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E260 generation 2

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This is one of the strongest metabolic treatments that I have come across to date. Scientists comprehensively investigated ~10,000 proteins present in cancer cell mitochondria and compared them to normal cells. What protein was discrepant? FerT. A protein found almost nowhere else in the body. Shutting down this protein with a small molecule, E260, had a largish anti-cancer effect-- especially when combined with an anti-glycolytic. One of the primary targets of E260 is mitochondrial energy production.     


Here's the next generation of FerT technology. IC50= 0.49 nm! Oral dosing in mice of 100 mg/kg as monotherapy stopped tumor growth over 10 days. Extremely impressive. This is before formulation, before combination -- as an oral treatment.

Shutting down OXPHOS this specifically is one half of the cure for cancer. Step 2 could be a good anti-glycolyis blocker.         

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