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Here are a few links to the relevant research for MJ. Also, I'm going to include some info I got from the Internet about 7 years ago. I can't find a link to it, so I'll just post the document I have in its entirety. I'm wondering if anyone else has used MJ and if so I'm hoping they can share their experience. 

Here's the link to my blog which has the links to the research.

Methyl Jasmonate – a natural anti-cancer compound with several modes of action

Now here's the verbatim document I found back in the day! Remember, the protocol is not mine!


The Methyl Jasmonate Protocol
By Tom Pall in Austin, TX

The MJ protocol has brought back to the living those in hospice care and its intent is to destroy enough cancer in 3 months so that the immune system takes over to fight the cancer. I know of two guys with Stage IV Pca where this is happening and updated results are coming in daily.

Steve Martain, who himself has cancer and is treating it with this protocol, is not very chatty. He's probably gotten a million questions about this blog and is tired of answering the same question over and over again. I've pieced together the protocol, the asides, the brief statements Steve made to me and for what it's worth, here's the protocol. Make sure you sign up as a "free" member of the blog so that new testimonials and changes to the protocol arrive in your email inbox.

Purchase Methyl Jasmonate from Steve Martin, Scorpion Group using Paypal, Steve's account is smartin@... . Cost is $170 per 10 ml bottle plus $10 shipping for any quantity.

If you have a company which can pass muster, you can get it cheaper from a chemical supply house that will sell you 100 ml for around $230 + $50 repackaging or $2300 for a liter.

How much MJ will you need? If inhaling only and using it conservatively, 30 ml or 3 bottles, used one day on, 4 days off. Consider that the more you use, the more profound the results (and for those in hospice, this is important). Consider 20 ml a month (all treatments assume a 3 month course of treatment) X 3 months. Most aggressive use (which I'm doing because I can afford it) is 30 bottles, 300 ml, One day on, one day off inhalation and 7 X 4 oz DMSO with 10 ml MJ. 

I have received amazing results from applying DMSO gel + MJ to the testicles. Mix 10 ml, one bottle into 4 oz (half a jar) of DMSO gel. Purchase your DMSO gel here:  . I am using one 4 oz DMSO gel/10 ml MJ every 10 days.

You will need measuring spoons which measure 1 tbs and 1 tsp. You will need spring water for the inhaler (don't use distilled water, as it corrodes the inhaler). You'll need a 1 ml dropper gotten from your pharmacist.

You will need Vicks steam inhaler. Amazon and its competitors swap in offering a sale that takes the inhaler down from $34 to $23. Here's the one on Amazon:

Use the inhaler as follows: place spring water in the bottom part of the inhaler. Don't let it go to the top. Place 2 ml MJ into the water. Screw on the top, place a wash cloth below the inhaler and wrap a dish cloth/tea cloth around the translucent part. This gives you about 5 X more MJ into your lungs than Steve's recommendation of using just 10 minutes worth. MJ is an oil which stays in the body a while and the higher the concentrations in the body, the more cancer is killed.

Inhale through the mouth and mouth. The purpose is to get the MJ onto the lungs. That's the most efficient way to get it into the bloodstream. Steve suggests inhaling for 10 minutes. I inhale until I can't smell anymore MJ, about 30 minutes. MJ is non-toxic so why not get your money's worth?

When done inhaling, turn the inhaler off and unscrew the cap. If you don't unscrew it when it's hot, you might not be able to unscrew it when it cools off.

No need to clean or pour anything out. MJ doesn't go rancid.

The don'ts of MJ are 

1. No anti-oxidants, vitamins or life-extension/life-enhancing substances. That means no mega-vitamins, no Vitamin C, no Vitamin E, resveratrol, Q10, nothing unless Steve has made it part of the diet or the Protocol. 

2. Limit your canned/bottled juices and even stuff like Special K. We want your cancer to die from not having enough anti-oxidants to protect them. Store bought juices and even Special K are enriched. Drink a bottle of juice that's enriched with Vitamin C and you've taken in a lot of C and that's not good here. 

3. Cut back on your sugar intake. 

4. Limit your input of Omega-6. This is a nice thing to do, on top of 2 dozen other nice things.

What you should eat:

1. Pomegranate juice. I was using POM capsules before I was diagnosed and they fit the bill. If you sign up for their monthly plan they'd debit your credit card and forward on the pomegranate capsules to you, free shipping. AFAIK, this is the best preparation of pomegranate concentrate available.  

2. 2 scoops of flax seed lignans. After much controversy on Steve's blog, he finally agreed that golden flax was as good as the dark he was insisting upon. I order mine at:  (currently on special).

Drugs you should not take:

You need to get off any hormones, like Q+ or prescription during the treatment. When is up to your comfort level and should be monitored carefully. The reason for doing this is that Q+ and other chemical castration make the Pca slow down. This whole protocol is about finding and killing cancer cells based on their being cancer cells. Cells which are dormant would not as easily be identified, take up the Cytotoxic agents and die from them. What I'm going to do? I'm taking MJ at a very high speed both via inhalation and DMSO application to testicles. After 2 months I'm going to get a PSA, stop the Q+ and watch my PSA (every two weeks) as I continue on with the MJ for some more months. I expect little rise in my PSA. If there is a significant rise, I'll go back on the Q+ and try to figure out what went wrong.

Here's the Cytotoxic Protocol of May 5, 2008 with the science removed. You can go and read the science

1. Glutamine. 50 grams a day in juice. 25 grams twice a day. See our homepage supplement file for bulk purchase options.

Buy at bulk nutrition. For 3 months you'll need 9 Kg.  If you don't like the taste of this, look at The Miracle Fruit on the Web or eBay.

2. Sodium Selenite. 200 micrograms five times a day. 1 mg total per day. 

I calculated how much of all this stuff I'd need that I could get from and here's what I bought (free ground shipping took 3 days to Austin, TX) :


Nutrient Carriers Incorporated, Advanced Research, Lithium Orotate, 120 mg, 200 Tablets
6 X $15.00 $90.00 

Life Extension, Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU, 60 Capsules 
3 X $8.25 $24.75 

Source Naturals, Advanced B-12 Complex, 5 mg, 60 Tablets
2 X $19.21 $38.42 

Life Extension, Policosanol, 10 mg, 60 Tablets
3 X $18.00 $54.00 

Twinlab, Calcium Citrate Caps, Plus Magnesium, 250 Capsules
2 X $12.74 $25.48 

Twinlab, B-1 Caps, 500 mg, 100 Capsules
4 X $8.66 $0.87 $33.77 

Source Naturals, Vitamin A, 10,000 IU, 100 Tablets
6 X $3.26 $0.49 $19.07 

Twinlab, Sodium Selenite, 250 mcg, 100 Capsules
4 X $6.02 $0.60 $23.48 

Extra Discounts:
• VIP Discount: 10% 0+, 12% $120+, 14% $240+, 16% $480+
14.0% ($43.26)

3. Lithium orotate. Dosages are listed below. 

Dosage is 10 a day, 4 morning, 2 lunch, 4 evening

4. Methyl Jasmonate. 2 grams five times a month via aerosol inhalation. MJ can also be administered in a 70% DMSO gel directly into the hair follicles of the arm pit (for introduction into the lymphatic system), on the scrotum for the treatment of prostate cancer, or directly on surface cancers such as skin and breast cancer. 

5. Sulindac. This inexpensive anti-inflammatory prescription drug powerfully activates a "magic bullet" death pathway that promotes autophagy. Sulindac also inhibits Cox-2, AKT, STAT3 and NF-kappaB signaling. In addition, sulindac is a TRUE histone deacetylase inhibitor. The dose is 200 mgs three times a day, 600 mgs total. 

I don't know anyone who bought this.

A non-prescription source of sulindac is available at a reasonable price. 

6. Isoleucine. 10 grams a day. 5 grams twice a day. This is a minimal dose. The amino acid isoleucine inhibits the synthesis of VEGF, a growth factor which promotes the development of blood vessels into tumors and sites of inflammation. 
The following is our new bulk source for isoleucine.  

7. Metformin. This common anti-diabetes drug is a powerful activator of the AMP kinase. This kinase activates autophagy, our preferred form of programmed cell death. 
I happened to have 3 months supply of this drug purchased for life extension purposes.
This drug can be purchased from an online pharmacy without a prescription. 

The dose is 2 grams a day, 1 gram in the morning and 1 gram in the evening. 

The use of metformin must be accompanied by vitamin B12 and calcium supplements. 
Very important to use B12 and calcium supplements. See my iHerb order.

8. Policosanol. This supplement is a powerful inducer of autophagy via the activation of AMP kinase. The daily dose is 20 mgs a day, taken at night. 

9. DCA, 12mgs/kilo of body weight every OTHER day. Take it as one dose in the morning. Dissolve in juice or water. DCA should NOT be used to treat brain cancer. 

I didn't get any of this.

DCA is largely unavailable to US citizens because the FDA has banned its use. 

10. Caffeine. See essay above. Caffeine enhances the efficacy of DCA. Consume as much as you can stand.

I've been drinking extra coffee and green tea.

Caffeine is also an mTOR inhibitor. The combination of mTOR and glycolysis inhibitors powerfully promotes programmed cell death. MTOR is the natural inhibitor of autophagy. 

11. Vitamin B1. 1 gram a day. Vitamin B1 combined with DCA, and caffeine is synergistic in their ability to kill cancer cells. 

See my iHerb order

12. Sodium salicylate. 1 tablespoon a day in water or juice. Take as much as you can stand. It is a remarkable natural medicine. I have written many blog essay on SS. Conduct a search on this blog for the relevant essays.

This has been banished from the protocol despite some very good results with it in the past.

13. Vitamin D3. 10,000 IU a day, 5000 IU twice a day. Vitamin D is a well established anti-cancer hormone. Due to our lack of exposure to ultraviolet light and the lack of vitamin D in our diet, supplemental vitamin D is essential for good health. 

See my iHerb order. 

Vitamin D sources include (order from our home page). This vitamin D must be dissolved in oil before ingesting. Another source is vitamin D3 encapsuled in olive oil. 

See my iHerb order

14. Vitamin A. 50,000IU a day. Vitamin A promotes the synthesis of TRAIL and other anti-cancer compounds. 

See my iHerb order.

15. Melatonin. The World Health Organization now considers working the night shift a carcinogen. Melatonin is a known anti-cancer agent that is released from the brain at night in total darkness. Even a night light or a street light can inhibit melatonin synthesis. Women who work the night shift are particularly prone to developing breast cancer. Dose is 30-50 mgs a day, taken at night. 

180 X 20 mg. for $67.70, free shipping via Fedex Ground

If you have a B cell lymphoma or leukemia, you should not take large doses of melatonin. 
That's not us.

16. Amino Acids. The mTOR biochemical pathway blocks autophagy and promotes cancer cell survival. The amino acid glutamine inhibits mTOR while the amino acid leucine activates it. 

This is just for information.

This should cover it. If you have questions, call me at (214)774-4655 or drop me an email. I have unlimited calling for a fixed rate.

Tom Pall in Austin, TX

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Here's another old document I found on MJ. Some guy named Steve, a PhD wrote it. I can't find it on the Internet anymore either.


Methyl Jasmonate is a Stand Alone Treatment for Cancer and Leukemia

There is increasing evidence that methyl jasmonate, a plant stress hormone, may be the ultimate stand-alone treatment for ALL cancers and leukemias. The original research on MJ as a treatment for cancer began in Israel, but now scientists in other countries, including the US and Japan, have begun their own research programs on the anti-cancer properties of this simple compound.

MJ is a simple compound that in crude form is used to prevent the infection of plants by bacteria. In pure form, it is used by cosmetics companies as a scent. Now we know that MJ is a viable treatment for cancer and different forms of leukemia. Eventually, the Israeli scientists who discovered the anti-cancer properties of MJ will receive the Nobel Prize.

The ultimate anti-cancer compound is toxic to cancer but not normal cells. Preferably there would be no side effects such as vomiting and hair loss. Also, it would be nice if this compound was relatively inexpensive and easy to administer. Naturally, this is all wishful thinking. No such compound exists.

Or does it?

We all know that damage to the outer mitochondrial membrane is a primary signal for programmed cell death. However, the initiation of apoptosis AKA programmed cell is a complicated process. It requires the activation of many genes and the inactivation of others. Genetic defects in key gene activity can block the initiation of apoptosis. For example, during periods of oxidative stress or DNA damage the universal tumor suppressor p53 is activated. This protein promotes programmed cell death, thereby inhibiting the development of cancers. Unfortunately, over 50% of all cancers harbor genetic defects in the p53 gene rendering it ineffective in promoting cancer cell death.

Methyl jasmonate selectively kills cancer cells by binding to their mitochondria membranes and inducing damage. This damage initiates apoptosis, BUT it bypasses the normal complicated biochemical steps involved classical programmed cell death. MJ induced cell death is direct. It does not depend on the activation of other genes or the p53 status of the cancer cell.

We now know why MJ is so effective in killing cancer and leukemia cells.

First, a small technical review is in order.

It is well established that cancer cells are capable of using aerobic glycolysis to promote their growth and survival. The average cancer cell uses a combination of both glycolysis and respiration in its metabolism. The high aerobic glycolysis metabolism is critically important for cancer cells because it produces a rapid source of ATP. In addition, the glycolytic pathway activates the pentose monophosphate shunt. This shunt provides compounds that regenerate glutathione, the major anti-oxidant in cells, while producing precursors for the biosynthesis of nucleic acid, phospholipids, fatty acids, cholesterol, and porphyrins. Clearly high levels of aerobic glycolysis are absolutely necessary for the growth and survival of cancer and leukemia cells.

Over the last few years it has become clear that the enzyme hexokinase 2 (HK2), the first step in the metabolism of glucose, is over expressed in cancer cells. This enzyme, in order to be active, MUST bind the outer membrane of the mitochondria. Recent reports have found that the docking protein for HK2 on the mitochondrial membrane is VDAC, voltage dependent anion channel. The presence of VDAC on the mitochondrial membrane, the overexpression of the HK2 enzyme and the binding of HK2 to VDAC are fundamental aspects of the Warburg Effect, the aerobic glycolytic metabolism of cancer cells.

VDAC is a very interesting protein. It is the most prevalent protein in the mitochondrial outer membrane. This pore protein transports ADP and inorganic phosphate into the mitochondria for the production of ATP, the energy source of all cells. It also transports ATP out of the mitochondria into the cytoplasm of the cell. If VDAC activity is inhibited, apoptosis occurs.

In order for HK2 to promote aerobic glycolysis, it is dependent on the VDAC mediated transport of ATP to the bound HK2 enzyme.

HK2 binds VDAC after it is phosphorylated by enzymes such as AKT. AKT is a known cell growth and survival factor for cancer cells.

The binding of HK2 to VDAC apparently stabilizes VDAC and prevents its inactivity. As long as VDAC remains active, apoptosis is prevented.

A number of VDAC inhibitors are now known to induce apoptosis. But this is only part of the story.

The release of cytochrome C, normally bound to the inner mitochondrial membrane, initiates the complex biochemical pathways associated with apoptosis. When HK2 is dislodged from the VDAC complex, cytochrome C is released into the cytoplasm. However, this effect is probably indirect. The inner mitochondrial membrane contains a protein called the permeability transition pore (PTP). Disruption of the functioning of this pore causes depolarization, membrane swelling, and the release of cytochrome C from its membrane binding site.

Hexokinase 2 detachment from the VDAC complex promotes the inactivation of both the VDAC and PTP pore complexes. This results in an inhibition of ATP synthesis and the promotion of cell death by necrosis, apoptosis and autophagy.

VDAC is not simply a binding site for HK2. The binding of HK2 to VDAC stabilizes the pore complex and prevents apoptosis.

A few months ago a study was published showing that methyl jasmonate binds directly to hexokinase and detaches it from VDAC. This results in an inactivation of VDAC and glycolysis, while promoting mitochondrial membrane swelling, and the release of cytochrome C into the cytoplasm. Cellular death rapidly follows.

In addition to promoting apoptosis, methyl jasmonate also promotes necrosis. MJ promoted necrosis occurs in at least two different ways. First, it damages the mitochondria and promotes ATP depletion. Second, it promotes the expression of the tumor necrosis factor receptor in the membrane of cancer cells. TNF is the single most potent anti-cancer immune hormone yet identified.

Methyl jasmonate is administered in two different ways.

As an aerosol MJ is added to distilled water in a small personal steamer such as that manufactured by Vicks. It is sold by and large drug stores. 2 grams (2 milliliters) of MJ is added to the surface of the water where it will float as a light oil. The steamer is turned to high and the steam/MJ is inhaled into the lung. Breathe through the mask for 15-20 minutes. This is done every six days. I see no reason why it could not be done more often.

Topically 10 grams of MJ is added to 4 ounces of 70% DMSO gel.  sells the gel that we prefer. It is made by Clinic Service Company.

This gel is applied up the nose for the treatment of brain cancer and onto the scrotum for the treatment of prostate cancer. As a more general method of delivery, the gel is applied to the arm pits. The arm pit area contains a high concentration of lymph nodes and lymphatic fluid. This is an excellent portal of topical entry into the circulation. The hair follicles in the arm pits are literally holes in the skin where MJ can be introduced into the body. But first the hair follicles must be thoroughly washed with a detergent shampoo like Selsen Blue. This shampoo cleans out the crap clogging the follicle shafts. The topical formulations can be applied daily, although I would be careful sticking too much MJ at once up the nose.

Methyl jasmonate is used by Grouppe Kurosawa for our skin cream SkinAlive(R). We will sell 10 grams to others in the US for $180 including priority mail shipping. The total cost is $200 for shipping to Europe. Shipping costs vary for other parts of the world.

Payment is made by PayPal to [email protected].

It is my opinion that methyl jasmonate is the ONLY stand-alone treatment for cancer and leukemia. Unlike other promising anti-cancer products which cannot be obtained by the general public, MJ is made by different manufacturers for sale to the cosmetics industry. It is a tad expensive, but a little goes a long way.

Stay tuned...

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

Dr. Martin has strongly advised against taking ANY anti-oxidants during cancer treatment for years.  Caveat:  Some types of anti-oxidants when consumed in large quantities can be PRO-oxidant, for example, Curcumin and I.V. Vitamin C...

Reducing cancer cell glutathione production is one of his favorite parts of the cytotoxic protocol, hence the inclusion of Glutamine and Sodium Selenite.  Sodium Selenite can drop the glutathione levels in a cancer cell to almost nothing at a concentration of about 3 microMole.  It can also inhibit STAT3 signaling and reverse cancer gene silencing...

I wouldn't touch anti-oxidants with a ten foot pole unless you know that the product your taking can be pro-oxidant at high doses....of course this means you have to know how much of what you're taking is bioavailable and what concentration you can acheive in the blood..

Pardon me.  I am on the GK protocol (which includes Methyl Jasmonate).  The entire blog needs to be scanned, over and over again because it's a chronology.  I made the mistake, with my prostate cancer, of using methyl jasmonate while still taking my LEF megavitamins and all my anti-aging supplements.  Then I came upon the part where Steve Martin, Ph.D. mentions for perhaps the 4th time in his blog that the megavitamins and anti-aging supplements "heal" the damage the MJ does.  I found this to be the case with the application of MJ in DMSO to a basal cell carcinoma.  Only after I stopped my old supplements did the MJ start to work.

I looked around a long time for something when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I put MJ on the back burner as I methodically looked over all the alternatives.  When I examined MJ and Steve Martin's blog, I was at first skeptical.  But I by that time was conversing with other guys who had Pca who were months into their MJ protocol.  The amazing stories you read on the GK blog are just samples of what's going on in the world.  I know a couple guys with Stage IV pca who've finished their 3 month protocol.  So far their oncologists are amazed to tell them that their immune systems appear to be taking over as predicted.  I maintain that scanning the GK blogs repeatedly are well worthwhile.  I say this despite my fear that there will be a run on MJ from GK and I haven't gotten all I've needed for my treatments yet.

I've already posted about my being on the MJ protocol and don't want to overpost my welcome.  I use MJ at twice the normal rate, which is the max used by anyone on Dr. Martin's blog.  Inhale 2 ml/cc/gm (seeming interchangeable by Steve) on one day with 2 days off, therefore using 20 ml in 30 days, as opposed to the normal 10 ml in 30 days.   The 2 ml is calculated from the in vitro studies and upped by a factor of 10.  Though MJ is soluble in alcohol, Steve doesn't recommend that route because the fastest, most powerful way to get into the blood is through the lungs.  If you are like many of us, you will feel like you've had chemo starting a few hours after the treatment and running until the 2nd day after the treatment.  Could you take more?  Well, it is an irritant, so you do run the risk of irritating your lungs badly.  Besides that, well, no one has ever tried it more often.  Another answer to the question could you take more is why would you want to?  It's an oil.  It hangs around in the body for a while.  And if you use it properly (meaning follow the protocol, starting with stopping the megavitamins and all anti-aging supplements), you'll see such amazing progress, you'll not ask if you can take it faster.  Yes, it is /that powerful/, especially if combined with the supplements listed in the URL.  Also, most people are the hardened manly men I correspond with who have Stage IV prostate cancer which they treat like it's nothing while others are so sick, they can hardly get a single treatment in.  I suspect from reading Steve's blogs over and over that he'd not take well to inhaling without one day break in between.  The reason is that the first aim is necrosis, to get healthier quickly.  But after that we want differentiation and apoptosis.  We want the immune system to become an active part because the purpose of the treatment is, after 3 months, to let the immune system take over (and I've friends with Stage IV prostate cancer where that's exactly what's happening).

MJ is just a part of the protocol. http://grouppekurosa...log/2008_05_05_ ) .  You want to avoid vitamins, anti-oxidents and anti-aging supplements (and even juices rich with vitamins) because these protect the cancer cells on the dozen or more different routes the MJ and the rest of the protocol are using to kill the cancer cells. 

Make sure you get no Omega-6 in your diet. Make sure you take a double dose of flax seed lignans.  

The most important thing to start first is the glutamine.  After that, the B1, D3 and melatonin.  There's 180 X 20 mg. melatonin around for around $65, shipping included.   I live in the middle of the country and without having to pay iHerb or any other supplement dealer extra money for shipping, I got all of the non-prescription supplements on the protocol in just a few days.  Total cost for 3 months?  Around $400.

I don't visit here very often.  If you have questions I might be able to answer, PM me.

As I downed my morning supplements I remembered another one of the MK dietary recommendations.  Drink pomegranate juice.  I was already taking the capsules POM puts out so I've continued that instead of buying pomegranate juice.

Sorry to be piecemeal but I just had an inhalation treatment.  Use spring water instead of distilled water in your inhaler.  Steaming distilled water with MJ corrodes the inhaler.  This work around was just recently discovered.  And if you want to have an extra dose of MJ, get a moist dish cloth/tea towel and wrap it around the translucent part of the inhaler totally sealing it off then take the treatment until there appears to be little MJ left.   I'd guess that this trick increases the amount of MJ inhaled by a factor of five.

You might want to buy some 70% DMSO gel.  Mix 10 ml MJ into 4 oz of the DMSO.  Scrub the underarms with Selson Blue.  Apply the DMSO/MJ into the armpits to get at the lymph nodes.  DMSO is a way to get MJ into the body systemically but is considered less efficient than inhalation.

I have sent you several weeks ago the patent paper made by the israeli company (around Eliezer Flescher), which is doing the most of the methyl jasmonate research. They have synthesized several haloginated methyl jasmonate derivatives and some of them were brominated, MJDB (MJ dibromide) and MJTB (MJ tetrabromide). This compounds were much more effective then MJ against several tumor cell lines.


The synthesis is indeed very uncomplicated, for MJDB: at -20°C to a MJ tetrachlormethane solution, bromine was added to this solution until the color changed and stayed yellow for about 5 minutes. Solvent was evaporated and the remained residue was chromatographed. To obtain the MJTB the same procedure was used but the reaction time was longer, as they left the bromine overnight in the MJ/CCl4 solution. I am not a chemist but I have also done some synthesis in organic chemistry and this synthesis sounds more than easy, although I know that even some chemists do not like working with bromine. But if you can find somebody willing and able to do this it would be an interesting option to MJ.

MJTB was tested on several different cancer cell lines.

- Molt-4 (lymphoblastic leukemia cells)

- D112 (lung carcinoma)

- B16 (melanoma)

- B16MDR (melanoma multidrug resistant)

- 3LL (Lewis lung carcinoma)

- HCT 116 (human colon cancer)

Here are some graphics showing the interesting profiles of this compound. So for example even the B16MDR cells are killed, in my opinion that sounds amazing, because multidrug melanoma sounds for me like a really kind of "stubborn" cancer, P53 mutants are killed, so it happens independent of a functioning P53 gene. The cytotoxic activity is very selective against cancer cells and there is a good window between the dosages needed to kill cancer or healthy cells. Further this compounds lead to an ATP depletion of cancer cells, which could be one of the mechanisms they work through.



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thanks for bringing this up, Tim! I hadn't read anything, or not that I recall, on Methyl jasmonate. Interesting stuff!

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@j Some folks a few years ago were claiming that MJ was able to inhibit glycolysis as well as 3BP. Not sure how true that is, but the Internet was buzzing about it for a while. Research fell off for some reason. The first paper I read on mitocans (attached) mentioned MJ (among others). This was the early days of the metabolic/mitochondrial approach. It was clear way back then that these substances should be part of any anti-cancer cocktail to me.

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Posted by: @timmur

@j Some folks a few years ago were claiming that MJ was able to inhibit glycolysis as well as 3BP. Not sure how true that is, but the Internet was buzzing about it for a while. Research fell off for some reason. The first paper I read on mitocans (attached) mentioned MJ (among others). This was the early days of the metabolic/mitochondrial approach. It was clear way back then that these substances should be part of any anti-cancer cocktail to me.

Mitochondrial apoptosis can be very effective, @jcancom recently wrote about the progress being made with 3BP (NewG lab Pharma), also being tested in combo with Keytruda. 

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Has anyone taken Mj as per the protocol? What were your results?

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@mspolite I have acquired MJ, but have not started yet. I'll reply back once I try it.