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On chemotherapy and everything else

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Hello everyone,  it's so heart-warming to find this platform online to get to know all the people who have been researching the cure for cancer. I also come here looking for a treatment regimen for my mother, who was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian carcinoma stage 1c1(surgery rupture) in April 2018. She went through a full stage surgery (i.e. hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with lymph nodes removed also).  But we did not go through adjuvant chemo as my mother really suffered a lot in the surgery and the chemo drugs they put in her abdomen (probably cisplatin I guess), also through literature research I noticed that clear cell ovarian cancer tended to be resistant to conventional chemotherapy and many papers suggested that adjuvant chemo would not reduce the chance of recurrence. After surgery,  she was on a list of supplements such as curcumin, garlic, fish oil, resveratrol, metformin, melatonin, etc.   We had a pretty low tumor biomarker in the first three-month check-up, with ca125 as low as 3.42. She was also on low-dose rapamycin after gene testing showed MTOR mutation in the sample. I also persuaded her to try albendazole/ cimetidine combination for 21 days until she suddenly had a lymphocele infection so we had to put off albendazole/ cimetidine for the concern of their potential interaction with antibiotics. After two weeks of antibiotics i.v., the infection was gone but she encountered a gallstone attack, the gallstone was also developed after surgery. The gallstone occurred in the first check-up, the cause of it was also a mystery, my wildest guess was perhaps albendazole killed some roundworm which finally in her gall, as my mother is in China and she lived her childhood in an underdeveloped rural area, or albendazole and antibiotics might still play a role here. Anyway, apple juice/cider was added to her diet and gallstone attack never reoccurred, but she had put away most of the medicine only took supplements and herbs. 

She came upon a relapse this month, several days before check-up she was complaining of losing appetite, in check-up, the CT showed peritoneal recurrence with ascites, which has a bad prognosis.  She has just finished taxol/carbo iv and had an abdominal paracentesis just yesterday, planned to have an Avastatin peritoneal infusion after ascites were drilled. 

However, besides conventional treatment, I really feel I need to do my best to find an integral therapy regimen for her. Luckily I came upon this website and read through the insightful articles written by Daniel with appreciation. It seemed to me that the cholesterol strategy might fit here because of the pathway activated in ovarian cancer with ascites, but the other treatments like DCA and those targeting glycolysis and autophagy seem appealing too. I'm considering the following recipe: Omega-3, curcumin, high dose Vic C, melatonin, genistein, quercetin, ECGC, caffeine, Simvastatin, metformin,  Alfa Lipoic Acid, aspirin, HLA, celecoxib. Should I add albendazole/cimetidine again and/or would fenofibrate and  Pyrvinium fit into the regimen, could LDN also be added?


Sorry that I don't know much about the toxicity/interactions between these medicines, so any input or suggestion is most welcome to help me formulate an accessible, workable, tolerable regimen that might save my mom's life.