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Xiao-Chai-Hu Tang (XCHT) + Irinotecan

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Hi friends, just sharing the following:

Combining Eastern Medicine with Western to Improve Cancer Therapy

Can Ancient Chinese Herbs Cure Chemotherapy-Related Diarrhea?

November 4, 2020


University of Houston professor of pharmaceutics Ming Hu is developing and testing an ancient Chinese herbal medicine formula, first described in 280 A.D., to improve cancer therapy.

Hu believes Xiao-Chai-Hu Tang (XCHT) can protect people on the chemotherapy drug Irinotecan from a deadly side effect: Severe-delayed-onset diarrhea (SDOD)

“The clinical use of Irinotecan is limited by the severe diarrhea that results in poor quality of life, hospitalization and even death,” 



“Our goal with XCHT is to allow more people to benefit from the treatment by Irinotecan, which is often the drug of last resort for late stage or metastatic cancer patients.”   




XCHT is actively used in China, Japan and Korea for liver protection.

This is the first instance where it has been shown to protect the intestine from SN-38, making the UGT enzymes more resistant to the impact of SN-38.  

“Our long-term goal is to develop experimental therapeutics and/or nutritional supplemental approaches to reduce SDOD, so patients can sustain their chemotherapy,” said Hu.





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