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Good reading for the winter holiday: Inter-organ cross-talk in metabolic syndrome

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Here is a recent article publish in " Nature Metabolism" as a review: Inter-organ cross-talk in metabolic syndrome

Maintenance of systemic homeostasis and the response to nutritional and environmental challenges require the coordination of multiple organs and tissues. To respond to various metabolic demands, higher organisms have developed a system of inter-organ communication through which one tissue can affect metabolic pathways in a distant tissue. Dysregulation of these lines of communication contributes to human pathologies, including obesity, diabetes, liver disease and atherosclerosis. In recent years, technical advances such as data-driven bioinformatics, proteomics and lipidomics have enabled efforts to understand the complexity of systemic metabolic cross-talk and its underlying mechanisms. Here, we provide an overview of inter-organ signals and their roles in metabolic control, and highlight recent discoveries in the field. We review peptide, small-molecule and lipid mediators secreted by metabolic tissues, as well as the role of the central nervous system in orchestrating peripheral metabolic functions. Finally, we discuss the contributions of inter-organ signalling networks to the features of metabolic syndrome.

It's not directly cancer related but I think it is very relevant.