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I wanted to talk to you about CBD oil. My mother in law has terminal cancer of the pancreas. A French doctor with whom I have been in contact for months advised me to give her CBD oil. I was septic also I did not. But he has just told me that one of his patients with pancreatic cancer with liver metastases of more than 10 cm has just seen his metastases regress by 60%. And his primary tumor to the pancreas has disappeared. She had stopped the chemos which had become ineffective and made her very sick. She had managed to stabilize her illness with artemisia + corrosol leaves + vitamin + metabolic treatment (lipoic acid + hydroxycitrate, see works of Dr. Laurent Schwartz).

(I do not think too much in corrosol and I have already tried metabolic treatment but it does not work on the pancreas)

Then she added the oil of CBD and in 5 months she saw her tumors regressing significantly. So I was very interested in this product and my doctor told me that he had discovered the work of the French researcher Pierre Yves Desprez who has been actively working on the subject in the USA for 15 years.

There is a very interesting video but it is in French, I have not found it in English.

The CBD appears to prevent the formation of metastases and destroy existing ones by stopping their development and it increases the effectiveness of chemos according to Pierre yves Desprez.

And it works on almost all cancer except melanoma and that of the salivary gland.

The recommended dose of CBD is 2 mg / kg / day. In the case of my mother-in-law I went directly to 4mg because she does not have much time to live, its markers explode. I make her artemisia cures to try to save time, so the CBD can take effect.

I believe a lot in this product, and I will inform you if this has had a positive effect on my mother-in-law, although I do not hide from you that it is probably already too late. But I want to keep hope.


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Dear Sylvain,

Thank you so much for sharing with us your info on CBD. I do not have yet a clear view on the specific mode of action but I do know that there is a great amount of scientific evidence suggesting the benefits of CBD and THC in the fight against cancer. The fact that next to that, there are many anecdotal positive reports makes me have a very good feeling about it. Just that, to my limited knowledge on this subject, would be good to use an oil version that has THC inside too as that seems to have the most impact on cancer cells. Yes, please keep us up to date on the use of CBD oil and anything else you may find interesting in the field of cancer treatments. All the best to you mother in law and I hope to hear good news from you.

Kind regards,

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Hi Daniel,

From what I could read, indeed THC would have an impact on the primary tumor while the CBD would prevent the development of metastasis. See even destroy metastasis according to Pierre Yves Desprez.

This could be the perfect product for all people whose cancer is very advanced with many metastases.

Unfortunately in France, THC is banned in France also it is very difficult to obtain. Then I can probably order on the internet, but always raises the question of the quality of products.



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Assuming (rightly or wrongly) you could afford it then off-label sativex (standardized whole plant oralmucosal spray) is an option.

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Hi, does anybody have any knowledge about CBD oil use for a stage 4, triple negative breast cancer patient? My wife has mets on bones and liver, currently on chemo (Gemcitabine, Cisplatin).

Would THC be more benefitial? Or would using both accomplish more?

Thanks so much for your help.

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Great info. Thank you for sharing! 

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Could someone please advise what dosage of cbd is necessary per day for active cancer?


Thank you