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neuroendocrine ca

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Anyone going through this type of rare ca?

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I'm currently taking Keytruda (immunotherapy) and Irinotecan (chemo).  Taking a dewormer...this was suggested also by Jane L. "How to Starve Cancer".  Don't know how the dog dewormer would work?

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I would use a dewormer anyway. Fenbendazole is one option, Mebendazole is another option

I would do cycles with antiparasites from time to time. If possible, I would use two at the same time. Most of them have anti-cancer action. Niclosamide and Ivermectin are also very good anti parasites with known anti cancer action.

Below is my answer to your question posted elsewhere

1. Regarding chemo for neuroendocrine tumors this info may be relevant:

“Unprecedented Responses Seen in Neuroendocrine Tumors

Comment from Dr. anastasios salesiotis, oncologist, to the above article: “why are you surprised? you need to simply consider the folowing. i have had four patients with such tumors alive four years post-inititation of captem. th biopsies stained via IHC (very positive for MGMT-the proven target for temozolamide and very positive for high ratio of TP/DPD the final activating -TP- and the degradiing enzyme for capecitabine). this is not rocket science. this simple aplplication of known facts in glioblastoma and colon ca and reapplication of these facts in neuroendocrine tumors. well done Dr Fine!!!!”

Aggressive Grade 2 Neuroendocrine Tumor Salvaged by Temozolomide- Based Therapy: A Case Report and Literature Review

If you have a medical doctor to help implement this treatment  please let me know and I can put your medical doctor in contact with the academic team who can support him with the required info. This could help increase the chance for effectiveness of chemo.

2. For immunothrepahy you may want to read this  and this  but the most important when doing immunotheraphy is lowering the pH around the tumors so that the immune system can work. Here is a complete strategy addressing pH

This is also relevant: Targeting tumor-associated acidity in cancer immunotherapy

3. Please read this comment as part of it could be relevant to any tumor type:

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