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Renal Cell Cancer stage 4 Angiogenesis Inhibitors

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I had a full complete response to immunotherapy, but I have been left with lung & bowel inflammation. Disease relapsed just over a year on and returned to my left & right hilar nodes + lung lobe. The hilar lymph nodes are in a critical position and growing quickly. 
Next hope to try slow disease down is a TKI treatment.
I have been following your discussions and could see a post link towards angiogenesis inhibitors. The link appears to be broken for me?


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I am sorry to hear about the challenges and hope you will be better and better soon. Here is a short discussion on angiogenesis inhibitors:

Here a list on that

Outstanding angiogenesis inhibitors:

- Thalidomide

- TM

- Albendazole

- Itraconazole

- C-Statin supplements could be a good addition (but not the main one to rely on)

- Silver solution I would certainly add this exactly as done by the man in the case report presented

For more ideas for RCC and angiogenesis please use the search bar on the Blog section to search in the Blog and the search bar in the Forum section to search in the forum.

I hope this helps.

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