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Study Uncovers New Subtypes and Clues to Better Diagnosis and Treatment

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"There were four distinct subtypes of ccRCC based on their tumor microenvironment signatures:

CD8-positive inflamed tumors had a high amount of CD8-positive immune cells and responded to cell signaling pathways associated with an immune response.
CD8-negative inflamed tumors had a near absence of CD8-positive immune cells but did have cells such as fibroblasts, which promote wound healing, and macrophages, which fight cancers and other foreign substances.
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) immune desert tumors had no immune cells but had a strong presence of endothelial cells associated with the development of new blood vessel growth in tumor progression.
Metabolic immune desert cells were more pure tumor cells with almost no immune cells and very few fibroblasts."

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