancer cell and very quickly within minutes the cancer cell explodes! Article below found that by inhibiting chloride etc. pumps, the treatment was even more effective. This approach might be especially powerful for colon cancer.  


It is not entirely clear, though, how this could be applied broadly in cancer, as the same effect would be expected to occur in normal cells. One might wonder, though whether a mild hypotonic stress to all cells might be more stressful to cancer cells or whether perhaps a combination could be found that included a hypotonic stress together with a metabolic stress (glycolysis inhibition, OXPHOS inhibition, pHi/pHe stress etc.) that would be cancer specific.

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J, they may refer to injection. 

On this line, I will disclose below and e-mail I received sometime ago from  a man working for a German company. I will paste it here as I think it is relevant and since I was not asked to keep it confidential. Nevertheless, I will erase information that may be sensitive. Also, the man checked with teh IP Department at the company he works for before releasing the information to me. He also included a PPT doc to his e-mail. Here is the e-mail:

"Dear Daniel,
sorry for answering late.
I had to confirm the permission to talk over the method with the IP Department.
Important note:
The method is a suggestion and not proved yet. The first tests on animals still have to be done. You hopefully now somebody who is able to test it on animal's cancer cells as a start.

This method is intended to replace or at least reduce expensive and harmful therapies with radiation. The goal is to destroy as many cancer cells as possible,
The effect which is used is to build up an osmotic pressure to the cancer cells by putting them into a differential pressure generating environment.
(this effect is similar to hypotonic reaction of red blood cells in water http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/biocoach/biomembrane1/hypotonic.html&source=gmail&ust=1549240723866000&usg=AFQjCNFE0GgVYWE4KOVL4hly-9Ne-i8qS g"> http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/biocoach/biomembrane1/hypotonic.html )
The suggested media is semiconductor fab grade (UPW)ultra pure water (eg.15MegaOhm/cm).
This has high amount of radical H+ Ions penetrating the double lipid layer of cells.
The advantage of injecting UPW into a solid tumors center is that the water is diluted with cell liquid after killing the first rows of cancer cells. Reaction slows down and the result is non harmful water (no x-ray damage of healthy cells no poison left back in the body of the patients and low tech treatment performed by using a simple Doppler ultrasonic).
After the reaction is viewed in ultrasonic picture the mixture of cell liquid and water is evacuated through the injection needle. (the needle stays in place, until the number of necessary injections are done).
There might still be a need for e.g. a chemical treatment after osmotic therapies but with the chance of lower dose and numbers.
The attached document is in German but might be helpful. It is the paper which was published in April this year.

Best regards"