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Hi, I've attached a spreadsheet (excel) that you can use to check for synergies between different supplements in addition there are a few sheets with different cancer mechanisms and signaling pathways and supplements that could be of use. It's a work in progress but I thought it could help some of you.

Wishing all those who celebrate a blessed and Merry Christmas!


Something funky going on, the forum is attaching an older file. If you'd like the updates head over to my blog

and use the contact form and I'll send it to you.

Some of the key points so far:

Glycolysis drives IKK–NF-κB activation (evodiamine, shikonin,...)
Lactate and inflammation promote each other in a vicious cycle (rapamycin, bicarbonate,...)
Inhibiting HIF1-alpha reduces glycolysis (rapamycin (via mTOR), 2-methoxyestradiol,...)
Downregulation of syncytin-1 (ivermectin, artemisinin, ...)

Inflammation can be caused by the tumor itself, by the body’s response to the tumor, or by the treatments (surgery, chemo, RX) Inflammation can lead to increased expression of HIF1α, which can in turn lead to increased tumor growth and metastasis. In any case, it is essential to decrease inflammation.

Urea cycle dysregulation is another important feature in cancer development and does not get the attention it requires IMO.

Cancer cells can use ammonia as a source of energy and promote tumor growth, and also use ammonia to regulate pH. High ammonia levels also produce inflammation, it's all linked.

Chemotherapy and radiation can also increase ammonia levels in the blood.

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